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Rodent Infestation: Comprehensive Guide to Control It One of the biggest nuisances in houses, offices and storehouses is rodents. Rodent infestation can prove extremely dangerous and destructive. It can lead to the damage of important and expensive items, causing immense material loss, loss of important documentation and spread of serious diseases. Additionally, they also transmit fleas and ticks wherever they go. Unfortunately, it is not easy to get rid of rodents as they are animals with high instincts. They are able to detect any kind of new thing in their environment and do not easily fall prey to it. They are also one of the most adaptable creatures and adjust quickly to their surroundings as long as they have constant supply of food. You should take steps as soon as you notice a single rat or mouse in your building because they breed rapidly and throughout the year, causing havoc to the surroundings. Remember the story of ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’ in which rat infestation led to major devastation all over the kingdom? The depiction of rat infestation in the story is not imaginary; it can actually impose major real-life problems. History has witnessed cities and towns getting curbed completely with plague. Therefore, it is extremely important that you don’t encourage the growth of these little monsters around you. To start with, you may try out any of the following measures for rodent control. 1. Store all the food items properly to avoid any kind of contamination because rodents end up contaminating large amounts of food even though their actual consumption is very less. Their saliva, urine and feces are also contaminable. 2. Keep the dustbins closed or ensure you replace the bin packets every day. 3. If you have small kids in the house, clean all kinds of food leftovers around the house right after the child’s mealtimes. 4. You must dispose off unnecessary cartons, cardboards or piles of papers kept in open. 5. Close all the open areas and holes, which could be acting as the entry point for the rodent. 6. Use rattraps, rat poisons or mothballs if the problem has been identified at a very preliminary stage with only one rat or mouse spotted. However, if your house, office or storehouse is part of a building, shared by others, you must take up a coordinated rodent control approach. If your own measures fail to give the desired results and you continue to see rodent activity around your

surroundings, it is best to hire professional rodent control services. Procrastination may prove fatal.

Rodent Control in Singapore  

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