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Welcome, to the May Edition of Connections magazine! In my earliest days of living in the UK, I used to wonder (as an Australian) why so many people spoke so often about the weather. Now of cour se, after a number of years living here continuously, I understand from experience! The impact on the psyche of a beautiful sunny day with blue skies, after sometimes weeks of rain is an incredible experience. It’s as if the sunshine seeps right into your marrow, bringing with it a palpable sense of joy! Spring really does bring a burst of vitality to everything around us we can see the reality of the life force energizing every growing thing, and particularly so, the plant life. You can imagine that in my line of work, I would have accumulated quite a number of Tarot decks and sets of Oracle cards. Recently, I bought a Tree Oracle - ‘Using the

your inner journey as you enter the rich realms of your unconscious. I can help you to interpret your dreams and to gain a deeper understanding of the world around you.’ An entirely appropriate message for the readers of a psychic magazine, I’d have thought! In ancient Greece, the pomegranate was connected with death and rebirth, and was famously associated in the mythology with Persephone. She was lured into the underworld by Hades, who had tricked her into eating the seeds of the fruit. She spent each winter with him, but would return to our world each Spring, allowing the plants to grow again. The power of the ‘Inner Journey’ is something we have intimate knowledge of here at Origin Psychics. It’s really what we do with each and every reading, and with each piece of personal empowerment support that we offer. Being willing to explore that sometimes challenging world can really make the difference in how any of us deals with the changes which life always brings.

Wisdom of Trees’ Oracle, to be exact, by Jane Struthers. (Watkins Publishing, 2012) So for something different this month, I thought I’d use the Oracle, and see what message there might be to kick start our magazine for May. The message for us for May is from the Pomegranate, representing ‘The Inner Journey’. ‘I am the fruit of the underworld and I will guide you on - Page 2 -

So once again, I hope you enjoy our Connections magazine. Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions, feedback to offer, or especially if you’d like to make a contribution for publication. Have a great month!



The four faces of clairvoyance... D O YO U R E A L I Z E YO U C A N B E CLAIRVOYANT IN DIFFERENT WAYS? TRY THIS LITTLE EXERCISE TO DISCOVER YOUR INTUITIVE STYLE... Take a few minutes to let yourself relax - sit comfortably, roll your shoulders, and take some nice slow deep breaths. Without thinking about it too much, write a few lines about a person, pet, activity, place - anything at all, that you really love. Write whatever comes into your head! When you’ve finished, examine what you’ve written. Read the following four categories, to identify what comes through most strongly in what you have written... CLAIRVOYANCE Clairvoyance, literally ‘clear seeing’, relates specifically to the visual capacity. A strongly clairvoyant person will dream a lot, speak in a visual language - using lots of images and detailed descriptions of things. EG ‘My dog has the softest black fur and the biggest brown eyes...’ What being clairvoyant means for you... You probably have quite wild dreams, bizarre experiences, perhaps even UFO sightings or ghosts visiting you - any number of paranormal experiences! Clairvoyant experiences can be quite frightening if you’re not used to them. You have to be careful not to become a bit of a drama queen about them. This can turn a simple intuition into a full-scale epic of biblical propor tions! Your clairvoyance is very connected to your creativity - as you develop one, you will set the other free. Learn to enjoy your gift and not turn it into a curse. The key is to share with others you trust, and develop your ability to visualize through conscious visualization and meditation, so you begin to become familiar with the territory.

CLAIRSENTIENCE Clairsentience means clear sensing. This relates to the body and ‘gut feelings’, sensations, and knowingness about things, describing things as they are without using symbols or images. EG ‘I feel a strong connection with my dog. I know he understands me and I feel relaxed around him.’ What being clairsentient means for you... People who are clairsentient have strong gut feelings about others, and often will have a knowing about what is likely to happen in the future. The challenge for you is not to jump to conclusions, but to stay calm until you get a clear sense of what you are feeling. If you become anxious or angry, you are likely to race ahead with the first thought that comes to you, and end up feeling that you were wrong. Relaxation practise is very helpful and important for you! The more relaxed you are, the more accurate your ‘gut feelings’ will be. CLAIRAUDIENCE Clairaudience means clear hearing. This relates to messages, spoken or received. You don’t necessarily have to hear an actual voice; it may just be words that pop into your head, or specific sentences, words

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PSYCHIC INSPIRATION or references to sounds. EG ‘My dog barely ever barks, but he lets me know when he wants to be fed.’

MANGANO CALCITE - The ‘Reiki Stone’

What being clairaudient means for you... We see more dramatic images of clairaudience in the media than any other psychic art, for example, someone’s body being taken over by other beings and channeling through messages; people receiving uncanny messages from loved ones who have passed on. These are valuable experiences, but they can make you lose your authority if you are not clear about who is in charge of the communication process. You are a messenger in the Oneness - as you open yourself up to other people whose intention is loving, you can speak for them. You do not need to abandon your body or your will and become a puppet! At times, people appear to have abandoned their own will or body deliberately, in an attempt to appear authentic. When you are sincerely channeling or being a medium, it is a shared message coming from you and the person you are connecting with. Your mind, thoughts, and feelings are involved - you are not merely a vessel. It is a collaboration between you and the other person, and you are helping them to say what they need to say. If you see it in this way, you can try as best you can to convey the feeling and the message the other being is sharing with you, because you are giving them a great service.

Wellbeing ~ Empathy Forgiveness

EMPATHY The fourth form of clairvoyance is empathy - a knowingness about how another person is feeling. This means being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and describe how they feel. EG ‘My dog is so happy because he feels that love and attention is all he needs in life.’ What being an empath means for you... Often empaths have tremendous healing ability. Being an empath means breaking down the false walls that separate us from one another. When you are empathatic, you are able to step into someone else’s world and experience the energies that are going on there. However, because it is not your story, or your issue, you can empower the other person to take a position of strength. The key here is that you are not simply telling someone what is right and what to do. You are actually understanding things from their perspective and being the best friend , the loving ‘counsellor’ that they need. Of course, for you this can be draining. Often empaths go to great lengths to ‘close off ’ or create protection around themselves. But there’s no need for this. That is like a doctor not treating people because he is fearful he will get the same disease or injury! You are the strong one; you are the one who is grounded on your path. There may be times when people stir things up in you because there is something in you that needs resolution or healing. In that particular circumstance, it is positive, because you have a change to recognize that and get support to heal. If you don’t recognize when the pain or issue is within yourself, but you perceive it is because of the other person, then you will not give yourself the support and care you need. This is the danger. Look after yourself and look after others and you’ll handle this situation much more positively.

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You may well have heard this crystal referred to as ‘The Reiki Stone’, or seen it when you go to visit a healer. It is believed to have a gentle but powerful energy and is frequently used in energy healing, or to support the process of distance healing. Known to be a calming stone that eases and heals the heart chakra, some people like to wear it on a pendant near their heart. It is considered to heal the metaphysical inner child and is felt to enhance your perception of your immediate environment. You might like to have it in your bedroom too, especially if you’re having difficulty sleeping - let its calming properties permeate your environment whenever you’re feeling particularly stressed. The Mangano Calcite Cr ystal is believed to be the stone of forgiveness and thought to be useful at dispelling arguments. You can even use it to help you to see the other side of an issue or arguement.

Chakra: Heart Element: Air Colours: Pale Pink Zodiac Sign: Libra

heart therapy

Is he afraid of emotional intimacy? THERE’S SO MUCH MATERIAL AVAILABLE TODAY ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS AND HOW TO MAKE THEM WORK. YET MANY MEN STILL HAVE DIFFICULTY WITH EMOTIONAL INTIMACY. ORIGIN PSYCHIC MANISHA GODBOLE PROFILES THESE MEN... What is it that drives some men into such a state of panic that, when you use the words ‘commitment’, ‘love’ or ‘my needs’ they look as though they’ve seen a ghost and been hit by a bus at the same time? Whichever way you look at it, it’s not a good look! What really is emotional intimacy? First things first - emotional intimacy is NOT just about expressing your feelings with another person. And neither does it necessarily have anything to do with romantic love. You can talk about your feelings all day with another person and still not reach any point of emotional intimacy. What really defines the process of emotional intimacy is the sharing of feelings. Sharing requires an emotional dialogue, not an emotional monologue. How many times when you express your frustration, tiredness or stress in a relationship have you felt like you are on the stage of a one man show with a disinterested audience? Well it’s probably time for you to step off the stage! Intimiphobe Type One: THE ROMANTIC The Romantic can create the most amazing feelings in relationships! His words can make you melt, as he whispers to you how much he believes in the ideal of true love and how he knows that you and he have a special destiny. He is looking for his soul mate and he has never met anyone like you. You would be forgiven ‘It must be me!’ Of course, the next week he doesn’t call, his phone is switched off, and that lovely warm feeling has probably turned into something akin to a molten lava of anger inside you, or at the

least, frustration and disappointment! Was he lying? Did you just ‘read into it’? Intimiphobe Type Two: THE RATIONALIST The Rationalist can make Mr Spock look like Don Juan! Well that might be going a little too far, but what’s clear is that the capacity of the Rationalist to create emotional intimacy is undermined by their frequent need to reconstruct their feelings into some kind of logical framework. This intimiphobe has no problem whatsoever communicating his feelings. When you meet him, his intelligent and insightful perspectives eases you into a sense that he is a person who understands and listens too. He is attentive and his ideas are inspiring. After knowing each other for a little while, you have your first arguement. It’s only a minor disagreement - an opportunity to let off steam. But your irrational behaviour has short circuited his emotional neurons, and he’s likely to go into complete shut down! He seems distant and unapproachable now - you’re not walking on egg shells - you’re walking on hot coals! Intimiphobe Type Three: THE ABSOLUTIST When you meet the Absolutist, you meet a man you feel an immediate sense of trust in. He is down to earth and genuinely kind hearted. He might not be big on talking about his feelings, but you’ll feel that he communicates them in other ways. One day you tell him that you want to look at the prospect of moving in together. He tells you in no uncertain terms that he doesn’t want to! You of course feel rejected and dejected - no matter how much you try

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heart therapy to talk about it, he won’t move an inch. He just goes silent and it’s clear the conversation is over before it’s even begun. Why is he being so stubborn? What does he really feel? You can’t figure it out because it seemed to be going so well - now you hardly talk.

you haven’t flexed your emotional muscles, a little, you’re not even in the game yet! ✴ Give emotional intimacy some time to develop.

While we can all experience an instant sense of knowingness and connection with another person, real emotional intimacy can only be developed with time and patience. We may see that a seed of a relationships has great potential, but we cannot expect that tree to bear fruit without even planting it and nurturing it first.

Intimiphobe Type Four: THE LEADER This man has passion and plenty of it! When you meet him, the sparks are flying everywhere and you are the queen of the court. He is dynamic and shows real leadership in the relationship. He is not afraid to lead and take the initiative in the relationship. You begin to feel secure, that everything will be OK with him. One day he turns up in an absolutely terrible mood. The c o nve r s a t i o n i s unpleasant, bordering on being antagonistic. You ask what’s wrong. Sparks fly again, but these sparks aren’t leaving to a romantic evening instead he becomes nasty! You leave in tears, wondering what on earth you did wrong.

✴ No matter what

kind of personality your lover has, be clear about who you are. It may feel secure to fall into an image of what you believe a man wants you to be in order to sustain a relationship. But i n e v i t a b l y, t h i s approach will lead to discord and inner str uggle. There is no real happiness to be had in a relationship where you are nothing more than a pale reflection of what you think someone else’s ideal might be.

A checklist for creating emotional intimacy...

✴ Being open as you get to know each other is always

✴ Try not to fall inadvertently into role plays that may

ultimately positive - just ask yourself first whether your relationship really does have the foundation to ‘go there’, or whether you’re trying to push things along before they’re ready to go there.

feel secure and cosy for a while. Recognize that real emotional intimacy can only be developed over time and with a strong sense of determination. In a way, if

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soul healing

Why don’t we get enough sleep? by Senior Origin Psychic, Natalie Arkins If you Google ‘benefits of sleep’ you will get thousands of articles on how much we need sleep, how it helps reduce stress, we will feel b e t t e r, w e f e e l m o r e balanced, in better health and so on. There is enough information already provided that we need sleep. Yet, within the western society code of behaviour, sleeping too much is often perceived to be a bad thing. This is a societal paradigm, inherent in the way we organize our days: so many hours of work and then so many hours proscribed for sleep. Fall out of this pattern, and you are abnormal, odd something is not right. If you do not think or say these things to yourself, others will remind you. So, in spite of the overwhelming knowledge and truth that sleep is so important to us, we deny ourselves the sleep that our individual, unique body needs. We judge ourselves for having a weakness for needing more sleep than what we perceive is the societal norm. Why can’t we get enough sleep? Is the quality of the sleep disrupted? Is the amount of sleep not enough to cope with a 9-5 lifestyle? Of course, when you are going through a period of insomnia or sleep deprivation for whatever reason, it’s easy to feel envious of others who seem well rested. There isn’t one reason behind this phenomenon of sleep deprivation. I see in my work and research that that there is a global level to this problem. It is not localized, and affects a certain proportion of the population. If you are getting enough sleep, wonderful! Keep doing what you are doing - you have found your balance point. If you are not getting enough sleep, then you need to change something, to find the balance where you are getting enough sleep. - Page 7 -

There is not just one path to finding this balance. This is a solo journey of finding your balance, connecting in with your body and energy, and figuring out what it needs to feel rested. So you may take naps. You may have to exercise more to feel more tired, or you may have to exercise less, since your body may be unable to fully relax. The key to knowing that the changes you make are working is by progress: you see the benefits of the change and they continue. You will also know quite quickly, usually in a few days, whether the change you are making is working or not. Only try one change in your lifestyle at a time. Don’t try to makeover your whole life in a day!

How to balance your body/ energy system: Make only one change at a time to your daily routine. ✴

Try sleeping more and taking naps. ✴

Don’t judge yourself for needing the extra rest. ✴

Allow certain things in your life to go undone - the laundry can wait another day. ✴

If you can, don’t tell people that you are sleeping more, or very tired. Most people respond with their fears, and this can bring you down. ✴

You may want to try herbs or aromatherapy too. Lavender is ✴

soul healing

noted to be helpful with inducing sleep.

NATALIE ARKINS ‘In my first reading with Natalie she really empowered me in a moment of feeling at a low point in my selfesteem. She told me a mantra to say to myself, to empower me through my confusion. I really used this mantra and I have a great deal of gratitude to Natalie who helped me through this particular episode in my life. I would recommend Natalie as an insightful and compassionate reader.’

Give yourself permission to enjoy sleeping - give yourself the enjoyment of sleeping, dreaming, and doing nothing. ✴

On the spiritual side of this problem, our unconscious energy expresses itself to us in the sleep cycle. We know a lot already about the physical benefits to the body from sleep, and emotional. But the spiritual benefits are often overlooked. Our unconscious is stronger and more powerful than our conscious energy. This aspect of us needs its own process, expression, and release too. When we get enough sleep, and don’t feel tired, we are more spiritually uplifted, happier, and see life more positively. Once we stop judging our self harshly for needing lots of sleep, that will vibrate into the global collective consciousness too.

Tarot of the Month - JUSTICE The long drawn out cold snap of early spring is behind us in the northern parts of the world autumn is beginning to colour the landscape in the south. This is a time to let things unfold, and to trust that there is a rhythm to every aspect of life. In your relationships, keep your heart open; let go of expectation if you can, and see how this brings fresh and unexpected joy to your life. You may have to be a little patient for your plans to come to fruition, but it will certainly be worth the wait. Be confident that things have a way of working out, and you’ll really allow the energy of balance and justice to flow in your life. Try this imagery exercise to connect with the energy of Justice... Breathe slowly and quietly, and feel all the stress and tension flowing from your body, and down through your feet and into the earth. As you relax, picture yourself standing and looking out at a beautiful still

lake. The water is like glass, almost like a mirror. Drink in the peacefulness of this beautiful lake....breathe in and out three times. Gently bend down and pick up a small, smooth pebble. Breathe in deeply, and as you breathe out, see yourself throwing the pebble out into the middle of the pond. Watch as the ripples gently make their way to the edge of the lake. Let yourself feel confident that you can focus your mind and connect with your internal sense of creativity as effortlessly as this. Focus your mind, choose where you will throw the pebble, and let the ripples flow outwards, touching the whole lake. Spend as long as you wish to with this exercise. When you feel ready to do so, slowly bring your attention back to your room, take a deep breath and exhale, dig your heels into the ground, and open your eyes.

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YOUR MAY HOROSCOPES Daniel Day Lewis - Celebrity Taurus

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAURUS! WOW Taurus - the planets are really lining up to celebrate your birthday month! You’ll have the Sun, the New Moon on May 9th, and Venus all coming together in a kind of planetary polka, resulting in waves of love and positive vibes from others. The New Moon in particular will freshen things up for you, and give you the burst of energy you need to bring things to manifestation in the way you’ve been seeking for a while now. Later in the month, you might find yourself feeling a little vulnerable in your love life, and feeling in need of nurturing and support. Be careful not to mistake a need for security for love on a lonely night! Financially, midmonth you’ll see a bit of relief in your cash flow. All in all Taurus, it’s looking like a great month for you, so take a risk, and really celebrate your birthday month in style! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Aries Rams may find themselves feeling the urge to seek adventure after adventure this month, but some of you may well find that you need to relax about bringing these about. The challenge will be to let others control the flow of activity for now. If you’re too vocal this month, you could end up bearing the brunt of problems that simply aren’t yours! ARIES IN LOVE: Your relationships may be changing Aries, but the cause of the change seems to be coming from others, and not you. This doesn’t mean you’re powerless - just that you’re having to flow with the changes and not steer them. May will be a good time to listen to others’ feelings without jumping to conclusions.

Gemini You might just be starting the month being an armchair philosopher Gemini. That’s OK as far as it goes, but by the second week of the month, you are likely to feel as though everything is speeding up! People around you will be having a strong effect on your emotions, and you might find it a little difficult to know what your real feelings are. Keep some space for yourself if you can. Financially, May is a time to still keep a little restraint with your spending. GEMINI IN LOVE: You may need to take care that you don’t become the bait in an emotional tug of war this month Gemini. Even though it’s tempting to cut off, try to avoid this. You’ll find you can run, but you can’t hide this month Gemini! By the end of the month, Venus will move into your sign, and bring some soft, gentle vibes to soothe your jangled nerves.

Cancer You might find it’s a little challenging to get your bearings early in the month Cancer. That disorienting feeling won’t last though, and you’ll find you’re feeling more and more grounded as the month goes on. Financially, you should be noticing that things are freeing up - this will only get better in the months to come. And work will be fertile ground into which you can pour - Page 9 -

PSYCHIC INSPIRATION a lot of your creative vitality this month. CANCER IN LOVE: The attention you give your lover this month Cancer will really deepen your connection! This is a time for intimacy to really blossom between you. If you’re single, this is the time to take a risk! Open your heart to the possibility of love and contentment.

Leo It may seem as though there are insurmountable obstacles this month Leo, but they’re really only small delays. Get in touch with your famous optimism and your attitude will shift significantly in the right direction. Be confident that the initiatives you’re taking will work out, even if it happens at another time. LEO IN LOVE: A whole new side of you is emerging Leo, as you deepen your sense of compassion for others. Feelings will be flowing more easily as the month progresses, and there are some passionate times in store after the Full Moon on the 24th!

Virgo Be prepared Virgo - you’re likely to be unraveled from your careful and perfectly balanced routine this month! It’s going to feel great though, once you get the hang of it. Actually all your work is paying off things will be going smoothly in both home and work life, so you can breathe a little more easily than usual. VIRGO IN LOVE: Your love life will start the month looking solid and secure Virgo. But by the latter stages of the month, you’re likely to find yourself feeling a bit giggly and flirtatious, and taking more than your usual share of emotional risks. Don’t worry Virgo - it’s nothing you can’t handle. Trust yourself as well as others in love this month.

Libra Your month starts beautifully Libra, under the gaze of your ruler Venus. But don’t be surprised if your emotions begin to take on a life of their own by the latter stages of the month. All the Taurus around early on will help you to be grounded - just beware allowing a little innocent flirtation to develop into a lack of loyalty to a friend or lover. LIBRA IN LOVE: Only promise what you can genuinely deliver, and you are willing to deliver this month Libra. Trying to please everyone you care about simply won’t work. If you’re in the unfortunate situation of a

triangle of some sorts, this is the time to really take stock. Stand back from everyone if you have to for the time being. It will be worth it in the end.

Scorpio There is a lack of stability in your chart this month Scorpio, as the Taurean earth energy confronts your emotional nature. You could easily be hurt because you’re not taking the time to be grounded enough. An old past relationship could resurface and give you the opportunity to let go once and for all. Don’t be afraid to say goodbye and really leave the past behind, in love or career! SCORPIO IN LOVE: You are likely to find yourself feeling more and more emotional and passionate as the month goes on Scorpio. Stay as grounded as you can, so that you can direct your passions where you really want to.


It will be up to you to take the initiative to put your longer term plans into place this month Sagittarius. Others will really be listening to what you have to say, because you’re expressing your truth. In fact, many will seek out your advice, as you seem to be a well spring of wisdom just now. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself patching up relationship issues for your friends and loved ones! SAGITTARIUS IN LOVE: Oh boy Saggie - what a month in love. Let yourself be a little self-indulgent this month, and watch how the attention just seems to find you. And on May 24th, when the Moon is Full in your sign, you’ll find you’ll have a store of passion to share with that special someone!

Capricorn You’ll be feeling you are getting close to achieving your desires this month Capricorn and the temptation to control the outcome to make it happen more quickly could be quite difficult to resist. But do try to resist that controlling urge Capricorn, if you can possibly do so. It will only alienate you from those who support you most if you can’t manage to resist the clarion call of control! CAPRICORN IN LOVE: Get ready for a burst of enthusiasm and passion towards the end of the month Capricorn. You might be feeling as sense of building excitement, and not be sure quite what it means. Don’t worry - you’ll find out soon enough!

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You’re creatively boxed in just now Aquarius, and might need to develop the virtue of patience at the beginning of May. Your hard work will bring rewards in time, and before the end of the month. Let go of the struggle for others’ understanding for now. You’re also likely to feeling especially sensitive to your dreams and subconscious messages in the early part of the month. Don’t be surprised if the world seems to be synchronized and filled with magical associations. AQUARIUS IN LOVE: It’s good for you to be sharing your instincts with someone close to you Aquarius - this will only increase your sense of intimacy with one another, and deepen your bond. It will happen quite naturally this month if you take the risk to do so.

You could find yourself sitting on the fence trying to please everyone in May, Pisces. Or at least, trying not to disappoint anyone! You need to connect with your intuition about the situation around you or else you could lose balance completely by weighing up and frankly worrying needlessly about what everyone else feels and thinks! PISCES IN LOVE: Because you’re putting so much energy into everyone around you just now Pisces, there’s a danger you could feel emotionally depleted towards the middle of the month. It could be very tempting for you to search out an intense emotional love affair, or at least, an intense emotional experience, to fulfill and enliven you. Try not to take the bait Pisces - focus instead on creating a new way of relating in your current relationships, and the latter stages of the month will be amazingly fiery and passionate!

Relationship difficulties? Relationship breakup? Torn between two lovers? Can’t forget an old flame? Unrequited love?

Sandy Johnson, Senior Origin Psychic Sandy brings a range of psychic gifts and a wealth of experience to her readings. Clairvoyance, Tarot, and Astrology are her preferred psychic arts. With over 35 years experience in working in the psychic arts, Sandy brings a real passion for working with people in their interpersonal relationships, decisions, and the spiritual growth they seek. She will connect with you, wherever you’re at, and support you on the path forwards.

Call our free phone numbers to receive expert psychic advice from experienced and sincere readers. Or visit to browse each reader’s profile and testimonials. - Page 11 -


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAURUS! Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, traditionally known as the “Goddess of Love”. Actually, Venus rules both Taurus and Libra, and as a rule, she holds court over two areas of life: love and money. Obviously, that is simplifying and diminishing the full power of Venus, as she is much more complex than that! The planet Venus deals with what we value in life - our sentiments, compassion and what gives us pleasure. Taureans often possess great beauty, charm, grace and artistic talents, and they are always trying to blend cooperation, love, unity and harmony between people. When any of these things are not working in their life, they feel out of sorts. Therefore they like to maintain an even balance to feel comfortable within themselves. On the more negative side, these people can be indifferent, perhaps even superficial, and sometimes overly flirtatious. So basically, the crux of the matter for Taurean and Libran personalities and their happiness, is to learn how to blend and maintain this fine balance in their daily life. Once this is done, they will be able to face every day with a sense of inner peace. The sun is in the sign of Taurus from April 21st to May 22nd. Taurus being an earth sign, represents, “the freshly plowed earth of springtime, ready for the seed”.

The key phrase for the sign of Taurus is “I have”. In the physical body this sign rules the

cerebellum and the throat. Many famous singers are bor n in t h e sign of Taurus.

People born in this sign can sometimes be very stubborn, slow, steady and don’t like to be pushed into anything. This is where “the bull” comes from! They must be given a bit of time to assimilate new ideas, but once they get this time, they eventually come around. Security and the material world are of great importance to the people born under the sign o f Ta u r u s . T h e y a r e considered the “money sign” of the zodiac. I like to joke that before they are out of nappies, they have already established their own savings account at a local bank!

by Sandy Johnson Senior Origin Psychic - Page 12 -

Wisdom Oracle

Once Upon a Time... How Fairy Tales Shape our Lives

by Jonathan Young PhD When the people of Hamelin refused to pay the Pied Piper what they had promised, he led the children of the village away with his magical music. This key moment in a familiar fairy tale carries many insights. It is, at once, a commentary on social values, a vivid example of family tragedy, and a bit of personal psychology. Folklore is compacted wisdom literature that yields more information with each reading. There is much we can learn by reflecting on the stories heard in childhood. Magical characters such as the Pied Piper, the talking frog and the fairy godmother are likely to remain in the imagination for a lifetime. The adventures these stories describe often reflect challenges we face in our journeys. The tales hide a wealth of insights just below the surface. They are clearly more than mere entertainment for children. My own first hearing of many of the old stories was in the places where they originated. Throughout my childhood, our family traveled abroad for several

months every few years. There were six children. Keeping all the kids quiet took some imagination. My parents came up with an ingenious, and lifechanging, idea, which was to have us study the local tales. When we were in Denmark, we visited the home of Hans Christian Andersen, and discussed his stories, such as The Little Mermaid. In Germany, we went to the village of Hamelin, where the tale of the Pied Piper takes place. In each location, we would thoroughly examine a story and the sites associated with it. In Baghdad, it was the Arabian Nights. While visiting Greece and Egypt, we would discuss mythology. In the temples of India and Japan, the tales of Asia came to life. Seeing how the a d ve n t u r e s r e fl e c t e d t h e i r settings and how the stories are still alive in those places was a powerful experience. It shaped my sense of the world. Various people can imagine the tales quite differently. I had heard the stories before and had pictures in my mind about what the places looked like. When I - Page 13 -

saw, for example, the spot in Germany where the Pied Piper supposedly led the children away, it didn't look exactly the same as I had imagined. In a way, noticing that difference made me aware of how our creativity works. It was a glimpse into the power of imagination. I later learned how these stories portray life issues in miniature. The story of the Pied Piper reminds us that every parent has to deal with letting go of their children and every former child has to cope with feelings about how it is to leave home. If we take the tale as a reflection of the inner landscape, we see that all the characters can represent aspects of our own personalities. The village leaders may symbolize a practical, thrifty side that does not sufficiently appreciate our magical qualities or ar tistic abilities. If we cheat the imagination of appropriate time and resources, things may go badly. Creativity and play engage the childlike energies that can leave us in a state of depression if they depart.

Wisdom Oracle

‘It is a great treasure to know and reveal which tales from our childhood have a hold on us.’ These tales are psychological mirrors a n d we b e c o m e more complex as we mature. The stor yteller s intentionally loaded the adventures with heavy symbolism to reveal more meanings as we develop a deeper awareness of ourselves. Bedtime stories have enormous influence over our identities. People identify with certain characters in the stories they heard in childhood. To some degree , many live out these stories, largely unaware of how much the old tales may be shaping our lives. It is a great treasure to know and reveal which tales from our childhood have a hold on us. Once the general pattern or storyline becomes evident, the challenge is to participate in the rewriting of our own story. We may not be able to create the rivers that carry us along but we can certainly navigate the little boats of our lives. Mythic stories make up a kind of collective dream that we all have together. If we want to understand our dreams, in many respects, we can look at these stories and study them. If we want to understand the stories better, we can study our dreams. There is a great inter-relationship between these two forms of our imagination. A talking animal in a story is often the voice of nature. Among other messages, we are being reminded that we are also animals. We are walking around in animal flesh. We sometimes forget this in our excessively mental, all too industrial culture. We are, first of all, animal creatures. We are not just visitors to nature, or merely caretakers of nature. We are - Page 14 -

nature. Guiding animals are crucial in mythic stories. Psychologically, this might well represent the wisdom of the body. Sinister or wicked characters may represent aspects of ourselves that have been neglected or rejected. Carl Jung noted that the shadow energies in dreams and stories often appear as threatening witches or wolves. Jung insisted that something good can come from this darkness. Something valuable waits for us in the shadow. We are not to exclude that from how we define ourselves. Ultimately, inclusion is the goal. The challenge is to integrate these elements into identity in a constructive manner. The darker elements in some tales often reveal shadow energies in an action, an image, or even a setting. The deep dark forest is a common representation of the feared elements within. The monsters live in the forest. The forest can reflect parts of ourselves that are never entirely tamed, that are always somewhat dangerous and chaotic. These elements sometimes come up in nightmares. They are important parts of ourselves. In some ways, they are the most creative aspects of our inner world. We need to go into the dark forest. It is difficult and mysterious. Still, fresh energies and new ideas come from that place. Often we need the experiences in life that seem like setbacks and shadows. These can be difficult times. On the first reaction we wish we could avoid them. Ultimately, in

Wisdom Oracle hindsight, we realize those were enormously valuable moments. Such experiences force us to claim aspects of ourselves that we have neglected to develop. We become more than we thought was possible. There is a tale about a farmer who plowing in his field. Suddenly, his plow catches on something. The farmer digs down to see what the plow has snagged on and he finds it has hooked a large ring. He digs farther, gets the plow unstuck, but sees that the ring emerges from a large flat stone. After more digging, the farmer lifts the ring and the stone. As the stone rises, it reveals the entrance to a deep underground cave filled with treasures. The parable suggests that when something interrupts what we are trying to do, we should not be too sure this is a negative event. If we look into the impediment to our progress, we may open up hidden places in our souls and reveal secret riches. After discovering the buried treasure, we have the task of integrating these deep realms of beauty into our daily lives.

The ancient tales have their own lives, each with unique, eccentric qualities. Part of the richness is that the same story will have different lessons for each person who listens. Stories can be like the Holy Grail, which, when passed from person to person, let them drink what they alone desired. Also, when we come back to the same story after a time, it will tell us new things. Stories can speak to us in several ways at once. The practical aspects of our personalities appreciate the assistance they provide in prudent decision-making. Our playful child-like energies find the stories to be great fun. The quiet, spiritual side is grateful to have some time invested in reflection. Poet William Stafford had a favorite image. He said that the work of creativity is to "follow the golden thread." Something catches your attention, a feeling, an image, an idea, the events of a moment. The challenge is to pay attention to that subtle urge and follow it gently. We must roll out the golden thread with care or it will break. Opening ourselves to greater significance in familiar stories requires a certain tenderness of spirit. The notions will be fragile at first. We must hold them gently for a time until they deliver their message to us. The effects of what we learn might well last for a lifetime.

Learning to find the guidance in familiar adventures is not difficult but does take a little effort. The starting point is understanding symbolism. Certain s i g n i fi c a n t i m a g e s communicate helpful information. The key is knowing how to decode Jonathan Young, Ph.D. -the messages. The farmer storyteller and psychologist -getting stuck shows how assisted Joseph Campbell at trouble can interrupt our seminars and was the founding journeys for good reasons curator of the Joseph Campbell that we may not Archives in Santa Barbara. His immediately grasp. The tale books and articles focus on is a visual experience. Any personal mythology. His recent one of the symbols in a writing can be found at classic story is worthy of a close look. If we meditate on the flow of images, and reflect on the meanings it presents to us, the rewards can be great. - Page 15 -


PSYCHIC SENSITIVITY EXERCISE... How often do we stop to think about what feelings we are sharing with those around us? Most of us can recognize the heavier emotional presences such as the black cloud that descends over the place when someone negative comes into the room. Then there are the not so obvious vibes which affect you, but you’re not sure why. They are the more subtle ones that may affect you more deeply than others because of some old pattern being triggered off without you even consciously realizing it. Try the following exercise to help you become more aware of how different people influence your field of awareness. At a quiet time during the day, close your eyes and take your awareness to where someone else is. What they look like is not as important as what they feel like. Your intention is to experience their body energy. Breathe in and out quietly and softly and let your body relax. As you relax, imagine your body softening and your awareness expanding further and further. Let your body expand with every breath in and out. Be aware that your body energy field is expanding towards the other

person, becoming more and more focused on merging with their body awareness. If at any time, you feel a resistance, pause and focus more consciously on your breathing. Then resume your body expansion practice. With practice, you will begin to feel when you are making contact with the other person’s energy field.Try not to have expectations about what you will experience.This practice is about becoming aware of different energy fields that other people are generating around you.

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Origin Psychics Connections Magazine - May 2013  

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