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01 December 2010 – 31 March 2012 Read more about the project ...

Some news ... Doping prevention at Slovenian high schools with sport departments November 23, 2011 Beginning of November 2011, the Slovenian Junior Ambassadors started their latest activities in the programme »With junior ambassadors against doping« before the final conference of the European project in Innsbruck (13-17 of January 2012). The purpose of the activities is to educate high school athletes about dangers of doping, doping control process, health consequences of doping. One ambassador says: "We already visited 3 Slovenian high schools with sport departments. All together there were 170 athletes included, presentations and workshops were presented by nine different junior ambassadors. This was a very inspiring experience for all." The Young Ambassadors believe that all athletes learned many new things about doping prevention and they are convinced that the peer-to-peer approach is a very promising method to rise awairness within groups of athletes.

Ready for Innsbruck 2012 - Preparation of final event with ambassadors, politics and science November 21, 2011 The partners in the European Anti-Doping Initiative (EADIn) met at a coordination working meeting on November 17 in Frankfurt, Germany and discussed the implementation of the EADIn programme - spreading the antidoping mentality within the structures of the partner organisations and finalised the preparations for final conference in Innsbruck wih the title "EADInn bridge" from January 13-17, 2012. "With junior ambassadors against doping" - Slovenian Olympic Committee November 15, 2011 The Slovenian Olympic Committees (SOC) anti-doping department started together with their junior anti-doping ambassadors the educational project named »With junior ambassadors against doping« in this school year. The purpose of the project is to educate high school athletes about the fight against doping, dangers of doping and give the athletes basic information about doping control process and the List of prohibited substances and methods. Slovenia has around 20 high schools with special departments for athletes. SOC plans to visit them all until the end of January (expecting to reach around 1.500 athletes age 14-18). The Junior ambassadors are educating athletes with the methodology of presentation and workshops, which turned out to be a perfect combination. One Ambassador says: "We are getting excellent feedback and hoping that our lectures will help creating a generation of young athletes, who will train and compete without using prohibited substances or methods." EADIn workshop for FICEP board November 15, 2011 15 representatives from 8 nations did the EADIn Workshop with Pavlina using the Training Tool "sport withouth doping". It was important for all FICEP board members to see that a young person can deal with that kind of “complicated” contents. The Anti-Doping Junior Ambassador Pavlina did an exellent work and motivated the representatives to support the Anti-doping Junior Ambassadors in their own sports organisation. Discussions about drugs and doping, role models and preventive working methods were very fruitful. FICEP is a the international sporting federation for the promotion of education and respect for humanitarian and Christian values. Austrian Athletics - successful Junior Ambassadors November 9, 2011 The Austrian Athletics Federation (ÖLV) organised a three-day seminar with 45 Austrian athletes and 30 Austrian trainers from the 4th – 6th of November in Styria, Austria. The seminar focused on conveying antidoping education to the participants based on the methods which had been developed throughout the European Anti-Doping Initiative (EADIn) since the beginning of the year. A decisive step forward for Austria´s sporting environment, as Mr. Helmut Baudis, Secretary General of the Austrian Athletics Federation, stated: “ I believe that the ´anti-doping´ topic has never been processed as professionally and goal-orientated with young Austrian athletes ever before. The event was of extremely high quality, which was only possible through the support of the EADIn project. Our Anti-doping Junior

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