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Being tested and inspired by nature

Robert Leach Vice Master Buller Huts Undergraduate Hike

Experiencing and being tested by nature helps individuals

Over the Easter Break, eight students trekked the Buller Huts

learn about their personal strengths and how perceptions of

Trail. The 100 km walk was over rugged terrain and included ten

our own weaknesses are often what limit us. Overcoming

peak ascents. The group camped in some spectacular places,

challenges such as fatigue, fear, temporary discomfort and

and highlights included waking up to a fiery sunrise, swimming

unfamiliar surrounds promotes resilience and adaptability.

in the Howqua River, berry picking along the trail, and incredible views from Mt Cobbler. The autumn weather was stable, if cool,

Many young adults want to take risks and, properly managed,

except on the last day which was wild and stormy, adding some

activities such as climbing and abseiling provide a context that

excitement at the finish.

is developmental and edifying, as opposed to some of the other less healthy risks that society offers.

Everyone returned from the trip having created strong friendships and feeling challenged, refreshed and eager to do

Being in the outdoors also encourages the exercise of

more in the outdoors.

leadership, prudent judgment and teamwork, all skills that transfer into everyday life. Interaction between individuals from different peer groups, and between students and staff, is enriching and strengthens the community. With the long-term aim of developing a planned and sequential program, Ormond piloted several outdoor activities this semester. In March, 20 students went rock-climbing and abseiling at Staughton Vale, near Anakie. For some participants, these were new activities and for them it was particularly challenging. Pleasingly, several international

Buller Huts Undergraduate Hike

students took part and it was their first sojourn into the Australian bush. Early in April, a group of graduates hiked at Wilsons Promontory. The team was tested by weather: Adele Redfern said, “An hour after we arrived at Refuge Cove, a thunderstorm set in. That night we huddled under a tarp together, cooking food, playing cards and chatting for hours, waiting out the storm. While the conditions were not ideal, it was one of the happiest moments of the trip.�


Wilsons Promontory Graduate Hike


Ormond College New & Old Magazine: June 2017  
Ormond College New & Old Magazine: June 2017