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Volume 3

Founder/Editor-in-Chief Ezzah Rafique

Design & Layout Director Mohja Filfil

Communications Director Iman Tanzeem

Social Media Director Sofi Murillo

Contributors in this Issue Alexa Harvey, Arianna Kharizz, Bella Durante, Brianna Cardis, Camila Camacho, Charlotte Floberg, Dominic Di Palermo, Dylan Nelson, Elizabeth Watkins, Galib Rahman, Isabel Dowell, Izzy Blunt, Jenna Partsch, Jessy Perez-Perez, Kylee Kent, Laith Alnatour, Leroy Wright, Mohamed Aqueel, Nathalie Rodriguez, Omar Arroyo, Orchee Sorker, Paul Lee, Samantha Billotte, Samara Hasic, Nicole & Rachel Swann, Tyra Gathers, Victoria Jolley, and Xime Paola Tapia Medina

FRONT COVER: Galib Rahman (Photographer) BACK COVER: Samantha Billotte (Photographer) and Donae Allen (Model)

ORENDA MEDIA www.theorendamedia.com

SUBMISSIONS orendamediainfo@gmail.com

A LETTER FROM THE EDITOR For this month, creatives were asked to submit any work they wished to publish. This was to give people more time to focus on our December theme, About Time. By setting an open theme, creatives were given the opportunity to publish their work they believed was editorial-worthy. ORENDA Magazine was created with the intent of giving creative-oriented people a new platform with more opportunities. I want to thank our team for helping us grow so much in the past few months and if there are more people who wish to join the ORENDA team, please shoot us an email!

Ezzah Rafique Founder/Editor-in-Chief




Elena Katan Photographer Galib Rahman @engineering_is_life

The Fall from Heaven

Photographer Bella Durante @bellarosedurante

Models Anjali Pydishetty @anjalipydishetty Emily Kelly @emily.kaya

Nights in Chinatown Photographer Arianna Kharizz @photobykharizz

Model Anita @axgrz

Falling For You

Photographer Elizabeth Watkins @_elizabeth.w.photography_

Model Emma Crawford

Flower Child

Model Malina Pawloski @malinapawloski

Photographer Isabel Dowell @isabelelisephoto

Crew Emalee Godard @emaleegodardphotography

Expensive Fate Photographer Samantha Billotte @sambillotte

Model Donae Allen @donaeallen


Photographer Mohamed Aqueel Ambaram @_mohamed_aqueel_photography_

Model Quanita @_niiita_147

Crew Make-up (Quanita & Taquisha) Hair (@_hair.technique_)

Photographer Mohamed Aqueel Ambaram @_mohamed_aqueel_photography_

Crew Make-up (Quanita & Taquisha) Hair (@_hair.technique_)

Model Quanita @_niiita_147 Mohamed Aqueel @_mohamed_aqueel_

Photographer Mohamed Aqueel Ambaram @_mohamed_aqueel_photography_

Crew Make-up (Quanita & Taquisha) Hair (@_hair.technique_)

Crew Make-up (Quanita & Taquisha) Hair (@_hair.technique_)

Photographer Mohamed Aqueel Ambaram @_mohamed_aqueel_photography_

Model Zayaan @zayaan.essak Taquisha @taquisha.valla

Photographer & Model Jessy Perez-Perez @jessyperezperez

Who Is It?

Season of the Witches

Photographer & Model Jessy Perez-Perez @jessyperezperez

Air of Outsiders

Nicole & Rachel Swann

Entre flores, colores, sabores y olores, recordamos a quienes ya no estรกn

Photographer Ximena Paola Tapia Medina @foto.ximetapia

Crew Valeria Tapia Medina @vale_tapia18 Alejandro Tapia Medina @alextapmed1

Photographer Samra Hasić @samrathephotographer

Young & Powerful


Photographer Jenna Partsch @Photography_jpp

Model Mari Lederman @Mari.Lederman

Model Nick Pitirri @Nick_5693

Models Brynn Calvert, Madi Nabb, and Angie Herrera @brynn.calvert, @maddie.naab, @angieherrera05

Models Mari Lederman @mari.Lederman

Photographer Laith Alnatour @jessyperezperez

Keep the Faith

Model Daniel Matthew @rush.ahead

Photographer Laith Alnatour @jessyperezperez

Model Paul Golding Jr @paulstaylow

Legends Never Die

aglimpseofnat Photographer Nathalie Rodriguez @aglimpseofnat

Model Zendaya Taylor @zendayyuuh

Model Daisy Marquez @uniquee_flower

Women = Beauty

Photographer & Model Kylee Kent @ky_._photography

Model Madeline @madeline_otero

On Track

Photographer Orchee Sorker @orchees_photos

Model Jase Cooper @jase.cooper18

Model Aarna Mehta

Vivid Dreams

The Beauty in Reality

Photographer Paul Lee paul.lee.19

Models Holden: @holdenlubin Jaden: @ja_kenzo0

CADERE Photographer Leroy Wright @Lune_Photography

Model @millll___

Photographer Izzy Blunt @pige0nnphotos

Silhouettes on the Ceiling

Photographer Dylan Nelson @photosbydylan1

Model Jacie Stigler @sunnydayjay_

Fall Festivities Photographer Charlotte Floberg @Charlotteflophotography

Model Bella @bellamonteleone

Violated Photographer Camila Camacho @oldiescami

Photographer Dominic Di Palermo @domdipalermo

Model Ayden Signorella @allerongis

Shadows of success

My Different Versions

Model @omarjr_official


Photographer Brianna Cardis @Brianna_cardis Model Emily Ihrabi

Photographer Alexa Harvey @ahlvphotos

Model Gabriella Harvey @gabirharvey


Model Delaney Carlson @delaneypage4

Photographer Tyra Gathers @tyragphotography

Model @paige_melissa

Capturing Change

Photographer Victoria Jolley @vickies.photographs

Model @halle_j_crooker


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VOL. 3