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Newsletter of the Ottawa Region Branch of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association

the ORBit October 2013

President’s Message by Tania Granata

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Happy October! The “magic” of back to school is behind us and most of you are probably in full swing with your students, helping them learn repertoire, brush up on concepts they “forgot” over the summer and hopefully prepare for some of our ORMTA events coming up in the next while. I am very excited as I look at my calendar for the month and see all the opportunities I will have to share my passion for music with others, beginning Saturday, October 5th at 8:00 pm with our Young Artist Recital. Susan Blyth-Schofield has been working hard preparing for this event. Please note that the concert will be held in Tabaret Hall at the University of Ottawa at 8:00 pm. I had the chance to hear Tabitha at the Provincial competitions in July and she was truly outstanding. Please come and support her as she travels to Ottawa on her tour and show her we have the best crowds by filling the seats. Thanks goes out to all of you that attended our September General Meeting. It was wonderful to see a little “sea” of teachers, some who have been members for a long time and many new faces. Isn’t it wonderful that we have this platform to unite us? Behind the scenes your council works tirelessly to provide opportunities for you and our students to pursue their musical endeavours. Our next council meeting is October 7th at the home of Katarina Jovic, and as always if there is something you would like us to discuss, feel free to contact me and I’ll see about getting the topic addressed. I would like to extend a warm welcome to all new members who have joined our branch since the summer: Stephen Boudreau, Caitlin Cooper, Catherine Donkin, Carla Hartsfield, Jose Hernandez, Danielle Jersak, Heather Koss-Huisman, Erin Puttee and Louis Trépanier. It is important to take a little time to enjoy the season so I hope you can free up an afternoon to see the leaves as they change colours, pick some apples or read that book in your favorite chair. This lesson has been a tough one for me to learn as I have a hard time “turning off” but it really does make you a better person when you take the time to invest in some “you” time. Then my batteries are charged, my ideas flow and I’m excited to move onto the next thing! Stay warm, stay healthy and happy and I look forward to seeing many of you at our events this month! Yours in music…

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the ORBit – October 2013

Ottawa Region Branch Executive and Committee (2013-2014) President Tania Granata Past President Sandra Menard First Vice-President Olivia Riddell Second Vice-President Amy Boyes

613-728-1195 613-834-3052 613-680-2996 613-302-8090

Treasurer Lori Lynn Penny


Secretary Ann Empey


Zone Representatives Ann Empey Sandra Menard

613-592-1177 613-834-3052

Adult Student Workshop, Master Class and Recital Ioulia Brechun 613-836-2757

Public Relations Andrea Cochrane

Assistant Treasurer Kathleen Howard

Scholarships (First Class Honours) Sherry Lu 613-862-7221


Canada Music Week Recital Tania Granata 613-728-1195

Social Convenor Jennie Smith

Competitions Kimberly Sundell

Univerisity Liaison Katarina Jovic

Competitions Gala Jennie Smith

613-698-7338 613-260-9171

Email/Telephone Debra Grass

613-523-4262 First Class Honours Recital Tania Granata 613-728-1195 First Class Honours Scholarships Sherry Lu 613-862-7221 Funding Cheryl McDonald Membership List Kimberly Sundell New Members Olivia Riddell Newsletter (the ORBit) Sue Jones (Editor)

613-592-5649 613-698-7338 613-680-2996 613-523-5317

Amy Boyes (Ass't Editor) 613-302-8090 Notes Reporter Ann Empey


Professional Development Amy Boyes 613-302-8090


613-260-9171 613-261-7681

Variety Show Susan Blyth-Schofield Videos/DVD Library Sherry Lu

613-226-4950 613-862-7221

Website Debra Grass


Young Artist Recital Susan Blyth-Schofield


Ex-Officio Archives Ann Babin


Canadian Music Showcase Liaison Ann Babin 613-830-8826 Cards and Flowers Brenda Eisener 613-747-2220 Contemporary Showcase Liaison Tania Granata 613-728-1195 Festival Liaison Diana McCarthy


Information Sharing Sessions Paulette Price 613-592-6686

the ORBit – October 2013

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Young Artist Recital by Susan Blyth-Schofield, Convenor

I would just like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the Young Artist Concert Saturday, October 5 at 8:00 pm in Tabaret Hall, University of Ottawa. Our artist, Tabitha Johnson, is a lovely young pianist who will be playing a programme of Bach, Beethoven, Liszt, Rachmaninoff, and more. Tickets are available at the door: $10 (Adults), $5 (Students and Seniors), and $20 (families).

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About the ORBit the ORBit is published 7 times a year: September, October, November, December/January, February/March, April/May and June/July/August. All submissions for the November 2013 issue of the ORBit must be received by the editor on or before:

October 10, 2013.

Advertisements and announcements should either be plain text or fully formatted text. Plain-text submissions will be formatted by the editor. Fully formatted submissions will be included exactly as sent. The only acceptable formats are: pdf, jpeg, or tiff. Formatted word processing documents may not preserve formatting and/or font information and will not be accepted. Type-written submissions are also acceptable. Submissions must be accompanied by written reprint permission where applicable. The products, services, and ideas expressed by the authors and advertisers in the ORBit are not necessarily those of the Ottawa Region Branch of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association.

Advertising Rates

$12 $16 $25 $33 $25 $33 $50 $83

for their upcoming production of Ruddigore April 3,4,5,6, 2014 at Algonquin Commons Theatre.

Phone 613-825-5855 to book an appointment ASAP or email if you have any questions .

or by mail to: Sue Jones, Editor, the ORBit 259 Crocus Avenue Ottawa, ON K1H 6E7

Ads 1/6 page 1/4 page 1/2 page Full Page Inserts Flyers (per page) Heavy Brochures Larger than 8.5 x 11

Savoy Society is looking for choral singers ...

All voice types are needed especially soprano and alto bridesmaids and tenor and bass barons.

Send submissions by e-mail to:


the ORBit – October 2013


$16 $22 $33 $44 $33 $44 $66 $110

Contact the Editor concerning rates for multiple edition advertising. The Ottawa Region Branch of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association shall retain the right at all times to accept or decline any advertising opportunity based solely on the judgment of the Editor with the support of the Executive Committee of the Ottawa Region Branch.

Rehearsals are Monday evenings 7:30 – 10:00 pm October 7 to December and Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings January to March.

the ORBit – October 2013

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News from the Province

Information Sharing Session

by Sue Jones, ORMTA President

by Paulette Price, Convenor

Insurance Information Update Following is an update on our liability insurance, courtesy of our Provincial Treasurer, Nancy Dale. You are covered once you pay your membership dues. Our insurance provider has recently merged with another group and is called Westland Insurance.

ORMTA third party liability insurance description: The Commercial General Liability Policy No. 1184800 provides protection against Bodily Injury and Property Damage arising from the instruction of music. The limit of liability is $5 Million. New coverage includes Tenants Legal Liability (TLL) to the limit of $100,000.00 (for teachers conducting lessons in places other than their homes). The intent of this coverage is to provide the members of your Association protection arising from claims (by others) for which a member would be legally liable for either Bodily Injury (ie. slip and fall at the premises of a music teacher) or Property Damage (ie. Damage to property of others). It is a third party type coverage protection for the Members of the Association in the event of happening. It is not a Professional Liability policy.

Contact info: Bill Nilsson Commercial Insurance Advisor Westland Insurance Brokers 120-8067-120th Street, Delta, BC, V4C 6P7 Email: Phone: 1-800 899-3093

Monday, November 11, 2013 9:30 to 11:30 am At the Studio of Paulette Price 13 Lismer Crescent, Kanata Jenny Regehr will lead a session that will work through the ideas presented in the Marc Durand workshop that was held in 2011. The session will deal with the nature and realities of our physical approach to the keyboard. Teachers who attended the session in 2011 are encouraged to review their notes and bring their questions and observations. Of course, teachers who weren’t in attendance in 2011 are most welcome to come and join in the exploration as well! Please confirm your attendance with Paulette Price at 613-592-6686 or _____________________________________________

University of Ottawa Piano Master Class by Katarina Jovic, Convenor

with Professor David Jalbert Sunday, November 10, 2013, 1 – 4 pm The application form can be downloaded from this page: Registration deadline: October 10, 2013. Master Classes are free and a great opportunity for teachers and students to work with renowned musicians. Contact Katarina Jovic at for more info.

READ THE ORBit ONLINE Help us save postage and printing costs - read the ORBit online! To have your name removed from the mailing list, please contact Editor, Sue Jones at

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the ORBit – October 2013

Adult Students’ Piano Workshop, Master Class and Recital Ioulia Brechun, Convenor

The Adult Students’ Piano Workshop and Master Class will take place on Saturday, March 1, 2014. Jenny Regehr, who is frequently invited to give master classes and workshops for teachers across Canada and is highly respected as an adjudicator of festivals and competitions, kindly agreed to lead the Piano event. The deadline for the Piano Workshop and Master Class is Friday, February 21, 2014. The Recital and reception will take place at City View United Church on Saturday, March 22, 2014. The Registration Form is going to be available shortly on the ORMTA website. Please stay tuned for information on the Vocal Workshop and Master Class. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Ioulia Brechun at

General Information Do you have a new address or phone number? You can update this information on your personal profile on the provincial website – – but you must continue to inform the branch as well. Contact President Tania Granata at 613-728-1195 or or Kimberly Sundell at or 613-698-7338. If you would like more students, call the ORMTA Hotline at 613-226-6768 and have your name added to the list of Teachers Looking for Students. If you would like a new subject added to your list of teaching subjects, contact Ron Spadafore, our Provincial Registrar, directly at 705-264-0978 or at You may only add subjects that you are qualified to teach. If you would like to change your membership status, contact President Tania Granata before March 1, 2014 in order to be billed at the new rate for next year.

the ORBit – October 2013

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Top L to R: Judy Jackson, Joan Clarkson, Danielle Jersak, Kimberley Sundell Bottom L to R: Brenda Eisener, Sandra Menard, Gilles Comeau, Ann Empey

September General Meeting by Tania Granata, President

Monday September 9th marked the start of the 20132014 teaching year for many of us. ORMTA Ottawa kicked it off with a wonderful General Meeting at the Resurrection Lutheran Church in Orleans. New and seasoned members gathered to share information and learn of all the new and exciting things happening in our branch. Thanks go out to Jennie Smith and Ann Babin for organizing such a lovely meeting space and thanks goes out as well to all of you who brought table ready refreshments for all to enjoy.

Council initiative, this new category of membership will offer music students mentorship from an experienced professional with the hope that upon graduation they will continue their affiliation with the organization. Stay tuned for more information in a future ORBit about this new venture.

Gilles Comeau, our Contribution to Teaching Award recipient, spoke about the exciting new pilot project at the University of Ottawa, School of Music. A Provincial

Our next General Meeting is scheduled for January 10, 2014. So come with your answers ready and you could win a prize too!

Congratulations to Gloria Jean Nagy and Joan Clarkson who won the “ORMTA trivia” games that opened and closed the meeting.

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the ORBit – October 2013

the ORBit – October 2013

♫ Upcoming Concerts ♫

Members’ Corner

(listed by date)

Sat., Oct. 19 – 3:00 pm. A House and a Half of Scotland - a lecture with slide presentation and harp performance by Mary Muckle on the history of the harp in Scotland. Westminster Presbyterian Church, 470 Roosevelt Ave. Admission is by donation.

ORMTA MEMBERS - Do you have an upcoming public recital or concert in which you are participating? Advertise FREE in this column.

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Welcome to new members (all are Active) ... * * * * * * * *

Stephen Boudreau –Jazz Music, Piano, Solfege/Sight Singing, Singing Caitlin Cooper – Clarinet, Jazz Music, Saxophone Catherine Donkin – Piano Carla Hartsfield – Pedagogy, Piano, Theory Jose Hernandez – Composition, Singing Heather Koss-Huisman – Early Childhood Music, Piano Erin Puttee - History, Singing, Solfege/Sight Singing Louis Trépanier – Classical Guitar

Get well wishes to ... * Joan Vincent - who is having surgery in early October.

Congratulations to ... * Amy Boyes - whose student Vivian Wang achieved a mark of 90% on her

Do you need students? Call the ORMTA Hotline 613-226-6768

RCM grade 10 piano exam. * Ann Empey - whose students were awarded the Conservatory Canada Medal for Exellence - Rachel Hunter (History 6 - 95.5%) and Megan Hulan (Theory 1 98.5%). * Betty Harris - whose student, Nikolas Kouloufakos, was awarded the Conservatory Canada Medal for Excellence (Theory 4 exam - 97%). Do you know someone who deserves a congratulatory note, condolences or get well wishes? Have your students received a gold or silver medal or achieved First Class Honours with Distinction on their exams (Gr. 10 and up), or other notable accomplishments? Contact:

PIANO FOR SALE Perhaps you or one of your students is looking to purchase a grand piano. I have a Nordheimer grand piano for sale. It was built in the 1920’s. This beautiful 5'7" walnut mahogany piano has been refinished with a new pin block, strings, dampers, hammers, castors and has ivory keytops in excellent condition. This piano has a wonderful sound and playing it only makes you want to play it more. A comment by Thomson Lawrie from states "The upright and grand pianos produced by Nordheimer were among the best pianos ever made in Canada." At one point Steinway were having issues with the Nordheimer company because their case looked exactly like a Steinway. I am asking $10,000 which includes all taxes. The piano comes with a three year warranty, an adjustable bench and one free tuning. Why spend $25-30,000 plus taxes for a Yamaha or a Kawai or a Steinway when this piano is available? Please call me (Bill Gerow) for an appointment to hear and play this wonderful instrument. You can view it on my web-site located at under the FOR SALE section. My telephone number is (613) 829-4666.

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the ORBit – October 2013

UPCOMING ORMTA EVENTS 2013 (October – December)

October 5

Young Artist Recital. 8:00 pm. The Chapel, Tabaret Hall at the University of Ottawa. Contact: Susan Blyth-Schofield for details at or 613-226-4950.


CANCELLED - Voice Master Class with Christiane Riel - CANCELLED


Submission Deadline for November ORBit. Contact: Sue Jones at or 613-523-5317.

November 1

Application Deadline for Canada Music Week Recital. Application forms are on the website. Contact: Tania Granata at or 613-728-1195.


Submission Deadline for December/January ORBit. Contact: Sue Jones at 613-523-5317 or


Piano Master Class with David Jalbert. 1 – 4 pm. University of Ottawa Freiman Hall Perez Bldg, 610 Cumberland St. Contact: Katarina Jovic at (preferred) or 613-261-7681.


Canada Music Week Auditions. 1 – 4 pm. Resurrection Lutheran Church, 1325 Gaultois Ave., Orleans. Contact: Tania Granata at or 613-728-1195.


Information Sharing. 9:30 am. Jenny Regehr recaps Marc Durand workshop on pianistic foundations. Home of Paulette Price, 13 Lismer Cres. Confirm your attendance with Paulette at or 613-592-6686.


Canada Music Week Recital. 4:00 pm. Resurrection Lutheran Church, 1325 Gaultois Ave., Orleans. $10 Adult, $5 Student, $20 Family. Contact: Tania Granata at or 613-728-1195.

December 6

Application Deadline for First Class Honours Recital. Applications will soon be on the website. Contact: Tania Granata at or 613-728-1195.


Application Deadline for the ORMTA First Class Honours Practical and Theory Scholarships. Contact: Sherry Lu at or 613-862-7221.

The ORBit - 2013 October  
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