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Plum Cake Ingredients •

4 eggs

200g of sugar

200g of flour

One packet of yeast

200g of butter

A dash of Vanilla

150g of Cocoa

A dash of Milk

Icing sugar

Directions 1. Put 4 eggs in a bowl. Add 200g of sugar and beat it. We need to mix 200g of flour with one envelope of yeast. 2. Put 200g of butter and a dash of vanilla to the egg mixture with sugar and then continue beating it. 3. Put 150g of Coca on a plate, with a dash of milk and after that, mix it. 4. Place two or three tablespoons of cocoa to the dough and mix it. 5. Prepare a mould with the paper and oil on both sides. Put a layer of dough, then a layer of chocolate and then the rest of the dough. 6. Start the oven at 180 ºC and leave the cake for 1 hour or 45 minutes. 7. Remove it from the oven, remove the cake of the mould too, and put a little icing sugar over the cake.

Orange and chocolate cake Ingredients •

225g of flour

125ml of milk

3 yogurts

125g of sugar

125g of flour

120g of coca

340g of yeast

Orange yam

4 eggs



Directions 1. Mix the flour the yeast and the cocoa. Then, mix the butter and the sugar. After, mix the yogurt and the milk. 2. Blend the egg, the flour and the vanilla. Mix it all. 3. Put in the oven at 160 ºC with 50 minutes.

Coulant of chocolate Ingredients •

6 eggs

400 ml of milk

500g of flour

600ml of whipping cream

130g of sugar

250g of butter

30g of flour

Directions 1. Put in a bowl 6 eggs and the sugar and mix all. 2. Put the chocolate in a pot doing the bain-marie. 3. In the same bowl, put the flour and the chocolate. 4. Add the flour, milk and the whipping cream. 5. Put in the oven at 250ºC during 2 hours.

Françoise Biscuits Ingredients •

800g flour

400g butter

400g sugar

1 or 2 eggs

100g of coconut

Directions 1. Take the flour in a bowl, put the sugar and the butter. Mix it with your hands. Put the eggs in the bowl. Mix the paste with the coconut. 2. Take a rolling hand and roll it. Take a cup to do a circle. 3. Put in the oven with 10 or 15 minutes at 210ºC.

Sponge Cake Ingredients •

1 yogurt

225g of self-rising flour

225g of sugar

50 cl of oil

3 eggs

A packet of baking powder

Confectionery chocolate


Some M&M.

Directions 1. Mix the flour, the sugar, the egg, the packet of baking powder, and the oil. 2. Put the mass in a mould with 180ÂşC during 20 minutes. 3. Put the chocolate in the glass and then put the chocolate over the cake. 4. Put the M&M in the cake.