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Wednesday, October 6, 2010, Volume 1>>Issue 8>> An Independent newspaper serving Springville, Iowa


An Independent Newspaper Serving the Athletes of the Springville Schools and Area Community

Don’t look now but the Springville volleyball team is sitting at 18-8 overall and 7-0 in conference play. The Lady O’s took care of business last week as North Linn came to town for a Tuesday night, Cancer Awareness match up. Springville beat the Lynx in three, 25-17, 25-20 & 25-21, and were led by Senior Katie Wyman with 9 kills, Senior Hannah Loehr with 5 blocks and Junior Jamie Donaldson with 9 digs. As a team, the Orioles had 17 kills, 15 blocks and 9 ace serves. Thursday night the Lady O’s ventured up Highway 13 for a quick round against the Central City Wildcats, & most of us made it home in time to catch the end of Grey’s Anatomy. The ladies won in three, 25-23, 25-19 & 25-10, and were led by Loehr with 7 kills, Junior Alysha Pre-game at Monticello, courtesy of Kim Markley Dirks with 3 blocks and Donaldson with 11 digs. Senior Gentry Stewart and Junior Brittany Oxley also added 2 ace serves on the evening to maintain their hold on 1st place in the Tri-Rivers Conference with a 6-0 record. Last weeks action was a good warm up for key match ups this week, including last night’s game against the Monticello Panthers. Sitting right behind the Orioles at 5-1, Monticello had their game face on as they looked to get an early start on their Homecoming celebration. Game 1 was a Monticello win, 22-25 but games 2 and 3 belonged to the Lady O’s (25-16 & 25-18). The 4th game went to Monticello, 22-25, which took the two teams to a decisive game 5. Springville started slow, getting down 3-5 before rallying back to win it 15-7 and maintaining their place atop the Tri-Rivers Conference. The evening had more hits than Elvis and if you were at home and thought you felt the earth move, it could very well have, as the Springville student section jumped in place until that final, winning point was scored. Eastman’s bunch is a hard hitting group that hustles beyond the lines of play and last night’s match was just flat out good volleyball. After the game, Coach Eastman offered these comments; “The credit for this win goes to the kids. The girls made adjustments in game two and five to what Monticello was doing. They fought through the errors and came back with big plays to regain the momentum. I thought Katie Wyman had some big kills in game five (finished with 20 on the night). We won this one through unselfish team play. This success is directly related to how much work our kids have done in the off-season. These kids have made the commitment to play club volleyball and do summer open gym workouts. This is pay off time for all that time they have invested in being good. I once had a coach tell me that hard work doesn't guarantee success, but without it, you haven't got a chance. These kids have proven once again that hard work can lead to success.” The Lady O’s head up to Starmont this Thursday and remember, you can catch them for what will be their last, regular season home game on Tuesday, Oct 12 against E. Buchanan. Like I said, more hits than Elvis, come see for yourself. (Left, Loehr and Matus with a nice block against N Linn; Right, Game Over! Orioles move to 7-0 at Monticello)

JUNIOR VARSITY VOLLEYBALL SWEEPS NORTH LINN AND CENTRAL CITY Last week proved to be productive for the Springville JV team as they came away with wins both nights of play. On Tuesday, they defeated North Linn, 21-16 & 21-14. Megan Hall led the team with 4 kills while Desi Ohden had 4 aces & 2 digs. In Thursday’s match against Central City, the girls won 21-13 & 21-17. Hall led the team again with 3 kills & 4 aces, while Ohden had 3 blocks & Kayla Haverkamp had 4 digs. On Tuesday, the JV returned to conference play at Monticello & won in 3, 16-21, 21-18 & 15-12. Megan Hall had a break out night with a solid performance all the way around. She led the team in kills with a personal season high of 8. Sidney Hopkins, Holly Mikita, Baylee Chapman & Ohden also had kills. Tersinar had 3 ace serves & Ohden had 2, while Haverkamp led with 6 digs. (Left, Tersinar & Hopkins go up for a block at Monticello, Right, team celebrates at home vs N Linn)

Wednesday, October 6, Oriole Pride 2

FROSH/SOPH VOLLEYBALL The Freshman/Sophomore volleyball teams could be called trend setters. After all, they take the court first, they set the tone for the evening, and because the JV and Varsity teams had big success last week, perhaps it’s all due to the 9th and 10th graders who got things going for them. Tuesday, as they played host to the Lynx of North Linn, the girls would win 17-15 and 15-13. Sidney Hopkins, Tracy Kilburg, Emmie Rommann, Karlie Nulle and Angie Hoogland all earned a kill and Kilburg added 2 service aces while Heather Smyth had 3 digs for the younger Orioles. Thursday night they did it again. Squaring off against Central City, they won 15-6 and 15-7 and were led by Angie Hoogland who had 2 kills and a block, and Leanna Mysak who had 1 kill, 2 blocks and 3 service aces. On Saturday, the girls played in a sophomore tournament at Cascade and found the competition a bit tough. They’d fail to win a match that morning as they went 0-4, losing to Dubuque Senior, Dubuque Hempstead, Monticello and the host, Cascade. Freshman Josie Tersinar led in kills with 9 for the day and as a team the girls had 24. Sophomore Sam Smith led in service aces with 4 while Ohden had 4 blocks and Haverkamp had 16 digs. Coach Howard offered that while the girls didn’t win, they played hard. “We didn’t execute well on offense but they never gave up and got better as the day went on.” The girls had a couple of days to regroup before another week of conference play. On Tuesday night, they were off to Monticello where the freshmen won in 3, 22-20, 18-21 and 15-12. Tersinar and Mysak led in kills with 5 and 4 respectively, and Tersinar threw in 4 aces, while Eddna Byers and Tracy Kilburg each had 5 digs. In the sophomore match, the O’s would lose in 3 very close sets; 15-13, 12-15 and 15-17. Ohden led with 3 kills while Tersinar had 2 service aces and Haverkamp had 11 digs. Hopefully these girls can get things started with a win on Thursday when they travel North to take on the Starmont Stars. MIDDLE SCHOOL VOLLEYBALL Last week our middle schoolers had a full plate. On Tuesday's games against North Linn, the girls had a loss, but Maddie Reeves and Sydney Williams pulled off some much needed overhand ace serves. Madison Wittenburg netted 2 kills - one via overpass and one from a single block. Rachel Gloeckner and Hallie Corum both got touches on blocks and in the words of Coach Tiel Howard, “although we didn't score on either of them, the excitement on their faces showed that our team is fulfilling our team and personal goals”. The girls got kudos from the coaches for much improved serve receiving and court smarts in both matches. Coach continued with, “We are nearing the end of our season now and as it does each year, it feels like just when we start to get into a groove, the season comes to an end. This bunch of girls is so fun and energetic. Just ask the bus drivers - they will tell you that these girls smile and sing in the bus from the minute they get into the bus until the minute they get home”! In Thursday's match against Central City, the girls got a win with a very strong performance in the 5pm match. “We were working on all cylinders - offense, defense, and serving was spectacular. They really kept their composure and I am proud of their sportsmanship”, offered Coach Howard. Last night against Monticello, “we had a very slow start and struggled with serves and serve/receive. We warmed up as the night progressed and finished strong. To Monticello's credit, they were tall and strong and likely to have a great future ahead of them”. You have one more opportunity to catch the girls in action at home—this Thursday against Starmont—4:00 is game time. (Photos courtesy of Angie Gloeckner)

MIDDLE SCHOOL FOOTBALL Springville beat East Central last Thursday, 36 - 16. Cody Blake was like a man unleashed. He ran for three touchdowns, returned a kickoff for a touchdown and threw for another in the win at Springville. Their record? A very respectable 4 - 0. The Oriole defense fronted a shutout through three and a half quarters. Trevor Hulett, Andrew Lorimer and Andy Hagensick were hanging out in the East Central backfield all game, making tackles for a loss. Tyler McDowell ran the ball well, including a screen pass that he followed with a 30+ yard scamper for a score. Rogers Wallace intercepted a pass and punched in a touchdown off a fullback dive. The middle school team finishes the season off with games at Midland Tuesday and Central City on Thursday. Photo courtesy of Alexis Hulett


Above, PJ Gorman and on the right Nick Hagensick—both looking for yardage

Springville traveled to West High School last Sunday to face a Trojan team that liked to throw the ball. The defense held but couldn’t capitalize on 4 Iowa City fumbles. The only Oriole score came on a Seth Blake sack for a safety. Blake, Braden Oxley and Austin Kirchmann were in the backfield all afternoon on defense and wreaked havoc on the Trojan QB. Springville corner Blake Jordan had 2 key tackles to put a stop to an Iowa City Drive and safety Cavanaugh Riley made a nice tackle for a loss AND he stripped the ball away for what could have been a turnover, but the Trojans recovered. All in all the defense looked great, it was the Oriole offense that struggled. While they were able to move the ball, they just couldn’t find the red zone and even late in the game on a crucial 4th and inches, they couldn’t pick up the first and the clock ran out. You can catch the guys in Springville for their last home stance this Sunday as they host another Iowa City West team, kick off is at 1.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010 Oriole Pride 3

COACH’S CORNER We see them in various places. Class rooms, gymnasiums, side lines… Woody’s One-Stop. But how well do we really know our coaches? Let’s find out; Please meet, Science teacher and Varsity football coach, Jared Baumann; Where were you born? Mason City, Iowa What high school did you graduate from? North Central (Manly) Which college(s) did you attend and the degree you earned? North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC) and University of Northern Iowa (UNI) BA - Education Major, Coaching Minor, General Science Endorsement. Did you play sports in college, and if so which ones? No - However, I did enjoy playing intramural sports and competed on the UNI Rugby Club. Where was your first teaching job? Forest City Middle School (8th science) What sports do you coach at Springville? High School Football, High School Wrestling (previously), Track & Field Throws Coach (previously). What makes Springville such a great school to be involved with? The students... we have the best in the state! Name the last book you read; Lord of the Flies - William Golding (with my awesome SSR class) What is your favorite day of the week and why? Any day of the week that ends with a "y" and involves football in any way. What is your favorite TV show? Castle and American Pickers What station is your car radio tuned to? AM 1600 What is your favorite sport to follow and the team you support? I'm an SHS Oriole and Iowa Hawkeye fan and like following all athletics. Who was your idol growing up? My uncle Tom... Great man... God rest his soul! Spouse and children: Wife, Amanda and sons Jackson (3) and Easton (4 months) Thank you Coach Baumann for spending time in the Coach’s Corner

SENIOR “O” Each week Oriole Pride feature’s a senior athlete. We will learn a little beyond their jersey number and the position they play. This week we profile Patrick Ray; Where were you born? Spencer, Iowa How many siblings, & are you the oldest/youngest? 3 brothers and 1 sister, I'm the youngest Parents names: Kathie and Larry Grekoff and Jack and Becky Ray Sports you participate in: Football, Basketball and Baseball Favorite Sport: Basketball Favorite movie: Hoosiers Favorite food: Steak Xbox 360 or Play Station? Xbox! If you could meet one famous person, who would you choose? Donald Miller (author of books like "Blue Like Jazz" and "Searching For God Knows What". What do you like to do in your free time? Climb Mount Everest What is the scariest thing that ever happened to you? Living a mediocre life. What is your most memorable athletic moment so far? Hanging out with my teammates everyday is my favorite part about sports. What are your plans after high school? I'm thinking about going to Iowa to major in Communications and I'd like to spend my life planting churches/communities. What do you do to get pumped up for a game? Sit quietly in the locker room, then I shake all of my teammates hands. If you auditioned for American Idol, what song would you sing? “Yesterday” By The Beatles.

Thank you Patrick

Make your picks: This weeks football match-ups include the following for Friday, October 8: Central City at Kee Midland at Dunkerton Preston at W. Central Springville at E. Central Here’s what you do, choose your winners AND choose the point total in the Springville game. Tie-breaker will be the closest guess on the point total. Send your picks & name to with “weekly picks” as the subject, & catch next weeks issue to see who won bragging rights. Congratulations to Larry Riley of Springville for being 4 of 4 with last weeks match-ups (like many entries) and closest to the point total of the Iowa game.

FACE IN THE CROWD (courtesy of Kim Markley) This weeks face in the crowd is Springville student, John Heubner, who was spotted at the Central City volleyball match. Who are you here to watch? Oriole Volleyball Team What time did you wake up this morning? 6:30 for Marching Band. How many TV’s are in your home? 4. List 3 things in your refrigerator door… Relish, Ketchup and Mustard, all the things you need for a burger. Finish the following sentences: I love the smell of... An Oriole Victory People would say that I am... Funny The funniest TV show ever is/was... That 70’s Show. Thanks for playing John. You just never know—at the next athletic event, you could be more than a FACE IN THE CROWD

Wednesday, October 6, 2010 Oriole Pride 4

ORIOLE LEGENDS Oriole Pride features Springville alumni who still have ties to the community. This week we feature Kim Donaldson: Class of 1981 Sports played in high school: Softball and Basketball Favorite Sport: Softball Position: Catcher Team successes : went to state my senior year, finished 8th - and this was before there was classification, so we beat out Cedar Rapids schools to get there - the next year or 2 is when they classed the schools. What is your most cherished athletic memory from high school? Final game before state, at Clear Creek, it was a 45 minute game, we won 1-0. What is one of the craziest things you did in high school? John Studt and I used to fight over who’s tractor would pull the float. We’d flip for it and it worked out where we ended up switching each year. Nickname: Didn’t have one College attended: Hawkeye Tech Degree earned: AAS in Animal Science with an emphasis on dairy and swine. Most influential high school teacher, the subject they taught and what makes them so memorable: Vickie Weber, speech. It was amazing what she was able to do with some of my classmates. She taught without prejudice. And Bill Nelson. He took us to the state softball tournament, I commend him for sticking with us. He was young and we were a handful. How many students were in your senior class? 47 Who was Springville's biggest rival when you were in school? Center Point If they were to make a movie about you, who would play you? Meg Ryan If you could have one superpower what would it be? ESP If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional. With whom would it be and why? I would love to be a sheep herder in New Zealand. If you were packing for a trip and could only take 3 possessions (excluding pets and people) what would you pack? Cash, Sleeping bag and Dr. Pepper. What did you want to be when you were 12 years old? I wanted to be doing exactly what I am doing. Please name your spouse and children: Husband Tom, Son Jared, 17 and daughter Jamie, 16. A quick word of wisdom for current Springville students & athletes: Do it all, Play Large!

IN 1981...The first test tube baby was born, Marcus Allen of USC won the Heisman Trophy. Dallas was the most popular TV show and the “Record of the Year”, yes, I said record, was Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes. Researchers found the remnants of The Titanic, Lady Diana married Prince Charles and Sandra Day O’Connor was named the first female justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.

DID YOU KNOW? Springville will host the second round of regional volleyball, Wednesday, Oct 20. The Orioles will play Central City at 7pm. The winner advances to the Quarterfinals held at Midland High School on Tuesday, Oct 26. ORIOLE JV/VARSITY FOOTBALL RETURNS TO ACTION This Friday, Oct 8 enjoy another fall evening on the gridiron. Springville heads East & JV kicks off at 5 for a half of JV ball with Varsity slated to start afterward. The 2-3 Orioles will square off against a 2-4 East Central team who happens to have two players in the top 5 of rushing & receiving leaders for District 4. Great weather for a road trip & even better weather for a night game. CAN’T GET ENOUGH FOOTBALL? Keep in mind the flag football league has games each Saturday morning. The Youth Sports teams start play at 9am inside the track behind the elementary. Bring your coffee and a lawn chair and enjoy the games. Also, remember that this Sunday will be your last chance to watch our 5th/6th grade team at home. These kids play 11 man tackle and play an Iowa City West team on Allison field at 1pm sharp. (Right, Luke Menster in flag football action last Saturday) WORLD SERIES WARM UP Can’t get enough of post-season baseball? Catch some local little leaguers on Tuesday night at Emmons park. Tee ball games get underway at 5:30. Pack up the popcorn and peanuts and head on out with a blanket and enjoy the little ones.


(Left, Loehr and Matus with a nice block against N Linn; Right, Game Over! Orioles move to 7-0 at Monticello) Wednesday, October 6, 2010, Vo...

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