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Welcome, to the Christmas edition of Connections magazine! Regular readers of our Connections magazine Editorial will be getting to know my ‘inner child’ quite well by now - I’ve mentioned often how much I enjoy taking advantage of times like this, to end the pretense that I’m actually grown up!! So this time, I’m encouraging everyone to make a WISH LIST. Appropriate at Christmas, don’t you think? Before the more serious among you turn the page for something more substantial to read, stay with me for a moment or two. I’m not actually kidding about this wish list. And I’m not suggesting either that we all become greedy, selfish children in adult clothing.

I’m suggesting a very serious, and potentially very powerful exercise in self-reflection and intention setting. The image on the right is meant to get you started on this process - it captures so much of which is important for such an exercise.

The parchment appears thick, and probably expensive - you’re going to be articulating things which are of enormous value to you. It also has a very old appearance I believe that many of our deepest intentions in life are part of our own personal story, perhaps even carried through from past lives. It is gold in colour - again, we’re reminded that what we express here will carry great value. There seem to be golden flecks of light all around the parchment. When you set your intention, close your eyes, and send it into the universe, you’re propelling it with love and no small element of magic. Those vibrations will resonate back to you in the most unlikely and synchronistic ways imaginable! Quite magical, really. And finally, this parchment is for keeping - it is made to be rolled up and kept safe, so that at some point in the coming months, you can return to it, - Page 2 -

remind yourself of where you’re pointing your heart, and make adjustments as necessary. It also means that you can see how life has responded to your intentions in the times ahead. So take some time during this very busy month, to prepare for the coming year. Don’t rush this process - it’s very important. And when you’ve taken some time to hear what your heart has to say, either make yourself a wish list, or take yourself on a visual journey see the most elaborate quill, writing your desires for the coming year in beautiful letters on a parchment such as the one below. What better way to honour your creations? On behalf of everyone here at Origin Psychics, have a very HAPPY and MAGICAL CHRISTMAS!


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Can you heal your relationships at Christmas? by Merle Hurley, Senior Origin Psychic One of the best Christmas presents I could ask for this Christmas isn’t a new Ipad or the latest Gucci bag. Certainly these things could give me a cer tain amount of instant gratification and perhaps even some style! But no product or item, no matter how expensive or nifty, can ever measure up to the priceless nature of having healthy and loving relationships. Memories of cool clothes and gifts fade, but can you ever forget that Christmas where the family had a huge fight, or the first Christmas without a cherished loved one, after they passed away. As adults, the reason I think we love Christmas is because it’s a wonderful occasion to bring family and loved ones together. The reason we may also hate Christmas is that it can also be a star k reminder of relationships in our lives that are no longer whole – whether this be f a m i l y, f r i e n d s o r r o m a n t i c relationships. Nevertheless, I believe Christmas can be an opportunity to open the doorway to a new spirit in our

relationships. This spirit is not based on the idea of getting what we want from a relationship. This doesn’t mean getting your partner back or making sure your mother apologizes for past offenses.

and live with constant disappointment. This perspective can be a cancer eating away at our feelings of trust and joy in the world. When important relationships are not whole, it is hard to find wholeness in yourself.

The real spirit of Christmas is about the act of unconditional giving.

So, what can you do to heal your relationships this Christmas? It’s really very simple. Find it in your heart to forgive the person who has hurt you. You may wish to send them a card or a text message or even a gift, but do this, if at all possible, without any expectation of receiving something back.

The real spirit of Christmas is captured in the act of looking b e yo n d yo u r o l d h u r t s a n d resentments and seeing that in giving without expectation of receiving something back, we open up new emotional possibilities for inner healing. While I’m sure you would nod your head in agreement with the above principles, in practice it is amazing how difficult this can be. This is especially so in cases where we feel we have been taken advantage of, or feel unloved by the other person. Our insecurities and sense of being unappreciated can lead us to the conclusion that it is better not to give and not be hurt, than to give - Page 3 -

You make the conscious decision that this is not about hoping to reconcile, but about wanting to embrace a new spirit inside yourself. By practising this decision, you send out a message to the universe about the kind of world you want to live in. Who wants to live in a world of hurt, resentment and anger? While we can’t stop others from being this way – even those we love - we can certainly make a choice for ourselves.

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Celebrating the Solstice by Natalie Arkins Senior Origin Psychic

In Latin, Solstice means “Sun Stands Still�. It was called this because for a few days on Dec 21st, the Sun appears to stand still in the sky, reaching the same height in the sky each day. To the ancients who marked celestial events, to make sense of their world, this was a special time. The Sun stood still, and we can celebrate that it will return to us, and that there will be light coming back into the world. We understand more about our world today in terms of science and knowledge, but nevertheless, these ancient traditions can be a thread that we can weave into our lives today, individually, with friends or family. Rituals can be used to make us feel better, and bring continuity into our lives. Even if you are not a pagan, or shaman, you can tune into the solstice, and do a small, private ritual for yourself. Yule is another term used for Solstice celebrations. Yule is a good time to set your intentions for the next year. This is the darkest time of year in the northern hemisphere - the longest night and the shortest day and usually the coldest time of year. We sleep more, and life is at a slower pace, earlier nights in, more time for contemplation. What seeds do you want to plant in your life, what do you want to manifest? Many things can be your intention: love, money, family, healing, work. It was also considered a good time to ask for purification, patience and cleansing. Just make sure that you are clear about what intentions you are setting. If you are setting an intention, write it down in your

journal or diary, and review it at the next Yule, and see what manifests for you. Different Gods/Goddesses are associated with Yule. In the Norse countries, it would by Odin or Freya who ruled over Yule. They would have a Yule log, decorated tree (similar to a Christmas tree) and wassailing (orchard wassailing: they would go to the orchards and sing to the trees, to be sure they would blossom in the spring and have a good harvest). Roman Saturnalia is a week-long celebration and party around the Solstice, honouring the God Saturn. Bonfires, gift giving and feasting were all features of this celebration. Celtic traditions are not as well known today, but some traditions have passed to us. Druids would sacrifice a Bull and gathered mistletoe for the Yule. The Cailleach, is the crone/hag aspect of the triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother and Crone) who rules this period of the year, between Samhain and Beltain. The Cailleach plants the seeds that will sprout in the spring, so she brings the seeds for the new and not only destruction and endings. In Native American traditions, the Hopi have Spiderwoman. Soyal is the festival of the winter Solstice, and honors the spiderwoman. They honour the Sun’s victory over the darkness.

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Below are three Yule Rituals that you may want to try this year.

Make a Yule Altar. This is a more pagan type ritual, but really anyone can do this. The altar is similar to putting a sample of the gifts of this time period, and it is to call the Sun back. You can add anything to the altar related to this time year. Plants and leaves that you can add would be Holly, mistletoe, pinecones, evergreen boughs. Bells (used to call the angels and the higher spirits), candy canes, candles, baked goodies and any figurines you associate with the period: bears, reindeer etc. The Yule Altar can be anywhere in your home, and it does not have to be huge either. This can be something that you can do with the kids too - get them to gather some of the plants and leaves for the altar outside.

Yule Cleansing ritual. Okay, this one may not seem that much fun at first, since this a de-cluttering ritual. But maybe you need to de-clutter now, before the spring clean time, to have the space for the new to manifest in your life. Do this in honour of yourself, and as you get rid of clutter, think about what you want to manifest in the space that you have made. This ritual may be done in conjunction with the Yule Altar or the Yule Log Ceremony described below. It’s certainly good to have the space cleared before.

Yule Log Ceremony. Even if you don’t have a fireplace or cannot burn the Yule Log outside, you can still make a Yule log and have that as your ritual, and use it as a centre-piece. Different types of woods have different meanings. Aspen represents spiritual understanding, Oak, strength and wisdom, Pine, prosperity, Birch, fertility. You can pick a log, and wrap it loosely with a ribbon. This ribbon will hold the branches, leaves. Holly, feathers, notes, berries, whatever you want to decorate the log with. You may have to glue or tape the berries or smaller items to the ribbon. You can also call on a God/Goddess to help with manifesting what you want. Place your wishes for what you want manifested on little notes and place under the ribbon. Burn the log on the Solstice inside or outside.

I hope you enjoy this Solstice, and the return of the Sun!

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‘Well done everybody! We’re half way out of the dark!’ (Dr Who Christmas Special, 2010.)

There is a Scottish Gaelic word that describes the depths of winter: an dubhach, “the gloom”. However, the majesty of winter can be considered far from gloomy. There is a time for activity and there is a time for quietness. Try this meditation on or around the solstice - observe the silent earth, the sleeping seed, and marvel at the lengthening of days. Be inspired by the earth around you, and plant seeds of your own. This meditation will help to put you in tune to the energies of the season: the need for reflection and the power of awakening...

Before settling down to do your meditation, take a few minutes to write down something you really want to put behind you and let go from your life. It may be a habit, a person, or even a thought pattern. Have this paper nearby once you begin your meditation. Take a few minutes to quieten your mind - breathe slowly and gently.



Light a candle, white or cream in colour. When you’re ready, burn your paper and collect the ashes to cast outside later. ✴

Close your eyes, and picture again the paper turning to ash. Take your focus to your belly, and see it as a beautiful dark space, like a starless night sky. As you breathe in, see a bright spark of light form in your belly; then another, and another. Imagine them glowing there in the darkness of your inner world. They are the seeds of new life, which will be nurtured there, deep in your consciousness, to be ready to come to form in the coming year. ✴

As you sit with these lights, see them pulse and grow larger. They fuse together to form a glowing light, like a lantern for you to carry, as you begin the journey of life, back, out of the darkness of mid-winter, into the coming year. ✴

Take your time, and when you’re ready, slowly come back to the room, dig your heels into the ground, take a deep breath, and open your eyes. ✴

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To attune with the return of the sun, combine equal parts of bay, cinnamon, and nutmeg in your mortar and pestle. Grind them together and place on a circle of green cloth. Bind it with red thread and carry it with you on the winter solstice. All three herbs are considered to be ruled by the sun. This charm will enhance psychic awareness, project positive energy, and emanate a warm and spicy aroma.


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The Soul’s Beloved by Caitlin Matthews The incarnation of love in our lives is a special miracle. Our capacity to recognize and receive love is closely associated with the soul’s beloved - the spiritual being whom our soul recognizes as supreme. The soul’s beloved is not an earthly or human lover that we may have - although we may look for the features of the spiritual form in the human person; it is a spirit. For followers of defined relisious paths, this ifgure will be the lord, lady, or spirit from whom spiritual revelation flows. There are now many among us without any formalized spiritual path, people who are still traveling between the rejected images of childhood faith and the unknown potentialities of their soul’s country. They may be unaware of any living mystery. This is nothing less than the inapprehensible glory and splendour of spirit that is both formless and has many forms, that is immanent and transcendent, known and unknown to our experience. The conscious awareness of the soul’s beloved is not a continuous awareness for the majority of people: it is fleeting, glancing, glorious, exciting, rapturous.

The metaphors we draw upon to describe the feelings and perceptions that we have of this beloved are not always human: sometimes a beautiful animal, a shining lamp, a great tree, a planet, a complex pattern, or a subtle music in the soul is a true reflection of the mystery that we each experience. (From ‘The Celtic Spirit, Daily Meditations for the Turning Year’, by Caitlin Matthews, Published by HarperCollins, 1999)

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Our Tarot Reading for December Origin Psychic, Manisha Godbole, shares a 3 card spread for us all for December...

I thought it would fun to do something different this month and pull 3 cards, a kind of “Holy Trinity” spread. This can be a rather stressful time of year for many people in deciding what to do over the holidays, who to spend time with. Some people may want to get away or do something different but can’t. There may be familial tension, competing interests or a conflict over activities. The group is very much highlighted and could be the source of much stress or enjoyment depending on how you look and deal with it. No matter your belief or circumstances, you can look at this time as an excuse to celebrate, be it celebrating the people in your lives or your achievements over the last year. You can choose to be with the people you love and share kinship. Even if you do have certain obligations, focus on enjoyment and fun. There will be opportunities for reunions and parties which could provide an interesting mix of people. I see there could be potential for making new connections, doing new things and unexpected encounters. The 5 of Wands could be a slightly jarring energy, pointing to restrictions or conflicts but I think it will also spice things up and bring people together who don’t normally socialise with one another. Games and flirting can be fun unless you take them too seriously.

The more flexibility you have over your schedule, the more fun you can have. The more you try to control or dominate group activities, the more frustrated you will become. The Princess of Wands adds a fun twist to encounters this month. She is encouraging us to be playful and change things up a little; be unafraid to try new things, meet new people, even travel. You could use this month’s activities to step out of your comfort zone and do something totally different. You may find yourself changing your behaviour in some way, taking on a different role or exploring another side of yourself in group dynamics. This really is the time of year to dress up or go fancy dress! Children of course bring out the child within us and can bring people together. Keeping things light-hearted and being carefree should take care of any awkwardness or tension. Laughter really is the best medicine. So, it doesn’t really matter what you do this month. Celebrate and cherish the relationships you do have, trust that you have a unique role within your network of family and friends and enjoy the element of surprise!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


YOUR DECEMBER HOROSCOPES Dame Judy Dench - Celebrity Sagittarius

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAGITTARIUS The month starts gently bu t p l ay f u l ly fo r yo u Sagittarius, with the New Moon in your sign on December 2nd. During the early part of the month, you’re likely to experience quite a burst of vitality and energy. You might also feel a little more fiery than usual, so be prepared! If you channel all this fier y energy into adventures and romance, it will keep you from feeling restless and from getting into too many arguments. This month is a really great time for you, but you might just find that a lot of people are pushing your buttons. This will ease though with the Full Moon in Gemini, your opposite, lending you some incredible charm, maybe even some smooth talking! To make the most of the energy available to you in your birthday month Saggie, be aware of the extra ‘zing’ you might just be bringing into situations this month. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Aries The year is closing on a high note for you Aries, as December will hold lots of hidden opportunities for you, especially when it comes to your career. It will however mean a major change in your life path towards a deeper level of commitment, but if you’re prepared to do so, it will also mean more stability and success. A lover may just open up your eyes and help you to see exactly where you need to go next in order to find more happiness and a deeper sense of inner peace. There will also be some special social opportunities around you at this time – keep your eyes peeled for networking possibilities and for special connections with others.

Taurus The whole world is spending money in December Taurus, but you seem to be making it instead! This is a time for you to keep your business head on, and to focus on creating more abundance for yourself and for those you love. You may find yourself thinking of old friends, especially ones who can help you out and offer you something of real value. These connections are there for you to reach out to at this time. This is also a time for a turning point in your love life, so let loose a little and follow your instincts – they will lead you to some blissful places if you do!

Gemini Be prepared this month Gemini, as the full moon in your sign is likely to stir up your usually carefully hidden deeper feelings, bringing them shining to the surface! Your intuition will be strong and messages may appear in your dreams, or in visions, which come to you spontaneously through meditation times. You are ready now to align yourself more clearly with what your heart really desires, and this month, there will be signs appearing all over the place to guide you towards that. You will be particularly feeling the love from Venus from mid month onwards, so soak it up as much as you can. - Page 9 -



With some planets positioned in opposition to you just now Cancer, December is likely to be a time for you to feel a little unsettled. But it is also a time for you to find completion in your life. There may be any number of things that have seemed to be missing or blocked in your life for some time now. This month will bring you the opportunity to develop some balance and to bring fulfillment back into your life. Be as open to the changes as you can, even if they do seem a little challenging at first, because these challenges are carrying the seeds of a whole new life for you.

December will be a time when you could be forgiven for thinking that the universe is trying to push you into a corner so that you have to say clearly what you want Libra. As uncomfortable as it may be for a time, you will actually learn a great deal from this experience, and the law of attraction will start working to bring your choices into reality. After the middle of the month, you’ll enter into a much more romantic phase, which will carry you into the New Year. Open yourself up to love and attention, particularly at this time Libra, and really let your light shine.



This is a time when you’ll be gathering energy and resources together for the New Year Scorpio. December has the chance to be an extremely productive time for you, and doors of opportunity will seem to just open up spontaneously all around you. Your independent streak will be coming out into the open a little more too, and you may want to break out of your obligations and responsibilities for a while. This is your chance to have a little, (or a lot!) of fun. December is a great month for you to let your hair down and go with the flow.

Unusually, Leos are likely to be the ‘quiet achiever s’ in December, plodding away towards their goals. Well, for a little while anyway! From the middle of the month onwards though, there will be a strong focus on love and your relationships. You certainly won’t be feeling lonely at Christmas Leo! The message for you is to enjoy opening yourself up to new experiences in your love life, and see where they will lead you. If you go in a little too fiery and try to push things or try to force things to happen as you want them to, you’re likely to just block the whole process.

Virgo Well Virgo, December is really shaping up to be a wonderfully satisfying period for you! This Christmas is a time for commitments and for some real emotional stability for you. This will no doubt be a relief to you after the ups and downs of the last month or so. Now, as we approach the end of the year and the turning of the seasons, you will be able to begin to see where your future is heading and who it is likely to be with! Do what you can to continue to be patient and to trust that these events will lead you towards your true destiny and the desires of your heart.

Capricorn Obviously December is an important month for you Capricorns - so many planets are gathered positively for you just now. You can draw on this focused energy if you choose to. It will give you the power and charisma to really break out and achieve your dreams. It will be important for you to really take the bull by the horns this month and go for what you truly want in your life. The changes you make just now could be really long lasting Capricorn, and the opportunity will be there for you to find the fulfillment you have been searching for, especially during this past year.

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What a month December is shaping up to be for you Aquarius! Venus will go retrograde later in the month, so whilst you may re-evaluate who (and what) you value, try not to make any major decisions until next month! For single Aquarians, someone who has been right under your nose for a long time will suddenly begin to glow magically, in your eyes. Enjoy exploring this connection - you aren’t even likely to feel nervous. If you can follow your heart Aquarius, and not get stuck in endless analyses, you won’t go wrong!

December is offering you something really special Pisces – there’s enough earth energy in the cosmos to even ground you little fishes! It will bring you the strength and determination you need this Christmas. You’ll find that committing yourself to the things you truly desire will be a little easier than usual this month. If you tune into this, you’ll find that you’re strong enough within yourself to take that leap of faith – trust yourself and simply take the next step in your life Pisces, and you’ll find it’s only a step, not a giant leap.



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