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FCH JU projects on hydrogen storage

Joint Workshop Santa Cruz, Tenerife (Spain) nd

October 2 , 2013 The joint workshop will bring together FCH JU projects on solid-state hydrogen storage to discuss topics of common interests. The main topics are as follows:    

Materials for solid-state hydrogen storage Hydrogen tanks based on solid-state materials Integration of solid-state hydrogen tanks with fuel cells Final use and applications

The participation to the workshop is restricted to partners of EDEN, HYPER, SSH2S and BOR4STORE projects, but a limited number of places is available for external attendees. People interested are requested to contact project coordinators.

Contacts Marcello BARICCO



Università di Torino, I FBK, Trento, I Orion Innovation, London, UK SSH2S EDEN HYPER

Klaus TAUBE HZG, Geesthacht, D BOR4STORE

FCH JU Projects on Hydrogen Storage Joint Workshop  

FCH JU Projects on Hydrogen Storage Joint Workshop