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The need for broadband is growing exponentially among Ontario’s research, education and innovation (re&i) institutions and school boards as technology becomes integrated into all we do. We witness this growth first-hand as bandwidth utilization within our network expands by 50% every year. As our users’ needs grow, we continue to increase our network’s capacity, upgrading their bandwidth as necessary so they can focus on what matters. This year, when the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board in Kenora took the trendsetting step to take learning to the next level, we were there to provide the connectivity.

Making technology accessible for all

“It is imperative that schools offer seamless use of technology

Jack McMaster is an education visionary

for all educational leaders as they attempt to address a skills

in Ontario. As the former Director of

Education with the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board (KPDSB),

Jack championed many progressive initiatives to keep KPDSB’s schools

and students ahead of the curve and well equipped for the future.

to prepare students for learning, where learning is based on inquiry,” Jack explains. This is an important consideration gap which, according to the Conference Board of Canada,

costs Ontario’s economy $24 billion a year. Experts believe

that incorporating more digital content and technology in the curriculum may help to address this problem.

Jack’s latest initiative, “The 21st Century Technology for Teaching and Learning Plan,” marks a huge milestone in embracing technology in the classroom.

Approved by KPDSB Board of Trustees in 2012, the monumental plan called on the board to purchase over $2.2 million worth of technology for students and teachers. This will put personal computers in the hands of each student

from Grades 4 to 12, while every four students from kindergarten to Grade 3 will have an iPad to share. KPDSB teachers are replacing their desktop computers with new laptops and docking stations.

All of this new technology will allow students to access rich educational content, improving student engagement and achievement while boosting skill development among

KPDSB’s student body. As a result, schools will be producing

and consuming significantly more bandwidth and data every Jack McMaster receives ORION Leadership Award at the 2013 THINK Conference with Linda Franklin, President & CEO of Colleges Ontario



day, necessitating a more robust and affordable network to support KPDSB’s highly connected schools.

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