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Baby Mattresses To Eliminate Phthalates And BPA – Organic Baby Mattress _____________________________________________________________________________________

By jone Maark-

Mothers are especially protective over their newborn baby and they want only the best for them. Mothers should do some research when looking at mattress options for the baby. Some moms may want to look at buying organic baby mattresses as an option for their baby. The size of mattress should be checked twice against the size of the baby's crib. Most often both of these are made in a standard size so this should not be much of an issue. That said it might be the case that they do not match, therefore it is wiser to check and be safe rather than sorry. New mothers do not much have time to run up and down to stores to return items that are the wrong size. Learn More About Organic Baby Mattress

Mattresses should fit snugly into the crib. It should be so snug that it is difficult to push a finger between the crib and the mattress. They should be reasonably firm as well. The reason for this is so that their little faces cannot sink into the soft material when and if they are lying on their tummies.

Check the firmness by pushing downwards and see how it bounces back. The less give it has the firmer it is. Foam and coil are equally acceptable, however coil is a little pricier than foam. So the price may be the deciding factor.

Coil and foam kinds are equally SAFE provided the foam is not too soft. If coil is chosen then parents should check how many coils there are. Firmer mattresses generally have more coils. Covers that are multi layered are better as they are more durable. Anti-microbial covers are great as they protect the baby from germs as a result of diaper accidents and in the case of the baby throwing up. These are just some of the things to look out for when buying organic baby mattresses. Moms can then rest assured they have the best option for the baby. Most importantly the little one gets to sleep well.

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Organic baby mattress  

Organic baby mattress