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ORO EDITIONS Spring 2021 Over the last two decades ORO Editions has been prominently recognized for its consistently innovative achievements in the design publishing community. ORO’s exceptional quality of book production and its thriving publishing program has produced a multitude of singularly exceptional titles with a concentration on architecture, landscape, urban planning, applied research, design, photography, and art, striving to represent the accomplishments of world-class architects, landscape architects, urbanists, authors, graphic designers, artists, and photographers. Within this flourishing editorial paradigm, ORO has curated and articulated a passion for creativity and artistry that is exemplified in their published work, which has received a steady stream of awards and industry accolades. Selecting the finest production materials, executing exquisite graphic design, and employing our unique craftsperson approach to print production at the highest level of quality, our dedicated team works to ensure perfection as we provide distinct and aesthetically superior style to each title. Enjoy our offerings!

In Shaping Place, founding principals Turan Duda, FAIA, and Jeffrey Paine, FAIA, are joined by the firm’s four studio leaders to discuss the evolution of their work and thematic underpinnings since publication of their previous volume, Individual to Collective, in 2013. This compilation of buildings spans diverse typologies to illustrate how the firm’s ideas on public space, outdoor environments, evolving working and learning models, and contextual sensitivity are universal to creating meaningful architecture.

Explore a collection of stories told through narratives intertwining fantasy and love for design with the ground-breaking book Fairy Tale Architecture. Story by story, Andrew and Kate Bernheimer create an inspiration behind architecture through the lens of a fairy tale. When the bounds of reality are replaced with the limitless possibilities of one’s imagination, what comes next in the exploration of architecture is unlike anything before it.

Over the past 75 years, no firm has built bigger, higher, or more frequently that Architects Hawaii Ltd. This book tells their story and in so doing, tells the story of the making of a modern Hawaii. The output of the firm is extraordinary, ranging from numerous state and federal facilities like the Hawaii State Capitol building to the Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalaniana‘ole Federal Building. The first high-rises in Hawaii belong to AHL along with some of most high-profile residential (Moana Pacific), hospitality (Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa), healthcare and education (John A. Burns School of Medicine), and commercial complexes like the American Savings Bank and Pacific Guardian Center Towers, to numerous retail stores, schools and university buildings, churches, and extensive work with the military.

A call to rethink the idea of “landscape” must come as a sign of a growingly dynamic connection between architecture and the earth on which it is created. Looking at the new approach through three different segments— visible geographies, layered geographies, and unleashing geographies— Dynamic Geographies showcases 20 years of projects that focused beyond the expected landscape aesthetic of their respective times in pursuit of balance between ambitious design and sustainability.

ORO Editions

Shaping Place

Duda|Paine Architects

Turan Duda and Jeffrey Paine

In Shaping Place, founding principals Turan Duda, FAIA, and Jeffrey Paine, FAIA, are joined by the firm’s four studio leaders to discuss the evolution of their work and thematic underpinnings since publication of their previous volume, Individual to Collective, in 2013. This compilation of buildings spans diverse typologies to illustrate how the firm’s ideas on public space, outdoor environments, evolving working and learning models, and contextual sensitivity are universal to creating meaningful architecture. With chapters focusing on design for wellness, academia, the workplace and urban development, the volume presents the realization of the thematic roots discussed in Individual to Collective across a diverse range of scales, material qualities, structural systems, and architectural palettes. Steve Dumez, FAIA, of Eskew Dumez Ripple, provides perspective on the firm’s work within the larger lens of architectural practice. Contributors Turan Duda, FAIA, has helped shape the future of urban centers nationally and internationally. His leadership of iconic projects inspires transformation for universities, organizations, and cities. Before cofounding Duda|Paine Architects in 1997, he collaborated with Cesar Pelli across a broad spectrum of notable commissions. Turan is a frequent speaker for universities, professional organizations, and civic groups on urban place-making, the role of public space, and collaborative design methodology. Title: Shaping Place Size: 9” x 11” Portrait Pages: 348pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-10-1 Price: $60.00 World Rights: Available

Jeffrey Paine, FAIA, advances collaboration and decision-making processes at Duda|Paine Architects. His leadership has brought millions of square feet of highly successful projects to life in the U.S. and abroad. After long tenures collaborating with gold medalists Kevin Roche and Cesar Pelli, Jeff cofounded Duda|Paine in 1997. With a “long view” of the impact of design on communities and economic growth, Jeff is a frequent speaker at graduate programs in architecture, real estate development, business, and professional practice. Principals Russ Holcomb, AIA; Sanjeev Patel, AIA; Scott Shell, AIA; and Jay Smith, AIA, guide the design and delivery of complex projects through analysis and conceptional thinking for Duda|Paine Architects’ corporate, commercial, cultural, and higher education clients. Together they lead a studio culture that fosters innovation, teaching, and collaboration in the firm’s diverse array of project types. At Duda|Paine Architects, architecture is an enduring equation of people, ideas, creativity, and technology. At the heart of their process is a workshop-based studio that conceptualizes, collaborates, models, draws, renders, works, plays, and generates solutions. This amalgamation is experienced in the buildings and spaces they shape for clients and communities.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-10-1 56000

9 781951 541101

Spring 2021


ORO Editions

Land, Sea, Shelter & Culture

A Story of Modern Architecture in Hawaii

AHL is the most prominent, prestigious, and progressive architectural practice working in Hawaii. As such, the history of Modern Hawaiian architecture is very much the history of AHL. Over the past 75 years, no firm has built bigger, higher, or more frequently that AHL. This book tells their story and in so doing, tells the story of the making of a modern Hawaii. The output of the firm is extraordinary, ranging from numerous state and federal facilities like the Hawaii State Capitol building to the Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalaniana‘ole Federal Building. The first high-rises in Hawaii belong to AHL along with some of most high-profile residential (Moana Pacific), hospitality (Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa), healthcare and education (John A. Burns School of Medicine), and commercial complexes like the American Savings Bank and Pacific Guardian Center Towers, to numerous retail stores, schools and university buildings, churches, and extensive work with the military. AHL’s projects extend beyond Hawaii and its neighbor islands, throughout the Pacific in Guam, the Philippines, Palau, American Samoa, and Asia. The scope of the book covers the period from 1946, when founder, Cy Lemmon, opened the first office in the garage of his Waikiki Home through present day operations housing a staff of over one hundred working in downtown Honolulu. Title: Land, Sea, Shelter & Culture Size: 10” x 10” Square Pages: 240pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-943532-33-9 Price: $50.00 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-943532-33-9 55000

9 781943 532339

Spring 2021


ORO Editions

Fairy Tale Architecture Andrew and Kate Bernheimer

Fairy Tale Architecture is a ground-breaking book, the first study to bring architects in conversation with fairy tales in breathtaking designs. Little Red Riding Hood, Baba Yaga, Rapunzel, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Snow Queen: these and more than 15 other stories designed by Bernheimer Architecture, Snøhetta, Rural Studio, LEVENBETTS, LTL Architects, and many other international vanguards have created stunning works for this groundbreaking collection of architectural fairy tales. Story by story, Andrew Bernheimer and Kate Bernheimer—a brother and sister team as in an old fairy tale—have built the ultimate home for lovers of fiction and design. Snow girls and spinning houses. Paper capes and engineered hair braids. Resin bee hives and infinite libraries. Here are futuristic structures made from traditional stories, inspired by everything from Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen and The Little Match Girl to the Brothers Grimm’s Rapunzel and The Juniper Tree to fairy tales by Jorge Luis Borges and Joy Williams and from China, Japan, Russia, Nigeria, and Mexico. A desire for story and shelter counts as among our most ancient instincts, and this dual desire continues to inspire our most imaginative architects and authors today. Fairy Tale Architecture invites the reader into a space of wonder, into a new form that will endure ever after. Title: Fairy Tale Architecture Size: 6.5” x 8.625” Portrait Pages: 192pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Fall 2020 ISBN: 978-1-951541-28-6 Price: $29.95 World Rights: Available

Authors Andrew Bernheimer is a Brooklyn-based architect and assistant professor of architecture at the Parsons School of Design. Bernheimer leads an eponymous firm responsible for a wide variety of residential, civic, and cultural projects, including new multi-unit affordable housing developments across the five boroughs as well as award-winning private residences in the northeast region. He edited Timber in the City, a book featuring innovative practices in wood construction published by ORO Editions. Bernheimer sits on the Advisory Board of the Institute for Public Architecture, a member of the Van Alen Institute’s Program Council, and a fellow in the Forum for Urban Design. In 2018 Bernheimer was elevated to the College of Fellows in the American Institute of Architects. Kate Bernheimer is the author of novels, story collections, and children’s books, as well as a fairy tale scholar and World Fantasy Award-winning editor of fairy tale anthologies. Recent books include How a Mother Weaned Her Girl from Fairy Tales and My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me: Forty New Fairy Tales. Her books have been translated into more than ten languages. She is an associate professor of English at the University of Arizona.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-28-6 52995

9 781951 541286

Spring 2021


ORO Editions

Gesture and Response

25 Buildings by William Pedersen of KPF Architects William Pedersen

The work of Kohn Pedersen Fox is international in scope, collaborative in design, and a product of individual voices focused on a single objective—making an architecture, of our time, which creates strong bonds with the the specific place it occupies. While William Pedersen founded the firm, with partners Gene Kohn and Shelley Fox, he never aspired to be a “director of design.” They had the components—with Gene’s entrepreneurial drive, Shelley’s management, and Bill’s design leadership—to be a large firm. “Directing” the work of a large firm was not Bill’s desire; instead he wanted to focus on a body of work which he could call his own. The example that work set would inspire others, and it did. Now there are several voices leading their design—all of them rose to their position within the office. The purpose of this book is to define the work of one of the voices— Bill Pedersen’s. Pedersen has worked with many different designers, in close collaboration, throughout his career, though his work speaks with a singular voice. Here it is represented chronologically and concludes with the latest phase—furniture. Working from the largest scale to the smallest has always been a preoccupation of those who lead design in KPF. Many of Pedersen’s architectural heroes designed chairs, and he strives to follow in their footsteps. Title: Gesture and Response Size: 7.7” x 10.6” Portrait Pages: 594pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-943532-30-8 Price: $60.00 World Rights: Available

Author Born in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1938, William Pedersen was educated at the St. Paul Academy, the University of Minnesota, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1961 he was married to Elizabeth Essex of Rochester, Minnesota. They have been married for 58 years. In 1976 he formed Kohn Pedersen Fox Architects with Gene Kohn and Shelly Fox.

ISBN-13: 978-1-943532-30-8 56000

9 781943 532308

Spring 2021


ORO Editions

Inspired by Place CLB Architects

The philosophy of CLB Architects, Inspired by Place, permeates all the firm’s design work, from public projects to bespoke homes. Their portfolio projects—timeless, thoughtful, distinct, and beautiful—are examples of how to tread softly on the land in some of the world’s most iconic landscapes. They introduce a new approach to form and materiality in a region where the design world is often limited by a nostalgic view of the past. Inspired by Place showcases ten homes by CLB Architects, many of which feature interiors by CLB’s design team; these are always sophisticated yet comfortable and conceived as an extension of the architecture. From a streamlined modern masterpiece on the banks of the Snake River to architecture as connected barnlike structures to a private glass pavilion retreat perfectly oriented for wildlife viewing, CLB’s work references local forms and vernaculars while speaking in a new architectural language for the Rocky-Mountain West. Author Chase Reynolds Ewald is an active freelancer, columnist, and editor focused on architecture, interiors, food, and travel in the American West. A graduate of Yale and the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley, she is the author of ten books, including Rustic Modern, American Rustic, The New Western Home, and Cabin Style. Title: Inspired by Place Size: 11.5” x 11.5” Square Pages: 448pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-940743-82-0 Price: $75.00 World Rights: Available

Forewords Tom Kundig, FAIA, RIBA, is an owner and design principal of Olson Kundig. Kundig has received some of the world’s highest design honors, including a National Design Award in Architecture from the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, an Academy Award in Architecture from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and an election to the National Academy as an Academician in Architecture. Most recently, Kundig was awarded the AIA Seattle Medal of Honor as well as a Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Washington. Known for his contextual approach to design, Kundig emphasizes the primacy of the site. His buildings are a direct response to place, often serving as a backdrop to the built, cultural, or natural landscapes that surround them. Agnes Bourne, ASID, studied art and architecture in Florence and received her B.A. in Studio Art and Art History from Mills College. She went on to do post-graduate work in American Studies and Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania and earned a Certificate of Design from the Rudolph Schaeffer School of Design in San Francisco. Ms. Bourne has been involved in design for over 40 years, working on residential and commercial interiors, product design, historical restoration, and set design. In 1987 she introduced her own line of furniture, the Agnes Bourne Collection. She is cofounder of Des Art Licensing and has taught design at Stanford University, the California College of Arts, and the San Francisco Art Institute. Ms. Bourne has been awarded medals of distinction from A.S.I.D., The Smithsonian Institution, Cine Arts, I.F.D.A., and N.A.S.F.T. Photographers Audrey Hall Matthew Millman Gibeon Photography Tom Harris

ISBN: 978-1-940743-82-0 57500

9 781940 743820

Spring 2021


ORO Editions


The Lives and Afterlives of Urban Landscapes Chris Reed and Mike Belleme

His practice involves photographing from a space of emotional availability and vulnerability and exploring themes involving connection and disconnection from that space.

Mise-en-Scène is an immersive exploration of the social lives of urban landscapes—the actors and actions that compose the daily theater of urban life. Conceived as a unique collaboration between an urbanist, Chris Reed, and a photographer, Mike Belleme, the book combines photo essays, original maps and drawings, newly commissioned essays, excerpts from historical writings, and interviews with residents. The book is centered around seven visual case studies depicting life in seven American cities: Los Angeles, Galveston, St. Louis, Green Bay, Ann Arbor, Detroit, and Boston. The result is a rigorous and artful examination of the social, cultural, environmental, and economic challenges of life in American cities today. Contributors Chris Reed is founder and design director of Stoss Landscape Urbanism, a design and strategic planning practice in Boston and Los Angeles, and professor in practice of landscape architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He is a leading voice on issues related to climate adaptation, racial and social equity, urban landscape, and the sociability of cities. Mike Belleme is a freelance photographer based in Asheville, North Carolina. His work ranges from long-form documentary projects to assignment-based editorial work, photojournalism, and portraiture. Title: Mise-en-Scène Size: 8” x 10.75” Portrait Pages: 256pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-44-6 Price: $45.00 World Rights: Available

Sara Zewde is founding principal of Studio Zewde, a design firm in New York City practicing landscape architecture, urbanism, and public art. The studio is devoted to exploring the “aesthetics of being” and creating enduring places where people belong. She also serves as assistant professor of practice at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Nina-Marie Lister is an ecologist and planner, graduate program director and associate professor in the School of Urban + Regional Planning at Ryerson University in Toronto. She is the founder and director of the Ecological Design Lab at Ryerson University. De Nichols is a communications designer and artist activist who serves as the Social Impact Design Principal of Civic Creatives in St. Louis. Her work champions the power of design and storytelling to inspire and equip change makers to protest social injustices and design civic solutions for progressive change across American communities. Mimi Zeiger is a Los Angeles-based critic and curator. She was co-curator of the U.S. Pavilion for the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale and curator of Soft Schindler at the MAK Center for Art and Architecture. Julia Czerniak is associate dean and professor of architecture at Syracuse University where she teaches on landscape theory and criticism. Her work focuses on the physical and cultural potentials of urban landscapes.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-44-6 54500

9 781951 541446

Spring 2021


ORO Editions

Dynamic Geographies

W Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Barbara Wilks, Steven Handel, Alison B. Hirsch, and Peggy Shepard

Landscapes are forged by many forces and are dynamic, not static. Yet most landscape designs are designed as static; that is, they are designed not to change substantially for 20–50 years. As cities become the dominant living space for humans, allowing non-human forces to contribute to our designs as landscape architects will make for more resilient landscapes and a healthier planet. Making these dynamic landscapes with our non-human partners will require a new landscape aesthetic, changing the public perception of “landscape,” and changing maintenance practices. Dynamic Geographies seeks to address these perceptions with a series of our projects as examples—one for every of their 20 years in business. The book is divided into three segments of overlapping geographies: visible geographies, layered geographies, and unleashing geographies. Contributors Barbara Wilks, the founder of W Architecture and Landscape Architecture, is a leader in design, known best for bringing together nature and the urban in lively urban ecologies for humans and other species.

Title: Dynamic Gegraphies Size: 8.27” x 10.63” Portrait Pages: 132pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-05-7 Price: $35.00 World Rights: Available

Steven Handel is an American educator and restoration ecologist. Handel is currently Distinguished Professor of Ecology at Rutgers University and visiting professor at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Alison B. Hirsch, FAAR, is a landscape theorist, historian, and designer, and is currently the director of the University of Southern California School of Architecture Master of Landscape Architecture program. Both her design and written work focus on how understanding cultural practices and social histories and memories can contribute to the design of meaningful places. Peggy Shepard is an environmental activist who co-founded WEACT for Environmental Justice and has a long history in organizing and engaging Northern Manhattan residents in community-based planning. She is a national leader in advancing environmental justice and policy combining grassroots organizing, environmental advocacy, and environmental health community-based planning.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-05-7 53500

9 781951 541057

Spring 2021


ORO Editions

From There to Here

David A. Hansen Architect

David Hansen and Dar Al-Handasah

This monograph represents circumstances and projects which have occurred beyond the span of Hansen’s earlier work. Through sketches, diagrams, rendering, photographs, and narratives this book portrays the criteria and conceptual thinking that was primary in finding an inclusive architectural solution for a diverse selection of projects. Though Hansen has always attempted to create a comprehensive matrix of interrelated design criteria on his client’s vision, site, context, sustainability, climate, culture, and tradition, some issues must be weighted above others. And sometimes, a story must be told that is inexorably tied to the essence of the land or building. These commentaries can even provide deeper meaning than the determinants of the building themselves. Authors Dar Al-Handasah is the founding company of the Dar Group, an international consortium of professional service firms. Through its 18,000 staff members, Dar Group assists clients in over 100 countries around the world. Dedicated to planning, designing, engineering, and project managing facilities, installations and structures, Dar Group further contributes to the sustainable advance of communities worldwide. With its principal offices in Beirut, Cairo, London, Pune, Amman, Chicago, San Francisco, Taipei, Singapore, Paris, Cincinnati, Linz, St. Louis, Johannesburg, Solagna, Oakland, and Barcelona. Title: From There to Here Size: 9.25” x 9.25” Square Pages: 260pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-943532-95-7 Price: $49.95 World Rights: Available

David Hansen, FAIA, LEED AP, is an award-winning architect whose extensive experience has been emphasized in worldwide corporate, commercial, institutional, hospitality, airports, transportation, healthcare, and mixed-use projects. Known in the industry as a skilled authority in master planning and design, his talent has been sought globally and he has spearheaded over 52 million square feet of market and institutional facilities in just the past 10 years alone.

ISBN: 978-1-943532-95-7 54995

9 781943 532957

Spring 2021


ORO Editions

Visual Discoveries

A Collection of Sections Allen Keith Yee

There are three standard methods to visually represent a building: the plan, elevation, and section. The section drawing is a vertical slice of a building, depicting the relationships between interior and exterior as well as any level changes. While the section can serve as merely a functional drawing for construction, it can also be an exciting, revelatory drawing that can artfully depict a building, landscape, or object. Throughout history, many individuals have used the cross section as a tool to create, explore, or investigate. Visual Discoveries: A Collection of Sections is an image-forward book that is devoted to showcasing notable section drawings throughout history and demonstrating that the section drawing, while having roots in architecture, has spread to many other professions and disciplines. These professions include medicine, transportation, product design, geology, and landscape architecture. Some of the greatest thinkers and inventors in history like Leonardo da Vinci, Charles Darwin, and Robert Fulton have created remarkable section drawings for their investigations, research, and work. Author Allen Keith Yee is co-founder of Cloudred, an award-winning digital design studio located in Brooklyn, New York. Allen graduated with a B.A. in architecture from the University of California, Berkeley and graduated with a M.F.A in design and technology from Parsons School of Design. He currently lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Title: Visual Discoveries Size: 8.5� x 10.5� Landscape Pages: 224pp Binding: Softbound PublicatiSofton Date: Fall 2020 ISBN: 978-1-943532-96-4 Price: $35.00 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-943532-96-4 53500

9 781943 532964

Spring 2021


ORO Editions

Triangle Modern Architecture Victoria Ballard Bell

Triangle Modern Architecture documents the rich history and unique cultural significance of the Triangle region in North Carolina, which is one of the most important on the national map of modern design. Over the last 75 years, the architecture in this area has grown to creatively combine innovation and technology with the area’s history, culture, unique landscape, and built context. While the Triangle has seen an increased interest in modern architecture, the understanding of this design and the reasons and history behind it have not been shared in a clear and meaningful way. There is an information gap between what is appreciated by architects and by the general public. Author Victoria Ballard Bell is a licensed architect and published architectural writer. She grew up in a mid-century modern house and developed her passion for modern design at the University of Virginia where she received two masters’ degrees in architecture and urban planning. Her appreciation for excellent regionally-based modern design has developed further in the Triangle region of North Carolina where she has lived for 20 years.

Title: Triangle Modern Architecture Size: 9” x 11” Landscape Pages: 250pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Fall 2020 ISBN: 978-1-943532-88-9 Price: $50.00 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-943532-88-9 55000

9 781943 532889

Spring 2021


ORO Editions

The Architecture of Point William Shim Sutcliffe

Kenneth Frampton and Michael Webb

Shim-Sutcliffe’s masterful work at Point William intertwines landscape and architecture with ancient rock and water reshaping and reimagining a site on the Canadian Shield over two decades. Found conditions and new buildings are interwoven and choreographed to create a rich spatial experience moving between inside and out. Kenneth Frampton provides an insightful introduction with selected images and his own sketches framing a way of seeing Point William for the reader. Michael Webb’s provocative interview with Brigitte Shim and Howard Sutcliffe describes their evolving vision for Point William and their two-decade journey toward its realization. Acclaimed photographers Ed Burtynsky, James Dow, and Scott Norsworthy contribute through their powerful images capturing the spirit of Point William through the seasons and over time.

where he has served as a member of its faculty since 1973. He was born in the United Kingdom in 1930 and graduated as an architect from the Architectural Association, London, in 1956. Before migrating to the United States in 1965 to teach at Princeton University he was an associate in the practice of Douglas Stephen & Partners in London. From 1976–1980 he was a Fellow of the Institute of Architecture and Urban Studies in New York where he also served as a founding editor of the magazine Oppositions. Recent accolades include the 2018 Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement, Venice Biennale of Architecture.

Contributors Brigitte Shim and Howard Sutcliffe established their design practice Shim-Sutcliffe enabling them to intertwine light, water, and landscape in exploratory and innovative ways. Shim-Sutcliffe’s built work addresses the integration and interrelated scales of architecture, landscape, furniture, and fittings.

Michael Webb is a Los Angeles-based writer who has authored more than 20 books on architecture and design—including 2017 Building Community: new Apartment Architecture—while contributing essays to many more. He is also a regular contributor to leading journals in the United States and Europe. Growing up in London, he was an editor at the Times and Country Life before moving to the US. He was awarded an honorary membership in the Los Angeles chapter of the American Institute of Architects and was made Chevalier de L’Order des Arts et des Lettres for his service to French culture.

Writers Kenneth Frampton is the Ware Professor at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation at Columbia University

Ed Burtynsky – Photographer James Dow – Photographer Scott Norsworthy – Photographer

Title: The Architecture of Point William Size: 10” x 10” Square Pages: 256pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-943532-54-4 Price: $50.00 World Rights: Available

ISBN-13: 978-1-943532-54-4 55000

9 781943 532544

Spring 2021


ORO Editions

Delta Design Futures: Endurance for New Frontiers

A Transdisciplinary Method for Resilient City-Region Development in the Pearl River Delta Chetan Kulkarni



78-1-951541-23-1 90000

Foreword by Michelle Addington and Dean Almy Afterword by Allan Shearer


The Pearl River Delta region has been severely engineered throughout its process of historical emergence. As it is about to confront a new wave of changes in the present century driven by economic growth, industrial activity, and growth of maritime operations, the book proposes “endurance” as a way of urban design in the Pearl River Delta region to organize space around the changing frontiers between territory inhabited by people and the South China Sea. The book addresses the urgency to counter the risks posed to the delta city-region by proposing scenarios for urban growth. The design futures for the Pearl River Delta are formed by acknowledging the socio-political drift toward one direction above another, which influences the future organization or reorganization of space. The historical emergence of the river delta highlights the fact that it is conditioned to multiple directives and multiple transformations, which at the same time makes it exemplary yet idiosyncratic. Therefore, the scenarios of city-region development presented in the book depict an integration of systems of flows, and the symbiosis of conflicting powers. A series of specific questions lead to principles that drive each future growth trajectory, which is represented through a series of diagrammatic logics in order to organize space through structures of landscape systems and those of new territories and networks. Title: Delta Design Futures Size: 7” x 9” Portrait Pages: 200pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Fall 2020 ISBN: 978-1-951541-23-1 Price: $24.95 World Rights: Available

Author Chetan Kulkarni is an Indian urban designer and architect. He began his research pursuits in China in 2012 with a study of rehabilitation and redevelopment policies in Shanghai. His research focus has advanced over multiple visits through 2017–19 to investigate the relationship of natural environmental processes with urban and regional development. Kulkarni has practiced urban and architecture design at Sasaki and Perkins Eastman on projects located across India, the Middle East, and the Americas. Chetan holds a Masters of Architecture with specialization in Urban Design from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Mumbai. His upbringing between India and the United Arab Emirates, along with academic, research, and professional design pursuits in India, China, the United States, Bhutan, Italy, and Germany, shaped his multicultural lens to comprehend the Chinese landscape and develop the design futures for Pearl River Delta.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-23-1 52495

9 781951 541231

Spring 2021


ORO Editions


Art, Architecture, and Culture at the Water Cathy Simon

Occupation:Boundary Art, Architecture, and Culture at the Water

Cathy Simon

This book examines the social, political, and cultural factors that have and continue to influence the evolution of the urban waterfront as seen through production created from art and design practices. Reaching beyond the disciplines of architecture and urban design, Occupation:Boundary distills the dual roles art and culture have played in relation to the urban waterfront, as mediums that have recorded and instigated change at the threshold between the city and the sea. At the moment in time that demands innovative approaches to the transformation of urban waterfronts, and strategies to foster resilient boundaries, architect Cathy Simon recounts her career building at and around the water’s edge and in service of the public realm. In so doing, the work of contemporary architects is presented, while the origins and principles of a guiding design philosophy are located in meditations on art and observations on coastal cities around the world. The port cities of New York and San Francisco emerge as case studies that structure the reflections and mediate a narrative that is at once a professional and personal memoir, richly illustrated with images and drawings. Comprising three parts, the first two corresponding parts of Occupation:Boundary draw connections between the past and present by tracing the rise and fall of urban, industrial ports and Title: Occupation:Boundary Size: 7” x 10” Portrait Pages: 240pp Binding: Softbound with flaps Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-943532-97-1 Price: $40.00 World Rights: Available

providing context—in the forms of textual and visual media—for their recent transformations. Such reinterpretations, achieved via design, often serve the public through environmentally conscious strategies realized through inventive approaches to cultural and recreational programs. The work of visual artists, both historical and contemporary, appears alongside architecture, poetry, and literary references that illustrate and draw connections between each of these sections. The third section features select architectural work by the author, framed by critic John King and the architect and urbanist Justine Shapiro-Kline. Introduced with a foreword by the prominent landscape architect Laurie Olin, Occupation:Boundary draws on artistic and cultural intuitions and the experience of an architect whose practice negotiates the boundary between urban contexts and the bodies of water that sustain them. Together, the instincts, reflections, and architectural production collected here evidence the role of art and design in the creation of an equitable and inviting public realm. Author Cathy Simon is an architect and a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects whose practice has spanned five decades, focusing on transformative design at all scales. Her award-winning work includes design for higher and secondary education, civic and commercial buildings, reinvention of historic structures, waterfront projects, and urban planning schemes for numerous post-industrial waterfront sites in and around San Francisco. She is the founder of SMWM, a celebrated women-owned architecture and urban design practice that opened offices in San Francisco and New York during the mid-1980s. In 1999, after fifteen years of practice, SMWM became the youngest firm to be honored with the AIACA Firm Award, which the American Institute of Architects awarded for the consistent production of distinguished architecture. Her firm later joined Perkins + Will, where she served as a senior consulting design principal before retiring in 2018. Having gained expertise in the revitalization and resiliency of the postindustrial waterfront, she is currently an urban design and architecture consultant to a multi-firm engineering team developing the Waterfront Resiliency Program for the Port of San Francisco. Educated at Wellesley College and the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD), she has served as the president of the GSD Alumni Council and spent several terms on the GSD Visiting Committee. She has taught architecture at both Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley, where, in 1996, she was the Howard Friedman Distinguished Professor of Architecture in Practice. Other Contributors Ashley Simone, Carrie Eastman, John King, Justin ShapiroKline, Laurie Olin

ISBN: 978-1-943532-97-1 54000

9 781943 532971

Spring 2021


ORO Editions

Michele Saee

Philosophy and Process Michele Saee

This book is Michele Saee’s life’s work. A collection of projects, built, unbuilt, conceptual, and experimental which spans over more than three decades. There are over 50 projects in different cities, countries, and continents, all with different programs, scales, and sizes on sites varying from the hillsides of Tempio, Sardinia in Italy to the Champs Elysees, Paris in France to the ocean front of the Pacific in California, USA to an apartment condo in newly developed towers in Beijing, and a new aquarium in Shanghai, China. This book is about an architect’s journey of discovery—a fluid emotional exercise in life, love, work, and architecture. The projects are presented based on their individual original design and their development. There are hand and computer sketch, drawings, and model studies of different stages of their development. The book covers everything from conception of the projects in their early stages through the process of their creation. The book clearly shows Michele’s way of working and his personal exploration in establishing his architectural philosophy and language.

Title: Michele Saee Size: 7.75” x 11.125” Portrait Pages: 584pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Fall 2020 ISBN: 978-1-951541-29-3 Price: $60.00 World Rights: Available

Author Michele Saee believes that the work of architecture reflects our needs, our desires, and our ability to improve the quality of our relationships with creativity and adventure. In his words, architecture is a part of everyday life. Mr. Saee received his Master of Art in Architecture from the University of Florence School of Architecture in 1981 and then his post graduate degree in Technical Urban Planning at the Polytechnic of Milan the following year. His professional career began with Superstudio in Florence, Italy, and he then joined Morphosis in Santa Monica, California after moving to Los Angeles in 1982. Once he started his own design firm in 1985, Michele joined the design faculty at Otis College of Art and Design in 1986, and in 1990 began teaching at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc). After 21 years, Mr. Saee joined the University of Southern California (USC) in 2011 where he is currently a faculty member.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-29-3 56000

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Spring 2021


ORO Editions

My House is Better Than Your House NADAAA

In the South of France, sited on a hill of olive trees, pinus pinea, and a vineyard, a family retreat was designed with a key mission of maintaining the vitality of the site. A small agricultural plot, the site offered the possibility of amplification. With the introduction of a garden and many outdoor living spaces, the family had the intention of cultivating the landscape as part of their stewardship. In part a response to a programmatic brief, but moreover, a discursive response to architectural predicaments of geometry, typology, and anomaly, the house is also a response to Preston Scott Cohen’s pedagogies on architecture. Contributors NADAAA is a Boston-based architecture and urban design firm led by principal designer Nader Tehrani. NADAAA is a platform for design investigation at a large scale and with a great geographic reach. NADAAA has evolved over three decades as a practice dedicated to bridging between design disciplines; from landscape to urbanism, architecture to interiors, and industrial design to furniture, with a focus on craft, construction, and digital fabrication. Nader Tehrani is dean of the Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture at the Cooper Union and founding principal of NADAAA. Tehrani’s work has been recognized with notable awards, including the Cooper Hewitt National Design Award in Architecture, the United States Artists Fellowship in Architecture and Design, and the American Academy of Arts and Letters Award in Architecture. Title: My House is Better Than Your House Size: 10” x 10” Square Pages: 120pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-34-7 Price: $34.95 World Rights: Available

Preston Scott Cohen is the Gerald M. McCue Professor in Architecture at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, where he served as chair of the Department of Architecture from 2008 to 2014. Robert Levit is associate dean and professor at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design, the University of Toronto. He has been the director of the Master of Architecture and the Master of Urban Design programs at the University of Toronto, assistant professor at the University of Michigan, and has been a visiting professor most recently at Harvard Graduate School of Design, Cooper Union, and the University of Miami. His design work has been recognized through numerous awards and competitions. His articles on architecture including “Ornament: The Return of the Symbolic Repressed” and “Design’s New Catechism,” have become staples of the current debates on architecture. He is a partner in the design firm Khoury Levit Fong—recently featured in the second Chicago Architecture Biennial. Transcription of My House is Better Than Your House. Plus a proscript overlay onto transcription by Preston Scott Cohen and Nader Tehrani.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-34-7 53495

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Spring 2021

Almost, Not

The Architecture of Atelier Nishikata Leslie Van Duzer

Almost, Not: The Architecture of Atelier Nishikata is the story of a remarkable architecture practice in Tokyo. Partners Reiko Nishio and Hirohito Ono have built just four residential works, until now remaining little-known outside of Japan. But the extraordinary, almost-ordinary quality of their work warrants the spotlight. It has much to teach students of architecture and experienced architects alike. This book is a hybrid between an architectural monograph and a magic instruction book. Author Leslie Van Duzer, a former magician’s assistant and author of four monographs on 20th-century architecture, draws parallels between the effects and methods of architects and magicians. The introductory essay, “Almost, Not,” presents an overview of Atelier Nishikata’s approach, describing the effects engendered by their architecture and the methods behind the them. The essay is followed by four detailed project descriptions that elaborate on the strategies behind the work. These texts are richly illustrated with process work, diagrams, detailed drawings, and photographs, including before and after views of the renovated spaces, and views post-inhabitation. The volume closes with a lengthy interview with the architects to help flesh out the methods behind their madness.

Title: Almost, Not Size: 8.5” x 9.5” Portrait Pages: 112pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-77-4 Price: $35.00 World Rights: Available

Authors Leslie Van Duzer, former magician’s assistant and a professor of architecture at the University of British Columbia, has published five books on Rudolf Arnheim and the architecture of Adolf Loos, Mies van der Rohe, and Judah Shumiatcher. Reiko Nishio, architect and co-founder of Atelier Nishikata, has a longstanding interest in the architecture of Mies van der Rohe. In 2017-2018, she spent one year in Canada and the US, studying his North American work, building on her University of Tokyo Masters dissertation. Hirohito Ono, artist and co-founder of Atelier Nishikata, studied architecture at Bunka Gakuin. After working in firms for eight years, he emphasized art, studying at the B-semi School of Contemporary Art and joining Haizuka Earthwork as an Artist in Residence.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-77-4 53500

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ORO Editions

Eight Inc.

Return on Experience

Tim Kobe and Roger Lehman

at Eight Inc. This conversation is more than a single path but reflects the dialogue and practice of business leaders, designers, colleagues, and collaborators.

E>Return on Experience will be comfortable on the shelves of designers and artists and equally comfortable for business leaders and educators. It reflects the fundamental belief that design is integral to everything we do; that all human existence has been a result of a progression of successful design outcomes. It is not in the sense that what we have created is exclusively logical and rational but true success has been the result of emotional intelligence and meaning being infused into a new form that has caused us to progress as a species. Inspiration and innovation are difficult to process from a purely logical perspective as it requires a broader view into the way we think and feel things. It is deeply personal and at the same time shared at a social level. In this sense, we naturally view design as possessing enormous value that is an essential part of culture with a broad value and application. Design is a dialogue. This book is not a treatise on do’s and don’ts of design or business. It is a reflection on the nature of how to see design. Design is, and always has been, part of a conversation. As such, this book captures a dialogue that author, Tim Kobe, has been engaged in for over 30 years Title: Return on Experience Size: 8.5” x 11” Portrait Pages: 432pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-935935-67-4 Price: $60.00 World Rights: Available

This book would not exist without those on the other side of the conversation and is more than a lens of a single or individual point of view. Eight Inc. has been incredibly fortunate to design with some of the most successful people and companies that exist today and much of Eight Inc.’s success has been attributed to its time with Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs. Authors Tim Kobe founded the globally recognized strategic design firm Eight Inc. in 1989. Today, Eight Inc. consists of 200+ strategic designers and business creatives connected across 11 studios, seven time zones, and three continents, and is a leader in innovation and branded experience working with companies such as Apple, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Nike, Coke, Knoll, and Citibank. Roger Lehman is a professor at INSEAD’s Singapore campus where he is the co-founder and director of the Executive Masters in Change (ECM) program. He has been instrumental in helping to integrate psychoanalytic concepts into executive and business practice. Roger designs and delivers programs for companies around the world, providing a focus on executive leadership, leading innovation, personal and professional development, change management, and high performance teams. Book designed by Abdul Basit Khan

ISBN: 978-1-935935-67-4 56000

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Spring 2021

The United Nations and New York City A Home for the World

Pentagram and Raul Barreneche

keep the UN in New York City. Also included are sections on the $2 billion renovation and restoration of the UN campus and proposals past and present for additional architectural commissions. Additional sections will document visually how New York City and the UN have helped shape each other over the years; and how both continue to change and evolve. Unique for its architectural and urbanistic focus, The United Nations and New York City: A Home for the World will celebrate this important global organization’s many accomplishments past, present, and future. Coinciding with the 75th anniversary of the signing of the United Nations charter, this visually driven book tells the story of the special relationship between the UN and New York City through the interrelated lenses of architecture, real estate, and urban planning. It will be illustrated with rare archival photographs and architectural drawings, as well as newly commissioned photographs. The book will include written contributions from UN-affiliated individuals of note, including current and former UN secretaries-general, ambassadors to the UN, mayors, governors, historians, architecture critics, and other luminaries. The book begins by chronicling how New York came to be the permanent home of the UN, including the individuals, institutions, and other forces that helped the city secure the headquarters of the UN—among them the Rockefeller family, William Zeckendorf, and Robert Moses. The book then presents the architectural and urban design journey to create the iconic UN campus by a global team of architectural giants such as Wallace K. Harrison, Le Corbusier, and Oscar Niemeyer, with archival photos and architectural drawings and renderings. It also charts how the real estate needs of the UN evolved over time, leading to the creation of the United Nations Development Corporation (UNDC) and its commissioning of three architecturally significant buildings at UN Plaza that have helped Title: The United Nations and New York City Size: 10.5” x 12.25” Portrait Pages: 144pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-30-9 Price: $40.00 World Rights: Available

Contributors Raul Barreneche is a New York-based brand strategist and writer. A longtime journalist, Barreneche is former executive editor of Architecture and has written extensively for major publications including Architectural Digest, Departures, ELLE Décor, and the New York Times, and has authored eleven books on design for Rizzoli, Phaidon, and other imprints. He remains a contributing editor to Interior Design. Barreneche holds a professional architecture degree from Carnegie Mellon University. Pentagram is the world’s largest independently owned design consultancy. For five decades, Pentagram has embraced the philosophy of design as a collaborative discipline, with a structure unique among design firms. The company is run by 25 partners, all practicing designers who are leaders in their individual fields. Working from offices in New York, London, Austin, and Berlin, each partner manages his or her own team and projects. This approach allows Pentagram to retain the creative intensity that characterizes the smallest—and best—design firms. Pentagram is the only major design studio where the owners of the business are the creators of the work and serve as the primary contact for every client.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-30-9 54000

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ORO Editions

The Cannibal’s Cookbook

Mining Myths of Cyclopean Constructions Brandon Clifford

The Cannibal’s Cookbook fiercely consumes the body of past cyclopean constructions. It assembles, re-packages, and offers this latent knowledge for your contemporary consumption. It is a manual for the hungry, for those who are not satiated by the careless building practices of the present. With one foot in the past and another in the present, the cookbook bridges the realities of our ancestors and ourselves. We propose a series of architectural “recipes” after dining on this body of past expertise. The recipes are deciphered from ancient cyclopean masonry systems, but with a contemporary twist. They cannibalize leftover debris—building rubble that typically stuffs our landfills—to construct new buildings. Author Brandon Clifford is the director and co-founder of Matter Design and an associate professor at MIT. He studied at Georgia Tech ‘06 and Princeton ‘11 for his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Architecture. Brandon has been awarded a number of prizes, namely a TED Fellowship, the SOM Prize, and an American Academy in Rome Prize.

Title: The Cannibal’s Cookbook Size: 5.125” x 7.25” Portrait Pages: 192pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-43-9 Price: $24.95 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-951541-43-9 52495

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Spring 2021

Beautiful China

Reflections on Landscape Architecture in Contemporary China Edited by Richard J. Weller and Tatum L. Hands

Beautiful China is the title of the Chinese government’s broad policy to ensure the traditions and aesthetics of Chinese culture not only survive as heritage but apply to contemporary society and to the future. Beautiful China is also nested within the larger policy concept of creating an “ecological civilization.” Applied to a nation of over 1.3 billion people and the second most powerful economy in the world, these policies are arguably the most fascinating socio-political experiment taking place anywhere in the world today. This book is the first serious consideration of this policy and what it means for the design professions in contemporary China. Editors Richard J. Weller is the Meyerson Chair of Urbanism, professor, and chair of Landscape Architecture, and co-director of the McHarg Center at the University of Pennsylvania. Tatum L. Hands, PhD, is the editor in chief of the LA+ Interdisciplinary Journal of Landscape Architecture, University of Pennsylvania.

Toward a Space of Capability 走向潜质空间

上海辰山植物园矿坑花园 The Quarry Garden in Shanghai Chenshan Botanic Garden

朱育帆 | ZHU Yufan Deputy Chair, Department of Landscape Architecture, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University and director of ZHU Yufan Studio. Zhu has over 30 publications on design theory, research, and teaching methods. His award-winning design projects include the Quarry Garden in Shanghai Botanical Garden and Shougang Industrial Park in Beijing.

清华大学建筑学院景观学系副系主任。曾发表30余 篇与景观设计理论、设计教学与研究方法等相关论 文。其主持的多个工程项目均荣获奖项,包括上海辰 山植物园矿坑花园、北京首钢工业遗址公园等。

许愿 | XU Yuan Assistant Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University. Xu has received several design awards including the IFLA Zvi Miller Prize (2014). Her recent published research focuses on form-finding in landscape design and Eastern traditional landscape art.

清华大学建筑学院景观学系助理教授。 获2014年国际风 景园林师联合会学生设计竞赛第二名。 主要研究方向为 景观设计及其历史与理论, 以及设计造型逻辑、 空间的 场所性、 东方传统山水艺术等。

The idea of Beautiful China marks a moment where the rapid urbanization of China is now turning into an era where the quality—not just the scale and speed—of development is a major concern. It is not only an opportunity, but also a challenge for landscape architecture. Maybe landscape architects can see through the re-adaption of the ruins of our times and open what we refer to as “the space of capability.” By this we mean the potential of every site to become something new; not entirely new, but something latent within it, drawn to the surface through the act of design – the act of respecting and recognizing a site’s potential. This space of capability is also of course a nod to “Capability” Brown, who so famously conjured a naturalistic landscape aesthetic in 18thcentury England, and we ask what the equivalent of his achievement might be today? For us, the way into this space of capability—the way into the potential of sites and the potential of our profession—is firstly and most apparently through ruins. The wonderful book Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, first published in 1499, framed and highlighted the aesthetic values of ruins. Three hundred years later, William Gilpin venerated ruins as picturesque aesthetic objects in the English landscape garden. This aesthetic discovery of ruins is profound, because it implied that all the relics of human civilization have the potential and legitimacy for acceptance in a new situation.

During the global environmental crisis of the 1960s, artists such as Robert Smithson revealed the sublime value of abandoned industrial places, and in 1969 Richard Haag’s Gas Works Park in Seattle enshrined the beauty of such relics. In the 1990s Peter Latz went further by creating a post-industrial nature with his Duisburg-Nord Landscape Park in the Ruhrgebiet, Germany. Here Latz brought out the capability of the place through the careful placement of new things with the old. The latest in this lineage is James Corner Field Operations’ High Line in New York City. Another kind of ruins appears more humble, somehow “dirty” and “ugly,” yet bears a shift in deeper values. When visiting Rovira Hill in Barcelona, the honesty of the site deeply moves you. The notorious shantytown that once occupied the summit has nothing to do with heroism or political significance, but it was treasured for its “landscaping” process. Normally, things that have just lost their practical value are the least likely to be revered. It took 20 years for this site to be physically transformed, but how long have we spent to start realizing its capabilities? And what will be next?

急速城镇化进程中“美丽中国”的提出,标志着中国的整 体建设转入了一个品质化的时期,对风景园林专业既 是机遇,更是挑战。或许通过废墟再生现象,我们可以开 启“潜质空间”的议题。所谓“潜质” ,字面直解就是场地自 身潜在的素质,可以被开发但尚未被开发;在设计师的 预判下与整体目标挂钩,从而被激活、实现场地特质延 续性的增值和升级。 “Capability(潜质)”取自“Capability Brown(万能布朗或潜质布朗) ” ,在18世纪英国的土地上, 布朗唤现了一个自然风景园的空间价值维度, 也收获了后 巴洛克时代世界园林史上最为响亮的绰号。 当下看来,走 向潜质空间最主要也最显见的路径, 便是废墟再生。 1499年出版的奇书《Hypnerotomachia Poliphili》首次定格 了废墟的美学价值,三百年后英国自然风景园和法国英 中式花园中流行设计folly,废墟入园是如绘美学思潮向 纵深化发展的结果。其实发现废墟潜质的意义很深远, 因为隐含的推论是,只要是人类文明留下的遗迹就有被 认可的可能。 废墟价值拓展的下一个对象就是近代工业文明。二十世 纪六十年代世界环境危机时,罗伯特.史密森等艺术家



Contributors Rui Yang, Yufan Zhu, Yuning Cheng, Binyi Liu, Hui Liu, Xiangrong Wang, Feng Han, Tao Han, Zheng Chen, Wei Guo, Jason Zhisen Ho, Yuelai Liu, Shulin Shi, Zhifang Wang, Jinshi Zhang, Tianjie Zhang, Zhengwei Zhang, Jijun Zhao, Xiaodi Zheng, Stanislaus Fung, Richard Weller, Marilyn Taylor, Christopher Marcinkoski, Kongjian Yu, Yuan Zhu, Junli Xu, and Tatum Hands

Images by Shengyuan Zheng

Title: Beautiful China Size: 9” x 9” Square Pages: 216pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-943532-81-0 Price: $40.00 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-943532-81-0 54000

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ORO Editions

The Philosophy of Dumbness Joseph Choma

This is the dumbest smart book on contemporary architecture. What really is this “technology” that we speak of? How do we define “intelligence”? These are just two of the questions that this book attempts to answer through the unconventional (and seemingly ironic) lens of “dumbness.” Historical examples in science, art, and architecture ground dumbness as a means to convey a trajectory to practice “smarter.” Instead of a singular authoritative vision, over 50 contributors answer the question, “What is the dumbest, but smartest thing you’ve done?” These unique responses provide a vivid lens into the culture of contemporary architecture and the rigor behind it. Author Joseph Choma is the founder of the Design Topology Lab and an associate professor of architecture at Clemson University. He is the author of Morphing: A Guide to Mathematical Transformations for Architects and Designers (Laurence King Publishing, 2015) and Études for Architects (Routledge, 2018).

Title: The Philosophy of Dumbness Size: 7” x 9” Portrait Pages: 140pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Fall 2020 ISBN: 978-1-951541-37-8 Price: $25.00 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-951541-37-8 52500

9 781951 541378


Spring 2021


Russell Shubin and Robin Donaldson, edited by Julia van den Hout

Tramonto is a contemporary single-family home that integrates the natural beauty of the adjacent state park and ocean views. The placement of the home overlooks the canyon, the surrounding Santa Monica Mountains, and the California coastline. The diffusion of the built form defines the approach for this 17,000-sqft, single-family residence (14,500-sqft main house and 2,500-sqft accessory building) into the surrounding landscape. The two-acre site embraces the steep topography, contending with the context to inform the building’s siting and orientation. The project is terraced into the natural contours of the hillside, breaking up the overall building mass while using its sub-grade structure to reinforce the hillside. The book provides a look into the 17,000-sqft home and its indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Emphasis on significant custom elements highlights the detail-oriented approach that can be found throughout the entirety of the home. From the initial conceptualization of the exterior form to the construction process and key moments, this book presents the visual story of the home’s integration into the Southern California landscape. Tramonto embodies a truly contemporary Southern California attitude, the essential principles of indoor/outdoor living afforded by embracing the temperate region and the natural beauty of the coastal landscape. Author Russell Shubin, AIA, and Robin Donaldson, AIA, are founding partners of ShubinDonaldson, an award-winning, nationally and internationally recognized architectural design practice based in Southern California. Informed by modernism, craft, and a culture of experimentation, they respond to each client and site through an investigative design process, mining the tension between real world constraints and artistic expression to excavate each project’s unique opportunities.

Title: Tramonto Size: 10” x 14” Landscape Pages: 150pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-943532-99-5 Price: $50.00 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-943532-99-5 55000

9 781943 532995

ORO Editions

A Solution to Homelessness in Your Town Valley View Senior Housing, Napa County, California Charles Durrett

Homelessness is one of the monsters that haunts our society. Thousands of people are trying to address the challenge but fail to come up with a solution. Valley View Senior Housing, built in 2019 in Napa County, CA, is a very affordable community of 70 cottages. This groundbreaking homeless project was organized by American Canyon’s city government, for older homeless people and homeless veterans of the area. This solution-oriented book shares the inspiring story of a compassionate and humane project. Imagine if every city could do one community like this and we can begin to make headway to solve the homeless problem. Every city can do this! And from this we can grow to do even more. Author Charles Durrett is an architect, author, and advocate of affordable, socially responsible, and sustainable design, and has made major contributions to community-based architecture and cohousing. Charles has designed hundreds of villages in North America and around the world. He is the principal architect at McCamant & Durrett Architects, based in Nevada City, California.

Title: A Solution to Homelessness in Your Town Size: 5.5” x 8.5” Portrait Pages: 108pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-935935-45-2 Price: $19.95 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-935935-45-2 51995

9 781935 935452


Spring 2021

Spirit of Luxury and Design

A Perspective from Contemporary Fashion and Jewelry Jie Srun and Elizabeth Fischer

The vast medium of jewelry and fashion artifact design continues to be a central pillar of fashion luxury goods industries and artistic practice, but there is a lack of discussions on the researches, value, and roles of it. Design is an expression of values and attitudes, and a tangible form of guiding the thoughts and desires of individuals and members of society. In the contemporary society, when science, technology, and craftsmanship reach a stage, whether products and services become luxurious or not, its quality, uniqueness, artistry, and rarity are all achieved through design. This book represents the articles from 20 outstanding design researchers from 11 countries, including many works from international designers, who are engaging with and pushing the boundaries of the medium. It contributes to these international debates on contemporary fashion and jewelry design while providing an accessible overview and a concise reference book. Authors Jie Srun, National Distinguished Expert, professor at College of Design and Innovation (D&I), Tongji University in Shanghai; Head of New Center of Contemporary Jewelry and Fashion Culture (NoCC); Director of SxV Museum of Modern Arts in Qingdao, China (SV MoMA).

Title: Spirit of Luxury and Design Size: 6” x 9” Portrait Pages: 220pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-76-7 Price: $24.95 World Rights: Available, except China

Elizabeth Fischer, professor at the HEAD – Geneva University of Art and Design, in charge of the Fashion, Jewellery, and Accessories Design Department; Member of the scientific committee of MuMode Swiss Fashion Museum, in charge of defining its new cultural and scientific program.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-76-7 52495

9 781951 541767

ORO Editions

Matter Aggregation A Design Studio at UVA

Philip F. Yuan, Lucia Phinney, and Chao Yan

Within the human-machine collaborations cultivated in the digital age, crafts and materials are playing an increasingly important role in forming various ways of matter aggregation for architecture. Based on the pedagogical exploration of the design studio—Matter Aggregation at UVA—the book seeks new values of wood craft for contemporary architectural design, by introducing digital design and robotic fabrication techniques into the design process for timber building. The book integrates explorations of traditional crafts with digital fabrication technique, establishing a digital crafting as a new field for contemporary practice. The book explores the computational mechanisms and diagrammatic grammar within these craftbased aggregation systems, paying close attention to geometrical configurations, material effects, and fabrication details and take advantage of these qualities to produce a unique spatiality. Authors Philip F. Yuan is a professor at the College of Architecture and Urban Planning (CAUP) at Tongji University, is visiting professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Thomas Jefferson Professor at the University of Virginia (UVA). His research mainly focuses on the fields of post-human tectonics, robotic fabrication, and architectural design practices, promoting the application of digital design methodologies and fabrication theories in the discipline of architecture. Title: Matter Aggregation Size: 6” x 9” Portrait Pages: 180pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-75-0 Price: $24.95 World Rights: Available

Lucia Phinney has been a lecturer at the University of Virginia since 1981, and a distinguished lecturer since 1996. Her work explores the means to reveal rather than erase the incredible potential for natural systems to effectively engage and inform the places we make. Chao Yan is a post-doctoral researcher at Tongji University. He was a visiting lecturer at the China Academy of Art, where he has taught design studio and theory courses from 2014 to 2018, and a visiting scholar at the University of Virginia in 2019.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-75-0 52495

9 781951 541750


Spring 2021

China Dialogues Vladimir Belogolovsky

Kenneth Frampton (b. 1930) is a British-American critic and historian. He is the Ware Professor of Architecture at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation at Columbia University in New York and is regarded as one of the world’s leading architectural historians.

Since the mid-1990s, when China allowed its architects to practice independently from government-run design institutes, a new kind of architecture, distinguished by unique regional characteristics, has emerged. China Dialogues is a rigorously selected collection of insightful interviews that the book’s author Vladimir Belogolovsky has conducted with 21 leading Chinese architects during his extensive travels in China. At the time when so many buildings that are being built around the world are no longer rooted in their place and culture, the leading Chinese architects succeeded collectively in producing unique architectural body of work that could not be confused with any other regional school. The interviews are accompanied by over 120 photographs and drawings of beautifully executed projects built throughout China since early 2000s. China Dialogues opens up the thinking process of the country’s top architects, as they share their ideas, insights, intentions, and visions in unusually revealing and candid ways. Contributors Vladimir Belogolovsky (b. 1970, Odessa, Ukraine) is an American curator, critic, and founder of NYC-based Curatorial Project, a nonprofit focused on curating exhibitions. He has interviewed over 350 architects, has written ten books, curated over 50 exhibitions, and lectured in more than 30 countries.

Title: China Dialogues Size: 7” x 9” Portrait Pages: 250pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-62-0 Price: $24.95 World Rights: Available

Crisie (Jialin) Yuan is the director of the International Office of Tongji University Press. She received her bachelor’s degree of Chinese Language and Literature in 2008 and is currently pursuing a master’s degree on Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages at Tongji University. With five years working experience as a journalist/ editor in Chinese architectural design magazines and five years working experience in PR in Archi-Union Architects (an avant-guard architectural studio in China), she is fully trained as an editor, curator, and in marketing in and for the architectural design field. She has been working as a commissioning editor at Tongji University Press since 2015, and established the International Office of Tongji University Press in 2017. Her recent works are mainly focused on promoting international co-publishing programs and exploring possibilities for cultural exchange. Established in 1984, led by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, Tongji University Press (TJUP) is the official publishing house of Tongji University, one of China’s leading universities and research institutions. By establishing Urbanism + Architecture (in 2012, TJUP established a high-end professional publishing brand – LUMINOCITY, specialized in urbanism & architecture), Art + Design and Civil Engineering as its brands, Polytechnic and Medicine, Fundamental Disciplines, Humanities, German and European Culture publishing as its major publishing areas. Under the new situation, TJUP is entering an exciting new phase focused on building the international multi-platform.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-62-0 52495

9 781951 541620

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The Evolving Project

The Journal of Architectural Education and the Expansion of Scholarship Igor Marjanović, Marc J. Neveu, Sara Stevens

The—Evolving —Project The•Journal of•Architectural Education•and the•Expansion of•Scholarship Igor Marjanović, Marc Neveu, Sara Stevens—editors

Through a selection of essays from the Journal of Architectural Education (JAE) and its 75-year history, this volume showcases not only the development of a single publication but also the evolution and expansion of the entire discipline. This book celebrates the rich history of the JAE, which is the longest continually running peerreviewed journal in the discipline of architecture, as a major platform for the dissemination of new pedagogical and scholarly ideas. From discourses on drawing and design processes to issues of new media and the environment, The Evolving Project is a journey in space and time that documents the changing project of architectural education after World War II—namely its transformation from a professional training ground to an intellectual platform that allowed architectural educators to boldly engage the larger social, cultural, and political issues of their time. Authors Igor Marjanović is the JoAnne Stolaroff Cotsen Professor and Chair of Undergraduate Architecture Program at Washington University in St. Louis. He has published widely on the history of architectural education, including the books Drawing Ambience: Alvin Boyarsky and the Architectural Association, Marina City: Bertrand Goldberg’s Urban Vision, and On the Very Edge: Modernism and Modernity in the Arts and Architecture of Interwar Serbia (1918-1941).

Title: The Evolving Project Size: 8” x 10” Portrait Pages: 300pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-69-9 Price: $40.00 World Rights: Available

Marc J. Neveu is the head of the architecture program at the Design School at Arizona State University. In that role, he is helping to imagine what it means to be an architecture program within the model of the New American University. Neveu’s research explores the role of storytelling—both in pedagogy and practice. He is currently working on a digital archive of the work of the rhetorical architect, Douglas Darden. He is the current executive editor of the biannual peer-reviewed Journal of Architectural Education. Sara Stevens is an architectural and urban historian. She is an assistant professor of architectural and urban design history and chair of urban design at the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Her research, including her book Developing Expertise: Architecture and Real Estate in Metropolitan America, focuses on real estate developers of the twentieth century, exploring the cultural economy of architectural practice, finance, and expertise.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-69-9 54000

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Spring 2021

Shaped Places of Carroll County, New Hampshire McLain Clutter and Cyrus Peñarroyo

Shaped Places of Carroll County, New Hampshire expands upon an award-winning speculative urban design project by the architecture and design practice EXTENTS, led by McLain Clutter and Cyrus Peñarroyo. The project investigates the complex reciprocity between who we are and the shape of where we live; between identities and the built environments that support them. In doing so, Shaped Places creates a dialogue between seemingly disparate discourses spanning from critical geography, to formalist art criticism, to the urbanization strategies of the early twentieth-century Russian avant garde. The role of the rural-urban divide in affirming the divided political landscape in the United States is a central theme in the work. The project culminates in the design of three linear cities in Carroll County, New Hampshire. In each speculative urban design proposal, rural and urban patterns of development and divergent lifestyles are combined in urban design proposals intended to produce a functional body politic from a sharply divided population. Authors McLain Clutter is an associate professor and chair of the architecture program at the University of Michigan’s Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, and a partner in the architecture practice EXTENTS. Clutter’s work focuses on the role of architecture within the multidisciplinary milieu of contemporary urbanism, and the interrelations between architecture and media culture. Title: Shaped Places of Carroll County, New Hampshire Size: 5.5” x 7.85” Portrait Pages: 128pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-65-1 Price: $19.95 World Rights: Available

Cyrus Peñarroyo is a Filipino-American designer and educator whose work examines architecture’s entanglement with contemporary media and digital culture. He is an assistant professor of architecture at the University of Michigan’s Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, and a partner in the architecture practice EXTENTS. Robert Fishman is a professor of architecture and urban planning at the University of Michigan’s Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning. An internationally recognized expert in the areas of urban history and urban policy and planning, he has authored several books that are regarded as seminal texts on the history of cities and urbanism. Clare Lyster is an architect and writer whose work focuses urban design from the perspective of contemporary theories in landscape, and infrastructure. She is an associate professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Architecture and principal of CLUAA.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-65-1 51995

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Trans-Atlantic Engagements

The Contribution and Impact of German Educators to US Architectural Education Dr. Steffen Lehmann, Dr. Alexander Eisenschmidt, and Peter Bosselmann

The pedagogical experiments of the Bauhaus, imported by Gropius, Mies, Hilberseimer, and others to the US system, challenged traditional Beaux-Arts thinking and played a crucial role in shaping modern architectural education. Historically, the German architectural training has been different from the Franco-Italian model. New interdisciplinary and technology-focused modes of teaching architecture and design had a long-lasting impact, however, are now again transformed by German-trained educators currently active in reshaping curricula. The conversations reveal the critical and independent thinking of this group of educators, and how they make a meaningful contribution to the discourse of architectural education appropriate to the 21st century. The book provides insight into the ways in which these German-born educators influence architectural and design education in the United States to this day. Contributors Dr. Steffen Lehmann is a full-time professor of Architecture and immediate past director of the School of Architecture at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). He is director of the Future Cities Leadership Institute. As Head of School in Australia, he was responsible for over 3,000 students and 150 academic, professional and casual staff, with offshore programs in Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Title: Trans-Atlantic Engagements Size: 7� x 9� Portrait Pages: 220pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-48-4 Price: $30.00 World Rights: Available

Dr. Alexander Eisenschmidt is an architectural theorist and associate professor of the School of Architecture, at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Peter Bosselmann is a professor of the Graduate School in Architecture, City and Regional Planning, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design at the College of Environmental Design, University of California, Berkeley.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-48-4 53000

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Spring 2021

Frank L. Wright and the Architects of Steinway Hall A Study in Collaboration Stuart Cohen

In 1897, Frank Lloyd Wright, Robert Spencer, Dwight Perkins, and Myron Hunt, all young architects just starting out in practice, shared office space in Chicago. This book is both a history of that brief period and an attempt to assess the extent to which they collaborated on their architectural designs and on the creation of architectural theory which would impact a half century of architectural design. While there is little firsthand documentation of the time spent in their shared loft office in Steinway Hall, this study engages in a side by side comparison of projects they each designed while working there. Overlapping ideas, design similarities, and an analysis of their subsequent work, all suggest that these individuals formed a creative “collaborative circle” of friends, who jointly developed ideas later claimed as the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. This is a book about artistic collaboration at a time when discussions of art and architectural history are still largely dominated by the belief that significant works are created by the lone artistic genius.

includes a listing of the architects that worked and interacted there. Also included are brief biographies of Spencer, Perkins, and Hunt. Excepting Hunt, none of these men have been the subject of individual publications. While Frank Lloyd Wright’s life and work have been extensively chronicled, this book reexamines the period between Wright’s arrival in Chicago in 1887 and his move into the loft office in Steinway Hall in 1897.

At the turn of the last century Spencer, Perkins, Hunt, and Wright were part of a community of architects who were all active members of the Chicago Architectural. Steinway Hall, an office building designed by Dwight Perkins, became a home to Chicago’s architectural community with as many as 50 different architects renting space in that building at the turn of the last century. Based on Real Estate Directories from 1897 through 1910 the book

Author Stuart Cohen is an author, educator, and practicing architect. His contributions to architectural history, theory and education have been recognized by the Society of Architectural Historians (2019) and the Institute for Classical Architecture and Art’s Arthur Ross Award (2018). He is a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects and Professor of Architecture Emeritus at the University of Illinois Chicago.

Title: Frank Wright and the Architects of Steinway Hall Size: 6” x 9” Portrait Pages: 300pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-50-7 Price: $35.00 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-951541-50-7 53500

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Developing Informed Architectural Languages Tom Diehl


Tod Williams Billie Tsien

Tom Diehl

Tom Kundig

Enrique Norten

Thom Mayne

Brian Mackay-Lyons

Neil Denari

Eric Owen Moss

John and Patricia Patkau

As the number and distinctiveness of design directions in contemporary architecture expands an outcome has emerged of a contradictory nature. While many of these directions hold great intrigue, a troubling aspect arises in that in their realization an “incompleteness” is often exhibited, one expressing a less developed architectural richness expressed by an under-utilized nature of the architectural language itself. Internal addresses this issue with a focus on topics underlying the creation of architectural languages. Concentrating on strategies and concepts that inform the creation of cohering architectural languages versus “external” issues affecting design, such as those necessary to accommodate site or program, Internal focuses on design considerations with the authority grounded in “internal” languagebased architectural issues. Identifying underlying themes and strategies necessary to create coherent and informed architectural languages constitutes the effort underlying this book. Author Tom Diehl is an associate professor of architecture at the Gerald. D. Hines College of Architecture and Design at the University of Houston where he has taught for over 30 years. He is a registered architect with a professional practice in Houston, Texas.

Title: Internal Size: 8” x 8” Square Pages: 250pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-25-5 Price: $35.00 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-951541-25-5 53500

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Spring 2021

Connective Tissues

Ten Essays by University of Virginia Kenan Fellows 2001–2016 Peter Waldman

This is not another treatise on the heroic nature of the Jeffersonian imagination. Rather, it offers another reading generated by Joseph Campbell’s reluctant hero in The Hero of A Thousand Faces as offered by Jef7rey Hildner in his prescient Epilogue “Labyrinth R.U.N.” It is rather weaving fictions, constructing dialogues, (Rashomon) again and again on Jefferson as boy/man, as adolescent, as dreamer and instrumental explorer of here and there, close at hand and worlds long, long ago and far, far away. This is a collection of meanders, speculations, fog-bound as well as iridescent. Joseph Brodsky, in Watermark, would say of such consequential yet circumstantial descriptions (of Venice) that they were visions not based on principles, but rather were borne from the sensibilities of a very nervous man. The fact may be that Jefferson was a farmer and politician, but what we illuminate here was that at 13 he was an adolescent first, orphaned sooner than later as was common at the edge of the Arcadian Wild, as were Romulus and Remus, but custodian of terrains, knowledge, and human energy. He was a surveyor, nomad, and given his penchant for oculi and mirrors, a certifiable lunatic. This is a book on American pragmaticism and self-evident truths in a new culture of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness rooted in the promise of Eden and the enduring resistance of Jerusalem, articulated by William McClung in The Literary Legacy of An Title: Connective Tissues Size: 11” x 11” Square Pages: 252pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-943532-53-7 Price: $34.95 World Rights: Available

Architecture of Paradise. We aligned ourselves with contemporary philosophical debates benchmarked by Andre Gide and Bruno Latour that posit that previously called Ancient if not Archaic belief systems might hold self-evident truths coincidental with contemporary survival systems of sustainability once called common sense, grounded in the recurrent dualities of architecture. Connective Tissues is a philosophical work framed on epistemological and ethical questions, sustained by Joseph Campbell in the Hero of a Thousand Faces. Not only is this a philosophical work, it also seeks to identify the contemporary vitality of American cultural history and contemporary topographic landscapes. If the lawn is a tabula rasa for citizenship, is Monticello the enduring place for the engagement of both the familiar and the strange? Perhaps the roots of a topographic imagination are found in generative settings. On our tour of collective sense of we the people, one must remember there was once the he—as in Campbell’s singular hero, Jefferson, who enters from the 38th north latitude connecting the myth of Daedalus with the grounds of Jefferson’s own labyrinth. Author Peter Waldman is an architect who quarries mica and longterm educator who implements spatial tales of origin through specifications for construction sites in collaboration with surveyors, nomads, and lunatics, and author of Lessons From the Lawn (ORO Editions, 2019).

ISBN: 978-1-943532-53-7 53495

9 781943 532537

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After Dante

Divine, Design, and the Cosmos Dr. Peter Cookson Smith

The book focused initially on the philosophical, artistic, and scientific forces that impacted on the humanist of the late medieval and Renaissance period, profuse in the exchange of ideas and discovery, behind much of which was the impact of Dante’s Divine Comedy with a message which continues to reverberate through the centuries. What has also persisted is the perpetual tension between science, religion, and design because of their perceived contradictions. The book explores how we might gain inspiration and motivation to embrace a consistent artistry and sense of exploration in the face of an ever-expanding knowledge-based frontier. Author Dr. Peter Cookson Smith is an architect, urbanist, and founder of the URBIS consultancy in Hong Kong, which has operated throughout Asia for more than 40 years. He is a former professor of architecture and former president of Hong Kong’s Institutes of Planning and Urban Design. He is the author of five previous books on cities and urban design.

Title: After Dante Size: 9” x 9” Square Pages: 272pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-53-8 Price: $29.95 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-951541-53-8 52995

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Spring 2021

What Kind of Architect Are You? Udo Greinacher

Architecture is commonplace. We inhabit it and use it; it is constantly present; it serves as foreground and background and usually has a story to tell. But apart from its most illustrious makers, we know almost nothing about the people who conceived it: the architects. What Kind of Architect Are You? offers a glimpse into a vast array of professional possibilities and points out meaningful alternatives to the prevailing myth of the “starchitect.” It provides those in search of an architect with insights into how we work and helps them to formulate expectations. It challenges practitioners to think introspectively and examine how they fit into the architectural spectrum. And finally, the collection documents the cross-section of cultural and architectural practice across America. Author Udo Greinacher teaches courses on film, futures, and urban issues at the University of Cincinnati. Born and raised in Tuebingen, Germany, he holds professional degrees in architecture from the Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart and the University of California at Berkeley.

Title: What Kind of Architect are You? Size: 6” x 9” Portrait Pages: 256pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-56-9 Price: $25.00 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-951541-56-9 52500

9 781951 541569

ORO Editions

Landscape Architecture Frontiers 045 Nature-Based Solutions and Urban Resilience Edited by Kongjian Yu

Focusing mainly on urban resilience and sustainable development, climate adaption, and water resilience, this issue will present cuttingedge and studies and practices related to the framework, process, and effects (social and economic benefits) of NBS in various disciplinary fields in China and from abroad, especially the NBS achievements in China’s territorial spatial planning and ecological restoration. These interdisciplinary ideas and practices are expected to inspire urban planners and landscape architecture practitioners. Contributors YU Kongjian is a doctor of design at the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, is an honorary foreign fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and professor at the College of Architecture and Landscape at Peking University. YUAN Jia is an associate professor at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, a research fellow at the Key Laboratory of New Technology for Construction of Cities in Mountain Area at Chongqing University, is a cooperative research fellow of the CAS Key Laboratory of Mountain Ecological Restoration and Bioresource Utilization & Ecological Restoration and Biodiversity Conservation Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province at the Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Eckart LANGE is a professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Sheffield. Living in a world beset by rising sea level, floods in urban and suburban areas, air pollution, and food security risks, it is urgent to mitigate threats by adapting to climate change. In September 2019, the UN Climate Action Summit declared Natural-Based Solutions (NBS) as one of the major action domains, paralleled with Climate Finance and Carbon Pricing, Energy Transition, Industry Transition, Infrastructure, City and Local Action, Resilience and Adaptation, etc. This important approach to fulfilling the Paris Agreement globally could crucially help reduce climate risks and build climate-resilient cities in an economic, efficient, and sustainable way. Although NBS can be applied at multiple scales to fulfill various goals including economic development and environmental protection, a solution inspired and supported by nature and making use of nature is not a brand new idea. Therefore, research and practices under the NBS framework are expected to look further into fundamental scientific issues including sustainable design, designed ecology, and experimental design through updated solutions and new perspectives. The NBS studies will focus on both the current core agendas of climate adaptation, biodiversity conservation, and water resilience, and the emerging theoretical research and application in health design for nature, natural education, and spatial governance and ecological preservations/restoration at different scales. Title: Landscape Architecture Frontiers 045 Size: 11” x 11.5” Portrait Pages: 178pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Fall 2020 ISBN: 978-1-951541-66-8 Price: $40.00 World Rights: Available

Ulrika K. STIGSDOTTER is a professor of landscape architecture with special responsibilities in health design, in the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management at the University of Copenhagen, and is Partner of SSC Studio. ZHANG Chuhan is an associate at SWA Group; PLA, LEED AP. Michael GROVE is PLA, ASLA, and is principal and chair of landscape architecture, civil engineering, and ecology, at Sasaki. LU Xiaoxuan is an assistant professor of landscape architecture at the University of Hong Kong. Julia WATSON is principal at Julia Watson LLC, and a lecturer for the department of planning and design at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, is a lecturer for the department of architecture and urban design at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-66-8 54000

9 781951 541668


Spring 2021

A 21st-Century Socialist Country North Korea Seonhye Sin

North Korea, the world’s most closed off country, has begun to make a different move. Kim Jung-un has opened dialogue with South Korea and is also preparing to correspond with other countries. There are both doubtful and positive responses to this change. However, this opens a new possible scenario for North Korea in the future. This book is focused on the potential that the country has. Of course, they have lots of issues, but they can be a sustainable country. The research begins with the past and existing condition of the country, which is a Socialist government, and eludes to the future. To set the strategies for future development, we need to focus on two types of precedents: post-socialist countries and the megalopolis. Based on these two features, this book suggests a new North Korean national plan, called H-city. H-city will be the main structure for future development. However, at the same time, micro-scale developments should be encouraged too. What can be the catalysts for that? This book is focused on train stations, markets, and the area between them. The H-city with the small catalysts can make people imagine a new possibility of North Korea.

Title: A 21st-Century Socialist Country Size: 8” x 10” Portrait Pages: 180pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Fall 2020 ISBN: 978-1-943532-77-3 Price: $24.95 World Rights: Available

Author Seonhye Sin is an urban and architectural designer and a recent graduate from the University of Texas at Austin, School of Architecture. She has developed her career from Seoul, South Korea to the US.

ISBN: 978-1-943532-77-3 52495

9 781943 532773

ORO Editions

Library as Stoa

Public Space and Academic Mission in Snøhetta’s Charles Library Kate Wingert-Playdon

Library as Stoa is a reflection on the building design and construction in essays and photographs of Snohetta’s Charles Library at Temple University. The library demonstrates the role of public space and innovation in architecture. By using an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) for the storage of Temple’s entire collection, which includes two million books on site, the Charles Library was designed to balance the amount of space for books vs. people, and significantly increase the social spaces to accommodate student and faculty research and collaboration. Using the models of library as studio and creative commons, it is a place for discovery, creation, preservation, and sharing of knowledge. The library includes university partners and important library functions in strategic locations for improved support services for the university community. University Special Collections, an important institutional asset for the university and the city of Philadelphia, is visible and accessible for visitors from the city community. Snohetta’s design approach took into account the diversity of the university community, the site conditions and the university’s aspirations. The design process included collaboration with the campus community to fully understand the social aspects and future needs of the university. Sited in a prime location on the university’s campus, the library is an inspirational destination for the campus and city communities and serves as a change agent, reflective of the future direction of the university.

Title: Library as Stoa Size: 8” x 9” Landscape Pages: 256pp Binding: Flexibound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-943532-22-3 Price: $34.95 World Rights: Available

Author Kate Wingert-Playdon is associate dean and director of Architecture and Environmental Design at Temple University’s Tyler School of Art. Her work addresses the cultural dimension of architecture as exhibited through construction and design histories. Contributors Tyler School of Art, Temple University Justin Coffin Phillip Crosby William O’Neill Bourke Betsy Manning Joe Lucia Snohetta brightspot strategy Stantec

ISBN-13: 978-1-943532-22-3 53495

9 781943 532223


Spring 2021


Joe Day and Deegan-Day Design

How does one envision architecture? Forays gathers the work of Joe Day and Deegan-Day Design into six diptychs, unified by this question. Working in a wide range of media and scales, Day’s work mines the differentials between perspective and projection. Forays is organized in six “diptychs,” the first two paired projects are books in their own right; the second pair, a clothing line and a first building; the third, two houses; the fourth, two plays on brand identity and design methodology; the fifth, permanent and transient cinema proposals; and the sixth, two series of speculative work in local and global registers. Modeled on a comparison of two classic cameras—the Leica M3 and Polaroid SX-70—each diptych includes a project with more “Leica” to it—a more bounded, Cartesian clarity or distilled focus—and another closer to an SX-70 in its moving or folding parts, its shape-shifting adaptability. Author Joe Day is a designer and architectural theorist in Los Angeles where he leads Deegan-Day Design and serves on the design and history/theory faculty at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc).

Title: Forays Size: 6.5” x 9.5” Portrait Pages: 332pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-19-4 Price: $35.00 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-951541-19-4 53500

9 781951 541194

ORO Editions

Arches to Zigzags An Architectural ABC

Michael Crosbie, Steve and Kit Rosenthal

Arches to Zigzags introduces its audience (both young and old) to the world of architecture through the alphabet. It challenges young readers with new words and images, adults will widen their own knowledge of architecture. Captivating images and clever wordplay entertain folks of all ages to explore the built environment. The book begins its journey through architecture with an Arch (for the letter A), then a Balcony, and next on to Column Capitals. Along the way, readers will learn about some less-familiar architectural examples (such as, Finial, Keystone, Obelisk, and Quoin). Each letter and its corresponding image are described with light verse, which asks the reader some quick questions about what they see. This colorful, lively, and entertaining book closes with some thoughts about what architecture is, why it’s important, and where you’ll find examples of architecture in the buildings you visit and use every day. There’s also information on the location and history of each of the 26 beautiful images in the book, in case you want to check them out on your own. Created by an architect, writer, photographer, and librarian, Arches to Zigzags connects architecture with the letters of the alphabet, from A to Z.

Title: Arches to Zigzags Size: 9.25” x 10.5” Portrait Pages: 48pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Fall 2020 ISBN: 978-1-951541-38-5 Price: $19.95 World Rights: Available

Author Architect, writer, and educator Michael J. Crosbie is the awardwinning author of or contributor to more than 70 books on architecture and design. He writes and lectures on architecture in the U.S. and abroad, and teaches at the University of Hartford. Steve Rosenthal is a nationally recognized photographer who has run an architectural photography business with his wife, Kit, for the past 40 years. Trained as an architect, Steve is a graduate of Yale and the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Kit also studied architecture at Harvard, and has been a public-school library volunteer for the past dozen years.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-38-5 51995

9 781951 541385


Spring 2021

Capture the Moment

An Architect’s Guide to Travel Sketching Jim Lammers

With sketches form around the world, this book takes you on a journey starting with the definition of sketching from observation and an introduction to right-brain drawing. You get a discussion of black and white and color sketching with a focus on colored pencil as an easy-to-use medium. Perspective drawing is demystified and you then take side trips to understand shade and shadow, reflections, landscapes, streetscapes, sky, and skyline. This book presents the fundamentals of rapid colored pencil sketching to “capture the moment” for designers and for travelers who have always wanted to draw the notable places they visit. Author Jim Lammers was trained as an architect when sketching and perspective were an essential part of the curriculum. A veteran world traveler, persistent writer, and relentless sketcher, Jim has been published in professional journals and on websites.

Title: Capture the Moment Size: 8” x 8” Square Pages: 150pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Fall 2020 ISBN: 978-1-951541-27-9 Price: $24.95 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-951541-27-9 52495

9 781951 541279

ORO Editions

12 Projects in 120 Constraints Plan:b Architects

Felipe and Federico Mesa

In this book, we review a set of Plan:b projects in Colombia through the environmental, social, and voluntary constraints we faced, and the interim agreements we built around them. We carry out a reconstruction of the central facts behind these buildings through an “inverse” exercise—explaining each project based on contextual constraints and not on singular architectural ideas. We review the work of other authors and the way they understand limitations and difficulties that are part of their creative activity and attempt to generate a broad reflective base to approach our architectural projects and the predominant role that restrictions have played in them. Authors Felipe Mesa is an architect at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, in Colombia. He holds an M.Arch from the Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya (ETSAB) in Spain. Felipe is founder partner and principal at Plan:b architects, a firm based in Medellín, Colombia. He is an assistant professor at the Arizona State University, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, the Design School.

Title: 12 Projects in 120 Constraints Size: 5.5” x 8” Portrait Pages: 144pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-42-2 Price: $24.95 World Rights: Available

Federico Mesa is an architect at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Colombia. He holds an M. Arch from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (UPB), Colombia and is Partner and Principal at Plan:b architects, firm based in Medellín, Colombia. Federico is an assistant professor at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Facultad de Arquitectura, Colombia.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-42-2 52495

9 781951 541422


Spring 2021

Transect Urbanism

Readings in Human Ecology

Edited by Andrés Duany, Brian Falk, and Sandy Sorlien

Richard H. Driehaus Prize, the Jefferson Medal, The Vincent Scully Prize, and several honorary doctorates. He is a co-founder of DPZ CoDesign, which has been a leader in planning, urban design, and architecture for more than 30 years, as well as a co-founder of the Congress for the New Urbanism.

Transect Urbanism: Readings in Human Ecology is the definitive reference on the rural-to-urban transect, a compilation of the most important essays, diagrams, and images on the subject. It provides historical, practical, and theoretical insights into one of the most effective urban planning methodologies developed in the 20th century. The transect is a unifying theory, serving as a framework for the various fields of urban design. The editors selected the most important previously published essays and commissioned preeminent academics and professionals to write on the use of the transect in their areas of expertise, including retail, zoning, thoroughfare design, environmental sustainability, and philosophy. As diagrams and drawings are essential to the understanding and use of the transect, this book also contains the most complete collection of transect images ever published. Transect Urbanism will serve as a primary reference source for academics, students, and practitioners interested in creating great places.

The nonprofit Center for Applied Transect Studies supports interdisciplinary research, publication, tools, and training for the design, coding, building, and documentation of resilient Transectbased communities. It has supported the publication of numerous essays, papers, and books, including The Architecture of Community, The Smart Growth Manual, the Sprawl Repair Manual, The Language of Towns and Cities, Visions of Seaside, and The New Pioneers. Editors Andrés Duany, architect, urban designer, planner, and author, has influenced urban planners and designers worldwide, redirected government policies in the U.S. and abroad, and produced plans for hundreds of new and renewed communities. He was the principal author of the SmartCode. Brian Falk is director of the Center for Applied Transect Studies, which supports interdisciplinary research and publication for the design, coding, and building of Transect-based communities. He was a contributing editor of the Sprawl Repair Manual and manages the Project for Lean Urbanism, which is dedicated to making it possible for more people to participate in the building of their homes, businesses, and communities.

Andrés Duany is the author of numerous essays and articles and co-author of several books, including Suburban Nation: the Rise of Sprawl and the Decline of the American Dream, The Smart Growth Manual, Garden Cities: Agricultural Urbanism, and The New Civic Art. His work has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Title: Transect Urbanism Size: 8” x 10” Portrait Pages: 284pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Fall 2020 ISBN: 978-1-951541-01-9 Price: $39.95 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-951541-01-9 53995

9 781951 541019

ORO Editions

9 Ways to Make Housing for People David Baker Architects

Combining how-to with why-to, 9 Ways to Make Housing for People lays out the core principles that David Baker Architects uses to help communities develop great urban housing. Written for architects and residents—as well as officials, developers, and planners—this book is a kit of parts: nine proven strategies for getting the best outcomes for housing in urban contexts. Detailed explorations and comprehensive case studies show how to apply and combine the principles creatively to meet the needs of sites, people, and budgets. Pragmatic and imaginative, 9 Ways is a modern manual for urban housing—getting it built and making it great. Contributors David Baker Architects is a progressive architecture firm that creates acclaimed buildings and communities in urban environments. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area and Birmingham, Alabama, DBA is known for exceptional housing, creative site strategies, designing for density, and integrating new construction into the public realm. Lead by a compassionate and visionary team—David Baker, FAIA; Daniel Simons, FAIA; and Amanda Loper, AIA—the awardwinning practice is at the forefront of the housing field, designing thoughtful, sustainable, future-oriented places that transform neighborhoods, bolster community, and elevate lives.

Title: 9 Ways to Make Housing for People Size: 8.5” x 11” Portrait Pages: 220pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-935935-40-7 Price: $35.00 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-935935-40-7 53500

9 781935 935407


Spring 2021

Of Barns and Palaces

John Yeon Northwest Architecture J. M. Cava

Largely self-taught as an architect, John Yeon (1910–1994) designed some of the most beautiful and influential structures in the Pacific Northwest, among them the Watzek House of 1937, which received national acclaim as a new paradigm of modern regional architecture. Several of Yeon’s buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places or have National Landmark status. At the same time, he built an important legacy as a tireless advocate for parks and for the protection of sweeping natural landscapes of the region, including the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. This book—the first work—is devoted primarily to his residential architecture and his unique approach to their design. Yeon’s own descriptions enrich Of Barns and Palaces, which is illustrated with Yeon’s drawings and contemporary photographs, there are many new drawings and diagrams made for this book. Author J. M. Cava is an architect in Portland, Oregon, who studied under Louis Kahn and Kenneth Frampton. He teaches and writes about modern and contemporary architecture, focusing on regional buildings and architects of the Pacific Northwest.

Title: Of Barns and Palaces Size: 8” x 9” Portrait Pages: 224pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Fall 2020 ISBN: 978-1-939621-48-1 Price: $40.00 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-939621-48-1 53495

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ORO Editions

The City of Imagination Valerio Morabito

It is in the wilderness of cities rather than in nature that the imagination of these landscape drawings comes to life. Without any heroic emphasis, these drawings result from the observation of traces, evident or discreet, in the urban landscape, and the process to collect and memorize traces is the way to consider memory as a primary medium for creativity. This selected collection of over 150 drawings, thought and imagined over many years, delineates a personal city experience, without any intention of building a new city theory. No single drawing in this book is a representation of cities in-situ; all of them are interpretations, translations, and combinations of traces collected and selected while teaching, working, meeting cultures, and eating food in many different cities around the world. These drawings are a different form of communication than the beautiful renderings produced in endless numbers.

Title: The City of Imagination Size: 8.5” x 11” Portrait Pages: 212pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Fall 2020 ISBN: 978-1-951541-17-0 Price: $40.00 World Rights: Available

Author Valerio Morabito is an adjunct professor at the Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, and a professor at the Università Mediterranea, Italy. He has taught landscape architecture studios throughout four continents, and his students have won multiple ASLA awards. He founded the Mediterranean University spin off APScape, investigating cities’ evolutions.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-17-0 54000

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Spring 2021

Minding the City

Field Notes on Neuroscience and the Poetics of Sustainable Urban Design Harrison Fraker, Peter Siostrom, and Atanaska Foteva

This book calls attention to the public space of cities. It proposes that the environmental performance of public space is underdeveloped, and is primed to play a more integrated role in combatting the urgency of climate change, while also creating a more meaningful experience of the city. The approach is influenced by recent insights from neuroscience that are generating a growing body of evidence for the underlying bodily basis of mind and meaning imply a reformulation of urban design theory. Minding the City is an effort to refocus the subject of urban design on the tangible and visceral experience of public space, to remind urban designers that our concept of the city is grounded in bodily experience. It discusses emerging insights from neuroscience and their potential impact on urban design in detail, not as a formula for design, but to bring awareness and a new sensibility to the design process. It uses a set of case studies to illustrate how the insights from neuroscience are operative in how we experience and value the built environment. It finishes with an exploration of the sensory and aesthetic potential of sustainable systems and then illustrates, through a series of urban design studies, how they might be used to create better environmental performance while creating more meaningful, even poetic, urban spaces.

Title: Minding the City Size: 7� x 9� Portrait Pages: 240pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-33-0 Price: $35.00 World Rights: Available

Contributors Educated at Princeton and Cambridge Universities, Harrison Fraker is considered a pioneer in climate responsive architecture and sustainable urban design. He has received major awards over 50+ years of teaching, practice, and research, first at Princeton, as chair and founding dean at Minnesota, and dean at Berkeley. Having retired from full time teaching, he continues to conduct research on his ecoblock concept as a professor of the Graduate School and lectures globally on the urgency of sustainable urban design. Peter Siostrom was educated at the AA in London and received his MArch from Lund University. Currently he is the director and founder of the Masters program in Sustainable Urban Design (SUDes) at Lund, chairman of the SUDes Urban Lab, and holds distinguished international appointments related to sustainable urban research. He has been the designer of interiors, architecture, urban design, competitions, conferences, and exhibitions for over 40 years, and lectures globally on sustainable urban design topics. Atanaska Foteva is an enthusiastic architect with an MA (hons) degree in Architecture from Edinburgh University and MSc degree in Sustainable Urban Design from Lund University. After working as a teaching assistant in the SUDes Program, she is currently interested in addressing the fragmented identities of contemporary city development, with a keen eye on resilience and sustainability.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-33-0 53500

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ORO Editions

With Reference Soo Chan and SCDA

In With Reference, Soo Chan of SCDA explores the fundamentals of architecture—going back to inspirations and precedents, examining basic building blocks and core values—in search of a universal spatial vocabulary for contemporary practice. As practice becomes increasingly globalized and fragmented, the applied design language has to absorb nuances of climate, craft, culture, and place. Through a rich diagrammatic analysis of seminal projects by SCDA as well as masters of architecture around the world, With Reference argues for the revival of a rule-based design language.

Authors Soo K. Chan is the founding principal and design director of SCDA, a design studio seamlessly integrating architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, offices in Singapore, Shanghai, and New York. The firm has designed in over 70 locations across five continents. Chan obtained his Master of Architecture from Yale. He is a professor of architecture at the National University of Singapore and teaches internationally. Julia van den Hout is an architecture editor and curator, and director of the communications studio Original Copy. She is also co-founder and editor of CLOG, a publication that aims to slow down the rapid pace of discourse and provide a platform for the discussion of currently pressing and relevant subjects. From 2008 to 2014, she was press director at Steven Holl Architects.

Title: With Reference Size: 8.25” x 9.6” Portrait Pages: 200pp Binding: Softbound with full flaps Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-31-6 Price: $30.00 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-951541-31-6 53000

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Spring 2021

Emergent Tokyo

A Transcultural View on Spontaneous Urban Patterns as an Alternative to Corporate Urbanism Jorge Almazán and Studiolab

This book examines the urban fabric of contemporary Tokyo as a valuable demonstration of permeable, inclusive, and adaptive urban patterns that required neither extensive master planning nor corporate urbanism to develop. These urban patterns are emergent: that is, they are the combined result of numerous modifications and appropriations of space by small agents interacting within a broader socio-economic ecosystem. Together, they create a degree of urban intensity and liveliness that is the envy of the world’s cities. This book examines five of these patterns that appear conspicuously throughout Tokyo: yokochō alleyways, multi-tenant zakkyo buildings, undertrack infills, low-rise dense neighborhoods, and the riverlike ankyo streets. Unlike many of the discussions on Tokyo that emphasize cultural uniqueness, this book aims at transcultural validity, with a focus on empirical analysis of the spatial and social conditions that allow these patterns to emerge. The authors of Emergent Tokyo acknowledge the distinct character of Tokyo without essentializing or fetishizing it, offering visitors, architects, and urban policy practitioners an unparalleled understanding of Tokyo’s urban landscape.

Title: Emergent Tokyo Size: 5.826” x 8.26772” Portrait Pages: 232pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-32-3 Price: $24.95 World Rights: Available

Contributors Jorge Almazán is a Spanish architect based in Tokyo and an associate professor at Keio University. His office, Jorge Almazán Architects, is committed to environmentally responsible and socially inclusive projects spanning from interiors and architecture to urban and community design. Studiolab is a research and design unit led by Jorge Almazán at Keio University. Engaging students, researchers, and external collaborators, Studiolab combines rigorous academic research in the form of thesis and journal papers with real urban interventions and architectural projects.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-32-3 52495

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ORO Editions

BI: The Origin of Architectural Creativity 9 Modules for Non-Linear Interactive Design Flow Bio-Architecture Formosana

A3 Classroom space This building is a single-storey building with a sloping roof. The short façade is a solid wall, and the long wall is only open at a high place. With the height of the roof flap, it can also introduce sufficient natural light while controlling the north wind.

A4 Bathrooms and storage room The appearance of the building is a box shape, showing a symmetrical, harmonious and stable layout. The inner wall of the north corridor opens a high window, and the outer vertical wall cooperates to block the north wind while promoting ventilation. The south side floor-to-ceiling windows feature a gradual glass surface for privacy and interior window views.

A5 Parking, work space and computer room


Nature doesn’t necessarily mean creativity, yet its diversity and beauty are stunning. We call the mechanism behind this unintended creativity of nature “BI”: Biological Intelligence. The design and construction of a building is very much like the creation of life. The intention of Biological Intelligence (BI) is to understand how life is born, withers, and born again, and to follow the principles of evolution so architecture can also enter a sustainable cycle of design, construction, operation, disassembly, and regeneration according to its new condition. The three categories: “Origin,” “Form,” and “Interface” loosely resemble life’s condition of “Habitat,” “Physical Form,” and “Interaction with outside.” Each category contains three modules; all nine modules contain elements that architects have been familiar with for thousands of years. They exist as nine toolboxes that architects need and use during the design process—the creation of architecture. BI is a bigger box that holds the nine boxes together. The same way as nature never intends to create anything, most of architecture’s great inventions aren’t created intentionally. Rather than boosting design creativity, the mechanism we introduce in this book proves to accompany architects strolling through the maze of architecture improving the creation of architecture similarly to how nature creates itself.

Title: BI: The Origin of Architectural Creativity Size: 8.3” x 8.3” Square Pages: 352pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Fall 2020 ISBN: 978-1-943532-98-8 Price: $35.00 World Rights: Available

The short façade is a solid surface, the long façade is provided with a small area of louver on the side of the machine room, and the side of the work space is provided with a garage that can be vertically opened so the interior space extends outwards. The underarmed courtyard space forms a large event space for special occasions.

Authors Ying-Chao Kuo is the principal architect of Bio-Architecture Formosana. He graduated with an M.Arch from the University of California, Los Angles in 1989, and has taught at National Cheng Kung University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and National Chiao Tung University as an adjunct professor. He has won numerous awards for his design in sustainability. Ching-Hwa Chang is the principal architect of Bio-Architecture Formosana. She graduated with an M.Arch from the University of Pennsylvania (1984), and has taught at National Cheng Kung University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and is a member of USGBC. She has won numerous awards for her ecological design.

ISBN: 978-1-943532-98-8 54000

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Spring 2021

Dalvey 7

7 House by Singapore Architects Patrick Bingham Hall

It is by no coincidence that another collaborative project is spearheaded by K2LD. Having organized a group of five architects to venture into China in 2004 and successfully master-planned and completed the Lien Villa Collective at Holland Park, Singapore in 2009, Ko Shiou Hee was asked to look at a similar concept for the Dalvey Estate property and to select and lead a group of architects in the making a unique architecture expression and yet functional outcome suitable for contemporary living and fit for rental. It was learning from Games Theory that Ko Sheou Hee succeeded in persuading his clients to adopt this sharing strategy both in the Lien Collective and the Dalvey Seven group. The selected architects must all adhere to the rules of the game and work on the same fees and briefs. All have to consider each other’s placements and planning to maximize the benefit for all parties as a whole and eventually benefit the client. As architects, each firm, and their practicing architects, has been educated to work with social, economic, and environmental sensitivity. The world that architects operate in is driven by developers and stakeholders who maximize their gain through development strategies, but leave little chance to be true to the architectural profession. It is perhaps even more pressing for architects to address this issue of true collaborative spirit in this increasingly distortive egocentric world. Title: Dalvey 7 Size: 6.5” x 8” Portrait Pages: 208pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Fall 2020 ISBN: 978-1-943532-93-3 Price: $24.95 World Rights: Available

Through this Dalvey 7 project, there is hope in the idea outlined in Game Theory to perpetuate and flourish in our profession to encourage sharing and collaboration. Perhaps more form of joint venture in various scales like big firm/small firm, local firm/foreign firm, developer-architect venture, design-built, etc., will begin to surface. Author Patrick Bingham-Hall has worked worldwide for over 30 years. His books, photographs, and essays reflect a broad cultural and historical awareness, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of architecture and design. KO SHIOU HEE K2LD ARCHITECTS WALLFLOWER ARCHITECT GUZ ARCHITECT AAMER ARCHITECTS AR43 CSYA IP:LI

ISBN: 978-1-943532-93-3 52495

9 781943 532933

ORO Editions

Young Architects 20 Objective

The Architectural League of New York

The Architectural League Prize for Young Architects + Designers is an annual competition, series of lectures, exhibition, and publication organized by the Architectural League of New York. For more than thirty years, the League Prize has recognized outstanding and provocative work by up-and-coming North American architects and designers. The 2018 competition theme, Objective, suggested that the topic “implies an action” and that “how we act, what our actions achieve, and how we argue for a design speak to our values as a discipline and as a society.” The winners’ work exemplifies the diverse ways young architects and designers are pursuing multiple “objectives,” from projects that insightfully address social, economic, and political agendas to material and structural experimentation that inspires innovative design at every scale. Young Architects 20: Objective presents the work of the six winners of the 2018 Architectural League Prize for Young Architects + Designers competition. Contributors The Architectural League of New York nurtures excellence in architecture, design, and urbanism, and stimulates thinking, debate, and action on the critical design and building issues of our time. Introduction by Anne Rieselbach Foreword by Claire Weisz Title: Young Architects 20 Size: 5” x 7” Portrait Pages: 176pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-732160-81-1 Price: $25.00 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-732160-81-1 52500

9 781732 160811


Spring 2021


Architecture / Art Sigrid Miller Pollin

Translations: Architecture/Art examines the architecture and artwork of Sigrid Miller Pollin. A Fellow of the American Institute of Architects and a professor of architecture at the University of Massachusetts, Miller Pollin has created a rich body of work, from residential and academic buildings to furniture and artwork inspired by the natural world. Her design sense and deep understanding of space and color combine to present an oeuvre worthy of study. While successful women architects are still frustratingly rare, Miller Pollin stands out as a creative force, balancing her design practice with studio teaching while raising two children. Highlighting Miller Pollin’s architectural and artistic achievements, which have served as distinct translations of site and program for a wide range of clients over the years, Translations: Architecture/Art is a synthesis of history and new directions, of careful observation and sensitive site research. As an educator, Miller Pollin has trained countless students, her teaching a vital part of an ethos at the University of Massachusetts that eschews the traditional studio critique in favor of an approach to learning that is supportive and constructive. As a book about a practicing female architect who has successfully woven family, work, and art into a creative life, it offers inspiration, anecdotes, and examples for women entering the professional world of architecture.

Title: Translations Size: 9” x 11” Landscape Pages: 356pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Fall 2020 ISBN: 978-1-940743-37-0 Price: $50.00 World Rights: Available

Author Sigrid Miller Pollin is an American architect, artist, and educator. With a degree in Art History from Vassar College and a Master of Architecture from Columbia University, she is a professor in the Department of Architecture at the University of Massachusetts and maintains an active art and architecture studio in south Amherst, Massachusetts. Contributors Text by Dr. Margaret Vickery Foreword by Christine Theodoropoulis

ISBN-13: 978-1-940743-37-0 55000

9 781940 743370

ORO Editions

Urban Grids

Handbook for Regular City Design

Joan Busquets, Dingliang Yang, and Michael Keller

Contributors Joan Busquets, world-renowned urban planner and architect, is the first Martin Bucksbaum Professor in Practice of Urban Planning and Design at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Urban Grids: Handbook for Regular City Design is the result of a five-year design research project undertaken by professor Joan Busquets and Dingliang Yang at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. The research that is the foundation for this publication emphasizes the value of open forms for city design, a publication that specifically insists that the grid has the unique capacity to absorb and channel urban transformation flexibly and productively. Urban Grids analyzes cities and urban projects that utilize the grid as the main structural device for allowing rational development, and goes further to propose speculative design projects capable of suggesting new urban paradigms drawn from the grid as a design tool. Consisting of six major parts, it is divided into the following topics: 1) the atlas of grid cities, 2) grid projects through history, 3) the 20th-century dilemma, 4) the atlas of contemporary grid projects, 5) projective tools for the future, and 6) good-grid city as an open form coping with new urban issues.

Dingliang Yang is an instructor in Urban Planning and Design at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. He is an architect, urban designer, and the founding partner of VARY Design. His works are interdisciplinary and dedicated to critical research and crossscale innovative design as responses to different urban issues during cities’ developments and regenerations. His works also have been widely published in media including Archdaily, Dezeen, Archinect, and Architectural Review, as well as exhibited in the Venice Biennale, Beijing International Art Biennale, Beijing Design Week, China International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Fair, Shanghai Urban Space Art Season (SUSAS), and Architecture and Design Museum in Los Angeles. Michael Keller is a landscape and architectural designer and a recent graduate from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

Gold winner of the 2020 IBPA Awards in the Professional and Technical category.

Title: Urban Grids Size: 8.27” x 11.69” Portrait Pages: 680pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2019 ISBN: 978-1-940743-95-0 Price: $60.00 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-940743-95-0 56000

9 781940 743950


Spring 2021

Ciudad Regular

Manual Para Diseñar Mallas y Tramas Urbanas Joan Busquets, Dingliang Yang, and Michael Keller

Ciudad Regular is the Spanish-language edition translation of the impressive index of gridded cities Urban Grids. Fully translated and updated for the Spanish-speaking market the book seeks to make this important work more inclusive for the global market.

Title: Ciudad Regular Size: 8.27” x 11.69” Portrait Pages: 680pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-49-1 Price: $60.00 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-951541-49-1 56000

9 781951 541491

ORO Editions


Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Sam Lubell

Good buildings require an understanding of the principles of structure, light, space, and material, but great buildings require an understanding of people. The most successful inspire through the interactions and connections made within them. Gathering is the latest book from the award-winning architecture firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. This collection of work exemplifies how architecture has the power to bring people together by design, allowing them to engage with one another in new ways, to generate ideas, share their passions, and build communities. The 14 projects included in this volume range greatly in size, function, and aesthetic, from the High Meadow Dwellings at Fallingwater to the Newport Beach Civic Center in southern California to Apple Stores located around the world. Through full-color photographs as well as conceptual sketches and diagrams, each case study gives insight into Bohlin Cywinski Jackson’s design process, and how the firm’s approach has helped transform clients’ institutions, workplaces, retail environments, research laboratories, and public spaces into extraordinary places for people. An introductory essay and chapter text by noted architectural writer Sam Lubell accompanies this volume.

Title: Gathering Size: 7.5” x 10.5” Portrait Pages: 344pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2020 ISBN: 978-1-943532-18-6 Price: $60.00 World Rights: Available

Authors Sam Lubell is a writer based in New York. He has written nine books about architecture for Phaidon, Rizzoli, Metropolis Books, and Monacelli Press. He is a contributing editor at the Architect’s Newspaper and writes for the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Wallpaper, Dwell, Wired, Metropolis, the Atlantic, Architectural Record, Architect Magazine, Contract, Architectural Review, and other publications. He co-curated the exhibition Never Built New York at the Queens Museum, and the shows Never Built Los Angeles and Shelter: Rethinking How We Live in Los Angeles at the A+D Architecture and Design Museum, Los Angeles. Bohlin Cywinski Jackson is a network of studios around the country united by a singular purpose—to design buildings that inspire connection and wonder in every person who experiences them. By understanding the nature of place, materials, and people, the firm’s work reveals a timeless yet specific architecture through bold moves and obsessive details. Since its inception, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson has received hundreds of design awards, including ten AIA National Honor Awards and four AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE) Top Ten Awards. In 1994, the firm received the American Institute of Architects Architecture Firm Award, which is the highest honor the institute can bestow on a firm.

ISBN: 978-1-943532-18-6 56000

9 781943 532186


Spring 2021


Sketchbook Series Laurie Olin

This is the first book in a series of books on France by Laurie Olin. For centuries artists and designers have recorded places, people, and life in travel sketchbooks. Over a period of 50 years, Laurie Olin, one of America’s most distinguished landscape architects, has recorded aspects of France: its cities and countryside, streets and cafes, ancient ruins, vineyards, and parks—from humble to grand, things that interested his designer’s eye—taking the time to see things carefully. Paris in its seasons, agriculture in Provence and Bordeaux, trees, dogs, and fountains, all are noted over the years in watercolor or pen and ink. Originally intended for the pleasure of merely being there as well as self-education, this personal selection from his many sketchbooks is accompanied by transcriptions of notes and observations, along with introductory remarks for the different regions included: Paris, Haute Loire, Provence, Haute Provence, Normandy, Aquitaine, and Entre des Meures.

Title: France Size: 8.5” x 8.5” Square Pages: 200pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Fall 2020 ISBN: 978-1-943532-57-5 Price: $40.00 World Rights: Available

Author Renowned landscape architect Laurie Olin lives in Philadelphia where he taught at the University of Pennsylvania for 40 years. His award-winning designs include Bryant Park in New York, the Getty Center in Los Angeles, and the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia. CO-Editor/Designer Pablo Mandel, director of Circular Studio, is a graphic designer renowned for his work with a variety of firms, ranging from notable architecture studios, universities, publishers, musicians, and artists in Canada, the United States, Australia, Japan, Singapore, China, Italy, Germany, England, Spain, Chile, and Argentina. He graduated from Buenos Aires University in 1995 with a degree in graphic design. His book designs have been published worldwide and have won several awards.

ISBN: 978-1-943532-57-5 54000

9 781943 532575

ORO Editions

Space and Anti-Space

The Fabric of Place, City, and Architecture Barbara Littenberg and Steven Peterson

These two different spatial models are explored in depth in the eponymous article, “Space and Anti Space,” first published in the Harvard Architectural Review in 1980, which forms the core of the book and postulates that the underlying attitudes toward spatial formation, at both domestic and urban scales, determine our ability to shape place and human experience. In a series of essays, articles, and urban projects extensively illustrated by plans, analytic diagrams, and dramatic images, this book makes a visual and verbal argument for the steps that need to be taken to re-urbanize the city in order to achieve an urbanity consisting of multiple discrete places that depend on the essential concept of contained geometrical space. These spatial ideas are illustrated in this book in three proposals: for Rome, in “Roma Interrotta,” 1979; Paris, the “Consultation Internationale pour L’Aménagement du Quartier des Halles,” 1980; and New York in the “World Trade Center Site Innovative Design Study,” 2002.

This book challenges the conventional idea of what constitutes the physical form of the contemporary city. Observing the absence of extended urban fabrics—the missing urbanism—in the new global cities developed today, it argues that these cities are merely statistical accumulations of density that lack the positive attributes of a genuine urban condition. Cities as urban places cannot be made by individual buildings alone but rather depend on the intertwined combination of an architecture that is bound to the creation of public spaces and streets, and engaged in the structure of urban blocks to form a complex field pattern of interactive solids and voids. Broad in scope, the book explores the nature of the fundamental relationship between architecture and urbanism as one of spatial formation. As an independently designed entity, the city forms the ordering framework in which architecture is partially subordinated to the mutual sustainability of the overall urban fabric. If a new urban architecture is to be an integral constituent of public place making, it must be composed using a radically different paradigm of positive, figurally constructed “space” rather than the indefinite background of “anti-space” as exemplified in the chapter on Mies van der Rohe’s architectural quest for the ineffable modern void.

Title: Space and Anti-Space Size: 8.375” x 9.75” Portrait Pages: 300pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2020 ISBN: 978-1-941806-77-7 Price: $40.00 World Rights: Available

Editors Barbara Littenberg and Steven Peterson are New York-based architects, urban designers, and educators who pursued an unconventional practice that explored the relationship between architecture and cities through an amalgam of competitions, public debates, lectures, seminars, teaching, and collaborative charrettes. They have worked on urban problems at sites in Rome, Paris, Montreal, and New York, culminating in their proposal for the “World Trade Center Site Innovative Design Study” competition of 2002. Barbara taught architecture for 25 years. She was an associate professor at the Yale University Graduate School of Architecture for 10 years, directing the Graduate Urban Housing studio. She was on the faculty of graduate schools of architecture at Princeton, Columbia, and Harvard universities, and the Kei Distinguished Professor at the University of Maryland. She also taught in Rome, Italy, for Notre Dame University’s architectural program. Steven worked as architect at Milton Keynes New Town in England prior to establishing their New York practice. He taught urban design at Cornell and Columbia universities, and at the Notre Dame Post Professional Program in Rome, Italy. He directed the Syracuse University School of Architecture graduate program in Florence, Italy, and was director of the Institute of Architecture and Urban Studies in New York. He is the author of numerous speculative essays and has lectured widely.

ISBN-13: 978-1-941806-77-7 54000

9 781941 806777


Spring 2021

Draw in Order to See

A Cognitive History of Architectural Design Mark Alan Hewitt

Draw In Order to See is the first book to survey the history of architectural design using the latest research in cognitive science and embodied cognition. Beginning with a primer on visual perception, cognitive science, design thinking, and modes of conception used by groups of architects in their practices, Mark Alan Hewitt surveys a 12,000-year period for specific information about the cognitive schemata used by Homo sapiens to make their buildings and habitats. The resulting history divides these modes of thinking into three large cognitive arcs: crafting, depicting, and assembling, within specific temporal frames. His analysis borrows from Merlin Donald’s thesis about mimetic and symbolic cognition as critical to the emergence of the modern mind, and further employs theories of enactment and embodiment to clarify their relationship to architecture. Individual chapters treat the emergence of depiction during the Renaissance, the education of architects in the modern era, baroque illusionism and scenography, the breakdown of artisanal literacy during the enlightenment, and modern experiments with models, montage, and illusions of movement. The author concludes with a critique of contemporary design and education, and promotes

Title: Draw in Order to See Size: 7� x 9� Portrait Pages: 296pp Binding: Softbound with full flaps Publication Date: Spring 2020 ISBN: 978-1-943532-83-4 Price: $34.95 World Rights: Available

design with embodiment as a tonic for a profession in crisis, facing the challenges of climate change, energy shortages, inequality, and housing a population of over seven billion in the coming decades. This groundbreaking and valuable study presents a clear view of current research in two related fields that have not heretofore been compared, and outlines a strategy for future research. An extensive bibliography offers readers an up-to-date reference to both the science and the architectural history behind the text. Author Mark Alan Hewitt, FAIA, is an architect, historian, and preservationist working in the New York area. He taught architecture at Rice University, Columbia University, and the New Jersey Institute of Technology before serving for 18 years as an adjunct faculty member in the Art History Department at Rutgers University. He is the author of six books and numerous articles on American architecture, representation, architectural practice, and building conservation. His renowned work as a biographer of modern architects became a springboard for this provocative book.

ISBN: 978-1-943532-83-4 53495

9 781943 532834

ORO Editions

Live Learn Eat

Architecture by Anthony Poon

Anthony Poon, edited by Michael Webb

Art. Poon was a performing artist for the 2012 Architects in Concert, and a selected mixed-media artist for national art shows, www. Poon’s book, Sticks and Stones / Steel and Glass: One Architect’s Journey, has received critical acclaim, and he writes regularly on architecture and design at www.anthonypoon. com.

Anthony Poon’s passion for music inspires a vibrant architecture that engages its users and the environment. This monograph explores three fields in which Poon Design has excelled: housing, schools, and restaurants. It explains how they enrich the experience of living, learning, and eating, and promote social interaction. Here you can track the creative process from concept sketch to model, plan to completion. Affordability and sustainability are hallmarks of Poon’s designs, which fuse quality and innovation. His success explodes the myth that architect-designed houses are more expensive and challenging than generic solutions and raises the bar for developers and architects alike. Contributors Educated as a multi-disciplinary designer, Anthony Poon is an award-winning architect and musician. Spanning three decades of professional experience, he is a LEED-accredited architect licensed in California and Virginia, and a member of the American Institute of Architects—as well as a classical pianist, mixed-media artist, and published author. Poon received his Masters in Architecture from Harvard University and his Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Berkeley, magna cum laude. He is a frequent public speaker at national and regional conferences and panels, as well as schools and universities. Poon is also a member of the Modern and Contemporary Art Council for the Los Angeles County Museum of Title: Live Learn Eat Size: 9.5” x 9.5” Square Pages: 226pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2020 ISBN: 978-1-943532-72-8 Price: $40.00 World Rights: Available

Poon Design Inc., a multi-disciplinary practice, offers services in architecture and interiors, programming and master planning, furniture design and graphics, and other design-related services. Launched in 2001, the company’s award-winning design talents serve national and international clients, with over 300 completed projects of various types: residential, commercial, educational, religious, cultural, and mixed-use. The work of Poon Design has received over 50 national honors, and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, Dwell, Los Angeles Magazine, Architectural Record, Architecture, and Interior Design. Poon Design received the 2018 National Design Award for Best in Housing, from the American Institute of Architects. The studio is also recognized for the re-envisioning of America’s tract-housing industry, with two-dozen national design awards from the AIA, NAHB, and BIA. Anthony Poon has worked on over 50 education projects ranging from PreK–12 to universities, and was awarded the National Grand Prize from Learning by Design in 2005 and 2006, the highest honor given for educational projects in the country. Poon Design has completed over 40 restaurants, and was awarded the 2009 and 2011 International Design Award for Best Restaurant Design from the American Institute of Architects. Alongside Poon Design’s commercial projects for some of the country’s most prominent developers, the studio also serves non-profit clients, such as master planning and several ongoing projects for an international Buddhist foundation and campus. Introduction and Editor Michael Webb, has authored 25 books on architecture and design, most recently Architects’ Houses, and a memoir, Moving Around: A Lifetime of Wandering, while editing and contributing essays to a score of monographs. He is also a regular contributor to leading journals in the United States, Asia, and Europe.

ISBN: 978-1-943532-72-8 54000

9 781943 532728


Spring 2021


The Poetry of Dreams + Other Fragments John Marx

work and writing has been published in over 100 national and international publications. He has widely lectured on the topics of Design, Placemaking, Emotional Meaning, and Cultural Vibrancy in Silicon Valley and places as diverse as Korea, Italy, Austria, Australia, Canada, and the Technion in Israel. John exhibited his work at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale and exhibited during 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale at GAFF.

John Marx’s watercolors, first published in the Architectural Review, are a captivating example of an architect’s way of thinking. Subtle and quiet they are nonetheless compelling works in how they tackle a sense of place, of inhabiting space and time all the while resonating with the core of one’s inner being. There is an existential quality to these watercolors that is rare to be found in this medium. Something akin to the psychologically piercing observational quality of artists like De Chirico or Hopper. As architects strive to communicate their ideas, it is interesting to explore the world of Marx’s watercolors as an example of a humane approach to conveying emotional meaning in relation to our environment. Marx’s subject matter read like “built landscapes” heightening the role of the human made yet wholly in balance with the natural world. This is a message and sentiment that is perhaps more important than ever to relay to audiences. Author John Marx, AIA, is the founding design principal of Form4 Architecture in San Francisco, CA. He advocates for the inclusion of philosophy, art, and poetry in the thoughtful making of place. Keenly aware that architecture is a balancing act between self expression and collaboration, he uses the compelling power of form to create emotionally resonant architecture and urban spaces. John’s design Title: Études Size: 11.5” x 11.5” Square Pages: 160pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Fall 2019 ISBN: 978-1-943532-42-1 Price: $65.00 World Rights: Available

(Editor) Laura Iloniemi. Born in Helsinki, Iloniemi grew up in Finland, Switzerland, and the United States. She studied the History of Art at the University of Edinburgh and museology at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris followed by a post-graduate degree in the history and philosophy of architecture from the University of Cambridge. Owen Hopkins is senior curator at Sir John Soane’s Museum where he leads the exhibitions and learning teams. Prior to that he was curator of the architecture program at the Royal Academy of Arts. His interests revolve around the interactions between architecture, politics, technology, and society. He is curator of numerous exhibitions. Pierluigi Serraino ia a practicing architect, author, and educator. His projects and writings have been published in journals such as Architectural Record, A+U (Japan), and the Architectural Review (UK). Among his books are Modernism Rediscovered (Taschen, 2000) and The Creative Architect: Inside the Great Personality Study (Monacelli Press, 2016). Forthcoming from Serraino is Ezra Stoller: A Photographic History of Modern American Architecture (Phaidon, 2019).

ISBN-13: 978-1-943532-42-1 56000

9 781943 532421

ORO Editions

Designing Change DP Design, Singapore

Designing Change is the second volume by DP Design, following Designing Spaces.

Change is the only constant in an ever-progressing world. Recognizing this, DP Design explores how designing an interior space goes beyond a direct, strategic response to a building’s intrinsic architectural form across all its projects, to examine and embody the evolving relationship between man and built environment. Designing Change, is a visual discourse into the creative psyche of its interior-architects and how the firm has articulated people’s relationship with the built environment into design. Unique and engaging, the book offers an in-depth look at the fundamentals and perceptions of interior spaces across various typologies; inviting you to rethink design and the practice of design so as to inspire a new paradigm in design approach and perspective of space. DP Design in an integral part of the Singapore-based international architecture practice, DP Architects and its group of companies. With over 30 years of experience in the interior design, space planning, and project management industry, DP Design is adept at handling and designing for multi-disciplinary large-scale projects. The specialist arm also works hand-in-hand with DP Architects to achieve holistic design practices. Title: Designing Change Size: 9.8” x 13.5” Portrait Pages: 250pp Binding: Quarterbound Publication Date: Spring 2020 ISBN: 978-1-943532-34-6 Price: $55.00 World Rights: Available

Contributors With a deep concern for the built environment, DP Design seeks to create spaces—spaces that are memorable, relevant, and sustainable, and has delivered a sterling international body of works. The design firm takes a holistic approach to interior spaces; a direct response to a building’s intrinsic architectural and formal relationships, endeavouring to preserve and enhance the natural behaviour of a building. In doing so, DP Design creates environments that seamlessly integrate people, architecture, technology, and the ultimate purpose of the space. Architecturally trained, Mike Lim (editor) is the principal designer of DP Design and a director at DP Architects. Responsible for the concept design and design development across a wide range of building types, he believes that the commitment to perfection permeates every facet of a designer’s life. Notably, Mike was the interior designer of The Dubai Mall (Dubai, UAE), Doha Festival City Mall (Doha, Qatar), Cinemaxx Junior (Jakarta, Indonesia) as well as of prominent projects in Singapore such as Resorts World Sentosa, Paragon Shopping Centre, and the recently completed YOTEL Singapore, unique “hotels within a hotel” One Farrer Hotel and Spa, and Our Tampines Hub, Singapore’s pioneer model of an integrated sports and lifestyle community hub. Win Le Htun (Writer) Belle Chung (Copy-editor) Rebecca Jin (Graphics Designer) Marc Tey, Bai Jiwen, Bahr Karim, Christopher O’Grady, Dominique Savio, Juliana Tan, Pocholo Mauricio, Studio Periphery (Photographers)

ISBN-13: 978-1-943532-34-6 55500

9 781943 532346


Spring 2021

Rooted in the Hood

An Intimate Portrait of New York City’s Community Gardens Anna Angelidakis

Rooted in the Hood is a photo essay celebrating the community gardens of New York City and the people who create, cultivate, and enjoy them. The late ’60s and ’70s witnessed the devastation of New York City, with many buildings in low-income areas left unattended, burned, and reduced to rubble. Drug dealers, gangs, and junkies soon moved in making those neighborhoods unsafe to live. This is a book about ordinary people, dreamers, and visionaries rising against these unsafe conditions by clearing empty lots, planting trees and vegetables, and slowly creating small havens for the community. By drawing attention to these local gardens, the book wishes to provide awareness of the importance of green spaces, not only in our great New York City, but across the country and around the world. There is an urgent need to protect these unique enclaves from further development. Author Anna Angelidakis is a B.F.A graduate in Graphic Design Communications from the School of Visual Arts. She has worked as an art director for companies such as Condé Nast, Bonnier, Hodes Advertising, NetJets, and King & Spalding LLP. Anna has received numerous designs awards and accolades of excellence in her field. Her passion remains combining words and photography into a unified experience. Title: Rooted in the Hood Size: 7” x 7” Square Pages: 300pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2020 ISBN: 978-1-943532-76-6 Price: $30.00 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-943532-76-6 53000

9 781943 532766

ORO Editions

Thinking a Modern Landscape Architecture, West & East Christopher Tunnard, Sutemi Horiguchi Marc Treib

The complex story of modern landscape architecture remains to be written, as does its precise definition. Thinking a Modern Landscape Architecture, West and East, written by one of the field’s most prolific and insightful authors, provides a rare cross-cultural study that examines the written and design contributions made by two of the movement’s most influential early protagonists: Christopher Tunnard (1910–1979) in England—and later the United States, and Sutemi Horiguchi (1896–1984) in Japan. Tunnard’s pioneering manifesto, Gardens in the Modern Landscape, first published in 1938, laid out the thinking and provided the direction for a landscape architecture engaged more strongly with contemporary life, adopting ideas from modern art as well as the historical gardens of Japan. Rather than a book, it was the architect Horiguchi’s 1934 essay “The Garden of Autumn Grasses” that initiated a new direction for garden making in Japan, with a considered and artful use of seasonal plants and a stronger connection to the modern architecture it accompanied. Unlike Tunnard, who sought inspiration and sources in contemporary art, Horiguchi looked to the eighteenth-century Rimpa School of painting for insights into the composition of the new garden by carefully placing individual plants against a simple background. Although the two theorists-practitioners never met, Tunnard’s interest in Japan, and use of Horiguchi’s work as illustrations, links them in a shared quest for a landscape architecture appropriate to their times and respective countries. Title: Thinking a Modern Landscape Architecture Size: 7.75” x 10” Portrait Pages: 248pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2020 ISBN: 978-1-943532-78-0 Price: $45.00 World Rights: Available

Lavishly illustrated with 150 historical and contemporary photos and drawings, Thinking a Modern Landscape Architecture, West and East: Christopher Tunnard and Sutemi Horiguchi offers the first compressive study into their thinking, landscape designs, and consequent influence on landscape architecture in the years that followed. Author Marc Treib is professor of Architecture Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley, and a historian of landscape and architecture who has published widely on modern and historical subjects in the United States, Japan, and Scandinavia. Recent books include Landscapes of Modern Architecture: Wright, Mies, Neutra, Aalto, Barragán (Yale, 2017); Austere Gardens: Thoughts on Landscape, Restraint, and Attending (ORO, 2016); and The Landscapes of Georges Descombes: Doing Almost Nothing (ORO, 2018).

ISBN: 978-1-943532-78-0 54500

9 781943 532780


Spring 2021

Increments of Neighborhood

A Compendium of Built Types for Walkable and Vibrant Communities Brian O’Looney

Author Brian O’Looney, AIA, LEED-AP, is a design architect, master planner, and a principal at Torti Gallas and Partners, with a practice that focuses on making places of enduring beauty based upon principles of sustainable urbanism and community enrichment. He lectures on a range of topics for livable communities and sustainable development. O’Looney began his career at Cesar Pelli and Associates, now Pelli, Clarke, Pelli, and subsequently contributed to work at Weihe Design Partnership, now WDG, as well as David Schwarz Architects. Through his career, he has led the design of buildings across the built spectrum including an urban flagship grocer, a train station, a ballpark, multiple mixed-use downtown districts, hotels, high-rise multi-family buildings, simple townhouses, stacked housing, and affordable housing neighborhoods. Brian is a graduate of Yale University and the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Contributors Alex Dickson is a project manager and lead designer based in Washington, DC, with over fifteen years diverse project experience in residential, office, mixed-use, and entertainment facilities with award winning built projects in the Metro DC area, Florida, and Texas.

Intended as a comprehensive resource, Increments of Neighborhood is a compendium of recent built work for urban neighborhoods, encompassing the spectrum of building types financed/built by today’s American real estate industry—from single family and townhouses, through “missing middle” stacked housing, stick-built housing, large multi-family, and high-rise buildings. This publication is the only resource in the marketplace that tabulates market-rate products that fill America’s cities, as well as being a comparative resource that shows how these types can be deployed in a way befitting smart-growth using sustainable principles. The only resource of its type, Increments of Neighborhood will demystify the understanding of costs and type, contribute to the public realm for the non-architectural professional, and provide a breadth and range of significant new information for experienced architects who typically specialize in a particular segment of building products such as hospitals or single-family houses, information with which they are frequently unacquainted.

Title: Increments of Neighborhood Size: 8.5” x 11” Portrait Pages: 380pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2020 ISBN: 978-1-940743-86-8 Price: $80.00 World Rights: Available

Kelly Mangold is a vice president based in RCLCO’s Washington, DC, office. Her work is focused within RCLCO’s Urban Real Estate and Community and Resort Advisory Groups, where she has had broad exposure to a wide variety of project types. Kelly is a licensed architect and LEED accredited professional. Prior to joining RCLCO she was an architect at Kohn Pedersen Fox in New York City where she worked on large mixed-use projects in the United States and abroad. Kelly holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Architecture from Harvard University, with a focus on Real Estate and Urban Planning. Her studies concentrated on design and economics of the built environment. Payton Chung writes about the inter-related crafts that build cities and transformative places—namely architecture, development, finance, landscape, planning, and transportation. Nat Bottigheimer is an urban transportation planner with twentyfive years of experience in coordinated land use and transportation planning, having worked as a senior official in both state DOT and transit agency settings, and as a planning consultant.

ISBN: 978-1-940743-86-8 58000

9 781940 743868

ORO Editions

Our Voices II

the DE-colonial project

Kevin O’Brien, Rebecca Kiddle, and luugigyoo Patrick Stewart

our voices


the DE-colonial project

Kevin O’Brien, Rebecca Kiddle, and luugigyoo patrick stewart

Our Voices II: the DE-colonial Project will showcase decolonizing projects that work to destable and disquiet colonial built environments. The land, towns, and cities on which we live have always been Indigenous places yet, for the most part our Indigenous value sets and identities have been disregarded or appropriated. Indigenous people continue to be gentrified out of the places to which they belong and neo‐liberal systems work to continuously subjugate Indigenous involvement in decision‐making processes in subtle, but potent ways. However, we are not, and have never been cultural dopes. Rather, we have, and continue to subvert the colonial value sets that overlay our places in important ways. Editors Kevin O’Brien is a decenedent of the Kaurereg and Meriam people of the Torres Strait in Far North Queensland. He has a B.Arch and M.Phil from the University of Queensland and is professor of Creative Practice at the University of Sydney. He is a practicing architect and has completed a number of projects with Aboriginal communities throughout Australia.

Title: Our Voices II Size: 9” x 11” Portrait Pages: 256pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-943532-56-8 Price: $30.00 World Rights: Available

Dr. Rebecca Kiddle is Ngāti Porou and Ngā Puhi. She has a PhD and MA in Urban Design from Oxford Brookes University and is a lecturer in Environmental Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, NZ and is co-chair (Pōneke) of Ngā Aho, Network of Māori Design Professionals. Dr. Patrick Reid Stewart’s Nisga’a name is luugigyoo. He has a PhD from the University of British Columbia and an M.Arch from McGill University and is an adjunct professor at the McEwen School of Architecture at Laurentian University. He is chair of the Indigenous Task Force of the RAIC and a practising architect working mainly with First Nations communities and Aboriginal organizations throughout British Columbia. Contributors Alex Wilson, Jason Surkan, Daniele Hromek, Brian Martin and Jefa Greenaway, Krystal Clark, Chris T Cornelius, Richard Begay, Eladia Smoke, Hirini Matunga, Diane Menzies, Daniel Glenn, David Fortin, Carroll Go-Sam , Derek T, Jade Kake, Rau Hoskins, Julio Reyes, Keri Whaitiri, Desna Schollum, Michael Mossman, Dillon Kombumerri, James K. Bird, Julio C. Reyes Aguilar, Linda Kennedy, Tokie Laotan Brown, and Mohammad Ashraf Khan

ISBN-13: 978-1-943532-56-8 53000

9 781943 532568


Spring 2021

Working Water

Design Beyond the Garden Wall William E. Wenk

Water is far too valuable of a resource to be disposed as a waste. Working Water presents the work of Denver landscape architecture firm Wenk Associates, highlighting their projects that treat stormwater, and the infrastructure that controls it, as a resource that supports functioning natural systems and enhanced urban open space. Built projects illustrate how stormwater runoff can be directed to support an intimate private garden, to the large-scale redevelopment of derelict industrial lands in Milwaukee organized around a stormwater park and open space system. Planning projects range from a plan for a surface stormwater system developed incrementally for a redeveloping urban district in central Denver, to a multi-generational plan for restoration of the Los Angeles River that will require profound changes in stormwater management policies and practice for full implementation. The final chapter describes the challenges, strategies, and lessons learned over the firm’s 37-year history as part of implementing new approaches to infrastructure design that can withstand the test of time. Author Bill Wenk is founder and president of Wenk Associates, Inc., a Denver-based landscape architectural firm. For over 37 years, Bill has been influential in the restoration and redevelopment of urban river and stream corridors, the transformation of derelict urban land, Title: Working Water Size: 9” x 11” Portrait Pages: 180pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-943532-36-0 Price: $40.00 World Rights: Available

and the design of public parks and open spaces. He is recognized nationally for utilizing stormwater as a resource. Bill’s extensive portfolio includes a master plan for the reclamation of the 32-mile Los Angeles River corridor in California; green infrastructure planning and implementation for the redevelopment of abandoned railyards, and restoration of the Menomonee River in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and transformation of the South Platte River Valley in the heart of Denver into a mosaic of parks, open spaces, and in-fill development. All projects focus on site and district-scale infrastructure systems that incorporate stormwater as a multi-benefit resource. Bill lectures frequently at universities and conferences across the nation on the integration of stormwater systems and public space as a component of green infrastructure. He served on a National Science Foundation committee assembled to recommend revisions to Federal rules and regulations governing nonpoint source stormwater pollution. He has served as a visiting professor at several universities. Bill holds a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Oregon and a Bachelor of Science, Landscape Architecture from Michigan State University and is a Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects.

ISBN-13: 978-1-943532-36-0 54000

9 781943 532360

ORO Editions

Future Airports Ali Rahim

Future Airports re-examines the relationship between the growth of capital and the history of New York City real estate by speculating that airports play a role in the city’s financial success. What is the typology of a successful airport for the 21st century? What role does the airport play in the context of rapid globalization and everexpanding international logistics networks? Can the airport become a regional economic catalyst while also creating an inspiring and novel experience for passengers? The future airport becomes an important infrastructural space intricately weaving New York City’s desire to maintain its leadership in global financial markets with the imminent need of improved air infrastructure and the emergence of the logistics hub as an important and growing building typology.

Title: Future Airports Size: 10” x 10” Square Pages: 278pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-00-2 Price: $35.00 World Rights: Available

Author Ali Rahim is an architect and founding director of Contemporary Architecture Practice and a professor of architecture at the University of Pennsylvania where he directs the Advanced Architectural Design program. Ali Rahim holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Columbia University, where he won the Honor Award Excellence in Architectural Design and the Kinney Traveling Fellowship. Ali has previously served as the Zaha Hadid Studio visiting professor at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and Louis Kahn visiting Architecture Design professor at Harvard University. Ali Rahim has authored and co-edited books on contemporary design including Catalytic Formations (2011) in Chinese with additional projects and texts, Elegance (2007) with Hina Jamelle, Catalytic Formations: Architecture and Digital Design (2006) in its second edition, and Contemporary Techniques in Architecture (2002).

ISBN: 978-1-951541-00-2 53500

9 781951 541002


Spring 2021

Fifty Paintings Anthony Ames

This book illustrates fifty paintings (1985-2020) with a brief reference on each. The paintings—executed in acrylic latex paint on two inch deep wooden panels—refer to or are informed by a particular way of looking at architecture. The paintings depict “object-types”—general yet specific, generic yet designed, familiar yet estranged. They are “purist” forms depicted in a still life landscape. The compositions employ overlap, convergence, and diminution to imply depth resulting in the creation of the illusion of perspectival space. However, through the use of juxtaposition, superimposition, and ambiguity of scale the perspectival effect is impaired. The result is a blurring of distinction between foreground and background that encourages a reading of pattern that reinforces the presence of the surface plane. A dialogue is encouraged between the deep space and the shallow space—between the creation of implied space through perspective and the reinforcement of the surface plane through pattern. A multiple reading is fostered that rewards the careful observer.

Title: Fifty Paintings Size: 10” x 10” Square Pages: 132pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-943532-13-1 Price: $34.95 World Rights: Available

Author Anthony Ames has maintained an architectural practice in Atlanta, Georgia since 1976, although the majority of his work has been elsewhere. He graduated from Georgia Tech and Harvard University and has taught at eleven universities and lectured at many more. Ames, a fellow of the American Academy in Rome and of the American Institute of Architects, has received numerous awards and has been widely published. His paintings have been exhibited selectively and sporadically. He has had several one-person exhibitions including those at the Ewing Gallery at the University of Tennessee, the Kibel Gallery at the University of Maryland, the Milstein Hall Gallery at Cornell University, the High Museum of Art, and the Casa Curutchet in La Plata, Argentina. Contributors Introduction by Andrea Simitch Foreword by Dean Almy Assistant: Clark Tefft

ISBN-13: 978-1-943532-13-1 53495

9 781943 532131

ORO Editions


University of Pennsylvania’s Weitzman School of Design

GEO—Earth—is a word that simultaneously signifies something vast and elemental. It refers to both the planet on which we live and the soil that sustains us. GEO is the physical and representational bedrock of landscape architecture—the foundation of many disciplines from which we draw our knowledge. Geography, Geology, and Geometry, in particular, are fundamental to our discipline’s intellectual core. And now, we seem ever more entangled in GEO as some scholars across the sciences and humanities argue that humans should be recognized as agents of change at geologic time scales. Editors LA+ GEO is guest edited by Karen M’Closkey and Keith VanDerSys, faculty at the University of Pennsylvania’s Weitzman School of Design.

Title: LA+ GEO Size: 8.75” x 10.5” Portrait Pages: 120pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Fall 2020 ISBN: 978-1-951541-39-2 Price: $19.95 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-951541-39-2 51995

9 781951 541392


Spring 2021

Pressing Matters 9

Stuart Weitzman School of Design

to develop methods for design that harness production or live adaptation as a creative opportunity. This is an excellent addition to our already existing MSD programs: the MSD-EBD directed by Professor Bill Braham and the MSD-AAD directed by Professor Ali Rahim, all presented in Pressing Matters 9. Author Part of an important research university, the Stuart Weitzman School of Design, as one of the top ten Graduate Architecture Departments in the USA, prepares students to address complex sociocultural and environmental issues through thoughtful inquiry, creative expression, and innovation. The Department of Architecture operates at the forefront of research and design by focusing on new design methodologies and future manufacturing through the interlinked intelligence of digital design, computational analyses, and robotics. More from this series

This year Pressing Matters 9 was completely rethought; the aim was to present an Open Source publication that shares the Department of Architecture’s concept of design-research, an integral approach of critical thinking, rigorous research, and a deep understanding of the complex layers of architecture. Together with Jonathan Jackson of the renowned design Studio WSDIA in NYC, a more integral design was developed, allowing input from research [ARI labs], students, faculty, and Penn’s special events. The content and layout focus on an in-depth representation on how in recent years we have integrated expertise and content from our courses into our Design Studio’s. Pressing Matters is an annual design and research compilation from the Department of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania Stuart Weitzman School of Design, showcasing student work, faculty research, and innovations in pedagogy. The Department launched the one-year MSD-RAS program this year, directed by Assistant Professor Robert Stuart-Smith. The Master of Science in Design: Robotics and Autonomous Systems aims to critically develop novel approaches to the design, manufacturing, construction, use, and lifecycle of architecture through creative engagement with robotics, material systems, and design-computation. Students will develop skills in advanced forms of robotic fabrication, simulation, and artificial intelligence, in order Title: Pressing Matters 9 Size: 6.5” x 9.5” Portrait Pages: 420pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-45-3 Price: $40.00 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-951541-45-3 54000

9 781951 541453

ORO Editions

Erdy McHenry Architecture Twenty Years

Erdy McHenry Architects

Rooted in the modernist tradition, Erdy McHenry Architecture brings uncommon rigor to their work. Recognized for their uniquely diverse portfolio of mixed-use, institutional, office, agricultural, and residential design, Erdy McHenry Architecture presents this monograph as a window into projects developed throughout the firm’s 20-year history. With an appreciation for place and creative constraints, Erdy McHenry Architecture considers each project challenge as an opportunity: how can architecture make great places? How can design elevate the human experience? How can a project team address the realities of construction without sacrificing programmatic intent? For each case study presented in this monograph, Erdy McHenry Architecture provides a brief narrative of the project’s design intent and evolution. Whether it is a tower, a school, or an office headquarters, Erdy McHenry Architecture leverages the challenges and opportunities of site, scale, and social context to reveal solutions that enable design as an outcome more than an objective. Contributors Erdy McHenry Architecture is an award-winning architecture firm based in Philadelphia. Since the firm’s critically-acclaimed beginning, designing the Southern Poverty Law Center Headquarters in 1999, Erdy McHenry Architecture has garnered numerous national, regional, and local awards for its work across the country. Scott A. Erdy, FAIA David S. McHenry, FAIA Title: Erdy McHenry Architecture Size: 8.5” x 8.5” Square Pages: 256pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Fall 2021 ISBN: 978-1-943532-62-9 Price: $40.00 World Rights: Available

ISBN-13: 978-1-943532-62-9 54000

9 781943 532629


Spring 2021 This book is almost a manual of “refusal landscapes,” within the Italian context framed through an international approach, inside the multiplicity of the dross spaces of refusal, to extend and clarify the concept of abandoned spaces, beyond Alan Berger’s approach. Projects and research are used to engage and interpret the current and future city, in its geographical structure, infrastructures and forms of settlement, and toward a new urban metabolism. This book recycles strategies and multi-scalar design approaches, multiple design actions in different contextual life cycles—physical, social, economic—processes and programs, alternative scenarios, and unpredictable paths of the Hyper-Cycle and Drosscapes.

Title: Dross City Size: 6.3” x 9.05” Portrait Pages: 334pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-8-899854-19-5 Price: $33.50

ISBN: 978-8-899854-19-5 53350

9 788899 854195

This work is based on the observation that within contemporary metropolises there is a worldwide rooting process of informal cities. These informal cities are structured around themselves and thrive despite the odds; they settle in the collective imagination, thus producing an unprecedented social-cultural mutation. This paradigm shift is gradually triggering processes of “non-replacement” that can be observed in the physical pattern of the settlements, which begin to mutate and adapt to the logic of stabilization and reorganization. This work interprets this phenomenon systematically and thoroughly, analyzing the urban tissue of four favelas in Rio de Janeiro (a favorable context to observe informal cities) in morphological terms. We have spent much time traveling, observing, mapping, and drawing the territories, which allowed us to analyze them on a grand scale in order to explore the variations of the rooting process in the metropolis. It also helped analyze them on a small scale in order to identify and understand the syntax of their evolution and the micro-transformations of their urban tissue. The main aim was to examine these yet unexplored territories with the accuracy required for academic studies as well as observe them through the “eyes of the architect,” overcoming the difficulties represented by the hyper-complexity, marginalization and the difficulty of access. The aim was to create a new and precise catalog of the informal, which gathers examples of actions, forms, and urban spaces created by the rooting process, and which can be used to better understand and interpret informal space.

Title: Informal Roots Size: 6.3” x 9.05” Portrait Pages: 268pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-8-832080-51-3 Price: $32.00

ISBN: 978-8-832080-51-3 53200

9 788832 080513

Whereas in the Western world suburbanism has finally come to dominate the landscape and the life of most of the people, in Asia activities are all mixed; one can find agricultural production sitting side by side homes, temples, or high-tech factories. It is a new kind of mixitè and, if properly managed, it seems to be more sustainable than a European periphery. In this context, a new movement is developing, one for public space capable of structuring such particular landscape; providing both social spaces and a sense of identity to the communities living in these places. In a way, what is now developing is what landscape urbanism has been theorizing for some time. Specifically, it is happening in places such as Taiwan, where some form of direct democracy is possible. In a way, it is similar to what happened at the onset of the Tessiner school in South Switzerland, or at the time of the Barcelona Olympics, those rare occurrences of city-making, when innovations in planning and design are put forward. But here, it is something that tells us about what the design culture of most of the world’s future urbanization could become.

Title: The City Beyond Architecture Size: 6.3” x 9.05” Portrait Pages: 288pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-8-832080-11-7 Price: $43.00

ISBN: 978-8-832080-11-7 54300

9 788832 080117 This book aims at contributing to contemporary investigations and discussions around Nordic Perspectives. It is a critical study concerning architectural history and theory and the significance of the legacy of Danish architectural master Jørn Utzon (1918-2008). Inside the book, the reader will find
 a selection of fourteen buildings and building complexes built in the second half of the 20th century critically re-addressed through drawings, physical models, and academic essays developed alongside a series of teaching and research activities. Seven of these projects were selected due to their relationship with an import of architectural production to Denmark, while the remaining seven are significant due to an export of architectural production from Denmark, relating to the fact that a large part of Utzon’s practice took place abroad.

Title: Utzonia Size: 6.3” x 9.05” Portrait Pages: 128pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-8-832080-35-3 Price: $33.50

ISBN: 978-8-832080-35-3 53350

9 788832 080353

ORO Editions Title: Rome Was! Size: 6” x 8.5” Landscape Pages: 136pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2019 ISBN: 978-1-943532-14-8 Price: $24.95 World Rights: Available

ISBN-13: 978-1-943532-14-8 52495

9 781943 532148

Title: A Guide to the Gardens of Kyoto Size: 5.25” x 7.5” Portrait Pages: 204pp Binding: Softbound with flaps Publication Date: Spring 2019 ISBN: 978-1-940743-67-7 Price $24.95 World Rights: Available

ISBN-13: 978-1-940743-67-7 52495

9 781940 743677

Title: From Fallow Size: 5” x 8” Portrait Pages: 348pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2019 ISBN: 978-1-940743-98-1 Price: $24.95 World Rights: Available

ISBN-13: 978-1-940743-98-1 52495

9 781940 743981

Title: Gensler Research Catalogue Volume 3 Size: 7.75” x 11.25” Portrait Pages: 272pp Binding: Flexibound Publication Date: Spring 2020 ISBN: 978-1-943532-28-5 Price: $49.95 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-943532-28-5 54995

9 781943 532285


Spring 2021 Backlist Title: Swan & Maclaren Size: 9" x 11" Portrait Pages: 448pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Fall 2020 ISBN: 978-1-935935-47-6 Price: $60.00 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-935935-47-6 56000

9 781935 935476

Title: Timeless Size: 10” x 12” Portrait Pages: 316pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2018 ISBN: 978-1-939621-93-1 Price: $60.00 World Rights: Available

ISBN-13: 978-1-939621-93-1 56000

9 781939 621931

Title: Mass Timber Size: 6.5” x 8.5” Portrait Pages: 160pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Fall 2017 ISBN: 978-1-939621-95-5 Price: $24.95 World Rights: Available

ISBN-13: 978-1-939621-95-5 52495

9 781939 621955

Title: Native Places Size: 7” x 9” Landscape Pages: 168pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Fall 2018 ISBN: 978-1-940743-45-5 Price: $24.95 World Rights: Available

ISBN-13: 978-1-940743-45-5 52495

9 781940 743455

AR+D Publishing


APPLIED RESEARCH + DESIGN PUBLISHING Spring 2021 AR+D, or Applied Research and Design Publishing is a thriving editorial platform that creates a space for research-based publications within the fields of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urbanism, and Design. With a diverse and talented editorial board consisting of a select group of the brightest practitioners, educators, and design thinkers in the world, we specifically focus on emerging dialogues between diverse modes of applied research that currently dominate a range of architectural practices, and their role in defining new modalities of spatial synthesis best afforded by design. This peer-reviewed imprint concentrates on the study of emergent spatial dynamics taking place across multiple scales and geographies, in order to construct a new ground for both established and emerging voices to disseminate their ideas in physical print.

As climate, culture, and technology evolve and become increasingly unpredictable, architecture’s stasis becomes more incongruous. Werewolf explores an emerging but under-investigated branch of architecture that embraces the transformation of form, performance, and the responsiveness to environments and context. Werewolf expands on the architect’s agency to critically address political, social, and environmental unrest. Revealing the cunning and agile ways in which architecture can negotiate rather than resist change, this book departs from the fixed Vitruvian man and uses the figure of the werewolf to propose a model where changes of state, mutation, and decomposition are conceptually fundamental.

Source Books in Architecture No.14: Rem Koolhaas / OMA + AMO Spaces for Prada is the most recent volume in the Source Books in Architecture series. Among the topics discussed in the book are the long-standing relationship with Prada and how the early objectives in that relationship have both maintained and shifted. An underlying theme to the conversations held with students and faculty of the Knowlton School community is the topic of architect-client relationships, their history, their problems, and how they have contributed to the discipline over time.

In visually cataloging the endearing and enigmatic ways in which the built environment takes shape, Best Practices proposes a new way of thinking about neighborhoods, housing developments, streetscapes, and storefronts, not so much as places defined by building codes, dimensions, or geographic features, but as assemblages of ad hoc interventions and incidental ephemera. Drawing on the history of architecture, media theory, cultural anthropology, and urban studies, Best Practices pairs photographic documentation with extensive captions and citations to define a territory within the margins between the sanctioned and unsanctioned, the regulated and unregulated, the tasteful and tacky, the novel and the nonsense.

Typological Drift documents the impact of the Chinese culture on the development of city types in China in the past four decades, leading to surprising urban realities that often escape normative urban theories. This book uses the concept of drift, which, together with mutation, adaptation, and migration, contributes to the rudimentary patterns of biological change; drift of phenotypes takes place when chance events randomly terminate some features and allow other features to flourish in ways that are unrelated to other patterns.

AR+D Publishing

David Grahame Shane trained at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London in the 1960s during the Archigram years. He completed an MArch in Urban Design and a PhD in Architectural and Urban History at Cornell with Colin Rowe. He taught at the A.A. School under Alvin Boyarsky before joining Columbia University in 1985 (and the Urban Design Program in 1991). He now also lectures at Cooper Union and City College in New York. Over the past twenty years he has taught Urban Design master-classes and lectured internationally, as well as being published widely. In 2008 Kenneth Schwartz was appointed as dean of the Tulane School of Architecture after serving as professor, department chair, and associate dean for twenty-four years at the University of Virginia. As a founding principal of CP+D (Community Planning + Design) and Schwartz-Kinnard Architects, he has won four national design competitions exploring the constructive force that progressive urbanism and architecture can play in rebuilding cities. In addition to his design work, Mr. Schwartz has served as a planning commissioner and member of the Board of Architectural Review for the City of Charlottesville, focusing on design and preservation issues in the community. Mr. Schwartz served on the University of Virginia Master Planning Committee and the Art and

Architecture Review Board for the Commonwealth of Virginia. He is a past president of the National Architecture Accrediting Board and recent board member of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture. Monica Ponce de Leon is the dean of the School of Architecture at Princeton University. Along with her success in academia, she is widely recognized as a pioneer in robotic architecture and practices widely through MPdL Studio, which she is the founder of. Throughout her career she has won various design awards including the Young Architect Award in 1997 from the Architectural League of New York, the Award in Architecture in 2002 from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and the Emerging Voices award in 2003. Her past academic career includes being the former dean of A. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan and work as a professor at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University.


Editorial Board Spring 2020

John Parman is a visiting scholar in Architecture at UC Berkeley and the co-founder of Snowden & Parman, an editorial studio. He was editorial director at Gensler from 1997 through 2017, launching its client magazine, its trends annual, and a monograph series. He co-founded and published Design Book Review from 1983 through 1999, and is an advisor to ARCADE (Seattle), Architect’s Newspaper (Los Angeles), and Room One Thousand (Berkeley). Michelangelo Sabatino, PhD, is the interim dean of the College of Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). Michelangelo is an architect, preservationist, and historian whose research broadly addresses intersections between culture, technology, and design in the built and natural environment. From his research on preindustrial vernacular traditions and their influence on modern architectures of the Mediterranean region, to his current project, which looks at the transnational forces that have shaped the architecture, infrastructure, and landscape of the Americas over the course of the 19th and 20th centuries, he has trained new light on larger patterns of architectural discourse and production. Sabatino is professor and director of the doctoral program at the Illinois Institute of Technology College of Architecture in Chicago.

Lake Douglas, PhD, FASLA, is the associate dean of research and development at the College of Art and Design, Louisiana State University, and professor in LSU’s Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture. He received a BLA in landscape architecture from LSU, MLA from Harvard, and PhD from the University of New Orleans. He is the author of seven books—the most recent being Buildings of New Orleans (University of Virginia Press, 2018), which he co-authored with Karen Kingsley—and dozens of articles, book chapters, essays, and book reviews. His writings have been recognized with numerous awards. In addition to teaching, he is active in efforts to support open space equity and revitalize public spaces in New Orleans. To learn more about our editorial board or to contact us about submitting a proposal, visit us at:

AR+D Publishing


The Architecture of Lunacy, Shapeshifting, and Material Metamorphosis Edited by Caroline O’Donnell and José Ibarra

José Ibarra is director of transformation and research of CODA. He is an assistant professor at the University of Virginia. Ibarra’s interdisciplinary work focuses on the intersection between architecture and environmental uncertainty, looking at design tactics for remediation and justice that work across different temporal scales. Cynthia Davidson is an architecture editor, writer, and critic based in New York City. She is the founding editor of Log: Observations on Architecture and the Contemporary City as well as the ANY series of conferences and publications. She was cocurator of the American Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennial in 2014. Peter Eisenman is a world-renowned architect and educator. He has designed several structures throughout the world, including the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin, the City of Culture of Galicia, Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, and the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus, OH. Jimenez Lai works in the world of art, culture, and education. He is founder of Bureau Spectacular. Lai is widely exhibited and published around the world, including the MoMA-collected White Elephant. Lai has won various awards, including the Architectural League Prize for Young Architects. As climate, culture, and technology evolve and become increasingly unpredictable, architecture’s stasis becomes more incongruous. Werewolf explores an emerging but under-investigated branch of architecture that embraces the transformation of form, performance, and the responsiveness to environments and context. These ideas are studied through architectural precedents and framed by critical essays by Jesse Reiser, Greg Lynn, Jimenez Lai, Spyros Papapetros, Kari Weil, as well as the editors. The shift from passive buildings to reactive structures is now imperative, as climate change and political turmoil exacerbate the unpredictability of environments. Werewolf expands on the architect’s agency to critically address political, social, and environmental unrest. Revealing the cunning and agile ways in which architecture can negotiate rather than resist change, this book departs from the fixed Vitruvian man and uses the figure of the werewolf to propose a model where changes of state, mutation, and decomposition are conceptually fundamental. Contributors Caroline O’Donnell is an architect, writer, educator, and principal of CODA. She is the Edgar A. Tafel Associate Professor and director of the M.Arch program at Cornell University, as well as author of Niche Tactics: Generative Relationships between Architecture and Site. O’Donnell specializes in ecological theory and material innovation, looking toward natural and local resources to produce meaningful environments. Title: Werewolf Size: 6.75” x 9.5” Portrait Pages: 450pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-13-2 Price: $35.00 World Rights: Available

Greg Lynn is an innovator, redefining design with digital technology as well as pioneering the fabrication and manufacture of complex functional and ergonomic forms using CNC machinery. The buildings, projects, publications, teachings, and writings associated with his office have been influential in the acceptance and use of advanced materials and technologies for design. Spyros Papapetros is an art and architectural historian and theorist whose work focuses on the historiography of art and architecture, the intersections between architecture and the visual arts, as well as, the relationship between architecture, psychoanalysis, and the history of psychological aesthetics. Jesse Reiser is an architect and educator whose work has been published and exhibited widely. He was a fellow of the American Academy in Rome in 1985 and he worked for the offices of John Hejduk and Aldo Rossi prior to forming Reiser + Umemoto with partner Nanako Umemoto. Kari Weil is the university professor of letters at Wesleyan University. She has published numerous essays on literary representations of gender, feminist theory, and, more recently, on theories and representations of animal otherness and human-animal relations.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-13-2 53500

9 781951 541132

Spring 2021 2020


AR+D Publishing

Rem Koolhaas / OMA + AMO, Spaces for Prada Source Books in Architecture No. 14 Edited by Benjamin Wilke

Source Books in Architecture No.14: Rem Koolhaas / OMA + AMO Spaces for Prada is the most recent volume in the Source Books in Architecture series. Among the topics discussed in the book are the long-standing relationship with Prada and how the early objectives in that relationship have both maintained and shifted. An underlying theme to the conversations held with students and faculty of the Knowlton School community is the topic of architectclient relationships, their history, their problems, and how they have contributed to the discipline over time. Explicitly, a focus of the conversation is a number of projects that OMA has developed or completed with Prada, a large number of which are installationscale environments that manifest in the form of runway shows and exhibitions. The challenge of such projects is to retain a commitment to the political and cultural agenda that OMA embeds in the larger and permanent buildings. Given the ephemerality and role of these environments as literal backgrounds to highlighted events, the projects are ideal scenarios in which to develop an architecture that lacks the permanence of buildings while still carrying potency and contributing to larger cultural discussions involving, for example, event, place, concept, product, staging, the crowd, lighting, and materiality.

Title: Rem Koolhaas / OMA + AMO Size: 8” x 9” Portrait Pages: 588pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-54-5 Price: $49.95 World Rights: Available

Source Books in Architecture No.14 contains project documentation from the OMA and Prada archives, transcripts from Koolhaas’s conversations with students at the Knowlton School at The Ohio State University, and commentary and critique from architects, critics, and theorists. Contributors Benjamin Wilke is a senior lecturer at the Knowlton School of Architecture at The Ohio State University, where he teaches graduate and undergraduate studios and seminars. Rem Koolhaas founded OMA in 1975 with Elia and Zoe Zenghelis and Madelon Vriesendorp. In 1978, he published Delirious New York: A Retroactive Manifesto for Manhattan. In 1995, his book S, M, L, XL summarized the work of OMA in “a novel about architecture.” He co-heads the work of both OMA and AMO, the research branch of OMA, operating in areas beyond the realm of architecture.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-54-5 54995

9 781951 541545

Spring 2021 2020


AR+D Publishing

Archive, Matrix, Assembly

The Photographs of Thomas Struth 1978–2018 Nana Last

Space Shuttle 1, Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral 2008 © Thomas Struth

Archive, Matrix, Assembly: The Photographs of Thomas Struth 1978–2018 presents the first comprehensive, systematic theory of contemporary German artist Thomas Struth’s main body of photographic work from its beginnings in the late 1970s until his most recent work in 2018. The book presents a unique, evolutionary understanding of the work, proposing that it has established three stages of production: archive, matrix, and assembly. Together the three stages form a developmental system that characterizes the individual photographs, their relation to their subject matter, and how they form larger, significant collections of images. The book project accomplishes three main goals: it develops a comprehensive critical reading of the work, it serves as a monograph of the artist, and it provides an extensive analysis of the photographs at all stages, including the less discussed, more recent photography, which is placed on par with the earlier work for which Struth first became internationally renowned. Author Nana Last is an art and architecture theorist. She is an associate professor of Architecture and founding director of the PhD Program in the Constructed Environment at the University of Virginia, and author of Wittgenstein’s House: Language, Space and Architecture (Fordham, 2008). Title: Archive, Matrix, Assembly Size: 7” x 10.5” Portrait Pages: 200pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-943532-82-7 Price: $34.95 World Rights: Available

Tokamak Asdex Upgrade Interior 2, Max Planck IPP, Garching 2009 © Thomas Struth

Grazing Incidence Spectrometer, Max Planck IPP, Garching 2010 © Thomas Struth

ISBN: 978-1-943532-82-7 53495

9 781943 532827

Spring 2021 2020

Coenties Slip, Wall Street, New York 1978 © Thomas Struth

Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo 1991 © Thomas Struth


AR+D Publishing

Best Practices Erin and Ian Besler

Contributors Erin Besler is an assistant professor of architecture at Princeton University and co-founder of Besler & Sons. Erin’s work is characterized by a particular interest in construction technologies, social media, and other platforms for producing and sharing content that rely more on ubiquity than expertise. Ian Besler is a designer, educator, and writer whose work is situated at the edges between interfaces, media, software, and cities. Ian’s work is especially interested in the defaults, incidentals, and workarounds of visual communication and digital interactions. He is a visiting assistant professor at Pratt Institute and a co-founder of Besler & Sons. Jonathan Jae-an Crisman is an artist and urban scholar whose work focuses on the intersections between culture, place, and politics. He is currently an assistant professor of public & applied humanities at the University of Arizona. Fiona Connor (born in New Zealand) is an artist based in Los Angeles. She has made solo exhibitions at Secession, Vienna; SculptureCenter, New York; MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Los Angeles; Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth; Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne; Hammer Museum, Los Angeles among others. Connor received an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts in 2011. In visually cataloging the endearing and enigmatic ways in which the built environment takes shape, Best Practices proposes a new way of thinking about neighborhoods, housing developments, streetscapes, and storefronts, not so much as places defined by building codes, dimensions, or geographic features, but as assemblages of ad hoc interventions and incidental ephemera. Drawing on the history of architecture, media theory, cultural anthropology, and urban studies, Best Practices pairs photographic documentation with extensive captions and citations to define a territory within the margins between the sanctioned and unsanctioned, the regulated and unregulated, the tasteful and tacky, the novel and the nonsense. While not necessarily in opposition of those mechanisms, Best Practices asserts that interest, knowledge, and meaning are more often generated on the lines that divide such categories. This book advocates for a more thorough consideration of the unauthorized remodels, slap-dash handiwork, haphazard paint jobs, half-hearted do-it-yourself projects, cracked facades, contradictions, compromises, and coincidences.

Title: Best Practices Size: 6.125” x 9.25” Portrait Pages: 224pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-11-8 Price: $29.95 World Rights: Available

Wendy Gilmartin is a licensed architect and writer based in Los Angeles and the Mojave Desert. She holds an MArch degree from Rice University and is an educator at California Polytechnic State University, Pomona. Prior to becoming an architect, Wendy was a music critic at LAWeekly for ten years. Courtney Coffman, editor, is manager of lectures and publications at Princeton University’s School of Architecture. She has served as a content and copy editor for various architectural publications and monographs. Her own writings explore the visual culture of contemporary architecture and design. Christina Moushoul, associate editor, obtained her undergraduate degree from UCLA and is currently an MArch candidate at the Princeton University School of Architecture, where she is an editor of the journal Pidgin.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-11-8 52995

9 781951 541118

Spring 2021 2020


AR+D Publishing

As Found Houses

Experiments from Self-Builders in Rural China John Lin and Sony Devabhaktuni

In rural China, an informal wave of building jump-started by economic and social transformations over the past 40 years has rendered some villages unrecognizable. The resulting building boom, taking place in a context with very few regulations, has created densities more often found in urban areas. At the same time, the sudden availability of new materials and industrial methods of construction have enabled remarkable hybrid experiments where rural self-builders adapt, modify, graft, cleave, and wrap traditional building types. Unconstrained by notions of good taste or formal considerations, these unexpected and innovative solutions are reflections on some of the most pertinent issues of contemporary dwelling. As Found Houses argues that the manifold evolution of the vernacular is part of the everyday practice of the villagers’ lives. The book documents surprising design decisions in the domestic architecture of rural China and is a resource for thinking about new ways of living together.

Authors John Lin is an architect and an associate professor in the department of architecture at the University of Hong Kong. With Joshua Bolchover he is the director of Rural Urban Framework (RUF), a non-profit research and design collaboration. Their projects integrate local and traditional construction practices with contemporary sustainable technologies. Sony Devabhaktuni is an assistant professor in the department of architecture at the University of Hong Kong. His research focuses on the capacity of architectural representation to address cultural, sociopolitical, and economic issues.

Title: As Found Houses Size: 6.7” x 9.4” Portrait Pages: 212pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Fall 2020 ISBN: 978-1-943532-79-7 Price: $34.95 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-943532-79-7 53495

9 781943 532797


Spring 2021 2020

Typological Drift

Emerging Cities in China Shiqiao Li and Esther Lorenz

This book documents the impact of the Chinese culture on the development of city types in China in the past four decades, leading to surprising urban realities that often escape normative urban theories. The book uses the concept of drift, which, together with mutation, adaptation, and migration, contributes to the rudimentary patterns of biological change; drift of phenotypes takes place when chance events randomly terminate some features and allow other features to flourish in ways that are unrelated to other patterns. The Chinese culture has exerted a set of forces that may be seen to have functioned as “unexpected events” in the normative processes of urban change. Through thirteen case studies, more than 60 original maps and drawings, and extensive photographic documentation, the book reveals how three “drift triggers”—ten thousand things, figuration, and group action—have altered typological development in Chinese cities in the past four decades. Authors Shiqiao Li is Weedon Professor in Asian Architecture, School of Architecture, University of Virginia, where he teaches history, theory, and design of architecture, and directs PhD in the Constructed Environment Program. He is author of Understanding the Chinese City (2014), Architecture and Modernization (2009, in Chinese) and Power and Virtue, Architecture and Intellectual Change in England 1650-1730 (2006). Title: Typological Drift Size: 6.75” x 9.5” Portrait Pages: 336pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-71-2 Price: $29.95 World Rights: Available

Esther Lorenz is a licensed architect and academic, and currently an assistant professor at University of Virginia. Her work explores the social, cultural, political, and economic preconditions of architecture, and the mutual effects between architectural and urban formations and cultural practices, social relations, and space perception, with a focus on Chinese urbanization and the city of Hong Kong.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-71-2 52995

9 781951 541712

AR+D Publishing

Lunch 14 Frontier

Sam Johnson, Hutch Landfair, Sherry Ng, and Taryn Wiens

Hutch Landfair is a recent graduate (MArh 2016, MArch 2019) and current lecturer at the University of Virginia. His research exists at the intersection of history and design with a focus on collective memory within the built environment. Sherry Ng recently graduated with a Master of Architecture from UVA, where she was a Dean’s Honor Teaching Fellow. Her research focuses on the decline of American suburban publics and their future possibilities. She currently lives and works in New York.

With LUNCH 14, the editors wondered if they could use the frontier story itself to de-center its power. They divide this task into four sections: Edges explores the form and possibilities of the edge itself, and unravels the hard binary condition of the frontier; Wild flips the narrative around, picking apart established categorizations of wild and tame to deny their separate-ness; Metrics examines methods of observing and quantifying themselves as tools for gaining new understandings: the map creates “the frontier,” so to change the way we map or measure is to change the frontier itself; and finally, Culture takes on the “us” and “them” of the frontier, shifting our perception of this as a binary divide to a growing rhizomatic network of beings: where the meeting of cultures does not mean appropriation, erasure, and dominance but a hope for generative complexity. Contributors Sam Johnson received his Master of Architecture from the University of Virginia, where he was a Dean’s Honor Teaching Fellow. His research focuses on the effects of historic districts on social equity in New York, where he lives and works.

Title: Lunch 14 Size: 7” x 10” Portrait Pages: 236pp Binding: Softbound PublicatiSofton Date: Fall 2020 ISBN: 978-1-951541-16-3 Price: $25.00 World Rights: Available

Taryn Wiens is a Master of Landscape Architecture candidate at UVA, and co-leader of ManifestA (the UVA School of Architecture student group for equity in design). Her research focuses on broad conceptions of land management, maintenance, and the politics of landscape material transformations. Other Contributors Weaam Alabdullah Margaret Baldwin JT Bachman Sean Burkholder Sekou Cooke Laura Diamond Peter Del Tredici Alex Felson Maddie Hoagland-Hanson Richard Hobbs Sara Jacobs Leah Kahler Kevan Klosterwill Perry Kulper Karen Lutsky Shiqiao Li Erin McLean

Leigh Miller Rozana Montiel Jeffrey S Nesbit Jesse Ng Nicholas Rajkovich Office of Living Things Alexander Robinson Aisha Sawatsky Katie Stranix Jonah Susskind Rodrigo Valenzuela Mary Velez Alex Kachun Wong Joy Zedler Zihao Zhang Shurui Zhang

ISBN: 978-1-951541-16-3 52500

9 781951 541163


Spring 2021 2020

Social Urbanism

Reframing Spatial Design + Discourses from Latin America María Bellalta

This book serves as a critical review of social urbanism, defined as a theoretical and practical approach to urban globalization, deriving from a planning strategy and portfolio of built projects that seek to alleviate the social consequences of urbanization. This book emphasizes both the projects and the processes that simultaneously consider ecological and socio-economic components of space, and which highlight a greater focus on social sustainability. In a context in which geography defines space and culture, and through the challenges of global climate change, we are inextricably united in an era of environmental uncertainty, where shared experiences and values place us within a collective culture, inspiring mutual agency in service of this vision for social urbanism. Through the work presented here, social urbanism is expanded as a worldview that considers the cultural values of a given place as interconnected to the geographical landscape of the region, and therefore, as the driving forces behind future models of globalization and urban growth. The points of view of multiple colleagues and experts across differing fields additionally provide introspection on the value and implementation of social urbanism. These shared opinions strengthen the significance of this work and affirm the joint values and visions for the global urbanization challenges we are confronting in the 21st century, and which continue into the future. Title: Social Urbanism Size: 10” x 10” Square Pages: 272pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Fall 2020 ISBN: 978-1-943532-68-1 Price: $45.00 World Rights: Available

Author María Bellalta is the dean and faculty member of the School of Landscape Architecture, Boston Architectural College, the former design director of Martha Schwartz Partners, and designer with Sasaki Associates. She has been a visiting critic at Harvard GSD, and a visiting faculty member of the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

ISBN: 978-1-943532-68-1 54500

9 781943 532681

AR+D Publishing

Toward an American Spolia

A Loose Inventory of Antecedents and Possibilities Aleksandr Mergold

Spolia is what historians call the ancient practice of recycling of building materials, and until recently it was deemed rather inconvenient as it contaminates an understanding of history as a linear progression of time. It is both constructive (re-use) and destructive (“spoils” imply conquest, destruction, and uprooting). Yet as a way of engagement with historic artifacts, spolia opens a new door into the creation of built form. This publication is an inventory of the processes of spolia, a distinctive cultural practice from the ancient times to ours, framing the necessity for the spoliation of the American 20th century—its materials, inventions, aesthetics, and debris. The book will contain appropriated and repurposed images, drawings, and texts presented as a series of unbound plates affording multiple ways of sorting, comparing, mixing, and reusing. The book consists of antecedents of ancient and contemporary spolia in the form of images, texts, and drawing, composed of an introductory Bound Volume and a Loose Inventory, a collection of plates. Both the Volume and Inventory address the idea of spolia through the primary lenses of Form, Material, Type, and Tech; and the contents of the Inventory are sorted, at least initially, according to those categories. The loose plates can be also organized chronologically, alphabetically, programmatically, volumetrically, chromatically, etc., and, of course, sorted randomly. Title: Toward an American Spolia Size: 7” x 9” Portrait Pages: 248pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-943532-85-8 Price: $29.95 World Rights: Available

The introductory Bound Volume contains a foreword, a series of essays, illustrated footnotes, and an afterword. The essays are essentially short “chapters” on the phenomenon of spolia in art, architecture, design, and landscape composed by the author out of short fragments provided by prominent academics, curators, and practicioners (detailed below). The Bound Volume is followed by the Inventory, a collection of loose plates with images on recto and text on verso. Recto contains photographs of buildings & objects, drawings & diagrams, paintings reproductions, and book spread reprints where contemporary spolia is case-studied. On each plate’s verso is an accompanying explanatory/exploratory text by the author. Author Aleksandr Mergold is a partner at Austin+Mergold, an architecture, landscape, and design practice, a testing ground for his study of the contemporary interpretation of spolia. This research also continues at Cornell University where Mergold teaches architecture. Prior to the practice and the teaching, Mergold worked at Pentagram in New York on a variety of architecture and design projects. A third-generation architect, Aleksandr was born in the ancient city of Tashkent, that contains simultaneous traces of the Great Silk Road, colonial conquests, and a socialist planned economy. Contributors Aleksandr Mergold, Ada Tolla, Adam Nathaniel Furman, Alexander Brodsky, Allan Wexler, Anna Bokov, Bijoy Jain, Carmello Baglivo, Dale Kinney, Dennis Maher, Ed Eigen, Ernesto Oroza, Giuseppe Lignano, James Wines, Jimenez Lai, Joan Ockman, Jorge Otero-Pailos, Julie Bargmann, Leonid Slonimsky, Luca Galofaro, Mario Carpo, Mark Morris, Michael Ghyoot, Nikole Bouchard, Renny Ramakers, Sam Jacob, Sean Anderson, and Vladimir Paperny

ISBN: 978-1-943532-85-8 52995

9 781943 532858


Spring 2021 2020

City of Refugees A Real Utopia

Peter Jay Zweig and Gail Peter Borden

Where should they go? Seventy million displaced refugees and asylum seekers with no passport, no money, and no worldly goods. In 380 BCE Plato wrote about the “Ideal City,” but it wasn’t until 1516 CE that Sir Thomas More invented the word, “Utopia,” translated from Greek as “good place,” that is in need of a new, contemporary interpretation. It is within the framework of utopia that the City of Refugees represents a place that transcends the fate of the refugee and the reason they were torn from their homeland and not given safe haven fleeing their country. It is a concept for a new city that welcomes these optimistic people looking for a place to be free from oppression. The City of Refugees is a soft place to land that believes in the future. The University of Houston College of Architecture + Design with 135 students is proposing four cities on four continents as prototypes that represent a real Utopia for housing the unprecedented migration of people moving across borders. This UN-sponsored, free economic zone for the four cities can be funded by small fractions of the defense budgets appropriated by the UN. The innovative cities create a platform for a new, multi-ethnic society based upon justice, tolerance, and economic viability with a net zero energy consumption Title: City of Refugees Size: 8” x 10” Portrait Pages: 412pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-943532-84-1 Price: $45.00 World Rights: Available

within a sustainable environment. The new three-dimensional cities redefine the concept of streets by no longer needing cars creating a real utopia for those with no voice. Authors Peter Jay Zweig, FAIA, is a principal in the firm Peter Jay Zweig Architects and a professor at the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture + Design. He is an architect, interior designer, educator, exhibition designer, and author. The award-winning firm has won recognition for three international, 26 national, and 16 regional architectural awards. In addition he has received 80 domestic and international patents for building system innovations. Gail Peter Borden, FAIA, is principal of the architecture office Borden Partnership and professor and director of Graduate Studies at the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture at the University of Houston. His numerous awards and publications include: the Architectural League Prize; an artist-in-residence at the Chinati Foundation, the Atlantic Center for the Arts, and the MacDowell Colony; a Graham Foundation Grant; the Borchard Fellowship; and books including: Material Precedent, Matter, Principia, Process, Lineament, and New Essentialism.

ISBN: 978-1-943532-84-1 54500

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AR+D Publishing


[Takes Action]

Neeraj Bhatia and Mason White

and encouraged. Equally, this is our call to action—it is time for design to take action and greater accountability for its actions in our contemporary socio-political spheres. Bracket [Takes Action] provokes spatial practice’s potential to incite and respond to action. Author Neeraj Bhatia is principal of the design office, the Open Workshop, and associate professor at the California College of the Arts, where he also directs the urbanism research lab, the Urban Works Agency. The rise of several divisive leaders within contemporary politics has once again brought action to the foreground. As a new generation makes their voices heard, they are also grappling to find effective platforms for action through design. The notion of action simultaneously evokes a discussion on what we are acting for and value. This is particularly important to consider at a moment when the authoritative systems—governments and corporations— appear more divergent to the voices on the ground. At the same time, within an increasingly pluralistic society, what we collectively value is increasingly unclear, which presents a primary challenge on action. Bracket [Takes Action] is situated at a critical point in history where the who, what, where, and how of action need to be re-conceptualized to relate to who we are, how we live, and how we communicate today. The role of design and the agency of the designer are at stake in facilitating or stifling action. Bracket [Takes Action] contains over 28 essays and 15 design projects that are structured into six sub-themes: ReAction, CounterAction, InterAction, FAction, InAction, and RetroAction. The intent of the fourth almanac of Bracket is to unpack the contemporary possibility of action through design. Our contention here is that a democracy in deficit cannot be repaired without a deeper investigation in how actions can be designed, accommodated for, Title: Bracket Size: 7.87” x 10.62” Portrait Pages: 320pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2020 ISBN: 978-1-943532-91-9 Price: $40.00 World Rights: Available

Mason White is co-founder of Lateral Office, and associate professor at University of Toronto, Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design. Essays by Pier Vittorio Aureli, Neeraj Bhatia, Vishaan Chakrabarti, Belinda Tato, Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, Mason White, Serafina Amoroso, Lori A. Brown, Steven Chodoriwsky, Jill Desimini, Gabriel Duarte, Samaa Elimam, FAS- Foreign Architects Switzerland, Lindsay Harkema, Alison Hugill, Dan Dorocic, Hamed Khosravi, Kees Lokman, Markus Miessen, David Eugin Moon, Stephen Mueller, Ersela Kripa, Lucia Jalon Oyarzun, Albert Pope, Tobias Revell, Christopher Roach, Azadeh Zaferani, and Mimi Zeiger Projects by James Brazil, Founding Partner uAbureau, Michael Cook, Katherine Jenkins, Parker Sutton, Mariam Kamara, Elizabeth Golden, Aristodimos Komninos, Guy Königstein, Karen Lewis, Cesar Lopez, Claudia Mainardi, Matthew Mazzotta, N H D M / Nahyun Hwang + David Eugin Moon ,, Rafi Segal, David Salazar, Jin Young Song, Martin Sztyk, TVK - Trévelo & Viger-Kohler Architectes Urbanistes, URBANÍSTICA, De Peter Yi, and Azadeh Zaferani

ISBN: 978-1-943532-91-9 54000

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Spring 2021 2020

The Miralles Projection

Thinking and Representation in the Architecture of Enric Miralles Dr. Javier F. Contreras

It is impossible to dissociate the evolution of Enric Miralles’s architecture from the development of his own system of representation. Founded on an initial position inherited from his training at the Barcelona School of Architecture and his practice at the office of Viaplana-Piñón, where he acquired a liking for precision in drawing and a graphic style based exclusively on lines of the same thickness, Miralles soon developed a method defined by a customised use of orthographic projections, connected to a fragmented conception of the architectural plan and space itself. The Miralles Projection explains both the origin and evolution of Miralles’s system of representation, from his time as an architecture student and collaborator at Viaplana-Piñón to the latest projects he designed with Benedetta Tagliabue, including the significant period with Carme Pinós. With a curated selection of previously unpublished drawings, it demonstrates on a fundamental level how the evolution of his architecture ran parallel to that of representation, thus illustrating their indissolubility and mutual interdependence.

Title: The Miralles Projection Size: 8” x 10.5” Portrait Pages: 220pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Fall 2020 ISBN: 978-1-943532-67-4 Price: $34.95 World Rights: Available

Author Javier Fernández Contreras (Dipl. ETSAM 2006, PhD 2013) is an architect, critic, and dean of the Department of Interior Architecture at HEAD – Genève. His work explores the relationship between architecture, representation, and media, with a specific focus on the role of interiors in the construction of contemporaneity. He is author of the books Fragmentos de Planta y Espacio (Ediciones Asimétricas, 2019), The Miralles Projection (Oro Editions, 2020), and Manifest of Interiors (HEAD – Publishing, 2020). His critical essays have been published in different specialised books and journals, including Massilia Annuaire des Études Corbuséennes, Marie-José Van Hee architecten, Perspectives in Metropolitan Research, 306090, Drawing Matter, RA Revista de Arquitectura.

ISBN: 978-1-943532-67-4 53495

9 781943 532674

AR+D Publishing

Animating Guarini

An Orthographic Project Mark Ericson

The evolution of orthographic projection from a technique to a convention has provided architecture with orthographic drawing—a form of imaging continually used to present, defend, and build architecture. Orthographic projection’s geometric principles and complex history are no longer part of an architect’s education, and yet its underlying Euclidean geometry informs the materialization of architecture, regardless of complexity. Animating Guarini mines the instrumental history of orthographic projection to reacquire the generative techniques of drawing that do not deal with visualization. Animating Guarini is thus a historical account and a reimagining of orthographic projection as a drawing technique that precedes convention. Contributors Mark Ericson is an associate professor in the School of Architecture at Woodbury University in Los Angeles. His drawings have been published in LOG, 306090, and the catalog for the Museum of Modern Art exhibition “Uneven Growth.” His research focuses on studying and reimagining historical practices of drawing.

Title: Animating Guarini Size: 9” x 10” Portrait Pages: 200pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2020 ISBN: 978-1-943532-74-2 Price: $34.95 World Rights: Available

Perry Kulper is an architect and associate professor at the University of Michigan. After working with Eisenman/ Robertson, Robert A.M. Stern and Venturi, Rauch and Scott Brown he taught at SCI-Arc for 17 years. Recently he ventured into the digital world, looking into Photoshop operations. Fantastic beasts have been on his mind.

ISBN: 978-1-943532-74-2 53495

9 781943 532742


Spring 2021 2020

Architecture Beyond Experience Michael Benedikt





Architecture Beyond Experience is an interdisciplinary work in the service of one goal: the bringing about of a more relational, “posthuman” and yet humanist strain in architecture. It argues against the values that currently guide much architectural production (and the larger economy’s too), which is the making, marketing, and staging of ever-more arresting experiences. The result, in architecture, is experientialism: the belief that what gives a building value, aside from fulfilling its shelter functions, is how its views and spaces make us personally feel as we move around it. The author argues that it’s time to find a deeper basis for making and judging architecture, a basis which is not personal-experiencemultiplied, but which is dialogical and relational from the start. He uses the word relational to describe an architecture that guides people in search of encounter with (or avoidance of) each other and that manifests and demonstrates those same desires in its own forms, components, and materials. Buildings are beings. When architecture, they teach as well as protect; they tell us who we were and who we want to be; they exemplify, they deserve respect, invite investment, and reward affection. These are social-relational values, values that both underlie and go beyond experiential ones

Title: Architecture Beyond Experience Size: 7” x 10” Portrait Pages: 312pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2020 ISBN: 978-1-943532-89-6 Price: $35.00 World Rights: Available

(sometimes called “phenomenological”). Such relational values have been suppressed, in part because architects have joined the Experience Economy, hardly noticing they have done so. Architecture Beyond Experience provides the argument and the concepts to ultimately re-center a profession. Author Michael Benedikt is the director of the Center for American Architecture and Design (CAAD) at the University of Texas at Austin, where he holds the Hal Box Chair in Urbanism, is an ACSA Distinguished Professor of Architecture, teaches design studio and architectural theory, and directs the school’s Interdisciplinary Studies master’s degree program. He is a graduate of Yale University and of the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.

ISBN: 978-1-943532-89-6 53500

9 781943 532896

AR+D Publishing

Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop Bioclimatic Ceramic Assemblies IV Omar Khan and Laura Garofalo

departments of architecture, engineering, and management. His research is located at the nexus of architecture, digital fabrication and smart technologies. Laura Garofalo (editor): Associate professor at the University at Buffalo (SUNY). Her research, pedagogy, and practice focus on the conjunction of natural and architectural systems.

Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop: Bioclimatic Ceramic Assemblies IV presents terra cotta design research, conducted under the auspices of the annual Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop (ACAW), between architectural firms and terra cotta manufacturer Boston Valley Terra Cotta. It chronicles the work of architectural firms Kieran Timberlake, Kohn Pederson Fox (KPF), HKS, Payette, Pelli Clarke Pelli, SHoP Architects, Skidmore Owings and Merrill (SOM), Studios Architecture, and two academic teams from Alfred University and the University at Buffalo. The book presents a unique model for exploring the state of the art in terra cotta design through the production of experimental prototypes. These include rain screen façade systems, urban sound devices, structures, massive wall systems, and furniture. Now in its fifth year, this invitation-only workshop has teams collaborate with the manufacturer to develop a design that engages bioclimatic concerns and pushes material and manufacturing possibilities.

John Krouse (foreword): President and CEO of Boston Valley Terra Cotta, the largest producer of architectural terra cotta in the United States. He holds his B.S. in Ceramic Engineering and minor in Ceramic Sculpture from Alfred University. Sara Lopergolo, Selldorf Architects (interview): Partner at Selldorf Architects with over 25 years of experience who first joined the firm in 1994. Her professional background includes urban planning at Koetter Kim & Associates in England, as well as extensive experience in all aspects of cultural, commercial, and residential projects. Dr. William Carty (interview): Professor and J.F. McMahon Chair in Ceramics at the Inamori School of Engineering, Alfred University. His research group is focused on ceramic processing and microstructure evolution and the connection to material properties.

Contributors Omar Khan (editor): Associate professor at the University at Buffalo (SUNY) where is co-director of the Sustainable Manufacturing and Advanced Robotic Technologies (SMART) Community of Excellence, a university supported research initiative between the Title: Bioclimatic Ceramic Assemblies IV Size: 6.7” x 9.4” Portrait Pages: 180pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-22-4 Price: $29.95 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-951541-22-4 52995

9 781951 541224


Spring 2021 2020

Architecture Stuff / More Stuff Robert Livesey

Architecture Stuff is about a way of looking at architecture. It examines seven seminal projects and shows how they might have been conceived with or without the design architect’s awareness. More a working method than a theory, Architecture Stuff deals with questions pertinent to designers as well as to critics of buildings. More Stuff then illustrates how that same method can be used to make architecture. The seven buildings are chosen for their breadth of styles and approaches to architecture and show that this approach to architecture can be applied to any building. Presented in reverse chronological order, the first project, Grace Farms, is a building by SANAA. Noted for its meandering river form and minimalist detailing, it is seen to be—among other things—a juxtaposition of orthogonal and sinuous forms. The second project is Villa Dall’Ava by Rem Koolhaas/OMA. Located in the suburbs, the house is a transition from city to country. The third project is the Neue Staatsgalerie by James Stirling. The analysis shows how the “bad boy” of architecture subverts conventional architectural tropes. Robert Venturi’s Mother’s House is shown to be a compressed stately manor and an architect’s conceit. The Kimbell Art Museum by Louis Kahn can be understood as simple repetitive forms with elaborated elements that organize a diverse collection of spaces. Pierre Chareau’s Maison de Verre is much more than types of transparency and mechanization. One of its major themes is the use of L-shaped spaces. Finally, St. George’s Bloomsbury by Nicholas Hawksmoor is a parish church swallowed by a classical temple. The critique exposes how the architect used that idea to juxtapose the clerical and the civic to develop all of the details in the building.

Title: Architecture Stuff / More Stuff Size: 6” x 8.5” Portrait Pages: 176pp / 64pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Fall 2020 ISBN: 978-1-951541-04-0 Price: $35.00 World Rights: Available

These are not singular idea buildings and, as a way of seeing architecture, there are overlapping themes in this collection. The history of architecture of specific periods is a common theme, as is architecture’s stasis with spaces expanding or contracting. A dry sense of humor is always appreciated. What separates these buildings from any other building is the density of ideas presented. More Stuff accounts for the same working methods as a way to make architecture. Here the author illustrates 11 projects across the span of his career. Though often done in collaboration with others, in all cases the author generated the design ideas. One of the key aspects of architecture stuff is that it is unpretentious and accessible and these projects are meant to illustrate that quality. Architecture can be serious and playful at the same time. Author Robert Livesey is a professor and director emeritus in the Knowlton School of Architecture at the Ohio State University. As the principal of Robert Livesey, Architect, he has won numerous design awards and been published in national and international journals.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-04-0 53500

9 781951 541040

AR+D Publishing

Fresh Water

Design Research for Inland Water Territories Mary Pat McGuire and Jessica M. Henson

Walker & Partners, and served fellowships with the Landscape Architecture Foundation. Jessica M. Henson, RLA, is an associate at OLIN, where she is leading the LA County Master Plan for the Los Angeles River. Henson has an MLA from the University of Pennsylvania and BArch from IIT—Chicago.

Fresh Water is a book that addresses regional, territorial, and continental water issues through interdisciplinary design research in landscape architecture. The geographical and hydrosocial context of the major inland (non-coastal) watersheds of the North American continent—the Mississippi, the Great Lakes Basin, St. Lawrence, and the Nelson—remains an under-explored field for design research. Major spatial, temporal, biological, and geological manipulations of water bodies, systems, and flows raise critical questions about how to redefine human-hydro relationships and to reverse the deterioration of freshwater systems across the territory. Fresh Water assembles scholarly papers from designers that reframe complex issues of industrial agriculture, energy production, urban sewersheds, water law, transportation tributaries, and crosswatershed diversions, to propose new inland water futures. Design contributors interrogate the institutional regime and control of inland water, integrating diverse disciplinary knowledge to support multiscalar interventions that challenge land and water policy to consider a range of new and urgent partnerships and projects this century. Authors Mary Pat McGuire, RLA, is assistant professor at the University of Illinois—Urbana Champaign, and principal designer at Water Lab. Previously McGuire taught at IIT in Chicago, practiced with Peter Title: Fresh Water Size: 8” x 10.5” Portrait Pages: 200pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Fall 2019 ISBN: 978-1-940743-85-1 Price: $34.95 World Rights: Available

Other Contributors Beth Baranski Sean Burkholder Kristi Cheramie Danielle Choi Sandra Cook Danika Cooper Brian Davis Andrew Dawson Elen Deming Lowell Duckert Marcella Eaton Billy Fleming Jessica M. Henson Justine Holzman Walton Kelly Forbes Lipschitz Nina-Marie Lister Mary Pat McGuire Thomas Nideroest Samuel Panno Matthew Seibert Halina Steiner Matthew Tucker Jane Wolff

ISBN-13: 978-1-940743-85-1 53495

9 781940 743851


Spring 2021 2020

Way Beyond Bigness

The Need for a Watershed Architecture Derek Hoeferlin

Way Beyond Bigness is a design-research project that studies the Mekong, Mississippi, and Rhine river basins, with particular focus on multi-scaled, water-based infrastructural transformation. The book proposes a simple, adaptive framework that utilizes a three-part, integrative design-research methodology, structured as: Appreciate + Analyze, Speculate + Synthesize, and Collaborate + Catalyze. To do such, Way Beyond Bigness realigns watersheds and architecture across multiple scales (site to river basin), disciplines (ecologists to economists), narratives (hyperbolic to pragmatic), and venues (academic to professional). The research critiques and recasts Oxford Dictionary’s two very different definitions for a “watershed”: 1) “An area or ridge of land that separates waters flowing to different rivers, basins, or seas”; and 2) “An event or period marking a turning point in a situation in a course of action or state of affairs” and its two very different definitions for “architecture”: 1) “The art or practice of designing and constructing buildings”; and 2) “the complex or carefully designed structure of something.” The book highlights the author’s comprehensive work of over more than a decade, including in depth field research across the Mekong, Mississippi, and Rhine, along with a diverse body of academic and professional collaborations, ranging from the speculative to the community-based.

Title: Way Beyond Bigness Size: 6” x 9” Portrait Pages: 250pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-940743-59-2 Price: $34.95 World Rights: Available

Author Derek Hoeferlin, AIA, is principal of [dhd] Derek Hoeferlin Design, an award-winning, trans-scalar architecture and design practice based in St. Louis. He is an associate professor at Washington University in St. Louis, where he teaches undergraduate and graduate level multidisciplinary approaches to architecture.

ISBN-13: 978-1-940743-59-2 53495

9 781940 743592

AR+D Publishing

Unresolved Legibility In Residential Types Clark Thenhaus

In his new book, Unresolved Legibility in Residential Types, architect and academic Clark Thenhaus proposes new understandings and interpretations of American residential architecture by investigating and graphically illustrating the forms, spaces, and histories of ten residential types through careful analyses that link social, cultural, and political histories with architectural expressions. Noting that houses are long-standing subjects of architectural discourse, cultural reflection, and experimentation, Thenhaus exposes a confluence of architectural and broader cultural phenomena by articulating that the house is not only susceptible to, but in fact requires renewal and re-imagination as it reflects shifting societal and architectural values. Unresolved Legibility in Residential Types proposes that legibility in architecture requires both visual clarity of a building’s appearance such that its formal, spatial, and material compositions can be comprehended, as well as a certain clarity of its received social, cultural, and political or contextual histories. Rather than an exercise in objective typological or historical analyses of ten residential types, Thenhaus positions legibility in architecture as an open, inconclusive, and unresolved source for historical investigations, formal analysis, and projective architectural imaginations.

Populated with over 500 drawings, diagrams, rendered images, and photographs across 12 chapters, Unresolved Legibility in Residential Types explores concepts of character, context, frontality, corners, systemization, physiognomy, symmetry, doors, walls, and stacks as they pertain to the circumstances, qualities, and effects of residential architecture ranging from a remote one-room cabin to urban row houses. Designers and scholars interested in the interrelations between architectural design, history, and theory will appreciate the breadth and depth of this book. Author Clark Thenhaus is founding director of Endemic Architecture and assistant professor of Architecture at the California College of the Arts. Thenhaus has won numerous design awards and published original work and ideas extensively. Editor Ryan Roark is an independent editor and studio critic at Rice University School of Architecture. Sean Yendrys, Graphic Designer

Title: Unresolved Legibility Size: 8� x 10� Portrait Pages: 220pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Fall 2019 ISBN: 978-1-943532-39-1 Price: $35.00 World Rights: Available

ISBN-13: 978-1-943532-39-1 53500

9 781943 532391


Spring 2021 2020


Urban Dreams Brutal Imperatives Clayton Strange

Winner of the 2020 John Brinckerhoff Jackson Book Prize

Monotown: Urban Dreams Brutal Imperatives examines the postindustrial transformation and transnational legacy of planned singleindustry towns that emerged as a distinctive sociopolitical project of urbanization in the Soviet Union during the 1920s. Monotowns took form through the teleological establishment of industrial enterprises strewn across remote parts of the Siberian hinterland and entailed the relocation of vast populations requiring services, housing, and social and physical infrastructure, all linked to a given town’s productive apparatus. Today, having outlasted the political and economic systems which made them viable, many have become shrinking towns with graying populations and obsolete enterprises, even as they are subjected to considerable national investment and commanded to grow in order to catalyze their respective regions. Given this implied imperative for transformation, the work goes on to explore the largely overlooked legacy of the Monotown as a model of urbanization that was deployed upon remote geographies of China and India through Soviet-aided industrial development projects. By exploring the etymology of the Monotown over time in this expanded field, the work establishes a broader yet more specific dialogue about this model’s complex legacy and future.

Title: Monotown Size: 7” x 10.5” Portrait Pages: 430pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Fall 2019 ISBN: 978-1-939621-57-3 Price: $45.00 World Rights: Available

Author Clayton Strange is an architect, urbanist, and educator. He is currently a design critic at the Harvard Graduate School of Design where he holds a Master of Architecture in Urban Design with distinction. He is also the founding principal of Strange Works, a Boston-based research and design office.

ISBN: 978-1-939621-57-3 54500

9 781939 621573

AR+D Publishing

Pratt Sessions Volume 2

David Erdman

Pratt Sessions presents a series of conversations between notable practitioners and thinkers. It is a distributed symposium that is curated and yet open-ended. Based on an ongoing lecture series at Pratt Institute’s Graduate Architecture and Urban Design program, each Session brings together two participants as a means of instigating discourse and dissolving and/or reinforcing the artifice of geographically-based discourse networks. Participants are carefully paired together based on the content of their work and the region in which they reside and/or practices. Participants frame their work around a disciplinary provocation in short, non-standard lecture presentations, and engage in an in-depth dialogue. Pratt Sessions is intended as a book series, each volume featuring six conversations, which originally took place over the course of two academic semesters. The six sessions are divided in two areas of focus, exploring and examining how new mediums and new contexts can be defined, redefined, and understood within the realm of architectural design.

Title: Pratt Sessions Volume 2 Size: 8” x 9” Portrait Pages: 200pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Fall 2020 ISBN: 978-1-943532-23-0 Price: $29.95 World Rights: Available

Contributors David Erdman is Chair of Pratt Institute’s Graduate Architecture & Urban Design program. He was previously Assistant Professor in the Department of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong, and has taught at UCLA’s Graduate Department of Architecture and Urban Design, and held visiting Professorships at Rice University, University of California Berkeley, and University of Michigan. Original Copy is the editor of the Pratt Sessions book series. Specializing in editorial, curatorial, and research projects within architecture, Original Copy aims to generate new productive content and open conversation, focusing on architectural discourse beyond the mere presentation of built work. Other Contributors Stan Allen, Ben Aranda, Kutan Ayata, Jacqueline Bloo, Manuel de Landa , Elizabeth Diller, David Erdman, Graham Harman, Chris Lasch, Sylvia Lavin, Michael Maltzan, Dwayne Oyler, Gregg Pasquarelli, Florencia Pita, Robert Somol, Jenny Wu, and Michael Young

ISBN: 978-1-943532-23-0 52995

9 781943 532230


Spring 2021 2020

Pratt Sessions Volume 3

David Erdman Contributors David Erdman is Chair of Pratt Institute’s Graduate Architecture & Urban Design program. He was previously the assistant professor in the Department of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong, and he has taught at UCLA’s Graduate Department of Architecture and Urban Design, and held visiting professorships at Rice University, the University of California Berkeley, and the University of Michigan. Original Copy is the editor of the Pratt Sessions book series. Specializing in editorial, curatorial, and research projects within architecture, Original Copy aims to generate new productive content and open conversation, focusing on architectural discourse beyond the mere presentation of built work. Other Contributors Ellie Abrons, Michael Bell, Hernan Diaz Alonso, Eva Franchi Gilabert, Adam Fure, Justin Brice Guariglia, Ariane Lourie Harrison, Florian Idenburg, Lisa Iwamoto, Mark Lee, Jing Liu, Greg Lynn, Timothy Morton, Craig Scott, Jane South and Andrew Zago

Pratt Sessions presents conversations with notable names in architecture, discussions that unpack their work in non-standard ways, revealing new insight to familiar terms circulated in the discipline and profession. The two areas of focus—new architectural mediums and contexts—are timely issues in architecture that are challenged and questioned within the six conversations. The range of practitioners and thinkers that engage in critically exploring these topics allows the Pratt Session series to develop and present evolving disciplinary arguments as different voices from different regions and praxes come together within the book. The Pratt Sessions series is aimed at an architectural audience, especially students and young practitioners who are engrained in the fast-paced media culture and engaged in contemporary practice. All content included in the publications is original and has only been available to attendees of the Pratt lecture series. Through the publication of these conversations, a much larger audience can engage with these topics. In its examination of two central topics in contemporary architecture—which will only continue to grow in importance in coming years—the book is also relevant for the wider architectural community, both academic and within practice.

Title: Pratt Sessions Volume 3 Size: 8” x 9” Portrait Pages: 200pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-73-6 Price: $29.95 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-951541-73-6 52995

9 781951 541736

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Architecture of Nature Nature of Architechture

Diana Agrest, Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture The Cooper Union She has written, produced, and directed the feature documentary film “The Making of an Avant-Garde: The Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies 1967–1984,” which premiered at The Museum of Modern Art in NY in 2013 Peter Louis Galison is the Joseph Pellegrino University Professor in history of science and physics at Harvard University and Director of the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments. He holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University in both physics and in the history of science. In 1997, Galison was named a John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Fellow. His books include: How Experiments End,1987; Image and Logic, 1997; Einstein’s Clocks, Poincaré’s Maps, 2003; Objectivity (with Lorraine Daston), 2007; Picturing Science, Producing Art (with Caroline A. Jones), 1998; and Einstein for the 21st Century: His Legacy in Science, Art, and Modern Culture (ed. with Gerald Holton and Silvan S. Schweber), 2008. He has directed, with Robb Moss, the feature documentary films “Secrecy” (2008) and “Containment” (2015). Based on documentation originating in the environmental sciences, history of science, philosophy, and art, Architecture of Nature/ Nature of Architecture explores the materiality and the effects of the forces at play in the history of the earth through the architect’s modes of seeing and techniques of representation. This book presents the research work developed for over the past eight years in the Advanced Research graduate studio “Architecture of Nature/ Nature of Architecture,” created and directed by Diana Agrest at the Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture of the Cooper Union. Architecture of Nature departs from the traditional approach to nature as a referent for architecture and reframes it as its object of study. The complex processes of generation and transformations of extreme natural phenomena such as glaciers, volcanoes, permafrost, and clouds are explored through unique drawings and models, confronting a scale of space and time that expands and transcends the established boundaries of the architectural discipline. Authors Diana Agrest, FAIA, is a professor at the Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture of the Cooper Union and has taught at Princeton, Columbia, and Yale Universities. Agrest is internationally renowned for her pioneering and critical approach to architecture in practice and theory, considering architecture an interdiscursive field, focusing since 1989 on the question of nature. Her designed and built work, which ranges in scale from buildings to cities and urban regions internationally, has received numerous awards. Her previous books include: The Sex of Architecture; Agrest and Gandelsonas: Works; Architecture from Without: Theoretical Framings for a Critical Practice; and A Romance with the City. Title: Architecture of Nature Size: 9” x 11.75” Portrait Pages: 280pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2019 ISBN: 978-1-939621-94-8 Price: $49.95 World Rights: Available

Caroline A. Jones is a professor of History Theory and Criticism and Associate Department Head at MIT Architecture. She trained in visual studies and art history at Harvard, completing her PhD at Stanford University in 1992. Her books include: The Global Work of Art (2016). Eyesight Alone: Clement Greenberg’s Modernism and the Bureaucratization of the Senses (2005), Machine in the Studio: Constructing the Postwar American Artist (1996/98); edited Sensorium: Embodied experience, technology, and contemporary art (2006) and co-edited Picturing Science, Producing Art (with Peter Galison), (1998). D. Graham Burnett is a historian of science, a writer/editor and a Professor of History in the History Department at Princeton University. He graduated from Princeton in 1993 and holds a Ph.D. in the History and Philosophy of Science from Cambridge University (1997–2001). His books include: Masters of All They Surveyed: Exploration, Geography, and a British El Dorado (2000), Trying Leviathan: The Nineteenth-Century New York Court Case that Put the Whale on Trial and Challenged the Order of Nature (2007). The Sounding of the Whale: Science and Cetaceans in the Twentieth Century; He is an editor of the art magazine Cabinet. John Angus McPhee is an American writer and a pioneer of creative nonfiction. He is professor of writing at Princeton University, where he has taught since 1974. He has been a staff writer at the New Yorker since 1965 and has written nearly 30 books. McPhee won the Pulitzer Prize in General Nonfiction in 1999 for Annals of the Former World, a compilation of five books on the geological history of North America. He has also received the Award in Literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters (1977), the George Polk Career Award (2008), and the Wallace Stegner Award (2011). His most recent books include: Draft No. 4: On the Writing Process, FSG 2017, and The Patch, FSG, 2018.

ISBN: 978-1-939621-94-8 54995

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Spring 2020 Backlist Title: Not Interesting Size: 7” x 9” Portrait Pages: 232pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Fall 2018 ISBN: 978-1-940743-53-0 Price: $29.95 World Rights: Available

ISBN-13: 978-1-940743-53-0 52995

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Title: Fronts Size: 7” x 9” Portrait Pages: 332pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2020 ISBN: 978-1-941806-95-1 Price: $29.95 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-941806-95-1 52995

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Title: Women [Re]Build Size: 6.5” x 9.5” Portrait Pages: 144pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Fall 2019 ISBN: 9781-943532-43-8 Price: $29.95 World Rights: Available

ISBN-13: 978-1-943532-43-8 52995

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Winner of the 2018 John Brinckerhoff Jackson Book Prize

Title: Be Seated Size: 7” x 9” Portrait Pages: 200pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Fall 2017 ISBN: 978-1-939621-72-6 Price: $34.95 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-939621-72-6 53495

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GOFF BOOKS Spring 2021 GOFF BOOKS publishes asthetically vibrant books that provoke the imagination and rouse the creative spirit. Our hope is to inspire individuals and communities by illuminating and illustrating a world filled with beauty and potential for unique and awesome opportunities. From breathtaking photography to lifestyle topics, from chic fashion to world-class art and urgent social issues, Goff Books features stimulating insight into the worlds of pop culture and visual literature. The artistic foundation of our projects drives our inventive production process—further presenting vivid imagery that illuminates original content and creating the ultimate reader experience.

This is an epic tale; a fantasy replete with grand romances and countless avenues leading to divine love. Venture through diverse time perspectives and complex mythologies of the gods in this multi-dimensional drama, inspired by ancient Asian principles. The Gold Lotus is a dance in written form; a saga with a rhythmic delivery that will transport you through intricate plots, legendary wars, unsettling separations and passionate love, unbound.

Maria Ausherman’s Behind the Camera focuses its lens on the untold stories of women whose influences helped create the foundation for modern photography. As these characters in history achieved successful careers, they elevated photography as an art and changed the way we see the world around us. Stories of these resilient American women show the generational impact that can be achieved in the practice of photography with determination and a true vision.

Complements is a gem, an intimate book to be savored on first readings and held near as a resource on what is real. It contains 115 luscious photos of small objects juxtaposed in ways that evoke emotions, thoughts, questions, and remembrance of beauty. The photographs tell stories, make wry jokes, and elude to larger realities of the esoteric. As complements, the objects are more than the sum of their parts.

American Industry is as much a celebration as it is documentation. Through his unique vision and privileged access, photographer Kim Steele has achieved a spectacular distillation of a variety of icons of power. The photographic images are as iconic as their subjects. Formally pure and powerful in their scale and clarity, they mirror the ambitious and inspirational quality of what are now understood to be quintessential and classic symbols of American ingenuity and drive. A testimony of a guilded age of American industrial might.

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American Industry

Photography of Kim Steele Introduction by Paul Goldberger

American Industry is as much a celebration as it is documentation. Through his unique vision and privileged access, photographer Kim Steele has achieved a spectacular distillation of a variety of icons of power. Some of these places of power are literal: sources of hydro-electric energy, such as dams or atomic and accelerators. Other places of power are more metaphorical: the might of massive construction as only heavy industry can achieve, whether in architecture or ships; or the romance of aviation and the exploration of space. The photographic images are as iconic as their subjects. Formally pure and powerful in their scale and clarity, they mirror the ambitious and inspirational quality of what are now understood to be quintessential and classic symbols of American ingenuity and drive. Together, the seven chapters, Hydro Power, Aviation, Heavy Industry, Energy, Space, Atomic Energy, and The Future, create a visual tapestry of American industrial power in the twentieth century. A testimony of a guilded age of American Industrial might. Contributors Kim Steele is a San Francisco-based American photographer. He was educated at the Newhouse School of communications at Syracuse University. After graduating he received a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship and attended graduate school at the University of New Mexico, where he studied under Beaumont Title: American Industry Size: 10” x 10” Square Pages: 124pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-70-5 Price: $40.00 World Rights: Available

Newhall. In the 1970s through 2000s, his work was exhibited at the Foster/White Gallery in Seattle, OK Harris in New York, then Charles Cowles Gallery in Chelsea. His work is in the collections at MoMa, New York, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, LACMA, the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Denver Art Museum, Seattle Art Museum, and many other collections. As well as in corporate collections such as Chase Manhattan Bank, Goldman Sachs, and New York Life. In addition to fine artwork Kim Steele has also taken on editorial assignments from clients such as Life, Fortune, Forbes, Smithsonian, Paris Match, and Stern. He also produces unforgettable images for corporate clients include such as EDS, Mobil Oil, Mead Paper, AT&T, Frito-Lay, and Exxon. Paul Goldberger is a contributing editor at Vanity Fair. From 1997 through 2011, he served as the Architecture Critic for the New Yorker, where he wrote the magazine’s celebrated “Sky Line” column. He also holds the Joseph Urban Chair in Design and Architecture at the New School in New York City. He was formerly dean of the Parsons school of design, a division of the New School. He began his career at the New York Times, where in 1984 his architecture criticism was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Distinguished Criticism, the highest award in journalism.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-70-5 54000

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Spring 2021


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Eloquence of Small Objects Patricia W. Smith

The strange little fish, weary of being teased, left school to swim in oceans of silk and dreams.


She loved to tease. She had done it through several lifetimes. —hand-painted plate, Pierre Ducordeau, c. 2000

She was tired of being seen only for her beauty and, as a maid, preferred to discover what beauty she had in the privacy of her chambers. She gave the barnyard gander, hopelessly in love, her earring and asked him to stand in for her. People see what they expect to see.

Complements is a gem, an intimate book to be savored on first readings and held near as a resource on what is real. It contains 115 luscious photos of small objects juxtaposed in ways that evoke emotions, thoughts, questions, and remembrance of beauty. The photographs tell stories, make wry jokes, and elude to larger realities of the esoteric. As complements, the objects are more than the sum of their parts. A sentence or two of text accompanies each photograph, creating storylines that draw the viewer into the world of the objects as strongly as if they were human, except, their not being human allows the viewer a purer sense of what they tell us. David Hume Kennedy, the Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, says in the foreword, “The narrative and pictures reunite twins separated at birth.” The photographs pull the viewer in with their emotional content, then ask the viewer to step back for another look—to both feel and think, to understand truths beyond words.

Title: Complements Size: 6.7” x 8.07” Portrait Pages: 128pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-74-3 Price: $30.00 World Rights: Available



Authors Patricia Z. Smith was the photographer for the “War on Poverty.” She taught photography at the Smithsonian Institution and has had several one-person shows. She has a playwright, a collector of pre1850 quilts exhibited at the Smithsonian, and is a globally-recognized peace activist. Louise Brody has designed more than 100 books for a variety of leading British, American, and French publishers, museums, and international press, as well as working with private clients to produce publications for important events or to commemorate achievements. David Hume Kennerly is a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and was the White House photographer under President Gerald Ford. He has photographed eight presidents, and historic events around the world. His photographs are icons of American history.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-74-3 53000

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Spring 2021


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Think Before You Shoot

The Art of Taking Creative Photographs Santino Zafarana

This is a book is a visual feast, an offering both for those who love fine art and those who recognize the thought behind its creation. It is in addition, a book for photographers seeking to learn how to make your own photographs more artistic. The goal of this book is to offer readers a guide for those seeking to take fine, interpretive photographs and a joyful thought-provoking journey that the photographs in this book will inspire. Author For more 45 years Santino Zafarana, he has simply photographed “the magic of light.” which he now shares his key techniques with you in his book. Think Before You Shoot is a fine art photography book and educational guide created to help inspire photographers of all levels to learn how to see and creative great photographs, no matter where they are in their photographic journey.

Title: Think Before You Shoot Size: 9” x 12” Portrait Pages: 204pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-78-1 Price: $70.00 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-951541-78-1 57000

9 781951 541781

Spring 2021


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The Gold Lotus

Thousands of Cupid’s Arrows on the Battlefield of Love A. D. Dauphinais

This is an epic tale; a fantasy replete with grand romances and countless avenues leading to divine love. Venture through diverse time perspectives and complex mythologies of the gods in this multidimensional drama, inspired by ancient Asian principles. The Gold Lotus is a dance in written form; a saga with a rhythmic delivery that will transport you through intricate plots, legendary wars, unsettling separations and passionate love, unbound. Manifested in a time of darkness and war, the celestial being Kānu prepares for a journey brought on by Muniji, the minstrel saint, to face a destiny that stands between destruction and salvation. Weaving through the ways of love and power, the almighty Kānu will learn to become the saviour of his heavenly kingdom while discovering the deepest desires of the heart and defeating evil – both within and without. As the heavenly kingdom yearns for its saviour, a formidable and broken God of War comes to battle with an unpredictable foe that has bested the mightiest of warriors before him: finding the lost love capable of fulfilling the void in his heart. What (or who) he finds as the answer proves to be a riddle never before encountered by the revered warrior. Alongside Kānu and a kingdom of mystical beings that oversee the forces of existence, the celestial war for balance is far from won and the stakes grow higher with every heartbeat.

Title: The Gold Lotus Size: 5.5” x 8” Portrait Pages: 432pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-59-0 Price: $21.99 World Rights: Available

Author A. D. Dauphinais started her “out of this world” life journey during a long, solo pilgrimage throughout India at the age of eighteen. For the past twenty-five years, she has been immersed in ancient knowledge, fascinated by Buddhist, Vedic, and Sanskrit literatures. Recently she compiled a fantasy novel filled with timeless possibilities of divine love, based upon the Vedic viewpoint of time. The Gold Lotus multi-world drama series is not only a page-turner, but also a perception changer. Filled with poems, ancient knowledge, wars and romance. She is the founder of two non-profits, an ancient temple dance teacher, director of Devi Communications Music, and founder of TerraVoyage LLC. She spends most of her free time planting trees and saving ancient seeds at her organic permaculture-based farms.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-59-0 52199

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Spring 2021

Behind the Camera

American Women Photographers Who Shaped How We See the World Maria Ausherman

Each of the women in this series stepped out of the bounds of physical and social expectations to pursue her personal vision through photography. Some were fortunate to have come from wealthy families who fostered their interests. Others had to make their way by supporting themselves, or they found encouragement from other, more established photographers. Many chose to avoid or leave behind the comforts of married life at a time when marriage provided the primary source of financial security for a woman. Each of them surmounted the challenges they encountered in order to pursue their dreams. I hope their true stories inspire you, and I invite you to continue documenting and recording whatever is most important in your life through the ever-evolving tool of photography, just as these women did before you. Author Maria Ausherman is the author of The Photographic Legacy of Frances Benjamin Johnston and co-author with Patricia Jennings of Georgia O’Keeffe’s Hawaii.

Title: Behind the Camera Size: 6” x 9” Portrait Pages: 200pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-51-4 Price: $25.00 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-951541-51-4 52500

9 781951 541514

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’93 til

A Photographic Journey Through Skateboarding in the 1990s Pete Thompson

Bestseller To be a skateboarder today is a much different experience than it was for much of the 1990s. The photographs, quotes, and anecdotal text in ’93 til captures a time in skateboarding when making a livable income as a professional skater was a luxury and public understanding of skateboarding was at an all-time low. It was a time when skateboarding was searching for an identity, a time before Instagram and big corporate influences. Street skating was coming of age, testing its limitations and aligning itself with a new and innovate style of hip-hop culture that was emerging. Looking back, many skaters today feel as though the ’90s were the golden years of skateboarding. ’93 til is a captivating portal into a decade and a culture that is remembered with warmth and nostalgia. Much of the photography that Pete has unearthed for ’93 til was buried in boxes for close to two decades and hasn’t never been seen or published before. The 236-page book also contains several timeless images from his years shooting for SLAP and Transworld Skateboarding Magazine that will be familiar to the initiated. In addition to his stunning action shots are plenty of portraits and unguarded, candid moments that span from the late ’80s up through 2004. The book reveals a raw, unapologetic perspective of a world that no longer exists. Also included in the book alongside Pete’s imagery are quotes and anecdotes from legends like Tony Hawk, Arto Saari, Jamie Thomas, Guy Mariano, Nyjah Huston, Geoff Rowley, Stevie Williams, and others. Pete moved on from his career in skate photography in 2004 and is currently living in Brooklyn. Title: ’93 til Size: 9.25” x 12” Portrait Pages: 236pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Fall 2020 ISBN: 978-1-951541-46-0 Price: $60.00 World Rights: Available

Author In a photography career spanning nearly three decades, Pete Thompson worked as senior staff photographer for Transworld Skateboarding Magazine and contributing photographer for SLAP and Skateboarder Magazine. Pete has photographed many of the best skateboarders in the world, during a time in the ’90s that some call “the golden era” of skateboarding, before leaving the skate industry in 2004. After re-locating to New York City in 2008, and assisting Danish fashion photographer Anders Overgaard, Pete’s work made a pivotal shift, exploring a more nuanced, spontaneous feeling. His current work focuses on capturing candid moments that communicate a spirit of honesty, and authenticity. Pete currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-46-0 56000

9 781951 541460


Spring 2021

Street Culture Seleen Saleh

Street Culture is a stunning collection of photographs representing women and men of color who exhibit a unique style. Seleen Saleh’s photographs reveal individuality, fearlessness, and creativity in the most vibrant beings who collectively represent street style. This style is as varied as the people; it is a personal expression that changes day to day. It is an expression of a person’s culture, mood, influences, and esthetics. Street style originated in the street where top designers look for inspiration for their next collections. The book preserves the integrity of street style and features some of the muses that have been forgotten or were never acknowledged. In the book Seleen combines photographs from her work at Essence Magazine with new images of jaw-dropping, creative and colorful moments. As a lover of fashion, art, and people, Seleen brings out the authentic nature of these known and unknown muses. Each person depicted here can be considered a brilliant artist in his or her own right. These portraits were taken in New York City—the perfect global destination—diverse and open and where people are not afraid to tell you who they are. There is an underfed audience for this book; the world is waking up and wants to see more diversity and more eclectic styles. Author Seleen Saleh in her younger years painted fashion spreads and collected inspiration from magazines and the world around her. In school at the Art Institute of Philadelphia she merged her love of fashion and photography. It was during this time that she began to develop her bold and vibrant style.

Title: Street Culture Size: 5” x 7” Portrait Pages: 300pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2020 ISBN: 978-1-943532-59-9 Price: $24.95 World Rights: Available

Her editorial work has been featured in magazines such as British Vogue, People, Essence, Fault, Gilt, as well as gracing the cover of Footwear News. In addition to her own projects as a fashion photographer, Seleen began working at Essence Magazine in 2009. There, she helped develop the “Street Style” section of the magazine’s website, which boasts 658K unique visitors every month. Seleen enables her subjects to show their best selves. She takes photos of a snippet of time which immortalize her models making them bigger than life. She enables her viewers to experience and live in and through all her subjects. She has made it a priority to create and foster relationships with all these beautiful people. She cultivates connections while generating exponential exposure for her evolving brand. Her highly praised work stands as a divine tapestry of culture and sensuality.

ISBN-13: 978-1-943532-59-9 52495

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Inflatable Planet Addi Somekh

A balloon artist and photographer travels the world surprising people with improvised, inflatable crowns and offer a deep view into the nature of joy. The simple act of twisting a balloon for a complete stranger can make people instant friends. This idea animated balloon artist Addi Somekh and photographer Charlie Eckert to improvise balloon crowns for unsuspecting people throughout 35 countries and document their reactions. Part photography book, part sociological study, part spontaneous party, Inflatable Planet chronicles features of over 200 photos from this international experiment in joy. Authors Addi Somekh has been twisting balloons for almost 30 years and specializes in improvising elaborate headdresses. His side hustles include teaching a critical thinking course at UC Santa Cruz and playing music with his homemade balloon bass in his LA-based band Unpopable. Charlie Eckert is a photojournalist, living in New York City and working around the world. Reggie Watts is a musician, comedian and the bandleader on the Late Late Show with James Corden. Title: Inflatable Planet Size: 9� x 11� Portrait Pages: 252pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-15-6 Price: $40.00 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-951541-15-6 54000

9 781951 541156


Spring 2021

Americana Mathew Tekulsky

From sea to shining sea, from Yankee Stadium to Yosemite National Park, Mathew Tekulsky turns his lens and commentary on the greatest topic of them all, the United States of America, in his new book Americana: A Photographic Journey. Following on the heels of his successful book Galapagos Birds: A Photographic Voyage, Mr. Tekulsky’s take on the American landscape includes images such as a barn with an American flag draped along its side; John Lennon’s Imagine mosaic in New York City’s Central Park; covered bridges and antique automobiles; an inflatable Uncle Sam in a front yard festooned with red, white, and blue buntings; John Burroughs’s Slabsides cabin; Mariano Rivera pitching a save at Yankee Stadium; a classic Vermont diner; a roller coaster at twilight; the Beverly Hills Hotel; tourists at Tunnel View in Yosemite National Park; and surfboards in Hawaii. And there’s much, much more in this book. We live in an era of photographic images, and Mr. Tekulsky has provided the reader with 83 of the best photographs of America that you will ever see. According to Wikipedia, Americana is defined as “any collection of materials and things concerning or characteristic of the United States or of the American people and is representative or even stereotypical of American culture as a whole.” As such, Mathew Tekulsky’s book Americana: A Photographic Journey is a piece of Americana itself.

Title: Americana Size: 7” x 9” Landscape Pages: 136pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2021 ISBN: 978-1-951541-57-6 Price: $24.95 World Rights: Available

Author Mathew Tekulsky is the author of Galapagos Birds: A Photographic Voyage; Backyard Bird Photography; and The Art of Hummingbird Gardening, among other books. He is also the author of “The Birdman of Bel Air,” a column at that featured essays and photographs about his birding experiences. His bird photographs have been published in field guides such as the National Geographic Field Guide to Birds: California and the Smithsonian Field Guide to the Birds of North America. His bird photographs have also been exhibited in galleries and museums, including the Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History.

ISBN: 978-1-951541-57-6 52495

9 781951 541576

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The Wisdom of Buddha

A Photographic Pilgrimage into the Traditional World of Buddhism Paige Lee Baron-Schrier

The Wisdom of Buddha is a stunning visual journey through the countries of India, Bhutan, China, Cambodia, and Myanmar. These soul-touching photographs are paired with carefully selected quotes meant to reflect on the very heart of Buddha’s teachings. This book will transport you to historical Buddhist landmarks including Bodh Gaya, where Siddhartha Gautama became enlightened and was pronounced the Buddha. You will behold the Bagan temples at sunrise, the Myanmar city with over 2,000 Buddhist temples. You will view traditions from the different branches of Buddhism including Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana. The Wisdom of Buddha is a gorgeous, linen-bound work that offers beauty, peace, and wisdom for your journey through life. Author With a master’s degree from New York University under her belt, Paige Lee has had a lifetime passion for photography. When she was 12 years old she started taking photographs with a Yashica-Mat twin lens relax camera and developed the film in her homemade darkroom. Paige Lee, now shoots on a Nikon D810, and has traveled to over 60 countries capturing the diverse beauty of our planet and humanity. For the last 15 years Paige Lee has been practicing meditation and has been an enthusiast of Buddhist philosophy.

Title: The Wisdom of Buddha Size: 9.75” x 12.5” Landscape Pages: 140pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2020 ISBN: 978-1-943532-90-2 Price: $50.00 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-943532-90-2 55000

9 781943 532902


Spring 2021

Body Mirror Jean-Paul Bourdier

This body of work is a contemplation of human beings’ passage on earth and their intimate interrelation with the environment. This book attempts to bring humor to the things we are getting attached to. It points at the invisible within the visible, the immaterial within the material or the vertical nature of being (and its mirror-like quality) within our horizontal way of living (where our mind, time, and space condition our experiences). The naked body is seen as our primary indivisible unit of perception which is usually pushed and pulled by our thinking mind’s desire to either get less or more. In other words, our lives are colored by our minds and since body-mind is a single entity, most of the colors painted on the body are an allusion to the range of our changing desires from being invisible or transparent to wanting to be singular and the center of attention. The book Interviews (the interviewers are from Russia, Colombia, Korea, Germany, and the US) stanzas, and photographs are not seen as being subservient to one another but can be seen as an assemblage of three independent directions that may or may not intersect following each reader.

More from this author Title: Body Unbound Size: 12.25” x 12.25” Square Pages: 255p Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2020 ISBN: 978-0692772-43-0 World Rights: Available Price: $65.00

ISBN: 978-0692772-43-0 56500

9 780692 772430

Author Jean-Paul Bourdier has taught in many US Universities, in Senegal and Italy; author of eight books; he collaborated with Trinh Minh-ha on a number of installations and eight feature-length films. He is co-founder and co-editor of Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review. He is Emeritus Professor of Architecture, Photography and Visual Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Title: Body Mirror Size: 12” x 12” Square Pages: 220pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Fall 2020 ISBN: 978-1-951541-20-0 Price: $50.00 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-951541-20-0 55000

9 781951 541200

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Clean Slate

Images from Dogen’s Garden Marcia Lieberman

Clean Slate combines Dogen’s poetry with images of plants he might have seen during his lifetime while living in Japan. The gathering of these images is not to make a scientific analysis, rather to consider and imagine what beauty provoked his writing. Japanese literature is well populated with descriptions of beauty and imperfection. Marcia’s pictures isolate and render the plant so that it no longer is a member of a garden, but rather an example, a cue, an object that invites the viewer. Alone in the garden. Clean Slate brings the rhyme of Dogen together with the glance of things both he and Lieberman might have seen. Author Marcia Lieberman is a photographer, author, and academic. Her work has focused on people of note and particular projects driven by an idea or subject that concerns her. Published books include When Divas Confess, and Being Still.

Other Contributors: Taigen Dan Leighton, Reb Anderson, Shohaku Okumura, Michael Wenger, Shinshu Roberts, Florence Caplow

During her years of teaching at the University of California, Berkeley, and California College of Art, Oakland, Lieberman lectured on time and space, dwellings, representation of time passing, and the interview as a visual entity. 
She resides in San Francisco and passes much of her time at the San Francisco Zen Center, where being still is a daily practice. Her interest in temple arts has led her to study the way of tea and altar flower arranging. She recently finished her graduate courses in Buddhist Scholarship at the Institute of Buddhist Studies, Graduate Theological Seminary, University of California, Berkeley.

Title: Clean Slate Size: 7.5” x 10” Landscape Pages: 96pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Spring 2020 ISBN: 978-1-951541-08-8 Price: $19.95 World Rights: Available

ISBN: 978-1-951541-08-8 51995

9 781951 541088


Spring 2021

American Eagle

A Visual History of Our National Emblem Preston Cook

A MERICAN E AGLE A Visual History of Our National Emblem ✯


A bold expression of a fledgling republic’s aspirations and bravado, the American bald eagle has been designed, drawn, illustrated, stamped, engraved, painted, sculpted, carved, photographed, and etched by thousands of artists and artisans since 1782, when it first appeared as the central figure on the Great Seal of the United States. As America’s most versatile emblem, the eagle emanates confidence during peace and prosperity, and strength during crisis and war; as a North American native species it exemplifies nature’s grandeur and the advance of conservation. In all, the bald eagle is a stirring national symbol made all the more vibrant by its indisputable dominion in the sky. American Eagle: A Visual History of Our National Emblem is a visual survey that explores the eagle in American life. A remarkable book that represents American culture, politics, and history, American Eagle will be the definitive source of this national icon for generations to come. Silver Medal Winner in the IBPA Book Awards.

Title: American Eagle Size: 11” x 14” Portrait Pages: 264pp Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Spring 2019 ISBN: 978-1-941806-28-9 Price: $75.00 World Rights: Available

Author For 50 years Preston Cook has amassed a collection of more than 25,000 eagle objects. His collection will be housed in the first and only museum dedicated to the American eagle, currently under development at the National Eagle Center in Wabasha, Minnesota. Foreword Rolf Thompson is the executive director of the National Eagle Center, a world-class interpretive center located on the banks of the Mississippi River in Wabasha, Minnesota, where visitors can experience non-releasable bald and golden eagles and learn about these magnificent creatures.

ISBN-13: 978-1-941806-28-9 57500

9 781941 806289

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City of Immortals

Père-Lachaise Cemetery, Paris Carolyn Campbell

This first-person account of a legendary necropolis will delight Francophiles, tourists, and armchair travelers, while enriching the experience of taphophiles (cemetery lovers) and aficionados of art and architecture, mystery, and romance. Carolyn Campbell’s evocative images are complemented by those of renowned landscape photographer Joe Cornish. City of Immortals celebrates the novelty and eccentricity of Père-Lachaise Cemetery through the engrossing story of the history of the site established by Napoleonic decree along with portraits of the last moments of the cultural icons buried within its walls. In addition to several “conversations” with some of the high-profile residents, three guided tours are provided along with an illustrated pull-out map featuring the grave sites of 84 architects, artists, writers, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, and actors, including Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison of the Doors, Frédéric Chopin, Georges Bizet, Edith Piaf, Maria Callas, Isadora Duncan, Eugene Delacroix, Gertrude Stein, Amedeo Modigliani, Sarah Bernhardt, Simone Signoret, Colette, and Marcel Proust. Author Carolyn Campbell was born in Washington, DC, has lived in Paris, and is now a resident of Los Angeles. A published writer and an exhibited photographer, her fascination with Père-Lachaise was kindled on a first visit to Paris in 1981. With the support and encouragement of her mentor, John Russell—the late New Title: City of Immortals Size: 6” x 9” Portrait Pages: 200pp Binding: Softbound Publication Date: Fall 2019 ISBN: 978-1-943532-29-2 Price: $24.95 World Rights: Available

York Times art critic—she embarked on her research and photo documentation of the cemetery. A summa cum laude graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art, she has been working as an arts and communications specialist for over thirty years. She has held executive positions with the Corcoran Gallery of Art, the American Film Institute, and the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture, where she was also editor of UCLA Arts magazine. Contributor Joe Cornish, contributing photographer, studied fine art at Reading University and then assisted photographer Mike Mitchell in Washington, DC, before basing himself in the UK. Since his first photographic explorations in Père-Lachaise with Carolyn Campbell in 1982 he has contributed to numerous travel books as well as writing his own on landscape photography.

ISBN-13: 978-1-943532-29-2 52495

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Spring 2021

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