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ORLAGH GROVE RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION Dear Resident Welcome to this very first, inaugural edition of The Orlagh Grove Residents Association Newsletter. We hope you enjoy and find our first newsletter an interesting and worthwhile read. We intend to make it a bi-annual publication and to use the newsletter for the purpose of keeping you, the residents of Orlagh Grove, up to date on the news and developments some of which are of critical importance to each and every one of us. Orlagh Grove is your community and a really wonderful place to live. We welcome and encourage participation and co-operation

ANNUAL AGM Our AGM was held on the 27th September this year in the Community Centre. Regrettably attendance was low this year, however great discussions and debate was had generating lots of ideas and suggestions on how to address a number of very important issues that affect all residents in Orlagh. The Committee for 2016/2017 was elected and will look after the running of the association. Chairperson: Ann Nelson, Orlagh Lawn Secretary: Imelda Burke, Orlagh Lawn Treasurer: Angelina Hopkins, Orlagh Meadows Newsletter: Roisin Farrell and Kieran Collins, Orlagh Way and Orlagh Rise

from all the residents to ensure we keep our estate well maintained, safe and in good order and to take care of issues or problems which may arise from time to time. We intend to build on the excellent work carried out in the estate throughout the summer months and we will continue to promote and enhance the overall environment of our estate.

Don’t forget, this is your newsletter and we want it to be as relevant and interesting as possible. So if you have any news, articles or items you would like to share with your neighbours please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing Happy reading!

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH & TEXT ALERTS Over the past year or so we introduced a Text Alert Scheme and over this period numerous text messages have been circulated to Residents in Orlagh who signed up to this important security initiative. These texts have referenced attempted break-ins, burglaries and suspicious activity within Orlagh Estate. The texts have created an awareness and conversation and have reminded us all to be more vigilant about our safety and that of our neighbours.

To join The Orlagh Text Alert scheme just email Peter Doyle with your Name, Address and Mobile Number to Remember the most important element of Neighbourhood Watch is that everyone keeps vigilant and reports any suspicious behaviour to this number. If you see any suspicious behaviour, please either alert your road rep or email

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We started last spring with a group of determined volunteers, who had a vision for making Orlagh Grove look smart and back to its very best again. Many areas were neglected, had become very overgrown, graffiti was a scourge and illegal dumping was taking place. Over the following weeks and months and with some very tired bodies we tackled everything that was thrown at us: • • • • •

Walls were Power Hosed. Walls were Painted. Trees were pruned. Hedges were strimmed at shops. New paths were laid at shops.

• Top Soil was laid in common green areas and grass reseeded. • What seemed like miles of Grass Verges were edged. • Road Signs were repainted in a classy Black & Gold. • Post Boxes, Electrical Boxes and Bins painted a smart emerald green. • The Clothes Recycling Bin at the shops which was an eyesore and dirt collector was removed for good. • The Granite Bolders at the entrance to Orlagh Estate were relocated to a preferred position. These are only a snapshot of the tasks we encountered and each day brought new challenges. However we are on a mission now and we intend to build on the excellent work carried out so far and we will continue to promote and enhance the overall environment of our estate for the benefit of all.









LEAF CLEAN-UP DAY Fallen leaves can and do cause accidents and will block drains often resulting in serious structural damage. We intend to hold a clean-up day on Saturday 26th November from 12-3pm and everyone can play a part here. South Dublin County Council will provide biodegradable bags and make arrangements for collection of same. This is a very worthwhile community effort and also a great opportunity to introduce the children of the estate to community service activities.

You too can get involved. If you are not available or in a position to help clear the many green areas throughout the estate we would urge people to sweep up leaves outside their homes and premises in order to prevent accidents happening and drains getting blocked. So we look forward to a strong turnout for what will be our final organised “Estate Event” of 2016. Please bring rakes, brushes and shovels

ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION FEES The Annual Subscription Fee is €30 per house. We aspire and strive to maintain Orlagh Estate to a high standard for the enjoyment and benefits of all residents, therefore it is important that everyone who can pay their subscription, does pay. If we received a contribution from every household, whether owned or rented, we could do so much more to improve our estate. In recent times

we have been in a position to pay for the important maintenance works such as grass cutting throughout the estate and the painting of walls at the entrance of the estate. However additional monies are required to tackle a number of neglected areas, for additional painting works and for the planting of small trees, shrubs, bushes and plants throughout Orlagh.

We would also ask you to be mindful that collection of subscriptions is not an easy task and is done on a voluntary basis. So please support your road representative and don’t wait for the knock on the door.

CONGRATS!! Congrats to our local Orlagh lad, Dane Massey, of Dundalk FC, winners of the Eirtricty League 3rd time in a row, and first Irish soccer club to reach the Europa League qualification stage. Amazing achievement. Dane came out for a kickabout with some of our local boys and girls on Wednesday 26th October to the main green. We had a great turnout from all the children and they showed our local pro what a talented bunch of footballers we have here in Orlagh. Thanks to Dane for all the time and selfies and we wish Dundalk FC the best of luck in the next stage of their European journey.

A special thank you to resident Padraig Byrne for his selfless efforts cleaning the endless litter around our estate. No doubt Padraig would appreciate a few less bags to fill, so let’s all up our game here. A huge thanks to Ann Nelson (Chairperson) who led the big effort to improve the estate this summer.

Orlagh Park House Crèche for their contributions towards the cost of the clean-up in that area. We are delighted that our local businesses have come on board with the Residents Association and we ask you to please support the businesses who supported us.

Also thanks to The Lucky Star, Spar, The Spice Hut, Gillian’s Beauty, JP Insurance, Office Equipment and

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! We are looking for a few volunteers to put their name forward to come out for a few odd jobs over the winter, e.g. planting bulbs, hedge cutting etc. If you think you would have the odd few hours to spare through the week or at weekends, please email Ann Nelson at

OUR KIDS HAVE THEIR SAY We asked some of our local children what they think of life in Orlagh Grove for them: I love playing football on our big green, but wish there wasn’t dog poo getting on my clothes and shoes. I think its great in Orlagh at Halloween the way all the houses get decorated in a spooky way I love having my friends close by I like that my school is so close to my house and I can come home for lunch.


DOG FOULING We love our doggies! However can we ask all dog owners when they take their dogs walking on the green and around the footpaths to please clean up their dog’s poo. Under litter laws (Section 22 of the Litter Pollution Act 1997), it is an offence to allow a dog under your control to foul a public place.

ROAD SAFETY As we all know, Orlagh Grove is home to many of our small children and grandchildren who are cycling and scooting up and down our paths.

Can we please ask residents to kindly not dispose of their grass cuttings onto the green areas or in the trees. Residents may not be aware that these grass piles have become attractive areas for nesting of rats and other vermin throughout the estate. It is costing money to have this dumped grass removed.

PARKING ON GRASS VERGES Can we ask that all residents ensure that your friends, family and trades people who visit do not park up on grass verges as they are becoming destroyed and particularly in the wet weather.

Earlier this year €400 of residents association money alone was spent replacing damaged grass at the Post Box caused by irresponsible drivers partially parking on the grass.


OVER €3500 SPENT IN 2016! It would be wonderful if all residents could take pride in the grass verges outside their houses and keep them trimmed and edged to keep our estate beautiful. The majority of our 30 euro annual subscription goes towards grass cutting.

To parents: please help your children to understand the dangers of the roads and of cars coming out of driveways.

The RSA recommends that the safest way to park for visibility is reverse in, drive forwards out.

To drivers: please be aware especially as visibility gets worse in winter, that children may be passing your driveway as you drive out and are hard to see.

So Please Let’s All Slow Down




to the residents of Orlagh Grove for all your support



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Orlagh Grove Newsletter November 2016  
Orlagh Grove Newsletter November 2016