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Wednesday, March 16, 2011, Volume 1>>Issue 29>> An Independent newspaper serving Springville, Iowa

ORIOLE PRIDE God Hath Made of One Blood All Nations of Men… Berea College Motto

An Independent Newspaper Serving the Athletes of the Springville Schools and Area Community


Pictured above in the center of the front row is Senior Sydney Vaughn, surrounded by her track and field team-mates and to her right is the Springville, Varsity girls coach, Abby Fliehler. Sydney is the daughter of Deb Vaughn and Jeff Vaughn. Springville Senior, Sydney Vaughn loves to run, one could say she’s running away—but she’s taking a full scholarship with her. The Lady O signed her letter of intent last Friday, to run for Berea College next season. Located in Berea, Kentucky, a mere 629 miles away, the NAIA institution is a member of The Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic conference. “Berea College is excited that Sydney Vaughn has agreed to accept a scholarship to attend Berea College in the Fall of 2011. Having gone through a rigorous selection process that admits less than 10% of the qualified applicants, Sydney has managed to secure one of only 350 admission slots for the incoming class of 2011. We believe she will be both an excellent student and great addition to our Track and Field Team as well. We look forward to working with Sydney and would like to thank her teachers, coaches, family and friends for helping to prepare her for this next phase of her life. Seldom does an athlete BEREA FACTS... make it to the collegiate level without a lot of support from a variety Berea is the first college in the South to be coeducational of individuals along the way. We will strive to continue the process and racially integrated. you have started and to help Sydney become a successful adult. Again For the past decade, Berea has been ranked as thank you”, Coach Daniel Bryant, Head Track and Field Coach, Berea “The #1 Comprehensive College of the South”, making it College. a Tier 1 School. Sydney plans to major in chemistry when she enrolls with the Sam Hurst, holder of the patent on “the touch screen” is Mustangs this fall, but she’s set some lofty goals for herself and her team-mates this season. “I want to make it to state in both relays and a Berea alum. an individual event, be a great leader and role model to the younger athletes (girls and boys), and just do my best. I want to push the team to be their best and to run for fun. I want to instill in them that competition is great and it's no secret that we love to win, but we should run because we LOVE to run. It's not always about winning and losing, it's about the feeling you get when you're running faster than you thought you could. It's that unmistakable feeling of freedom. The track is where we belong and I want that feeling to remain in my heart, and the hearts of my teammates as long as we're on the track”. Well said Sydney, well said.

DID YOU KNOW??? There are 6 Springville Track and Field medley/relay records … Sydney Vaughn is a member of 3 of those 6 record holding teams.

Wednesday, March 16, Oriole Pride 2

ORIOLE LEGENDS Oriole Pride features Springville alumni who still have ties to the community. This week we feature Springville Mom, Penny Sindelar: Maiden name; Raue Class of; 1988 Activities you participated in while in high school; Color guard, choir, boys basketball manager & football manager College attended? Degree earned? Hamilton College AAS What is one of the craziest things you did in high school? "Surfing" in the back of a friends truck (standing up in the bed of the truck while truck was being driven). Painting all the manhole covers in town orange and black right before graduation. Nickname; Short-stuff Most memorable teacher from high school, and what made that teacher so memorable? Ms. Weber, she expected more which made me want to do more. She instilled a life long love of reading. How many students in your senior class? 33 I think Who would we find on the posters that were hung in your bedroom? Rick Springfield, Tom Selleck, Oh wow! The boys from the movie "The Outsiders", Tom Cruise from "Risky Business". We rocked those aviators he wore! What did you want to be when you were 12 years old? An accountant, I helped my parents with their business when I was a kid. In high school they ran the "Auction House" on Broadway in Springville. I loved going through all the old junk people brought in but my true love was the money side of it. If they were to make a movie about you, who would play you? Jennifer Aniston. She looks just like me, we could be twins. If you could have one superpower, what would it be? To grant other people their wishes. If you wrote an Autobiography, what would the title be? "Never give up" If you were surprised with a trip to a secret destination and you could only pack 3 items - what would they be? My toothbrush, one outfit and a camera. Cast of the 1983 “The Outsider’s” What is your biggest pet peeve? Whining If you could relive one day of your life what day would you pick and why? There isn't any one day I'd change, I'd like to change any day one of my kids have ever been hurt! Kylee was t-boned by someone who ran a red light when she was 17. Kaitlynn was in a serious car accident last year, she spent a week in the hospital and has plates and screws in her arm. Haley's appendix ruptured the year before that and she spent 2 weeks in the hospital. Luckily Brian is still all in one piece!! A quick word of wisdom for Springville students... Ignore the petty fighting that goes on in high school. Always think about whether what’s happening right now will matter to you in 5 years... if the answer is no, then let it go! Thanks Short-stuff

IN THE YEAR 1988... 98% of US Households had at least 1 television set CD’s outsold Vinyl Records for the first time Washington defeated Denver in the Super Bowl The Lakers defeated the Pistons in the NBA championship Notre Dame finished as the NCAA football champions Kansas beat Oklahoma for the NCAA basketball championship Tom Cruise in those famous glasses, from the 1983 movie, “Risky Business”

CAN YOU NAME THIS “O”? Oriole Pride feature’s a “guess who” of sorts. Can you name this week’s featured Oriole pictured to the left? This handsome guy is a teacher at Springville schools. Care to take a guess as to who he is? Look for the answer in next week’s issue. Would you like a hint? He & his wife share the same initials.

DID YOU KNOW? “March Madness” is a registered trademark held jointly by the NCAA and The Illinois High School Association. H.V. Porter, an Illinois high school basketball official, was the first to coin the term, & Brent Musburger, who worked in Chicago before going to CBS picked up the slogan & used it during NCAA tournament coverage in the early 80’s. The rest, as they say, is history. WEEKLY PICKS: This weeks basketball matchups feature 1st round action of the Women’s NCAA basketball tournament this weekend; Iowa vs Gonzaga Iowa State vs Marist Michigan State vs UNI Rutgers vs Louisiana Tech Here’s what you do, choose your winners AND choose the point total in the Iowa/Gonzaga game. Tie-breaker goes to the individual closest to the point total. Send your picks and name to with “Weekly Picks” as your subject, and catch next weeks issue to see who won bragging rights. Congratulations to Terry Smith of Springville for winning last weeks contest.

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3-16-11 Oriole Pride  

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