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Organareca’s new invention, eco-friendly dinnerware made out of naturally fallen Areca leaf has turned contemporary obnoxious lifestyle into greener & meaningful

Bangalore June 18, 2014- After years of relentless research, Organ areca has invented most desirable eco-friendly dinnerware, which is made out of naturally shedding Areca leaf and has been considered most innovative steps towards using biodegradable products. The ceremonial launching of this unique tableware has revolutionized the contemporary usage of artificial products and prevents our blue planet from further contamination. Although we came to know about the destructive effect of synthetic materials, which we use in our day to

day to day life, still before a couple of years it was absolutely impossible to give up the same as there were no readily available substation. Wdid

not have any option instead of dinnerware, which is made out of polymers and in a recent research, it was found that polymer takes 1000 years to biodegrade, so you can understand the consequence of using it. Organ areca, the Areca Leaf Plates manufacturers has produced most appealing dinnerware that can be used several times and easily get decomposed in the nature. Areca trees are in abundance in Asian and African countries and after the emergence of disposable dinnerware, this tree has been cultivated vastly. Apart from being the trusted Areca Leaf Suppliers, we manufacture mesmerizing products which are readily available on your disposal. The procedure of making Eco friendly plates, cup, fork and glass follows a simple procedure in which naturally fallen dried leaf has been pressed at 100 degree Celsius temperature which not only provides desired shape but also works as disinfectant. During this procedure no preservative or pesticides are used. This biodegradable dinnerware is sturdy and has an appealing look and able to tolerate heat without getting damaged. From liquid to solid any varieties of food can be served in this eco-friendly dinnerware. It is the perfect choice for keeping the environment green and keeping yourself safe from lifestyle related fatal diseases. Due to wide availability in reasonable price across the county, Areca leaf dinnerware is becoming popular in parties, get-togethers, hotels and restaurants. So, wait no more, make yourself remarkably significant and responsible by using disposable dinnerware today.

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