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Media Klub KHMK

KiDz HuB

“...building confidence, improving literacy and empowering youths to be creators of content rather than only being consumers of it.” Orlando Dillon, Founder


“... training the next generation of broadcasters.” Arnold Kelly, Veteran Broadcaster

“... Its not about training youths for an event, its training them for life.” Irwine Clare Sr, Radio Host & Founder of Team Jamaica Bickle

KiDz HuB Media Klub Launches In The Caribbean, November, 2012 is a signature program of KiDz HuB

knowledge, media literacy, social and leadership skills.

Media Network Inc. (KHMN), offering turn-key radio & TV production and streaming services designed specifically for school-aged students. Through the leadership of media professionals, broadcasters and mentors, klub members receive hands-on training and experience in professional radio and TV broadcast, music programming, interviewing and public speaking skills. Members also get an understanding of marketing, promotions and sponsorship sales, while having fun gaining technical

Today’s multimedia journalist uses more tools and technology than ever. Video, sound, text and motion graphics are essential to great storytelling. KHMK, prepares students for the future with an emphasis on short-form production. Youths gain hands-on experience with, cutting-edge technology. They learn to write, edit, shoot, podcast, produce, host, report and broadcast across all media. This is a one-of-akind program - “where the youths take charge and leaders are made.”

KiDz HuB Media Klub (KHMK)

"We are no longer in the information age, we are in the media age." ~ Paul Saffo, Futurist.

Future Jobs in Media 1 Radio/TV/Podcast Production 2 Radio/TV Host/Co-host 3 Media Director/Writer 4 The kids are the winners News Correspondent/Sportscaster

Kidz HuB Media KluBs The Schools Currently Selected to Participate In The Program Launches in 2 Jamaican Schools with 5 more to come. Allman Town Primary and Portmore Missionary Preparatory Schools,


have shown initiative in finding ways to incorporate 21st century technology in teaching-learning process and each has a vision for the inclusion of media, as a huge part of their schools’ strategic plans. This has made both schools eligible for our official KHMK pilot program.

KiDz HuB Media KluB Launches In Jamaica West Indies  

KiDz HuB Media Klub (KHMK)is a signature program of KiDz HuB Media Network Inc. (KHMN), offering turn-key radio & TV production and streamin...