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April 15 2011



Mother & Baby Learn the skills to give birth the natural way

For childcare advice on a range of issues contact Mayo CCC Mayo County Childcare Committee provides information, training, and support to childcare services, parents, and agencies relating to many childcare schemes which are now in place under the direction of the Office of Minister for Children and Youth Affairs. The free school year is an example of one such scheme. The free preschool year was introduced in January 2010. It has been a resounding success with almost 97 per cent of children nationally taking up the opportunity to avail of a free preschool year. In Mayo there are currently 117 preschool services implementing the free preschool year,

spread across the whole county. It is designed to give children access to a free preschool year of appropriate programme-based activities in the year before they start primary school. If your child was born between February 2 and June 30 2008 you are eligible for a free place from September 2011. The scheme has an option for parents of children with additional special needs to apply to access preschool for their child over two years. For further information on the free preschool year or any childcare issue contact Mayo CCC, 094 9047010, email, or log onto

For top children’s health advice visit Molloy’s Lifestyle Pharmacies Birthide’s Birth Without Fear classes have helped many mothers to have calm, relaxed, births, regardless of whether they are first time parents or had a previous Caesarean, and have been shown to greatly reduce mothers needing, or wanting, an epidural. Birthtide provides parents with information, skills, and relaxation, and it is this relaxation that calms the mind and enables a woman’s body to give birth in the best way possible. At the end of the class parents can expect to feel very relaxed, more connected to their baby, and more excited, positive, and upbeat about the labour. Often parents report feeling relieved that they finally have a clear path mapped out for them to follow their dreams of a natural birth. Birthtide is run by Emily Belfrage, who also provides a birth support — or doula — service for labours and births in home and at hospital. You can think of her as your pregnancy and labour best friend who happens to be a birthing professional. Throughout the labour and birth Ms Belfrage’s main aim is to help the mother to have the best birth possible and to enable her partner to be the best support he can. Each labour and birth is unique and Emily Belfrage draws on her expertise and knowledge appropriately in each case. Birthtide also provides a counselling service for all those moments in pregnancy, labour, birth, and early parenthood that did not go according to how you had hoped and dreamed. For all information go to or call (087) 9327279.

Every parent has been there, the big struggle with your baby or young child to get the medicine down and the dread of repeating the whole exercise again in a couple of hours. Molloy’s Lifestyle Pharmacy suggests you hold your baby at a 45-degree angle, with their hands down and head supported. Using a plastic syringe, a medicine dropper, or a bottle teat, drip the medicine onto the back of baby’s tongue near the sides. Avoid emptying the dropper into the cheek pouches, because your baby will spit it all out at the first opportunity. Also avoid squirting the medicine down into your baby's throat, because they

might choke. For toddlers, to reduce the bad taste of some liquid medicines chill the medicine, or have your child suck on a popsicle prior to taking the medicine as cold temperatures numb the taste buds. For babies over six months try giving it with some yogurt or baby rice. For babies, syringes work better than spoons because you can be sure you're getting all the medicine into your child's mouth by giving a little bit at a time. If using a spoon use a plastic medicine spoon with dosage markings. Never refer to medicine as sweets or nice juice — you are setting up a potentially dangerous confusion.

And when the mission has been accomplished, don't forget the big hug and congratulations on a job well done — for both of you. Check out or cy

Use pregnancy massage to help cope with birthing Pregnancy is a time of enormous change, especially if it is your first pregnancy. Not only is your body changing, but powerful emotions tug at you as you journey along the path to motherhood. Some women seem to travel this path more easily than others. Pregnancy massage can help you be more in tune with yourself. It gives you the space and time to relax your weary body and allow you to connect with your baby. Treatments are tailored to suit the individual mum/baby and include pre and post natal support through massage, gentle exercises, and shiatsu (accupressure). Later on birth preparation and working with the birth partner, if desirable, can empower the couple in helping to cope with the birth. Treatments are available to suit all needs and budget. Testimonials “As this is my second pregnancy I found the massage very relaxing, a chance to switch off and connect to baby. Yvonne has an intuitive touch.” “My partner and I used massage techniques and breathing exercises in labour which Yvonne recommended to us which helped ease discomfort.” Yvonne Healy, APNT massage in pregnancy (wellmother accredited), telephone 087 959 3935, email

Pregnancy Massage

Pre and post Natal support through Massage, gentle exercises and Shiatsu (Accupressure). Birth preparation including working with birth partner. Nurturing Mother and Baby

Contact Yvonne Healy APNT (Wellmother accredited) 087 9593 935

Mayo County Childcare Committee (Mayo CCC)

Birth Without Fear Classes. Supporting, Educating and Inspiring pregnant women and their partners to have calm, relaxed, joyful birthing.

Next Class: Saturday 7th - Sunday 8th May Pregnancy, Labour and Birth Support at Home and in Hospital Your very own Pregnancy best friend who is also a birth professional! Skilled at keeping you calm and relaxed during labour and at helping your partner be the very best birth support possible. COUNSELING For all those moments in pregnancy, labour, birth and early parenthood that didn't go how you had hoped.

support pre-schools and childcare services by providing • Support and guidance on Funding Applications • Organise and Facilitate Management Support & Development meetings for management of childcare services • Organise Childcare Training • Provide Childcare information eg through newsletters, website etc. • Conduct Childcare research • Build capacity of childcare providers through training, advice and support • Promote equality & diversity through training & information • Promote social inclusion through training & information • Develop quality childcare through training and information Mayo CCC support parents by • Providing childcare information including a list of all notified childcare services in the county • Promoting the Free pre-school place & other funding initiatives Mayo CCC support children by • Developing quality childcare through training and information • Providing a ‘childrens corner’ in quarterly MCCC newsletters

Contact Mayo Co Childcare Committee at First Floor, Chambers House, Ellison St., Castlebar. Tel 094 9047010 For a comprehensive list of childcare training available in Mayo go to Funded by the Irish Government under the National Development Plan 2007-2013

For more information: or, 087 9327279

tations Consul LY ON €20

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Do you need nutritional advice on: • Pre-pregnancy diet to prepare your body for pregnancy • What to eat and avoid during pregnancy • Nutrients needed post-pregnancy and while breastfeeding • Weaning baby onto solids but don't know where to start • Feeding your fussy toddlers and teenagers For help and advice on all stages of your family's nutritional needs make an appointment with our Dietician at your nearest Molloys Lifestyle Pharmacy or call: Ballina: Garden St 096 21375 Bunree Rd 096 60340 Ballaghaderreen 094 987 7520 Roscommon Town 0906 637 602 Crossmolina 096 31177 Join us online at or

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