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Two roommates and one friend, SEAN, JORDAN, and DANNY, are sitting on the back deck of a second story apartments. The deck is sparsely occupied by several camp chairs and there is a glass dish half full of cigarette butts on the ground between the trio. SEAN Fuck you Danny! JORDAN Yeah, fuck you man. All we want is some fucking baking soda cause our fridge smells like ass. DANNY Screw you guys. I already give you enough shit, get your own damn baking soda. You’re using my soap, you’re thawing chicken in my plastic bags, and (pointing at Sean) you’re eating my mom’s brownies. See if I ever invite you to taco night again. SEAN Ah, so you’re going to drop that bomb on me Danny? Whipping out the big guns, eh? I thought we were friends. DANNY Fuck you dude, pullin’ that shit on me. Oh, saw that Katelyn chick by the way. JORDAN Katelyn? Who’s that? DANNY You know, Aubree’s roommate…

SEAN (Interrupting) Was she loud as hell? DANNY Actually no, I was pretty impressed. She talked to me in a normal volume and everything. JORDAN That’s pretty actually very surprising. Every time I hear her talk, it’s like she’s screaming in my ear.


A quick exchange between some friends

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