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Newlyweds Shaun and Sarah have newlyweds Evan and Brooke over for dinner. Shaun (Opens door) Come on in, Sarah’s just finishing things up in the kitchen. Brooke I’ll go see if I can help with anything. (walks towards kitchen) Shaun Go right ahead. (Looks to Evan) Hey, Evan is it? Evan Yeah! (Shakes hand) Shaun Good to meet ya. Evan (Shaun leads him towards table) So where are you guys from? Shaun I grew up in a suburb of Detroit and Sarah was right on the border of the city. How long have u guys been here in Bliston? Evan (Arrives at table, eyes the awkward table formation) We just moved in three months ago. Shaun Good to know where not the only new family in town. Evan Yeah, were still getting use to the place too. People seem pretty nice so far though. Shaun Yeah, everyone I’ve ran into seem pretty laid-back. (Sarah and Brooke appear from kitchen with many food dishes.) Let me help you with that dear. Sarah Thanks babe.

Evan (To Brooke) Need any help Brooke? Brooke No, I got it. Evan Ok, Wow everything smells really good! Sarah Thanks! We’ve been preparing it mostly all day Shaun Yup, I just got done grilling the chops bout half hour ago. Evan Oh good, we haven’t had good grilled meat since we’ve moved in here. I do still need to fire up our new grill soon. Shaun Today was my first time using our new grill, felt great! Evan Ya I’m sure

Perfect Newlyweds  
Perfect Newlyweds  

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