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community leaders: Tyson Baker Collinsville Founder. Reach Clothing. My vision is to change the world with a t-shirt. I started Reach Clothing after I heard of a child being bullied for wearing the same shirt to school every day. I thought that if I could give a child hope by giving them a free shirt, then I am paving the way to a bright future for our youth. photo: Oh Snap! Photography

David Good Toronto. Yoga Teacher. Inspiring Mentor. I believe that yoga will open your mind and heart to a new way of thinking about your body and potential. My goal is to help as many people as I can to find their true self through yoga. Finding your foundation, getting centered with a new plan, then expanding to learn how you can become a service to the world.

What is your vision? Molly Boeder Harris Ashland Founder. Executive Director. The Breathe Network. I am dedicated to connecting trauma survivors to holistic healing arts practitioners that facilitate embodiment and self-sustainability, while also educating the broader community about how these modalities uniquely promote resilience. Integrating the physical, mental, and spiritual self allows trauma survivors, and all people, to transform their pain into power and to be intuitive, creative, and compassionate leaders around our globe.

Haven Fyfe Kiernan Newton LICSW. Owner. The Wellness Room. I am inspired every day by the strength and resilience of the human spirit. Having worked as a social worker with loss and trauma, and experiencing the traumatic loss of my husband on 9/11, I discovered my own resilience and the transformative properties of surviving immense grief. I make meaning of my loss by creating a space for others to express and to be emotionally supported by those of us who have walked a similar path. I believe that the simple act of expression is one of our greatest tools of self care.

Gina Garcia Sacramento Founder. Teacher. Yoga Across America. Yoga Across America: Yoga for Everyone, Everywhere. We share this gift with people from all walks of life, especially those who don’t have access to it. Yoga Across America is in schools, parks, shelters, children’s hospitals, cancer centers, military bases, and more. A soldier or a high schooler saying, “Yoga saved my life” is what this is all about. Life is precious. We are humbled and honored every day by the people who open their hearts to yoga, inspired and grateful to co-create transformation. Connecting, giving, sharing, love. This is the calling of Yoga Across America.

Dana Damara San Francisco Yogini. Author. Visionary. My mission is to inspire people to live their most authentic life. We are all here to serve using yoga, meditation, art, communication, and sustainable living principles to create a balanced future. My vision is to see Mother Earth healed through the conscious collaboration of awake and alive individuals. Specifically encouraging our youth to move forward with intuition and wisdom. Photo: Brian McDonnell Photo Credit: Rudy Meyers



ORIGIN Magazine Issue 11