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appy New (regular teaching) Year! I hope you’re enjoying the startup to a new season of teaching and exciting events with the Central Toronto Branch. Your Executive Committee has been hard at work researching and implementing ways to improve our events and serve our members better. Fait attention and please share your valuable feedback.

First up on the block is our newsletter. I’ve re-formatted it for (I hope) easier tablet and phone reading and are presenting it on ISSUU, the same platform ORMTA’s Notes uses, which provides better navigation capabilities than our previous setup. There will be more features added as we go along, including a teacher interview and the opportunity for our members to submit pedagogical articles. If things are a little wonky with this edition, that’s because this is a work in progress. By the way, we are recruiting an Assistant Editor to help un-wonk things. Are you interested? Next up is advertising. We want ORMTA and our teachers to have more visibility in Toronto. We have hired a graphic artist to design a “Find a Teacher” poster for us and these will be made available to all of our members to post in your neighbourhood. We aim to post these three times a year, in August, December, and June. Posting possibilities include public/private school notice boards, music stores, libraries and community centres. We will let you know when the posters arrive and how you can get some. Other volunteer positions in online and print advertising are being created and you can find out more details as they are posted on the VOLUNTEER section of our website (under “About ORMTA”).



Part of our advertising strategy is to make it easier for clients to find you. Our Teacher Map is up but so far does not represent how many members we have. To improve the situation you must now OPT OUT of the map. In other words, we will include your name, teaching subjects, postal code, and phone number on the map unless you tell us not to. If you would like to include your email address and website or if you would like to opt out of the map, please send me a message with the subject heading; TEACHER MAP.

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ORMTA Central Toronto Branch Newsletter - September 2016  

ORMTA Central Toronto Branch Newsletter - September 2016