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Ljubljana, September 25, 2012 Document No.: 315-7-76/12 OLYMPIC COMMITTEE OF SLOVENIA ASSOCIATION OF SPORTS FEDERATIONS Anti-Doping department Disciplinary Commission NAC Celovška 25, 1000 LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIJA Tel..: +386 1 230 60 10 Fax..: +386 1 230 60 11

NEWS RELEASE Hearing Panel of the Disciplinary Commission NAC Imposes Sanction on Slovenian Athlete, Boštjan Buč, For Anti-Doping Rule Violation The NOC Anti-Doping Department announced today that the hearing panel of the Disciplinary Commission has issued a decision after the completed hearing of September 11, 2012 finding that Boštjan Buč, Slovenian sportsman in athletics, has committed an anti-doping rule violation and has received a one-year suspension for the offence. Buč is listed in the National Registered Testing Pool (NRTP), which consists of selected group of athletes being subject to certain whereabouts requirements in order to be located for testing carried out by the NOC Anti-Doping Department. Mr. Buč failed to comply with the whereabouts requirements and, as a result, accrued three Whereabouts Failures within 18-months period. Under the NAC Anti-Doping Rules and in accordance with the International Standards for testing, the combination of three Whereabouts Failures within a 18-months period constitutes a rule violation. A Whereabouts Failure for NRTP athletes includes failure to provide required quarterly whereabouts filings and/or failure to be available for testing due to inaccurate or incomplete information provided by the athlete. Mr. Buč's one-year period of ineligibility began on September 21, 2012 i.e., with the date when the Disciplinary Commission of NAC has issued their decision. A written explanation to this decision shall be issued by the hearing panel of the Disciplinary Commission of the NAC within 10 days.

Janko Dvoršak Head of Anti-Doping Department Olympic Committee of Slovenia

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