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Oren Alexander Shares His Recipe for Success The young real estate broker who is breaking records and continuing to be the talk of the town is an anomaly in today’s industry. His vision and ability to crack the trophy market were sealed with a multi-million dollar deal in Miami and his reputation continues with a new listing in New Jersey for $49 million. Is there a true recipe for success that others can emulate to achieve Oren Alexander’s impressive status? It seems that a formula can be found from understanding a bit about his story and background. As a residential developer, Oren’s father influenced his son from an early age, engaging him in the excitement of architecture and construction. While his young friends were doing other things, Oren began absorbing information. Real estate was a powerful interest for the budding entrepreneur. He graduated from the University of Colorado and then moved to New York to start working in the industry. Oren thought he would begin like every other novice, signing with a development firm and growing from there. He entered the profession in 2008 when industry was experiencing its great lows, and almost immediately was introduced to Howard Lorber, the chairman of Douglas Elliman. He informed Oren that real estate brokers work on commission, whereby Oren became an independent contractor.

It was a slow beginning for Oren, but when he sold his first major listing at 21 everything changed. He began to get credibility from the sale, which made him realize he wanted to focus his energies on the market’s upper 5 percent. Oren says that it often takes desperation to become successful. Once he began to see how to make it in the business, he created The Alexander Group with his brother Tal, and today the company boasts its latest trophy market listing in New Jersey for $49 million. In his personal recipe for success, we see a young man who begins his day with yoga or running. Then, with stunning purpose and intention he takes the rest of the day to lunch with clients and continue with meetings and showings into the evening. Dinners and late night parties merge his passion for engaging with people and making deals, and he uses his energy to combine the two to the best advantage. Oren has also perfectly chosen his mentor in Howard Lorber. Speaking with him daily, he has the finest of coaches, which is key to success for anyone who is smart enough to recognize true wisdom and power. Through Lorber, Oren has learned to see the big picture and not get caught up in the small stuff. Cutting to the chase and not wasting time is another element of what keeps this young mogul completely on track. The Alexander Group is responsible for properties in New York, the Hamptons, Miami, Aspen, Tel Aviv and is now making liaisons with powerful companies in the UK and Hong Kong. Oren is also partnering with his father to create original trophy homes for clients looking for more than the exceptional. Â

Oren alexander shares his recipe for success  

Oren Alexander Shares His Recipe for Success.

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