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When To Pull the Plug on The Toaster - Hot Dog Toaster _____________________________________________________________________________________ By john - Many years ago, the toaster was an item made of wire that sat on the stove (coal stove or gas range) and you toasted the bread from the heat of the coal stove or with the flame of the gas range. You had to watch this toaster carefully because it required you to turn the bread over to toast the other side. If you did not turn it, then you had a flaming piece of bread on your stove. The toaster has come a very long way since its early humble beginnings. Learn More About Hot Dog Toaster

If all you want the toaster to do is brown your bread, a twelve dollar brand name toaster can do that just fine.Toasters used to come in just white because that was generally the color of the kitchen. The white kitchen was considered antiseptic and clean and the appliances were white for that same reason. Today, you can get your toaster in black, white or stainless steel and any other color in between.

The color of the kitchen has become bolder and so the appliances, such as the toaster, are made in colors to match the kitchen décor.If you know what you want you toaster to do for you, but you are not sure which brand of toaster is the best to accomplish the job, you can check with Consumer Report online and see which they recommend.

I recently needed to buy a toaster and I was ready to spend at least forty dollars for a toaster. Checking with Consumer Reports I found that the one they recommended as their best toaster was only fifteen dollars. I bought it and it is a great toaster made by Hamilton Beach. Look and compare before you buy your toaster to be sure it will do all you want it to do for you.

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