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ORIOLE PRIDE EXTRA “I’ve Been Ready For This My Whole Life” ~ Line from the motion picture Rudy

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JUST ANOTHER GAME “Just another game”, those were the words of 2nd year football Coach Joe Martin when he summed up pregame talks of Springville’s playoff game against Janesville. Sure it’s just another game. Not the first ever football playoff game. Not the first ever football playoff game at home. Not the first every football playoff win in school history. Not at all. While Joe did his best to keep it routine, the rest of us have been going crazy. But from the opening kick on Wednesday the Oriole’s looked like they belong. History? That is for us to discuss. These boys have grown up watching Springville take their lumps. These boys have worked hard to help the program along and they’ve had great predecessors that paved the way as well as coaching staffs to mentor them. This season and this team encompass the works of all the football teams before them. Great athletes have played over the years on Allison Field, in games that not always fell in Springville’s favor, and in years that drew little attention. But their efforts and their hard work helped get this team to where they are today. And where exactly is that? Well, at 8-2, this 8 man team is the talk of the town. Springville as you know is 8 miles east of Marion, yet their athletic teams are lucky to have a word printed about them in area publications. And I am not whining, I get it. Metro schools are bigger, flashier and tend to be the main subscribers. So when a 1A school can draw the attention of a larger media outlet—it’s a win for the statewide network of small schools who face the same woes each season. So let’s brag a little shall we? In it’s previous 7 wins, this team has beat their opponents by an average of 32 points. Not bad huh? So when the Janesville Wildcats pulled in to town, with their own 7-2 record, who would have thought that the O’s would double their average margin of victory and dominate in such a dynamic way? Oh we felt confident, don’t get me wrong. But did we foresee a 76-22 win? Did we even come close to the prediction that Elias “Wonderboy” Nissen would score 7 rushing touchdowns?(which is most likely a school record) No need to rub your eyes—yes, 7! Oh and he returned a kick for another TD. And let’s not forget he hit Jake Hulett on a pass play for another score. He accounted for 9 of our touchdowns. Hulett had 2 of his own, one from Nissen of course and another from Sam Scriver who only needed to throw five passes on the night, and he made good on all five for 125 yards. Sophomore Cody Blake had only one carry on the night, but it was a biggie. Facing 3rd and 1 on the Janesville 10, Blake took the hand off and busted through the Wildcat line for 3 yards and a 1st down, paving the way for a Nissen score. Freshman John Evens blocked a Janesville punt which set up fellow freshman Matt Carson to carry the ball for an Oriole TD. Senior Drake Coonrod who has been the pile driving ball carrier lately, had a quiet game offensively. 10 carries for 22 yards, but on every carry, Drake took a couple Wildcats along for a ride before going down. Defensively he had 2 key interceptions that stifled a Wildcat drive in the making. Jake Hulett, our highly touted and esteemed Mr. Everything had 6 catches for 145 yards and 2 TD’s. Defensively, he and Tyler Stewart along with Drew Hoskins rushed the Wildcat QB all evening, preventing that big pass play. Nissen alone finished with 324 yards on the ground, outgaining Janesville as a team—they finished with 253, 22 on the ground. Had we known these things we’d have had a press conference set up. Channel 2, Channel 9, Cedar Rapids Gazette, Journal-Eureka and even Oriole Pride was awaiting the words of Coach Martin and this #40, Elias Nissen. Nissen gave credit where it was due, his line made those holes for him and he was able to let his speed take over. Selby Ballantyne, Jake Hulett, Kolton Markley, Jesse Robertson and Tyler Stewart along with Center Tyler Rowell helped him shine. Brian Allsup and his leg accounted for 8 PAT’s and 7 touchbacks. But he seemed more pumped up over the hits he laid on would be Wildcat receivers. The O’s simply played great team ball from start to finish. So guess what Oriole fans? Here we are, no longer the bridesmaid, no longer on the outside looking in, no longer the odd man out. We belong, we lead and the entire state has taken notice. Don Bosco awaits. The next round game will be in Gilbertville Monday evening where the O’s will face off with the undefeated, #1 team in the state. Like Coach Martin says, it’s just another game.

Thursday, October 25, Oriole Pride 2

Thursday, October 25, Oriole Pride 3

Thursday, October 25, Oriole Pride 4

EVERYONE LOVES A TAILGATE PARTY... Even Mother Nature must have a soft spot for the Oriole football program. A playoff game in late October? Would you predict 80+ degree temperatures? Certainly not. The Springville Sports Boosters hosted a tailgate on Wednesday and the Oriole Cheerleaders alongside the marching band, provided a pep rally to boot—all with the intention of pumping up our football team. Judging from that score, 76-22, I’d say mission accomplished. Good burgers, good dogs, good music and good fun kicked off an evening made for post season football.

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