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Industrial Hygiene Monitoring - How Can A Consultant Help You For any manufacturing or processing facility, it is important to establish internal protocols and systems that will ensure a safe and conducive environment for workers as well as leave minimum impact on the environment. The process used to make this happen is known as industrial hygiene monitoring. By hiring a professional consultant, you can come up with a comprehensive plan to manage this function and ensure total compliance with all mandates put forward by OSHA and other relevant authorities. Let’s look at some of the major points that a consultant will cover when handling industrial hygiene monitoring at your facility.              

Dust and solvent monitoring and control Work area monitoring Management and monitoring of personnel health Verification of existing equipment controls. (Primary controls) Verification of new equipment using a placebo e.g. Lactose Verification of PPE i.e. Secondary controls Control of noise and methods to protect stakeholders from adverse effects Chemical agent risk assessments and monitoring Review of existing procedures with regards to industrial hygiene monitoring Safety audits Preventative maintenance checks and measures Employee training with a view to reduce occupational exposures Formulation of a disaster management plan and its implementation Annual review of the hygiene monitoring plan4

By using the above factors, an industrial hygiene and quality management consultancy will attempt to ensure that the working environment in your facility is safe and effective for all stakeholders involved. Ensuring this is not only a legal duty, it is also a moral responsibility that you as the facility owner and manager must bear.

Industrial hygiene monitoring how can a consultant help you  
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