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October 2012


ANTON KRUPICKA TAKES SECOND PLACE AT THE ULTRA CAVALLS DEL VENT On September 29th our newest BUFF® ambassador Anton Krupicka made podium with a time of 8:49:47. Not even  a  heavy  rain  load  could  stop  Anton  from   wrapping  up  the  race  with  a  second  place  under   his  arm  in  less  than  9  hours.  The  race  started  at   9:00  am  with  temperatures  of  55  degrees.  The   weather  looked  promising,  but  not  even  one  hour   later  it  started  to  rain  right  before  the  runners  hit   the  mountainous  part  of  the  track.     When  the  runners  started  to  get  closer  to  the   highest  point  of  the  loop  they  were  welcomed  by   thick  fog  and  rain  but  luckily  no  wind.  Anton  was   about  ten  minutes  behind  the  first  runner,  but   was  able  to  carry  on  and  end  with  a  tremendous   Cme  resulCng  in  a  2nd  place.


AEer this  exhausCng  race,  on  October  1st,  Anton  made  his  way   out  to  Igualada  and  visited  the  headquarters.  During  that  Cme  he   got  a  tour  of  the  faciliCes,  met  the  team,  and  discussed  with  the   head  of  design  the  details  on  his  customized  line  of  BUFF®   products. On  the  last  day,  the  American  ultra-­‐runner,  was  taken  to   Pedraforca  for  a  video  and  photo  shoot  for  the  BUFF®  Summer   2013  campaign.  Later  that  day  Anton  was  driven  to  Barcelona   where  he  had  numerous  personal  interviews  with  the  press  like:   Trail  Running  Review,  GQ,  Sports  Vicious,  Men’s  Health,  etc,   ending  his  visit  in  Spain  with  this  last  event.

Video BUFF® at Cavalls del Vent 2012. More than 35.000 plays on Youtube and 1.100 on Vimeo 250699


NÚRIA PICAS, BUFF® ATHLETE, THE WORLD CHAMPION ULTRA TRAIL! The catalan  runner,  Núria  Picas,  has   proved  her  talent  and  values  during   this  year  becoming  one  of    the  best   runners  in  the  world  by  winning  the   Ultra  SkyMarathon.

Ultra-­‐Trail World  Champion  Award  of   2012!  This  Cme,  Nuria  had  also  to   fight  with  Anna  Frost,  but  she   demonstrated  once  again  during  all   the  race  to  be  a  great  heroine.  

On September  29th,  Núria  got  one  of   her  greatest  and  well-­‐deserved   victories,  she  made  first  place  at  Ultra   Cavalls  del  Vent  (World  Sky-­‐Running   Series).  AEer  a  hard-­‐fought  race   between  Anna  Frost  and  Emelie   Forsberg,  and  fighCng  against  bad   meteorological  condiCons,  Núria  won   the  first  place  on  the  podium  with  a   Cme  of  10:34:42.

With Course  Des  Templiers,  Núria   finishes  an  excellent  run  season,   having  parCcipated  on  more  than  15   races  and  having  celebrated  great   podiums  as  Kima  Championship,   Ultra  Cavalls  del  Vent  and  the  last   one,  The  Course  Des  Templiers.

But was  on  October  28th,  when   gedng  the  first  posiCon  at  the   Course  Des  Templiers  gave  Nuria  the  


With this  World  Championship  and   with  her  enviable  runner  career  she   would  be  very  proud  of  herself  as  her   sponsor,  Original  BUFF(R)  is.   CongratulaCons  Nuria!

Nuria Picas and Emma Roca (4th) sharing sensations before the race Cavalls del Vent, one month ago.

Nuria Picas

Two of the best Ultra-Trail Runners World Wide BUFF(r) Ambassadors

World Ultra-Trail Champion

Maecenas aliquam maecenas Emma Escriba para introducir textoemma


TANNER HALL AND PHIL CASABON VISIT BARCELONA Tanner Hall and Phil Casabon, two of the best skiers on the BUFF® Freestyle team, were in Barcelona for the premiere of The Education of Style and paid a visit to the BUFF® headquarters in Igualada. BUFF® riders, Hall and Casabon, have been traveling all around the world presenting their latest ski edit, The Education of Style. On October 1st the stop was Barcelona, and from the minute they landed at the airport they were received by the BUFF® team. For the next two days Tanner and Phil spent time with team manager Pako Benguerel, visiting the BUFF® headquarters, enjoying the city of Barcelona, and making an appearance at the premiere of The Education of Style. On the 1st day they got to experience the freestyle life in Barcelona by visiting numerous skating areas and parks. Later that day, they headed out to the headquarters in Igualada to get a tour of the facilities and meet the entire team. They started out visiting the offices, then proceeded to the factory and ended up at the design studio. There, Tanner Hall and the design team talked about the upcoming personal collection that is being created with his collaboration during a brainstorming session. The next day, the premiere took place in La General Surfera, a renowned store in the freestyle industry close to the city center. The event started off with a poster signing session at 7:30 pm. Over 150 signed posters were given away and fans got to take pictures and spend time with the riders. At 8:30 pm the film was presented on a large screen surrounded by an eager crowd ready to see the movie.

Cheering, clapping and gasping viewers watched the edit that lasted for about an hour. After the movie was done, Phil, Tanner and Henrik Harlaut, the 3rd starring rider of the movie, gave away BUFF® products to fans. At the event there were BUFF® logos and products on display, including two large rollups with Tanner and Phil’s pictures, to show brand presence during the edit and the poster signing. The evening ended with a satisfied crowd, a successful event and with both riders happy and pleased with the results of the trip.



B UF U FF® F® FREESTYLE TEAM The BUFF® freestyle team is growing with international stars of the snowboard and ski scene. This is our international team, best know as the BUFF® KINGS CREW.

Born on  October  26th  1983  in   Kalispell  Montana  he  started  skiing  when  he  was  3  years   old  at  Big  Mountain  Resort  out  of  Whitefish.  At  the  age  of   10  he  joined  the  freestyle  ski   team  at  Big  Mountain  which  became  the  starCng  point  on  the  road  that  has  made  him   a  legend  in  the  freeski  world.  

TANNER HALL This Canadian  rider  was  born  in  1989  in  Shawinigan,  Quebec.  He  grew  up  right  next  to   a  ski  resort  and  skied  for  the  first  Cme  at  age  2.  Later  on  he  joined  the  local  race  team   at  age  6  unCl  he  was  11.  Today,  also  known  as  B-­‐Dog,  Casabon  is  a  renowned  rider  in   the  industry  of  freeski.



The Austrian  rider  born  in  1989  stood  in  his  skis  for  the  first  Cme  at  age  3.  He  started   with  ski  racing  and  then  got  into  mogul  skiing,  which  got  him  a  spot  for  the  naConal   team  when  he  was  15  years  old.  When  he  was  16,  he  discovered  freeskiing  and  he  was   instantly  hooked.  “Freeskiing  sets  no  boundaries  to  my  creaCvity.  I  can  totally  express   myself.”  

Keri started  out  as  an  ice-­‐hockey  player.  She  hit  her  first  rail  at  age  21  and  since  then   she  has  taken  the  slopestyle  scene  by  storm  with  X  Games  silvers  and  AFP  podiums.   Herman  now  holds  a  total  of  4  Winter  X  Games  medals:  two  in  Aspen  and  2  from   European  X  Games  in  Tinges,  France.



The Spanish  rider  from  Barcelona,  made  first  snow  trip  was  at  age  4  when  his  parents   rented  a  house  in  Baqueira.  When  he  was  6  years  old  he  started  skiing  and  when  he  was   10  he  began  to  compete.  His  parents  signed  him  up  at  CEVA  (Ski  Club  Vall  d’Aran)  and   soon  he  became  part  of  their  elite  compeCng  team.  He  conCnued  to  be  a  part  of  it  unCl  he   was  14  and  decided  to  give  freeskiing  a  chance.  


Born in  1984  this  snowboarder  from  Barcelona  started  out  snowboarding  in   Grandvalira  (Andorra).  He  defines  his  style  as  “stone”  and  finds  the  perfect   combinaCon  by  loving  powder  in  the  winter  and  park  in  the  summer.  

MARC SALAS This Canadian  freeskier  is  mostly  known  as  a  "rail"   rider.   Many   of   his  films  are  in  the   urban   environment   of   Quebec   City   and   the   surroundings.   He   was   the   first   ever  WX   Street  gold  medalist  and  Real  Snow  bronze  medalist,  both  as  a  rookie  in  2011.

NIC SAUVE Born in  1990  in  Boulder,  Colorado,  Nick  grew  up  racing,  but  soon  he  fell  for  the  more   extreme  side  of  sports.  The  thing  he  enjoys  the  most  about  skiing  is  Jumping:  “Flying   through  the  air  off  a  100  foot  jump  is  the  best  thing  in  the  world”.

NICK MARTINI Noah was  born  in  1992  in  Andorra  and  has  been  skiing   since  he  was  2   years  old.   He   started   freeskiing   at   age   14   and   since   then   it   has   become   a   way   of   life   for   him.   Although  Young,   the  Andorran  rider  has  been  working  with   numerous  US   producCon   companies


Pako Benguerel  is  a   Spanish  rider  and   is  a  known   personality  in  the  world  of   freeski.   This  parCcular   feature   and   his   knowledge  of   the   industry   have   made   him   the  ideal   team  manager  for   BUFF®.  Through   his  advice  the   company  has  been   able  to  thrive  in   the  freestyle  industry  and  made  itself  a  place  in  its  compeCCve  world  of  brands.    


more coming....



FREESTYLE SPONSORED EVENTS DEW TOUR MOUNTAIN Not only  has  BUFF®  achieved  a  fantasCc  team  of  internaConal  riders,  this   season  the  company   is  sponsoring  numerous  freestyle  events  globally  known   in  the  freeski   and  snowboarding  community.  One  of  these  events  is  the  Dew   Tour.  One  of   the  most  renowned   mountain   sports  events  in  the  world,   this   compeCCon  takes  place  in  Breckenridge,   CO   –   Peak   8  on  December   13-­‐16,   2012.   Aqending   are  the  top   Male  &   Female  Snowboarders   &  Freeskiers   in   the   world  along  with  over  40,000  live  aqendees.  The  three  disciplines  of  the   compeCCon  are   Superpipe,  Slopestyle  and  Big  Air.

AIR & STYLE INNSBRUCK BUFF®  will   be   sponsoring   this  major   European   snowboarding   event   which   will   take   place   in   Innsbruck   on   February   1st   2013.   The   contest   was   created   by   Charly   Weger   and   his   snowboard   photographer   friend   Andrew   Hourmont.  They  first  started  the  Air   &  Style  in  Innsbruck  and  expected  only  a   couple  of   hundred   spectators,   but   more   than   a  few   thousand  showed   up.   From  then  on   it’s  become  one  of   the  most   influenCal  snowboard  events  in   the  world.

OUR TEAM WILL BE THERE All the events have a stunning roster, full of talented riders. BUFF® will also take part on the events through our riders. Pleople as Tanner Hall or Keri Hermna will try to reach top positions in their events. We will cheer them to achieve this impressive goal.

TOTAL FIGHT This  BUFF®  sponsored  freeski/snowboarding   event  will  take  place  in   Grandvalira  (Andorra)   from   the   8th   unCl   the   10th   of   March   of   2013.   Total   Fight  is  an  invitaConal  internaConal  compeCCon  directed  to  the  best  riders  in   the   internaConal   scene   who   fight   in   a   baqle   for   the   best   style   in   the   El   Tarter’s   snowpark,   one   of   Europe’s   best   areas   for   freestyle   acCon.   Snowboarders  and  freeskiers  around  the  world  come  to  Grandvalira   to  ride,   shoot,   and   enjoy   Total   Fight’s   atmosphere,   with   parCes,   jibbing   and   the   Andorran/Spanish  unique  riding.


BUFF® SHOP-IN-SHOP SEASON HAS BEGUN We are glad to inform you that Corte

The second BUFF® shop-in-shop is

Inglés, the most important retailer in Spain, has located in la Castellana, the biggest Avenue in given us the chance to manage our own shop- Madrid and one of the richest areas in this city. in-shops in two of their malls in Barcelona and This mall is one of the biggest in Spain and Madrid. We opened them last weekend and here you can find from the most luxurious they will be open for 6 month and have their brands of jewelry, handbags and watches to a own staff.

supermarket, gourmet food area and all the

First BUFF® shop-in-shop is located in kinds of clothing. the city center of Barcelona, in Corte Inglés

BUFF® shop-in-shop in located in 5th

Portal de l’Angel. This area is one of the most floor, where you can find a department of Sport visited for the tourists and the mall is Street wear brands and another one full of specialized in youth fashion and sports.

toys. In this space we have got to show our

BUFF® shop-in-shop is located in 4th floor urban and sport headwear ranges and a and here, the sport departments you can find specific section for children. are mountain, cycling, skiing, fishing, motorcycling, among others. BUFF® sport headwear and apparel is shown in a space of 15m2.






Non Flat News October 2012  
Non Flat News October 2012  

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