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Organic Cat’s Claw Jewelry Organic Earth Jewelry™

Varieties of natural seeds have been used for centuries in the making of artistic jewelry and accessories. In recent years a GREEN revolution has been reintroduced to the world, and we proudly present you with our unique collections of exotic, Eco-friendly Cat’s Claw jewelry. Each of our one-of-a-kind organic Cat’s Claw jewelry pieces has been handcrafted in the heart of the South American rain forest, representing the earthy virtues of the wild. Adorned with acai seeds and exotic dangles, our cache of hand made Cat’s Claw necklaces, bracelets and earrings will be the perfect conversation piece accessory. Discover the fascinating nature of the Amazon Our exotic Cat’s Claw Jewelry is made with organic Cat’s Claw Seeds that have been grown and sustainably harvested in the heart of the South American Amazon. Our cache of Ecofriendly, handmade Earth Jewelry© represents a fierce passion for the wild and all of Mother Nature’s ingredients. Amazingly light weight and stylishly eye-catching, the varieties of colors and styles will be your new favorite jewelry addition. Organic Earth Jewelry™

Organic Cat's Claw Bracelets

Express your free spirit with these vibrantly colored Cat's Claw bracelets - perfect for the spring and summer months! Decorated with various organic seed beads including Acai, Royal Poinciana, Tagua Nut, Young Horse Eye, Wooden and Aztec and Mayan Ayayote seed beads, each piece of Cat's Claw jewelry is a celebration of nature and earth’s living ingredients. Each delicate seed is dried and painted through a delicate, sustainably harvesting process, and is then fashioned by gifted artisans into these stunning jewelry art designs. Our Cat's Claw jewelry has it all: Beauty, charm, confidence and just the right amount of flare. And did we mention that it's handcrafted, organic, great quality and one-of-a-kind? Colorful energy emanates from the brightly painted Cat's Claw seeds, which is accompanied by a variety of organic seed beads and exquisite details. Look no further than our collection of ecofriendly Cat’s Claw earth jewelry. We offer beautiful selections in a variety of colors.

Organic Cat's Claw Bracelets

Cat’s Claw Necklaces

Our breathtaking, organic Cat’s Claw necklaces are made of the exotic seed found in a flowering vine native to the Amazon rain forest. The delicate seeds are dried and painted, formed into a beautiful flower design, then ornamented with a variety of acai seeds and beads, creating elegant dangles. Cat’s Claw has been used for generations for its medicinal properties. Its roots, bark and leaves are grinded into a powder and ingested through capsules, herbs and liquid supplements. Our nature inspired handmade Cat's Claw necklaces link modern jewelry designs with traditional, international artistry to create a beautiful, lasting impression.

Organic Cat’s Claw Necklaces

Cat’s Claw Earrings

These exotic Cat’s Claw earrings are made with organic Cat’s Claw Seeds that have been grown and sustainably harvested in the heart of the South American Amazon. Their name comes from the thorns on the plant's leaves that look like the claws of a cat. Our cache of Eco-friendly, handmade Organic Earth Jewelry™ represents a passionate appreciation for the wild and Mother Nature’s exotic ingredients. Adorned with acai, wooden and other natural seed beads, these striking handmade painted earrings will be the perfect conversation piece accessories.

Organic Cat’s Claw Earrings

The Cat’s Claw is a vine belonging to the Rubiaceae botanical family and grows in the Peruvian rainforest. The seeds derive their name because of their claw-like shape and chocolate brown streaks on their dark brown coat. They have a barrel shape and are pretty uniform in size, about 10 mm tall and 8 mm in diameter.

The Cat’s Claw Seed has been used for generations for its medicinal properties. Its roots, bark and leaves are grinded into a powder and ingested through capsules, herbs and liquid supplements. Known as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, immune-stimulant, anti-mutagenic and anti-viral assets, this amazing seed is applied to patients suffering from leukemia, AIDS, cancer, viral diseases, rheumatoid, arthritis, allergic respiratory diseases, ulcers, gastritis, convalescence and “general sensation of weakness”. The Cat’s Claw jungle vine can grow up to 60 feet, and is found throughout South and Central America. The vine is a pretty pink-flowering annual that grows in desserts and arid uplands. Its sinister common name refers to the seed capsule, which splits open at on end into two curved horns or claws. The Cat’s Claw fresh green pods and dried, black seed capsules were used for food and accessories by Native American tribes of the Southwest United States. The plant was also considered medicinal and to this day is used to treat joint pain and rheumatism. When dry, painted and crafted into our exotic jewelry pieces, the Cat’s Claw seed has a beautiful, striking appearance and bold nature. Cat’s Claw comes from a large perennial—a woody vine—native to the Amazon forest growing up and around trees, reaching up to more than 100 feet high. Adorned with white flowers and elliptical leaves with claw like thorns at the base. The fruits are a flower-shaped capsule containing numerous Cat’s Claw seeds. There are 60 species, harvested sustainably for the bark and woody stem, roots and leaves, which are used in a variety of medicinal purposes. Today the root is not normally harvested because of the damaging effects it has to the tree. The primary product in trade is the stem bark, which, when stripped from the vine, does not interrupt the natural growth and habitat of the plant. By gathering the seeds once they’ve matured and fallen, the production of this plant continues to flourish and survive. Learn More at:

Organic Cat’s Claw Jewelry  

Going GREEN has never been this stylish! These selections of organic Cat's Claw necklaces, earrings and bracelets showcase a creative passio...