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Hey Oregon Moms and Dads, Grand ello! parents and Friends! :) Welcome to this jam-

packed issue of WK&F Magazine. The school year is winding down- can you believe it? I know that my own two teens are really looking forward to this summer. I find that I too, more than usual, am so ready for the warmer, sun-filled days. My kids reminded me how much I complained about the heat ISSUE 11 last summer- I’ve vowed to be more thankful this go MAY/JUNE 2017 PUBLISHER around. C’mon sunshine! Yvette Tripp I was thinking the other day- Salem doesn’t even have a news channel, does it? I find that so strange! EDITOR I know that lots of families depend on facebook to Yvette Tripp get their news. I saw the Willamette Kids and Family Facebook page grow by almost 300 readers since the GRAPHIC DESIGN last issue. Crazy! Join us to keep up to date with all the cool things coming up for Salem and area Yvette Tripp families. This issue is in honor of all you mamas and dads out ADVERTISING there making life great for your little minis! Whether Yvette Tripp you’re sitting in the rain watching a sports event, or 971.716.3968 sitting in traffic for the 12th time in one day, getting kids where they need to go- or getting up AGAIN in the middle of the night, you’re hustling, and I want to Willamette Kids & Family encourage you to keep on keeping on! It all pays off 1906 Madras St SE #2012 in the end! Salem, OR 97306 So... happy Mother’s and Father’s Day to you! Take a moment to relax and take care of you for a little bit. Willamette Kids and Family is a free comIt’s important! munity bi-monthly publication. We are Here’s some exciting news! Salem now has a family dedicated to being a central hub for informafriendly downtown street fair! Every first Wednestion in the Salem - Keizer area, by providing a variety of current news and resources to day of the month you can find families gathering help local Oregonians care for their families. on Chemeketa St. where they have blocked off the We promote neighborhood family-centered area for you to enjoy kid crafts, face painting, vendor businesses by increasing their visibility booths, food trucks, etc. Yay! Find out more on within their target market. Willamette Kids pg. 30. Aaaand, the county fair is coming!! I put toand Family promotes peace and prosperity and never publish any information that gether some great info for you on page 14 & 15 about could be construed as harmful or libelous. the fun coming up! We never discriminate based on race, sex, Summer really *is* right around the corner. religion or favorite brand of macaroni and cheese. Can’t wait! I’ll meet you there!



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Dine in Only, with purchase of adult meal. Ages 12 and under. 4405 Commercial St SE, Salem, OR 97302 (971) 600-3174


Tuesday & Saturday-4pm to10pm Kids Eat FREE! 1 kids meal per every adult meal purchase. Drink not included. 3680 Market St NE (503) 363-3411 3155 Ryan Dr SE (503) 585-8424


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Your Baby’s Milestones and How We Can Help You Reach Them. Every child develops and grows at their own unique pace. It can be hard as a parent to decide when to be concerned about what your child is or isn’t doing. If you ever have a concern about your child’s development, talk to your child’s doctor and/or check out The ASQ Oregon website will ask you questions such as these about your child’s development and behavior to help you determine if your child is demonstrating signs of delay in development.

By 3 months

By 12 months

By 6 months

By 18 months

Pulls self to standing position Crawls on hands and knees Drinks from cup Says “mama” and “dada” Plays peek-a-boo and patty cake Waves bye-bye Puts toys into containers Says 1-2 words Walks holding onto furniture

Turns head towards bright color and lights Follows moving objects with eyes Responds to loud noises Grasps rattle or hair Wiggle and kicks with legs and arms Lifts head and chest while on stomach Smiles Makes cooing sounds

Turns toward sound Reaches for toys Rolls over Moves toys from one hand to the other Plays with toes Helps hold bottle during feeding Knows familiar faces Babbles Sits with minimal support

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Follows simple directions Pulls off shoes & socks Looks at pictures Feeds his/herself Uses 8-10 words that are understood Walks without help Steps off low objects and keeps balance Stacks 2-3 blocks Turns 2 or 3 pages at a time

and services for children 0- 5 years of age with suspected developmental delays and disabilities in Marion, Polk and Yamhill counties. To qualify for services, a child must have a significant delay in their development or a disability that meets the Oregon eligibility guidelines such as Low Birthweight, Down Syndrome or Cerebral Palsy. There is never a cost to the family for WESD evaluations or services. If your child is determined eligible, an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) will be developed by a team that includes the people your child currently works with, WESD staff, and most importantly you. Services for children 0-5 are designed to support the learning and development of each child with an emphasis on the importance of the parent as a partners in the education process. The goal of WESD staff is to support you, the parents, in being the first and most important teacher for your child. If you have questions or would like to schedule a free screening and/or evaluation, contact your local county specialist at the telephone numbers below. Marion County Sandra Gibson- Sr. Clerical Specialist Local: 503.385.4704 Toll-free: 1.888.560.4666 Ext. 4704 Marion County Fax: 503.540.2959 Polk-Yamhill Counties Talia Jimenez- Sr. Clerical Specialist Local: 503.385.4714 Toll-free: 1.888.560.4666 Ext. 4714 Polk/Yamhill Counties Fax: 503.540.2958

By 18 months

Use 2-3 words sentences Says names of toys Recognizes familiar pictures Feeds self with spoon Plays independently Turns pages in a book Imitates Builds a tower Runs

By 3 years

Walks up steps alternating feet Ride a tricycle Dress themselves Opens doors Plays with other children Repeats simple rhymes Uses 3-5 word sentences Takes turns Hops on one foot

By 4 years

Talks in short sentences Speaks clearly enough for others to understand Gives reasonable answers to questions Balances in one foot Buttons large buttons Washes hands

By 5 years Draws a face that looks like a face Speaks clearly Use words like big, many, etc. Understands “yesterday” and “tomorrow”

For More Information

If you are concerned about your child’s development Willamette Education Service District (WESD) in collaboration with local school districts provides evaluations


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Alternative Education:

Is it right for you?

Things have changed so much since we went to school. If you’re like me, you remember public school. It’s just the way it was done back then. While life certainly seemed a lot easier with limited choices, As a parent today, I’m thankful for the opportunity to have a voice in my kids education. Still, the choices are so varied that it can be overwhelming. It’s no secret that Oregon struggles to meet the needs of our children in regards to education due to budget cuts, standardized testing, parental and community involvement and low attendance and graduation rates. Add to this the age old challenges that kids already face, such as bullying and fitting in. These struggles can sometimes inhibit their learning, whether they be emotional, cognitive, or a myriad of other unique situations. As a mother myself, with two public school graduates, and two children ages 13 and 15, I have had a favorable experience in public schools. The teachers have always amazed me with their dedication and conviction, and sacrifice and my children have thrived. Still, I suffer from the fear of missing out. What if there is something better? Recently, I reached out to professionals and parents within the community to get their take on the pros and cons of home schooling, online schooling, public and private education, charter and specialty schools, and even unschooling. I am amazed and inspired by local parents who are all working hard to do the best for their children, and their willingness to share their personal stories with me.

My question was simple. What kind of schooling do you use, and why? The responses were well thought out and respectful, hopeful and honest.


HOMESCHOOLING- The Salem area has a very large and active homeschool community where parents can give and receive advice, share curriculum, plan outings and sometimes commiserate. What surprised me most was that, contrary to popular belief, homeschooled kids are NOT socially awkward (any more than a typical kiddo) and that these kids have a life full of physical, social and educational events. Salem Inclusive Homeschoolers has a very in-depth website, as well as super active facebook group where you can find out more about the plentiful options available to local families. Families work through online courses, local schools, churches and businesses to meet their needs.

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charter schools are very successful, one thing is clear- they’re not all the same, and ultimately, it boils down to support from home, communication and working together with your educators to provide the best experience for your child. ONLINE PUBLIC SCHOOLING: Online schools are becoming more and more of an option for Oregon families. Both public, tuition-free and private, tuition-based options are available. With State certified teachers, personalized learning plans and flexibility, as well as a self-paced learning environment, many families are turning to online learning as a way to give their children an educational boost. Navigating the ins and outs of the system can be a bit overwhelming, but many online schools have local events where you can meet with administrators, teachers and families to discover if online schools are for you.

From Parkour to Music theory to outdoor biology events, the options available were much more diverse than I expected. Salem Inclusive Homeschoolers welcome everyone, and I encourage you to seek them out for more information. Salem is hosting a Homeschool Roundup Thursday, May 25 at 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Salem. You can get more information by visiting and checking our calendar or searching the event on facebook. CHARTER SCHOOLS Salem Keizer ISD lists 4 Charter schools on their website. Charter schools are tuition free public schools, and operate on a lottery based acceptance system. There are waiting lists for most if not all of these schools, so you will want to research ahead of time. Charter Schools vary wildly in the success ratings, and like with any school, research is imperative. “Charter” doesn’t always equal “better”. While many

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PRIVATE SCHOOLS: Googling Private Schools, Salem Oregon netted me 136


options for private schools in and around Salem. Crazy! has a large database of local options with ratings from local parents. While most of these schools are parochial, there are also plenty of secular choices as well. Keep in mind that all private schools are tuition based but many offer scholarships based on need and merit, making it more affordable for everyone. Teachers at registered private schools are qualified by possessing a current teaching license; teaching at least half-time in the subject field in which the bachelor’s degree was obtained while actively working toward an Oregon teaching certificate; or by possessing relevant verifiable experience consistent with the educational goals of the school and the Department of Education.

Helpful Links Navigating through all the options can be overwhelming, here are a few links to help get you started.

Homeschooling Information: (Facebook group too)

Applicable Laws:

Oregon Department of Education

Charter Schools

Many of the parents I polled listed flexibility, and the ability to tailor education to meet their child’s particular gifts and challenges. Being able to spend more time on subjects that don’t come as naturally, is countered by being able to breeze through subjects that are naturally simple for their child.


Salem/Keizer School District


Private Schools

Some parents cited challenges such as Autism, Muscular Dystrophy, anxiety disorders, and other physical mental markers that made alternative education a must. While in the past, these situations could limit a child’s ability to receive education, with the options available now, parents can work with educators to better meet the needs of all children.


Online Schools Information:

School Finder

While parents admit that there are bad days right alongside the good ones, they all felt that they were doing the very best for their children. As parents, every one of us wants to provide the very best foundation for a life well lived, and we are fortunate that alternative education options are now an integral part of doing so. html

Public Schools Report Cards


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Time for the County Fair! July 6th-9th Oregon State Fairgrounds

We’re bringing STEAM education to the Fair! The STEAM Stage:

Steam Activities include a short presentation followed by a hands-on activity for up to 150 kids. Kids will get to take part in building a project and take it home! Friday and Saturday by the Salem-Keizer Education Foundation!

Noon Build-a-Boat kids will use materials provided to build and float a boat! 1:30 Science of Sports Use water balloon launchers and learn Trajectory of Ball flight! 3:00 Rootopia Build a planter out of newspaper, add soil & seed ,take home and grow! 4:30 Fizz Whiz Glitter Volcano and DIY Lava lamps. Great fun to make and take home!

Daily – hands on activities: Boys and Girls Club Build & experiment with Lego Drones OSU Extension Paint by number Giant Mural

STEAM Trivia Game:

Find trivia answers located all around the fairgrounds and qualify for prizes! Runs all 4 days of fair to bridge the gap between urban and rural– tying Agriculture into the prgram as another element of STEAM! Brought to you by: Country Financial and Marion County Farm Bureau

Demonstrations: Science: The Oregon Garden presents the biology of plants! Technology: The art and technology of photography – photo edit-

ing demonstrations live daily! Photoshop is the defining intersection of technology and art of the late 20th and early 21st centuries


Wood carvers demonstrate their art all throughout the fair.

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Show your stuff at the County Fair! Make it, Bake it, Grow it, Show it!

Enter a contest today! Qualified participants receive 1 FREE FAIR ADMISSION!

WHO: You! Open to all ages! WHAT: Arts & Crafts, Baking & BBQ, Lego Creations, Photography, Poetry, Coloring Contest, and more! WHEN: July 6-9, 2017

WHERE: The Marion County Fair! Visit for a complete list of items to enter under Contests.


July 7th is Awesome Day!

Wear your Awesome 3000 T-Shirt and get in FREE!

MORE FREE FUN STUFF TO DO! 4-H/FFA Barnyard Adventures Petting Zoo The Home Depot- Build it! STEAM Stage and Lab

Real Heroes Headquarters All-Alaskan Tacing Pigs Kids Pedal Tractor Pull Contest Contests & Prizes Willamette Art Center Activities!


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May 3

May 13

Salem- First Wednesday Fair

Salem- Little Angel’s Queen Bee Mother’s Day Event!

Wednesday, 5pm- 9pm Facepainting, Vendors, Kids crafts, Food Trucks, Balloon Animals, and more! Adding new events! Come be neighborly! salemsfirstwednesday

Saturday, 11am A mother and daughter day you won’t forget. Create amazing memories and spend quality time learning new hairdos, applying fun make-up and eating your own ice cream creation! Tickets online

May 6

Stayton- Santiam Canyon Father Daughter Ball

May 21

5:00pm-7:30pm Stayton High School, 757 W Locust StThe Stayton Public Library Foundation presents “Love You to the Moon and Back” at the 5th Annual Santiam Canyon Father Daughter Ball. Tickets are Limited. $20

Corvallis- Spring Roll!

Sunday 10am-1pm Our 7th annual bike and trike event for kids 12 and younger. Registration is now open! Our mission is to introduce and encourage bicycling as a fun, safe and healthy activity for kids throughout their lives. The Cycle Fair is free and open to the public. Road Ride requires paid registration. Scholarships are available.

May 13

Salem- YMCA Mini Camp

Saturday 8:45- noon. experience a little of a camper’s day at Camp Greider. Visit to camp will include flag ceremonies, short orientation, a tour of camp and a mini camp fire. Perfect for first time campers and their parents. Join us to see how much fun summer camp can be!

May 28

Salem- Storytime Sunday

1 pm-2 pm. Join us today for Storytime Sunday and enjoy a good book! FREE with admission. Enjoy a fun and friendly readaloud time with local volunteers. Gilbert House Children’s Museum, 116 Marion St

May 13

Salem- 32nd Annual Sheep to Shawl Festival

10:00am- 4:00 pm, This free event shows kids how to make fun toys, meet sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas, rabbits and more. Live music and entertainment, and historic homes and dress. Tours and demonstrations. Don’t miss this fun, one of a kind event! 1313 Mill St SE, Salem

Find us on facebook! /willamettekidsandfamily

May 31

Salem- Infant/Toddler Storytime

Salem Pulic LIbrary Story Room A 20-30 minutes of stories, movement and music for babies and toddlers up to age 2


June 1-4

June 24-June 25

It’s a rare chance to catch a glimpse, step aboard, and even set sail on some of the grandest ships of yore. The largest event in the region’s history featuring ship tours, day sails, educational programming, food and beverage, entertainment and fun for the entire family!

Experience world customs, traditions, ethnic foods, crafts, discussions, demonstrations, children’s activities, three parades and dragon boat racing. Celebrate the food, music and culture of Cuba with special exhibits and performances throughout the weekend. Admission is free, with a suggested donation of $5 per person or $15 per family. Salem’s Riverfront Park 200 Water St. NE Salem, OR 97301

Coos Bay- Tall Ships Festival of Sail

Salem- World Beat Festival

June 16

Salem-Skate at The Hoop!

June 25

Friday 7:00pm to 9:00pm Join kids of all ages as they roller skate to great music with fun games and events. Snacks, Walkers, Skate rentals available. $5.50 entry fee Non-Skating parents are free. Special area for little skaters. 3575 Fairview Industrial Dr SE, Salem

Aurora- Strawberry Social

Noon - 4:00PM Old Aurora Colony Museum Courtyard Adults- $10; Seniors- $9; Children under 10 years $6. Yummy Strawberry Desserts—Live Music - New Museum Exhibits. Enjoy live music while you eat strawberry shortcake topped with ice cream. Quilting and spinning demonstrations in the Steinbach Log Cabin and Kraus House.

June 17 & 18

Salem- Eco Fest

EcoFest is a family-friendly, educational outdoor festival hosted by the Straub Environmental Center in partnership with the City of Salem at Riverfront Park. There will be educational booths, family friendly activities, food carts, craft beer and wine, live music, and more!

June 26

Salem- Gilbert House Summer Block Party

Monday, 10:00am to 2:00pm Come join the fun! Free to the public! The Museum will be open to the public for free the entire day and will include various tables and activities set up in the adjoining parking lot in front of the Children’s Museum. 116 Marion St. NE Salem, OR 97301 503-371-3631

June 24

Keizer- Micheal’s Kid’s Club Craft

Saturday 10:00am to noon. $2 per project, supplies included. Michaels, 6445 Keizer Station Blvd, Keizer


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MakE the Most out of

Summertime by Adrienne Mee MSN FNP-C

Summer time

is ideal for getting outdoors with your kids, and there are numerous health benefits that can be gained during this season! Research (and our past generations) would suggest exposure to outdoor elements is hugely beneficial to childhood health and wellbeing. The following are a few ideas for outdoor activities your child can engage in this summer and a few of the associated health benefits that may be gained:

nectedness to the food and plants they are growing as well as a responsibility to nature and the environment. This connectedness contributes to healthy eating behaviors, boosts mood and psychological wellbeing, and provides life-long memories and connections to the outdoors. As well as the physical activity involved in digging, weeding, and harvesting plants, other benefits gained through gardening include the development of STEM and interpersonal communication skills and confidence building. Nothing boosts a sense of accomplishment for a child like eating a radish, cucumber, or tomato they have grown themselves!


Planting a veggie or flower garden can be a fantastic way to get kids outside and involved in nature. Benefits of gardening are almost too countless to name, and research has demonstrated planting a garden positively affects nearly every aspects of our health and wellbeing. Educating children on the life cycle of plants in a hands-on way fosters a sense of con-

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Dirt Play

Playing in the dirt and mud is a long-establish staple of childhood. Immunologists (those who study the immune system) have long agreed that exposure to dirt and microbes helps the immune system


develop, and a lack of exposure to these microorganisms at an early age can contribute to the development of autoimmune conditions, allergies, and asthma. Not only does dirt help boost our immune systems, but it has also been linked to our mental health. In fact, recent research has shown that a certain bacteria found in soil, Mycobacterium vaccae, has the ability to increase the brain’s production of serotonin (our feelgood neurotransmitter) and improve mood. So by increasing your child’s access to dirt play (and unfortunately increasing your laundry demands), you can help your child develop a healthy immune system and boost their mood. Remember to wash hands and take off soiled shoes when going back inside!

By encouraging physical activity you can help foster healthy behaviors in your child, and you may even notice an improvement in their academic performance and in their physical, social, and psychological health. What better place to get outdoors than in the beautiful state of Oregon! Use the upcoming summer months as an opportunity to encourage your child to put down the electronic device and get

Physical Play

Unfortunately, as the use of technology has increased over the last few decades, children have spent less and less time outdoors. During this time period, childhood obesity rates have nearly tripled. Current research suggests that within the US, nearly one in five children between the ages of 6 and 19 is obese. Not only has childhood obesity been linked with psychological symptoms such as low self-esteem, mental health problems, social isolation, and increased rates of bullying, but it also puts children at increased risk for the development of chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep apnea, and certain types of cancer. Current recommendations for children and adolescents include getting at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Running, jumping, bike riding, tree climbing, and taking nature walks are all ways to stay active and healthy during summer months, and the good news is most children love to do these things!

outside. Whether it be through play, gardening, sports, or nature discovery, health benefits from being outdoors are extensive and easily attainable. As always, if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s health, please contact your healthcare provider. Adrienne Mee, MSN FNP-C, recently relocated to the Willamette Valley and is a mother to two young daughters. She is a licensed Family Nurse Practitioner with Armstrong Wellness Family Practice in Salem. With a strong clinical background in pediatric nursing, Adrienne has a passion for children’s health and enjoys working with children and families to achieve optimal health and wellness. To reach her, please contact Armstrong Wellness at 503-581-1198


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Why choose RN Lice Removal? Created by a Registered Nurse Lice Expert comes to your home Removes all lice & eggs in one sitting Step-by-step coaching on home-care Pesticide- free, chemical free & stress free Confidential & discreet

CALL TODAY! (503)749-5224 21

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SPOTLIGHT ON SALEM Suzuki Talent Education (STE) and Emilia Reggio (ER) are complimentary early childhood and primary school methods. Kaleidoscope Preschool and Let It Shine Music in Salem are collaborating to offer STE within Kaleidoscope Preschool’s program. We jumped at the chance to chat with Johana St. Clair, Director of Let It Shine Music, to learn about the approach.

What is Suzuki? Dr. Shinichi Suzuki was a Japanese musician and educator who observed how easily children learned their “mother tongue” no matter how complex that language was. Through listening, imitation, repetition and positive reinforcement he theorized that music, like language, could be learned in a similar manner. He believed that the concepts just needed to be broken into simple units. A driving force for Dr. Suzuki was the backdrop of World War II. Dr. Suzuki recognized that music could be a gift of hope. Over the course of his lifetime STE became an internationally recognized approach to music education. One of the things that sets STE apart from traditional instruction is that children can begin as young as three years old. When children begin this early, they are usually not developmentally ready to read. During this time, music is learned from listening and watching.

Hi Johana! Will you share with our readers a little bit about what you do? Yes! I work with children from birth through elementary school and their parents. We begin with music and movement classes—specifically Music Together®. In these weekly, 45 minute classes, we learn chants, songs, and circle dances. We free dance and jam with instruments. Basically, the grownups do all the “work” by being musical role models. The kids dance and sing alongside their parents. It’s basically a party. Over a three-year cycle we go through 9 collections with more than 200 songs. By the end, parents have more lullabies and “diaper bag” songs than they might have anticipated ever needing. These songs become little treasures—melodies that draw out memories as children grow up. During the preschool years, children develop basic music competency-the ability to sing in tune and move their bodies in time. At this point they are primed to learn a musical instrument. This is where Suzuki comes in.

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Can you talk about the Let It Shine / Kaleidoscope collaboration? Through my research into the Montessori Method, I became familiar with Emilia Reggio and had been looking for a local program for my own child. Ashley—Ashley Acers had JUST started her ER program. When we scheduled our tour, I was


blown away by all the different activities available for the children. I loved the hands-on projects, outdoor exploration, the fact that the kids’ garden guide, Miss Angela is a master gardener... Once my son had attended for a few months, I was impressed by how “Miss Ashley” continued to listen for the children’s interests and then facilitate learning around those interests, developing ongoing projects and supporting new curiosities. You know Mary Poppins carpet bag? I’m pretty sure Ashley has one of those. The ideas keep coming and coming. I have been inspired by her creative, peaceful, caring nature and energized by her incredible zaniness. The more Ashley and I talked the more obvious it became that Emilia Reggio and Suzuki are a great fit and that we’d make a good team. This spring, kiddos are in the process of learning and “earning” their real violins, chanting, singing and dancing. Music classes happen 4 days a week. We spend 30 minutes singing and learning as a class and then break out for smaller group and individual instruction. This summer and fall we will be adding piano.

Registration for Summer is open! Sign up Now!

Fascinating! Thanks so much! I love what you bring to our community. Anything else you would like to share? Yes! For parents reading this: If you are curious, don’t be shy. We love these methods and could talk your ear off with all the reasons WHY. But, it might be easier just to come in for a visit. Oh! Kaleidoscope has summer camp sessions going…so that’s’ another way to get to know the school. =) Kaleidoscope Preschool is located at 5090 Center Street NE, Salem OR 97317. You can schedule a tour by calling: (971)444-2439.


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Selfcare 101

A Busy Parent’s Guide by Jenifer Trivelli

you felt loved or loving. This activity creates a cascade of soothing and neutralizing effects on the mind and body, helping your brain work more flexibly and creatively and washing your entire system with happy hormones for a health-boosting effect. Try this for as few as three minutes and for as long as you would like. Building in a reminder, such as stoplights or transitions between work and home, allows for more practice and builds your resiliency muscles so it gets easier and easier to activate as time goes on.

You’ve no doubt heard

the airplane analogy applied to parenting: You have to put your own oxygen mask on first. This makes sense to us logically, yet we often struggle to put a sustainable plan into action. Much like those New Year resolutions, we can feel frustrated and hopeless as our elegant hopes for being an energized, engaged parent fall second to baseball practice, play dates, and a home that doesn’t look like a bomb went off. Here are five simple and sustainable ideas for getting that oxygen mask on:

Vices aren’t as sinful as we might think.

Think small and accessible. We can get stuck thinking of self-care in grandiose terms: a day at the spa, vacation to Mexico, or that night out with friends that turns into a scheduling nightmare. What is one thing you can do, in this moment, to show yourself some care? Here’s a research-supported idea you can try from the Institute of HeartMath: heart-focused breathing. Start by placing your attention on your heart (you can put a hand there to help). Next, breathe in, imagining your breath filling your heart. Imagine your breath flowing out from your heart as you breathe out.

Breathe through your nose. You can magnify the balancing effects of this tool by bringing to mind a time

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When we shame, blame, or make fun of ourselves for reaching for that piece of chocolate or glass of wine, we take away any and all benefit we gave ourselves in the pleasure of doing so. It’s nearly impossible to move from despair or frustration and anger all the way to blissful joy in one fell swoop. Taking in some small pleasure through your senses (think taste, smell, touch, sound, and sight) can give us the boost we need to take a step up the feeling scale. Every step we take towards a better feeling helps our brains work more flexibly and come up with creative solutions. *Note: vices become destructive when they control us (we couldn’t make a choice to do without) or when they harm our bodies or relationships. Speak with a doctor or therapist if you have concerns.

feeling your feet in the grass, touching a tree, sitting with a cozy blanket around you, eating a strawberry or other fruit with intention to taste it on all parts of the tongue, and dreaming of enjoying a place or thing you deeply desire.

Look for patterns and create a simple strategy to support them. Feel tense and stressed every day when going from work to home? Insert selfcare. Need extra energy on Tuesday nights when your partner has a meeting and you’re on your own with the kids? Insert self-care. Sharing kids between two houses? How about those transition days when the kids leave (it’s quiet and empty) and when they come back (Hello, chaos)? Insert self-care. Strategies can range from taking a few moments of heart-focused breathing to taking an hour or two before-hand to go for a walk, read a book, or have coffee with a friend. Sometimes it seems as though we signed a contract to suffer through parenting. This isn’t indulgence. This is smart, preventative thinking.

Taking care of your self is an act of compassion towards yourself, and also towards everyone else in your world who appreciates you at your full capacity. We do our best for our children when we take time to create a healthy space around us that adds to our cup and allows us to add to the cup of another. Jenifer Trivelli, M.S. is a mom of two with a counseling degree and Youth Yoga Certification. She likes to share brain-based, heart-centered tools with kids, families,

Be flexible over time and evolve your plan as your children grow.

and organizations. Connect with Jenifer on Instagram @wisemind_ed

In an ideal world, your self-care plan starts long before you become a parent. Stress during pregnancy research has demonstrated a myriad of effects on the developing baby (google it!). Pregnant moms can alter the heart-focused breathing to include their growing baby, starting the attachment and bonding process and inviting a cascade of happiness and health to wash through their wombs. As your children grow and become involved in many things outside of your home, your self-care might include one-on-one connection time with them every week. Don’t worry about changing it up - it’s a constantly shifting process.

Look at self-care through your creative, holistic right brain. Some ideas which are deeply nurturing to many parents make little sense to the logical left brain. Here are some examples: Playing with play dough, finger painting, dancing, (literally) smelling the roses, feeling the sunshine on your skin,


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Simple ways to pamper yourself

You work hard, Mama. Take a little break this Mother’s Day and be good to yourself so you can continue to be good to others. Love on yourself a bit. You deserve it! Spend time with someone who makes you feel protected, loved and inspired.

Stretch! Ahhh, Stretching releases endorphins that tend to make you happier, stronger, calmer and more confident.

Use your time and talents for a cause that means something to you.

Grab a book and get lost. Trashy novels included! Nobody has to know. :)

Make a music playlist from one of the happiest periods of your life.

Declutter a room. Nothing feels better than looking around in accomplishment and breathing in your newfound space.

Practice a mindfulness exercise, even if it’s just deep breathing. Two words: Epsom Salt. Put some in a hot bath, light some candles and escape. Remember what you loved before life got hard. Creative writing, zoology, track, collecting bugs- whatever it was, and recreate that joy from childhood. Sleep matters! Put your phone down and go to bed already! Make sure you get at least a full 8 hours of sleep. Plan a day trip nearby and take photographs of 10 things you see that inspire you. Stop by a local lab and have them printed out so you can enjoy them again. Join a local meetup where you can meet like minded people and escape from the daily drudgery. Hug someone you love! Studies show this boosts immune system function and prompts the release of calming hormones. Get creative! Express yourself through art, music or dance. Do some yoga—even just five minutes of very basic positions can help you feel calmer and stronger.

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Near the longest day of the year, come celebrate the resilience and honor those who struggle with the darkness of perinatal mental health issues like pre-and postnatal anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, and psychosis. To register/donate:

Who do you climb for?

Saturday, June 17, 9-11am Martin Luther King, Jr. Park 4905 NW Walnut Blvd, Corvallis, Oregon 97330

Everyone Welcome! Questions? Call 541-714-5859 Raffle Prizes! Giveaways! Community Resource Table!

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NO INCOME REQUIREMENT - 4 YEAR OLDS GERVAIS SCHOOL DISTRICT 290 First Street Gervais, OR 97026 Phone: (503) 792-3803 Service area: Gervais School District Service area: Bush, Highland, Scott, ST PAUL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Four Corners, Swegle, Richmond, 20449 Main St. NE Grant and Washington St Paul, OR 97137 Phone: (503) 633-2691 ($50/mo Tuition) SALEM-KEIZER SCHOOL DISTRICT TITLED FUNDED PRESCHOOL 1850 45th Avenue NE Salem, OR 97305 Phone: (503) 399-5510

FALLS CITY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 177 Prospect St. Falls City, Oregon 97344 Phone: (503) 787-3521 x201 ($15/mo Tuition) Service area: Fall City residents

0 - 100%* - 3 - 4 YEAR OLDS COMMUNITY ACTION AGENCY 2475 Center St. NE Salem, OR 97301 Phone: (503) 581-1152 Programs: Early Head Start and Head Start Service Area: Marion & Polk County KIDCO 300 Market St. Suite 200 Lebanon, OR 97355 Phone: (541) 451-1581 Programs: Head Start Service Area:Jefferson School District SALEM-KEIZER SCHOOL DISTRICT 1850 45th Avenue NE Salem, OR 97305 Phone: (503) 399-5510 Programs: Head Start, OPK, Titled Funded and Preschool Promise Service Area: Salem-Keizer area

OREGON CHILD DEVELOMENT COALITION (OCDC) 0% - 100% Independence: 503-838-2745 Silverton: (503) 981-3001 Salem: (503) 390-2329 Programs: Migrant/Seasonal Head Start, Early Head Start, OPK Migrant Education and Preschool Promise Service Area: Marion & Polk County

THE CONFEDERATED TRIBES OF GRAND RONDE 9615 Grand Ronde Road Grand Ronde, OR 97347 Phone: (503) 879-2161 Programs: Early Head Start, Head Start and Preschool Promise

2995 Ryan Drive SE, Suite 100 Salem, OR 97301 Phone: (503) 507-0960 Service area: 19 sites available through out Marion & Polk County. For complete list of providers visit: PARENTINGHUB.ORG

WOODBURN SCHOOL DISTRICT 4 year olds only 1390 Meridian Drive Woodburn, OR 97071 Phone: (503) 982-4290 Programs: Migrant and Preschool Promise Service Area: Woodburn School District


UP TO 200% 3-4 YEAR OLDS PRESCHOOL PROMISE Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub


201 SE Swan Avenue PO Box 549 Siletz, OR 97380-0549 Phone: (541) 444-2450 Programs: Head Start Service Area: Marion County County

Household/ Family Size




$21,112 $32,240



$26,546 $40,840



$31,980 $49,200



$37,414 $57,560



$42,848 $65,920



$48,282 $74,280



*Some exceptions may apply for over income families. Parents should contact providers to determine eligibility.


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Please say “I saw it inWillamette Kids and Family.”

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Serving Salem, Oregon and surrounding communities, Willamette Kids and Family magazine connects families with the events and services that t...

Willamette Kids and Family May 2017  

Serving Salem, Oregon and surrounding communities, Willamette Kids and Family magazine connects families with the events and services that t...