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September 28, 2013 Sunriver, Oregon



CALL TO ORDER – President Eva Sanders


INVOCATION – Don Robertson








PRESIDENT’S REPORT – Eva Sanders A. Introduction of Guests



VIII. EXECUTIVE OFFICER’S REPORT – John Wallace, Chief Executive Officer IX.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORT – Eva Sanders A. Finance Review Committee – Dave Koch, Chair B. Actions of Executive Committee since last meeting – Eva Sanders (p. 10) C. 2014 Strategic Plan (p. 11-15) D. Consolidated Financial Statements (p. 16-24) E. Protect Oregon Homes & Measure 79 Report (p. 25)


ELECTIONS – Joann Hansen, Elections Committee Chair A. OAR Special Election Ratification - 2013 President-elect B. Report on Elections of Districts Vice Presidents – Joann Hansen C. Elections of NAR Directors & Large Board Directors (pp. 26-53)


KEY COMMITTEE REPORTS A. Business Issues – Randy Hoffine, Chair (p. 54-55) B. Government Affairs – Amy Graham, Chair (p. 56 ) C. Political Affairs – Kim Heddinger, Chair (p. 57) D. Professional Development – Robin Risley, Chair (p. 58)


SPECIAL COMMITTEE REPORTS A. ORPAC/RPAC – Alan Mehrwein, Chair (p. 59) B. Elections Committee – Joann Hansen C. My REALTOR® Party – Jim Wilcox (p. 60) D. Legal Action – John Zupan E. Professional Standards – Deana Doney (p. 61) F. ROTY – John Zupan G. Association Executives Forum – Tina Grimes

XIII. OREF REPORT – David Sly (p.) XIV. Oregon REALTORS® Plaza, LLC Report – John Wallace A. B.


Vacancy Report Refinance of Plaza, LLC mortgage

HOME FOUNDATION REPORT – Debbie Price (p. 62)



Next Board of Directors Meeting – April 25, 2014, Salem, Oregon Other



OREGON ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® BOARD OF DIRECTORS April 19, 2013 Salem Oregon MINUTES CALL TO ORDER Eva Sanders, President, called the regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors to order at 9:30 a.m. A quorum was present. (Attendance record on file.) President Sanders introduced the head table. District 5 VP Debra Gisriel gave the Invocation. Past President John Hoops led INVOCATION AND PLEDGE OF the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. ALLEGIANCE APPROVAL OF MINUTES

The minutes of October 19, 2012 were approved as distributed.


President Sanders asked if anyone had any item they wished to have removed from the Consent Agenda for further discussion. One additional handout was given to include with the Consent Agenda by CEO John Wallace; Profit & Loss Budget for Fall Convention & Governance Meetings. MOTION MADE, SECONDED and CARRIED to approve the Consent Agenda.


President Sanders welcomed the Directors and introduced guests attending the meeting; Auditor Ed O’Hanlon for the firm of Bottaini, Gallucci and O’Hanlon, Karl Eckhart, NAR, and Gene Bentley, Oregon Real Estate Commissioner. President Sanders recognized 2013 Distinguished Service Award recipients Byron Hendricks & Jim Wilcox. Recognition was given to local Board Presidents, Executive Officers, State Past Presidents, NAR Directors, Executive Committee, District Vice Presidents and Key & Special Committee Chairs. President Sanders noted the increase involvement with RPAC investors, with special note of Major Investors, $1,000+. Roses were presented to those at this level, with other flowers presented for different levels of investment. As a special thank you, Major Investors received a plated lunch at the meeting. President Sanders reviewed the Board meeting rules. Commissioner Gene Bentley was introduced and gave an update for the Oregon Real Estate Agency. Bentley reported on the consolidation of IT, Licensing and Advertising to form the new Business Services. In the Regulatory Division, property management issues and unlicensed transactions are being addressed. The recent Dos and Don’ts seminar, held in conjunction with the OREA Board meeting, was well received and helped up the face of the agency with the public. The next Board of Directors meeting for OREA will be held June 3, 2013 in Pendleton. 3

Bentley reported that revised education guidelines are being formed that address qualifications, tasks and priorities. New test questions for each category on the website were being designed. Advance practices required for new brokers went into effect January 1, 2013. CE materials are currently being uploaded for CE records, with a goal of providing within the next few months. The agency is tracking 74 bills in the Oregon legislature. HB 50-45 that includes OREA would bring the annual budget to $7,121,000, down from $8 million. The agency is anticipating under budget of $1,375 million by June 30, in part because of not filling positions and living on what is made. Bentley finished his report by asking what could be done better. CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER’S REPORT

Wallace presented information on OAR Membership that shows a progressive and positive turn upward. As of this date, OAR membership is 12,331. Wallace announced staff members earning certification awards recently: Paul Rainey, Director of Public Policy, RCE (REALTOR® Certified Executive), and Jenny Pakula, Vice President Legal Affairs & Business Development, CAE (Certified Association Executive). Wallace announced that while the Oregon REALTORS® Plaza has lost two tenants in the past year, a new tenant lease has been signed for the 3rd floor of the building with RE/Max Integrity, moving in May 1, 2013. OAR offices would now be located on the second floor for the Plaza, Suite 230, with a training room being built for future rental usage. The Oregon Association of REALTORS® Plaza will have no advertising on the building other than the Association.


President-elect Bob McClung announced it was a pleasure to handoff his role as Finance Committee Review Chair to this years’ Chair, Dave Koch, who will report following the Audit Report. Ed O’Hanlon of Bottaini, Gallucci & O’Hanlon, P.C. presented the Audited Financials for 2012. O’Hanlon described the audit process and results of consolidated financial statements ending December 2011 and 2012. Oregon Association of REALTORS® was given the highest possible review with a clean report. O’Hanlon noted that OAR held a strong balance sheet with compliance to bills paid on time and reported correctly. Expenses were consistent with operations, and cash flows accurately showed how funds were spent. There were no issues with debts, dues or receivables. OAR has FDIC insured cash balances with low risks on investments. Expected increases to revenue will come from OREF and new leases in the Plaza Building for 2013. There are no differences in opinion of the audit. MOTION MADE, SECONDED AND CARRIED: to accept the 2012 Audit Report as presented. 4



Finance Review Chairman, Dave Koch presented the Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual for 2012. Net income for 2012 was under budget by only $16,377, 98% of expected. The Variance Report shows low YTD events, but good return on OREF and investments. Higher costs with catering and credit card fees were noted. Transition in staffing reflected the higher professional service costs and lower staff allocation expenses. Koch reported that YTD budget was close to projection for 2012. Following a rousing REALTOR速 Rally at the Capitol video, compiled from April 4th event in Salem, CEO John Wallace reported that REALTORS速 again have a challenge to face with the Mortgage Interest Deduction discussed currently with the state legislature. Paul Rainey presented information on recent issues being tracked in Oregon House and Senate bills this session. Among these issues were tax packages and MID, with opposition from business industry and lobbyists, with REALTORS速 taking the lead. Call to Action emails are being sent to 35,000 consumers, relayed to local offices, and phone calls targeted to key legislators with support from NAR.


Term Limit Task Force Committee Chair John Hoops recognized the committee members and reported on meetings held to discuss the issue. Along with the points in the handout given, Hoops shared ideas from the committee on increasing involvement with members and interest in serving on committees. MOTION MADE, SECONDED AND CARRIED: to approve the recommendation of the Term Limit Task Force that no action be taken to implement term limits at this time.

LEGAL HOTLINE President Eva Sanders reported that the Legal Hotline Task Force had met by conference call with members representing the entire state. They discussed TASK FORCE changing the legal hotline to non-subscribers as a free service. The committee REPORT felt that the Legal Hotline already provided a service as a benefit value for members paying the $125/year. Access concerns if opened for free, brokers seeking legal advice outside agency policies, and available resources to maintain the hotline service were factors in making the recommendation that the Legal Hotline remain as a fee service, and all designated brokers be notified when their broker has signed up for the service. By verbal agreement, the BOD approved the recommendation from the Legal Hotline Task Force Committee. ROTY POLICY REVISION

ROTY Special Committee Chairman, John Zupan presented reasons for the proposed additions to the Statement of Purpose committee selection criteria for ROTY and DSA. A longer period of time to show relevant information from ROTY candidates for consistent evaluation, and inclusion of RPAC involvement as part of the REALTOR速 Spirit category on the nomination form was the recommendation from the ROTY committee. 5

MOTION MADE, SECONDED AND CARRIED: to include the following ROTY Committee Statement of Organization and Purpose, under Purpose, bullet one, add “To obtain more consistency in the submission of materials, resulting in evaluation formats providing current and relevant criteria for the selection process, ROTY application review of service will (1) include the most current 7 years period of time, and (2) include RPAC involvement as part of the REALTOR® Spirit category on the nomination form.” FALL CONVENTION, TRADE SHOW AND GOVERNANCE MEETINGS

Vice President of Legal Affairs and Business Development, Jenny Pakula, presented information on the Fall Convention, Trade Show and Governance Meetings planned for September 25-28 at Sunriver Resort. A broad range of educational programs, trade show offerings and special events are planned. Pakula highlighted the RPAC Golf Tournament Sept. 25, OAR President Installation Dinner with Casino Night Sept. 26, and a Carnival Night Sept. 27. Registrations on this day for Fall Convention would provide $10 off regular price. Becoming a Major Investor on this day results in attending the Fall Convention for free. The budget for Fall Convention was presented that shows the possibility of having revenues from registrations, sponsorships and trade show booths covering expenses for the event.

Election Committee Chairman, Joann Hansen, introduced Amy Graham and ELECTION: 2014 PRESIDENT- Colin Mullane, candidates for 2014 President-elect. Each candidate spoke to the BOD for five minutes. Ballots were voted. ELECT Colin Mullane was elected to the position of 2014 President-elect, to serve as 2015 President. DISTRICT VICE PRESIDENT ELECTIONS

Recognition was given by Elections Committee Chairman Hansen to the newlyelected District Vice Presidents serving for 2014 and 2015: District 1, Garett Chadney; District 2, Sue Curths; and District 5, Michael Aid.


Business Issues Key Committee Chairman Randy Hoffine reported on three action items following the meeting at Spring Governance: Safe Act Task Force to track seller financing; Buyer Agency Task Force; and recommendations on Real Estate Agency forms. Government Affairs Key Committee Chairman Amy Graham reported that the committee is tracking 369 bills in the current legislative session; 160 of these business and tax issues alone. Political Affairs Key Committee Chairman Kim Heddinger reported on a new website with Protect Oregon Homes in opposition to political efforts to limit or eliminate the mortgage interest deduction. Over 80 legislators were contacted with REALTOR® Rally at the Capitol. Work is being done to increase participation with the Broker Involvement Program. 6

Professional Development Key Committee Chairman Robin Risley reported on progress with the Education Strategic Plan, with the conclusion from the Task Force to continue offering educational programs for our members. Webinars continue to generate revenue and provide positive reviews. ORPAC/RPAC Chairman Alan Mehrwein thanked the BOD for their RPAC investment support, with a report that OAR is THE organization that helps homeowners; get the message out. RPAC investments have increased with March 2012 showing $77,562, while March 2013 shows $99,883. OAR’s goal with Major Investors this year was 26. For 2012 we had 14. At the start of Spring Governance we had 23. Mehrwein was proud to announce that at this time we have 35 Major Investors from OAR. Mehrwein announced that OAR added its fifth NAR RPAC Hall of Fame recipient and introduced Pat Kaplan. Acknowledgement was given to Kaplan for her continued involvement and dedication with RPAC. All other committees submitted reports in the Director Packets. OREF REPORT

OREF Chairman David Sly reported that on September 30, 2013 printed forms will be phased out. OREF has been monitoring copyright violations with 20 letters sent to individuals recently. Contract renewal discussions with ZipFormÂŽ are taking place, and OREF is poised to have another productive year.


HOME Foundation Chairman Debbie Price reported on the successful efforts of fundraising events that brought over $100,000 last year. Because of this success, 14 nonprofit organizations in Oregon received funding. Upcoming events include the Driving it Home Golf Tournament July 18 at Langdon Farms, and Taste of Portland September 19 at The Oregon Golf Club.


Region 12 RVP-elect, Rick Harris reported on a successful Region 12 Annual Conference and ReThink event held earlier this year in Portland. It was announced that Seattle was selected as the location for the 2014 Region 12 Annual Conference. Harris reminded members of Mid-Year Meetings in Washington, D.C. and the importance of lobbying for NAR issues.


Karl Eckhart, NAR Political Representative reported on Oregon reflecting National trends with housing inventory down and prices becoming more stable. Eckhart reported on fees and taxes being in government thoughts, and encouraged members to get involved with issues such as MID that help homeowners. Eckhart encouraged inviting legislators to sales meetings and local board meetings where issues are discussed.


No new business came to the floor. 7


Next Board of Directors meeting will take place at Sunriver Resort on Saturday, September 28, 2013, starting at 8:30 a.m.


There being no further business, this meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.





Approval of 2013 Key and Special Committee Appointments accepted since BOD report of April 19, 2013. (Rosters provided at check-in)


Receipt of all filed and oral reports without action items.


OREGON ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORT TO THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS SEPTEMBER 28, 2013 The 2013 Oregon REALTORS® Executive Committee has taken the following actions since the last meeting of the Board of Directors on April 19, 2013: •

Accepted the resignation of President-Elect Bob McClung.

Approved the Special Election process to fill open President-Elect position.

Approved the 2014 Strategic Plan and recommended the Board of Directors approve as presented.

Approved the 2014 Budget and recommended the Board of Directors approve as presented.

Approved that the Memorandum of Understanding of Expectations for President, President-Elect, and District Vice President become part of the OAR Policy Manual, be included in the application process, and recommended the Board of Directors approve as presented.

Approved a change to the Professional Development Key Committee SOP adding verbiage that OAR strive to have Institute Affiliate Members, WCR, CRS, CRB, YPN, etc. be represented on the Committee and recommended the Board of Directors approve as presented.

Approved a change to the Business Issues Key Committee SOP adding verbiage that OAR strive to have appraisers, title and escrow companies, mortgage companies, and Home Builders be represented on the Committee and recommended the Board of Directors approve as presented.


2013-15 STRATEGIC PLAN Updated by Committee June 17, 2013

Approved by Committee July 1, 2013

2110 Mission Street SE., Suite 230 * P.O. Box 351 * Salem, Oregon 97308 (503) 362-3645 * 1-800-252-9115 * Fax: (503) 362-9615


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Following (1) an external scan of the forces and trends affecting the real estate industry and the REALTOR® organization and (2) an analysis of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats surrounding the Oregon Association of REALTORS® (OAR), the 2013 Strategic Planning Committee (the 2013 Committee) reached the following conclusions and recommendations: The Oregon Association of REALTORS® exists to provide successful outcomes in these key areas: 1. Advocacy 2. Being a trusted, credible source of valuable, relevant information 3. Risk Management for members Success in these three areas requires a healthy support system, or “infrastructure,” which includes such factors and considerations as: • A stable level of membership • An appropriate and sustainable dues structure • A bricks and mortar location for doing business • Appropriate staffing levels and competencies • An effective technology infrastructure (database management system, website, etc) • Effective communication vehicles and strategies • Effective marketing capabilities • A data gathering capability that allows the organization to make decisions based on accurate, timely data Accordingly, in addition to regularly developing and implementing strategic outcomes in each of the 3 Key Areas above, OAR must continually review and plan for a strong and healthy Infrastructure. To maximize the chances of achieving the ambitious goals set forth in this Strategic Plan, the Committee notes that: • The OAR Strategic Plan should be based on a 3-year time horizon, and • Should include 1-3 clear, measurable outcomes in each of the three Key Areas, as well as with respect to Infrastructure. • Then, after the Plan is approved, the organization should allocate sufficient resources to ensure that the desired outcomes are achieved; and • Should make those outcomes part of the annual operational plan, and • Must have in place a process to monitor progress toward achieving the outcomes, and to reallocate resources as necessary. UPDATE: The 2014 Strategic Planning Committee (2014 Committee) met and reviewed the current three-year plan. They also discussed the forces and trends affecting the real estate industry and the REALTOR® organization and (2) an analysis of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats surrounding the Oregon Association of REALTORS® (OAR) – as identified by current data. Following lengthy discussion, the Committee makes the following modifications/updates to the 2013-15 OAR STRATEGIC PLAN.


STRATEGIC PLAN FOR THE OREGON ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® 2013-2015 Vision: Oregon REALTORS® is the most credible and proactive resource for members, policymakers, the media and the public on issues related to the real estate industry in Oregon. Mission: Oregon REALTORS® develops, fosters and provides quality Resources, Education, Advocacy and Legal services for the benefit of our REALTOR® members. Purpose: We are Advocates! The Oregon Association of REALTORS® protects and promotes our profession and private property rights by providing Resources, Education, Advocacy, and Legal support as the voice of real estate in Oregon.

ADVOCACY 1. The Post-Ballot Measure 79 World OAR needs to continue to build on the success of Ballot Measure 79. Victory has provided an opportunity for OAR to advance its efforts to connect to its own membership, as well as advance other public policy goals. Therefore,  By November 30, 2013 the Governmental Affairs Key Committee will communicate 2013 legislative successes and threats to the membership. Ø  Identify and prioritize legislative issues for 2014. Ø

2. Strengthen our RPAC-investor culture Long-term advocacy success, and OAR’s ability to be the primary advocate for private property rights in Oregon, depends on a strong RPAC, to help educate and elect candidates to strengthen support for Home Ownership and the protection of Private Property Rights. However, while most things in the political world are best accomplished at the most local level, true culture change is most effective when planted and nurtured at the highest levels of the organization. As such, for OAR to develop a culture of RPAC investment, the OAR Leadership Team (Executive Committee) and Board of Directors will continue to commit to the new culture the Directors must also obtain the same commitment from their respective local associations and members. Therefore, Ø

By the end of 2014, OAR will be an RPAC-investor culture, beginning with elected Leadership. Using 2011 statistics as a benchmark, success will be measured by pre- determined percentage increases in appropriate metrics, including but not limited to: • percentage increase in total dollars invested • increase in the total number of investors • increase in the participation rate among the general membership • increase in the participation rate among the OAR leadership • increases in the number of major investors (Sterling, Crystal and Golden R’s; President’s Circle)


 OAR will also strengthen the REALTOR® Party concept so that the idea of supporting candidates who are friendly to REALTOR® issues, regardless of party affiliation, is a widely understood and accepted fact of life within OAR. Success can be measured by, among other means, benchmarking member knowledge of and attitudes toward the REALTOR® Party concept in 2012, and tracking improvement through 2013 and 2014 through surveys. Ø In order to further build on the commitment and importance of RPAC, OAR will take every opportunity to recognize and thank Oregon REALTORS® who have made the commitment to invest in their profession and RPAC. Ø

3. Building and Enhancing Coalitions Opportunities exist to partner with groups not traditionally associated with core real estate issues, or with groups that are not always viewed as allies of the real estate industry. To exploit those opportunities and leverage OAR’s resources, OAR staff, the Governmental Affairs Committee, and other committees as appropriate shall strengthen existing coalitions and identify where new ones should be explored.

TRUSTED, CREDIBLE SOURCE OF VALUABLE, RELEVANT INFORMATION 1. Communication The goal is not necessarily communication… but engagement. As such, in order to identify and demonstrate the relevance and value of OAR – and the REALTOR® family overall – we will:  Website – the newly developed website will become the central focus of OAR being seen as a Trusted, Credible Source of Valuable, Relevant Information. Ø  The primary focus of OAR communication efforts will always be the member! However, the goal is to ensure Oregon REALTORS® are fully informed on the issues important to them. As such, in addition to directly communicating with the member, OAR will also build partnerships with: • Local Associations – OAR will also coordinate with all local associations and provide them with information they can use and disseminate about the value and relevancy of the REALTOR® brand. • MLS – OAR will also coordinate with the various Multiple Listing Services in Oregon and provide them with information they can use and disseminate through their channels. • Principal Brokers – OAR will continue to work on identifying Principal Brokers and providing them with information they can share with their Brokers. Ø

2. Education With the understanding of the value education brings to the REALTOR® family, the OAR Professional Development Key Committee will develop an Education Business Plan to support the Strategic Plan in time to be presented to the Board of Directors at the Fall Governance Meeting 2014.


RISK MANAGEMENT  By Spring 2014, establish a forum of the Business Issues Key Committee for Managing Principal Brokers/Owners, which will meet quarterly, at a minimum via conference call, to discuss overall industry issues and risk management guidance and practices. Ø  Beginning with the first edition of the 2014 ORENJ, OAR will create an executive summary of relevant real estate agency disciplinary actions to be distributed to the full OAR membership.


INFRASTRUCTURE All factors grouped under the heading of “Infrastructure” should continually be monitored and adjusted as necessary as part of general operations. Strategically, the Committee makes the following specific recommendations: 1. Leadership To ensure that future generations of REALTORS® continue to enjoy the benefits of capable, motivated and committed volunteer leadership, OAR needs a steady influx of new leaders, from backgrounds that to the extent possible reflect our membership and our communities. The Committee recommends that OAR take advantage of the newly introduced REALTOR® Leadership Program available from NAR. Accordingly: •

By January 1, 2015, OAR will have a deep pool of 200-300 trained potential leaders who will have gone through the RLP program. o Offer 3 sessions of L200 and L300 each year (35 maximum participants in each) o Local associations, working with DVPs, are responsible for finding RLP participants. o Local associations will be encouraged to find participants reflecting the gender, ethnic and generational diversity of OAR

2. Data Gathering To the extent possible, OAR should make decisions based on accurate, timely and relevant data. Data should be obtained about both OAR’s membership and its needs, and the external environment affecting our industry and communities. Accordingly, OAR will begin in 2014 to utilize smaller, issue specific research projects on a regular basis












NAR Large Board Application (Cullivan)


NAR Large Board Application (Cullivan)


NAR Large Board Application (Cullivan)


NAR Large Board Application (Cullivan)


NAR Large Board Director Application (Kaplan)

Pat Kaplan, CIPS, GRI, e-PRO Real Estate Positions: Owner/Principal Broker:

Kaplan Real Estate Group Real estate brokerage firm, education provider and consulting services.

Windermere/Cronin & Caplan Realty Group ‘ 1991–2000 Designated broker duties for company of 450+ agents; risk management responsibilities, branch management of high-end sales associates. assisted with development of company policies, standardized transaction procedures, transaction forms and development of agent technology resources.


Additional Windermere Oregon Franchise duties:

Education Director

Director of Premier Properties Program for Oregon companies.

Stan Wiley Realtors, Inc., Portland OR 1985-1991 Designated Broker for company of approximately 300 agents. oversaw Portland West branch and Wiley commercial division, assisted with specialized marketing tools, education program and company forms development. Received awards for company growth and agent productivity.

Iverson & company, Eugene, OR


Brockett Real Estate, Eugene, OR


Designations and Certifications Attained: CIPS: certified international property specialists CRB: certified residential brokerage management GRI: graduate, realtor institute e-PRO: electronic professional real estate certification AHDC: cultural and diversity certification Industry Credentials: Past Treasurer, National Association of Realtors, 2001,2002,2003 Vice President of Committees, National Association of Realtors. 2004 Leadership Team, National Association of Realtors, 2000-2004 Executive Committee, National Association of Realtors, 1999-2005 Region XII Vice President, 1999 (OR,WA,ID,MT,AK) Kaplan Real Estate Group 7855 SW Linden Rd Portland OR 97225 Phone: 503.706.4944 Fax: 503.297.3098

NAR Liaison to International & Association Executive Association Groups Strategic Planning committee, National Association of Realtors, 1999-2005 NAR Spokesperson on Smartgrowth issues, 2000-2005 REBAC Board, 2004-2005 NAR Communications Committee NAR Risk Management committee NAR Issues Mobilization Committee, 2011-present



NAR Large Board Director Application (Kaplan)

Pat Kaplan, NAR Director Industry Credentials (continued): NAR Presidential Advisory Group appointments (a sampling, not all): Realtor qualifications (Raising the bar) Chair, Board Governance Issues, Emerging Technology Trends International Real Estate Issues Data Privacy Issues Chair, NAR DC Building Financing Committee (won award from DC Journal of Commerce) Major RPAC Contributor: RPAC Hall of Fame; Golden R since 2000; Former President, Realtor Relief Foundation (established to provide housing funds to the victims & families of 9/11tragedy) President 2001President, Oregon Association of Realtors, 1996 President-Elect (1995) Vice President (1994, Treasurer (1993) Director, Oregon Association of Realtors, 1985-present Former OAR Chair of: Executive, Legislative (2 terms), ORPAC, Budget, Legal Action, Political Affairs Service on almost every OAR committee and many, many PAGs Director, Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors, 2006-2010 PMAR Brokers Risk Management Committee, 2006-present PMAR Strategic Planning committee President, Washington County Association of Realtors,1991 Oregon Real Estate forms Corporation, Board member (Manager), 2007,2008,2009 Current Board Service: or known as How I Fill My Spare Time: National Association of Realtors Board of Directors Oregon Association of Realtors Board of Directors RMLS Board of Directors Realtors Federal Credit Union Advisory Committee of the Northwest Credit Union International Real Property Foundation, Treasurer Second Century Ventures Board (NAR) (approving and overseeing NAR investments in tech companies) DocuSign Board of Directors (chosen to represent NAR’s investment in this e signature technology company) Awards and Honors: OAR Distinguished Service Award, 2011 Oregon Realtor of the Year, 1996 Quill Pen Award, Realtors national marketing institute, 1996 Washington County Association of Realtors Distinguished Service Award, 1994 Stanley C Wiley humanitarian award, 1989 Community activities: Social Venture partners, Portland Chapter Oregon Scholars Program, mentor to PCC student USTA Tennis, captain of club’s competitive women's’ team Personal: Married to college sweetheart, Joel, and ‘Mom” to Madison and Taylor...and Doppler 31


Pat Kaplan, NAR Director Oregon

503 706 4944 503 297 3098

August 21, 2013 Oregon Association of REALTORS Board of Directors RE: NAR LARGE BOARD DIRECTOR POSITION Dear Fellow Director: Thank you for allowing me to run for reelection as a National Director from Oregon. It has been my privilege to serve you in many capacities. I began my Association work in 1983 on OAR’s Legislative Committee. As a fairly new licensee, the value of contributing to our membership, as a whole, was instilled in me by my first broker, Ruby Brockett. Ruby not only led by example, she became the standard for excellent service and mutual respect. I have been immersed in the REALTOR association at all three levels…local, state and national. I have served as your president in the Oregon Association, president of my local association (the former Washington County Association) and elected three times as Treasurer for NAR; the only national officer from our 5-state region in the modern era. I proudly served 5 years as the first President of the Realtors Relief Foundation. Today’s challenge for associations is to be relevant and serve their membership achieving a stronger industry overall. As the proverb says, ‘we live in interesting times’. I believe my background, my past service and my current vibrant service show the quality, care and ethics with which I serve all members of Oregon. The true test of trust and respect lies in the positions one is asked to serve. I have been fortunate to serve Oregon and NAR in unique, responsible role such as serving as NAR sole representative on the DocuSign Board of Directors as well as serving the last two years in the forefront of our political advocacy efforts on NAR’s Issues Mobilization committee. I am proud of our accomplishments together and ask that you vote for me to continue to represent Oregon. Thank you! Sincerely,

Pat Kaplan NAR Director


NAR Director Application (Sanders)


NAR Director Application (Sanders)


NAR Director Application (Sanders)


NAR Director Application (Sanders)


NAR Director Application (Sanders)


NAR Director Application (Tangvald)


NAR Director Application (Tangvald)


NAR Director Application (Tangvald)


NAR Director Application (Tangvald)


NAR Director Application (Tangvald)


NAR Director Application (Tangvald)


NAR Director (Dozois)


NAR Director (Dozois)


NAR Director (Dozois)


NAR Director (Dozois)


NAR Director (Dozois)


NAR Director (Harris)


Rick Harris Name ________________________________________________________ Firm Name ___________________________________________________ Coldwell Banker Pro West Real Estate Ashland Address ______________________________________________________ 190 Oak Street Suite 1, Ashland, OR 97520 Telephone ______________________ Fax ________________________ 541-482-5590 541-482-4290 E-Mail: ______________________________________________________ Name of local Board/Association __________________________________ Rogue Valley Association of REALTORS Qualifications Member since: ____________ 1989


Member of OAR for a minimum of 5 years:


Served as a state director for a minimum of 2 of the immediate past 5 years: Years: _________________________________ 1996, 1998 to Present


Served as an OAR officer, Executive Committee member or as a state committee or key committee member in the immediate past 3 years, or have previously served as an NAR Director: Officer /Committee/Director



__________________________________________ OAR Director

____________ 2008-2013





Attended at least 2 NAR meetings in the immediate past 3 years: NAR Meeting (Region 12, Mid-Year, Convention)


Region 12 Meeting, Portland __________________________________________

2013 ____________

NAR Mid-Year, Washington DC __________________________________________

2013 ____________

(continued on next page) 49

NAR Director (Harris)

NAR Director Application Form - Page 2

I certify that the above information is accurate and verifiable. I have read and understand the campaign rules and agree to abide by them. ____ __ ______ __ ______ __ ____ __ ____ __ ____ __ ____ __ ____ __ ____ __ Candidate Signature ____________________________________

Date ___________ August 8, 2013

(for OAR use only)

Nomination Form Received:

Date: _________________________

Written Statement Received:

Date: _________________________

Candidate Resume Received:

Date: _________________________

Information Verified: Comments:



Date: _______________

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

Nomination Approved by Elections Committee: Candidate Notified:



Date: _______________


Date: _______________

NAR Director (Harris)



-Born Clarkston, Washington. Married for 32 years to Ellen Dennis -Bachelor of Arts, University of Oregon (Theater) -Master of Fine Arts, University of Utah (Theater Design)

1978 1984

BUSINESS ACCOMPLISHMENTS Education -Oregon Realtor® Institute (GRI designation) -Residential Sales Council (CRS Designation) -Real Estate Buyers Agent Council (ABR Designation) -REALTOR® Professional Standards Trainer Certification -National Association of REALTORS® Mediator Training -Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) -REBAC Instructor Training -CRB Instructor Training

1990 1997 1999 1999 2003 2007 2007-2013 2011

Real Estate Sales and Brokerage -Oregon Real Estate Licensee -Co-owner/Sales Manager Kelso Realty in Ashland -Associate Broker/Principal Broker RE/MAX Ashland -Owner/Principal Broker Coldwell Banker Ashland

1989-2011 1993-1995 1995-2005 2005-Present

REALTOR® Speaker/Educator -New Agent Trainer–contracts, marketing, sales -Rick Harris Real Estate Seminars REALTOR® Training, Leadership Seminars and Strategic Planning for Associations and Brokerages, including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, New Mexico, North and South Carolina, Florida, Maryland and New York -Oregon Graduate REALTOR® Institute Instructor -OAR Professional Standards Academy --Oregon Certified Real Estate Continuing Education Provider --NAR Strategic Planning “REThink” Facilitator --Convention Speaker/Trainer/Presenter NAR, North Carolina, South Carolina Florida, Idaho Awards/Recognition -Ashland Board REALTOR® of the YEAR -RPAC Golden “R” -Rogue Valley Association REALTOR® of the Year -Oregon Association REALTOR® of the Year -RPAC Hall of Fame -RPAC President’s Circle -Harris Training Center (RVAR Lifetime Service to REALTORS®)

1993-95 1999-Present

2005-Present 2004-2006 2010-Present 2013 2011-13

1995 2004-Present 2006 2006 2009 2007-Present 2011


President, 2002, Board of Directors 1999 to Present Southern Oregon MLS President, 2009, Treasurer 2010-2012, VP 2013 Bylaws, Orientation, Budget/Finance, Education, Legislative Affairs, Pro Standards, ORPAC, ROTY, Nominating, Government Affairs, MLS Shared Services Ashland/Medford Merger, CEO Search (2), MLS System Review 51

NAR Director (Harris)


Government Affairs KOG Chair OAR President-Elect OAR President OAR Executive Committee OAR Board of Directors Oregon Real Estate Forms, LLC Manager Federal Political Coordinator—Senator Jeff Merkley

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NAR Director (Harris)

Rick Harris, ABR CIPS CRS GRI SFR ePRO 2014 NAR Director Candidate 

September, 2013 2013 Board of Directors Oregon Association of REALTORS® Dear Friends: I have had the privilege and honor of serving Oregon REALTORS® in numerous capacities over the years, and I am now asking that you allow me to continue serving as a National Director for another three year term. Oregon REALTORS® need strong, steady advocates at NAR with the experience, insight, tenacity and creativity to meet each of the challenges we face. As my past service at the state and national levels shows, whether in committee work, lobbying in Washington, or defending our business at home, I always strive to promote the best interests of Oregon REALTORS®. As a current member of three NAR committees, I’m dedicated to improving the competence and ethics of practitioners, embracing innovative business and technology opportunities, and enhancing the importance of the REALTOR® brand to our membership and consumers. As 2013 RVP-Elect, I’ve worked hard to build strong partnerships with REALTORS® from across the Northwest. And as a facilitator for this year’s NAR Strategic Planning “REThink Initiative”, talking with agents and brokers and associations all across the country, I gained a unique perspective on how important strong, thoughtful leadership is to the survival of our industry. This work is ongoing, and it requires the continued and dedicated focus of those committed to the task. I’m committed and ready to work! Throughout my tenure of service, I have been willing to work hard, to get to the bottom of even the most difficult issues, to stand up for what is right (even when it’s unpopular), to say what needs to be said and to keep the needs of Oregon REALTORS® at the forefront. If you allow me this continued opportunity to serve as your NAR Director, I promise I won’t let you down. With My Sincere Thanks for Your Vote,




September 28, 2013


Business Issues



CHAIRMAN: Randy Hoffine VICE CHAIRMAN: Margaret Page STAFF LIAISON: Jenny Pakula

THE FOLLOWING IS REPORTED FOR YOUR INFORMATION ONLY AND DOES NOT AFFECT ASSOCIATION POLICY OR BUDGET: Mandatory Buyer Agency Task Force – At the April 18 Business Issues Committee meeting, the issue of Mandatory Buyer Agency was raised. Because this must be achieved through legislation, many opinions, both pro and con, were voiced. As a result of the discussion during the meeting, the Business Issues Committee recommended that the Oregon Association of REALTORS® Executive Committee establish a task force to determine the viability and necessity of supporting this type of legislation. The 2013 Executive Committee discussed the issue and determined that a task force would not be appointed to research Mandatory Buyer Agency. The Executive Committee and Business Issues Committee will continue to monitor the use of buyer/broker contracts in the market and re-examine this issue at a later date if needed. Seller Financing Task Force – At the April meeting, the Business Issues Committee also suggested a task force be appointed to examine the impact of changes in the law related to seller financing and private money lending. Subsequent to the April Business Issues Committee meeting, House Bill 2856 was passed by the Oregon Legislature. This unanimously passed legislation allows an individual to originate up to 3 mortgage loans in a 12-month period on residential properties. The bill provided much needed relief for individuals trying to purchase their homes when credit is tight on unique properties when conventional financing is difficult to obtain – particularly in more rural areas of the state. As a result of this legislation, the Executive Committee decided that, until the rules are more clearly defined as Dodd-Frank develops, the appointment of a task force would be premature. As the rules evolve and stabilize, a task force may be appointed, if deemed necessary. Real Estate Agency Proposed Changes to Initial Agency Disclosure Pamphlet – Gene Bentley, Real Estate Agency Commissioner attended the Business Issues Committee meeting and discussed the recent changes made to the Initial Agency Disclosure Pamphlet. Committee members and audience members expressed concerns with not only the content changes, but with the procedure utilized by the Real Estate Agency in making the changes. Subsequent to this meeting, the Real Estate Agency agreed to a public comment period with a hearing on August 1. Oregon Association of REALTORS® formed a task force to address concerns with the proposed language and suggest alternative language for clarity and ease of use for the practitioner.


Colin Mullane, Oregon Association of REALTORS® President Elect, testified at the hearing on August 1. Areas of concern involved defining “first contract” more accurately so practitioners could understand Real Estate Agency expectations as well as clarifying when the Initial Agency Disclosure Pamphlet needs to be delivered and what methods a practitioner can utilize to deliver the pamphlet. Including the statutory definition of “confidentiality” was also addressed due to the limited applicability of the statute. Expanding the definition of confidentiality will require a legislative change. This issue will be presented to the Government Affairs Committee for discussion. An update on the status of the changes to the Initial Agency Disclosure Pamphlet will be presented at the Business Issues Committee meeting on September 27, 2013. The effective date for implementation of the final rule will be October 1, 2013. Appraisal Advisory Subcommittee – This subcommittee will meet on September 16. Educational offerings are currently under development, and scheduled to be launched during the first quarter of 2014. Industry Forum – The next Industry Forum is scheduled for Thursday, December 12, 2013. International Business Council – A full CIPS Institute is scheduled for October 7-11, 2013, in Bellevue, Washington. A couple of International Business Council members are traveling to Nicaragua to develop a business relationship with a surf and golf community developer.



Chair: Amy Graham Vice-Chair: Don Robertson Staff Liaison: Michael Van Dyke

KEY COMMITTEE: GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS ACTION ITEMS: NONE THE FOLLOWING IS REPORTED FOR YOUR INFORMATION ONLY AND DOES NOT AFFECT ASSOCIATION POLICY OR BUDGET: The 2013 Legislative Session proved to be a challenging yet successful session for the real estate industry and members of the Oregon Association of REALTORS®. While the make-up of the 77th Legislative Assembly was in stark contrast to that of the historic 30-30 split of the previous legislature, the Oregon Association of REALTORS® realized numerous successes and defeated multiple attacks against Oregon’s housing market due to the collective strength of the Association. This session, nearly 3,000 bills were introduced for consideration and the Government Affairs Key Committee identified 384 legislative concepts with a potential impact on business and real estate taxation, distressed properties and foreclosures, economic development and housing affordability, land use planning, private property rights and real estate license law. The Oregon Association of REALTORS® Government Affairs Key Committee put forth a substantial effort to thoroughly analyze the legislative proposals and to provide insight and expertise into potential impacts on the real estate industry The Association was able to defeat legislation aimed at reducing or eliminating the mortgage interest deduction for certain Oregonians, efforts to implement mandatory septic inspections and energy performance scores at the point of sale, numerous property tax implications, and countless other attacks on homeownership. Additionally, the Association passed legislation relating to Seller Financing (House Bill 2856-Enrolled), which passed through the Oregon Legislature unanimously. This legislation provides much needed support to sellers and buyers where credit is tight, especially in rural communities. In addition, the Committee continues to oversee the Association’s lobbying efforts during the interim with respect to various state agencies including the Real Estate Agency, the Department of Land Conservation and Development, the Department of Revenue, the Department of State Lands, the Department of Environmental Quality, and the Water Resources Department.



DATE: September 28, 2013

Chair: Kim Heddinger Vice-Chair: Heather Benjamin Staff Liaison: Paul Rainey

KEY COMMITTEE: POLITICAL AFFAIRS ACTION ITEMS: NONE THE FOLLOWING IS REPORTED FOR YOUR INFORMATION ONLY AND DOES NOT AFFECT ASSOCIATION POLICY OR BUDGET: The object of the Political Affairs Key Committee is to increase voluntary REALTOR® participation at all levels of public policy making. The Political Affairs Key Committee has been involved in the following activities: 2013 REALTOR® Rally at the Capitol As always, the success in the legislature is a direct result of our members’ mobilization and the collective efforts exerted throughout the entire state to protect Oregon’s housing market. This effort was once again displayed as more than 500 REALTORS® emerged on the Oregon State Capitol in support of the real estate industry on April 4, 2013. This presence was critical in our efforts to protect the housing market from numerous legislative attempts; including efforts to limit or eliminate the mortgage interest deduction and taxing like-kind (1031) exchanges that would hurt real estate investment in Oregon. National Calls for Action Today, 95 Principle Brokers are signed up in Oregon for the Broker Involvement Program, helping 4,450 REALTORS® stay engaged and ready to respond to important calls for action at the national level. In the most recent call to action, “Tax Reform Should Do No Harm,” REALTORS® in Oregon hit our national goal with a 16% response rate. As we fight efforts this fall that could reduce important tax incentives for homeowners or negatively impact the secondary market, we need to be vigilant and remain ready to take action. To learn more and stay involved on key federal issues visit: My REALTOR® Party This past year, local associations throughout Oregon have been working together to take advantage of new community involvement and political advocacy tools and grants available through the REALTOR® Party. This new program has helped strengthen local efforts to evaluate policy issues, get involved in campaign activities, strengthen REALTOR® PAC fundraising, and to get more members involved locally. Take advantage and learn about the local resources available by visiting:




SEPTEMBER 28, 2013

CHAIRMAN: Robin Risley VICE CHAIRMAN: Debra Gisriel STAFF LIAISON: Jennifer Hauge



THE FOLLOWING IS REPORTED FOR YOUR INFORMATION ONLY AND DOES NOT AFFECT ASSOCIATION POLICY OR BUDGET: Upcoming Classes: • Webinars o Oct. 21, 9:30 – 10:30am – Easements (Instructor: Rob Lowe, J.D.) o Nov. – TBD (options include Flood Insurance or MERS analysis) o Dec. – TBD (legal topic to be presented by Joel & Janet Grayson, J.D.) o Jan. – TBD (potential OREF Forms topic) o Feb. 19, 9:30 – 10:30am – Conveyances (Instructor: Rob Lowe, J.D.) • OREA BOD Meetings / Dos & Don’ts / E-Licensing classes o Oct. 7 – Salishan Resort (Lincoln City) o Dec. 2 – OAR Training Room (Salem) GRI: A national task force is in place to evaluate and recommend changes to the GRI program to make it more viable for all State Associations. The decrease from 90 to 60 minimum course hours is the first change to be put into place nationally for new GRI classes. We have done our own market research to assess the opportunity for an interim class for those members who are “stuck in the pipeline” (having completed GRI 100 or 200). If it’s sustainable financially, we will look to putting on the 200 and/or 300 course this Winter (details TBD). Strategic / Business Plan: With approval of the 2013 – 2015 strategic plan, staff will undertake work to generate an education business plan to support the strategic plan of becoming a sustainable enterprise. LARRC: New LARRC course currently in development for distribution Jan. 1 (2014 – 2015 biennial cycle). Website Improvements: The website redesign currently underway will go a long way to improving the education experience of members. The ability to access a central repository of educational opportunities around the state through the improved calendar along with a better explanation of designations, access to archived webinars, and online courses will make OAR education more transparent and user-friendly.


2013 Monthly Fundraising Report                                       July 2013 Association Baker Central Or Central Or Coast Clatsop Columbia Basin Columbia County Coos Cottage Grove Curry Douglas East Metro

*Eugene Grants Pass Klamath Lincoln Malheur Mid‐Columbia N. Willamette Polk Portland Metro *Rogue Valley Salem Santiam Springfield Tillamook Umatilla Union Wallowa Willamette Yamhill

Total dollars  Total Dollars  raised YTD in  raised YTD in  2013 2012 $            390.00 $       28,994.00 $         1,015.00 $         1,025.00 $         3,210.00 $         1,229.00 $         1,815.00 $            300.00 $         1,550.00 $         3,878.00 $         9,756.00

$             900.00 $        19,580.00 $             850.00 $          1,340.00 $          2,010.00 $             590.00 $          1,720.00 $             105.00 $          1,400.00 $          2,550.00 $          5,305.00

$       10,155.00 $          7,585.00 $         1,650.00 $          3,920.00 $         5,710.00 $          5,257.50 $         3,620.00 $          1,600.00 $            300.00 $             200.00 $         1,913.86 $          2,000.00 $         1,500.00 $             650.00 $            650.00 $             400.00 $       32,869.33 $        25,901.67 $       20,470.26 $          9,679.00 $         7,734.00 $          4,722.00 $            550.00 $          1,000.00 $         3,450.00 $          1,000.00 $            830.00 $             860.00 $         1,000.00 $          1,000.00 $            920.00 $             450.00 $         1,005.00 $             275.00 $         4,775.00 $          3,250.00 $         4,420.00 $          2,312.00

Amount  Total  needed to  % of NAR  Members  % Members  Members  meet NAR  Goal met contributed Participating 10/31/12 Fair Share  18.4%  $                 570.00   $          180.00  68.42% 38 7 30.3%  $           20,145.00   $     (8,849.00) 143.93% 1,343 407 35.6%  $                 885.00   $        (130.00) 114.69% 59 21 17.6%  $             1,785.00   $          760.00  57.42% 119 21 57.6%  $                 885.00   $     (2,325.00) 362.71% 59 34 14.7%  $             1,635.00   $          406.00  75.17% 109 16 12.6%  $             2,625.00   $          810.00  69.14% 175 22 20.8%  $                 720.00   $          420.00  41.67% 48 10 36.7%  $             1,185.00   $        (365.00) 130.80% 79 29 32.8%  $             3,435.00   $        (443.00) 112.90% 229 75 17.3%  $             9,270.00   $        (486.00) 105.24% 618 107  $             9,960.00   $        (195.00) 101.96% 664 116 17.5% 7.7%  $             3,120.00   $      1,470.00  52.88% 208 16 55.3%  $             2,280.00   $     (3,430.00) 250.44% 152 84 29.1%  $             3,195.00   $        (425.00) 113.30% 213 62 8.0%  $             1,125.00   $          825.00  26.67% 75 6 14.5%  $             1,860.00   $          (53.86) 102.90% 124 18 18.3%  $             2,295.00   $          795.00  65.36% 153 28 39.4%  $                 495.00   $        (155.00) 131.31% 33 13 16.1%  $           85,590.00   $    52,720.67  38.40% 5,706 921 33.3%  $           10,635.00   $     (9,835.26) 192.48% 709 236 23.7%  $             7,140.00   $        (594.00) 108.32% 476 113 14.5%  $             1,035.00   $          485.00  53.14% 69 10 45.6%  $             2,235.00   $     (1,215.00) 154.36% 149 68 24.7%  $             1,095.00   $          265.00  75.80% 73 18 35.8%  $                 795.00   $        (205.00) 125.79% 53 19 32.0%  $                 750.00   $        (170.00) 122.67% 50 16 30.4%  $                 345.00   $        (660.00) 291.30% 23 7 21.5%  $             4,260.00   $        (515.00) 112.09% 284 61 28.0%  $             3,270.00   $     (1,150.00) 135.17% 218 61  NAR Goal @  $15 per  member 

Oar Staff/ $         4,605.00 $          1,200.00  $                 315.00   $     (4,290.00) 1461.90% Members At Large President's Circle TOTALS







$         9,000.00

$ 170,289.45

$  109,612.17  $     184,935.00   $ 14,645.55  92.08%

*Eugene and Rogue Valley Associations prepare dues billing mid‐year unlike the rest of the local associations.



DATE: September 28, 2013

Chair: Jim Wilcox Staff Liaison: Paul Rainey

COMMITTEE: My REALTOR® Party ACTION ITEMS: NONE THE FOLLOWING IS REPORTED FOR YOUR INFORMATION ONLY AND DOES NOT AFFECT ASSOCIATION POLICY OR BUDGET: The My REALTOR® Party Committee met early in the 2013 Legislative Session and approved $25,000 in funding to fight legislative attempts to limit or eliminate itemized deductions, such as the mortgage interest deduction in Oregon. The National Association of REALTORS® also provided financial assistance to help protect the full value of the mortgage interest deduction this past session. The grassroots strength of our Association that was on display during the past election cycle with the passage of Measure 79 was once again evident and influenced efforts to protect Oregon’s housing market this past session. In a short period of time, the Association generated thousands of responses from constituents in support of the mortgage interest deduction through calls to action and live patch through constituent calls. These results were eventually successful as the Oregon Association of REALTORS® defeated the following legislation targeting the mortgage interest deduction: House Bill 2001, House Bill 2456, House Bill 2491, House Bill 2503, House Bill 2959, House Bill 3365, House Bill 3366, House Bill 3367, House Bill 3370, House Bill 3373, House Bill 3374, and Senate Bill 305. In conclusion, the Oregon Association of REALTORS® successfully used issues mobilization funding and preserved and protected critical homeownership tools including mortgage and property tax deductions in the 2013 Legislative Session.



SEPT. 27, 2013

CHAIRMAN: David Sly VICE CHAIRMAN: George Grabenhorst STAFF LIAISON: Executive Lance C. Clark



THE FOLLOWING IS REPORTED FOR YOUR INFORMATION ONLY AND DOES NOT AFFECT ASSOCIATION POLICY OR BUDGET: OREF, LLC Exhibits and Presents at 2013 OAR State Convention • $2,000 sponsor, exhibitor, panel and tech presentations. Congratulation on great convention! Forms Committee Advance 2014 Oregon Real Estate Forms Library • OREF 082, Private Well Addendum to Real Estate Sale Agreement o Comprehensive language will be consolidated in addendum, coordinating link in Sales Agreement indicates if well exists, see addendum. • OREF 045, Historic Property Addendum—comprehensive amendments to provide greater levels of understanding for all parties involved, especially the buyer. • OREF # TBA, creation of new Property Investment Form (addition to the 2014 Library). Board of Managers reviewed/approved Forms Year End Review at the August 22, meeting. The library will advance to ZipLogix beta testing with participating volunteers. Library update will occur early to mid-December along with 2014 Forms Summary posted on Mid-Year Annual Report Snapshot OREF, LLC advances 2013 Strategic Plan; following are key highlights. • Partnership Enhancement. OREF, LLC provides regular communication and outreach with Oregon’s local REALTOR® Associations and Multiple Listing Services. • Broker training/informational outreach. 1,200 + brokers participated in seven educational seminars and two webinars in February/March. A big thank you goes to instructors Phil Querin, Rob Lowe and Byron Hendricks. • 2013 vs. 2012 subscriber enrollment/renewal o Enrollment is up through July 2013, added approximately 300 more subscribers. o Forecast: 10 – 12% more subscribers in 2013; between 9,200 – 9,500 subscribers. • Print Forms Phase-Out. OREF, LLC Board of Managers voted to phase out printed forms earlier in the year. Brokers without electronic subscription were notified in May 2013, that effective October 1, printed forms phased out and that all subscribers will need to enroll in the electronic subscription. Print on demand in electronic subscription exists for subscribers. • OREF, LLC E-news of Principal Broker Quarterly (4 x a year) and Subscriber Update (6 x a year) to provide helpful tips and broker risk management information on utilizing OREF transactional and advisory forms, as well as ZipForm® products. • Customer Service. OREF, LLC provides subscribers customer service M-F, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. On average, OREF, LLC fields 3,000 calls per year. Subscriber return call times (tech support escalations) have been minimized average of 45 minutes or less (quicker than calling 800 # and competing against full 40 + associations ZipLogix represents). • TOS Violations. OREF, LLC communicated with approximately 50 subscribers this past year which were in violation of Terms of Service violations. Cease and desist letters, as well as legal correspondence corrected illegal/unlawful uses of OREF, LLC forms. OREF, LLC Outreach • OREF, LLC Executive Lance Clark met with OREA Commissioner Gene Bentley in June. Commissioner Bentley also met with Forms Committee in August. • OREF, LLC Met in July with EAR BOD/OREF, LLC appointees at brokerage offices. • OREF, LLC Presented in Sept. at Columbia County Association REALTORS®. 61



September 25, 2013


HOME Foundation




Debbie Price Jenny Pakula

THE FOLLOWING IS REPORTED FOR YOUR INFORMATION ONLY AND DOES NOT AFFECT ASSOCIATION POLICY OR BUDGET: The HOME Foundation has completed the following since the April 2013 report: The HOME Foundation held the 4th Annual Driving it HOME Golf Tournament at Langdon Farms on July 18, 2013. There was a full field of golfers, with three extra teams participating. All holes were sponsored along with the putting and chipping greens. A net of $46,000.00 was raised for grants which help non-profit organizations in our local communities assist Oregonians at or below the median income obtain affordable housing. The 5th Annual Driving it HOME Golf Tournament is scheduled for July 17, 2014 at Langdon Farms. The 6th Annual Taste of Portland will be held September 19, 2013, at the Oregon Golf Club. This report is submitted prior to the event so there are no updated financials for the Taste of Portland this year. We can report that all booth spaces are sold and, at the time of report submission, there are over 100 silent auction items. The grant application process will begin in October. The HOME Foundation Board of Directors will award grants in early December. Since inception, the HOME Foundation has awarded over $450,000.00 in grants.


Sept 2013 Board of Directors Packet  
Sept 2013 Board of Directors Packet  

Sept 2013 Board of Directors Packet