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freeride skiing 08-09

pre-dawn rituals


ack in the early 1990 s , the late, great Alex Lowe (aka, The Fiend) was

the commander-in-chief of a crew of BD employees that would wake up at inhuman hours in order to score turns before having to be at work at 8

a.m.—a task dubbed by The Fiend as “dawn patrol.” For the past 15 years here at Black Diamond the dawn patrol has become the ultimate ski ritual, one embraced by Black Diamond’s AT and tele skiers alike as the quintessential tribute to The Fiend. Sure, every dedicated, die-hard skier has their rituals, those practices and habits that are subscribed to with religious fervor. But nothing was as special as going on a d.p. with The Fiend, a man who had no limit to his endurance and stoke, a man who was truly a machine. His phone call would come at two minutes to 9 p.m., just before he would rack out for the night. He was the master of the Jedi Mind Trick. “Hey, it’s Alex. You want to ski Tanners tomorrow. You will be at my house at four.” Click. That was it. You never even had a chance to say no or yes, no chance to say you were still exhausted from dawn patrolling with him the previous day, no chance to bail and sleep in. The


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boots skis bindings p ol e s skins snow s afe t y pack s

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t h e i r r i t u a l s , t ho s e

practices and habits

14 - 15 being nar ajowski

A typically hectic day with the BD boot development team through the eyes of Boot Project Director, Dave Narajowski.

t h at a re subs crib ed to with religious fervor

You could hear the espresso being ground from outside his front door. He

28 - 29 a broken season

would have your caffeine dose ready and waiting: eight shots of espresso (with the consistency of 40-weight motor oil and served at a scorching 373-degrees Kelvin)

hidden beneath a thick layer of milky foam. On the drive out of town you abided by

intersection would mean getting heckled.

Once you parked the car at the trailhead there was not a moment to waste.

The Fiend would be disappearing into the pre-dawn blackness before you could even

A fractured elbow ruins a year of skiing—or does it? nick d e vor e

36 - 37 the big dump

The Fiend’s rule of blindly running every red light—even tapping the brakes mid

08- 09

e v ery d ed i c at ed, die-hard skier has

Fiend had called—you were going.

f r eer id e s k iin g

Forget the Easter eggs—XL prepares for the powder day of the year. x av ier l eon t i

44 - 45 the pilgrimage

A ski season isn’t complete without a spring trip to Alaska’s wild Chugach Mountains. d a n c a r us o

get one ski on. The Fiend was always out in front. Always. No matter how long or arduous the trail-breaking duty, he would be on top well before the group. The dawn

patrol was his ritual, his special time, and he reveled in doing the heavy lifting. On top, your heart rate redlined and lungs sucked from the effort of trying to keep up

52 - 53 the gear i used

with The Fiend. He’d quickly take off your skins, roll ‘em up and put them in your

Check out what it takes to ski Utah’s Y-Not Couloir.

pack, then immediately charge down the chute just as the dim light of a winter’s

dawn pushed through the darkness. At 7:58 a.m. you’d come through the doors at

b r a d b a r l age

and get to work on your other ritual, one that, much like the dawn patrol, we pas-

86 - 87 speak out for silence

sionately continue to this day: designing and manufacturing the world’s finest ski

equipment. Thanks for the inspiration, Alex.

BD, still in your ski clothing and boots, dripping melted snow and stinking of sweat,

– the employee owner s of black diamond

The BD posse post-holing up the Y Couloir before work, Wasatch backcountry, Utah.

1 Andrew


A call to protect and preserve the backcountry ski experience. m a rk menl ov e

88 - 89 parting shot

The late, great Billy Poole flashing some style, Las Llenas, Argentina. To learn more about our Billy’s life and legacy visit 1 W i ll W i s s m a n / T h e L e v i tat i o n P r o j e c t

2 - 3

1 gabe


b oo t s “Freeriding is like playing a real-life Super Mario Brothers video game. Whether jumping off a pillow, flying over a cliff or jibbing a tree, you can do things that you only thought were possible in a virtual world. The possibilities with freeriding are totally endless… the definition totally open.” — D rew Stoeckline is a profe ssional skier b a sed ou t of Idaho, bu t once the snow s tar t s to fall he and his beloved Fac tor s c an be found ripping it throughou t the nation in compe titions, films and photos.

the fac tor in your face

Alpine overlap

Unrestricted upper

True-lasted thermo-

construction produces

cuff and ski/walk

moldable liner with

a natural and

mode for unrivaled

Boa closure system

progressive flex

touring efficiency

for customizable fit

b o o t s | 4 - 5

Ins ide BD ’s fr ee rid e bo ot s

Boa Closure System

Black Diamond’s all-new line of freeride boots is going to change the way you ski. Innovative in

areas that make BD’s boots unrivaled in comfort and performance.

Overlap Tongue Construction

Custom Insole

six telemark boots will break down the boundaries between the alpine and backcountry worlds

Excellent Cuff Mobility

Walk/Ski Mode

Thermoformable Foam

design, unique in construction, and uncompromising in versatility, these three AT boots and

through three main areas of focus: Fit, Flex and Access. It’s the unique combination of these three

Powerful Triax Frame Construction

Strobeled Base

Soles Intercha ngable Performa nce

Insulating, Customizable Boot Board


Triple-Density Injection


Sore feet suck. That’s why we were obsessed in making

“It’s all about the down” is our mantra here at BD. We’ve

our boots comfortable enough for a full day of charging

built our boots to excel on the down by incorporating

in the backcountry or a first-chair-to-last-call weekend at

enough stiffness to ensure maximum power transfer when

the resort. Insulating boot boards… Strobeled bases…

we’re ripping that dawn patrol dream run or Mach-ing

true-lasted liners… unique custom foot beds… exclusive

down a corduroy field of spring corn. The shells of our

Boa closure system—our boots’ ground-up fit system is

boots are built using alpine overlap construction, which

stacked with features that vastly improve performance and

produces a natural progressive flex and ankle articulation

comfort for both men and women.

that keeps the knee over the ski. This true progressive flex results in immediate power transfer with the sensitivity to absorb and feel—something an unnatural, mechanically obstructed, traditional tongue construction cannot deliver.


t that been jonesing for a boo For far too long we’ve t AT Tha on the down as the up. could perform as well once we for the skin up, but, or tele boot was nice wishing of ance lagged. Tired headed down, its perform efficiency t had five-star touring for that magic boot tha result? The e, we made our own. and alpine performanc ult in a overlap construction res Not only does our alpine ating, nonbut the smoothly articul high performance flex, ciency for d unrivaled touring effi restrictive cuffs also yiel anytime access. the ultimate in anywhere

b o o t s | 6 - 7




No boundaries? No problem. FIT: Power Fit Liners with true-lasted, Strobeled bases and exclusive Boa closure system FLEX: Triax-Pro and Triax-Performance Frames ski like your alpine boots


ACCESS: Unprecedented range of motion and a highly tunable, integrated ski/walk mode




The Factor is built for the hardest of hard chargers, who run

The Method is for the modern AT skier who craves downhill

Our premiere women’s AT boot, the Shiva has the alpine stiff-

it wide open on blower pow, send 30-footers to hardpack and

performance as much as tourability and comfort. Slightly less

ness you’re accustomed to while providing an unrivaled level of

pull 60 mph straight lines—skiers with tight pants or skinny

torsionally and longitudinally stiff than the Factor, the Method

customization and backcountry tourability. Specifically designed

skis need not apply. The stiffest freeride boot in the BD line, the

is your choice for skiing any and all terrain, from no-falls steeps

for a female foot, the Shiva’s liner, cuff opening, rear spoiler and

Factor, with its Flex-130 rated Triax-Pro Frame™ constructed with

to deep powder bowls. With its Triax-Performance Frame™ with

more aggressive stance angle address the performance and fit

100% Pebax, is the ultimate combination of backcountry and al-

Pebax® and Flex 110 rating, the Method still has power to drive

needs of a woman. The Shiva’s Triax-Performance Frame (with

pine boots. You want a custom fit? You’ll get it thanks to the

today’s fat skis. The boot is equipped with both a thermoformable

Flex 100 rating) is built with Pebax to provide a forgiving yet

Factor’s thermoformable high-performance foot bed and Power

high-performance foot bed and a Power Fit Light Liner. Changing

responsive feel. The Women’s Power Fit Light Liner and high-

Fit Liner. The Factor comes equipped with ISO Alpine DIN blocks

the Method between AT blocks and BD ISO Alpine DIN blocks

performance thermoformable foot bed ensure a top-quality,

and is compatible with BD AT blocks (sold separately), which are

(sold separately) is third-grade easy due to the sliding, four-screw

custom fit. The Shiva comes with AT blocks with integrated tech

quickly and easily changed out with our unique sliding, four-

attachment system.

inserts and is compatible with BD ISO Alpine DIN blocks (sold

screw attachment.

recommended skis:

recommended skis:

Verdict, Kilowatt and Voodoo

Megawatt, Zealot and Verdict

separately). recommended skis:

Verdict, Joule and Voodoo

SIZE RANGE: Mondo 24-30.5, in half sizes SIZE RANGE: Mondo 24-30.5, in half sizes WEIGHT: 4.13 kg (9 lb 12 oz), per pair, size 27

FACTOR | #120100

WEIGHT: 3.98 kg (8 lb 12 oz), per pair, size 27

SIZE RANGE: Mondo 23-26.5, in half sizes WEIGHT: 3.65 kg (8 lb 1 oz), per pair, size 25

METHOD | #120105 optional iso alpine din block | #120400

SHIVA | #120205

optional alpine touring block | #120401

optional iso alpine din block | #120400

Jeff Knaub freeriding in Haines, Alaska.

1 R ya n


b l a c k d i a m o n d e q u i p m e n t. c o m

1 801 278 5533

b o o t s | 8 - 9





Big boots for big skis FIT: Power Fit Liners with true-lasted, Strobeled bases and exclusive Boa® closure system FLEX: Triax-Pro and Triax-Performance Frames are smooth flexing with maximum torsional power ACCESS: Unprecedented range of motion and a highly tunable, integrated ski/walk mode




Born for the steep spines of the Chugach, the Custom is the

The boot that will push your skiing to the next level, the smooth

Our top-of-the-line women’s freeheel boot, the Stiletto craves

stiffest tele boot we make. Warning: The combination of alpine

and powerful Push will put you in the driver’s seat. The combi-

big skis and fluid lines—be it waist-deep pow in the British Co-

overlap construction and Triax-Pro Frame (with Flex 130 rating)

nation of our lower-cuffed Triax-Performance Frame, Flex 110 rat-

lumbia backcountry or off-piste action at La Grave. Specifically

makes the Custom a stiff mofo that demands aggressive skier

ing and MidStiff bellows yields a boot that is 30% softer than the

designed for a female foot, the Stiletto’s cuff opening, rear spoil-

input. Additionally, the RidStiff bellows offers a very stiff yet re-

Custom. The forward flex feels right in between a Terminator and

er, liner and more aggressive stance angle address the perfor-

sponsive flex. The thermoformable foot bed and Power Fit Liner

Ener-G, while offering exceptional torsional control that defies

mance and fit needs of a woman. The Triax-Performance Frame

ensure a deluxe fit that’ll keep you on the mountain and charging.

comparison. The Push has a Power Fit Liner and thermoformable

(Flex 100 rating), overlap alpine construction and MidStiff bel-

Not compatible with three-pin bindings.

foot bed for top-shelf customization and fit. Not compatible with

lows work in concert to give the boot a stiff yet forgiving feel.

three-pin bindings.

The thermoformable foot bed and Women’s Power Fit Liner will

recommended skis:

Megawatt, Zealot and Verdict

recommended skis:

Verdict, Kilowatt and Havoc

SIZE RANGE: Mondo 24-30.5, in half sizes WEIGHT: 4.1 kg (9 lb 1 oz), per pair, size 27

CUSTOM | #120120

dial in the fit on even the funkiest of feet. Not compatible with three-pin bindings.

SIZE RANGE: Mondo 24-30.5, in half sizes

recommended skis:

WEIGHT: 4.0 kg (8 lb 13 oz), per pair, size 27

Kilowatt, Joule and Velvet

SIZE RANGE: Mondo 23-26.5, in half sizes

PUSH | #120125

WEIGHT: 3.50 kg (7 lb 11 oz), per pair, size 25

STILETTO | #120225

Chris Erickson in the Wasatch backcountry, Utah. 1 J ay B e y er / P W 0 8

b l a c k d i a m o n d e q u i p m e n t. c o m

1 801 278 5533

b o o t s | 10 - 11


efficient SER



For the backcountry and beyond FIT: Efficient Fit Liners with true-lasted, Strobeled liners with exclusive Boa closure system FLEX: Triax-Tour Frames for maximum torsional control in the lightest boots possible ACCESS: Unprecedented range of motion and a highly tunable integrated ski/walk mode




For those who seek out secret stashes of ungodly-deep back-

A she-tool for backcountry powder shots, the Trance is designed

Our minimalist tele boot bred for all-day comfort in the back-

country powder, the shockingly responsive Seeker is what you’ve

for the consummate female tele skier, who needs a lightweight,

country, the lightweight Axis holds its own while going hut-

been looking for. The Seeker, with a lower cuff than boots in

high performance boot that can excel as much on the up as on

to-hut or hunting for that tasty powder stash. The Axis comes

our Power Series, is built with an emphasis on light weight while

the down. Trance’s cuff opening, rear spoiler, liner and more

with an Efficient Fit Light liner that has a single-pull speed lace

maintaining efficient power transmission. The thermoformable

aggressive stance angle address the specific performance and fit

closure and is thermoformable for a completely customized fit.

Efficient Fit Liner and customizable foot bed provides a tasty

needs of a woman. Built on our Triax-Tour Frame (Flex 90) with

The Axis is built with a Triax-Tour Frame with Pebax and polyure-

fit, while the Triax-Tour Frame™ (Flex 100 rating) and MidStiff

a MidStiff bellows, the Trance also has a Women’s Efficient Fit

thane (Flex 80 rating), and has FreeFlex bellows for a classic feel

bellows ensure maximum efficiency for the skin up and high

Liner that is thermoformable for a custom fit. Compatible with

with a new level of control. Compatible with three-pin bindings.

performance control for the charge down. Compatible with three-

three-pin bindings.

recommended skis:

pin bindings.

recommended skis:

recommended skis:

SIZE RANGE: Mondo 24-30.5, in half sizes

Kilowatt, Voodoo and Stigma

WEIGHT: 3.50 kg (7 lb 11 oz), per pair, size 27

SIZE RANGE: Mondo 22-26.5, in half sizes SIZE RANGE: Mondo 24-31.5, in half sizes WEIGHT: 3.70 kg (8 lb 3 oz), per pair, size 27

Voodoo, Guru and Cult

Joule, Velvet and Stigma

WEIGHT: 3.25 kg (7 lb 3 oz), per pair, size 25

axis | #120135

TRANCE | #120230

seeker | #120130

* more produ ct s & i nf o boots

Cornellia Zamernik at St. Anton am Arlberg, Austria.

1 T h o m as

G st i r

b l a c k d i a m o n d e q u i p m e n t. c o m

1 801 278 5533

b o o t s | 12 - 13

being nar ajowski Making our boots, our way, from the ground up.


he design, development and production of Black Diamond’s new line of freeride boots has been a three-year, multinational collaboration, involving more than 40 team members, frequent-flyer mileages in the seven-figures range and countless days of on-snow testing on three continents. The project has become the biggest, most logistically-intensive

endeavor in the history of Black Diamond. It has involved a mind-boggling array of minutiae requiring multilingual meetings, pre-dawn phone conferences, strategy sessions, global logistics, prototyping, 12-person email threads and field testing that have left the boot development crew juggling multiple time zones and living off of adrenaline, caffeine, dawn patrols and stoke. For a peek behind the scenes, check out what a typical day was like for Dave Narajowski, the Boot Project Director (aka, The Pit Boss) during the peak of development. • 12:01 - 6:30 a.m. ~ While Narajowski sleeps, 40 or so emails from BD co-workers in Asia and Europe fill his inbox. • 7:30 - 8:00 a.m. ~ Initial triage on last night’s email, scanning for crucial updates and prioritizing the messages to be dealt with later. • 8:56 a.m. ~ Pulls into BD parking lot and sees Brett Keyes, Product Developer, commando-changing out of his ski clothing. Keyes and three other BD employees took the latest Method protos out for a dawn patrol testing session and briefly tell Narajowski about the traction on the new blocks. • 9:00 a.m. ~ Walks in through the side door, sits down at desk and turns on email and Skype. The voicemail light is flashing with seven new messages. Checks to ensure the phone is set to “Do Not Disturb.” • 9:02 a.m. ~ Brendan Perkins, Product Developer, beckons Narajowski over to review CAD designs of the Size 28 Factor’s tech inserts he is working on. Narajowski, based upon emails he reviewed earlier that morning from Dave Mellon, VP of Product, and Thomas Laasko, Ski Line Category Director, asks Brendan to try and increase strength and trim down weight. • 9:37 a.m. ~ A quick meeting with Product Designers Jake Hall and Jeremy Saxton to ensure their original design intent of the Tele Efficient Line is being preserved. Paul Terry slides into the cubicle to discuss liner shape and construction details. • 10:12 - 10:55 a.m. ~ Dives into the emails. A BD press trip is coming up and Thomas wants to make sure there will be Customs in size 29 available for the gig… Andy Rosenberg from the QA lab has the results of the magnesium buckles’ 10,000-cycle spring test and the bellows’ latest round through the BD-engineered flex machine (aka, the Rosen-Flexer)… Mellon forwards a message thread that says Narajowski has to rebook his flight next week to Asia to include a 48-hour stopover in China to work with the BD CAD team there. • 11 - 12:30 p.m. ~ Design meeting with the entire boot team. With Derek Gustafson, Product Developer, driving the bus, every single component of each of the nine boot styles is

reviewed, its green, yellow or red status discussed. • 12:35 p.m. ~ Lunch from the vending machine and two Cokes. More emailing while eating lunch. • 1 - 2:38 p.m. ~ “Tops” meeting with all of the BD department heads as well as Peter Metcalf, the CEO. The main topic is no surprise: the boots. • 2:45 - 3:28 p.m. ~ Power emailing to various boot team members in Utah, Taiwan, China and Europe about everything from liner fabric sourcing to approval of buckle colors to outsole rubber durability testing to revisions and tooling. • 3:30 - 5:32 p.m. ~ Skype conference with BD teams in Taiwan and China. Narajowski brings everyone up to speed on the results of the 11 a.m. meeting. The meeting goes long due to numerous updates on the liners, moldings and logistics. The group reviews 3D data posted on the international server. • 5:45 p.m. ~ Passes the torch of responsibility for the night over to the heads in China and Taiwan (Alex Holzberger, Developer, and Steven Wen, Engineer, respectively). Quickly shuts down Skype so he can get out of the office by 6:30 p.m. and doesn’t get caught by a last minute call from Asia. His voicemail is now flashing 15 new messages. • 5:58 p.m. ~ Mellon stops by on his way out. Narajowski tells him “I feel like I was in an Asteroids game today, things were coming non-stop.” To which Mellon, who has had an equally hectic day, replies: “Just keep firing, man, and don’t forget to hit hyperspace every once in a while.” • 5:59 p.m. ~ Follows Mellon out the door. • 7:30 - 11 p.m. ~ At home, the pinging of new emails from BD employees continue. Everyone on the project takes their work home with them and all are available throughout the evening. Shuts down computer at 11 p.m. and goes to bed. As he drifts off to sleep his mind keeps firing… he remembers he needs to tell Thomas everything is cool with getting the 29s on time and that Holzberger needs to send a picture of the progressive die for the ski/walk mechanism’s t-nut. But those asteroids will have to wait until tomorrow…

b e i n g n a r a j o w s k i | 14 - 15

Tom Wayes, dropping pillows, Haines, Alaska.

1 G ene

D war k in

WTF? Log on @ to get the full scoop on Wayesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; epic trip to AK.

b l a c k d iam o n d e qui p m e n t . c o m

1 801 278 5533

16 - 17

1 A dam

C lar k

s kis “It was a Friday morning in late January… reports were calling for eight inches up at Snowbird—the perfect day for the Megawatts. After a few phone calls I had a posse of work-ditching friends ready to slay the goods. After six hours of blower and with the snow still falling, I slid the white boards back into the bed of my truck, kicked off my boots and smiled—it was Friday and the next two days would be more of the same.” — Charlie Lynch, is a former gate cha ser , sp onsored skier , sous chef, shu t tle bus driver , night auditor , b ar tender , fry co ok and ski bum (not nece ssarily in that order), and is currently the Athle te and Event s Co ordinator for Bl ack D iamond. He used to have an o b scene quiver of skis, bu t now he only runs the Meg awat t s.

high vo ltage meg awat t s

Long rocker tip, zero

Standard sidecut for

3D CNCd wood core

camber and 125 mm


wrapped in Torsion

waist make it perfect

carves when the

Box construction for

for floating powder

powder runs out

maximum durability and minimum weight

s k i s | 18 - 19

Tor Eggeboe at Gaustatoppen, Rjukan, Norway.

1 D aniel

T engs

POWER SERIES High performance skis for hard-driving skiers Formula One and Dual Torsion Bow construction yields supreme torsional stability 3D CNC wood core is incredibly durable and lively

MEGAWAT T < NEW > Because you never want to bring a knife to a gunfight, don’t roll up for a big pow day under-gunned—get the Megawatt. With an ultra-fat waist (125/120 mm underfoot for 188/178 cm), long rocker tip and zero camber, these white monsters will float you in the waist-deep goods. Pow is where it rules, but the Megawatt will surprise even the most hardcore skier with its nimbleness and ability to plow through the tracked-out crud, eat up spring corn and stomp the big landings. Built with a traditional underfoot sidecut, Formula One Technology™ with 3D dampening and a CNC-machined solid wood core wrapped in Torsion Box construction, the Megawatt will change the way you think about skiing.

is ideal for big-mountain steeps and highperformance resort laps. As the stiffest ski in the BD line, the Zealot is a favorite of hardcharging all-mountain freeride skiers because of its balanced and smooth longitudinal flex that excels in soft snow, plus it’s torsionally charged for excellent edge hold and responsive carving on hardpack. The crud-busting 110 mm waist and solid 3D CNC wood core encourages a forceful, energetic ride, and the Formula One Technology and integrated damping create a solid, substantial feel. ZEALOT | #115010

VERDIC T The powerful, race-inspired design of the Verdict bridges big mountain and in-bounds skiing by handling firm on-piste snow as easily as it rules powder and chunked-up crud. The Verdict’s 102 mm waist (slightly less-fat than Zealot), Formula One Technology and a damp 3D CNC wood core provide exceptional agility and render decisive, high-speed turns. The geometry is nimble with a terrain-busting tip and a stable mid-section that floats underfoot.

VERDICT ~ LENGTHS: 170, 180, 190 CM DIMENSIONS: 134-102-120 (180 CM) TURN RADIUS: 26.0 M (180 CM) WEIGHT: 4.0 KG (8 LB 13 OZ) PER PAIR (180 CM)

A really fat ski with plenty of snap, the Zealot

ZEALOT ~ LENGTHS: 182, 192 CM DIMENSIONS: 136-110-126 (182 CM) TURN RADIUS: 30.0 M (182 CM) WEIGHT: 4.2 KG (9 LB 4 OZ) PER PAIR (182 CM)


MEGAWATT ~ LENGTHS: 178, 188 CM DIMENSIONS: 153-125-130 (188 CM) TURN RADIUS: 42.0 M (188 CM) WEIGHT: 4.7 KG (10 LB 6 OZ) PER PAIR (188 CM)

MEGAWATT | #115007

VERDICT | #115015

b l a c k d i a m o n d e q u i p m e n t. c o m

1 801 278 5533

s k i s | 20 - 21

Stefano Bigio near the Brenva Glacier, Mont Blanc, Italy.

1 P eter


M athis

High performance skis for hard-driving skiers Formula One and Dual Torsion Bow construction yields supreme torsional stability 3D CNC wood core is incredibly durable and lively

KILOWAT T This is the BD-employee go-to ski when conditions are uncertain. Combining widebodied, 95-mm waist stability with an easyturning silhouette, the Kilowatt sets free tight turns in mixed terrain. With a 3D CNCmachined wood core wrapped in Torsion Box construction, the ride is fun, easy and predictable, yet powerfully efficient. Formula One Technology increases torsional stiffness for excellent carve-ability and keeps the skis

1 801 278 5533

MACHINE ~ LENGTHS: 158, 166, 174, 182 CM DIMENSIONS: 123-79-108 (174 CM) TURN RADIUS: 17.0 M (174 CM) WEIGHT: 3.4 KG (7 LB 8 OZ) PER PAIR (174 CM)

HAVOC ~ LENGTHS: 165, 175, 185 CM DIMENSIONS: 123-88-112 (175 CM) TURN RADIUS: 21.0 M (175 CM) WEIGHT: 3.5 KG (7 LB 12 OZ) PER PAIR (175 CM)

KILOWATT ~ LENGTHS: 155, 165, 175, 185 CM DIMENSIONS: 126-95-114 (175 CM) TURN RADIUS: 22.5 M (175 CM) WEIGHT: 3.9 KG (8 LB 10 OZ) PER PAIR (185 CM)

b l a c k d iam o n d e qui p m e n t . c o m

steady at Mach speeds. KILOWATT | #115020

HAVOC A favorite of Rocky Mountain ski mountaineers, the 88-millimeter-waisted Havoc is an optimized twin tip tool for dissecting technical terrain. The Havoc features a wood core and deep 3D pockets for increased torsional rigidity and a smooth flex. The ski’s Dual Torsion Bow Technology™ delivers a balance of maximum stability and nimble versatility. HAVOC | #115025

MACHINE Designed as a high-performance turner, the Machine is the narrowest ski in our Power Series and excels in hard-carving, tight and technical lines. Its sidecut and flex are optimized for quick carving and forceful arcs in consolidated snow. While the dimensions could be termed “classic,” the construction, including Dual Torsion Bow Technology with integrated 3D dampening, transmits exceptional power from the body to the turn and holds rock solid at eye-watering speeds. MACHINE | #115030

s k i s | 22- 23

Andrea Binning, Le Brevent, Mont Blanc, France.

1 Peter


M at h is

For ladies who rip Featuring a softer longitudinal flex Torsionally charged with plenty of snap

JOULE A women’s version of the Kilowatt, the Joule is infused with boundless energy for the dedicated winterholic. Its geometry and Torsion Box construction combine to create a stable ski with a wide 95-mm-waisted platform and generous sidecut—ideal for ripping big mountain lines. Torsionally, the Joule is powerfully stiff to hold an edge, transmit power and carve forcefully on hard snow. The longitudinal flex, however, is more relaxed for quicker turns and

VELVET ~ LENGTHS: 165, 175 CM DIMENSIONS: 123-88-112 (175 CM) TURN RADIUS: 21.0 M (175 CM) WEIGHT: 3.4 KG (7 LB 8 OZ) PER PAIR (175 CM)

JOULE ~ LENGTHS: 155, 165, 175 CM DIMENSIONS: 126-95-114 (175 CM) TURN RADIUS: 22.5 M (175 CM) WEIGHT: 3.5 KG (7 LB 12 OZ) PER PAIR (175 CM)

b l a c k d iam o n d e qui p m e n t . c o m

a reliable, forgiving ride. Formula One Tech-

1 801 278 5533

nology controls high-speed jitters and dampens the hard knocks of variable conditions. JOULE | #115035

VELVET A narrow-waisted, all-mountain ski for women who like to turn, the Velvet is a female-specific version of the Havoc. Designed around a 3D CNC-machined wood core for a lively yet stable ride, the Velvet also features Dual Torsion Bow construction with integrated 3D dampening to empower the edges and stabilize at speed. The hourglass silhouette and generous tip and tail profiles deliver easy turns and the 88 mm waist adds good soft-snow float. This hard-carving ski is a reliable performer for a broad range of skills and conditions. VELVET | #115040

* more produ ct s & i nf o skis

s k i s | 24 - 25

Stian Hagen lays down the carve on the Marinelli Couloir, Monte Rosa, Italy.


1 peter

Inspired by the fast-and-light needs of the European ski mountaineer Formula One and Dual Torsion Bow construction yields supreme torsional stability 3D CNC wood core is incredibly durable and lightweight


VOODOO The 88-millimeter-waisted Voodoo is the widest ski in our Efficient Series and shares geometry with the Havocâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;with a half-pound less weight. It features a damp 3D CNC-machined wood core with a relaxed Dual Torsion Bow construction for efficient weight with energetic response. It has an upturned tail, keeping skin attachments off the snow for the up, and a smooth round flex for effortless turns skiing down. VOODOO | #115045

STIGMA Achieving a fine balance between a mid-fat silhouette and a lightweight design, the Stigma

cult ~ LENGTHS: 157, 167, 177 CM DIMENSIONS: 102-70-90 (177 CM) TURN RADIUS: 24.0 M (177 CM) WEIGHT: 2.6 KG (5 LB 12 OZ) PER PAIR (177 CM)

1 801 278 5533

nearly a full pound lighter. With a 3D CNCguru ~ LENGTHS: 162, 170, 178 CM DIMENSIONS: 118-75-104 (170 CM) TURN RADIUS: 16.0 M (170 CM) WEIGHT: 2.9 KG (6 LB 6 OZ) PER PAIR (170 CM)

stigma ~ LENGTHS: 158, 166, 174, 182 CM DIMENSIONS: 123-79-108 (174 CM) TURN RADIUS: 17.0 M (174 CM) WEIGHT: 3.0 KG (6 LB 10 OZ) PER PAIR (174 CM)

voodoo ~ LENGTHS: 165, 175, 185 CM DIMENSIONS: 123-88-112 (175 CM) TURN RADIUS: 21.0 M (175 CM) WEIGHT: 3.3 KG (7 LB 4 OZ) PER PAIR (175 CM)

b l a c k d iam o n d e qui p m e n t . c o m

has the same shape as the Machine but weighs machined wood core, the ride is lively and stable, emphasizing shorter-radius turns for technical descents and maneuverability. Our Dual Torsion Bow construction creates edge power and snap for lively and predicable turns. STIGMA | #115050

GURU < NEW > When you combine the classic shape and sidecut of an AT ski with modern stability and performance you get the Guru, a 75-millimeter-waisted performance carver for all conditions. It features a Dual Torsion Bow construction and a CNCmachined wood core for a spry ride while keeping the weight down. guru | #115053

CULT Designed to cover distances with a quick and efficient pace, the Cult is the lightest, most nimble ski in our line and has a devoted group of followers from rando racers to Sierra High Route aficionados. With an ultralight tapered design and low swing weight, the rando-race-inspired geometry makes uphill travel a breeze. The wood core with high torsional stiffness preserves a stable and damp ride that tames varied conditions and holds a hard edge. CULT | #115055

s k i s | 26 - 27

a broken se ason nick devore


the snow looked deep and I hit the 30-footer

geon told me it might be three months before I could ski

perfectly, but when I landed my elbow smacked a

again. Three months?! My everyday ritual of buckling up my

rock lurking just below the surface like a shark’s

boots, putting on my helmet and focusing all my energy

fin. Horrendous pain told me I had really hurt myself, but

into skiing was as destroyed as my elbow. What was I

as I entered the hospital I clung to the chance that the

supposed to do now?

prognosis wouldn’t be too bad… that I had just hit my

funny bone really hard and could stay in Canada and keep

days of physical therapy added up, something surprising

skiing. When the doctor saw my arm, though, the look on

happened: my frustration and depression started leaving

her face confirmed a serious injury.

me. I embraced a Zen teaching that says, “In this life,

As my elbow’s black and blueness faded away and the

“You have a bad olecranon fracture,” she said, intro-

pain is inevitable—suffering is optional.” I began to see

ducing me to a medical term that would soon become part

the positive aspects and make the most of my time, get-

of my daily vocabulary. “It’s causing a dangerous lack of cir-

ting important business and personal matters done that I

culation to your hand.” My mind began to swirl and I only

normally would have put off until after the ski season.

heard snippets of what she was telling me, none of which

There was noticeable healing in my elbow every day, to

were good. “You have to be operated

the point where it became fun to watch:

on as soon as possible… we have to

M y e v e r y d ay r i t ua l

send you to Calgary… the surgery will

of buckling up

mobility increased, swelling went down, incisions healed.

cost around $60,000…”

my b o o t s , p u t t i n g

Five weeks after surgery I woke up to

Doom and gloom scenarios raced

o n my h e l m e t a n d

a fresh couple of feet snow and couldn’t

through my head: Does my insurance

f o c u s i n g a l l my

resist any longer—I padded up my elbow

work in Canada? Is my season over?

e n e r gy i n t o s k ii n g

and hit the slopes with no poles. I felt

How will I get home? What if my arm

wa s a s d e s t r o y e d

rejuvenated, like I once again had a

has to get amputated? What have I done

a s my e l b o w .

purpose. The next day the snow was still

to myself ?

falling so I snuck out again. The following

I had big plans for the winter. I was registered for the

week I started skiing everyday. My confidence was slow to

entire North American Freeskiing circuit. January was to be

return, but before I knew it I was taking air and charging.

spent skiing around British Columbia, filming sick lines.

Now, as I resurge from my time out, I’m more moti-

I was potentially heading to Russia for a Cloudveil shoot

vated, inspired and stoked then ever to get back in the

and then to Alaska for the spring. Then, in the blink of an

mountains and charge. Yes, I’ve gained important lessons

eye—or should I say the drop of a body—I was injured and

from this accident, but, no, it hasn’t made me want to slow

heading home for surgery a few weeks into the season and

down or play it safe (although I’m way more wary of rocks).

three days into a month-long Canadian ski trip.

Getting hurt is part of this game and I’m willing to accept

The emotional rollercoaster ride started soon after

another injury in order to maintain my skiing style and

the accident and kicked into high gear after the surgery.

continue pushing my boundaries. I would rather explore

I tried to accept my injury as a blessing in disguise, as

the mountains and experience life to the fullest through

another stage, another lesson in life. More often than not,

skiing—accepting that I may go down doing so—than to

however, I was left lost, confused and depressed. The sur-

never really understand the essence of living and being.

A mere nine weeks after fracturing his elbow and thinking his season was over, Nick Devore placed sixth in the Jackson Hole U.S. Freeskiing competition against some of the best freeskiers in the country. Two weeks later, Devore won the World Telemark Freeskiing Championship at Alaska’s Alyeska Resort. 1 n . devore 1 Gabe


a b r o k e n s e a s o n | 28- 29

Stephane Riendeau ripping it at Daisetsuzan National Park, Hokkaido Island, Japan.

1 A ndr e w

B u rr

30 - 31

1 Nils

E r i k B j ø r h o lt

b in din gs “It is cloudy and raining and I can’t see the mountains. I’ve skied every day for the last month, and it is difficult to make a decision whether to ski or not. I should just go to the café with everyone else, but instead convince myself to go ski a couple of runs. The gondola brings a few dedicated skiers up through the clouds. On top, the sun is shining! The clouds that brought rain to the valley have brought snow to the high mountains during the night. The atmosphere in the gondola is electric. I end up tele-ing all day—the snow is perfect, the mountain empty.” —Tiril Nys ted, lo cked into her O 1 bindings and had what she c all s “one of her be s t days of skiing e ver” when she ditched the c afé crowd and he aded up to the slope s of Swit zerl and’s Engel ber g Re sor t.

the o1: locked and loaded

Underfoot cable

Easy action Tour

One-piece stainless

routing for progressive

Mode (patented) for

steel toe piece for

and constant control

less fatigue on the

minimal unwanted flex

climb up

and ultimate durability

b i n d i n g s | 32- 33

O1 The ultimate high-performance freeride binding for the freeheel skier, the O1 has become the benchmark in reliable downhill power and control with the added bonus of resistance-free touring for uphill efficiency. Push-button activation toggles between ski/tour modes. In tour mode, a smooth ergonomic pivot point just behind the pin line offers efficient climbing; in ski mode, underfoot cable routing and a pair of compression-spring cartridges deliver unmatched power and a predictable, progressive flex for precision downhill performance. A onepiece stainless steel toe box and solid-wire yoke heelpiece add torsional support and lateral control. With three cartridge options for customizing stiffness, the O1 is the definitive, no-compromise freeheel binding. O1 FREEFLEX SMALL | #101299 O1 FREEFLEX | #101299 O1 MIDSTIFF SMALL | #101299 O1 MIDSTIFF | #101299 O1 RIDICULOUSLY STIFF | #101299

O2 Our inbounds ripper, the O2 binding transmits power from big boots to big skis—it’s the benchmark of precision for today’s aggressive skiers. Underfoot cable routing and powerful compression-spring cartridges keep the ball of your foot firmly on the ski, and as the heel rises, a progressively stiffer flex delivers power. The rear yoke features a rigid wire heelpiece, providing lateral stability and torsional support. Our durable one-piece stainless steel toe box with a variable height toe riser withstands the abuse of hard and fast freeheel skiing. The stiffness of the O2 can be adjusted with the three different compression-spring cartridges to suit your boot flex or skiing style preference. O2 FREEFLEX SMALL #101301 O2 FREEFLEX | #101300 O2 MIDSTIFF SMALL | #101306 O2 MIDSTIFF | #101305 O2 RIDICULOUSLY STIFF | #101310

O3 The O3 is for skiers who prefer a classic, neutral-feeling binding, but can do without the slop of old school cable bindings. With a less active flex, the O3 backs off a little on power, but keeps the driver firmly in control. The softer, traditional feel of this binding creates less resistance during deep-knee turns, but the underfoot cable routing maintains positive contact with the sole of your boot for greater control and ski stability. O3s are available with three cartridge options for customizing stiffness to provide predictable and precise control over the ski and the ability to distribute force during the entire turn. O1

O3 FREEFLEX | #101312




* mo re pro d uct s an d in f o bindings

b l a c k d iam o n d e qui p m e n t . c o m

1 801 278 5533
















b i n d i n g s | 34 - 35

1 jaques

The Big Dump


is skiing. I ski every day, all winter. I ski anything, anytime,

I prepare my backpack now in order to save a few seconds

to find a comfortable position. Still no sleep! One thing is for

but powder—deep, fresh powder—is what makes me truly

for tomorrow morning’s rush. One pair of gloves is enough,

sure: time is running and soon it will be dawn. Children will be

excited. And now, though the snow will make for a difficult

and two pairs of goggles. Safety gear is already in; I just double-

waking up, big smiles on their faces, knowing that they will

Easter egg hunt for the children, it will be one of the best days

check to make sure. Questions are running through my mind

soon be running around, hunting for eggs. Others like myself

of the ski season for me!

as I pack: “Where to go?”… “Which lines will not be too danger-

who are older (but not so much in their mind) will do the same.

guess the kids will have it hard and cold when

As darkness falls, I keep watching through the window,

ous?” I live at a pretty big resort—in fact, 12 connected ones! A

We will probably be awake even sooner than the children, but

they look for the eggs this year. Springtime is here and

anticipating the joys of tomorrow’s powder. My photographer

buddy of mine is working as a patroller at one. He says he will

with the same smile, knowing that something—a big thing—is

tomorrow is Easter. Kids are excited, so are the parents. I

can’t come and the videographer is already busy. I did what I

call me when they’ve finished bombing in morning. The plan

just out there, waiting to be taken.

am, too, but not for the same reason. It’s dumping hard out

could for lining up footage for work, but it seems like the only

has taken shape. Now I just have to wait until tomorrow!

there—harder than it has all year. As I do every day during the

documentation will be the tracks left on the mountains and

I’m not very hungry, but I force myself to eat. I’m too

friends to share our Easter gift.

ski season, I anxiously check the snow forecast: a blessed half

in my mind. Tomorrow I’ll ski with a bunch of friends—pure

nervous for sleep, but I need to get a rest. I need to be strong

meter for tomorrow!

fun, no shooting. Sometimes you need to choose to just go

for tomorrow. It is around 10 p.m.—not late but I go to bed

Xavier Leonti lives in Morzine, France and has travelled to

skiing for yourself, to keep the flame burning, to “recharge the

now. I can’t go to sleep of course... like a kid, I am too excited

India, South America, Russia, Japan, Alaska and Canada

batteries.” This time, destiny has chosen for me.

about the next day. I am tossing and turning in my bed, trying

in search of adventure and steep, perfect snow.

X avier Leonti


Yes, the children will have a very tough time tomorrow, but

for me it will be perfect. This is what I live for. My skiing ritual

Lord knows I will take it—no witnesses but him and a few

t h e b i g d u m p | 36- 37

The definition of “snorkel depth.” Geoff North getting in ultra-deep at Alpental, Washington.

1 Bissell

Ha zen

WTF? Log on @ to read about the outrageous dumps of Alpental.

38 - 39

poles “Traveling is a rush, always. Step out of the plane and run to catch the next one. In those cases, you are almost sure your baggage won’t be as fast. Twenty-four hours and three flights later, I finally land in Japan—but not my bags. No skis, no boots, no poles, no clothing—nothing but what I wore on the plane.” — X avier Leonti received his b ags, including his favorite se t of ultr alight c ar b on fiber p ole s, a day l ate bu t jus t in time for a ma ssive snow - dumping s torm during his 12 - day visit to Japan’s Hokk aid o Isl and.

slip not

1 Damiano

L e vat i

Aluminum upper sec-

Patented FlickLock clo-

Dual-density grips offer

tion combined with

sure is durable

all-day comfort and

carbon fiber lower for

and dependable in

security with a con-

optimal swing weight

all conditions

toured strap

p o l e s | 40 - 41

FIXED LENGTH POLES Stiff, ultra-strong and lightweight, these fixed-length poles combine a carbon fiber shaft and a Kevlar ® wrap over the bottom half for durability and protection from sharp edges and rough rock. Dual-density


grips provide a secure grip, even with wet gloves. Our

Designed with three sections and two FlickLocks for

Powder Baskets have a dense inner ring of teeth to

maximum packability, the Expedition Poles are the

grip hardpack and a large, outer dimension for sup-

traveler’s choice. Expedition Poles compress down

port in the pow. Available in five lengths.

to a stealthy 57 or 62 cm to fit inside duffel bags,

SIZES: 110, 115, 120, 125, 130 CM

ski packs and European rental cars. Other features


include ergonomic, dual-density grips, variable-width wrist straps and BD ¾ Baskets with a toothy front


edge for climbing. Patented. SIZES: 57-125 CM (22-49 IN) OR 62-140 CM (24-55 IN)



A backcountry essential, our lightest adjustable EXPEDITION POLES | #111515

poles are built from a lightweight combination of ultra-strong 7075 aluminum and featherweight carbon-


fiber for excellent balance and an optimized swing mechanism makes

With a tradition of reliable performance, Traverse

height adjustment simple and secure. Carbon Fiber

Poles are a backcountry standby. The FlickLock

Poles come with BD ¾ Baskets and our comfortable,

mechanism provides 50 cm of adjustability so you

grippy dual-density grips. Patented.

can quickly match the height of your poles to the

SIZES: 100-125 CM (39-49 IN) OR 115-140 CM (45-55 IN)

terrain and conditions. Dual-density grips combine


soft, ergonomic shaping with a supportive struc-

weight. The solid FlickLock


ture to ensure excellent grip and daylong comfort.


Equipped with BD ¾ Baskets. SIZES: ONE SIZE (95-145 CM (37-57 IN))



For frontcountry and backcountry skiers alike, these


are our most versatile poles, adjusting quickly from standard ski pole to avy probe. They feature an upper


shaft of lightweight carbon fiber for excellent swing


weight and superb balance. For use as an emergency

For security/self–arrest capability on steep-line de-

probe, the carbon fiber lower sections screw together.

scents and ski mountaineering, the Whippet is an

Dual-density grips provide firm support as well as

indispensable self-arrest tool, designed to keep slips

ergonomic, all-day comfort. Equipped with the reliable

from turning into slides-for-life. This season we’ve

FlickLock and BD ¾ Baskets. Patented.

increased the collapsibility as well as ergonomically updated the dual-density grip and integrated it with

SIZES: 100-125 CM (39-49 IN) OR 115-140 CM (45-55 IN)

the 4130 chromoly pick and canard wing. FlickLock

PROBE LENGTHS: 100-125 CM: 183 CM (72 IN), 115-140 CM: 213 CM (84 IN)

adjustability and a BD ¾ Basket round out this back-


country performer. For weight savings, an optional


adapter lets you connect the Whippet’s aluminum upper shaft with our 11 mm carbon fiber FlickLock lower shaft. Patented. SIZES: ONE SIZE (97-140 CM (43-55 IN)) WEIGHT: 395 G (14.1 OZ) EACH WITH BD ¾ BASKET

* mo re pro d uct s & in f o


fixed length

b l ackdiam o nd e q u i p m e nt . c o m

1 801 278 5533

carbon fiber

adjustable probe



whippet self-arrest

p o l e s | 42 - 43

Dan Caruso dropping into 50-degree steeps on the Easy Alleys of Couloir Town, Tasaina Valley, Alaska.

1 M i ke

the pilgrimage


dan car u s o


AK is a place made for hard-core skiers because there’s

he snow is mushier than day-old oatmeal,

my polypro reeks like French cheese and most of

really nothing else going on except skiing and waiting

my friends are heading off to the beach wearing

around to go skiing. The low-pressure systems that bring

flip-flops. It’s spring and the ski season is quickly coming

the massive snow dumps can last for days upon days

to an end. The obsessed skier inside of me, though, knows

(good) but these blizzards ground the helis (not good),

the season isn’t over yet—the Chugach Mountains of

leaving everyone more than a little stir crazy. Since there are

Alaska are waiting and ready. What began 15 years ago as a

just a few strange locales in and around the ski-op towns

maiden voyage to ski the Chugach has become an annual

of Valdez, Cordova and Haines in which to hang out and

springtime ritual for me, a pilgrimage to the Mecca of

Paris Hilton never flies in for Karaoke Night at The Pipeline

steep and deep.

Club, we tend to spend our “Val-disease” downtime drink-

Forever etched in my mind is that first helicopter flight

ing cocktails cooled with glacial ice, jumping from one

at Thompson Pass, flying right out of the Tsaina Lodge’s

motorhome to the next, or standing around in the middle

parking lot. The weather had been snowy and cloudy for

of the night in below-zero temperatures waiting for the

a few days and I’d seen nothing of the famed mountains.

aurora borealis to crack loose in a mind-blowing greenish-

On the flight, though, it began to clear

yellow lightshow. Mostly we end

and I finally saw the Chugach: pointy

th e c o mbinati o n o f

up talking about how awesome

peaks stunningly thrusting through

f e ar , e x cit e m e nt and

the skiing up here is: that 10-run,

the clouds. We were flying straight

th e s u rr o u nding b e a u t y

40,000-feet-of-untracked day, that

towards the steep, gun-barrel couloirs

had b e e n t o o m u ch f o r

first descent in the pink, Arctic light

we were about to ski. On the summit

m e t o hand l e a l l at o nc e

of 9 p.m., or that 50-plus-degree

of Mount Dimond, the snow was waist

and I ’ d p i s s e d m y p ant s … . ”

spine with the mandatory air in the

deep and there was a school-bus-sized

middle. The other main topic of

cornice we had to traverse under to get into the chute. After

conversations amongst the Chugach-ians during this wait-

effortlessly ripping down the endless chute in stable, waist-

ing game is the outrageous sacrifices everyone makes to

deep powder and airing over a gaping bergschrund to exit

keep coming back on this annual pilgrimage: relationships

out onto the glacier, I realized that the combination of fear,

put on the back burner, jobs left in limbo, credit cards

excitement and the surrounding beauty had been too much

getting maxed out, and in my case, leaving my kids and

for me to handle all at once and I’d pissed my pants… it

enduring a brutal 24-hour flight from Europe.

was warmly funneling directly into my boots.

Every year since, I have returned as a heli-guide, and

morning promises to be yet another “best powder day of all

it’s still awe-inspiring to drive up from Valdez and get that

time,” those still waiting it out at The Pass are the commit-

first look at those insanely steep and spiney faces, the

ted and the patient who just can’t get enough of the sickest

hanging glaciers and the unending ridgelines. Every season

skiing on Earth. It’s the heli-guides and returning clients

it’s a bit of the same, yet somehow completely different.

(an eclectic mix of urban yuppies, adrenaline junkies and

The mountains don’t change but snow conditions vary

slednecks), as well as international pros, film crews, and

annually; and the tourists that come for the ski vacation

just maybe some green-behind-the-ears kid that’s about to

of a lifetime are different, but the same old guides and

experience an existence-altering, big-mountain AK descent

addicted return-clientele resurface year after year.

and piss his pants in the process.

When the pressure system finally switches and the next

Dan Caruso finished this essay less than 72 hours before heading up to AK for the 15th time where he managed to avoid any fear-induced bladder issues while skiing the steep powder lines of the Chugach. Back home in Davos, Switzerland, D.C. works as the Marketing Coordinator for BD Europe.

Inset photo: D a n C a r u s o C ollect i o n

th e p i l grimag e | 44 - 45

Thad Stavn working for the goods in the Mount Baker backcountry, Washington.

1 B i ss e l l

Ha zen

46 - 47

skin s “Lunchtime comedy in the village of Ramala as the lady of the house laughs at my inability to sit comfortably in a proper, lotus-like legs-crossed position. This nice Zanskari family has excellent stacks of yak dung for the fire and the kitchen hangout has superb views. The peaks across the valley are some of the most spectacular ever— jagged, glaciated and all hovering around 6000 meters. A great day to drink chang, eat bowls of hot patuk and watch it snow before we begin skiing again.” — P tor Spricenieks, par tnered with Ty Mill s, used his A scension S T S skins e very day during an at temp ted four -week , 4 20 - kilome ter winter ski tr aver se through the remote Himal ayan kingd om of Z ansk ar fr om Leh to Srinagar .

a scension dimension

1 Andrew

Durable, hydrophobic

Gold Label Adhesive

Patented STS tail is

Orange Plush

stays tacky even in

convenient, speedy


sub-zero temperatures

and secure


s kin s | 48 - 49

reversible tip loop





Designed for skiers who prefer skins

Ideal for attaching to today’s skis that

These half skins are ultralight for moving

As our most packable and stripped down

without a tail attachment, the Ascension

have a wide range of tail shapes, the pat-

quickly and efficiently over lower-angled

full-performance skins, supple nylon-fab-

Standard’s durable, hydrophobic Orange

ented STS System features a one-touch,

terrain. They attach to skis securely with

ric GlideLites offer a softer hand with less

Plush construction provides an unsur-

easy-to-tension camming tailpiece with a

a nylon strap and a camlock buckle. The

volume and increased ski glide, without

passed grip for climbing. The sewn-in tip

tough, stretchy elastomer strap that pro-

supple GlideLite fabric is soft and folds

sacrificing grip. They also feature a glue-

loop reduces bulk and drag while still pro-

vides 10 cm of length adjustment for use

easily to pack away in a pocket or jacket,

less strip in the center of the skin for easier

viding great security.

with multiple pairs of skis. Ascension skins

and they come with a center, glueless strip

removal and sewn-in tip loops. No tail at-

SIZES: 90, 100, 110, 120 MM WIDTHS

feature durable, hydrophobic Orange Plush

for easy removal.


WEIGHT: 545 G (1 LB 3 OZ) 100 MM PAIR

construction and our Gold Label Adhesive,

SIZES: 50, 60, 70, 80 MM WIDTHS

SIZES: 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120 MM WIDTHS

tip: sewn-in tip loop

the world’s best skin glue. The reversible

WEIGHT: 265 G (9.3 OZ) 70 MM PAIR

WEIGHT: 525 G (1 LB 3 OZ) 90 MM PAIR


tip loop fits a wide range of skis.

tip: glidelite kicker

tip: sewn-in tip loop

SIZES: 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140 MM WIDTHS


GLIDELITE standard

WEIGHT: 580 G (1 LB 4 OZ) 90 MM PAIR

60 MM | #166160

90 MM | #176090



90 MM | #164209



90 MM | #174090

ASCENSION CLIPFIX Our classic Ascension system for speedy and simple attachment, ClipFixs are ultradurable, hydrophobic and feature our cel-

tip: reversible tip loop tail: sts tail

Featuring a European-bred mix of mohair

ebrated Gold Label Adhesive for a reliable

sewn-in tip loop

bond. Ascension skins are constructed with robust laminate that eases high-wind handling. Features include our reversible tip loop and a stainless steel ClipFix camming lever that’s easy to use and keeps the skins under a tight and secure tension, lap after lap.

ASCENSION CUSTOM STS Our premier Ascension set-up features a sewn-in tip loop for simple security and reduced bulk paired with the ease and flexibility of our patented STS tail attachment. The skins are sure to stick thanks to our Gold Label Adhesive, the most durable

and nylon combined with our GlideLite construction, the result is a thinner and suppler skin than our Ascension construction that is easier to fold and stick inside a jacket pocket.


to accommodate your specific ski length,

90 MM | #172209*

SIZES: 110, 120, 130 MM WIDTHS

155-162, 161-168, 167-174, 173-180, 179-186, 185-192 CM LENGTHS

WEIGHT: 771 G (1 LB 9 OZ) 120 MM X 173-180 PAIR

a thinner and more supple laminate construction, making them easier to fold and

place with a glove-friendly elastomer strap

pre-cut length increments of 7 centimeters

90 MM | #173090

Ascension Series, but are designed with

attachment system holds skins firmly in

WEIGHT: 590 G (1 LB 5 OZ) 90 MM PAIR


ary hydrophobic and durable plush as our

WEIGHT: 582 G (1 LB 5 OZ) 90 MM PAIR (STS) tip: reversible tip loop tail: sts tail

these skins offer the best of all worlds.

mohair mix reversible tip loop

our GlideLite skins have the same legend-

fit inside a jacket pocket. The patented STS

and determined ski glue ever made. Sold in

tail: sts tail

Super-packable, lightweight and durable,

SIZES: 90, 100, 110, 120 MM WIDTHS

SIZES: 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130 MM WIDTHS

tip: reversible tip loop

standard tail

glidelite kicker

and one-step camming tailpiece for simplicity and security. SIZES: 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140 MM WIDTHS

sewn-in tip loop

WEIGHT: 570 G (1 LB 4 OZ) 90 MM PAIR tip: sewn-in tip loop

tip: sewn-in tip loop

tail: standard tail

tail: sts tail



90 MM | #171209*

90 MM | #176009

tip: sewn-in tip loop tail: sts tail

*Prices vary by size, see for all sizes

ASCENSION CUSTOM sts 120 MM X 173-180 CM | #161612

*Prices vary by size, see for all sizes

clipfix tail

sts tail

b l ackdiam o nd e q u i p m e nt . c o m

* more produ ct s & i nf o

standard tail skins

sts tail

1 801 278 5533

s kin s | 50 - 51

Dylan Freed making the short rap midway down the Y-Not Couloir. 1 J a y B e y e r , Inset photos: M at t L aw, A n d r e w B u r r

the gear i used

y-not couloir Wasatch Range, Utah Brad Barlage


hy would someone get out of bed at 4:30 a.m. to hike up a cold, dark couloir? Y-Not. That’s not a question— that’s the answer. A narrow 3200-foot chute with a consistent 45-degree pitch interrupted midway by a 50-foot cliff that must be rappelled, The Y-Not Couloir is a classic among classics in Utah’s Wasatch Range backcountry. For years it called to me as I drove up Little Cottonwood Canyon—narrow and steep, intimidating but beautiful. In 1994, I finally skied the Y-Not with Andrew McLean. We met at the Park ‘n Ride lot at 5:15 a.m. and it was a two hour boot pack up the equally steep but mellower Y Couloir (or perhaps “crotchdeep post-holing” is a better term for conditions we found in the pre-dawn hours). We took turns breaking trail—the front man sweating from the effort, the guy in the back shivering. After a brief rest on top and a short traverse west, we were staring down the Y-Not. The skiing was steep and perfect with dry, untracked Utah powder. The rap anchors that were first put in by Alex Lowe, however, had been badly damaged by avalanches; the webbing torn away, the bolt hangers flattened—a grim reminder of the power contained within the chute. A quick 45 minutes later we were back at the van and 15 minutes later I was at work, tired, wet and stoked. Since then, skiing the Y-Not has become my favorite backcountry ritual and I’ve skied it and the Y Couloir more than 50 times. There are plenty of lines to ski in the Wasatch; dozens that are easier to ascend and typically hold the same quality snow. None, though, have the 3200 feet of vertical in a protected couloir, the midpoint bottleneck rappel, the snow-holding north-facing aspect, and the tricky doglegs that define Y-Not that have me season after season sending out emails to a few of my ski buddies calling them to action: “5:15 a.m. tomorrow at the Park ‘n Ride lot… bring a harness.”


get t he ful l gear l is t and t he w h o le s t o ry : mygear

Y-not couloir checklist the core bd setup

▫ Verdic t 180 cm skis ▫ Fritschi Freeride Plus AT bindings ▫ Metho d AT boots ▫ Whippet poles – “I use them both for

securit y and to ‘hook’ things on the ascent .” ▫ Ascension STS skins ▫ Avy kit (D3 shovel, 300 cm Guide Probe)

▫ Covert 32 pack with AvaLung ▫ Two 30 m Beal Rando ropes ▫ Neve Pro cramp ons – “If condit ions are

firm, lightw eight alumin um cramp ons such as Neve Pros are enoug h to do the job.” ▫ Bod harness (custom-mad e protot ype) “All you need is a super-light harnes s since the rappel is only 30 meters .”

▫ Positron locker & ATC rappel device ▫ Renegade gloves – “I wear ’em on

ascent and if it isn’t too cold, the descen t.” ▫ Patrol mittens

▫ Ion headlamp

five other essentials

▫ Pieps® DSP beacon ▫ Slings (cord, webbing) “Include enough to replace old tat on anchors. A long sling is useful to tether into anchors for safety prior to rappelling.”

▫ MP3 player – “Loaded with Metallica and the Rocky IV soundtrack for motivation.” ▫ Energy bars and Snickers® ▫ Watch – “You gotta know how fast—or slow—you are when you have a drop dead time to get to work.”

A BD employee for 14 years, Brad Barlage has skied first descents in Baffin Island, Alaska, California and his beloved Wasatch, where he can check the snow report by looking out his front door.

the gear I used


52- 53

Zach Crist in a spot of trouble, Haines, Alaska.

1 Gene


54- 55

s now s a f ety “As soon as I heard that the northwest face of Gobblers Knob had pulled out wall-to-wall with a huge, wet slab avalanche, I grabbed my skis and headed up—alone. It’s important, I think, to be alone and the first to arrive at the aftermath of big avalanches. I climbed over the 30-foot-high debris pile, skinned up the gouged-to-the-dirt bobsled run of the avalanche’s track and dug profiles all along the half-mile wide fracture. The stupendous power, the destruction, the horror, the puniness of people in the face of it... to be first and alone is essential.” — B ruce Tremper, who ne ver skis in the b ackcountry withou t his Bl ack D iamond snow s afe t y equipment, is the au thor of Staying A live in A val anche Terr ain.

ready for an emergenc y


Trapezoidal shovel

Integrated AvaLung

QuickDraw probes

shaft rests securely

unit means there’s

speed response

in your hand and

no good reason to

times and save lives

doesn’t spin

go without

1 Steven


s n o w s a f e t y | 56- 57

Andy Jacobsen, Wasatch backcountry, Utah. 1 J ay B e y er / P W 0 8

deploy 3

DEPLOY SHOVEL S Built for backcountry travelers and first responders, these

deploy 7

shovels deploy instantaneously for emergency situations. transfer 3

Utilizing our trapezoidal, curved-shaft design, they provide transfer 7

rotation-free, fast activation with the squeeze of a spring pin. For integrated storage the shaft slides into the metal blade, which is made of exceptionally strong aluminum and designed to move large quantities of snow quickly as well as for creating smooth pit walls. The Deploy 3 incorporates all the features of the Deploy 7 but with a smaller volume blade. The ergonomic handle feels like a D-grip but packs like a T-grip. BLADE VOLUME: 1.14 L (0.3 GAL) deploy 3 BLADE VOLUME: 2.65 L (0.7 GAL) deploy 7 WEIGHT: 565 G (1 LB 4 OZ) deploy 3 WEIGHT: 700 G (1 LB 9 OZ) deploy 7

DEPLOY 3 | #102175 DEPLOY 7 | #102176

TR ANSFER SHOVEL S For the demands of mountain professionals and serious backcountry skiers, the ultra-strong aerospace aluminum blade of the Transfer shovel facilitates maximum snow removal in the smallest footprint of space. Lightweight yet strong, these shovels are optimized for extended shaft lengthâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;the Transferâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s removable trapezoidal shafts extend to 86 cm (34 in) on the Transfer 7 and 84 cm (33 in) on the Transfer 3. The strong, ergonomic handle is friendly to both mitts and gloves; it provides the benefits of T-and D-shaped handles in a lowprofile, packable design. The blades generate clean cuts for efficient snowpit construction.

flicklock snow saw

BLADE VOLUME: 1.14 L (0.3 GAL) transfer 3 BLADE VOLUME: 2.65 L (0.7 GAL) transfer 7 WEIGHT: 650 G (1 LB 7 OZ) transfer 3 WEIGHT: 770 G (1 LB 11 OZ) transfer 7

TRANSFER 3 | #102178 TRANSFER 7 | #102179

FLICKLOCK SNOW SAW Strong and versatile, the FlickLock Snow Saw makes clean Rutschblock or shovel shear cuts for your snowpit. Small teeth saw through tough soft-ice layers and the wider spacings rip quickly through consolidated and powder snow. The Snow Saw can be used by hand or attached to a ski pole with its dual FlickLock attachments for 14 mm and 11 mm pole sections, providing an extended reach for cutting cornices and working

* mo re pro d u c t s & info

b l ackdiam o nd e q u i p m e nt . c o m

1 801 278 5533 snowsafety

in particularly deep pits. WEIGHT: 160 G (5.6 OZ)


s n o w s a f e t y | 58- 59

Mario Amann in the Lech-ZĂźrs backcountry, Arlberg, Austria.

1 P ete r



For backcountry skiers who count every gram, this lightweight

This is the minimalistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s choice, designed for snowpit evaluation

carbon fiber probe reduces weight without sacrificing the strength

and early-season skiing when the snowpack remains shallow.

or stiffness necessary for slicing through ice chunks and set-up

Made from stiff, oversized aluminum tubing to pierce frozen

snow. Featuring our QuickDraw system, the Carbon Fiber 230

debris yet pack light for portability, the Tour Probe 190 features

incorporates a rapid deployment stuffsack, speed cone ferules to

easy-to-read markings every five centimeters to provide fast

accelerate assembly and a non-slip grip. Stiff, ultra-light carbon

depth readings. The Tour Probe incorporates our QuickDraw

fiber tubes (marked every five centimeters) provide durability and

deployment system for lightning-fast set-up and is intended for

strength, and metal inserts at each joint reduce flexing.

probing in one to one-and-a-half meters of debris.

LENGTH: 230 CM (91 IN)

LENGTH: 190 CM (75 IN)

WEIGHT: 230 G (8.1 OZ)

WEIGHT: 223 G (7.9 OZ)





Our workhorse probe for deep snowpacks, the Guide features

The Super Tour is a versatile probe that blends lightweight yet

12.5 mm aluminum tubes to increase strength and stiffness and

strong construction with a long length and maximum com-

our QuickDraw system that deploys from inside its stuffsack to

pactability. Seven oversized aluminum tubes mesh together

fully assembled in a single, time-saving motion. Easy-to-read

instantly with our speed cone ferrules to create a tough, smooth

depth markings every centimeter of the three-meter length allow

outer surface. Our QuickDraw system allows the probe to

precise measurements of snowpack and debris. The non-slip grip

be completely assembled in the time it takes to toss it from

provides a secure purchase, even with wet gloves.

its bag into the air. Other features include markings in five-

LENGTH: 300 CM (118 IN)

centimeter increments for depth readings and a non-slip grip.

WEIGHT: 334 G (11.8 OZ)

M at h i s

LENGTH: 265 CM (99 IN) WEIGHT: 300 G (10.6 OZ)



b l ackdiam o nd e q u i p m e nt . c o m

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s n o w s a f e t y | 60- 61

d i tt o

1 ben Justin Wood heels over head in the La Sal Mountains near Moab, Utah.

AVALUNG II The AvaLung may be the most important piece of life-saving equipment you can wear when traveling in avalanche terrain. While a beacon can be a great body locator device, the AvaLung II allows you to breathe fresh air directly from the snowpack, buying you precious time during a rescue. Rebreathing exhaled air when you’re buried causes suffocation because the air becomes oversaturated with carbon dioxide and depleted of oxygen. The AvaLung II diverts the exhausted air away from your fresh-air intake zone, considerably extending the time your partners have to conduct a successful recovery. This nine-ounce shoulder sling is proven to extend lives—it’s trusted by guides, avalanche control workers, patrollers and ski mountaineers worldwide. SIZES:

S/M, M/L


265 G (9.3 OZ) S/M

AVALUNG II | #150011


Draw air directly

If you get buried in an avalanche,

from the snowpack.

the AvaLung could be the difference between life and death. By allowing an avalanche burial victim to breathe fresh air from the snowpack, the AvaLung buys precious lifesaving time during a rescue.

Exhaled CO2 is expelled


through the back.

See the complete story:

Fresh air enters the patented AvaLung system to provide oxygen supply.

Clemens Stieböck caught in the deep end of the pool, Krippenstein Freeride Arena, Austria.

1 He r ma n n

E r be r

WTF? Log on @ to read about Stieböck’s close call.

b l ackdiam o nd e q u i p m e nt . c o m

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s n o w s a f e t y | 62- 63

Nick Devore dodging icebergs in an ocean of powder, Denali, Alaska.

1 A dam

C la r k

64- 65

1 adam

cl ark

p ac ks “This season of filming in AK… flying in a heli, excitement and adventure every day, ever changing conditions… it was the best trip of my life. The Bandit AvaLung pack was with me on every run because it offers me a tighter show in tight situations. From the peaks of AK to the access gates at our local ski area, this small pack is the choice because it’s built for only what you need for a day in the backcountry and nothing more. That’s why we go out in the mountains—to leave it all behind!” — Se th Morrison, a regul ar in ma jor ski films for 15 ye ar s and the man who ha s taken huge cliff - dr op s in AK to another le vel by thr owing in b ackflip s, lincoln lo op s and d ouble fr ont- flip s, spent six week s in Al a sk a this pa s t winter filming Under the Influence with TGR . D uring the cre w ’s 19 days of filming, Morrison skied 9 9 runs, we aring his Bandit AvaLung pack on e very one of them.

white smokey and the bandit

Streamlined and

Enclosed shovel and

Diagonal ski

lightweight even with

probe organization

carrying capability

built-in AvaLung

sleeve keeps everything dialed and ready

p ack s | 66- 67




This is our minimalist, low-profile avy-tools pack for the frontcountry and

A deluxe all-purpose snowboard or ski pack with unique “back door” access,

beyond. The minimalist Bandit has a low-volume, zippered main compartment

the Outlaw has plenty of room to comfortably carry all your day-tripping needs.

with an interior shovel and probe organization compartment and hydration

The Hypalon® -reinforced snowboard wings ensure your deck will be strapped

bladder sleeve—plus just enough room left over for a wind shell, hat or extra

down tight, and the slick “back door” zippered access allows you to get at your

gloves. Skis can be carried diagonally on the pack without blocking access

gear without having to take off your board or skis. An interior pocket serves as

to the insulated hydration sleeve or the exterior stash pocket where you can

the dedicated avy-tools organizer with room for shovel and probe, plus there’s

stow your keys, energy gels or cell phone. The Bandit is available with a cleanly

a hydration bladder sleeve for housing your H2O. Additional features include

integrated AvaLung, a crucial avalanche safety device for anyone traveling in

dual compression straps, hipbelt pockets, an insulated hydration sleeve on the

the backcountry.

right shoulder strap and a fleece-lined exterior goggle pocket. Avy savvy users

TORSO LENGTH: one size: 41-48 CM (16-19 IN)

will want to step up to the Outlaw with integrated AvaLung for premier protec-

VOLUME: 11 L (690 CU IN)

tion while riding in the backcountry.





TORSO LENGTHS: S/M: 41-48 CM (16-19 IN), M/L: 47-55 CM (18.5-21.5 IN) VOLUME: 32 L (1,939 CU IN) STOCK WEIGHTS: OUTLAW — 1.25 KG (2 LB 12 OZ) OUTLAW AVALUNG — 1.65 KG (3 LB 10 OZ)

BANDIT | #681050




OUTLAW | #681052 OUTLAW AVALUNG | #681053

b l ackdiam o nd e q u i p m e nt . c o m

1 801 278 5533

p ack s | 68- 69



A streamlined, lightweight top-loading ski pack for gram counters, the Alias has a “pro-level” avy-tools

This panel-loading, fully featured backcountry pack comes with or without an integrated AvaLung for

sleeve designed to organize your probe, shovel and snow saw, as well as a zippered top pocket with slots for

traveling off-piste. The pack is built from tough, water-shedding 420d nylon and 1300d Ballistic reinforce-

keeping all of your accoutrements dialed in. The dual compression straps keep your load tight and double

ments using a clamshell design for easy gear access. On the exterior, an adjustable ski/board attachment

as the sleeves for carrying your skis A-frame style. The removable aluminum stay can be taken out to reduce

system, ice tool loops, compression straps and an avy-tools pocket let you conveniently carry your essentials,

weight, while the foam back panel ensures a comfy carry. The Alias is built with an interior hydration bladder

and the right shoulder strap features a zippered hydration tube pocket.

slot and insulated, exterior hydration sleeve. The Alias is also available with an integrated AvaLung—an essential item in any backcountry skiers avalanche safety set-up.

TORSO LENGTHS: 22 L — S/M: 41-48 CM (16-19 IN), l/xl: 43-51 CM (17-20 IN) 32 L — S/M: 43-51 CM (17-20 IN), l/xl: 51-58 CM (20-23 IN)

TORSO LENGTHS S/M: 41-48 CM (16-19 IN), M/L: 47-55 CM (18.5-21.5 IN)

VOLUMES: 22 L (1,343 CU IN), 32 L (1,953 CU IN)

VOLUME: 30 L (1,818 CU IN) STOCK WEIGHTS: ALIAS — 1.15 KG (2 LB 8 OZ)





COVERT 22 L | #681030 COVERT 32 L | #681032

ALIAS | #681054

COVERT AVALUNG 22 L | #681031


COVERT AVALUNG 32 L | #681033

b l ackdiam o nd e q u i p m e nt . c o m

1 801 278 5533

p ack s | 70- 71

* m o r e p r o d u c t s & info packs

Clemens Stieböck above Lake Hallstadtersee, Krippenstein, Austria.

1 He r ma n n

E r be r



A utilitarian, top-loading ski pack (with or without an integrated AvaLung), the Anarchist is perfect for

The diverse needs of climbers, mountaineers and skiers are easily

carrying multiple days’ worth of gear on backcountry tours. The motion-friendly design includes a unique

met with the organized design of the Revelation. It keeps your gear

Y-rod suspension and dynamic, channeled foam backpanel, hipbelt and shoulder straps that complement,

quiver easily accessible, protected and riding close to your body.

rather than hinder, the motions of skiing. The expandable, top-loading style features a side-access panel for

The zippered top-loading design features backpanel access for mak-

grabbing gear on the fly. A dedicated quick-access pocket for snow safety gear rides on the exterior and on

ing quick grabs. Your shovel and probe stow separately in their own

the right shoulder is an insulated hydration tube pocket. The 420d nylon fabric and 130d Ballistic reinforce-

quick-access pockets and the exterior attachment points for skis, ice

ments offer water-shedding, long-wearing performance.

tools, crampons and helmet are simple and dependable. To com-


fortably handle large loads, it uses a Y-rod aluminum stay and chan-

neled foam backpanel, waistbelt and shoulder straps.


STOCK WEIGHTS: ANARCHIST 32 L — 1.48 KG (3 LB 4 OZ), 42 L — 1.50 KG (3 LB 5 OZ)

ANARCHIST AVALUNG 32 L — 1.88 KG (4 LB 2 OZ), 42 L — 1.93 KG (4 LB 4 OZ)

STRIPPED WEIGHTS: ANARCHIST 32 L — 1.19 KG (3 LB 4 OZ), 42 L — 1.63 KG (3 LB 10 OZ)

ANARCHIST AVALUNG 32 L — 1.59 KG (3 LB 8 OZ), 42 L — 1.26 KG (2 LB 12 OZ)


ANARCHIST 32 L | #681034


STOCK WEIGHTS: 35 L — 1.52 KG (3 LB 6 OZ), 45 L — 1.55 KG (3 LB 7 OZ) STRIPPED WEIGHTS: 35 L — 1.33 KG (2 LB 15 OZ), 45 L — 1.35 KG (3 LB) COLOR:


REVELATION 35 L | #680057

REVELATION 45 L | #680056

ANARCHIST 42 L | #681038 ANARCHIST AVALUNG 32 L | #681035

VOLUMES: 35 L (2,136 CU IN), 45 L (2,746 CU IN)

ANARCHIST AVALUNG 42 l | #681037

b l ackdiam o nd e q u i p m e nt . c o m

1 801 278 5533

p ack s | 72- 73

Andy Jacobsenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s glove, Wasatch backcountry, Utah.

1 J ay


/ pw08

74- 75

g l oves “When I tell people I live in Chamonix, they often say to me: Doesn’t it get tracked by the crowds ten minutes after a snowfall? Sure it does, if you are too lazy to put in a little effort for your turns. Right now it hasn’t snowed for three weeks and I hear people complaining constantly about the conditions. But only yesterday I skinned for 30 minutes from the lift, boot packed for 90 minutes and got first tracks on an 800-meter, 50-degree couloir. Sometimes it’s all about opening your eyes.” — Stian Hagen, an e x- pat Nor wegian and pro skier living in Chamonix , Fr ance , ha s skied the glo be over , from mos t of the cl a ssic and s teep line s on the pe ak s a b ove Cham’ to 6 0 0 0 - me ter pe ak s in S ou th A meric a . His glove of choice? The L egend, of cour se.

the making of a legend

100% waterproof and

Short gauntlet

Lightweight, PrimaLoft

breathable Gore-Tex to

designed to be worn

insulation wards off

keep your digits dry

under the cuff

even sub-zero cold

1 Peter

M at h is

g l o v e s | 76- 77





A frontcountry glove that places a premium on protecting your

Offering a balance of ultra-warmth with detail-oriented

The Guide fends off serious cold, ugly conditions with a

Molded knuckle pads over the fingers and back of hand

hands from the cold and wet of winter, the Legend will make

dexterity, the Prodigy is as versatile as a glove comes. The

combination of fabrics including a wool pile liner and a layer

add protection and warmth to this glove, making it ideal for

you a believer. Soft, PrimaLoft insulation keeps fingers and hands

Gore-Tex with XCR Product Technology insert adds high-

of soft PrimaLoft® for exceptional warmth. The four-way

aggressive freeride and frontcountry users who need uncom-

warm on numbing days and continues to insulate, even when wet.

performance storm protection and breathability while a 100%

stretch woven shell with supple Pittards® leather on the back

promised protection. Durably built with all-leather Pittards

The four-way stretch shell fabric accentuates dexterity and resists

PrimaLoft liner wraps your hand in soft warmth. Capped with

of hand and palm provides ultimate durability for all-season

construction to withstand abrasion, the Mad Max features a

abrasion; it features foam knuckle pads for protection from what-

Pittards goatskin, the fingers provide excellent grip, sensitivity

use. The Gore-Tex® with XCR® Product Technology insert

warm, 100% wool liner, backed with super warm PrimaLoft

ever comes your way. Includes Gore-Tex with XCR Product Tech-

and toughness while coming with a removable liner for fast

provides unwavering waterproof and highly breathable per-

to insulate you in the coldest of conditions. Gore-Tex® water-

nology inserts for highly waterproof and breathable protection,

drying. Four-way stretch fabric shells allow the full range of

formance, whether you’re digging a pit or breaking trail. The

proof/breathable protection seals out that cold cruel world.

and is designed to be worn under the cuff. Imported.

flexibility for adjusting boots or removing skins. Imported.

removable liner enables quick drying for multiple-day use.


TEMPERATURE RANGE: -26/-9˚C (-15/15˚F)

TEMPERATURE RANGE: -26/-9˚C (-15/15˚F)


TEMPERATURE RANGE: -28/-12˚C (-20/10˚F)


S, M, L, XL


XS, S, M, L


S, M, L, XL


XS, S, M, L



WEIGHT: 296 G (10.4 OZ) MED PAIR






MEN’S LEGEND | #801605

b l ackdiam o nd e q u i p m e nt . c o m

WOMEN’S LEGEND | #801610

1 801 278 5533

MEN’S PRODIGY | #801551


TEMPERATURE RANGE: -28/-12˚C (-20/10˚F) SIZES:

S, M, L, XL


XS, S, M, L


WEIGHT: 298 G (10.4 OZ) MED PAIR



MEN’S GUIDE | #801511

WOMEN’S GUIDE | #801512

S, M, L, XL


MAD MAX | #801530

g l o v e s | 78- 79

Derek Nipkow and Kevin Meadows unleash the 75 Recoilless on Snowbird, Utah’s avy terrain.

1 W i ll

W i s s ma n

FEVER / FEVER MIT T < NEW > Soft to the touch on the inside and out, but still tough enough to handle full-blown snowstorms, the Fever is the ticket for frontcountry cruising. PrimaLoft insulation keeps your digits warm and comfy, while the Gore-Tex with XCR Product Technology inserts and knit cuffs completely shut out the wind and weather. The fingers and palms are reinforced with Pittards leather for exceptional grip and durability. A zippered pocket in the back of the glove is sweet for stashing money, key or a heat packet. Imported. TEMPERATURE RANGE: -26/-9˚C (-15/15˚F) SIZES:

S, M, L, XL

TEMPERATURE RANGE: -28/-12˚C (-20/10˚F) SIZES:

S, M, L, XL





MEN’S FEVER | #801564


MEN’S FEVER MITT | #801568

XS, S, M, L


XS, S, M, L





WOMEN’S FEVER | #801566

b l ackdiam o nd e q u i p m e nt . c o m

1 801 278 5533


g l o v e s | 80- 81

If this trailer’s a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’. Josh Vanjura firing into some unique terrain, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah.

1 B r e n da n

N i c h ol s o n




An all-leather glove for warm days at the resort, the Rebel was

An all-season, all-weather, all-mountain performer, the Patrol is for the skier or boarder who runs laps at

born for spring skiing. Bring on the soft snow—the 100% wa-

the resort. A leather and four-way stretch shell works in conjunction with the 100% waterproof BDry in-

terproof BDry™ insert and knit cuff will keep the wet stuff out

sert to keep the elements at bay. The fingers and palms are reinforced with leather for excellent dexterity.

and your digits dry. The leather is reinforced at the fingertips

Warmth is assured thanks to the Patrol’s toasty PrimaLoft and Polartec® Hi-Loft® insulation. Imported.

and palms to ensure the Rebel will live to see many a season.

TEMPERATURE RANGE: -17/-1˚C (0/30˚F)

A midweight 100 gram fleece provides warmth without limiting


dexterity—allowing you to keep your gloves on while cracking



open your après-ski beverage of choice. Imported.



MEN’S PATROL | #801401



S, M, L, XL





MEN’S REBEL | #801560


S, M, L, XL

XS, S, M, L

1 801 278 5533


XS, S, M, L





WOMEN’S PATROL | #801403

b l ackdiam o nd e q u i p m e nt . c o m


XS, S, M, L


TEMPERATURE RANGE: -21/-4˚C (-5/25˚F)

S, M, L, XL

WOMEN’S patrol MITT | #801570

g l o v e s | 82- 83




The perfect glove for a weekend at the resort, the Renegade is made with wool and fleece lining and

A tough all-leather glove for all-mountain use, the Kingpin is a

Choose the Impulse for skinning, approaching or running

100% waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex, ensuring your hands stay warm and dry. The fingers and

great choice for warm-weather skiing. An adjustable neoprene

when a lightweight breathable softshell is all you need to get

palms are reinforced with leather for durability and the over-the-cuff design shuts down snow from

cuff keeps the glove locked down tight, and the Polartec®

the job done. The Polartec® Power Shield® softshell works with

sneaking in and chilling your hands. Imported.

Thermal Pro ® lining staves off the chill. Imported.

the fleece liner to provide ample dexterity and warmth. The

TEMPERATURE RANGE: -17/-7˚C (0/20˚F)

TEMPERATURE RANGE: -12/-1˚C (10/30˚F)

Impulse has an outstanding grip thanks to its thermoformed


S, M, L, XL


XS, S, M, L


xs, s, M, L, XL







MEN’S RENEGADE | #801431

WOMEN’S renegade MITT | #801446

KINGPIN | #801409

knuckles and a leather palms with Kevlar stitching. Imported. TEMPERATURE RANGE: -7/4˚C (20/40˚F) SIZES:

XS, S, M, L, XL


IMPULSE | #801450


xs, s, M, L


WOMEN’S renegade | #801436

* more produ ct s & i nf o

b l ackdiam o nd e q u i p m e nt . c o m

1 801 278 5533 gloves

g l o v e s | 84- 85

1 Steven


spe ak out for silence mark m e n l o v e


any of the backcountry locales we ski at

policy (unlike other motorized recreation vehicles such as

throughout the Western United States are at seri-

ATVs, ORVs and dirt bikes) unless the local Forest Service

ous risk—regionally renowned places such as

official specifically includes them in his or her Travel Plan. With

Utah’s Franklin Basin, Wyoming’s Togwotee Pass, Colorado’s

local budgets and staffing already slashed due to federal cuts,

Hahn’s Peak and California’s Leavitt Bowl to name only a

it’s easy to understand the temptation on a forest supervisor

few. These are places where not very long ago you might have

to focus only on summer use and leave the current laissez

found no more than a few other hardy tele or AT partners to

faire system in place for winter use. Plus, the process is heavily

share trail-breaking duty, rewarded by lap after lap of untracked

weighted toward those interest groups willing to organize and

powder bliss. Visit these areas today and you’re more likely to

speak up. With nearly 2500 snowmobile clubs (compared to

find a melee of snowmobile-produced deep ruts, blue smoke

only a handful of backcountry skier groups) in the U.S., it’s no

and engine brap.

surprise the opinions of the motorized snowsport enthusiasts

No, I’m not against snowmobiles. I’ve logged my share of

are the ones being heard by the Forest Service.

miles on a sled, commuting for three winters to a cabin high

Yes, I know, backcountry skiers don’t do process. We go

in the Wasatch Mountains and on occasion accessing remote

it alone, break our own trail. However, in this case it’s simple:

powder stashes that would have taken days to approach on

get involved or live with an outcome that will likely mean being

skis. Plus, my wife says the lingering smell of a two-stroke on

backed into a few pockets of accessible Wilderness or secret

my clothes is sexy. So I freely admit that snowmobiles have

stashes overlooked—for now—by motorized users.

their place in the backcountry. But it isn’t every place.

The best way to get involved is to meet directly with your local Forest Ranger. Tell them

The vast majority of backcountry ski-

ing in the U.S. takes place in National

it ’ s s im p l e : g e t in v o l v e d

your concerns and why they should

Forests. Unfortunately, the U.S. Forest

o r l i v e with an o u tc o m e

include snowmobiles in their Travel

Service’s approach to managing our win-

that wi l l m e an b e ing

Management Plan. Explain to them the

ter playgrounds —a policy where all areas

back e d int o a f e w p o ck e t s

areas that need to be preserved and pro-

not protected as Wilderness are open

o f acc e s s ib l e W i l d e rn e s s

tected for backcountry skiing. And com-

to snowmobiles unless specifically desig-

o r s ta s h e s o v e r l o o k e d

ment in writing when a proposed plan

nated and signed as closed—results in a

b y m o t o riz e d u s e r s .

is opened up for public input. Winter Wildlands Alliance (WWA), a national

backcountry free-for-all where those with the biggest, loudest, most powerful toys get their run of the

non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and preserving

place and the rest of us get pushed aside.

the human-powered backcountry snowsports experience, can

Backcountry skiers, however, can change that. Three years

help. The WWA can tell you how, when and where to comment,

ago the U.S. Forest Service began a process called Travel

as well as give you talking points, statistics and tools to be

Management Planning that requires the development of

effective when meeting with Forest Service officials or writing

“motor-vehicle use maps” to designate where motorized users

a letter. Visit to know more.

can go on each of the 177 National Forests in the U.S. While it

may appear subtle, this shift from an “open unless designated

have already begun the Travel Management Planning process

closed” to a “closed unless designated open” policy has huge

and some have even completed their Travel Plans. The National

implications and can go a long way in protecting areas for non-

Forest Service has a goal of completing all Travel Plans by 2011,

motorized use.

so time is extremely short. If you value a backcountry experi-

The process, however, has a serious loophole: snowmobiles are actually exempt from the new management

The time to act is now. The majority of National Forests

ence where you can hear the sound of your own voice, the time to use that voice is now.

Mark Menlove is the executive director of Winter Wildlands Alliance. For information about how to get involved and have your voice heard, check out WWA’s website, To find out more details about the U.S. Forest Service’s Travel Management Planning, go to: 1 m . me n love s p e ak o u t f o r s i l e nc e | 86- 87

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Dawn patrol in the Wasatch backcountry, Utah.

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p arting s h o t | 88- 89

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