ORENDA Magazine Vol. 2 Issue #1

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Vol. 2

Breaking Boundaries Edition

Founder/Editor-in-Chief Ezzah Rafique Design & Layout Director Mohja Filfil

Communications Director Iman Tanzeem

Social Media Director Sofi Murillo

Contributors in this Issue Jenna Neves, Ahmed Khan, Alessandra Esquivel, Bella Durante, Camila Camacho, Charlotte Floberg, Conner Jackson, Dominic Di Palermo, Emma Garibian, Emma Rose Brown, EtheriĂŠ, Hannah Ryan, Isabel Dowell, Izzy Blunt, Jamal Bonaparte Jessy Perez-Perez, Kylee Kent, Leroy Wright, Lilli Friedman, Logan Rundell, Nicole & Rachel Swann, Orchee Sorker, Paul Lee, S Leilani, Samantha Billotte, Tequila Hellend, Tom Nethersole, Tristen Rothrum, Victoria Jolley, Ximena Paola Tapia Medina

FRONT & BACK COVER: Ahmed Khan (Photographer) with Maab Ch, Wadeea Ch, & Mariam Ch (Models)

ORENDA MEDIA www.theorendamedia.com

SUBMISSIONS orendamediainfo@gmail.com

A LETTER FROM THE EDITOR For the month of October, ORENDA MEDIA wanted to challenge creatives to submit work based upon a theme: Breaking Boundaries. We asked our team creatives and our social media to submit a series of work based upon their interpretation of what "Breaking Boundaries" means to them. We received a lot of incredible work ranging from breaking societal stereotypes to personal challenges that are faced daily. Thank you so much for all of the support we have received! We've learned a ton from our first magazine and we have a lot to learn and grow from so if there's anything you'd like to see in the magazine or any questions, comments, or concerns please email us at orendamediainfo@gmail.com. I sincerely hope you enjoy this month's volume! To view the meaning behind each creative's work, visit theorendamedia.com.

Ezzah Rafique Founder/Editor-in-Chief




Corporate Culture

Photographer Ahmed Khan @_vemodalenphotography

Models Maab Ch @maabch Wadeea Ch @wadeeach Mariam Ch @mariaammch

Girls Will Be Boys Photographer Logan Rundell @loganrundell Models Mia Lewis @loogiespitter Alyssa Rundell @alyssarundell Kassidy Layne @kassidyyylayne Kerby Warnock @keerbstomp

Cutting Free

Photographer & Model Jessy Perez-Perez @jessyperezperez

Photographer Samantha Billotte @sambillotte

Model Madi Forbes @madi_forbes

Pushing Through



Photographer Kylee Kent @ky_._photography

Model Hope Reeves @hope_reeves47


Photographer Izzy Blunt @pige0nnphotos MUA's TAHIRA @tahirasohailmakeup DALINE @divalinmadu Models LANA @swimdeeplana IMOGEN @imogen_schofield_ JAKE @jakey_jean_genie KIERAN @keitea8 RYAN @brennan.wav

Art is meant to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable

Digital Artist Tristen Rothrum @Tristen2945

OUT OF BOUNDS Photographer Tequila Helland @tequila.helland.photo

Model Noel Royer @noelroyer

ARE YOU OK? Photographer Dominic Di Palermo @domdipalermo

Breaking Gender Norms

Photographer Camila Camacho @oldiescami Model @tessmitchell12

Photographer Camila Camacho @oldiescami

Model @rohail.jaf

Photographer Emma Rose Brown @preacherspic



Model Robert Baxter

Digital Artist Tom Nethersole @tomnether

Breaking the Boundaries of Societal Norms Photographer Bella Durante @bellarosedurante

Model @victoria.rossii

Models @itslivmarino & @isaiahet72

Photographer Lilli Friedman @friedman.photos

Model @jordanmxo


Photographer Jamal Bonaparte @jamalshootstoo

Asst. JP Carina @jp.vzzn Sonja Edel @sonja_edel


Revolutionary Red

Photographer Orchee Sorker @orchees_photo

Model Tanishi Sorker

Photographer Paul Lee @paul.lee.19

Model Jason @jason_lee_27nj



Photographer Xime Paola Tapia Medina @foto.ximetapia

Models Valeria Tapia Medina @vale_tapia18 Ivana Ramirez @i_rhx Jessica Jimenez @jess.jimenezr Jesse Garcia @jesse.ges

Photographer Nicole & Rachel Swann @swann.lane

Fashion Boundaries & Gender Norms

Photographer Charlotte Floberg @charlotteflophotography

Models Quinn @_quinnholmes Isabella @bewuhh

Assist. Alexis @alexis.Laura.Jean Maddie @madeleineapple

Photographer Emma Garibian @emthroughalens

Model Amanda @_amandapagan

Photographer Emma Garibian @emthroughalens

Model Rye @ryecaraway

Photographer Leroy Wright @Lune_Photography

Model Kri

My Boundaries Photographer Isabel Dowell @isabelelisephoto

Model Savanna Klear @klearlysav

Crew Emalee Godard @emaleegodardphoto Malina Pawloski @malinapawloski

REBORN IN THE ASHES Model Hannah Ryan @han_renee99

Photographer Alessandra Esquivel @my_famephotography

Model @franchescae22

Photographer & Model Victoria Jolley @vickies.photographs


Photographer Ezzah Rafique @ezzahphotography Model Sarrinah Rafique & Hiba Sheikh


Model Katie Bork @katielicious

Photographer Conner Jackson @connerjphoto


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