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Top 10 Salad Houses Boost Your Metabolism!





Hurricane 963 Bloor Street W.

Toronto brings new meaning to the ordinary salad on the side, not only do these places boost your metabolism it gives you a lifestyle change from the core. The organic trend is blooming all across the world and with all these different choices ,you can’t quite understand why you haven’t wiped it up after a great workout to boost your energy. The concept is simple, the taste is raw and the cafes are enriched to keep your heart beating for less instead of more. Count down to the best salad places in Toronto was hands down the simplest surprise I have ever realized, it’s as simple as looking for a car in the local ads. A lot of different choices to keep you wanting more and great way to stick to your healthy diet for the the winter without feeling lazy.

Next stop, Hurricane on Bloor, find it if you dare, its a really off the hook bar that has the greatest Classic Canadian Caesar, that you would possibly have ever tried. The ingredients are as simple as any ordinary Caesar; head lettuce, Bacon bits, croutons, grilled chicken with Italian herbs tossed and cremated in Caesar dressing topped with lemon juice. It’s a mouth full of delight and a mixture of the classical goodness a Caesar offers. I’m a really simple individual with simple taste, I like the original concept of the salad but the grilled Italian chicken strips just give it a better field to the whole concept of just a typical salad. I recommend this for all the individuals who enjoy the simpler things in life and the original taste that people just can’t ignore.

Karbouzi 2048 Avenue Road

Salad King 340 Yonge Street

Freshii 100 Willington Street W.

Feeling something out of the ordinary? The

Freshii is one of the local salad bars that give

dishes and environment, fruits are a must. The mango Salad was one of the most interesting salads I have indulged, it’s quite the experience. Colours invade your eyes when you look at it with bright yellow mango sheds, light green head lettuce, bright red tomatoes on the sides and garnished with light brown crushed nuts and parsley leafs. The sensation that is left on your tongue every bite you take is a glorified combination. I recommend this to any Thai lovers out there that have a little bit of a sweet tooth. Salads don’t always have to be traditional, it’s all about the healthy calories and the less is more concept. I was actually a virgin fruit salad eater, I usually just mix a few types of random fruits and call it a yummy conceptional salad but this just over exceeded my interests and I would go again. The environment is a dimmed moon light glow and it feels like you’ve visit Thailand. The tropical taste gives you a chance to visit cheaper than actually going all the way there, it is one of the best Thai salad bars in the heart of Toronto.

do have their own salad choices yet everyone in there usually enjoy the freedom of choosing what goes in there salads and the comfort it gives them knowing its not anything beyond that. Freshii is open to the world and there target is for any salad lovers out there that actually want to get lost in their own salads on the regular, whether its for a diet, healthy lifestyle or because one of the days in the week they just want to consume a large salad at their convenience. I really liked the environment of the freedom it gives to people who just stick to the lifestyle and or on break with there co-workers. Substituting a salad instead of a cheesy burger is a great way to eat less and gain more in the long run. Learning that was probably the biggest accomplish I received throughout the experience. The lines are usually very packed especially for lunch but the concept of waiting for the good things in life really does apply in this case.


For Greek lovers try Karbouzi, they have Salad King is the place to go, Thai concept you quality and quantity, one of the places that a lot of different types of Greek salads that will leave your taste buds intrigued. The phrase, “Salad on the side” will just be a joke after you saver the amount of healthy greens it contains. The Horiatiki was one of the special salads at Karbouzi, ingredients include: Tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, kalamata olives, feta cheese, olive oil, red wine vinegar, garlic minced, oregano, salt and pepper. The look of the salad is so artistic, with enriched colours that make you want to eat it instead of just pushing it to the side of your plate. I would have to say one of my best Greek salad experiences, the red wine vinegar gave it a very delightful taste in your mouth and the garlic didn’t take over the taste as it usually would. Top it off with just a delightful white wine or spring water with lemon slices and your good to have a great thrill upon your tongue.




Rawlicious 2122 Bloor Street W.

The Beet 2945 Dundas Street W.

Zoe’s Bakery Cafe 548 King Street W.

Rawlicious, sounds as raw as it can be right? Well rest assured, it is one of the strangest experiences you will ever be a part of. The Taco Salad is healthier than you would expect, it consists of; Romaine mix, avocado, salsa, refried beans, sour cream, hot peppers and nacho chips. It’s the healthiest taco salad you will ever encounter, the richness of the avocado, salsa and beans just makes your tongue really prone to the healthy lifestyle. If you don’t enjoy too much of the healthy concept then this is really not where it’s at. It’s quite a different experience and first timers may be discouraged but the more you get into the flow of things you break your habits at a minimum cost and you start appreciating how good the raw world really is. The Olive-Currant- Nut and Seed salad was also a very interesting experience, it consisted of; kalamata olives, currants,pine nuts, pumpkin seeds and hemp seeds on a bed of mixed greens. This salad was a risk taker, I did not enjoy the after taste or the taste over all only because of the bitter taste it would mold in my mouth. I felt as if I was eating a bark tree branch but all I know for sure is that it was the healthiest salad on there menu and to know it was all freshly picked and tossed is better than knowing it was all hanging onto a formation of fatty goods. For the individuals who enjoy the bitter black coffee tastes, I recommend that for the indulging sensation for others stick to a tasty taco salad, it’ll give you the right kind of spice in your life.

On a brighter and more intense health freak sensation The Beet will give you nothing but the best. Everything that is consumed in any meals, salads, smoothies are made fresh and all that’s missing is the dirt that first came with the vegetables. If you enjoy vegan, wheat-free, gluten free indulgence this is perfect. The Farmer’s Harvest contains all of the above, it contains locally grown veggies, Toronto sprout blend, tamari roasted seeds on mixed greens with a choice of dressing. I honestly didn’t taste much in this but the tarty raw taste of grass. I gave it a chance and as should the vegetarians and vegan lifestyle individuals who enjoy knowing that everything comes from where they need it to come from without a doubt of asking a million questions for comfort. The environment is a very petite cafe that has wonderful staff who really believe in their lifestyle. The staff explain everything that you may think you don’t understand with up beat excitement as if we’ve come home to a well balanced diet. The Tofu Caesar was also one of my chooses that consisted of marinated grilled tofu and herbed croutons tossed into a bed of salad greens with a vegan creamy garlic dressing topped with maritime dulse flakes, sunflower sprouts and grated cheese substitute Parmesan with nutritional yeast for a vegan option. The Tofu was hands down the most enriched flavoured tofu I have ever consumed, I have never actually tasted the taste of tofu- I used to think that I didn’t need the taste it was all just about protein intake but surprisingly the tofu tasted very much like chicken. I recommend The Beet to anyone who is up for a rare experience and is obligated to a vegan lifestyle.

Saving the best for last is what I intend on doing and the last but my favourite salad cafe would have to be hands down Zoës Bakery Cafe. The environment has two parts to it a fast food area and a dinning area and the waiters are very consistent regardless of what dinning experience you choose. I choose the Santa Fe Spicy Chicken N’ Black Bean which consisted of garnished with julienne red/green peppers, cheddar, avocado, red onions, cherry tomatoes, marinated artichokes, cucumber, shaved cabbage & carrot ribbons. Topped with sour cream & a tomato salsa (chili dressing) That was the greatest salad I have ever tried and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone and would defiantly go again. This was the one salad I didn’t want to share, the one salad I didn’t even leave a single leaf to die without going into my stomach. The taste was not like any other salad I ever had, I’m usually a picky eater but everything mixed together just gave it a great taste, I didn’t even have time to pick out the veggies I didn’t think I’d like in it. I also tried the Chef ’s salad which had mixed greens, grilled vegetables, grated carrot & red cabbage, beans, sprinkled with goat cheese (balsamic vinaigrette) It had a very similar taste to my Santa Fe favourite but you could saver the different veggies more so than the Santa Fe which made it a typical salad with a kick of course. I would recommend the Chef ’s Salad to anyone who enjoys a change in their life and enjoys to take risks to try different things. This salad is actually not on the menu itself but it is always a different choice that the chef creates.



The salad world was one of the most enriching experiences of my life, I just had an automatic feeling of hitting the gym and accepting the healthy lifestyle that many of us Torontorians indulge in, every single day. Grab a friend and go enjoy yourself with different choices, variety and the freedom to feel light on your feet even after a huge salad bowl.


ARTFOR OURSAKES From Century Logs To Byzantine Roots By Marcus Pidek “When people come to my house they drop their jaw and say, “Wow”. They want to stay and hang out. This is what I want to create in other people’s homes.” Nicole Coulter shares the helm of Harvest House Craftsmen,, with her husband, Peter, as the interior decorator and designer. They custom design and install premium built-in units – from book shelves to complete kitchens. “I’m not talking about just being their shopper. I want people to feel safe, live their lives and enjoy their families. That’s more important than making money. Every time I come home, it feels fresh. I’m happy to be there – it’s my cocoon. In my home, I want people to immediately feel comfortable. I want someone to come into a space that I create and never want to leave. ” “I don’t like matching items. I prefer found items. I’ll recover a chair in cowhide and silver studs and voila – it’s reborn – repurposed into a fabulous piece that the family can enjoy for a long time. I’m OK when I’m creating, if I’m allowed to be creative. I do single rooms, sometimes, but they’re so restrictive, people are stuck on beige.” I offered that they’re probably focused on their resale, down the road, as homes with neutral colours have more mass appeal. “I sold two houses that were turnkey. In one, they didn’t change it, all the colours are still there. In Collingwood the owners were thrilled with the colours and sold it as is.” “I have to connect with the architect or client on the job for it to turn out well. I like to


make people smile and be happy, to be as excited about the project as I am – until they buy something hideous. I’m more interested in design, now, I want to build houses my way. The old houses are built true and strong. The newer ones are cookie cutters, the best buck for the least involvement. I built a home for more, and gorgeous. I’d rather people save up their money and buy well – quality that lasts. Buy Canadian wood. I want to support the Canadian economy and stores and not go to China for product. There is so much self gratification. People will buy a whole apartment of furniture for $2,000 and it’s in the garbage in five years.” Nicole showed me a picture on her phone of a dining set in a furniture store. “All particle board, container shipped. It will off-gas into our environment. They’re all about getting the most for less. I say, do it well or don’t do it. I offered clients a premium kitchen for $30,000. This is top custom work. Our furniture is all solid wood and we build our kitchens like furniture.” “We’re very proud of getting as much of our wood as possible through a green program of

recycling beautiful wood. Some of it is from the old Toronto trees that must be cut down. These are hundred year old trees. Can you imagine the gorgeous grain these mature trees give to our renovations?” Nicole can be contacted at nikcoulter@gmail. com “I create pieces to last, to always be loved.” Hania Kuzbari designs her jewellery as wearable pieces. “Each piece must be different, elegant. I love to feel that something in my work is related to my Jordanian and Syrian roots. Gold is my favorite medium.” The old Syrian culture influenced jewellery techniques and I feel that in my creations. FUTURÉALE


Then the French and British styles had their effects and there is now a blending of these that makes my jewellery special. I don’t like the shiny yellow of gold. I like it more subtle. So, I blend some silver in, I love 18K.” Now, Moroccan art has influenced Paloma Picasso’s jewellery designs for Tiffany.” The Middle East is one culture and shares jewellery styles, generally similar concepts.” Contemporary Collingwood

“I love beauty in everything, even in elegant ceilings – how did they do it? I’m distracted by beauty in all things – jeans, clothes and shoes.” “I used yellow and rose gold in an ornate flexible necklace. I’ve added a period touch of the Victorian era to a piece. I’ll use huge stones and yet a piece can look light because I use minimal settings that totally expose the stone.”

Chalet Whistler

Green, Warm Mod

“All designs speak to me. I can’t just sit and talk to you without absorbing the designs and beauty of the place, the clothing and jewellery of people around me. And I’m always inspired to add touches to elevate that simple beauty. I’m also an interior designer, as well as a goldsmith, and ideas that celebrate unique expression fascinate me.” She plays with gold and precious stones like a Mozart of light and imagery. Her work often incorporates the circle. “Yes, I’m always urged to complete the circle.” “Jewellery should complement the woman, adding beauty to her look and personality. I don’t like many things on a woman. I want a piece of jewellery to give its value in harmony with a woman’s beauty. The piece completes her but only when it fits well as part of the whole. It’s a very personal choice. That’s why I want to know the person first – her sense of fashion and style, her look. Then I can create something beautiful that complements her perfectly.” “Design depends on movement, sometimes you feel this or that. The best part of making a piece is spreading out the stones I choose. I’ll think of each one. I might choose one of many or sometimes add many to one. I can’t make a piece if I don’t have a vision or connection with it. It has to be fun.” Hania can be contacted at:

Chalet Whistler 2 FUTURÉALE



Gabrielle on a love for being a growing actress: Acting is what Gabrielle Miller has loved to do her whole life. Acting has so much potential; each role is always different from the last. Most importantly, she continues to feel challenged so she can grow as an actress. Gabrielle on being a professional Canadian actress: “Acting was something that I was always really drawn to at an early age. I was taking classes in Vancouver at the Peter Breck Academy. One of the nights when the students performed, I met my first agent. I was 17 at the time, and we are still working together today” – Gabrielle TIFF’s Sisters & Brothers: “Sisters & Brothers”, part of the Trilogy of feature films by Award winning Director Carl Bessai, premiered at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival. The two other films are “Mothers & Daughters” and “Fathers & Sons”. The three films stand out as being different as they are completely improvised under Bessai’s direction and guidance.

Gabrielle Miller

Gabrielle Miller is no stranger to Canadian audiences with two leading roles on two of Canada’s hottest television series “Corner Gas” and “Robson Arms”, guest appearances on series including “Frasier” and “NCIS” in addition to sharing the screen with an impressive list of brilliant actors. Moviegoers will now have the opportunity to see this gifted actor on the big screen. Next up for Gabrielle are two feature films “Sisters & Brothers” and “The Guys Who Move Furniture” (working title). She will also be gracing our television screens again in the upcoming season of HBO’s Award Winning television series “Call Me Fitz”. Heralded in the US for her performance in “Trading Christmas” Gabrielle is happy to be playing a variety of roles that are a departure from her role as Lacey on “Corner Gas”.


“Sisters & Brothers” is a comedic yet compelling film about four different relationships between siblings. In one of the four stories, Gabrielle plays Louise, the sister to brother, Jerry, who is played by Ben Ratner (Da Vinci’s City Hall, Last Wedding). Jerry and Louise have a special relationship with one another. Jerry is suffering from schizophrenia so Louise tries to help Jerry in any way she can. Throughout the film we develop a compassionate look at Jerry and Louise as we see their struggles and hope they will succeed. Gabrielle tells of her personal experience of working on “Sisters & Brothers”. “It was a very exciting and scary experience as you just have to dive in. It’s improv, so it’s an uncomfortable place to be at times. I had to work on just allowing myself to just go with it and enjoy the process. It was so different from the way I am used to working on a film. I was so happy to be working with three really incredible people Ben, Carl and Jay Brazeau (Best in Show, Fathers & Sons) who are fine artists that I adore. FUTURÉALE


I really trusted everyone, which is an important ingredient when everything is improvised. You are just there, with your partner. I am very happy that I had this acting experience.” Gabrielle on thoroughly enjoying acting in “Sisters & Brothers”: Gabrielle loved the process of creating a story and a relationship through the meetings she and Ben Ratner had with Carl Bessai to develop the characters and story line. A fan of all of Carl’s previous movies, Gabrielle has always wanted to work with the director. Ben is a truly gifted actor who is incredibly committed and someone that Gabrielle has a lot of respect for. They are also very good friends so they were at ease working together. It was exciting to develop something from scratch. “Improv is an important skill to have. It can benefit your craft whether you are studying or preparing for a role.” Gabrielle’s on her favorite scene from “Sisters & Brothers”: “I particularly love the scene when Jerry first gets back to Louise’s house after I’ve picked him up from the police station and we start playing basketball together. Even though there is not a lot of dialogue in that scene it expressed a lot about Louise and Jerry’s relationship and the tenderness that they have for each other.” – Gabrielle Gabrielle on understanding her character: Having a deep understanding of the numerous characters that Gabrielle plays is important to her. “It is about a process of developing a character, and having an understanding of the person that you have helped create.” By Gabrielle, Ben, and Carl working together, she was able to have the deepest understanding possible of Louise as an individual. Gabrielle says, “It should become as natural as possible. I have to find a way to relate, or understand and have empathy for all of the characters that I play. If you judge them, or do not relate at all, then it would be difficult for me to be truthful to the character.”



Louise’s character does face some challenges. As Gabrielle explains, “Louise is a caregiver and is dealing with a stressful situation with her brother. It is challenging when you love someone so deeply and your focus is making sure that they are all right. You can often forget about taking care of yourself. There is also confusion if the person that you love is struggling with a mental illness if the caregiver is being treated disrespectfully or poorly, whether it is coming from their illness or their addiction. It is something that both characters have to deal with in this film.” “Sisters & Brothers” also stars Cory Monteith (Glee, Monte Carlo), Dustin Milligan (Sharks Night 3D, 90210), Amanda Crew (Charlie St. Cloud, Sex Drive), Camille Sullivan (Shattered, Rookie Blue), Gabrielle Rose (The Sweet Hereafter, Robson Arms, Once Upon A Time) and Kacey Rohl (The Killing, Red Riding Hood). “Sisters & Brothers opens in Toronto at the AMC Theatre at Younge and Dundas and in Vancouver at the Cineplex International Village on March 23rd. LOOKING FORWARD TO Call Me Fitz: HBO’s “Call Me Fitz” is an outrageously funny show about a confident hotshot used car salesman, Richard Fitzpatrick played by Jason Priestley (90210, Scoundrels), who tends to bend the rules. Richard abuses substances and sleeps around with many women. He comes from a humorously dysfunctional family. Richard gets into a terrible and damaging car accident with a customer, Larry, played by Ernie Grunwald (King of the Hill, Weeds). Larry wants to help Richard’s conscious in a positive way, but it is a struggle. Gabrielle Miller plays the role of Melody Gray in the next upcoming season. “My character in “Call Me Fitz” is a whole lot of trouble. It is comedy, which I really love doing. Melody is a very different character than Lacey (from Corner Gas) and a fun role for me to play. The show is fantastic with incredible actors and the writers are amazing. The creator of the show, Sheri Elwood is a dynamic talent. I really loved the whole experience of working on the show. Shooting in Nova Scotia was another huge bonus.”

Call Me Fitz is a one of a kind television show: Jason Priestley’s portrayal of his character, Richard Fitzpatrick is brilliant. “Call Me Fitz” has a cast of characters that you fall in love regardless of their actions even though the series is humorous and dark. “It gets you. Your heart ends up being with Jason. He just does some things that makes you go ‘oh my god! I cannot believe you just did that, and I love you!’ Its awesome.” – Gabrielle LOOK FORWARD TO The Guys Who Move Furniture (working title): “The Guys Who Move Furniture”, directed by Mike Clattenburg (creator of the Trailer Park Boys) is a comedy that stars Will Sasso (The Three Stooges, Mad TV, $#*! My Dad Says), Victor Garber (Alias, Charlie’s Angels), Charles Q. Murphy (Are We There Yet? The Boondocks), Gabriel Hogan (King, Traders),, Jonny Harris (Murdoch Mysteries, Republic of Doyle) and Gabrielle Miller. “The movie is about the lives and struggles of these guys that work at a furniture moving company, and centers around Will Sasso’s character. I play Will’s sister who works at the moving company with all the boys.” Gabrielle felt privileged to be working with such fabulous, hilarious group of men. I just loved working with Mike Clattenburg. I fell in love with the script and had a great time filming it in Halifax.” – Gabrielle Gabrielle cares for Canadian charities: Gabrielle always makes sure that she has time to be involved with charities. Most recently she was in Regina to host an amazing fundraiser that benefited women shelters. They raised over $100,000 in one night. She also took part in this year’s Ottawa fashion week by walking in the UNICEF fashion show. She is involved with various other charities including Vela Microboard Association, which is a charity that helps those with disabilities access opportunities. You can find more information on


Profile: Erica Balon,

aka EGR

By Kayla-Jane Barrie WE LIVE IN A world where art is our oxygen and a blank canvas surrounds our streets. Erica “EGR” Balon is a confident 29-yearold inspiration to painters and street artists across Canada’s multicultural land. EGR, pronounced eager, combines fine art and graffiti styles to achieve a colourful and exceptional portrait on her canvases. “I am inspired by Canada’s diverse cultural and musical influences, as well as creating live art at concerts, festivals and events,” explains EGR. “I believe that art should be accessible, and my work often challenges one’s view of art in public spaces. My main objective is to explore social and political themes, utilizing


figurative and narrative compositions, with an emphasis on determination, empowerment, and hope.” When EGR was 17 she studied Art and Interpretive Illustration at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. In 1998 she started getting involved with editorial illustrations for The Globe and Mail by creating illustrations with simple ink pens. Over the years EGR’s work has matured and now she focuses her fearless designs on large scale murals with aerosol spray, oil paint and ink. “I am drawn to figurative work, with sultry appeal such as Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, and [Amedeo] Modigliani,” said EGR. “However I also am drawn to graffiti artists like Elicser

and David Choe, as well as contemporary artists like Gary Basemen an and Glenn Barr, for the energy and lusty, fantastical moods that their art portrays.” Colour in the art scene is nothing new, but EGR’s work blossoms with a broad colour palette. When she’s not drawing in black and white ink, EGR is expressing her inner thoughts and emotion through a bold stroke of colour. “Colour describes a mood or feeling, or a combination as such, as a narrative story or pattern. Colour can express emotion, both subtle and strong,” said EGR. The drawing board is the beginning for EGR’s art. “It’s where I get my ideas,” explained EGR. By using her distinctive techniques



while painting, she creates daring artwork stimulated by colour, design, and architectural landscapes. EGR’s art has been in various exhibitions including the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) and at the Institute for Contemporary Culture at The Royal Ontario Museum. Her newest piece is a mural from Kensington Market, which is being displayed on video at the AGO’s Young Gallery. EGR’s painted spray cans are available to purchase at the AGO Gift Shop. In the ever-changing world of art EGR’s most memorable moment was back in 2010 when she met Mayor David Miller while painting a mural. “While painting



a collaborative mural with Horus and Roadsworth in Chinatown, the mayor was hosting a 20 minute “makeover” to clean up the area. Although it took us over a week to execute the 200 foot mural which transformed the alley.” Art isn’t only seen in galleries, it’s on the streets and leaving plenty of doors open to Canadian artists. “Say yes to everything that comes your way. Don’t take no for an answer. Be bold. Carve your own path out of life,” advised EGR. EGR’s artwork can be found at www. --rr


Dr WE HAVE ALL HAD THEM. Films rolling in our minds, imagery so vivid when you wake you can’t decipher whether it was real or not. Then there are times when it is so bizarre you can selectively alter the outcome. These are dreams. When you are aware you’re dreaming it is called a lucid dream. According to the Oxford Dictionary a dream is: “a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep”. There are varying degrees of dreams, ranging from adventurous to extremely freighting to sexual. But what do they all mean? For thousands of years philosophers have tried to uncover the reasoning behind dreams but to no avail. There is still not a consensus on why we dream but there are many interpretations of the events. It is thought we dream every night so if you rouse after having one write it down while the experience is still fresh in your memory, then use this guide to the most popular dreams to decide what it means.


1. I’m Naked! Everyone has had this dream. You’re walking to school or work, enjoying the bright sunny day, when you look down and low and behold you are butt naked. You have no idea how this happened because it has never happened before but for some reason putting on clothes in the morning simply slipped your mind. This is a very common dream and is closely associated with our fear of exposure and being judged. Although you may try to cover yourself in the dream, whether that is through finding clothes, hiding behind something, or using your hands, it never quite seems to work. When naked our flaws and insecurities are on display, we have nothing to hide behind. Upon waking from a dream like this, consider what your insecurities are and face them. This more than likely is not physical so much so as emotional. Perhaps you’re worried the new guy at work will take over your position or you merely feel less needed. Evaluate differing aspects of your life at the time and consider what could have triggered this.

2. I’m Lost/Trapped Not knowing the directions or getting lost in a foreign place is common in everyday life, but when it’s in a dream it can be rather terrifying. Often times being lost or trapped in a dream is very cliché. In a lost dream it’s dark, you’re in a forest, or on a darkened street where your subconscious has thrown in some owls for good measure. Although you are walking, or running from those owls, you just can’t seem to get to where you are going. If you are trapped while dreaming it is often in a dark confined place, where breathing quickens, panic sets in, and sweat beads build up along your brow line. These dreams are thought to be the result of having decisional conflicts in real life. Ask yourself what is making you feel lost or trapped in your wakened life and what the scenario in the dream reminds you of.



Dreams 3. Failing a Test Whether you are in school, or have been out for quite some time the anxiety around failing a test stands strong. In this dream you may find yourself sitting at the desk, pen at the ready and noticing the test is in another language. Similarly, you may have studied for hours but when the test is handed out you have no idea what it is on. Although this dream is demonstrated using a test, it can relate to several components within your day to day life. Naturally we want to succeed in all aspects of life, but having this dream insinuates a feeling of scrutiny and not living up to expectations. Also, because you are unable to answer questions in the dream it shows you are unprepared for a challenge. Assess a recent ill-prepared moment and think about how you can do things differently the next time around.



4. My Teeth Have Fallen Out In this dream you smile and one by one each tooth falls out and crumbles, or perhaps you catch your reflection in the mirror and your teeth are black and rotten. Clean, straight teeth play a large part in beauty. Depending on the state of your teeth can impact how others perceive you, as a smile is one of the first things noticed. When you dream your teeth are broken, crooked or falling out it can symbolize a change or loss in a developmental period. Nice teeth often represent a well-kept appearance which is associated with money and therefore power. From this, dreamers who envision themselves without teeth symbolize a lack of power. Question what may be making you feel insecure and vulnerable. Being recently embarrassed or faced with rejection may play into the role of conceiving this dream.

5. Death Whether facing your own demise or seeing a loved one pass away death dreams are always frightening. But dreams involving death may not represent the end at all, but rather the beginning of something new. If you dream of a person’s death consider what qualities they possess that you no longer. Seeing death in this manner may be an indication of the death of a former trait of yours. Witnessing dead bodies in your dream is associated with loss opportunity. To understand why you are having such a dream look back at a time where you may have opted out of something you later regretted. Dealing with the issue firsthand will help to alleviate similar dreams in the future.


6. I’m Being Chased You may be walking alone when you hear footsteps. You glance behind you to see someone, or something, chasing you. Without hesitation you try to bolt; occasionally getting away but often times finding you cannot escape fast enough. Being chased in a dream is the most common dream and is a result of anxiety faced in your waking life. These dreams can leave you feeling defenceless against your pursuer. Next time you find yourself running, stop and turn around. Face the attacker or pursuer to see who is chasing you. Tell it to stop, or even ask why they are following you. Doing so will confront the situation making you realize who you are trying to get away. The figure may represent you and your feelings of jealousy or anger, rejected characteristics of yourself. Something moving toward you means you are becoming more aware of it, and because you are running you are trying to avoid the situation and/or feelings brought on. Consider what is stirring these emotions within you so you no longer feel threatened.

7. I’m Chasing If you find yourself chasing someone in a dream it may be highlighting your ambitions falling short of achievement. Consider what events or circumstances you have been faced with that may have brought on these emotions. Doing so will force you to reconsider your priorities. 8. Flying On the playground everyone wanted this as their superpower, so it is no wonder flying in dreams is often an exhilarating feeling. Considered a lucid dream, having control over your flying represents a situation you recently rose above and conquered. You feel liberated and empowered, very much like you did in your waking life. If you find difficulties in guiding yourself while soaring, or find obstacles, such as trees or wires you need to maneuver around this may portray a lack of power or confidence in your everyday life. Believe in yourself and your accomplishments and soon enough your flying will be effortless.

ha n By Step


9. Falling You’re walking up a hill when all of a sudden your last step plunges you off the side. You’re free falling and there is nothing you can do. Falling in dreams represents the anxieties, insecurities, and instabilities you may feel in your waking life. While free falling, there is nothing to grab onto, nothing that can stop you or help your from hitting the bottom. You are unable to control the situation and therefore have no power, making you feel a sense of failure and inferiority. Think about what may be causing you to feel as if you are losing power and address the situation.

ie Young



The Pursuit of Happiness IT HAS BEEN SAID THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS is a failure waiting to happen. That true happiness doesn’t exist and trying to find it will bring turmoil and sadness. Everyone has his or her own definition of happiness; everyone has an individual perception of what makes them happy and finding that happiness can arrive in many achievable ways. Yet, today no matter where we turn there is news on the troubled economy and health scares. It’s important we remain happy throughout rough times. This may be easier said than done, but here is a list of 20 daily activities to ensure you feel up even when you’re feeling down. 1. Accept yourself. Flaws exist in every aspect of the world, from nature, to objects to people. Learning to love and accept yourself through triumphs and tumults will ultimately boost your self confidence. 2. Happiness is a state of mind. Believe you’re happy, believe in happiness and you will become it. There are many moments that can feel like years, in which life seems to beat us up. Believing you are happy will bring good thoughts, making you feel better. 3. Be with happy people. If there are people in your life who make you happy, stick with them. Increase the positive energy. Make family time more than sitting in front of the TV eating dinner. Have each family member contribute to making it. Valuing the meal and the activity will stimulate conversation. 4. Prioritize. Set your priorities straight to avoid stressful late nights. Keep a calendar updated to see when the next project is due. If your favourite TV programme is on and you have a paper due in the morning, put the programme off for another time. 5. Take care of your health. Stress is a factor in most health-related issues. See a health professional regularly, get your daily fruits and veggies, and try for a balanced lifestyle. 6. Just go. It may have been a while since you peddled to your destination, but during those dry spring evenings grab your bike, and go. You don’t have to have a destination. Hold on to the anticipation of not knowing and enjoy every second. As the saying goes it isn’t about the destination, but the journey taken to get there that matters. FUTURÉALE



7. Find beauty in everyday things. When hearing about serious issues in the world, it is easy to forget about the good that occurs around us. Take a moment and see the beautiful moments, in your city, and in your backyard; the sunset’s glow along the water or the moon glistening on the branches outside of your window. Beauty does exist. Choose not to always focus on the negatives. 8. Be grateful. Find something to be thankful for everyday. Write it down and when you are feeling down, read it. 9. Do something that scares you. Getting your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping feels good after the initial scare. Go skydiving, try a new dish, watch a thriller, or swim out further than you’ve ever gone before. 10. Quit nagging. It’s not only irritating to the person who has to hear but gets you nowhere. Nagging can end up placing stress and resentment into a relationship. When something comes up and needs to be addressed. Choose a calm scenario and explain working together is the best way to solve a solution. 11. Let loose. Listen to your inner child and have fun. Walk in the rain, jump in a puddle, let down your hair. However you want to say it, understand it’s okay to have fun at any age! 12. Don’t beat yourself up over failure. Understand failure happens, and is sometimes inevitable. Accept challenges. If you don’t make it, get back up, try again. 13. Learn from mistakes. There is a lesson in everything we do. Learn from it, and improve. 14. You don’t always have to be a “yes” man. Learn to say no and know why it’s important. Value yourself and your time, as well. By saying no you will begin to understand your worth. 15. Make time for others. Giving back will make you feel better about your life because you are bettering someone else’s. 16. Help a stranger. Hold the door for the person pushing the stroller, offer to buy a coffee for someone short on change, or just offer advice to someone in need. It may be a small gesture but a little goes a long way. 17. Learn to love. Do it with all your heart. Don’t be afraid to take that leap. 18. Forgive. Forgive yourself and others. It can often be a difficult process but “Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one getting burned”. It can even improve your health. 19. Accept changes. Through evolution and revolution, life changes and we need to move with it. Don’t get stuck. Keep swimming. 20. Live in the Moment. Take the time to smell the roses. Don’t always rush through your day, and eventually through your life. Breathe and realize what you have accomplished. Embrace even the smallest moments, because it’s the little pictures that make up the bigger image.

By Stephanie Young 14



FutuRéale Magazine - Toronto - March 2012  

FutuRéale Magazine - Toronto - March 2012