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An Independent Newspaper Serving the Athletes of the Springville Schools and Area Community

The 2010, Springville volleyball season came to an abrupt end Tuesday night, when the Mohawks of Bellevue Marquette shocked the Orioles in 5 games, and earned the right to move on and face Preston on Friday night. Springville won the first two games, 25-20 and 25-19, and they looked poised to end it quickly. Then the unthinkable, the ladies came out flat and the Mohawks had plenty of fight left in them, and fight they did. Games 3 and 4 weren't even close. Momentum certainly can switch at a moments notice, and it was all Bellevue from that point on as the Orioles dropped game 3, 12-25 and game 4, 13-25. A decisive game 5 was tight, but Bellevue persevered and defeated the O's by a score of 15-12. Bellevue will prove to be a tough opponent in years to come, as their starters were all sophomores. Springville says good bye to six seniors with back to back championships on their resume. Although it ended far too soon, the ladies battled and fought hard. Great season girls. Between the coaches, the wins, the cheers, the music and the atmosphere— you made this one heck of a fall and it was a privilege to watch you.

ORIOLE FOOTBALL LEAVES IT ON THE FIELD The 2010, Oriole football season ended with a road trip last Friday. The team ventured up to Dunkerton for a matchup with a 3-5 Raider team looking to clinch a spot in the playoffs. Springville opened up by kicking off to Dunkerton who returned it to the Oriole 38. The defense held though and took over on their own 21. Coach Baumann again started the game with a hurry up offense and the Orioles quickly moved the ball. Joel Lam would take a carry down to the Dunkerton 30 yard line and it looked as if the O’s were threatening, the Raider defense however, made some adjustments and made two tackles for losses so as to force an Oriole punt. Dunkerton started on their own 15 yard line and 2 plays later were on the Oriole 7. With 3:50 in the quarter they punched it in for six. Springville blocked the extra point kick and limited the Dunkerton lead to 6-0. Lam ran the kick off to the 32. One play later, junior wide-out Caleb Anderson was hit by senior quarterback Patrick Ray for an apparent touchdown that was called back on a questionable offensive interference call. So, on the next down, as opposed to another pass play, Ray simply scampered his way in to the end zone on his own—a 62 yard scamper that gave the O’s new life and 6 points. Anderson nailed the PAT and w/ 3:22 in the quarter, Springville was on top, 7-6 and would remain so at the end of the quarter as both teams exchanged possessions without scoring. The 2nd quarter opened up with the Raiders on our 21 yard line, but a defensive stop by sophomore Drake Coonrod and an illegal procedure call on Dunkerton, turned the ball back over to the Orioles who started on their own 15. With the exception of a 5 yard gain by Ray, the O’s would fail to move the ball and have to punt it away. Dunkerton threw a nice pass play to the outside and just like that, they had 6 more on the board and took back the lead 12-7. Springville would again deny the extra point— this time a 2 point conversion and kept the lead at 12-7. Springville would end up punting away its next possession and Dunkerton would start a drive that was halted by a P-Ray interception in the end zone. With 47 seconds in the half, the O’s were really running a hurry up offense. Sophomore Jake Hulett passed to Lam for a 4 yard gain, the Hulett ran a keeper and picked up 6. At 3rd and 5, Coach Baumann called a nifty little play—Hulett to Ray to Nissen for a 14 yard gain. At 1st and 10 on the Dunkerton 29, Hulett hit Ray for another nice completion but the Orioles ran out of time and the half ended with Springville trailing 12-7. The second half had an odd start as Springville received the kick and fumbled the return to give Dunkerton the ball on our 32. Dunkerton then fumbled the ball and Lam recovered it to take back possession. Springville put together a drive and broke midfield, at 4th and 2 on the Dunkerton 36, they’d go for it and Lam was stopped short of the 1st down. Possessions were exchanged on both ends and on the next Dunkerton offensive series the Springville defense looked pretty powerful. The Raiders liked to throw the ball and on 2nd and 3rd downs, Jake Hulett broke up two consecutive pass plays which led to a 4th and 11. Anderson came up with a pick that was again nullified by a questionable interference call by the officials. That gave the Raiders 1st and 10 on our 15 and they’d run it in for another touchdown, and with a 2 point conversion Dunkerton had a 20-7 lead. Dunkerton would kick off and freshman Elias Nissen was the return man, he ran it all the way back for an Oriole touchdown! Anderson’s PAT would bounce off the upright however, and Springville settled for a 20-13 score. The first play from scrimmage for Dunkerton was a pass, a completion and a touchdown. With another successful 2 point conversion their lead grew to 28-13. Left, Jake Hulett makes a one hand tackle while being blocked by a Raider defender. Right, Elias Nissen brings in a nice reception in the middle of coverage. (photos by Kim Markley)

Wednesday, October 27, Oriole Pride 2

Varsity Football cont’d... At the end of the 3rd quarter, Springville was driving. A double reverse ended up with an Anderson gain to the Dunkerton 36. Ray followed with another option play where he kept it and ran it to the 11. With a few seconds left in the quarter and on the brink of another score, the Raiders picked off an Oriole pass to take possession on their own 7. With time expired, Springville was called for a block in the back and the officials allowed Dunkerton to run one play from scrimmage with no time on the clock. As odd as it seemed at the time, (there were plenty of odd calls Friday night) it turned out alright for the O’s as a Raider fumble gave Springville the ball back on the Dunkerton 4 yard line. Joel Lam, with terrific blocking from Dakota Richards and Jake Hulett, found the end zone for a touchdown. Nissen would get the 2 point conversion and just like that we had a 28-21 ball game with 10:18 left! The Raiders continued to drive though, and on their next possession put together a string of passes and counter plays to set up a 9 yard touchdown run and a 2 point conversion to put them up 34-21. Jake Hulett would return the kick to the Springville 33 and 4 plays later the O’s were punting. The defense would hold and take over on downs at the Springville 21 yard line with 3:37 to go. On the first Anderson & Studt after play of that drive, Springville threw an interception to give Dunkerton the ball on Friday nights loss (photo by the 40 yard line. A reverse set up a 1st down and at 2nd and 4 on the Oriole 12, Kim Markley) Dunkerton scored another touchdown. They’d fail on the extra point and with 2:14 in the game, time was working against the Orioles. Lam ran the kick off out to the 22. Nissen picked up a quick 1st down and at 3rd and 10, Ray hit Hulett for a 7 yard gain. Coach Baumann called a time out to discuss the 4th and 3 play. Springville’s season ended with a completed pass to Anderson on the sideline who tossed the ball in hopes of keeping the play alive, but it was recovered by the Raiders and they’d run out the clock to seal the win. Springville was led in rushing by senior Patrick Ray who had 9 carries for 70 yards, freshman Elias Nissen had 2 catches for 38 yards and senior Joel Lam accounted for 20 tackles in the game. Sophomores Jake Hulett and Drake Coonrod had 10 and 9 tackles respectively. As a team, Springville had 155 yards of offense on the ground and 74 in the air. Coach Baumann spoke of how proud he was “to coach all these guys. I know its frustrating that things didn’t go as we hoped. But we’ll come back harder and faster. The seniors helped pave the way to future Hulett consoles Lamm after playoff berths. We had the best leadership ever this year”. Springville ends the season with an overall record of 2-7 and a group of young men we are all very proud of. Friday nights loss (photo by Kim Markley)

JV CLOSES OUT WITH A TOUGH ONE The Springville junior varsity football team had a long night after a short drive north last Friday. Dunkerton is an 8 man team, they just seem to have more than one team. Their sideline was full of fresh legs to bring in and the JV O’s struggled to keep up. They wrapped up their 2010 campaign with a 50-6 loss against a much larger Raider team. Springville’s only score came late in the first quarter when Cody Holmes ran a kick off out to the 37. Kolton Markley hit Jesse Robertson for a 1st down pass completion on the Dunkerton 28. Brian Allsup found Robertson on the next pass play and it was for an Oriole touchdown. The extra point attempt by Allsup was blocked by the Raiders and at that point it was an 8-6 ball game. That would be the Cart & Markley sub in & out in only time the O’s found the end zone the entire evening. They battled Dunkerton Friday (photo by Kim hard and were able to put together some 1st downs, but couldn’t turn Markley) them into points. Coach Martin couldn’t say enough about his team after the game. “We started the season with 14 and finished with a Allsup breaking tackles last Friday taped up 10 tonight”. “I spoke with the boys about taking advantage of the new weight room, do well (photo by Kim Markley) in the classroom and look forward to the future”

DID YOU KNOW? The manufacturing enterprises class at Springville High School is currently working on a project that involves designing and creating table top, single book stands for classrooms, office, home, or other places of need. The stands are made out of a wood type called MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). It’s a sturdy, long-lasting wood that ensures it will last for years. We are researching customer interest. A price and prototype is under development. The stands will be available to anyone who would like one. If you have any questions or comments please contact us at or inquire to the Industrial Tech teachers, Mr. Secl and Mr. Collins.

MAKE YOUR PICKS: This weeks football matchups include the following for Saturday, October 30: Michigan State vs Iowa Murray State vs Eastern Kentucky Harvard vs Dartmouth Grand Valley State vs Michigan Tech Here’s what you do, choose your winners AND choose the point total in the Iowa game. Tie-breaker will be the closest guess on the point total. Send your picks and name to with “weekly picks” as your subject, and catch next weeks issue to see who won bragging rights! Congratulations to Larry Riley of Springville for winning last weeks contest.

Wednesday, October 27, Oriole Pride 3

SPRINGVILLE CROSS COUNTRY UPDATE Springville cross country wrapped up its season last Thursday at North Fayette High School. Arden Betzer finished a strong third at the girls 2A regional meet in West Union. Arden and the #1 and #2 ranked 2A runners in the state ran together, until Jodi Miller surged ahead in the last 600 meters. Arden's time of 15:21 was her personal best and was only 6 seconds behind Miller. In the boys 2A regional, Raymond Colony finished 42nd in a time of 18:40. Michael Wittenburg did not run due to a foot injury. Great job Orioles!

SENIOR “O” Each week Oriole Pride feature’s a senior athlete. We will learn a little more than their jersey number and the position they play. This week we profile Mackenzie Nulle; Where were you born? St. Luke’s, Cedar Rapids, IA How many brothers/sisters - and are you the oldest/youngest? I have three younger sisters Parents names; Todd and Kara Sports you participate in; Volleyball, Cheer and Golf Favorite sport; Volleyball Favorite movie; Grease Favorite food; Tacos If you could meet one famous person, who would you choose? I thought about this question a lot but haven’t come up with anything because the people I love and truly care about and honor are already a part of my life. What is the scariest thing that ever happened to you? When I dislocated my shoulder because it not only hurt but made the worst noise ever. What is your most memorable athletic moment so far? Most memorable athletic moment so far would be when Hannah and I were playing road tip bingo and saw the impossible log carrier! What are your plans after high school? I plan on going to college to major as an art teacher/ pottery or in massage therapy haven’t decided which one yet. If I were to play a sport it would be golf. What do you do to get pumped up for a game? Listening and dancing to high tempo songs. If you auditioned for American Idol, what song would you sing? Gone Away by Safetysuit. Finish this sentence, 10 years from now I will—hopefully have finished college, & have landed a reliable job, & maybe be married ha ha.

ORIOLE LEGENDS Oriole Pride features Springville alumni who still have ties to the community. This week we feature Scott Mysak: Class of; 1983 Sports played in high school; Football and Track Favorite sport in high school; Football What is your most cherished athletic memory from high school? Having Harold Allison for a coach. Nickname? Scooter Most influential teacher in high school and the subject they taught? Mr. Willig, Art What made that teacher so memorable? He was a fun teacher, I loved art, Willig seemed more like a student than a teacher. How many students in your senior class? 52 Who was Springville's big rival when you were in high school? North Linn If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Be invisible What did you want to be when you were 12 years old? NASCAR Driver What color tux did you wear for prom? Light blue of course What was your first car? 1972 Chevy El Camino Please list the names of your spouse & children, & ages of your children... My wife, Barb and children are Dakota, 20. Brandon, 16 and Leanna 14. A quick word of wisdom for current Springville student/athletes... Hard work always pays off. Thank You Scott

COACH’S CORNER We see them in various places. Class rooms, gymnasiums, side lines… Woody’s One-Stop. But how well do we know our coaches? Lets find out; Please meet Springville Assistant Volleyball Coach, Claude Howard. Where were you born? Grand Rapids, MI What high school did you graduate from? City High School Which college did you attend - and the degree you earned? Cornell College, BA in Sociology What sports did you participate in, in College? Track and Men’s club volleyball What is your place of employment? Marion Police Dept. What makes Springville such a great school to be involved with? The Springville community has provided a great place for my family to live and grow. We were fortunate to have been asked to join the volleyball program. We have made great relationships in the community and with our players and our daughter has some great role models to look up to. This is a close place where everyone cares about their schools, families and community. Name the last book you read; Contemporary Criminal Procedure and Charlotte's Web with my daughter. Do you have a favorite quote? “Those Who Stay Will Be Champions"- Bo Schembechler What is your favorite day of the week and why? Having the job I have, any day I come home and my family and I are safe is a favorite day. What is your favorite TV show? The Office What station is your car radio tuned to? 1600 AM ESPN Radio What is your favorite sport to follow and the team you support? College Football, University of Michigan Who was your idol growing up? Bo Schembechler- former head coach, Michigan Wolverines Football What is your wife’s name and your daughter’s name and age? My wife is Tiel Howard and my daughter, Nia is 5 yrs old Thank you Claude

Wednesday, October 27, Oriole Pride 4


Trevor Hulett, playing wounded

Twenty four boys went out for middles school football this fall, 16 of them were 8th graders. JV is looking really good for the 2011 season. The Middle School Orioles finished with a 5-1 record with Central City (who went undefeated) being their lone loss on the year. Cody Bell came back from an early season injury to post strong performances in the final two games, scoring touchdowns in each game. Tyler McDowell proved to be a versatile player after having to take over the quarterback spot for the last two games. Cody Blake continued his offensive prowess scoring touchdowns on runs, kick returns and a pass in the final two games. Trevor Hulett, Andrew Lorimer and Andy Hagensick showed off their defensive skills making plays all over the field. Trevor Hulett proved his toughness by playing five of six games, despite breaking his thumb prior to the first game of the season. Coaches Koeppen, O’Donnell and Menster mentioned, all of the boys worked hard and showed improvement over the course of the Cody “All The Right Moves” Blake year and had fun doing so. Congratulations on a 5-1 finish!

FACE IN THE CROWD This weeks face in the crowd is Springville Mom, Pam Nissen, who I cornered at the Dunkerton football game. What is your sign? Capricorn What is your favorite flower? Black Eyed Susan What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Sweet Potatoes What type of music do you listen to? Eclectic, Folky Other than my name, I go by; Pammy Sue-Sue Bunny Pal Thanks for playing Pammy Sue-Sue Bunny Pal… You just never know—at the next athletic event, you could be more than a FACE IN THE CROWD!



ORIOLE FOOTBALL LEAVES IT ON THE FIELD Left, Jake Hulett makes a one hand tackle while being blocked by a Raider defender. Right, Elias Niss...

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