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SHS OH WHAT A NIGHT‌ There are times when you find yourself taking notice of your surroundings, you just have a sense that you are witnessing something special. Last Friday night, in Olin, if you were one of the few who didn't make the drive for the football game, you missed your chance to share in that feeling. When you follow a small school team you become attached to the players and you root for them. They line up every week against a bigger team, from school's who most times have storied histories making them the favored in the contest. So when these kids are having a good night, you simply can't help but rejoice right along with them. Now remember, you have seven more weeks to share in the magic, but if last Friday wasn't part of your evening, you flat out missed a great time. Springville faced off against the Olin Lions. Wearing their white jersey's and orange pants, the game started like all others, but within seconds the electricity started. Olin took control right away and looked as if they were about to be the first team to light up the score board; enter the Springville defense. Senior linebacker, Joel Lam would make a touchdown saving tackle to give the Lions 1st and goal with only 41 seconds having ticked away on the game clock. Springville's defense, who perhaps needed a few extra seconds to get set, held the Lions to take over on downs at their own 5 yard line. It would take the Orioles another possession to get their bearings straight and when they did, senior Patrick Ray found the end zone on a quarterback keeper from the Lions 5 yard line. Junior Caleb Anderson would chip in the extra point, and the Orioles would light the bulbs first, going up 7-0 with 7:16 in the 1st putting our cheerleaders in motion for what would be a l o o o o ng night. Olin and Springville would exchange punts again, and the Orioles would give Olin 1st and 10 on the Springville 29 yard line. With great field position, Olin was threatening to score, putting our defense to the test - but have no fear. The Lions would gain no yards on the possession and with back to back, teeth jarring sacks by senior, defensive tackle Adam Lentz and sophomore, linebacker Jake Hulett - the Lions would lose yardage and be forced to punt again. Springville would gain a 1st down quickly on carries by Hulett and Lam. Lam would bust another run down to the 20 that was called back on a holding penalty to make it 3rd and 10 with under two minutes in the quarter. Springville couldn't gain any yardage on the first two downs but at 3rd and 10, freshman Elias Nissen would zing one to Caleb Anderson for the first down and Lam followed it with a 9 yard carry to end the quarter with Springville sitting on the 9 yard line, with 2nd and 1. Springville opened the second quarter with another Lam carry who was hit for a loss to make it 3rd and 3. No worries though, as Nissen would carry it in on the next play to give the Orioles another 6 points (and the first touchdown of the freshman's varsity career). The PAT by Anderson was no good and with 11:17 in the 2nd, Springville was up 13-0. Again, the cheerleaders had their synchronized push-ups going. Olin continued to struggle to find momentum against an imposing Springville defense. Patrick Ray was breaking up pass plays and Jake Hulett was squashing the Lions behind the line of scrimmage to give the Oriole sideline a carnival like atmosphere. The next Springville possession would start on its own 11 yard line. Joel Lam sprinted a carry down to the Olin 25 yard line to get the crowd pumped up all over again. Sophomore back Drake Coonrod would run it for another seven and Lam would follow to give the Orioles another 1st down. An offside call against Olin would set up Jake Hulett for a run right through the middle of the defense, giving Springville 1st and goal. Joel Lam carried it next and couldn't quite cross the line - but Jake Hulett would on the next down and the Orioles, after a failed two point conversion would have a 19-0 lead with 7:08 in the half. The Springville cheerleaders, biceps tuckered out, had moved on to kicks in celebration. The Lions put together some offense on their next possession, but an Olin illegal procedure call and consecutive "quarterback meet Jake Hulett" stances, would force them to turn the ball over on downs once again. Springville would waste no time marching down the field, racking up more yards of offense including another air-show between Patrick Ray and Caleb Anderson that would put the Orioles on the Olin 18 with a 1st down. Anderson ran an end-around to give Springville six more and made it seven with his PAT, Orioles up 26-0 and 46 seconds left in the half. The cheerleaders would continue with the kicks as they tallied 26 Oriole points. The defense, who the entire first half, prevented Olin from seeing much daylight, would end the half with an engulfing Drake Coonrod tackle. At last, the chain gang and our cheerleaders had time to rest. The 2nd half opened up with the Orioles pinned down on their own 11 yard line. The offense would quickly move the ball and at 3rd and 1 on their own 25, freshman playmaker Elias Nissen would go for a mad dash down the left sideline for a 55 yard touch down run that had fans explode with elation. The PAT was denied, but Springville pushed their lead to 32-0. The cheerleaders continued their kicks in unison as the crowd helped them count to 32, and the euphoria continued. Olin would run the ensuing kick off to midfield but another penalty would take them back to their own 15. And then it was time. Time for the antics of P-Ray who it seems must have one aerodynamic play each game. Ray would pick off a pass and run it back to the Olin 32 yard line and the chain gang guys were on the move again. If ESPN covered us, P-Ray would have made the highlight reel. Ray would make a nice pass play completion to Coonrod, but had it called back on an Oriole penalty. Next call was a pitch-out to Coonrod on the right side, who made no gain the first time but picked up the first on the very next, repeated call to the left side. If I had video coverage of this next play, I'd Youtube it in a heartbeat. Ray threw to Brandon Mysak, who made an over the shoulder, textbook catch in the back of the end zone, to send everyone

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 Oriole Pride 2

into "Oh my gosh" mode. Anderson again with the PAT put Springville up 39-0 with 7:57 remaining in the third quarter. And Springville's cheerleaders? They had moved on to jumping jacks. Olin would continue to struggle and I would venture to guess that even now, the quarterback is having visions of 43 and 41 flash through his mind, as Hulett and Coonrod continued to acquaint themselves in the 2nd half. The Lions would be forced to punt allowing Coach Baumann to put in some younger guys for their 2010 varsity experience. Springville too would punt away its next possession and it would be a beauty. Drake Coonrod would send one down to the .1 yard line, if there is such a thing. Olin would run one from their end zone though - and if it weren't for Tyler Stewart catching him on the Springville 18 yard line, it would have been a sure six. The 4th quarter started right there at the 18 yard line however, and it was Olin's turn to score their first touch down and after getting the two point conversion, they were on the board, but down 39-8. So with 11:30 left, freshman Sam Scriver was in at quarterback and fellow freshman Brian Allsup took his place at running back. After a couple bobbled snaps, the clean white jerseys would settle down, and Allsup at 3rd and 7, ran one through the Lions defense, for a 1st down. Elias Nissen would follow with another 1st down and then Scriver, would put together a couple of "firsts" of his own. Scriver had a nice 10 yard run, and then in what I consider a look into the future - he hit Nissen for a 30 yard touchdown completion and the good times continued. Anderson's PAT was good and the Orioles had a 46-8 lead. Our cheerleaders led the crowd one more time in a jumping jack chant from 1 to 46. On the Lions next possession, Junior, defensive back Cody Holmes took the opportunity to introduce himself to the Olin quarterback as he sacked him on the 10 yard line. And the crowd raved on - until the next play when Olin would run one for 70 yards down their left sideline for another 6 points. Olin would go for and get the 2 point conversion to make it 46-16. Springville started their next possession on Olin’s 35 yard line after a nice return by Anderson. At 4th and 13, Scriver would hit Allsup on a 15 yard pass to give the Orioles 1st and 10 on the Olin 23. Nissen again would rush for a touchdown, his third of the night and extended the lead to 52-16. A bobbled snap on the PAT would have Ray find a wide open Jake Hulett in the back of the end zone for an unplanned, two point conversion. Hulett, who made an ESPY like catch - came down just a tad bit out of bounds and the score remained 52-16, 4:41 in the ball game. The cheerleaders, according to senior, Katie Wyman were now doing "clap-thingy's(?)" as they celebrated another Springville score. Olin on its next possession would put together a drive and find the end zone one more time. Another two point conversion gave them 24 points - to Springville's 52. The Oriole's would maintain possession for the reminder of the game and no, your eyes were not fooling you. Senior lineman, Dakota Richards would carry the ball twice and gain 5 yards on one carry. Scriver eventually took a knee to end the game. Finally, the chain gang could rest. Our cheerleaders could rest. And the players and the fans could enjoy the moment. Attendance numbers were not available but by sheer eyesight, the Springville crowd outnumbered that of the home team and they had plenty to be excited about. These are the nights that every player, coach and parent dreams of. So much work and preparation each week is put on the line and right or wrong, good or bad, we judge it with a win or a loss. A win is always good - but a dominant win makes a statement. Olin players were literally laying on the ground in their post-game huddle. If I could have bottled up the atmosphere I would have - only to release it this Friday when Preston comes to town. Coach Baumann credits his seniors for such a strong team performance. "Everyone stepped up and I am proud of our guys". "Our JV guys played well and I am happy to see it". With 454 yards of offense (111 in the air) to Olin's 278, Coach Baumann can take this weeks win and use it as a much needed boost as Springville prepares for state ranked Preston(2-0) who is coming off their own dominating performance with a 62-2 win over Central City.

DID YOU KNOW? Patrick Ray and Jake Hulett were listed in the top 10 last week on

VARSITY VOLLEYBALL WARMS UP AT MIDLAND The Orioles varsity volleyball team started the 2010 campaign at the Midland Tournament, where they finished the day as runner up to champion Monticello. They began pool play with a 21-17 21-18 victory over Tri-Rivers rival Cascade. Hannah Loehr led the offensive attack with 6 kills while Hope Matus recorded 5 and Katie Wyman . Brittney Oxley chalked up 9 assists while CJ Fitzgerald collected 7 of her own. From the service line, Hannah Loehr was 7 of 9 with 3 aces. CJ Fitzgerald was 7 of 8 with 3 aces. Brittney Oxley was 6 for 6 from the back line, and defensively, Alysha Dirks recorded 2 blocks while Jamie Donaldson picked up 6 digs. The Orioles kept to their winning ways with a 21-14, 21-14 victory over host Midland. Hannah Loehr once again led the Oriole attack with 6 kills while Alysha Dirks racked up 5. Brittney Oxley recorded 9 assists while CJ Fitzgerald chalked up 7. In serving, Hannah Loehr was 8 of 11 with four aces while defensive specialist Sydney Vaughn came in and went 3 for 3 in serving. Defensively, Dirks tallied 2 blocks while libero Jamie Donaldson made 5 digs. The Orioles finished pool play with a win over Olin, 21-7, 21-13. Katie Wyman collected 3 kills while Hope Matus put down 2 of her own. Oxley recorded 8 assists while CJ Fitzgerald tallied 6 assists. The action in this match came from the service line where Brittney Oxley was 14 for 14 with 6 aces and Hope Matus went 11 for 12 with 1 ace. Olin didn't have much offense, so there weren't any significant defensive statistics recorded. The Orioles won their pool 3-0 and advanced to the tournament semi-finals where the Orioles defeated Andrew 21-15, 21-14. Offensively, the Orioles were balanced in their attack. Katie Wyman and Hannah Loehr each recorded 4 kills while CJ Fitzgerald, Alysha Dirks, and Hope Matus each chipped in 3 kills apiece. Brittney Oxley tallied 12 assists while CJ Fitzgerald added 4 assists. CJ Fitzgerald led the Oriole serving, going 7 for 8 with 1 ace. Defensively, Alysha Dirks chalked up 3 blocks while Jamie Donaldson added 6 digs to the effort. The Orioles faced off against Monticello in the tournament final, losing 12-25, 14-25. "We struggled to play consistently in the final. I think we made every kind of error possible in the game of volleyball, from attack errors to serve receive errors to blocking and ball-handling errors. We weren't able to find a rhythm at all. The nice thing that comes from this match is all those errors are correctable and we will get to play Monticello again later in the season. On the whole, we did some nice things and learned the areas in which we need to improve. It was just nice to get this team on the floor and into competition. They have been practicing for a month and were more than ready to play someone else besides ourselves every day," commented Oriole head coach Gretchen Eastman. Offensively, Hannah Loehr tallied 7 kills and Alysha Dirks 3. Brittney Oxley chalked up 7 assists while CJ Fitzgerald added 3, while both Hope Matus and Brittney Oxley were 5 for 5 in serving. The Orioles will begin Tri-Rivers Conference play on Tuesday, September 7 and then will play on Saturday, September 11 in the Linn Mar tournament, where they are in a pool with 4A powerhouses Dubuque Hempstead and Waterloo East and 3A Center PointUrbana. "We look forward to a good week of competition and continued growth in our team. We want to start conference play on the right foot on Tuesday against Cascade and will look to be really challenged on Saturday at Linn Mar. Our philosophy is if you want to be the best, you have to play the best teams, and we will certainly see some great teams on the 11th," said Coach Eastman.

ORIOLES VOLLEYBALL OPENS CONFERENCE PLAY WITH A BIG WIN The Lady O’s opened up their 2010 volleyball season with a loud win over the visiting Cascade Cougars Tuesday night. There were more chants, cheers and claps during a match than you’ll find at a Laker Girl tryout. Pre-game is like a rock concert, so get there early. For those who are unsure what to expect this season, you can expect leadership, enthusiasm, and hits; lots and lots of hits. Coaches Eastman and Howard have got a lively bunch and you won’t want to miss them in action. Springville beat Cascade in four games Tuesday night, 25-9, 22-25, 25-20, 25-20. Senior, Hope Matus led the team in kills with 10 and fellow senior, Hannah Loehr had 9. Junior’s, CJ Fitzgerald and Brittney Oxley led in assists with 16 and 14 respectively. Junior Jamie Donaldson led the team with 6 digs and Senior Katie Wyman had 4. Wyman and Oxley were perfect on serves, Wyman was 17-17 and Oxley 12-12. Springville will play in a Linn-Mar tournament on Saturday and will travel to Maquoketa Valley next Tuesday, before returning home on Thursday, Sept. 16th to face Alburnett. Bring your earplugs, and if you like to sit court-side, I suggest you bring head gear.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 Oriole Pride 3

MIDDLE SCHOOL FOOTBALL OPENS WITH A WIN Springville’s middle school football team traveled to Marion on Tuesday to take on St. Joe’s intheir first football game of the season. The game provided plenty of offense and the younger Orioles came out with their first win as they defeated the Chargers 52-42. You can catch their next game at home, next Thursday at 4:30 on Allison Field. (Left...8th grader Tyler McDowell carries the ball, Right...8th grader Riley Riffle crosses the goal line in Tuesday’s action)

Make your picks: This weeks football matchups include the following for Friday, September 10: Midland at Central City Olin at East Central, Miles West Central, Maynard at Lansing, Kee Preston at Springville Here’s what you do, choose your winners AND choose the point total in the Springville game. Tie-breaker will be the closest guess on the point total. Send your picks and name to with “weekly picks” as your subject, and catch next weeks issue to see who won bragging rights! Congratulations to Terry Smith of Springville for being 3 of 4 with last weeks match ups, and nailing the Springville point total right on the nose which WAS the tie-breaker.

FROSH/SOPH/JV VOLLEYBALL Freshmen ventured up to Alburnett last Tuesday, Aug. 31 for a night of matchups against Mt. Vernon, North Linn and host, Alburnett. The girls would play well on the evening gaining some experience early in the season. They would lose to Mt. Vernon, but beat North Linn and lose a close one to Alburnett. On Thursday, Sept. 2, the Freshmen and Sophomore teams played host to Marion. Coach Howard and Coach Eastman mixed it up a little, combining some of the classes in order to watch the talent schemes on both levels. One team would win both and the other lose both, but it was added experience for the girls which is what matters most at this point in the year. On Tuesday, Sept. 7, conference play began. The gym had two courts running so there was plenty of action on both ends of the gym. The freshmen girls lost game 1, 19-21; won game 2, 21-11; and ended the third game in a 6-6 tie. Sophomores would follow suit and lose their 1st game 25-27 but win the second game 21-17. After a slight intermission, the main court was set up and the JV team would take the floor for the first time this season. They’d win both, 21-18 and 22-20. Megan Hall tallied 10 kills and 2 ace serves. Josie Tersinar recorded 5 kills and Desi Ohden 2. Sam Smith collected 11 assists while Sidney Hopkins added 4 assists. Kayla Haverkamp picked up 7digs. In serving, Desi Ohden had 5 ace serves while Angie Hoogland was 6 for 6 in serves. JV girls will be in action again on Thursday, Sept. 9 as they travel to Alburnett for a triangular match and on Saturday, Sept. 11 they head to Monticello for a tournament. All teams are in action next week, at Maquoketa Valley on Tuesday and home on Thursday to face the Pirates of Alburnett. (Sophomore, Desi Ohden goes high on the left and Sophomore, Sam Smith celebrates a point on the right in Tuesday’s home action)

DID YOU KNOW? In 1984, U.S. won their first medals at the Olympics in Los Angeles. The Men won the Gold, and the Women the Silver.

FRIDAY NIGHT IS KIDS NIGHT Springville athletic director Kyle Koeppen reminds families that a child's admission will be free with the paid admission of an adult at Friday nights football game. Varsity half time activities will include a scrimmage showcasing he Springville Youth football team, and a performance by the junior cheerleader's will take place between the JV and Varsity games. Junior Varsity action begins at 5 and Varsity at 7.

COACHES CORNER We see them in various places. Class rooms, gymnasiums, side lines… Woody’s One-Stop. But how well do we really know our coaches? Let’s find out; Please meet, Head Volleyball Coach Gretchen Eastman: Where were you born? I was born on June 4, 1967, in Osage, Iowa at the Mitchell County Hospital. What high school did you graduate from? I graduated from Riceville High School in Riceville, Iowa (1985) Which college(s) did you attend - and the degrees you earned? I graduated from Luther College in 1989 with a degree in English and math/ education. I graduated from Indiana University in 1990 with an MA in English Literature; Drake University in 1997 with an MS in Education. Where was your first teaching job? My first teaching job was at WACO Community Schools in Wayland, IA. I taught math and MS English and coached volleyball, junior high girls' basketball, and was at different times the assistant HS softball coach and then later the MS softball coach. When did you arrive in Springville? The Fall of 1998. The first class I saw graduate at Springville included Joe Nietert, who I later taught with for a few years. What makes Springville such a great school to be involved with? I grew up in a small town and attended a small school similar to Springville. I like the fact that our students can do a variety of activities. Kids can be in the marching band and still play volleyball, run cross country, or play football. Kids can be both cheerleaders and volleyball players. I like the fact that I know a lot of the kids from preschool to seniors. I like that I know a lot of their parents and grandparents, too. I like the fact that because our school is smaller, our students have opportunities to develop leadership skills like being a student senator, a captain of a sports team, a section leader in the band, or an officer in the National Honor Society. I think kids in small schools tend to have more opportunities to lead because there are fewer kids and they have to step up. It is harder to get "lost in the shuffle" like I think some kids in larger districts do. I also think the students at Springville have more opportunities than I had at my small school. They are now able to take more varied classes through the Kirkwood Academies and get a head start on college. I am jealous of that opportunity our students have, wish I'd had it when I was in high school. I hope kids appreciate the opportunity to do that and take advantage of it. Name the last book you read. I read two Michael Perry books this summer. The first was Population 485: Meeting Your Neighbors One Siren at a Time. The other was Truck: A Love Story. What is your favorite day of the week? It depends. I like Wednesdays because I often meet with friends at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and conversation. I like Fridays because it is the end of the week and I usually have a game to attend. I love Saturdays in the fall because of high school volleyball tournaments and college football games. The only time I dread is Sunday night when I'm trying to decide if I have plans ready for Monday morning classes. If I'm not ready, I have to put in some time at school. What is your favorite TV show? Right now, it is The Closer on TNT. I also like all the CSI's, although I really miss Grissom. I also have to watch Nightline before I can go to sleep at night. What station is your car radio tuned to? KHAK 98.1; I am a country music fan. What do you like to do in your free time? Read, spend time with friends, try to catch up on sleep. I don't really have a lot of free time. I like to watch movies and do crossword puzzles, too. Favorite sport to follow and the team that you support? I am a sports fan, so I have several teams I support. I love Hawkeye football and

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 Oriole Pride 4 women's basketball. I love Iowa State women's basketball and volleyball. I love UNI volleyball. I like the Chicago Cubs, but get tired of them breaking my heart every year. This year was especially tough because they traded all my favorite players away. I am a die hard Minnesota Vikings fan. I grew up watching Fran Tarkington and the Purple People Eaters. I also love the Rutgers, Tennessee, and Stanford women's basketball teams. Who was your idol growing up? My idol was a girl in my high school who was a junior when I was a freshman. She was an awesome basketball player and I wanted to be as great a shooter as she was. She was way better than I ever was, but I think I was a better player than I might have been because I worked so hard to try and be like her. Thank you Coach Eastman for taking time to be in the Coaches Corner.

ORIOLE LEGENDS Oriole Pride will begin featuring Springville alumni who still have ties to the community. Our first profile is the dynamic duo of Robin and Jeff Menster, it wasn’t fair to highlight one without the other.

Robin Menster

IN the year 1989… The San Francisco 49ers won the Superbowl, Oakland A’s won the World Series, Detroit Pistons were NBA champions and Calgary won the Stanley Cup. Michigan won the NCAA basketball tournament and Miami won the NCAA football championship.

Class of 1989 Sports played in high school: Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Softball Favorite sport in high school? Basketball Achievements? Volleyball: 1st team all-conference senior year; Basketball: 1st team all-conference junior and senior years, 4th team all-state senior year Team successes? Basketball: 2nd place in conference senior year; Track: Qualified for state in 4 x 200 and Sprint Medley my junior year; 6th place in 4 x 100 my senior year at state What is your most cherished, athletic memory from high school? Scoring 50 points against North Linn my senior year which helped me win Gazette prep athlete of the week. What is one of the craziest things you did in school? Drivers Ed was awesome. We would see how fast we could go before the teacher noticed, we would see who could make the loudest squeal taking off from stop lights and our longest donut stop was 43 minutes long. The best part we all passed and are great drivers today. Nickname? Robbie Where did you go to college? Mt. Mercy College What was your major in college? And the degree you earned? BA in Business Administration Did you compete in sports in college and which one(s)? Basketball, was 1st Team All American my senior year, career record 129-16 Most influential teacher and the subject they taught? Mr. Wikert, junior high Math What made that teacher so memorable? He was very strict but had a fun learning atmosphere. He also was my first basketball coach and taught me how to play the game correctly. If they were to make a movie about you – who would play you? This is a tough one; Jennifer Garner If you could have one superpower what would it be? Speed; It is tough keeping up with all the kids activities, work and house. What did you want to be when you were 12 years old? Live in Hawaii and become a professional basketball player Did you two instantly like each other? Ah no. I was like his agent. All the girls came to me to see if Jeff would go on a date with them. Good friends starting our freshman year and didn't start dating until our junior year Where was your first date? Cory Hoskins' bon fire/hay rack ride How many years you been married? 15 years Please list your kids and their ages: April 18, Ryan 13, Rylee 10 and Luke 6 A quick word of wisdom for current Springville student/athletes . . . Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. Have fun and give it your best effort.

Jeff Menster Class of 1989 Sports played in high school: Football, Basketball, Track Favorite sport in high school? Football Achievements? First team all-conference defensive back in football junior and senior year. 2nd team all-conference in basketball senior year. Team successes? Conference champs junior year; runner up senior year. Track: Went to state as sophomore in Distant Medley relay and 4 x 200 meter relay. Finished 6th in Medley. Still hold school record in medley. What is your most cherished, athletic memory from high school? Catching the game winning touchdown pass against East Buchanan my junior year with 5 seconds left. I remember every aspect of the play and the play before it like it was yesterday. What is one of the craziest things you did in school? I was pretty boring. Probably having water balloon fights on the last day of school. Nickname? Button. It’s a family thing. My parents have never called me Jeff to my face. Where did you go to college? Cornell College What was your major in college? And the degree you earned? BA in Business and Economics Did you compete in sports in college and which one(s)? Football, we were 10-0 my senior year Most influential teacher and the subject they taught? Mel Mysak, high school science. Learned about drinking and adverse affects. He is the reason I do not drink today. What made that teacher so memorable? Strict but fair. Taught me that I always want to be in control of my body and when drunk you do not have complete control of your body. If they were to make a movie about you – who would play you? Mark Wahlberg If you could have one superpower what would it be? To fly. What did you want to be when you were 12 years old? Over the road trucker. Did you two instantly like each other? No. 8th grade I didn’t like her and she didn’t like me. She de-pantsed me after a 7th grade football game and all I had on was a jock. Enough said. Where was your first date? Cory Hoskins hay rack ride. How many years you been married? 15 years. Please list your kids and their ages: April, 18 Ryan 13, Rylee 10, and Luke 6. A quick word of wisdom for current Springville student/athletes . . . Try in every class. Give it an honest effort. If you struggle, ask your teacher for help. They do care about you if you care about yourself. This is a luxury that big schools do not have. Always tell the truth, its easier to remember.

FACE IN THE CROWD: This weeks face in the crowd is Springville Freshman Heather Smyth. I caught up with Heather at the Olin football game last Friday, and here is what we learned. Who are you here to watch? Brian Allsup. How much money is in your pocket? $2.00. What is your Dad’s middle name? Ray. Who was your first grade teacher? Mrs. White. What sport did Kareem Abdul Jabbar play? Who is that? What is the last thing you ate? Chicken strips. Thanks Heather. You just never know—at the next athletic event, you could be more than a FACE IN THE CROWD...


ORIOLES POUNCE ON THE LIONS FOR FIRST WIN OF THE SEASON 52—24 S H S OH WHAT A NIGHT… Wednesday, September 8, 2010, Volume 1>>Issue 4&g...