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What pushes your buttons how do you deal?

1. Jeffrey Posner

2. Danielle Diamond

3. Jason Zagaro

4. Joell Lanfrank

Yoga Instructor "Bend your right knee, bend your right knee"...projecting my voice directly at them. It makes me sad that people are always cheating the lunge! How do I deal? Back to basics. Yoga poses are built on strong foundations, strong foundations are built on solid shapes. "Work towards a right angle in the knee joint!"

Founder Xen Strength Yoga, ERYT- 500 Rudeness irritates me more than anything; especially when it’s unwarranted. I genuinely feel bad for those who don’t realize what jerks they are, but we never know what battle someone is fighting. So I say, “kill ‘em with kindness,” no matter what. My hope is that if I make them feel good, they’ll drop their attitude and make someone else smile that day.

Partner/Owner/Lead Yoga Instructor at Flow Yoga Studio Being closed minded towards everything in life including yoga class pushes my buttons. Having all these expectations about what “you” will get out of whatever you do instead of the experience itself. How I deal with it is I meditate on keeping my mind and heart open. “Open heart, no fear” is the mantra that I use.

Buying pets from breeders really breaks my heart. Every 11 seconds, healthy, adoptable, adorable, and loving cats and dogs are euthanized in shelters daily. What better way to practice Ahimsa (non-violence) than to save your furry best friend’s life and give them a loving home? Adopt don’t shop!

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5. Danielle Hutchins

6. Amy Leonard

7. Amy Jean Pastore

8. Stavroula Grivas

Yoga Teacher, Handstand Fanatic Red Bank, NJ In moments of emotional distress, when I’m feeling criticized or misunderstood, I reflect upon my mother’s wisdom in pointing me to the question, “What is my role in this situation?” Taking responsibility for what shows up in my life allows me to gain self­awareness, detach from feeling victimized, and empowers me to accept or change what is in front of me.

Artist/Yogini I find disharmony amongst people to be unsettling at times (e.g. witnessing arguments). To maintain balance, I connect to my heart center and assist in redirecting the conversation with love and kindness. If discussion is not available, I find it beneficial to offer prayers (e.g. reciting the Our Father, the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra, or sing the Hanuman Chalisa).

Yoga Artist/ Teacher It really pushes my buttons when people decide to look the other way rather than stepping up and taking action. It’s the, “What I do doesn’t matter, I don’t make a difference" attitude. Yoga teaches us that it is our duty to act when we see unjust cruelty and violence occurring. I deal with it by taking action whether it’s by speaking up and educating someone or simply leading by example. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is complacency to injustice.

Mom, student, teacher, LOL (Lover of Life) The people I love and care about deeply are most capable of pushing my buttons. Occasionally, I deal by losing my shit; but more often, I take BIG inhales and even BIGGER exhales, go for a run, bust into a headstand, laugh out loud, dance, cuddle with my lil’ girl, or meditate. Most importantly, I always practice love and gratitude.

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