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By Cameron Abel - It is customary for one to clean their house when they are expecting visitors or this can also be a part of one's expected annual clean up. Moreover, it becomes important to have a cleaning space readied up if guests are coming and they require a place to put up their things. This means making sure that all the furnishings in the guest bedroom are quite presentable and that includes the dresser too. What Is Wooden Trash Can

Although wooden items are seen as an apple for everyone's eye, these require adequate care and cleaning, especially the traditional wooden dresser that has a mirror attached to it. It is important to include a bit of time to polish and clean the bureau or dresser so that the house guest feels more at ease and welcomed. It also saves the host from potential embarrassment about keeping a messy house. A bureau scarf can also be used to ensure that the surface is protected. As for the things required for wooden dresser cleaning, the user should get a glass cleaner, wood polish, cotton rags that are clean and lint free, dry cotton towel and a trash can. The first thing that has to be done is to clear of the top of the dresser totally. The items, which don't belong on the dresser, should be discarded to the trash or put away in a shredder or recycle bin.

Things that have to be set back up on the cleaned surface should be kept aside in safe places till the time the job is done perfectly. It is important that the dresser should have as little things kept on it so that the guest could add his or her own with ease. Now, use a dry cotton clean rag and then swab the wooden dresser's surface to make sure that all the thick layers of dirt film and dust bunnies are removed from the top.

The large dirt clumps have to be discarded and thrown into the trash can. Then, cover the wooden surface that is opposite the mirror by using a cotton towel to make sure that the wood is protected from the moisture that would affect the setting. After this, it is the turn of the mirror and for that spray some glass cleaner on it. The manufacturers of the cleaner always keep directions written on the container's back and that have to be followed exactly as they are. The best thing which can be done is to use one of the cleaner cotton rags, fold them into a pad and then gently wipe the mirror in a to and fro motion from the top to bottom. As the cleaning rag becomes dirty, change the material folds so that a clean side is presented to the mirror. This ensures that the dirt does not transfer to other mirror parts. It is crucial that all the area is gone over otherwise some unclean and unclear streaks and spots would be left. After this, replace all the things of the dresser back on top on it and a clean wooden dresser is ready for use.

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