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Wednesday, November 6, 2013, Volume 4>>Issue 12>> An Independent newspaper serving Springville, Iowa

ORIOLE PRIDE “It’s Not Over When You’re Losing Terribly—It’s Over When You Quit” ~ Anonymous

An Independent Newspaper Serving the Athletes of the Springville Schools and Area Community

I BELIEVE THAT WE JUST WON... Anyone that has attended an event, girls or boys in Machovec knows that all familiar cheer—I believe that we just won. That chant travels too and it was heard at Midland last Friday when the Lady O’s took care of Bellevue Marquette to advance one step closer to the much sought after State Volleyball Tournament. Springville beat the Mohawks, 25-10, 14-25, 25-21 and 25-14. Set 2 was the only misstep on the evening that was all Oriole’s afterward. I asked Coach Howard what the difference was between that dominating first set and then the loss in the second, “In set 1 we executed offensively because our serve receive was solid. In set 2 our serve receive was poor which puts us in tough out of system setting situations. Those situations force our girls to play a little softer and push the ball rather than attack hard. We have emphasized ball control this season and when our ball control is good, our offense runs well. When it isn’t we struggle and allow teams to be more aggressive. Our success this season has been built on the relationship between solid passing and aggressive attacking”. Tracy KILLburg (pictured left) was the difference maker I thought on the night, finishing with a team high 16 kills and I asked Coach to speak to her leadership on the court. “I am always impressed with Tracy. What is great about Tracy is that she is always in Beast Mode on the court, but humble and unassuming off the court. Tracy has no idea how good she really is when it comes to volleyball and never celebrates her own success. She has really come on in the last month and has fought through some pain in her hand to do all she has done. She simply does whatever she has to so that her team succeeds. She does it for them. And as well as Tracy is playing, I think an unsung hero of the regional matches so far has been Leanna Mysak. Her serving stats and kill efficiency have been amazing. She is playing the best volleyball of her career right now and it has helped our team tremendously”. On the night, in addition to Kilburg’s kills, she was 15 of 16 from the service line while Mysak added 11 kills and 4 aces. Megan Wagaman had 11 kills and 5 blocks at the net while Kerrigan Riley added 9 kills as well as a perfect serving night with a 15 of 15 performance. Sarah Matus too was 14 of 14 from the line and Sid Hopkins had another great performance with 42 assists, 3 kills and a block. New London awaits the Lady O’s. They will face off on Tuesday at Iowa City West with a trip to the State Tournament on the line. How does Coach Howard plan to prepare for the Lady Tigers? “I have some film of New London thanks to Coach Sanderson’s efforts and also a scouting report from Coach Eastman. From what I see on film, New London will serve efficiently and will serve to win points. We are making a few adjustments to prepare for that. We will also make some minor adjustments defensively to attempt to cover the court against their deeper attack areas. New London has been there before, recently, so they know how to win. We will continue our game prep as we have. I have put it on the girls to stay focused during this time of the season and give their all every game. So far they have done just that”. Well Oriole fans—I believe, do you?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013, Oriole Pride 2

ORIOLE FOOTBALL HAS EVERYONE’S ATTENTION Is there an attorney in the house? We need some representation. The Springville sidelines are turning into a media circus but trust me, no one is complaining. Pre-game, Post-game, even during the game, cameras are everywhere and notes taken. The O’s are on everyone’s radar. TV crews, newspaper writers, even the average sports junkie—and as a community, it sure is nice isn’t it? After a first round, 63-14 win against Tripoli, Easton Valley returned for another appearance at Allison Field on Monday in the second round of Iowa High School playoff action. While they certainly had a great game plan, and a newly acquired 6’6”, 260+ lb center, they still had no answer for Elias Nissen and those who make room for him. Springville received to start the game and after a Nissen return to the Preston 38, Cody Blake took a 2nd and 6 carry all the way for the first TD of the evening. With only 41 seconds eaten off the clock, the O’s were up, 7-0. Easton had to punt away their first possession and Nissen called for the fair catch. On 2nd down, Nissen took a hand off and had a rare fumble that the River Hawks recovered to give them prime position on the O’s 30 yard line. They’d take advantage of it and throw for a touch down, but Jesse Robertson blocked their point after kick to keep the O’s lead at 7-6. Springville would score again on another Nissen carry after a great block by Blake and take a 14-6 lead. Easton went to the air again however on their next series of plays and scored another TD to get back in the game. A successful 2 point conversion made it 14-14 with 5:54 in the 1st, and their impressive crowd officially entered the ball game. Easton made it apparent on their kicks that they were trying to avoid Elias, but the O’s have plenty of talent to go around. Kolton Markley returned the ensuing kick off to the O’s 37 to set up another good look at mid-field. At 3rd and 3, Blake picked up an Oriole 1st down but after that there was an incomplete pass, a carry for no gain and then a bad snap to have the O’s facing 4th and 9. Sam Scriver went to the air, trying for Nissen but the ball hung on him a bit and Easton picked it off. Enter the Oriole defense. Easton’s 1st down was a Trevor Hulett intro, complete with the thud of pads and a tackle for a loss. 2nd was a pass play well covered by Peter Brooks and on 3rd and 12, Easton passed a completion for 5 but was facing 4th and 7. They’d go for it of course, but Tyler Stewart got his hands on the carrier and did not let go and it was the Oriole’s ball on their own 15. Nissen ran it all the way to the River Hawk 18 and 2 plays later he carried it into the end zone for another score. With another kick by Allsup the O’s had a 21-14 lead and just 17 seconds remained in the 1st quarter. Easton would punt again in the start of the 2nd quarter and it was a good one, pinning the O’s on their own 10. 1st down was a Cody Blake carry for no gain and then on 2nd, Nissen was back to take the snap and it went to his feet. Dangerously close to the end zone and an Easton safety, all he did was scramble out of it and find his way to the Easton side line. He kept on going, running 77 yards to the Easton end zone for a touch down. Allsup’s kick made it 28-14 with 9:08 in the half. Easton pounded their way to the Oriole 34 yard line before turning it over on downs, and Springville returned the favor after Blake was tripped up just short of the 1st down and Easton had it on the Oriole 39. Facing 4th and 1 with 1:08 in the half, Easton called a time out to think about their play call, but the O’s “D” held and Springville took over on their own 2 yard line with a quick score in mind. A would be Scriver to Nissen touch down pass was called back on a holding call. So the O’s did what they do best. Hand off to Nissen, block for Nissen and then clap for Nissen—he ran it 78 yards for another Oriole touch down. With just 28 seconds in the half, Allsup’s PAT made it 35-14. What happened next shocked the fans on the Easton sideline and pumped up those on the Springville side line. Allsup pooch kicked one, and Tyler McDowell fell on it to give the O’s possession on the Easton 15! Nissen carried twice and to Easton’s credit their defense held. Coach Martin called a time-out with 4 seconds in the half and sent Allsup out for a field goal. The crowd witnessed a rare miss on his 32 yard attempt, but regardless, I do believe that was the beginning of the end for the River Hawks. At the half time break the O’s had a 35-14 lead and Nissen already had 287 yards of offense. The marching band played their James Bond music while the crowd revved up for a second half that was much more of the same. Allsup opened the 3rd quarter with a touchback and Easton’s first play call was a hand off quickly snuffed by a Stewie tackle. At 3rd and 10, Jesse Robertson got a tackle for a loss thanks to the chase put on by Blake and Hulett. Easton punted out of bounds to give the O’s the ball at the 20. The O’s had a couple razzle-dazzle plays including a Scriver flip to Blake that got them back to their line of scrimmage after a false start call. Springville had to punt , I know what you are thinking, punt? We don’t punt. But the Oriole defense forced an Easton punt in return and the O’s started with the ball on their own 15. The first play from scrimmage was a hand off to Nissen and he ran it the length of the field for an Oriole touch down, and the PAT made it 42-14. With 1:48 in the 3rd, Easton broke free for a touch down but failed on their extra point. Springville wasted little time in returning the favor and scored on a Scriver pass to Markley who stiff armed his way into the end zone. The O’s went for 2 and were unsuccessful but had a 48-20 lead with 7 seconds left in the 3rd quarter. The 4th quarter opened up with a small Easton drive. At 4th and 8 the River Hawks lined up for a punt but then called 2 consecutive time outs and ran a flea-flicker that duped the O’s and got them to within 48-28 after a 2 point conversion. It was pretty much all O’s after this as the guys cruised through the 4th quarter, giving up only one more Easton score. Springville would score on a Scriver to Robertson pass and then two more Nissen runs to make the final score a 68-36 ball game. The win moves the O’s to 11-0 and sets up a re-match with the also unbeaten, Don Bosco Dons.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013, Oriole Pride 3

Football continued...

I asked Coach Martin what Easton did differently this time around to compete so well and he said they “moved the Driscoll kid to the front line on defense and had him shoot the gap really quick and low. It took us some time to realize that and made some adjustments when he was on different sides of the ball. Also, they had a center who was not able to play against us the first time (ankle injury) which caused us some trouble when they ran the ball. I thought we did a great job of making adjustments and execute things”. Statistically, it was another stellar performance by each player in an Oriole uniform. Scriver threw for 2 TD’s, a 32 yarder to Markley and an 11 yarder to Robertson, while Blake ran for 68 yards and a TD of his own. Robertson led the O’s with 13 tackles and 3 big time sacks. Right behind was Stewart with 12 tackles and then 11 each for Nissen and McDowell, who also had a fumble recovery. Nissen had another mind blowing night with numbers that are ridiculously wonderful; 22 carries for 449 yards and 7 touch downs. 1 catch for 23 yards and 4 kick returns for 91 yards—a total of 563 all purpose yards. When asked about the dominance that the boys have shown each week, and how it is they continue to improve and impress, Coach Martin said “ I think

that goes to their character, these seniors have set goals for themselves not only individually but as a team. They continue to want to get better in practice and games which shows in the results each game night. It is truly a pleasure to have watched these guys grow up from freshmen and have the success the past two seasons. Also, it is FUN to come to practices and games with this group because of what they bring to the table. It makes it easier to do things and make adjustments because they are willing to listen and learn”. Friday takes them North to Gilbertville, a field they ended their season on last year. West Central’s Coach Munger has provided tape and notes to Coach Martin to prep for this week’s match up. A win keys on the O’s ability to “stop Jake Hogan” as Coach Martin put it. “He is very mobile at the QB position and can throw when needed. When we have the ball we have to stay physical up front and establish the run in order to do well”. With our line, our defense, our savvy and YOU, the Oriole Faithful, I think Friday is shaping up to be a home game. Prepare yourselves Oriole fans, good times are about to get even better.

FACE IN THE CROWD… This week we caught up with a 2008 Oriole gridiron great, Joe Grimley. He was at Friday’s Easton game bright and early; What was your first car? An ‘88 GMC Jimmy What is your dream car? A ‘70 Chevelle SS, Blue What is the first movie you remember seeing in a theater? Aladdin If a movie were made about you, who would play you? Brad Pitt What is your final score prediction for tonight? Springville wins, 63-8 Thanks Joe, You just never know—at the next Springville event You could be more than a Face In The Crowd!

WEEKLY PICKS CONTEST… It’s play-off time, make your picks! Glidden-Ralston at Exira

Wayne at Adair

Newell-Fonda at Marcus-Meriden

Springville at Don Bosco

Pick your winners and for the tie-breaker, predict the point total in the Oriole/Dons play-off game Friday. Email your picks to and catch next week’s edition to see who wins. Last week’s contest was a tie between Nic Thorp and Joel Rochleau, both were 3 of 4 and even on the tie-breaker.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013, Oriole Pride 4

FISH WILL SWIM IN THE BIG POOL—QUALIFIES FOR STATE COMPETITION Samantha “FISH” Fitzgerald is moving on in state competition. The Senior swimmer qualified in all four events last week-end at the Regional Finals in Cedar Falls and will compete in Marshalltown on Saturday. Fish will swim in the 200 Medley Relay, the 200 Freestyle Relay, the 100 Butterfly and the 100 Breaststroke. Samantha, the daughter of Patti and Dave Fitzgerald is the first one on the left in the photo to the right, courtesy of Patti Fitzgerald. Good luck Fish!

CRAZY MASCOT OF THE WEEK… There are some pretty wild nicknames out there and this week we look at a school in Los Olivos, California. Dunn School: A private boarding school in Southern California competes as the “Earwigs”. With school colors of red and black, the Earwigs compete in all traditional sports as well as Lacrosse and Tennis. Just what is an Earwig you ask? A bug! For a school that charges $44,000 a year in tuition, one would think they could come up with something a little more sophisticated.

YOUTH SPORTS TO HOST BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT SATURDAY Over 30 girls teams will be playing basketball on Saturday in Machovec Gymnasium. Action starts at 8 and continues all day. Concessions are planned and plenty of ball will be played. Stop in and catch a game.

THE FAMOUS AMONG US… OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT Each Springville athletic event has me taking a second glance at someone. From time to time, they just remind me of a certain celebrity, athlete or “face” I’ve seen before. Last Monday after the Easton Valley win I thought to myself that surely I’ve seen someone like Georgeanne Cassidy-Wescott and Benjam Tulensalo. Well of course I have – They are the spitting image of TV Mom and Son, Beverly and Adam Goldberg on ABC’s “The Goldbergs”. I think it’s a perfect likeness!

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