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May/June 2013

MAYORAL MAKEOVER Buddy Dyer Shapes Up.

So What’s

SUP? A Passion for Paddling.



How an Orlando Entertainment Executive Reinvented Herself by Following Her Heart.

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How to Live to a Healthy 100 Learn Florida Hospital’s Eight Secrets of Longevity.


by Jackie Carlin

or the first time in human history, men and women in their 50s can expect another three, four or even five decades of active life. For many, it’s no longer a time to wind down. It’s a time to gear up — to travel, to start new businesses and to pursue new passions. The result is an entirely new life stage that has never before existed. The message for all of us should be loud and clear — we have the opportunity to not only add years to our lives but, more importantly, to add quality years. Des Cummings Jr., president of the Florida Hospital Foundation, is an expert on longevity and author of 8 Secrets of a Healthy 100. He says that the daily choices we make not only determine how long we live, but how well we live. “Many of us believe that longevity is predetermined, but multiple studies show that longevity is determined 75 percent by our lifestyle and only 25 percent by our genes,” he says. “Choice by choice, we write our own destiny.” The Healthy 100 initiative was created by Florida Hospital to provide the motivation and the resources to make the kind of daily lifestyle choices that give everyone a chance to live to a Healthy 100. The 8 Secrets of a Healthy 100 can be remembered by the acronym;


C: Choice R: Rest E: Environment A: Activity T: Trust I: Interpersonal Relationships O: Outlook N: Nutrition By making the right choices, refreshing your body with rest, putting yourself in an environment that surrounds your senses with positive influences, taking part in frequent physical activities, trusting in something bigger than your-

self, fostering quality interpersonal relationships, maintaining a positive outlook and eating the right foods, you, too, can live a longer, healthier life. Let’s face it, who would want to live to 100 if it wasn’t a Healthy 100? The good news is that most of us have that opportunity. Centenarians are now the fastest-growing demographic in America, and most centenarians are healthy, active and enjoy their daily lives. In Central Florida, Wilhelmina Hoorn danced around a room on her 107th birthday, Harold Rotenberg was still painting masterpieces at 103 and Ruth Hamilton was posting video blogs on the Internet at 109. The Healthy 100 lifestyle and message are spreading throughout Central Florida. Healthy 100 supports healthy lifestyle events such as races, health seminars and healthy cooking demonstrations with celebrities such as Paula Deen. Healthy 100 also hosts free health screenings for lifesaving tests such as skin cancer screening, heart checks and mammograms. With two new programs, Healthy 100 Kids and Healthy 100 Women, more and more families are getting the tools they need to make substantial and permanent changes to their health and well-being through nutrition, lifestyle and exercise tips. To get started on your journey to a Healthy 100, visit and sign up today. New members not only gain access to expert advice and resources, such as a mobile app to help you track your daily water intake, they’re also automatically enrolled in the Healthy 100 Deals program. This reward card gives you monthly discounts at local businesses, such as restaurants, health clubs, spas, and even photography studios, that will help bring your family together and lead you toward a healthier lifestyle. All you have to do is take that first step. “Imagine a Healthy 100 for your own life and for your family. This is the day you can start making a difference,” says Cummings.

E c y a

T t c f


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Make good choices and live to a Healthy 100.

Keep track of your water intake with the FREE Healthy 100 - Tupperware Water Tracker iPhone app! Download it now at

Every day you are presented with choices that determine your life’s path. Today, choose to drink more water. Water helps your muscles maintain energy, keeps your skin looking healthy and can help you lose weight! Here’s a quick tip: keep a bottle of water on hand to stay hydrated.

Choose to live to a Healthy 100 at GROWINGBOLDERMAGAZINE.COM

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To get more ideas on how to improve your health, become a Healthy 100 member today. At, you’ll be educated and motivated to make simple changes, yet see big results, on your journey to a Healthy 100. It’s 100-percent free and gives you exclusive access to tips and tools for your wellness journey.

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GROWING BOLDER WITH... People who are staying motivated and leading by example.


CHALLENGE Buddy Dyer: “I didn’t like the face I saw in the mirror.” By Katy Widrick


How Andy Warhol’s words inspire Orlando’s Ambassador of Love. By Marc Middleton


How an Eastertime whim became a cause for kids. By Marc Middleton


At 10, Kid President’s message of love has inspired millions. By Jackie Carlin


Take a peek backstage at Growing Bolder TV and Radio.


TV’s Bob Kealing has a real feel for hidden history. By Bill Shafer


In Kenya, I learned what it meant to make a difference. By Wendy Chioji


Her new life began the day of her cancer diagnosis. By Katy Widrick


Ready for results? Here’s the last diet you’ll ever need. By Dr. Susan Mitchell


Entrepreneur Ned Johnson finds passion in paddling. By Jackie Carlin


In iconic roles, older actors are marvelously memorable. By Jay Boyar


To cut through the clutter, be consise and compelling. By Bill Shafer



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From the Editor Editor-in-Chief Marc Middleton Managing Editor Bill Shafer Associate Editors Katy Widrick, Jackie Carlin Contributing Writers Jay Boyar, Wendy Chioji, Dr. Robert Masson, Jill Middleton, Dr. Susan Mitchell Digital Development and Production Jason Morrow, Pasquale Dominic Narciso IV, Josh Doolittle National Brand Manager Beth Dover 407-406-5910 1101 N. Lake Destiny Drive, Suite 120 Maitland, FL 32751

Group Publisher Randy Noles Art Director Laura Bluhm Senior Associate Publisher Lorna Osborn Associate Publisher Kathy Byrd Growing Bolder is a publication of Florida Home Media LLC, publishers of Orlando Life. 407-647-0225 2700 Westhall Lane, Suite 128 Maitland, FL 32751

ON THE COVER: Donna Dowless is Orlando’s Ambassador of Love — and the title isn’t just ceremonial. GROWINGBOLDERMAGAZINE.COM

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You Can Hit 100 With a Smile


e have had the great honor of interviewing more active centenarians and nonagenarians than almost any media organization in the world. We call these still-vibrant men and woman “Rock Stars of Aging,” and we feature them occasionally in Growing Bolder Magazine, as we have in this issue with the world’s oldest actress. Every time we speak with one of these remarkable men and women, we’re inspired about the possibilities of age. We’ve learned that very few who live to 100 have been sentenced to extra years of misery. Beyond a certain age, miserable people die very quickly. The only way to get to 100 is with a smile on your face, joy in your heart and enthusiasm in your step. Active centenarians are people of all races, religions and nationalities who have made similar basic lifestyle choices. Those choices are the foundation of the Florida Hospital Healthy 100 program, described in this issue by Jackie Carlin. Every choice we make today will influence the quality of our lives in the future. By choosing correctly, we significantly reduce our chances of disease or disability and improve our chances of a full recovery following an illness. In this issue, we’re happy to welcome world-renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Robert Masson to the GB team. Dr. Masson’s “Road to Recovery” tips will help us avoid injuries and to bounce back more quickly and fully if injuries occur. We’re also excited to welcome Pulitzer Prize nominee Jay Boyar as a commentator on Hollywood’s treatment of the 50-plus demographic. Jay’s film reviews and features have appeared in the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, MSNBC, E! Entertainment Television and other major media outlets. He is currently arts editor at our publishing partner, Orlando Life magazine. Now we have him, too. We’re “growing bolder” with every issue of Growing Bolder Magazine, and the best is yet to come. Stay tuned.

Marc Middleton, Editor GROWING BOLDER


4/29/13 4:16:47 PM

Growing Bolder With... Julie Andrews


Singer, Actress and Children’s Book Author

“I’m not singing these days, and I miss it very much. I had an operation that unfortunately made it impossible for me to continue my career, but I’ve just found a different way of using my voice. Life is as busy as it’s ever been. I love working, meeting people and touching people, and I hope our little books do that. I think one should always look for other opportunities to grow, because it’s all about learning more and more about a craft you love doing.”

Connie Sawyer



World’s Oldest Working Actress

“Everybody’s made such a fuss — people are living longer, you know? I still feel like I did when I was 80. I still work, I still go on auditions. You know, I could sit here and complain — that the old days are better— but you just gotta go! And if you don’t, get out of the business.”

GB EXTRA To see more about any of these inspiring individuals, visit


Dog Whisperer “At one point in my life, I was depressed and angry, and I even tried to commit suicide. I didn’t have a mission, a purpose or anything that compelled me to see how great life can be. It was a dark time in my life, but I survived because I realized that I’m here to make a difference. My passion was to become the best dog trainer in the world, and that became my mission. What I do is, in my mind, a service to the world, and when I started to give back, I knew it was what I was meant to do. Now, I want to inspire others who are struggling to find their purpose in life.” GROWING BOLDER

In Do se TV sit m in an ag of

W yo Do fa on m pl m do an fix Bu in fa

Cesar Millan


O te cl th M pl Ab es


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From to Central Florida — Estate Planning Issues on TV and in Real Life Okay, I admit it. I’m obsessed with the television show Downton Abbey. The clothes… that home… the accents… the acting (well, except for Elizabeth McGovern’s simpering)… and the plotlines! Each episode of Downton Abbey delivers an entire course on estate planning, wrapped up in fun. In case you aren’t familiar with Downton Abbey, it is a period drama set in 1912 England, airing on PBS TV. The Crawley family is embroiled in situations of inheritance, family business management and succession, physical incapacity, death of a young parent and spouse, identity theft, prenuptial agreements, and marriage to a citizen of another country. What does a TV series have to do with you? Frankly, everything. Because Downton Abbey is about families. And families are messy. You don’t have to be on TV to have a family full of drama. You may think you don’t warrant an estate plan because you “only” have a regular, middle class life with two children, a dog, a modest home, a 401(k), and an old Corvette convertible that you fixed up and drive in good weather. But the estate planning issues exposed in Downton Abbey apply to your family, too.

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For example: • Sybil Crawley died while her loved ones argued about who had the authority to make medical care decisions for her. Have you designated a Health Care Surrogate in writing? •

Sybil’s family fears that her surviving husband, Tom, will move home to Ireland with Sybil’s child. Have you named a guardian to raise your child if something happens to you? What if you or your spouse is not from the United States. In what country would you expect your child to live?

The farms sustaining Downton Abbey were failing due to poor management by family members. Does your family business have a written succession plan?

Two members of the Crawley family went missing when the Titanic sank. Do you have a Durable Power of Attorney naming someone to act on your behalf if you disappeared or became incapacitated?

Mary Crawley’s husband died in a car accident. Do you have a Will or Revocable Living Trust to give your family guidance at your unexpected death?

• A houseguest died in his sleep while staying at the Crawley’s home. Would you… never mind. Just call 911 if this happens at your house.

Clearly, you don’t have to be an earl or a countess to create an estate plan. Having written estate planning documents protects your loved ones, helps ensure your wishes and desires are followed, and may minimize conflict amongst your surviving family members. A modicum of planning may avoid probate, potentially reduce taxes and other costs, and hopefully circumvent a great deal of the “messiness” that accompanies a death in the family. The next time you watch Downton Abbey, think about your family and your “estate.” Whether your family resembles the Crawleys of Downton Abbey or guests on the Jerry Springer Show, the lesson is the same. Keep your family from being the plot of a TV show. Get your personal estate plan in order. Mary Merrell Bailey is the Managing Partner of Bailey Zobel Pilcher, a boutique law firm in Maitland offering probate, wills, trusts and guardianship services, as well as business succession, asset protection and estate planning. Known as “Your Caring Law Firm,” Merrell and her partners, David Pilcher and Hallie Zobel, offer clients throughout the Central Florida region compassionate, sound legal counsel on very private family matters. Visit or call (407) 622-1900.

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Healthy 100 Executive Challenge

A Mayoral Makeover

Buddy Dyer: “I Didn’t Like the Face I Saw In the Mirror.” by Katy Widrick



rlando Mayor Buddy Dyer isn’t the man he used to be. He’s lost more than 35 pounds and kept it off for nearly two years. “I’ve struggled with weight my entire adult life,” says Dyer, who decided to make some changes when he turned 50. “I got very serious about my weight, my health and my energy. I’m the face of Orlando, and I didn’t like the face I saw in the mirror.” Dyer works out several times a week with a trainer and on his own in the basement gym at Orlando City Hall. On weekends he attends yoga class and enjoys standup paddleboarding. And he’s making smart choices when navigating menu options at business lunches and dinners. “You can do all of the physical activity you want, and if you don’t control your diet, especially when you get to be my age and your metabolism slows down, you’re not going to be successful,” he says. Dyer says he’s “fallen in love” with salads and now eats six small meals a day. It’s paying off, he adds. “I have so much more energy. I feel healthy.” Being a role model for wellness is as important to Dyer as dropping the weight. “I get people who come up to me every day and say that I inspired them to lose weight,” he says. “They say, ‘If you can do it, anybody can do it.’” ■ 8


9GB_May13_Healthy 100.indd 8

Mindy Kobrin is the face, the name and the passion behind her entertainment and lifestyle business — Mindy’s Meals on Heels — and says that her mission is to show people of all ages that eating well can be easy, inexpensive and delicious. Mindy grew up in Central Florida and still considers it a second home — but she’s built her business in New York City, where she’s ditched a car for a bicycle, keeps in shape with group exercise classes and buys fresh, seasonal produce year-round at the city’s numerous open-air markets. Find out more about Mindy’s mission at And meet other Challengers, including Tupperware’s Simon Hemus, Florida Hospital’s Lars Houmann and Rosen Hotel and Resorts’ Harris Rosen at


4/29/13 4:18:36 PM


Family Caregiver... We Care for You! Uncertain and Anxious? Tired? Stressed? Do you neglect yourself... need “me” time? Hospice cares for your loved one and you! ❖ Home visits to manage patient’s pain and symptoms ❖ Emotional and spiritual support for everyone ❖ 24-hour assistance and advice ❖ Patient Bathing and Personal Care ❖ And so much more for those facing serious illness

Patient with caregiver wife and Cornerstone Hospice Social Worker

Information Referrals (888)728-6234 and (866)742-6655 Medicare, Medicaid, most commercial insurances accepted. 9GB_May13_Healthy 100.indd Cornerstone Hospice FP GB.indd9 1

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How Andy Warhol’s Words Inspire Orlando’s Ambassador of Love by Marc Middleton

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4/29/13 4:19:12 PM





When Donna Dowless was a young girl, she loved watching her mother paint. “It gave her such a sense of serenity and peace,” she recalls. “I was drawn to that, and it started to call me as well. When I was 13, I said, ‘Mom, one day I’m going to go to art school and become an artist.’”

“I don’t paint to sell. I paint to love.” GROWINGBOLDERMAGAZINE.COM

5GB_May13_Donna Feature.indd 11

Donna’s childhood dreams were put aside when, right out of high school, she landed a job in the entertainment industry. Inspired by the prospect of working with some of the world’s most renowned creative artists, she put aside art school and began a career running major sports and entertainment venues. She met the Beatles and worked with some of the most inspirational figures in sports, such as Vince Lombardi when he coached the Washington Redskins and Ted Williams when he was general manager of the Washington Senators. But it was a conversation Donna had with pop art icon Andy Warhol in the early ‘70s that planted the seeds of her artistic rebirth: “I told him I wanted to become an artist and he said, ‘You don’t become an artist; either you are one or you aren’t. Are you an artist? If you are, then be an artist.’ I didn’t act on his advice immediately, but I knew then that one day I would pick up a paint brush and go.” But that day wouldn’t come until decades later. In the meantime, despite lacking a college degree and working in what was then a male-dominated industry, Donna flourished, eventually becoming executive vice president of Ticketmaster. Still, she never forgot Warhol’s words. “I think we all have certain things that call us,” she says. “I believe my calling has always been to be an artist, to go for it.” At the peak of her corporate success, Donna went for it, saying goodbye to the career that had defined her for four decades and answering the voice that had been calling her for even longer. She began to paint; first for herself, then for friends and finally for galleries. Totally self-trained, Donna uses ink, pencil, acrylics, oil pastels and found objects — anything that catches her eye and pleases her fancy. And forget the stereotype of the tortured artist; her creative process is less a struggle than a love fest. “My art just happens,” she says. “It flows out of my GROWING BOLDER


4/29/13 4:19:19 PM

Donna’s uplifting artwork hangs in galleries throughout the world and in in the private collections of numerous celebrities. heart and onto the canvas. I don’t paint to sell. I paint to love.” But sell she does. Her work now hangs in galleries in Paris, London and Hong Kong and in the private collections of celebrities such as Cher, Celine Dion, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many others. Donna also owns her own consulting business, has produced her own CD and lectures on the entertainment business at Full Sail University — where, as usual, she made a major impression. After revealing to her students how her career had been made far more difficult because she hadn’t attended college, they suggested to the administration that she be awarded an honorary degree. “That was always the story of my career,” Donna says. “Sometimes I wouldn’t get a promotion because of it. All these years later, I’m very thankful to have my honorary degree from Full Sail.” Despite her busy schedule, Donna still finds time to help others. She’s chairman of the Downtown Arts District and a tireless supporter of many local charities. Her dedication to the community caught the eye of Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, who wanted to leverage her community presence and honor her dedication to others. Recalls Donna: “I said, ‘Well, Mr. Mayor, President Nixon appointed Pearl Bailey as the Ambas12

Growing Bolder

5GB_May13_Donna Feature.indd 12

sador of Love for the United States. So let’s just think about that.’” A few months later, the mayor surprised Donna at a public event with a formal proclamation naming her the “Official Ambassador of Love for the City of Orlando.” “We’re the only city in America with an Ambassador of Love,” says Dyer. “And it’s hardly a ceremonial title.” Indeed it isn’t. Donna works constantly to unite the community through arts and culture. And she helps spread the love with her now-famous crystal heart blessings, where she offers colored crystal hearts and personal blessings on the power of love. “I’ve come to believe that when you start living for the greater good, and not just for yourself, life really begins to flow,” Donna says. “So one heart at a time, we’re sharing love and lifting up the world to be better.” Donna personifies the Growing Bolder ethos of “dream, believe, persist.” Hers is the ultimate love story. “The moral of the story is, follow your heart,” she says. “Your purpose and your passion are in there. Sometimes it gets pushed so far down that it’s hard to find, but it’s there. Let the fear go. Don’t be afraid to be who you are.” n

GB EXTRA Visit to go inside Donna’s studio and hear her give her famous crystal hearts blessing of love.


4/29/13 4:20:00 PM

Move Forward. Give Back.

Benevolent Bunny How an Eastertime Whim Became a Cause for Kids.


by Marc Middleton

est known as the owner of Bubbalou’s nies were such a hit that Eleanor went to Walmart Bodacious Bar-B-Que, Sam Meiner, aka and bought out every bunny in the store. “That’s “the Big Pig,” is an attorney turned reswhen I realized that this was going to be much bigtaurateur and hotelier. In addition to ger than a one-time event,” Eleanor recalls. “That the popular eatery, he owns The Courtyard at Lake day brought such joy to the kids, and to us, that we Lucerne, a compound of historic structures that inmade a commitment to not only keep it going but cludes the I.W. Phillips House, the Wellborn Suites, to expand across the country.” the Dr. Phillips House and the Norment Parry Inn. What started out as a whim has turned into the Sam is also an active and generous philanthropist; ultimate win-win. Every year, thousands of chila man of many passions but none greater than dren get a hug, hope and an unexpected gift. Sam seeing children smile. Which is why Sam and his and Eleanor get a feeling of satisfaction while wife, Eleanor, created and fund the Easter Bunny providing an example for all of us on how to move Foundation. forward and give back. Every year the organization partners with local “In the end, all of us want to do good,” Sam says. law-enforcement agencies to hand deliver stuffed “All of us simply need to listen to the message thatbunnies to 15,000 children in hospitals and pediatsays ‘I can make a difference.’” ric wards in the U.S., Canada and England. For more information on the Easter Bunny Foun“These are children who are who too sick to be dation, visit ■ home for the holidays,” Sam says. “And we want them all to know that some bunny loves them.” It’s a labor of love that started on a whim back in 1995. “I was tired of Sam grumbling about the fact that Easter wasn’t as much fun as he remembered,” Eleanor says. “So I decided to surprise him.” She rented a convertible and a bunny suit, bought 50 stuffed bunnies and told Sam to don the costume because they were going to a local children’s hospital. Sam was game and enjoyed waving to puzzled onlookers during the Sam and Eleanor Meiner flank their old friend, the Easter Bunny, as they preshort trip. pare to visit hospitalized children and present them with a huggable buddy Once there, Sam and the bunof their own. GROWINGBOLDERMAGAZINE.COM

12GB_May13_Move Forward.indd 13



4/29/13 5:13:38 PM

Growing Bolder Kids

Hail to the Chief At 10, Kid President’s Message of Love Has Inspired Millions. by Jackie Carlin


an kids change the world? We believe they can if they start Growing Bolder, like “Kid President.” He’s the inspirational 10-yearold who’s taking the Internet by storm. Robby Novak is on a mission to make the world less boring and more awesome, and he’s connecting with people everywhere, including President Barack Obama, a regular co-star in the Kid President videos. And it all started with a dream. Brad Montague, Robby’s brother-in-law, knew that the youngster

You can see all of Kid President’s videos and read updates as well as buy merchandise at, a site that Robby declares “is paid for by my mom.”

was special. So, according to Brad, the pair made a video for friends and family “to show that kids have voices worth listening to,” and that when they have the encouragement of engaged grownups, amazing things can happen. What may be most amazing is the incredible and infectious spirit Robby has — with a belly laugh and deep dimples, he’s in love with life. But he’s overcome some incredible obstacles. Born with osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle bone syndrome, he’s had more than 70 breaks and spent much of his life hospitalized or in casts or wheelchairs. But you’d never know it from the way he dances — or the way he reminds us that “love changes everything, so fill the world with it.” His pep talk video has more than 19 million views, a number that seems to astound both Robby and Brad, who make the videos with a simple camera and set — no fancy equipment or special crews. “It’s just us having fun and hoping we create something that makes people happier than they were before they clicked play,” says Brad. “Our hope is that each episode is received with the same love that started this whole adventure.” Kid President says it best: “Love changes everything. So fill the world with it.” ■


Tune in to Growing Bolder TV on WUCF-TV. For times, visit Also, listen to Growing Bolder Radio on WMFE 90.7 Sundays at 7 a.m. Here are some other ways to stay in touch: Comments and Suggestions: Insider Newsletter: Social Media: Growing Bolder Magazine: or free at any Central Florida Walgreens 14


2GB_May13_GB Kids.indd 14


4/29/13 4:20:36 PM


retirement is getting an incredible S mart lifestyle, free with every home. When you live in a Del Webb community, you define what smart retirement means. It starts with not having to choose between quality and affordability in building your home. It’s having world-class health and wellness amenities, and countless opportunities for personal growth, right in your own backyard. And of course, it’s having neighbors who take fun as seriously as you do. Let us help you find the perfect Del Webb community for you. Explore the world of smart retirement at

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2GB_May13_GB Kids.indd 15

4/29/13 4:20:42 PM

Behind the Scenes

Backstage at GB TV & Radio Take a peek behind the scenes at Growing Bolder. We’re always on the move, seeking out big-time celebrities, international experts and ordinary people living extraordinary lives, and we love being able to take you along with us. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately.

M t

E w b h

Clockwise from top left: Katy Widrick and Jackie Carlin working the booth at a Florida Hospital Healthy 100 expo; Jason Morrow getting the shot as the Warriors on Water warm up for a dragon boat race; Marc Middleton, rock ‘n’ roll legend Roger McGuinn and Bill Shafer up to no good; Bill interviewing another great guest on Growing Bolder Radio; Katy, Bill and Jason on location for Growing Bolder TV; Marc does whatever it takes; Marc and everyone’s favorite philanthropist, Harriett Lake, at a charity event.

W a a h




8GB_May13_Behind the Scenes.indd 16


4/29/13 4:21:53 PM

Married 58 years and they still spend lunch together every day. Each afternoon Dottie rides her golf cart from her cottage on our lake to her standing lunch date with her husband, Harvey. She loves watching his face light up when the nurses rave over his blue eyes. It gives Dottie great comfort knowing Harvey is in the best hands here. Not only does he get the absolute finest care; she gets to see him smile.

When somebody you love needs care, you want to know that care is available every hour of every day, which is why we have a licensed nurse at Oak View around the clock. No matter what the need, regardless of how big or small, our staff provides the personal attention, day and night. We put our heart into caring for people like Harvey – because we care like family. Need help for someone you love? We’re here for you both. Let’s start a conversation. Call us at 1-800-880-0862.


8GB_May13_Behind the Scenes.indd 17

1 0 1 4 3 6

4/29/13 4:22:00 PM

Bolder Media



Bob Kealing is one of Central Florida’s most versatile journalists. In more than 20 years as a reporter at WESH-TV he has set the standard for journalistic excellence, winning three Emmys and an Edward R. Murrow award. More recently, he has also become an author, with a passion for unearthing little-known nuggets of local history and culture. His books include Kerouac in Florida: Where the Road Ends; Tupperware Unsealed: Brownie Wise, Earl Tupper, and the Home Party Pioneers; and his latest, Calling Me Home: Gram Parsons and the Roots of Country Rock.

Orlando’s Untold Stories TV’s Bob Kealing Has a Real Feel for Hidden History. by Bill Shafer Many people believe Central Florida is lacking in culture. How have you been able to find so many little-known, yet fascinating gems? I’ve made a concerted effort to root them out because I think it helps us all feel a little more firmly rooted here. I think these stories, based largely in pre-Disney Orlando, help give people a more realistic and rounded view of the area. A lot happened when this was a smaller, out-of-the-way, agrarian place. That setting often plays a part in the stories: Kerouac noting the scent of fresh oranges, Gram Parsons playing local youth centers in the ‘60s, which gave rise to other major stars like the Allman 18


4GB_May13_5 Questions.indd 18

Brothers Band and Tom Petty. ■■■ How do you balance your day job as a reporter at WESH-TV with your passion for researching and writing? Life’s all about balance, isn’t it? These longer-form stories obviously take more time. But that’s all part of the fun. As I like to say, the best part of journalism is the journey. So when it comes to these books, I’m in no rush. That helps balance work time, family time and the trips back in time where these stories played out. I seize the time after the kids go to school to research and write, and quiet MAY/JUNE 2013

4/29/13 4:22:28 PM

times later at night to reach out to those I’d like to interview. nnn Other than their Central Florida connections, what other common threads exist between Jack Kerouac, Brownie Wise and Gram Parsons? The common threads between Gram Parsons, Brownie Wise and Jack Kerouac is that they all have very compelling and interesting stories of national, even international interest. The characters lived here during crucial stages of their lives and careers. I think there’s also an element of giving Florida its due. In some cases, Florida has gotten short shrift in the biographical research of these compelling people. I sometimes have a bit of a chip on my shoulder to fill in those gaps. nnn What lessons can we learn from your books? There are a few lessons we can take away from these books: these folks were incredibly passionate; they didn’t give up in the face of adversity. Gram followed his dream to blend country and rock music when it wasn’t a commercially viable thing to do. Now he’s an icon of the alt-country movement. Brownie never let gender hold her back from business success, even in the south, even in the

Bob describes his Central Florida-themed books as “travelogues; journeys into history that I find very compelling.” Clearly, his readers do, too. 1950s. Kerouac always believed in himself despite living hand to mouth for so long. nnn How did your decision to take a risk by becoming an author change your life? You really do take a risk by having the audacity to think someone might actually be interested in publishing your writing. But in my little world, writing is like breathing. It’s not really a choice. These books are travelogues; journeys into history that I find very compelling. I’m so thankful when others do, too. The lesson here is to ignore the naysayers. If the risk you’re going to take speaks to your soul, go for it. Each of these books spotlights a person or people who did just that. n

GB EXTRA Visit for an interview with Bob in which he explains the true musical legacy of Gram Parsons, the bizarre circumstances of his death and how his time with the Byrds helped set the stage for many future groups like the Eagles. Growing BOlder 19

4GB_May13_5 Questions.indd 19

4/29/13 4:22:35 PM

Chasing the Dream

A World Apart In Kenya, I Learned What It Means to Make a Difference.


by Wendy Chioji

first went to Africa a decade ago and the retroviral refills. The clinic director asked, “Are you experience touched my soul. I promised mya nurse?” I responded, “No, I’m a journalist.” He self I’d return one day to pay it ... backward, looked at me a fraction of a second and said, “OK.” I suppose. I realized we were definitely not in the States. The opportunity came from my friend, Kirsten EvOutreach to the local kids was especially enjoyans, who last fall asked if I wanted to go on a service able. We went to three schools and an orphanage trip to Kenya as part of Project Humanity. I was in. and gave out hundreds of backpacks, school supI’m a big believer in “no coincidences,” and the plies and hygiene kits. The kids were so excited timing for this adventure was perfect. I went on to and appreciative that we came not just to help but blow out my ACL, which meant no skiing or extreme also to play. activities, so the trip beBob, a Southwest Aircame even more timely. lines pilot, brought balsa It’s no easy feat to get to wood model planes, which Rusinga Island. A fourhe helped the kids assemhour flight to Dulles; 12 ble and launch. He taught hours to Doha, Qatar; four them how to fly, and you more hours to Nairobi; could actually see their then nearly 10 hours along imaginations soar. mostly rocky, unpaved With all we did, I still roads in a bus packed with came away wondering how 20-plus volunteers and much difference we really more than a ton of donated made. The need for basics, shoes, clothes, food and such as clean water and school supplies. shoes, is overwhelming. One of Wendy’s jobs during her Africa trip was After a sleepless night in I thought I’d feel like I the Mbita Tourist Hotel, we to help staff a medical clinic where most patients helped change the world were being treated for HIV/AIDS. went to work. for the people in Rusinga A big part of the mission Island. I thought I’d feel was staffing a medical clinic. Many on our team like I did more. were nurses and nursing students, but all of us Then, I remembered what the headmaster of the spent time in the clinic. The need for medical help special school told us as we left: “We thought you’d is staggering. People waited for hours to be seen, in just pass through, but you stayed. You brought the heat, many with sick children. light into our little school.” Almost all the patients I helped were there for My mistake was in trying to measure making a HIV/AIDS drugs. They ranged in age from 8 to 75. difference, when all we really had to do was show Many were diagnosed years ago, but are living them that we care. I’ll be back. ■ fairly normal lives if they take their medications. A good indicator of the need for help in the clinic For more information on Project Humanity, visit was that fact that I wrote prescriptions for 20


7GB_May13 Wendy Feature.indd 20


4/29/13 4:22:55 PM

The Grammy-winning entertainer has difficulty with his short-term memory, but is still wowing audiences with his undiminished musicianship. Somehow, music

7GB_May13 Wendy Feature.indd 21

4/29/13 4:23:01 PM

Surviving and Thriving

‘I Choose to Fight’ Her New Life Began the Day of Her Cancer Diagnosis.


by Katy Widrick

ancy Freeman is a tax attorney in love with life. At 41, she and her husband, John, loved to travel and were always ready for the next great adventure. She looked and felt great. She had no idea that something was very wrong. “I was shocked,” recalls Nancy. “The diagnosis came out of the blue.” The stunning word from doctors: She had stage 4 colon cancer that had spread to her liver. Most likely, she was told, the illness was terminal. “I had to sit down and collect myself, and I won’t ever forget that,” says Nancy. Then, she faced a choice: “Should I accept my situation or should I fight? It was a conscious decision. I chose to fight and do everything I could.” So she searched for a doctor who could not only treat her cancer but battle it aggressively with Nancy Freeman every available tool. That search brought her to Mark Roh, M.D., president of MD Anderson Cancer Center Orlando. Dr. Roh, a renowned liver surgeon, says attitude can make a major difference. “I tend to be a person

for whom the glass is half full,” he says. “You need to be honest and open and transparent, but on the other hand, let’s look at the positive. Could bad things happen? Of course. But let’s make every effort to avoid those, and get the outcome we all want.” Within days of meeting with Dr. Roh, Nancy had a team of doctors behind her, a treatment plan before her and, for the first since her diagnosis, she had hope. “I just felt like things were going to turn around right then because of his experience and expertise,” she says. “And not just Dr. Roh. Everyone at MD AndersonOrlando. They were my team.” Nancy bought into the plan and doctors attacked her cancer from every angle, including four rounds of chemotherapy, liver surgery to remove the tumor and eight additional rounds of chemo following surgery. When the treatment was complete, Nancy was declared cancer free — but she’ll remain under the watchful eye of her MD Anderson-Orlando team for years. ■

Growing Bolder has partnered with WKMG Local 6 and MD Anderson Cancer Center Orlando to bring you a new one-of-a-kind television program. Surviving & Thriving tells the inspiring and uplifting stories of ordinary people who have overcome disease, trauma and adversity to live extraordinary lives. To find show times, learn more about the people featured and to share your story of survival, visit 22


The Grammy-winning entertainer has difficulty with his short-term memory, but is still wowing audiences with his undiminished musicianship. Somehow, music

11GB_May13_Surviving.indd 22


4/29/13 4:23:35 PM

Today, more than three years removed from her terminal diagnosis, Nancy works out daily and feels stronger and better than ever. She feels her new life began the day she met Dr. Roh. She’s not just surviving. She’s thriving. “Thriving for me has become, am I happy? Are the people around me happy? Am I spending my time doing what I think is more important? I try to make those answers ‘yes’ every day. My values have changed. I’m more centered, more grounded. I’m thriving.” ■

GB EXTRA Read more Stories of Survival at and find out how you can share your story.

JESSICA SANCHEZ SHARES HER BATTLE WITH CANCER We often say that cancer has touched, or will touch, all of us at some point. Our colleague and friend, WKMG Local 6 reporter Jessica Sanchez, recently revealed that she is fighting non-Hodgkin lymphoma. In true Surviving & Thriving fashion, Jessica is battling the illness with aggressive treatment and a sense of humor, even sharing video and photos with her online and on-air fans. You can follow Jessica’s journey at

Bolder Health

Road to Recovery

Lifestyle Choices Determine How Quickly We Bounce Back. by Robert L. Masson, M.D.


s we age, lifestyle choices become even more important to not only avoiding injury and disability but also to the speed and extent of healing and recovery. Everyone realizes that smoking is bad for your lungs and excessive drinking is bad for your liver, but few understand the systemic effect of tobacco and alcohol on wound healing and injury recovery. You can see the impact of smoking in the skin, joints and even the spine. It accelerates the aging process and reduces blood flow and oxygen delivery, resulting in injuries healing more slowly and less completely.


11GB_May13_Surviving.indd 23

Alcohol use encourages cortisol release, which increases fat buildup and the tendency to gain weight. It also reduces the nutrients we absorb, meaning that even if we eat the right foods, we won’t derive the benefits or build the strength that we should. Every element of injury prevention, treatment and recovery is more difficult if you’re overweight. Obesity not only leads to a far higher incidence of injury, it makes surgeries more difficult and leads to higher risks of complications, including infection. After surgery, obesity places more stress on wounds and increases narcotic demands for pain management. Basic lifestyle choices are critically important to your quality of life. If you want to live a long, active life; if you want to avoid injury and increase your odds of making a quick and full recovery when you’re injured; then stop smoking, drink only in moderation and make a commitment today to lose any excess weight. ■ Robert L. Masson, M.D., is founder of the Neurospine Institute and creator of the field of spinal sports surgery. GROWING BOLDER


4/29/13 4:23:44 PM

Bolder Nutrition

Let’s Go Mediterranean Ready For Results? Here’s the Last Diet You’ll Ever Need. by Susan Mitchell, PhD, RD, FAND


know, you’ve heard it a thousand times. Some new diet that gets marketing clout behind it is supposedly so effective that you’ll start dropping weight immediately. So you try it, and whatever pounds you lose you quickly gain back. Now, there’s reason for hope. It’s a plan backed by science, which as a registered dietitian is crucial to me. Actually, it’s more than a diet, it’s a philosophy. It’s called the Mediterranean Diet. Science? The New England Journal of Medicine says it can help stop heart disease in its tracks. Health? It can help normalize your blood pressure and fight off diabetes. Ease? There are no specialty stores to shop in and no expensive supplements to order. The catch? You have to eat vegetables. But the payoff is life changing. Here are the seven core elements: ■ Fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, which include lycopene, a Dr. Susan Mitchell potent antioxidant and vitamin C. (Think sliced tomatoes topped with mozzarella cheese and fresh basil.) ■ Healthier fats, such as olive oil or avocado, which are monounsaturated.

Dr. Susan Mitchell is the consultant, registered dietitian and nutrition expert for Growing Bolder. She also serves on the Health Advisory Board for Family Circle magazine and the CRA RD Panel. She’s co-author of Fat is Not Your Fate, I’d Kill for a Cookie and Eat to Stay Young. Listen to her weekly podcast, Straight Talk about Eating Smart, where she shares real-world food and health tips, recipes and more at and 24


6GB_May13_Nutrition.indd 24

■ Spices and herbs, such as garlic, rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, dill, red pepper, and cinnamon. ■ Red wine, which has antioxidants also found in blue, purple and red grapes. ■ Beans and nuts, which are a great source of fiber and protein and can help you view meat more as a condiment than an entree. ■ Fish, especially fatty fish, such as salmon and tuna, which are heart healthy and contain important Omega 3’s. ■ Cheese and yogurt, which can be served with dates or orange slices. (Also, add walnuts to yogurt.) The most difficult part of any diet is getting started, so I’m going to help you with a salad you can try tonight. Use mixed greens for the base and add strawberries, walnuts, bananas and reduced fat feta cheese. For the dressing, simply drizzle with blood orange olive oil and dark chocolate balsamic vinegar. What’s that? You don’t have flavored olive oils and vinegars in your pantry? Use what you have, but the next time you’re shopping, take a look at some of the specialty options. They can bring a lot of flavor without extra calories or additives You’ll love the taste, it will fill you up and you’ll feel great. And more important, you’ll have taken a first step toward the last diet you’ll ever need. ■

GB EXTRA To read the New England Journal of Medicine research Dr. Mitchell mentioned in this article and to listen to her weekly podcasts, visit


4/29/13 4:25:42 PM








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4/29/13 4:25:48 PM

Bolder Sports

So, What’s SUP? Entrepreneur Ned Johnson Finds Passion in Paddling. by Jackie Carlin


lot of people say they’d like to quit their the same activity at the same time. office jobs and spend their days enjoying “I was completely addicted the first time,” says the great outdoors. But how many people Tammy Smith, a registered nurse who, after 80 are actually brave enough to take the plunge? trips with PBO, became an instructor. “It’s a total Count Orlando’s Ned Johnson, who took the body workout with no stress on your joints.” plunge literally and figuratively, among that numThe proof is in the paddling. ber. In 2010, in a down economy, “I read an article that said Ned decided to take the biggest it’s good for your core, which is risk of his life by leaving behind your stomach,” says SUPer John his job of 19 years and, at 46, Pinkerton. “I looked down at buying a business that would mine and I weighed 195 pounds. become Paddleboard Orlando. I found these guys. I started Now Ned spends his days paddling and four months later, I on the water, standing atop a weigh 165 pounds.” paddleboard, and it’s invigorated Satisfied customers, combined every aspect of his life. with Ned’s flair for market“The number one thing is to ing, turned a big risk into a big share that passion,” he says. reward. From incorporating hula “Find that passion, then share it hoops, yoga moves and even with someone else.” headstands into his paddleboard Even though he’d just been tours, Ned is constantly finding introduced to standup paddlenew ways to make the experience boarding, or SUP, when he bought These days, Ned Johnson spends his even more fun and memorable. the business, he was convinced In addition to its daily tours days on the water and says he can scarcely believe his good fortune. the sport’s popularity was about and lessons, Paddleboard Orto explode. He was right. lando also hosts private parties, Ned took on a partner, his nephew David Rose, races and corporate “board” events. and the business took off. Over the past three Ned says he can’t believe that this is his life now years, they’ve taught thousands of people between — and life has never been better. He’s living his the ages of 6 and 85 to SUP. dream by running a business he loves, with people They offer private lessons; lead daytime and moonhe loves. But it didn’t happen by accident, and his light tours on canals, lakes, rivers and the ocean; advice to others is simple: and even provide paddleboarders a chance to paddle “Keep your eyes open and be ready. Opportunity is alongside manatees or enjoy adventure excursions. everywhere. Just because one thing doesn’t work out What makes paddleboarding unique is its uniexactly how you want doesn’t mean it was a failure. versal appeal. Most people are hooked after the It could very well lead to best thing in your life.” ■ first time they try it, and every tour consists of paddlers who are rookies and regulars, young and For more information, visit paddleboardorlando. old, fitness freaks and couch potatoes, all enjoying com. 26


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6GB_May13_GB Sports.indd 27

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Bolder Arts

Defying Stereotypes In Iconic Roles, Older Actors Are Marvelously Memorable. by Jay Boyar


veryone knows that Hollywood is obsessed with youth. Except, that is, when it isn’t. Once in a while, films about older people do manage to get made. And sometimes those characters defy the stereotypes of the 50plus demographic – as they do in these movies: ■ Unforgiven. Clint Eastwood was no tenderfoot when he produced and directed Unforgiven, which won the Oscar for best picture of 1992. Eastwood also plays Will Munny, a gunfighter who has retired from killing but not from life. A pig farmer and a widower now, he’s raising two kids on his own. But when things get tough, he teams up with his old partner, Ned Logan (Morgan Freeman, in his mid-50s at the time), and straps on his gun belt again. Will and Ned may be grizzled but they can still shoot straight — and they still know their deadly business all too well. A scarylooking Richard Harris and a Jay Boyar glowering Gene Hackman also appear in this film. Like Eastwood, each was 62 when Unforgiven opened. ■ The Devil Wears Prada. Some people think of this movie as the story of a young Midwesterner (Anne Hathaway) who lands a job at a glossy fashion magazine in New York. But it’s also the tale of that magazine’s editor, a tough cookie who turns out to be softer and more sympathetic on the inside. Meryl Streep, who plays whitehaired editor Miranda Priestly, was 57 when this 2006 movie opened, but her character’s aggres28


14GB_May13_Arts.indd 28

sive energy is so strong that you never even think about age. And as fashionistas know, Streep’s character is based on Anna Wintour, editor-inchief of the American edition of Vogue magazine, who’ll turn 64 this year and shows no signs of slowing down. ■ Harold and Maude. This funny, eccentric cult classic addresses the issue of age head-on by examining the courtship of a 20-year-old man and a 79-year-old woman. In a clever reversal, it’s the young guy who’s obsessed with death and the septuagenarian who is single-minded in her determination to celebrate life. Moonfaced Bud Cort and scrappy Ruth Gordon (who were 23 and 75 when the 1971 film opened) are somehow a convincing couple in the title roles: They’re both oddballs, even if they’re rolling in different directions. This movie doesn’t say that age doesn’t matter. It says that the older you are, the bolder you can be. ■

Jay Boyar is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist and author whose work has appeared in the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, MSNBC, E! Entertainment Television and other major media outlets. He has served as a juror for the American Film Institute and is a cofounder of the Florida Film Critics Cicle. He teaches film analysis at Rollins College and the University of Central Florida and is arts editor of Orlando Life. MARCH/APRIL 2013

4/29/13 4:24:16 PM

14GB_May13_Arts.indd 29

4/29/13 4:24:30 PM

The Takeaway

The Single Graphic To Cut Through the Clutter, Be Concise and Compelling. by Bill Shafer


ake a moment to check out the photo on this page. It looks like two guys with surfboards, but it’s really the future of communication. It’s not a new concept; the proverb that a picture is worth a thousand words has been around for centuries. And today, sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are forcing us to compress our thoughts, to focus our emotions and to simplify our messages to a greater degree than ever. At the dawn of television, advertisers wondered how they would ever be able to make a pitch in just 60 seconds. Then 30 seconds became the standard for commercials. Now on the Internet we wince at having to wait for a 10-second pre-roll. You might think I’m about to lament the lost art of creative writing, crafting a message and storytelling. But those skills will always be both applicable and effective. What I do urge you to do is accept the challenge and embrace the power of The Single Graphic. We work very hard at Growing Bolder to create a vibrant Facebook page. Our message of hope, inspiration and possibility should reach as many people as possible. I mean, who wouldn’t want to “like” a page like that? Yet we struggled to cut through all the clutter. But then Marc Middleton created a single-message motivational graphic, posted it, and a strange thing happened. It shot out like a rocket. Fueled by 30


“likes” and “shares” and “pins” and “retweets,” our messages began to connect like never before. The more we create, the further they fly. Go to the Growing Bolder page on Facebook. “Like” the page and look at the content. Then you’ll really like the page. It’s an amazing feeling to dive into an ocean filled with hope, inspiration and possibility. It just might change your life. So, grab a wave! Hey, did you notice that? It just took me 331 words to say what you could have gotten just by looking at that one picture. ■


GB EXTRA Visit to find a link that will allow you to explore and share dozens of GB motivational graphics.


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4/29/13 4:33:29 PM

Dr. Robert Masson, founder of the NeuroSpine Institute, combined his skills in microneurosurgery with his passion for sports to create the field of sports spine surgery. Inventor of iMas, an intepedicular minimal access surgery of the lumbar spine, he is responsible for the education, product development and research for Synthes Spine in iMas productis and techniques.

All spinal surgeries are not created equal. The NeuroSpine Institute’s renowned minimally invasive surgery means shorter downtime for patients so you can



Dr. Mitchell Supler brings 17 years of experience to NeuroSpine Institute. Dr. Supler graduated with honors from the University of Florida College of Medicine in 1989, receiving the Lyerly Award for excellence in Neurosurgery. He completed his residency in Neurosurgery at the University of Florida in 1996, having trained with Dr. Masson. Dr. Supler was trained by Dr. Albert Rhoton, the father of microneurosurgery while at the University of Florida, in advanced microneurosurgical anatomy and surgery.

;WQ`]S\R]aQ]^WQAc`US`g 1][^cbS`/aaWabSR<Sc`]\OdWUObW]\ 4Zc]`]aQ]^WQAc`US`g 3\R]aQ]^WQA^W\OZ2SQ][^`SaaW]\a /`bWÂżQWOZ2WaQAc`US`g ;W\W[OZZg7\dOaWdSA^W\OZ@SQ]\ab`cQbW]\a AQ]ZW]aWaAc`US`g BV]`OaQ]^WQAc`US`g


"%$"'&#&# eee\Sc`]a^W\SW\abWbcbS]`U

ORLCM_120700_NeuroSpine_FP.indd 1 10GB_May13_Takeaway.indd 31

12/14/12 11:23:04 AM 4/29/13 4:33:35 PM





THE RIGHT DECISION... [ fo r the whole f amily ]

“It’s the Best of Both Worlds.” Lurene Braswell had long thought that “one day” The Mayflower would be the ideal place for retirement – although making the actual move was not on her immediate radar screen. But when her husband passed away, things changed. Encouraged by her daughter, Linda Bailey, who lives in Winter Park, Lurene made the decision to relocate. “It was meant to be,” she explains. “I love my new apartment, and I no longer have the burden of maintaining and cleaning a big house.” 1620 Mayflower Court Winter Park, FL 32792

“Mother’s right around the corner, but she has her own space,” adds Linda. “Now she can spend birthdays, holidays and good times with her children and grandchildren. And as a family, we have peace of mind knowing she will always receive the very best in care . . . it’s the best of both worlds.”

If your loved one needed long-term care, what would you do? Call today, and let’s talk about it: 407.672.1620.

88141 PRAD GB 5/2013

MAY 939 Braswell Ad_Growing Bolder.indd 1 10GB_May13_Takeaway.indd 32

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