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How Hot Dog Machines Work _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Martin Philip - As customers, we order hot dogs at the ball game or convenience store deli without thinking about how this food is made. In most cases, hot dog machines do the cooking rather than workers performing the task. This traditional concession equipment is now found in fast-food restaurants, at farm markets, and even at the gas station. Different models handle various tasks and some do the unexpected, making them quite interesting to use. Learn More About Hot Dog Machine

Some machines steam the dogs, while others grill them. Customers definitely have their preferences, as anyone can see. The unpopular method of cooking results in dogs being left out for the entire day, warming themselves under heat lamps or on roller mechanisms. Before purchasing a machine to make them, storeowners should poll their customers to learn which cooking method is preferred. Hot dogs may not be the only food these machines prepare. Some also handle breakfast links and large sausages. A convenience store can dabble in breakfast food to see if this idea is popular with customers. If not, the machine can be used to prepare sausage and dogs and keep them warm for the lunch and dinner crowd. A toppings bar that includes warm chili and cheese may help make the dogs more of a crowd-pleaser. Impulse purchases like these are designed for people too busy to cook. A combination cooker and dispenser keeps dogs warm after cooking them and deposits them into a warm bun on demand. This is one of the most interesting pieces of concession equipment. The dogs travel down a steep slope, with the bottom dog ending up in the bun. The bread stays warm in a bun

drawer underneath the dispensing area. Everything is fresh because the first item in is the first item to be served. Another version of this equipment can cook hot dogs while serving them. It steams the dogs and the worker then slides open the door to select a warm, cooked hot dog and warm bun. This 164-dog, 36-bun machine accommodates hot dogs and sausages of any size and stores buns separately to keep everything fresh.

Some people have always dreamed of owning a food cart. Some of these machines are portable and feature an umbrella just like the street vendors have. Each cart holds 60 dogs and 30 buns, using steam to cook the dogs. A miniature cart weighs just 24 pounds and is small enough to fit nearly anywhere.

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