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Architecture Shelter

Performance Sactuary Research Connection


Shelter Our task at hand

was to create a piece of shelter. This shelter was comprised of a system of construction that became more of a creature. One that could evolve and mold to the program and design of any piece of architecture that we needed to fulfill. For me, this creature evolved into a woven structure that bent and folded to meet the needs behind our idea of public shelter.


Performance The intentions that

were behind this project were to utilize the initial site for the shelter project as a new home for the concept of performance. By combining the two major areas of place and rest around the site, a system of shifting ground plane and roof levels was created. These levels created multiple areas of performance and rest within the site, forming a unique expirience with each visit and performance.


Sanctuary Creating a place

for reflection and memory among such a historically rich site, it was important to create a sense of being humble. A place of solidarity and rememberance that could inspire the idea that death is a powerful and overwhelming entity that is unnavoidable. Combining three large concepts from the early stage, i had created a space that inspired the concept of being a small piece of a larger system.



Research For my research

and facade project, I had the chance to study the construction and ideas behind the Tod’s building, in Tokyo, Japan. We began to study how the building was built and the sytems behind it. We decided to more closely study the concepts behind the building that helped Toyo Ito to design one of the most influential buildings in Tokyo. From there, we combined the building construction and concepts to create a scale model that represented both.



Connection Creating a space

that connects two major aspects of our school was a project that struck close to each designer. For me, this space was a place not only for passing through, but for the sharing of ideas and displaying the massive amounts of work that each student creates. This space was largely formed by the facade system that created multiple spaces between the layers when moving to and from the building.




Orlando Portfolio  

Portfolio for sophmore architecture