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Generating XML from TIA Using the Oracle based xGeni System

TIA xGeni This TIA version of the xGeni System is a plug-in for TIA (The Insurance Application). It combines the benefits of the TIA Print System (standard TIA) with the benefit of outputting well-formed XML data streams. xGeni can automatically generate tailored XML data streams from any TIA table or view, without any programming. For more complex extract processes xGeni provides the utilities for creating XML data constructs. One of the main applications of xGeni is to use it to integrate TIA with Adobe Output Server and includes built in processing to achieve this.

Features Oracle 9i System utilising XMLDOM to guarantee well-formed XML data streams. Multi country support (utilising TIA XLA Reference tables and Oracle NLS support). Utilises TIA Reference tables for increased flexibility. Utilises TIA Print System functionality including Standard Letters. Utilises TIA Print System functionality including Standard Letters. Supports any TIA module that generates a print request. Option to create XML data from tables or views without programming. Modular System for creating re-usable data extract routines (where necessary). Daemon program for processing 'on demand' print requests (written in PL/SQL). Batch program for processing 'batch' print requests (written in PL/SQL). Trace and error reporting. Built in support for integrating seamlessly with Adobe Output Server (for document rendering and output control). Works in parallel with TIA Print System (does not interfere with standard processing).

XML Generated Information

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xGeni Data Sheet  
xGeni Data Sheet  

xGeni print solution data sheet.