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Art and design have always been my passion, but it took until 2006 before I decided to become an artist and a designer. Living in Singapore fueled this passion and I began to experiment with oil colour on canvas, blending Western and Eastern elements resulting in contemporary and colourful paintings of still lives and interiors. When I moved back to Amsterdam I decided to let my original work evolve into a range of cushions. Magnolia and Blossom paintings were not only the inspiration for that first collection, but also provided the foundations for this Origin wallpaper book. These bold, large-scale florals are my signature look and, above all, bring back sweet memories of my years in Asia! People often ask me where I find inspiration; for me the world is a relentless source of ideas. It takes as little as a single encounter with a beautiful object or a striking pattern to trigger my creativity. Reading Sonia Delauney’s biography and exploring her work thus resulted in the creation of the Cubism design. When I paint I follow my instinct, not theory. I hardly ever make sketches, I freely interpret the objects by emphasizing colour and pattern instead. I stir them in my thoughts like a cocktail which I then translate straight onto canvas. What I strive for is to create uplifting designs that will turn any room into a warm, welcoming space. Please enjoy! “Fuel your happiness� Mariska Meijers

Jungle Fever turquoise 356901

Coco Ikat turquoise 356902

Coco Ikat black 356903

Jungle Fever Carre yellow 356904

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Wallpaper collection Mariska Meijers Origin  

Wallpaper collection Mariska Meijers Origin