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Welcome! Do you believe in magic? I do! I'm not talking about so-called 'magic tricks'. Those are just clever illusions. And I'm not talking about the world of fantasy stories, though I have my theory about that too!

“What really is a ‘magic spell’ other than a synergy of ritual and affirmation something each and every one of us can practise in our terribly busy lives.”

Really, since the Industrial Revolution, and the development of a largely secular society in the West, many of the experiences we once referred to as 'magic' have been explained by science. But does the dominance of this paradigm really do away with 'magic' altogether. Well I don't think so. To me, magic occurs when the mysterious, inexplicable laws of the universe operate - synchronicity is a good example; the grace of serendipity another. We set our intention in a particular direction, and the universe seems to lovingly step in to help us along the way. The psychic tradition connects us with a magical realm, and allows us to access knowledge and wisdom in a unique way. It’s there in our psyche, and we can identify with the intuitive knowledge which seeps through to us from an inexhaustible well of wisdom. We may dream of how wonderful it would be to wave a magic wand and manifest what we would like to happen in our lives. But then, what really is a 'magic spell' other than a synergy of ritual and affirmation - something each and every one of us can take a few moments to practise in our terribly busy, every-day lives. Experiences which can't be explained by classical science needn't be just the stuff of fantasy stories. Synchronicity and serendipity are well researched and documented. Quantum physics these days is exploring everything from conscious intention, to channeling and life after death. I just prefer to think of it as 'magic'!



Tarot of the Month - The Magician By Manisha Godbole, Origin Psychic “I HAVE THE POWER!” To me the Magician speaks of our ability and capacity to manifest our dreams, desires and passions in life. I get excited because he reminds me that we all have an ‘inner magician’ within us; we can transform our situation and be powerful

To help you contact your inner Magician, try this short meditation: Sit or stand with your eyes closed, whatever is comfortable and take three slow breaths in and out to centre yourself, bringing your awareness to your breath. Feel your feet connecting firmly with the ground. Once you are relaxed, take one breath in, feeling yourself filling up with confidence and on the out breath say: “I” in such a way that you feel the strength of the words in your bones. On the second breath in, feel that confidence increasing and perhaps you can see or feel a light coming into your body. On the second breath out, emphatically say “I can” with the emphasis on “I”. On the third breath in, feel or visualise your confidence wanting to spill outwards. On the out breath say “I CAN” with the emphasis on “CAN”. Repeat this as many times or in different ways as you need. When youʼve finished open your eyes and notice how you feel. This month see if you can allow yourself to breathe in the miraculous and believe in your own capabilities. The Magic is potential which lives within and all around you! Notice what happens when you seize it and channel it with confidence!

creators. He indicates that anything is possible especially when we have confidence in ourselves and in what life can bring. Whilst it may not be what you necessarily expect or even want, you can rest assured that you will learn more about your potential. I feel he encourages us to ‘think outside of the box’ and to realise that we have many avenues and opportunities open to us. He represents the “I” in all of us and our ability to handle whatever comes our way. When he turns up in a reading, he symbolises a situation in which a client needs to believe in themselves and their ability to influence an outcome. Similarly this month, I feel he is encouraging us to imagine ourselves as lightning rods; that we are powerful initiators and effectors in our own right. He reminds us not to underestimate our talents and abilities. The Magician energy can materialise as a dynamic, magnetic person or an unexpected opportunity; one that challenges us to trust ourselves and be confident. This month he could herald a beginning or an experience in which a new sense of self can emerge; one which re-affirms that magical possibilities are abundant within the universe and within ourselves. 3

The Magician is a message that we can be agents of action in our own lives. We have enormous capacity to determine our lives and make things happen both in a positive and negative way. If you don’t like the way a relationship is heading or feeling unfulfilled in a job, he is the part of us that will say “I can change this or manifest something different for myself”; “I am capable, what can I do about it?” He represents the pro-active stance we take in life; the “what can I do” as opposed to the “what I can’t do”. With an “I CAN” attitude we may be surprised at what and who we can conjure up in our lives. When I imagine a Magician I see someone who makes the most of what is around and within them, seemingly managing to create something out of nothing. There is no limitation in their mind. They are aware of what they

Manisha Godbole Manishaʼs readings are founded on her psychic gifts of Tarot, Channeling, Clairsentience & Empathy. She aims to leave you feeling clearer, empowered, & more in touch with yourself & your situation.

want to do, gather what they need to accomplish it and channel it purposefully. The Magician is a sign that if we can trust ourselves and strive to be as clear and motivated in our own lives, we can shape our reality and bring about a positive change.

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Be Your own Psychic U si ng A n O r a cle Trees, angels, dolphins, unicorns, animals, goddesses, and fairies - this is just a taste of the ‘oracles’ available even in the most generic of online bookstores these days! According to Wikipedia: ‘In Classical Antiquity, an oracle was a person or agency considered to be a source of wise counsel or prophetic predictions of the future, and inspired by the gods. It is a form of divination. The word oracle comes from the Latin verb ōrāre "to speak" and properly refers to the priest or priestess uttering the prediction.’

Oracle cards and their accompanying books can be a rich source of insight, and a wonderful method for connecting with your inner wisdom, even on a daily basis. Here are a few hints if you’re feeling drawn to using an oracle...

*Visit a store and look at some of the different oracles

available ‘in the flesh’. Your oracle needs to suit your particular needs at that particular time - trust your instincts and intuition in this process.

*Take some time to connect with the imagery of the

cards you choose. Gaze at the detail in the cards without necessarily reading all the ‘meanings’ given by the author. This will help you to make your own intuitive connection with the cards.

*After taking some time to relax your body and

mind, shuffle the cards, and when you’re ready, place them face down, cut the deck once, and turn over the top card. Gaze at this card to see what it communicates to you, before reading what the author says about this card.

Are you a Singleton, or a SmugMarried? B y N at alie Ark i n s , Se n ior P sy c hi c Thanks to the Bridget Jones phenomenon, we have the terms Singletons and Smug-Marrieds. It seems whichever one we are, there are problems and benefits. When you are married or in a relationship, you can worry about relationship breakdowns, infidelity, arguments any issue is doubled when two people are involved and their energies are interacting. It can be as small as how you squeeze the toothpaste out to interior decorations, cleanliness and attitudes to drinking and going out. When you are a Singleton, these issues are not as important, and you have to come to terms with yourself and how happy you are with yourself. If you are not happy with yourself, issues will come up and express themselves as feelings of loneliness, depression, anxiety.

There are ways to transform these feelings, as these feelings and thoughts are the doorways that allow transformation to happen. Transforming negative aspects into positive aspects are the basic practices of Tantra and Alchemy, whereby these energies can be transmuted into their higher vibrations. These practices will lead you to be happier with your state of singleness.

Positive aspect:

Spending time and energy on yourself: When single, you get to be in full control of how your time is spent. Of course, if you are single with children, there may not be as much free time or “you” time. But to a certain extent you are in control as to how your time is shared, who you decide to spend time with, and what you are going to do. Doing activities that you enjoy such as taking walks, reading books, meeting up with friends, learning something new.

Negative aspect:

Loneliness or boredom. This can be true whether you have children or not. You are still lonely for the adult company you miss. It can be emotional and physical intimacy that you are missing. If you have kids, it can be the lack of adult conversation, as your life is orientated around the children’s lives. You may be bored with the routine of daily life.


Daily life is a routine, and can be boring for everybody. Loneliness can be present even when in a

relationship. Transforming this feeling will help to make your daily routine more enjoyable. Human beings tend to only see value in interacting with other humans. But there is so much life here to communicate with and explore, and much of it is a mystery and not understood.

Start conversing with the beings around you - the plants, animals and landscape. This is not just a one-way conversation so take the time to listen too. Expand your scope of “who” and “what” you interact with. If you are interested in communicating with spirits, take a mediumship course, or learn how to channel. If these things don’t work, try to become more active, so that your body is energized, and your mind forgets to focus on the feeling of loneliness or boredom. If you are really bored, assess the path that you are on - maybe it is a signal that you need a career change or house/ country move.

Positive Aspect:

Being single can allow you to explore the type of relationship that you do want. Do you want a committed relationship or just a close friendship? Are you more interested in the ‘friends with benefits’ or prefer your own company? Dating, and meeting 6

different people as friends, allows you to understand at a deeper level what it is that you do want in a relationship and what you don’t want. This is like the distillation process - you are getting rid of toxins and distilling the pure. You are free to choose who you want to be with, and if someone is not working out you do not have to engage further with them.

Negative Aspect:

We may judge ourselves negatively for not having a relationship at the moment, seeing success as a relationship, failure as being single. We may not like the people we are currently meeting, or may not be dating at all. In the negative aspect, the two most common emotions are judgement and fear of failure. These are self-abusive energies that we hook into, and they need to be transformed into understanding and feeling successful.


Our first relationship is with ourselves, and maybe we need time to distill our essence and discover who that is, under all the layers and dross. The success comes from understanding ourselves better, and feeling successful in that personal relationship with ourselves. Labelling yourself a failure also occurs when we compare ourselves with others. Comparison is a toxic thought pattern, and you usually do not place yourself in the higher position! Acceptance of your current state of being is a powerful tool of transformation. There is nothing to resist, nothing to compare, just be accepting that this is where you are. Maybe you need this time without a partner to learn not to judge and punish yourself. It can be much harder to do internal emotional work while in a relationship, than when you are single. Keep exploring your options, don’t stop trying and definitely keep hopeful. Try the dating sites, speed dating, joining groups and activities. Take breaks in these activities when you feel tired and depressed, but always go back to exploring your options. Reviewing how you were a year ago, two years ago, even 5 years ago can show you how far you have come. Each emotion that you experience, and there are many that will be individual to you and your circumstance, can be transformed into their higher energies. Once your relationship with yourself is flowing and positive, you will attract the right relationship, and it may be in a form different than you had imagined.


Could you do a Fire-Walk? Some years ago I took part in a fire-walk - an amazing opportunity where I had the experience of walking on hot coals. The firewalk is present in many cultures in various forms from Vikings walking on red hot anchor chains, to lava walking in Hawaii. It was often used as a rite of passage, or a ‘coming of age’ ritual. In present times it is frequently used by people wishing to break through barriers in their lives. The fire burns for several hours, until a large bed of glowing red coals is left. This is raked flat and we are invited to walk when we are ready. There is no-one there to tell us when it’s right to walk - because only each individual can know that moment. Fears ran through my mind - what if I burn myself, then if I can’t go to work because of it and it’s all my fault and I lose my job and then I can’t pay the bills... There was a nervous silence as we all went through these fear processes, and then, one by one, people started to line up in front of the fire, realizing that this was their opportunity to face their fears head on. Standing in front of the fire, burning with such a fierce heat that the hairs on your arms get singed - we each made our own connection with its energy. For many it was a very emotional experience. It might be the first time in their lives they have made a decision without considering the opinions of others, or perhaps they have been giving away their power to someone else who makes all the Would you like to decisions for them. Now there was just them and the fire, no-one experience a fire-walk? else. We focused on the fire, on its energy, and on what we wanted to achieve in our lives - imagining that our goal lay on Contact Lynne Leslie by the other side of the fire, and we decided whether we would email on choose to walk towards it. I felt strongly connected to the fire, soaking up its healing energy. Suddenly my feet started moving almost of their own accord - I’d decided to walk! I felt the intense heat under my feet and strangely enough I was surprised - it shocked me out of my “zone”! I re-focused and kept walking, making it to the other side feeling strangely calm. Then I went back and did it again to re-inforce the experience, almost to prove to myself it wasn’t just a one-off. The second time I felt absolutely elated, and sheʼll be able to direct you to someone in your area...

empowered and amazed at what I had just done. The firewalk can be life-changing. My experience was that it changed how I perceived everything - nothing was impossible - I’d learned to focus my attention and energy on what I wanted to achieve, and to believe in my ability to achieve it. It also brought attention to whatever was preventing this from happening, but the difference was that the barriers were now there to be recognized and broken down.

to become clear about what we want to achieve, strongly focus our energy, intention and belief and take that first step forwards, then stay focussed on the outcome, while putting energy strongly in that direction - not allowing anything or anyone to divert us from that purpose.

It’s part of human nature that I had this amazing experience and then over time I drifted back into old patterns. However, I’ve found that at any point I can recall the experience of the fire-walk and make a conscious decision to change what I’m doing and how I’m doing it - to take a risk or to do something even though it might be be scary or difficult, and I know that I can achieve it.

Whether we apply this to small changes in our lives like being able to lift heavier weights in the gym, or in making big life decisions, the process is the same. Our negative inner talk will often kick in when we start to make positive changes in our lives - this is normal - but we can override it and not let it stop us from achieving our goals. This process puts us in the driving seat of life, rather than letting life drive us along.

The fire-walk is an amazing way of learning this technique - but the same principles can be applied in daily life without having to walk on hot coals. We have

By Lynne Leslie - Origin Psychic

Animal Spirit Message... ʻI'm known for my wisdom, but really, my secret is simply that I know where to look for it. You can't find wisdom simply in knowledge. You must learn the language of your own deepest heart, and then be prepared to REALLY listen. This voices speaks softly, and it doesn't always use words - it hints at things, and speaks in poetry and images - in a song that can only be heard by your imagination. Be still, be patient, and give your inner owl some attention.ʼ


Did you know? N atali e Ark i ns Uncertainty and a fear of the unknown turn people against creativity and this bias is negatively affecting science. The study was published in Psychological Science in November 29, 2011, by Jennifer S. Mueller and colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania. In general, people and institutions claim to support creativity, give funding for creativity, and want their children to be creative. This is a psychological study- a word association game was used in the first experimental group. What the study showed was that if uncertainty or an unknown factor was added, people were more likely to associate creativity based words with negative things than the group that did not have the uncertainty factor. In the second experiment, they outlined a creative and innovative technology (nanotechnology that adjusted material thickness in runners that would cool the foot or reduce blisters) that had already been judged creative by a group of college students, to see if the participants also saw the creativity in the technology. The uncertainty factor also blocked these people from seeing or judging if something was creative.


Many creative people have been ridiculed, laughed at and scorned by their peers and the public. This is actually a common phenomenon in all fields, not just science. People laughed at the Renaissance painters of the time, since the paintings were not perfect depictions of a scene. Acknowledgement only comes much later, as more people understand the concepts being put forward, and accept them. The interesting conclusion that the authors made was that this bias against creativity blocks or hinders new ideas in science. The authors felt that what needed to be done was to help institutions recognize this bias and learn to accept creative and new ideas. This bias is widespread, not just in institutions but in the general public. We scoff at new and unknown theories or ideas. We may be stifling our own creativity by having this bias against creativity, which is really a fear of the unknown. When we are uncertain, there is safety in the known. But exploring the unknown can bring so much wealth of knowledge, learning and hidden treasures, that may never be discovered if we don’t explore. While I applaud the authors for trying to bring this to the attention of Universities, Pharmaceutical companies and Research Journals, we must all change our negative bias against creativity, to have a fundamental change in the bigger infrastructures of our society. Support creativity and new ideas within yourself first.

Your Monthly Horoscopes HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEO!

Daniel Radcliffe - Celebrity Leo

Well Leo, this is your month! And it will be an interesting month for you for sure. Transiting Mercury will be in retrograde until August 8th, and because of this, for the first week of the month you will experience what appear to be setbacks. Projects that you would like to get started will not move along with the ease you’d like. But after this, and for the next three weeks, many of the issues and projects you are working on will open right up. Financially, it is a good idea for you to keep extra spending to a minimum for now. As for your love life, actually this will be a VERY good month for you in the romance area, and full of pleasant surprises that you will very much enjoy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Aries You’ll be feeling an influx of energy this month Aries, and in all areas of your life! Most of all, these welcome changes will be in the area of your work and career. You will be able to see many areas of your life with a much clearer perspective than usual. Your decision-making skills will improve greatly. Financially, you will be in a better position that you had expected to be, and it’s a good time to invest in some small projects. In the area of love, you’ll be very happy when you realize that this part of your life is finally opening up in the manner you’d like.

Taurus This month may be a little bit trying for you Taurus. Partly this is because many of the things you start will be met with some resistance. This is the time to take a step back and revaluate the situation. Once you do, your efforts and patience will be positively rewarded. This is not the month to charge into decisions, as if you are a “bull seeing red”. Financially, if you are calm and patient, you’ll be able to maintain a balance. For you single bulls, it is about time you found the “one”, and you may just meet this person in August!


Well Gemini, this month is a time for you to “slow down and smell the roses”, time to relax and take things a bit slower for a little while. Not all of your present issues will be

cleared up immediately. Usually you have the intuition and wisdom to make the best decisions for your “highest good”. But this month, that may be a bit of a challenge for you. Financially, it is time for you to start really getting this part of your life in order - it may not be as difficult as you expect, so give it a try. Now in the area of love and romance, this is a month for you to slow down and take your time. “One day at a time”, would be a good motto for you to follow just now.

Cancer August will be a month of newfound freedom in all areas of your life Cancer! Just be sure to take your time, and enjoy the ride. You finally have the ability to see what is necessary to do to get your projects completed. And you’ll be able to inject your knowledge into every area of your life in a positive manner. You finally have a new sense of self-confidence! Financially, it would be wise for you to start saving some money, and you will be able to do so by the end of August. In love and romance, just hang in there and allow the Universe to bring you what is rightfully yours!


Hello there Virgo, and welcome to August! Finally the summer is winding down, and so are you. You had quite a hectic couple of months - now this month is meant for you to slow down and relax a little. Maybe just take a little vacation, be a bit 11

frivolous for a change, and do something just for you. What a concept! You’ll be surprised at how much it helps. You’ll find it much easier to complete your many projects. Financially, it is important for you to gather everything together and organize your monies for the rest of 2012. Now about love - there could be a chance of a new romance entering your life this month, so remain open to it if you can.

Libra Well Libra, the beginning of August may be a bit slow for you, as you finish up some projects that you’ve chosen to ignore for awhile. This is the month for you to complete whatever things you have put on the back burner. The last two weeks of August will be the best time for you to do this. Transiting Mercury will be going direct midmonth to help you with this. Financially, towards the end of this month, you’ll begin to have more money available ,as well as some new opportunities. In the area of love, you are still waiting on that dream love of yours to manifest - hang in there and they will. Remember, “all good things come, to those who wait”!


Welcome to August Scorpio, and to some varied and unique challenges. During this month, you may be met with some major decisions in work, and your personal life also. Actually, it is most important to attend to the work issues first, which will help clear up your personal issues somewhat. This may be a bit difficult to do, but you’ll need to do it anyway. Financially, this will be a month of major re-arranging and rebuilding your monies, but with really positive results. In the area of love and romance, you may be invigorating an already present relationship for the better. “Hang in there”, and follow it through!


Sagittarius you need to welcome August with open arms, as this will be a month of many positive changes for you! And these changes could not have come soon enough for you. You may even have a promotion at work, or finally people will become aware of how really good

you are at what you do. Financially, by the end of the month you will see your money improving. In the area of love, that may go a bit slower than you would like - just take your time and relax in the love department for now.

Capricorn August could be a slow and relaxing month for you Capricorn. Well that it is about time, as you have had to deal with a lot of issues of late. You already know how to take things slow and easy, and one step at a time. Actually, this month is the perfect time to approach life, in this manner. Financially, this is a month for putting all of your money affairs in order, and start saving money again. In the area of love, you may be wondering why everything feels at a standstill. This will definitely change by the last week of August!

Aquarius You may have been feeling as if everything in your life is hitting you all at once. This means both positive and negative issues and situations to resolve. This will be a month of having to take a “long, hard look” at your life, and at what you really want in order to be happy. Take the attitude of putting your needs first, instead of everybody else. Actually, this may not be that easy to put into action, but give it a try anyway. You’ll be surprised with the results. Financially, this is a month to cut your spending a bit, and be more cautious money wise. In the area of love, it is wise to just pull back a little and let romance develop on its own.

Pisces Well Pisces, this month will be a month of ease and relaxation for you. Finally, you are realizing how important you are to yourself. I know this is a new, unusual concept for you, but it is one worth learning. This is a time to start putting your needs first, and demanding what is rightfully yours. Financially, you will be making some decisions that will affect you for the long term, so take your time this month. In regard to love and romance, you may just find and begin a new love relationship this month. Enjoy yourself!


I just can’t wait to be King! By Sandy Johnson, Senior Origin Psychic The sign of Leo rules the Sun in astrology, is a fire sign by element, and has quite a history in mythology. In Greek mythology, Leo was known The Lion Nemeios or the Nemean Lion. He was know to be a great lion, whose hide was impossible to penetrate with weapons, and he terrorized the village of Nemea in Argolis. King Eurystheus having had enough of this, called upon the great Hercules to destroy the beast, as part of his Twelve Labors, or penances. Hercules was said to have cornered the beast in a cave, took him by the neck and wrestled the lion to death. Upon doing this Hercules then skinned the hide of the beast, and made a lion-skin cape, which he always wore, as an indication of great strength and manhood. The wife of Zeus, Hera, then placed the lion amongst the stars as the constellation Leo. This is quite an incredible story as myths go, and it is no wonder the sign of Leo is considered such a sign of strength, even in present times.


Leo the lion rules the Sun, and it is both a positive and masculine sign. It is a fixed in nature and attitude, which means, once someone with their Sun sign in Leo starts something, you can be absolutely sure they will complete their task or project. The keyword for the Sun in Leo is “I Will”, as they will never give up or sway from their goal. Leos are usually very loyal friends, and of course, in affairs of the heart. It is said that they are the “Fire of the heart; the steady controlled fire of affection, the hearth fire. Hence Leo rules the the heart and the spine in the physical body. They are considered royalty in the Zodiac - they carry with them the traits that kings and queens are made of. When a Leo is evolved, they have the traits of courage, integrity, self-respect, and great dignity. They can be very direct, honest and very dependable in their dealings with others. Those Leos who are less developed can suffer from being egotistical, arrogant and bombastic. When they entirely go with their egos, they can be very difficult to deal with, and create much chaos in their lives and in the lives of others. The goal here for the person with the Sun in Leo is to find that balance between their positive and negative traits, so that they may achieve all that they desire in life, all that is for their “highest good”. Rest assured, Leos will do so with flair!

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