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Pune – Vol.1, Issue 1, July-September, 2018 (Quarterly), Free Distribution, Pages 44

Cover Story The cover page of Ornate Pune stands out from a majority of the mainstream magazines of today where models or products are highlighted on the cover. With a vision of doing something that hasn’t been done before in any magazine of this category, the cover page of our magazine has been customized and hand painted, after a careful and an in-depth study off all our guests, their brands and the segments that they have been showcased in, by our artist Omkar Shilimkar to showcase all the topics covered in the current issue.Wanting to keep the cover page as minimalist and unique as possible, we have showcased our guests, the topics and the highlight points through visuals instead of textual content.

Lifestyle on point! We live in a world where time stops for nothing and no one. A world where people are seldom judged by the kind of lifestyle they lead instead of the kind of people they are. A world where staying in trend has become the new trend! While trying to stay at pace with the latest trends one often ends up feeling lost and wishes to have someone to guide, enlighten and expose them to what’s happening in and around their city. While most of the lifestyle magazines available today talk about the international trends and events they don’t quite cater to a specific city. ORNATE PUNE will help you with just that! Not only does it help the locals but also those who feel like ‘outsiders’ to the current social and lifestyle trends in a particular city and will help them connect better to that region. ORNATE, as the name suggests, is a highly elaborate and embellished solution that will guide you through the lifestyle trends in and around your city. It consists of a plethora of topics that include fashion, food, social work, luxury living, health & fitness, parenting, beauty & spa, automobiles and gadgets which will be presented to you in a unique way by a new ‘Presenter’ every issue. Furthermore, all this will be made available to you through article along with interviews from experts in various format such as print magazine, e-magazine, blogs and web series (video format) by a Presenter who will help to give ORNATE PUNE a more personal touch and help us connect better with our audience. 
 The wide spread of topics and platforms help us in targeting the major part of the community by engaging the novice as well as the veterans from all age groups, because we strongly believe that age is just a number and has no barriers when it comes to living a great and trendy lifestyle! And remember, what’s trending may not always be comfortable; but what is comfortable will always be in trend. So stay connected, stay updated and stay trendy with ORNATE PUNE!

Publisher Vikrant Shilimkar Editor Vaibhav Kulkarni Executive Editor Anushka Athavale Graphic Designer Omkar Shilimkar Medha Masalekar Cameraman Gajanan Fulsundar Digital Marketing Pranoti Pathak Video Editor Rohan Sathe Web Developer Yogesh Thorat Logo Designer Mohini More

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Social work means doing good deeds for the society or community without discrimination on the grounds of caste, creed, gender or even species! Two such people who are selflessly working towards making a difference in the society with their organizations ResQ and Real Strong are Neha Panchamiya and Abdullah Khan respectively. While ResQ tirelessly works towards the rescue and rehabilitation of sick and abandoned animals, Real Strong, a premium active wear brand works in honor of real heroes with the initiate of giving back a little something to our Armed Forces.



A ‘Real Strong’ vision



Looking after their safety and proving them with their basic necessities is something every individual should take up on. And doing this noble deed is the brand Real Strong - A premium active wear brand with the motto Wear Pride. 8



he Indian Army, whose motto is ‘Service Before Self’, stands tall like the Himalayan ranges to protect us. Soldiers are the people who stay far away from their families just to ensure our safety. They do not have any ulterior motives behind doing so. Pouring rains and severe cold do not stop them from serving the country. There are times when they have done duty in waist deep snow without any complaints, times when they have lost a limb

to snow and times when they haven’t even been provided with proper safety equipment. These being few of the many problems that they have to face, it has never stopped them from serving the nation and keeping us safe. Such are the real heroes of our nation and to them we owe! Looking after their safety and providing them with their basic necessities is

Presenter’s Point Of View I personally look up to the brand Real Strong because making apparels for the armed forces is so commendable.

“We have already tied up with AWA, Army Welfare Association, and are funding them every month.” says Abdullah. He believes in maintaining complete transparency with the customers by sharing all the transaction details of the contributions made to forces. And having said this, hopes that this initiative becomes a trendsetter for those who wish to spread good in the world. With the aim of educating people about the Defence Services, he also plans on launching the Black collection, Navy series, and Airforce series. As a start-up that has received great response and has almost sold out collections, Abdullah says, “I’m coming up with a new collection and the girls collection is in the making. I want the best of fabrics and designs and want it to be a hit brand.”

So all of you out there who wish to make are something every individual should take a contribution to the real heroes, this is your up on. And doing this noble deed is the brand chance. The active wear and gym wear brand Real Strong - A premium active wear brand which is currently available online will soon with the motto Wear Pride created to honor our real heroes. With this notion, Abdullah Khan started off with the initiative Real Strong, as an attempt to giving back a little something to the defence forces of India. The extensive research put into the fabric that would be suitable for the Indian climate and the designs that they offer have become the unique selling point (USP) of this brand. A brand completely inspired by the Armed forces also has Army Inspired Colors such as Military Green and Desert Beige as a part of their current collection. Not just the colors, but, Real Strong contributes to the forces through the revenue that it generate.

be within your offline reach at all the Lifestyle stores. So don’t miss out on helping our real heroes, put a foot forward, make an effort and do the deed with Real Strong!




‘ResQ’ of Humanity ~ NEHA PANCHAMIYA

NEHA PANCHAMIYA President & Founder Trustee, RESQ


hen we think of social work what comes to our mind is the society or the community. And the selfless good deeds done for this society keeping aside the discriminations based on caste and creed is what true social work is all about.

They touch the lives of minimum 1200 street animals every month which include not only dogs and cats but also include horses, cows, pigs, buffaloes, goats, birds and 9 elephants.

The struggle to get help for the injured, seeing a number of animals die in front of her eyes and her love for animals since childhood is what inspired Neha Panchamiya to take the decision to start up with ResQ along with her friend Tanya in the year 2007. Quitting the job she had in hand, overcoming the obstacles of inadequate resources or model to start off with, learning the basics of veterinary care and setting up a hotline number were something One such Pune based organization is she did to get ResQ started. From working on the streets and treating the ResQ Charitable Trust, an organization that tirelessly works towards the rescue and animals in their own cars to having their own rehabilitation of sick and abandoned animals. mobile ambulance and multiple offers for In today’s world, it is not just difficult to find such Good Samaritans who are selflessly willing to do things for people, but it is also extremely rare to find anyone who would step forward for the animals. Truth be told, these stray animals are the ones who are in true need of our love and care. And that is why we are in need of more social helpers (volunteers) than social workers who will work towards making the society a better place to live in.


donations from people, Neha and Tanya have come a long way! Starting off with the rescue of just dogs and cats; as of today, ResQ touches the lives of minimum 1200 street animals every month which apart from dogs and cats also include horses, cows, pigs, buffaloes, goats, birds and nine elephants. They receive numerous calls for help each day that includes not only accidents cases, cruelty cases, and diseases but also pulling animals out of certain situations and at times for the physical trauma that they go through. With one on-site team for the Pune and PCMC area and one for Lonavala, ResQ currently are working in collaboration with ATREE for the rabies program. And while working with animals seems to look like all fun Neha says that it is not always like that. “Working with animals doesn’t always mean playing with puppies and kittens.” she says. They come across multiple cases in which horses and cattle are abandoned because of their old age or because they meet with an accident. They have also operated on cows and removed about 50 – 70 kgs of plastic from their stomach. But all this doesn’t stop them from rescuing and treating animals day in and day out. While on-site treatments can be quick and

Presenter’s Point Of View This charitable trust consists of all rescued animals that are taken care of like babies. I could spend my whole day there with those lovable animals.

hassle free at times it is the treatment at the Centre that requires a certain procedure to be followed and require around 1 – 30 people to help depending on the case. According to Neha, “When an animal is brought in to the Centre for treatment we have to follow a procedure in which the animals are first put in to quarantine, then to their ward after which animal birth control takes place and once the animal has recovered it is responsibly released or put up for adoption.” Today we see a lot of people keen on helping or rescuing animals which soon turns into animal hoarding. And since this is rampant and completely unrecognized in our country, people often fail to understand the thin line between hoarding and helping. One of the classic cases of hoarding that Neha recalls is the recent case of the Kondwa cats. “It was the worst rescue story for me, the rescue of those 55 Kondwa cats. I have never seen animals kept so badly.” Such cases help ResQ to educate people towards what animal rescue actually is and how exactly one could help animals in need. Since seeing animals recover is what inspires and motivates Neha personally, ResQ makes sure that they welcome visitors to its Centre all week long between 10 am and 5 pm. (But make sure you get an appointment first! You wouldn’t want to disturb an ongoing treatment now, would you?) Since ResQ is a complete non-profit and non-government funded organization, they often do events and awareness programs to raise fund for the treatment of animals. So if you wish to help, volunteer or reach out to ResQ in case of an animal emergency make sure to visit its website because no animal is ever turned down treatment at ResQ. So put your best foot forward and help the animals that give us ageless affection, timeless devotion and everlasting love!





Beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in your eyes. To help you relax, indulge, beautify and spoil yourself this monsoon season we have Krishma Gala Rajput, the face behind H2O (Hair 2 Order) Salon. With complete hair to toe treatments that include nail, beauty and hair, H2O is one of the most promising chains in town today.



Toss your hair and conquer the world! ~ KRISHMA GALA RAJPUT

A good hair massage with some coconut oil, wash with shikakai and then naturally drying out in the sun was the perfect remedy to beautiful hair in the olden times.


woman in all her forms is eternally beautiful. Every woman, at some point in her life, wishes to look her very best! Women often used ayurveda treatment as also oils made from some medicinal herbs to enhance the beauty of their skin and hair. Till date, the bond that every woman shares with her hair is something that cannot be put into words. To every woman her hair is like a crown that she cannot take off. And taking care of this crown and maintaining it, especially during

the monsoons is something every woman contemplates about. A good hair massage with some coconut oil, wash with shikakai and then naturally drying out in the sun was the perfect remedy to beautiful hair in the olden times. While all these techniques were easily manageable during those times, the hectic lifestyle made it difficult to continue with these over time. This resulted in newer products to come into existence. Some natural and some

KRISHMA GALA RAJPUT Owner, Hair 2 Order Salon (H2O)


Presenter’s Point Of View

ventured into other segments such as nails, skin and beauty. She also has her own academy to train and guide those who wish to make a mark in this industry. As of today there are three branches of H2O in the city serving many happy customers with their motto of hair to toe styling. This self-motivated hair stylist who loves interacting with different people and knowing about them believes that the biggest challenge that she has faced till date is that of managing her staff but at the same time considers a well-trained staff to be her biggest strength. The smiles on the faces of satisfied customers motivates her and her staff to give utmost service and keep up the mark.

H2O salon gives very nice services and the staff is very amicable at all their branches.

With climate changes and busy lifestyles people often end up having bad hair days or are unable to maintain them. Being a hair stylist herself Krishma strongly believes that hydrating yourself well and using argon oil chemically processed, each product made to or serum after a wash is the most important fulfil the different requirements of different hack for good hair all year round. To all those hair types in the highly polluted cities of people who feel hair spa treatment work today. Soon enough treatments that were like magic and show the change in a single done at home started being done at spas and sitting, Krishma recommends regular hair spa salons all around the city. This fusion of age treatments ranging between a time span of old remedies with the new age techniques 1 week to 1 month (depending on hair type) is what attracted people to such places the in order to look your dazzling best! And who most. could give you better advice than the hair We are often contemplating when it comes stylist herself? to picking the right place for our beauty So to all you out there who are still sceptical treatments and are quite sceptical when of trying out new places for hygienic reasons, it comes to trying out a new place. How be rest assured as hygiene is the top priority hygienic will the place be? Will they handle at H2O, and it ensures to use disposable my hair properly? Is the staff well-trained? products wherever possible. Don’t hesitate These are some of the most common queries to visit one of your closest outlets and enjoy that every woman has before visiting a spa your favourite treatments from those who or salon. What if we tell you that you could have been carefully trained to make your not feel safer and at peace at any other place experience a memorable one. And as Krishma in Pune apart from Hair 2 Order – H2O? The says, “It just takes about a minute to do perfect place for you to feel relaxed, indulge, something for yourself and you feel more beautify and spoil yourself! confident when you look pretty!” So use those With the primary aim of starting up a salon products, toss that hair and make a style that was truly and completely dedicated to statement. ‘Coz life is too mainstream for you hair, Krishma Gala Rajput started off with Hair to look boring! 2 Order in the year 2005 and soon enough





The fitness trends in India are going through a massive change. More and more people are becoming conscious and looking for newer ways and approaches to remain in shape and stay fit and healthy. Following a proper diet plan and combining it with a balanced workout routine is the perfect way to lead a healthy lifestyle. Avanti Deshpande, Pune’s leading nutritionist and celebrity consultant gives us an insight on the do’s and don’ts of healthy eating this monsoon season. Dhruv Chaudhuri, a fitness motivator, guide, vegan athlete and calisthenics coach and Sagar Katurde, a bodybuilder and fitness trainer, guide you through the perfect workout routine that will help you increase your fitness levels and achieve your targets.



Food habits for

a healthy living! ~ AVANTI DESHPANDE

AVANTI DESHPANDE Nutritionist & Celebrity Consultant


he monsoons are here! After the scorching summer heat, the first drops of rain and the fresh smell of moist mud, unarguably, are a pleasant experience. The happiest moment for most is when we reach out for that steaming cup of tea and some hot pakoras to enjoy these monsoon showers. Not just that, but this season also calls for those mandatory outings with friends and family. While some of us end up going for monsoon treks around the city, some prefer quick weekend outings 20 ORNATE PUNE/JULY-SEPTEMBER 2018

at some hill station. The monsoon season often tempts us into eating unhealthy and unhygienic food items. The long drives and outings in the rain along with these monsoon food habits can bring to you a lot of pleasing moments; but they can also spoil these by bringing with them some non-desirable health conditions. Our food habits during this season prove to be a major drawback. But what if we told you that you can now enjoy these beautiful

moments without compromising on your health!? The best way to do so is to pay some extra attention to the food items that you consume. In a conversation with Ornate Pune, Avanti Deshpande, Pune’s leading nutritionist and celebrity consultant, says, “If you are already following a healthy eating style, make some modifications to your existing diet by including foods that are light on your digestive system, at the same time peps up your metabolic rates.” It is highly important to keep your immune system strong during this season as a weak immune system can lead to a lot of diseases. Apart from staying hydrated during this season, it is also important to eat right. Drinking hot soups is a great option to indulge in the rainy season. Warm nutrition-packed veggie soups will not just help you stay away from cold and flu,

but also help you stay healthy and hydrated. In case of throat infection a bowl of hot soup could act as a sigh of relief and at the same time fill your stomach as well! Paya soup is the best soup you can have in this rainy season. It helps to heal your gut. Lemon coriander soup, clear chicken and veg soup, palak soup, broccoli soup, golden soup are a few excellent soup options this season. Body’s immunity can be increased by adding a dash of garlic to the soups. So take that extra effort and make some fresh soups at home this season! If you are someone who loves fruits then it is better to eat seasonal fruits such as Pomegranates, Lychees, Apples, Cherries and Bananas since the non- seasonal fruits get infested with worms during the monsoons. Jamuns, the first fruits to be available in this season are extremely low in calories. These berries, known for their blood sugar lowering properties and hypoglycaemic effect, also help treat diarrhoea and are known as blood purifying agents and are

This monsoon season follow a healthy diet. Make sure you only drink filtered or boiled water. Preferably avoid raw vegetables and salads unless they are consumed at home where you can wash and clean them thoroughly.



hence recommended to be consumed by everybody! “While drinking some Herbal Tea can be your go-to option, the consumption of Raw Food and juices are a big no no”, says Avanti. Herbal tea which contains elaichi, ginger, cinnamon and tulsi is proven to be good for digestion, while raw foods contain unhealthy microorganisms and are heavy to digest.

and beverages as the preservatives and sugars in them act as diuretics. Make a smart move and enjoy a care free monsoon.

Recipes for Monsoon – 1.Warm Bean Salad -

Presenter’s Point Of View Her diet plans for summer and monsoon are really helpful and very smart approach towards eating healthy food.

Ingredients French beans - 1 handful Toasted sunflower seeds - 2 tbsp Onion sliced- 1 small Chopped garlic - 2 tbsp, Olive oil- 1 tsp

So this monsoon season follow a healthy diet. Make sure you only drink filtered or boiled water. Preferably avoid raw vegetables and salads unless they are consumed at home where you can wash and clean them thoroughly. And most importantly do not compensate your liquid intake with carbonated, caffeinated, and alcoholic drinks

Salt, pepper to taste Parmesan cheese (optional) - 1 tbsp For dressing- Balsamic vinegar – 1 ½ tbsp. Method 1. Remove both heads of French beans. 2. Blanch the beans for 3 minutes and remove. Immerse immediately in an ice water. Let it soak for a few seconds and remove. Let it drain. 3. Heat oil in a wok on high flame. Once heated, add garlic, let it brown a bit. 4. Now sweat the onions slightly and add beans.


5. Add salt, pepper to it and sauté for another minute. 6. Beans should be crunchy but yet cooked a little.

with a hand blender. I have blended it in the cooker itself, you can do it in a mixer or food processor if you don’t have a hand blender.

Transfer the mixture into cooker again and 7. Check the cooking of the beans. If they are let it boil for another minute or two. You can done as per your liking, remove from the heat. add cream or any other herbs of your choice. Drizzle a dash of balsamic vinegar and shave Sprinkle black pepper powder over it. the parmesan cheese while serving. Serve hot with a blob of butter added on top.

2.Mixed Veg Soup -

3. Herbal Tea –

Ingredients Onion- cubed 1 medium Cauliflower - 1 ½ cup (6-7 florets) Sweet corn - ½ cup Capsicum cubed - ½ medium Carrot chunks - 1 whole Celery stalk chopped - 1no. Potato cubed - 1 cup Tomatoes cubed - 3 no.s Masoor dal - ¼ cup

Ingredients –

Butter - 1 tsp, Water - 1 lt

Ginger – 5 inch

Salt, pepper - as per taste

Lemongrass – 4 stalks with leaves.


Cardamom – 5-6 no.s

Add tomatoes and other vegetables in the Tulsi / basil leaves – 10-12 no.s pressure cooker directly. Jaggery (preferably organic) – 2 tbsp Add masoor dal, then salt. Add water and mix Method – well. Boil the ginger, lemongrass, cardamom Cook it for 2 whistles. & basil leaves in 8 cups of water. Add jaggery into it. Boil it down to 5 Now puree all the veggie mixture glasses. Strain it & serve hot.





the art of using body weight! ~ DHRUV CHAUDHURI & SAGAR KATURDE

DHRUV CHAUDHURI Fitness Professional & Martial Artist

Fitness being his passion, he has created a particular type of training that combines the best of Martial arts and Calisthenics and uses only one form of equipment; the body. 24 ORNATE PUNE/JULY-SEPTEMBER 2018


t is no surprise that we all wish to have that perfect body and live that healthy lifestyle. But how many Monday’s, next week’s, next month’s and new year resolutions has it been since the time you decided to actually start doing that? Every New Year starts off with many following a new diet and crowding the gyms. But soon enough the fad fades and in less than a month life gets back to normal because let’s face it, we are human beings who lack the dedication and the time that it takes to workout. Once we fall off this wagon,

strength building. With the aim of helping you make workout fun a lot of non-conventional workout techniques are being used so that you can pick the type of workout that you would enjoy. More and more people today prefer to try their hand at workout techniques such as Calisthenics, Kick boxing, Yoga, Jeet Kune Do, Martial arts, Dancing, Spinning, Circuit trainings, etc. instead of the age old weight training and machines. While all this seems fun, we should not forget that being fit doesn’t only mean working out. In order

Presenter’s Point Of View He is a friend and strong from the inside as well as outside. all that’s left are new goals and new dates to start living healthy, yet again! We tend to forget that procrastinating can be our biggest enemy when it comes to health and a good workout is the best way to beat it! Putting off the decision to start leading a healthy life can be an easy choice, but the more you delay the more difficult it becomes because there are only so many tomorrow’s that we have got left. So why wait for the condition to be perfect; get off that couch, hit that gym and lift those weights. With the never ending apps and websites trying to guide us through the ‘perfect’ workout routines and telling us about what’s good and what’s not for us when it comes to fitness can tend to be a tad bit confusing. If you don’t consider yourself a fitness buff but yet want to make an effort to stay fit without lifting weights then you need not worry. Workout routines today are changing from body building to ORNATE PUNE/JULY-SEPTEMBER 2018


to be completely fit you must also maintain a something that you need to enjoy and have a healthy diet. liking for, only then can you give your best at Dhruv Chaudhuri, a fitness motivator and a it. His liking for this sport and this belief of his guide, strives to make you the best version of has proved extremely beneficial to him which yourself, can exactly be the kind of motivation is evident from the multiple titles that he has that you require to achieve your fitness goals. bagged. He has been the 4 times winner of A vegan athlete and calisthenics coach, Dhruv Mr. India from the year 2008 to 2011 and has has proven myths like vegetarian meals don’t also won Mr. Mumbai in the year 2010, Mr. provide enough protein, Dairy is a necessity for Maharashtra in the years 2010 and 2011 and strong bones, it’s tough to maintain a vegetarian Muscle Mania – Mr. India in the year 2010 and / vegan diet, you’ll get weak and frail by only 2011. Hitting the gym, doing proper work out, consuming vegetarian / vegan food, etc. about yoga and other physical activities along with being flexible and healthy define fitness for a vegetarian / vegan diet to be wrong. Sagar. Fitness being his passion, he has created To all the new comers to the fit life, Dhruv a particular type of training that combines the best of Martial arts and Calisthenics not only suggests going for some personal and uses only one form of equipment; the training in the initial stage in order to set your body. This style of exercise that increases form right but also asks everyone to stay away your fitness levels and prepares you face from the fad diets and workout routines that any kind of situation you might find yourself do the rounds on the internet. And while a face to face on the streets has been termed as “Streethenics” by Dhruv who is currently working with Nitro as the Fitness Manager. While he admits that getting people to be consistent to the gym and getting them to follow good nutrition is the biggest hurdle that he faces, he also says that the fitness industry in the country is changing drastically. Being consistent doesn’t mean getting too much into fitness, it basically means leading a balanced life, enjoying yourself and staying fit. “My primary goal in life is to get people aware of fitness and how important fitness is in life”, says Dhruv. Doing what he loves and the joy his clients get at the end is what gets him motivated to keep going in order to achieve his goals. And being a physical education expert and a coach has made it easy for him to combine his knowledge and expertise in order to bring forth to you a routine that will help you achieve your targets. On the other hand, Sagar Krishnaji Katurde, for whom bodybuilding is like a sport, 26 ORNATE PUNE/JULY-SEPTEMBER 2018

SAGAR KATURDE Bodybuilder & Fitness Instructor

lot of us are often confused when it comes to weight training and cardio, Dhruv and Sagar Katurde, fitness trainer and bodybuilder, strongly suggest a good combination of both along with proper nutrition as the perfect form of workout. They even put the myth that weight training makes women bulky at rest and say “Lifting weights is in fact recommended for women.” And as we know, ‘How do I reduce my fat levels?’ is the biggest concern that a lot of people face, when asked about this Sagar Katurde says, “Following a proper diet and combining cardio and weights during workout and taking no shortcuts is the best way to loose fat.” Having said this, he also dismisses the myth that doing Abs regularly will help reduce body fat and says, “Our stomach is like a storage unit where our body stores all the unwanted items in the form of calories. This is what results in belly fat.” Sagar feels that being sceptical about

lifting weights at an older age should not be the case; that aging does not mean limiting yourself to activities like yoga which do not involve weight training. He believes that age is not the limit when it comes to working out, as long as you do smart workout. If all this does not motivate you and put all your doubts to rest then what will?! We can assure you that the guidance and tips from two of our very own fitness experts from Pune can surely be the ultimate guide to kick start that fitness journey which you have been shelving for so long. Because the only think that you’re going to be living with all your life is your body, keeping it healthy is your duty. So make an effort and take that healthy step today!





Since the food industry is flourishing rapidly, people are constantly looking for new places where they can enjoy some great food and a have a wonderful time with their loved ones. While World Dhaba, a curated food festival, is a complete package in terms of wide variety of food cuisines, wonderful live music and beers, Mr. Rabbit’s Bar and Burrow is a chic joint in the city with a unique theme and a carefully customized food and bar menu.



‘World Dhaba’ A food lovers paradise! ~ KUSHAL KARERA


eorge Bernard Shaw has rightly said, “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” Who would understand this better than a person who has grown up in India, where most of the childhood memories comprise of food!? Be it the delish homemade food we eat every day or those rare outings to our favorite restaurants on some special days! Food always has a way of transporting us to our happy place. Growing up in the city of Pune, one knows for a fact that it has a whole wide variety of food to offer. Be it the traditional Maharashtrian Thalis, the mouth-watering vada pavs, the ever so famous Shrewsberry biscuits or even the mango barfis and bakarwadis from Chitale. Not only the specialty food items, Pune has also been famous for the iconic food joints like Goodluck Café, Vaishali, Vohuman Café, etc.

Apart from food, the Taking this scene a notch higher to some extent they have limitations where we, at Ornate, have found the city which has always pulling in the family been known as the perfect merger of food and Oxford of the East has festivals at Pune’s biggest curated crowd is concerned. Pune is a culturally played host to a variety food festival ‘WORLD DHABA’ , a and traditionally rich of festivals in the past. Be it the NH7 Weekender, food festival by the foodies for the city where people the Supersonic Festival, foodies that can be enjoyed not enjoy going on outings the Sunburn or on a just with your friends or colleagues with their families as much as they do with more traditional front but with your family as well! friends. So taking this the Sawai Gandharva scene a notch higher, Festival, we have seen it all. And even though these festivals are a big we at Ornate Pune, have found the perfect hit with all the youngsters and the music lovers merger of food and festivals at Pune’s biggest pre-booking months in advance for them, curated food festival ‘WORLD DHABA’, a food 30 ORNATE PUNE/JULY-SEPTEMBER 2018

festival by the foodies for the foodies that can be enjoyed not just with your friends or colleagues but with your family as well!

order to cater to all kinds of food lovers. This is why, this season they introduced separate zones for our Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian With over 40 food stalls and 10 food trucks, food lovers. A decision smartly taken by the this festival has a great variety of International organizers Kushal Karera and Yash Patrikar food styles personally handpicked by the has helped them in increasing the footfall organizers especially for you after a lengthy manifold. screening process. Not only do they curate the According to Kushal Karera, co-organizer of applications for food stalls but also make it a WORLD DHABA, this new trend that they have set has received a positive response from all the true blue foodies! Because frankly, who wouldn’t enjoy a fun filled outing with family and friends!? And if you are someone who finds happiness in food, then visiting this festival that is dedicated entirely and purely to tons of fun, food and some chilled beer on a hot day is the place for you to be!

Presenter’s Point Of View

KUSHAL KARERA Organizer, World Dhaba

World Dhaba is a foodies Dreamland. On a personal level I enjoyed eating all the new variety of food from different parts of the world at one place!!

point to provide a platform for the new and upcoming restaurants and budding home chefs. What’s more? Apart from the great variety of Indian and International food cuisines, they also have some wonderful live music playing in the evenings, a dedicated kids zone where your young ones can safely enjoy and play, and abundant parking to fit in all you foodies. WORLD DHABA which was started in the year 2014 has successfully completed its 4th year and has set a benchmark for all the festivals of its kind. With changing food culture of the city, they too have grown in




Hop in to the‘Burrow’ for a night of merriment! ~ ASHWIN & KUNAL SHETTY


he most flourishing industry today is the food industry. Be it the roadside tea stalls, small food joints or even the 5 star hotels, all have established their own individual presence in the city. The constantly growing city of Pune has encouraged many people to migrate to this city for various reasons such as

ASHWIN & KUNAL SHETTY Owners, Mr. Rabbit’s Bar & Burrow


This place serves some amazing food and drinks, is pet friendly and has a lot of gigs that happen every week. They also try hard to promote as many local artists as possible.

work and education. As these people are new to the city, they often find it difficult to sustain during their initial period. They need places to go out and joints to eat at. This demand has led to an increase in newer and newer food joints

Presenter’s Point Of View Mr. Rabbit’s has a very colourful vibe with colourful personalities. The food is great and so is the music. that are seen on every road and every street in the city today, making it a food paradise. The establishment of multiple MNC’s in the city resulted in various 5-star hotels to come into existence. Everyone is looking forward to make a mark of their business in the society, busy in strategizing how to engage maximum number of customers, and busy in trying to sustain. People soon realised that to stay on top of the game, what they needed were some new ideas and some attractive names. Working on these lines and starting up their own food joint in the city of Pune are the young and dynamic Shetty brothers; Ashwin, Kunal and Sharan. With over 15 years of experience in the food industry, the Shetty brothers had been working under the guidance of their father before making it big on their own. Right from selecting and finalising on a unique name like Mr. Rabbit’s Bar and Burrow

to doing up the interiors to painting up an entire wall based on their creative thought process, they have done it all. Their unique taste and personal touch in everything they do and offer is what has made this place one of the most popular joints in the area in such a short span. Being someone who loves food, especially that cooked by their mother, the Shetty brothers have taken inspiration form their mother’s recipes and their favourite Kerala cuisine while building up their menu. When asked about their most selling items on the menu, Ashwin says, “We have a lot of innovative drinks that we have created; 3 Times Shetty, because we had to have our name in the cocktail and As Mad As A Hatter, a drink inspired from something we drank on the streets of Cochin while on vacation.” While Kunal says, “Our most popular dish on the menu is Kerala Mutton Fry which is created by our mother. We run out on it every night.” They do not aim to be just on one of the pubs on the street which is why they do not believe in compromising on the quality that they offer. Not only does this place serve some amazing food and drinks but also is pet friendly and has a lot of gigs that happen every week. They try hard to promote as many local artists as possible. A place that offers all this with a cozy feel to it and great hosts with some personal touch is the perfect place for you to be at every week. A must try for all those who love some great variety of food and drink with great music! Because where else can you get the Indian touch to food in a modern, friendly and cozy atmosphere?!





Shoes give us a sense of power and confidence that helps bringing out our A-game and every girl who loves fashion loves shoes! Nupur Chaudhuri, a journalist turned footwear designer, has made it possible for every girl to own customized footwear that will suit your style. Nupur Chaudhuri Footwear is a drool worthy and cruelty free label with some trendy, contemporary, classy and chic designs with just the right amount of gold!



Shoes That Don’t Bleed! ~ NUPUR CHAUDHURI

“I’ve always been clear that when I would launch, my label would have to be cruelty-free. Animal skin looks best on animals.”, says Nupur.


hristian Louboutin once said, “Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.” He could not be more right about that! The fact that right pair of shoes give us a sense of power and make us feel more confident about ourselves is just the kind of boost that we need to bring on their A-game. Shoes are something that we pay the most attention to before stepping out; be it for an important

interview, a girl’s night out or even for a casual outing. But how often do we make the mistake of purchasing that gorgeous pair completely unaware of what to team them up with later on? With every season comes a new style of footwear that’s trending. And the first thought that crosses our minds when we see that beautiful pair of footwear is that we need it on our own shelf! Because every girl who loves fashion, loves shoes! This love for shoes has

NUPUR CHAUDHURI Owner, Nupur Chaudhuri Footwear


increasingly made women want exclusivity and customization in the design that they wear; something which was earlier limited to only clothing. If you are someone who loves to have your footwear customized to suit your style then there is a place for you to look forward to. Nupur Chaudhuri Footwear (NCF) – a droolworthy and cruelty free footwear label launched by the lady who knows shoes and has been crazy about them since she was a little girl!

Presenter’s Point Of View Nupur Chaudhuri’s footwear line is unique and classy. I suggest that each girl should own a pair from her collection.

offers you with some comfortable yet funky variety of heels to pick from. The pressumption that one needs leather for good shoes, wearing the wrong size of foot wear and pairing floaters with anything are a big No No for her; “Wear trendy sneakers if you want, but get rid of those floaters.”, says Nupur. Since a lot of people today are making a conscious choice of using cruelty-free products and prefer to opt for non-leather accessories, NCF makes sure that it only uses high quality synthetic and man-made materials to give its products a sturdy and durable look and finish! So for all you value-conscious shoe lovers, who are looking for something exclusive and customized at a great price, put your best foot forward as NCF is the solution. Because who would understand your needs better than someone who believes in making shoes that she would personally wear!

Working on the lines of her favourite designer Stella McCartney; Nupur too believes in working with fabrics that don’t bleed. This journalist turned footwear designer based in Pune, started off as a cruelty-free label and soon aims at making it absolutely ecofriendly. “I’ve always been clear that when I would launch, my label would have to be crueltyfree. Animal skin looks best on animals. This is why our tagline is: “No ‘soles’ were harmed in the production of these shoes.”, says Nupur. Trendy, contemporary, classy and chic with just the right amount of gold is how one would describe this brand. With gladiators being the brand’s prime focus, it also has a variety of funky designs to pick from. What makes NCF so unique is the constant inspiration from the current fashion trends, architecture, nature, colour combinations with a dash of Nupur’s own quirkiness. In other words, NCF is the reflexion of her own personality. Being someone who personally loves wearing heels, she makes sure that NCF




To pin point what luxury living exactly means is not an easy task. This concept varies drastically from person to person. After a tiring day at work, the quiet and comfort of your home is the most important thing today. And a company which is in the forefront of housing revolution and has changed the way buyers view housing is Kool Homes. Because at Kool Homes, they know that your home is where your story begins!



Luxury Living -

A Style Statement? ~ SAGAR MEHTA

They utilize the element of air by making sure that each and every apartment has cross ventilation and also makes use of the techniques of solar water heating, rain water harvesting and sewage water treatment for plants which helps them give back to nature what we have taken away.


n olden times, a home meant having a roof over your head. It was a place where one could live safely with his / her family. Those were the days when there were no major

risks and people did not have big ambitions. People were living a quiet and peaceful life and had very basic needs. As times changed, and the demand for work increased, more

SAGAR MEHTA Director, Kool Homes


and more people started coming in to the city. Work life started becoming strenuous and the quiet homely lifestyle soon changed in to a hectic work life. People were stuck in a loop making rounds between their homes and offices. And the need for peace, security and safety of the young ones started gaining more importance. After a tiring day at work, the quiet and comfort of a home that is filled with the loved ones seems to be the most important thing.

cross ventilation and also makes use of the techniques of solar water heating, rain water harvesting and sewage water treatment for plants which helps them give back to nature what we have taken away.

To pin point what luxury living exactly means, is not an easy task. The concept of luxury differs from person to person, but then again there are few things that remain constant when this term is concerned. As today’s buyers are looking for some basic The want of living in a place that frees luxuries such as the security check points, you from your fatigue, a quiet and serene availability of video door phones, availability environment in which you can enjoy your life of access codes at the lifts, etc. in their prospect to fullest and a place that makes you feel like homes, Kool Homes not only offers all these royalty is what led to the rise of the concept but also has made LPG pipes a must in each called ‘luxury living.’ And one such company in of its schemes. Having LPG pipes outside the Pune to do so is Kool Homes, a company that house not just makes it safer but to add on is at the forefront of a housing revolution and to this, they also offer safety switches to the has changed the way buyers view housing. pipes which automatically switches off the The growth that the country was making and the company’s vision to be a part of this growth and change the projectory in which India’s real-estate was moving, is what attracted Sagar Mehta to move to India and make a difference. According to him, “Pune is a city where people look for holistic living which encompasses safety, security and serenity.” The fact that water and nature are getting scarce day by day led to making projects by using things from the surrounding and from what Mother Nature has to offer in the right way and thus came the Eco Homes projects in the year 2007 and there has been no looking back since. In this ,Kool Homes makes the best use of what nature has to offer. It utilizes the element of air by making sure that each and every apartment has

Presenter’s Point Of View They have some really cool houses with environment friendly interiors that make you feel at home.



connection of a house in case of a leak in the clients.” They believe that luxury, unlike the pipes. Isn’t that just great? common belief of many, is not just based Since quality and convenience in terms of on materials and sizes but is based on the not just the materials used but also in terms proper utilization of spaces. Working on this of the finishing provided, is Kool Homes’ belief, the company’s team of architects and biggest forte, the homes are designed in a interior designers create designs in a way that way so beautiful that they would not require focus on the more important aspects of room you spending anything more on the interiors! positioning rather than room sizes itself. Kool Homes not only offers such great luxurious housing but also makes sure that all their projects are based on the age old science of Vastu Shastra. It uses this science on land level as well as flat level while planning its sites. “Vastu Shastra teaches us ways to live which are more beneficial to ourselves. It is not just a spiritual concept but also has logic behind it” says Sagar. To all you buyers out there

Right form the granite strips, the counter tops, bathroom tiling to every minor detailing, the company focuses on each and every aspect so minutely that it makes looking for your dream home, your wait is you want to move in to the home that very over. A luxurious property at Kool Homes moment! is the perfect solution to all your queries. When asked about the secret behind Because, at Kool Homes they know that your maintaining and providing such quality and home is where your story begins! luxury living was, Sagar said, “For us all the projects that we made till date are luxurious. We Scan the QR code to design them in a way thinking what we watch all interviews would want in a house we wish to live in and that is exactly what we give our potential




Ornate - A Complete Lifestyle Solution  

ORNATE , just like the name suggests, is a highly elaborate and embellished magazine that will guide you through the lifestyle trends around...

Ornate - A Complete Lifestyle Solution  

ORNATE , just like the name suggests, is a highly elaborate and embellished magazine that will guide you through the lifestyle trends around...