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Bar Counter Stools Can Spice Up the Patio Or Pool Area - Folding Bar Stool _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Henry -

If you are planning to redecorate your patio or pool area you really should consider bar counter stools to add the pizzazz we all hope to achieve with a decorating project. Bistro tables are very much in style and what could be better to put around the table. Stylish, sturdy and weather proof or not for a covered area. Learn More About Folding Bar Stool

Look around your favorite outdoor entertainment area. What is missing? Seating is always a problem during a social event. It doesn't matter if it is an intimate dinner party for 3 or 4 friends, you family or a huge barbecue and pool party. People will eventually need a place to sit to eat, drink and just relax.

It is evident that for stylish decorating a $ 10 folding chair with webbing is probably not what you are looking for. Comfort is key. Bar counter stools come in as large a variety as the customers who purchase them. Outdoor stools can be made of plastic, metal, hardwoods such as teak and upholstered with water resistant fabric if necessary. There are also folding bar counter stools that fold for easy storage between engagements. It all depends on your life style and the purpose of you entertainment areas. Poolside will probably require something like teak, cedar or mahogany for durability in different weather situations. Upholstery for the pool area should be something that will not be adversely affected by water. Many fabrics and fillings will fit into this area. There are woven fabrics, different fiber fills and a wide selection of fabrics and colors.

You may want to swing away from the traditional and get one that looks like a tree stump sitting on legs. Those are available too. They are actually stumps so water proofing has already been done by mother nature. It just depends on the degree of formality you are aiming to achieve. Taller seats are more accommodating than some of the lower chairs. They are easier to get on and off and guests will appreciate that. Bar counter stools are more than just a trend. They have been around for generations and you can still get the red vinyl round stool perched on chrome legs. Art deco, traditional, frilly country upholstery don't even touch on the wide variety of styles and prices. Once you decide to redo your areas you should also decide on color. Some customers like to carry the colors of their home into their furniture. If your home furnishings are all earth tones, you may

want to carry that scheme onto your patio. Other people will choose bright summer colors to give a recreational flavor to the bar counter stools in their pool areas. Personal taste and budget all come into play. A simple stool can be dressed up with an elaborate form of upholstery. What you imagine and what you see will be the total factors in deciding which way you wish to go with your decor.

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