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National Conference Booklet

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JANUARY 1, 2014 [COMPANY NAME] [Company address]

ďƒ‘ Dear AIESECers, AIESEC conference is an opportunity for our membership to commit to the power of what we stand for, and to experience the strength of our network come together to create an intense learning experience. At an organizational level, is an opportunity to train members, develop strategy, discuss topics and issues that the organization is taking up, and engage with our stakeholders. At an individual level, members have the opportunity to receive training, build your personal network, demonstrate leadership, and have loads of fun.

ďƒ‘ Hotel Palma is ideal, warm and luxurious holiday as well as for business, professional organization with top-notch and every CONFERENCE meeting. Warm service, family and the helpful staff at every moment will make you feel at home.

ďƒ‘ We will provide you our a bus to the venue, but you are free to come with your own vehicle. The bus is going to departure from Tirana Friday morning and coming back Sunday afternoon

ďƒ‘ Karaoke night (First night) Prepare at least one song and show your talent! Wear something comfortable.

AIESEC in Albania (Second night) This is a fomal event, with prices and recognitions. Dress Code: Smart Casual

Beach Party (Second night) The first event of the night is just a warm up. The fun moves outside. Make sure to have something warm, just in case ;)

ďƒ‘ Applications will be open untill the 14th of April

National Conference 4 Conference Fee Late Registration Fee Cancellation Fee

50 Euro +5 Euro 15 Euro T-Shirt

 For any doubts please contact: Aldo Bitri – +355 693257368 –

For fee and payments please contact: Adela Roko – +355 695301618 –

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