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appy New Year! I hope that you had a fantastic end to 2016, and that like me, you are looking forward to an even better 2017. What a way to end the year with an unexpected 5 inches of snow in December. I loved seeing the kids out having fun and enjoying their snow days off from school. On to 2017! Ahh, the feeling of a new slate- a fresh start, a chance to learn more, experience more and enjoy more. What are your big plans for 2017? This year I intend to see ALL of the covered bridges in Oregon. There’s over 50 of them in Oregon alone! We hold the record for the most covered bridges in one state. I can’t wait to pack up the kids and see them all. At the ages of 12 and 14, they may not be as thrilled as I am about it, but it will be something they never forget, I bet. :) Check my blog in early February and I will make sure to list them all on a bucket list so you can enjoy seeing them too, if it suits you. I have some great people to introduce you to in this issue, lots of new local family friendly businesses want to show you how they can make your life better, here in the Valley. Please let them know that you found them in this magazine. I appreciate the opportunity to be a big mouth for all the amazing businesses around town that love the Salem area as much as I do. I also want to share that the cover baby model is my almost 1 year old grandson, Ronan, who was the highlight of 2016. Love that baby boy! A big Thank You to Butterfly Portrait Studio for doing a great job with his portraits!



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4 Ways to

Bring out their best

and have a closer relationship in the process! by Jenifer Trivelli, M.S

Sometimes life gets in the way of parenting at our best. Financial stress, changes in family or home situations, political tension, and whether anyone slept well the night before can all impact us on core levels. One parenting strategy that you can maximize on regardless of where your stress level falls is to celebrate the ones you love. We even have a magic ratio of 5:1.

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Five positive interactions for every one negative; that’s the recipe for healthy and happy relationships. (By the way, behavioral directions like “put your shoes away” count for negative, even if you say it nicely.) Here are four free or next-to-nothing ways to hit that magic number and build the bond you’ve always dreamed of having with your loves:


1. Say it.

3. Frame it.

Is your kiddo happiest when creating art, designing their own unique Lego set, or writing a story? Frame it. Photograph them “in the zone”; frame it. Write them a special note or create a fun word cloud with their name surrounded by positive traits. Frame it. Frame it and hang it where they can see it every day and be reminded of your encouragement and perspective of them.

One of the easiest ways to celebrate your child is to speak their uniqueness to them, highlighting your feelings about it for that heart-to-heart connection. Using their name first, along with eye contact and touch they find nurturing, helps cue them that you are going to share something meaningful and positive with them.

4. Share it.

Take their cues into consideration; if they avert your gaze or laugh it off, it is a sign they feel overwhelmed and unsure about how to respond. It doesn’t mean they aren’t receiving the message.

Give your kiddo time to shine and be celebrated by others for their unique gifts and traits. Children who love to dance, tell stories, or crack jokes often light up at the opportunity to perform in front of a doting crowd (even if it’s just Mom and Dad). Some are more comfortable being videotaped (“Hey, Grandma!”) or maybe demonstrating their talent in other ways, such as creating art or story to be on display for others to enjoy.

Here’s an example of what that might sound like: “Alexis, you have such a gift for making people laugh. I see how much you enjoy telling funny stories, and seeing you so happy makes my heart sing.”

2. Show it.

Time spent honoring and encouraging children’s unique traits and gifts promises a powerful return on investment. It sends the message that they are seen, valued, and celebrated. And who couldn’t use more of that?

We spend endless hours holding and caring for our infants. As independence sprouts in toddlerhood, we often forget that our young ones still benefit from and need our nurturing touch. Fifteen seconds is all that is needed to trigger a cascade of good-feeling hormones in the brain; soothing the nervous system and activating neural pathways for flexibility, creativity, and emotion regulation.

Jenifer Trivelli, M.S., author of Peanut and the BIG Feelings: a Guidebook for Children, works with children, couples, families, and organizations to deepen self-understanding, increase emotional regulation, and promote healthy relationships. She partners with The Trauma Academy LLC to further aid parents and organizations that serve children who have experienced trauma. Please reach her by email at


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SALEM AREA MEAL DEALS Disclaimer: promotions subject to change. We suggest that you call ahead to inquire. APPLEBEE’S


Tuesday- All Day Kids eat for $1.99!

Every Day Kids eat FREE

With purchase of an adult meal. Dine in Only. Ages 12 and under. 5070 Commercial St SE (503) 364-1775 Lancaster Mall (503) 581-8040

Dine in Only, with purchase of adult meal. Ages 12 and under. 4405 Commercial St SE, Salem, OR 97302 (971) 600-3174


Promotions were in effect as of 12-20-16. Please check ahead to ensure validity.

Tuesday & Saturday-4pm to10pm Kids Eat FREE! 1 kids meal per every adult meal purchase. Drink not included. 3680 Market St NE (503) 363-3411 3155 Ryan Dr SE (503) 585-8424


Every Day- 4pm to 10pm Kids eat FREE!

With the purchase per each adult meal. 407 Lancaster Dr NE (503) 375-9988

ROADHOUSE GRILL Tuesday-All Day Kids eat FREE!

With Adult purchase. Drink Included, ages 10 and under. 481 Lancaster Dr NE (503) 375-0942


Special Offers when you sign up for eClub Card Online


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Jan 3

Jan 13

Tuesday 1:00-2:00 Imaginations go wild! This weekly activity encourages children to design and create using a multitude of materials and tools! Members: Free, General (ages 3-59): $8 Seniors (60+): $6, Toddlers (ages 1&2): $4 Children under 1: Free 116 Marion Street NE- Salem

Friday 5pm- 7 pm. Join us for $1 rides and 20% discounts on an eclectic assortment of surprises in the gift store! Check our website for birthday party information and upcoming events. Salem’s Riverfront Carousel- 101 Front Street Northeast, Salem, OR 97301. www. salemcarousel

Salem- Art Studio Tuesday at Gilbert House Children’s Museum

Salem- Happy Hour at Salem’s Riverfront Carousel

Jan 4

Jan 28

Salem- Tiny Tots Playtime at the Salem Public Library

Portland- Chinese New Year Celebration

Wednesday 11:30-noon. Held in Story Room B immediately following infant/ toddler story time. You’re invited to come play! Enjoy spending time with others through open play time with interactive toys and board books. 585 Liberty St SE Salem,OR 97301 Story-time precedes playtime. Find more info online.

Chinese New Year at Lan Su Chinese Garden is one of the most popular things to do in Portland. Experience the most joyous two-week celebration for families and individuals with lion dances, glowing lanterns, cultural activities, and more. Purchase tickets at 239 NW Everett St, Portland, OR 97209

Jan 6

Jan 28

Friday 12:30 OMSI Planetarium Elmo and Big Bird live in the United States and Hu Hu Zhu lives far away in China, but they discovered that they still see the same stars at night! Parking $5 Admission $5.75 tickets available online on their website. 1945 SE Water Ave, Portland, OR 97214

11:00am to 3:00pm Scientists visit the Science Factory to provide a science extravaganza full of handson demonstrations and activities. Learn about the research going on right here in our own community. Join us for dazzling demonstrations and activities in physics, chemistry, psychology, and more!

Eugene- Meet a Scientist at The Science Factory

Portland- OMSI One World, One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure

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Jan 28-29

Feb 6

Sat: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Sun: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Admission: $9 Children (11 & under): FREE with adult The Great Train Show is for the general public, modelers, hobbyists, and families. 100’s of sale tables, huge operating exhibits, activities for kids, and more. Buy tickets online. 2060 North Marine Dr. Portland, OR 97217

Every Monday 11am-1pm. Parents, sit and relax while your child enjoys a one on one bowling lesson! Kiddos ages 2-6. $5 per child for 1 game, shoes and snack. $7.50 for 2 games, shoes and snack. Town & Country Lanes, 3500 River Road North, Keizer, OR 97303. Registration required online

Portland- The Great Train Expo Model Train Show

Keizer- PeeWee Coach’s Corner Bowling- Town & Country

Jan 28

Feb 18-Feb 19

Saturday at 10 am- in the Linn Benton Community College Gym. Brought to you by Albany Parks and Recreation. Be amazed and inspired as The Zuzu African Acrobats perform traditional Kenyan acrobatic skills set to high energy beats. This event is FREE for families. Donations are encouraged.

Saturday 9am - 6pm Sunday 9am - 4pm $6.00 admission (Kids under 12 are FREE!) Come enjoy vendors and exhibitors, free parking, activities for the kids, concessions, raffle items (tickets only $1!) including a boat raffle (limited # tickets sold, $5) Linn County Fair & Expo 3700 Knox Butte Rd E, Albany 97322

Albany- Children’s Performing Art Series- ZuZu African Acrobats

Albany- Willamette Sportsman Show

Feb 4

Feb 25

Explore the museum and all permanent exhibits for just $2 per person on the first Sunday of every month! Submarine Tours, Theater and Planetarium shows are also reduced to $5 per person, or less with applicable discounts. OMSI Parking is $5 1945 SE Water Ave, Portland, OR 97214

Saturday 6 pm- Mothers and sons will have a “Minute to Win It” in these fun challenges using househould items to compete against other teams! Prizes and dinner provided. Ages: 4+ yrs Cost: $12/$14 for mother/son team +$4/$6 for each additional kid. Register by Feb 22! MAC Parks & Rec (503) 434-7310

Portland- $2 admission on First Sunday at OMSI

McMinnville- Minute to Win It Mother and Son Party


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by Adrienne Mee MSN FNP-C

Winter weather restricts many of us to indoor climates, and being in such close quarters with each other creates a perfect environment for cold and flu bugs to thrive. Here are a few common wintertime cold symptoms and suggestions on how they can be managed at home.

• Encourage rest • Avoid tobacco smoke which can cause further irritation • Administer over-the-counter (OTC) pain medications like Children’s Tylenol or Children’s Ibuprofen for discomfort (contact your healthcare provider for your child’s dosage, and don’t give ibuprofen to an infant younger than 6 months. Aspirin should never be given to a child of any age due to the risk of a serious condition called Reye syndrome)

Sore Throat A sore throat may be caused by a virus, certain bacteria, or exposure to allergens. The majority of sore throats are caused by viral infections, and supportive care is recommended. A sore throat caused by group A streptococcus, commonly referred to as strep throat, is caused by bacteria and can be treated with antibiotics. Suspect strep throat in your child if they develop a stomach ache, fever, rash, difficulty swallowing, or red, enlarged tonsils, and seek medical treatment.

Fever A fever is classified as a core body temperature of 100.4o F (37o C) or above. When the body encounters a threat, such as a virus or bacteria, it responds by turning up the thermostat in an attempt to make the internal environment too uncomfortable for the invader to live. Therefore fever, while frightening for a parent, is actually a good thing and is relatively harmless. On the other hand, fever can be uncomfortable, and it can lead to problems such as dehydration.

Regardless of the cause, Here are tips for easing a sore throat: • Offer plenty of fluids and popsicles to soothe the throat and keep your child hydrated • Use a cool-mist humidifier to moisten the air • Offer lozenges or hard candies (only for children over the age of 4 years!)

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The following are tips for fever management: 16

• Offer plenty of fluids and popsicles to prevent dehydration

• Honey is a natural cough suppressant, but don’t give honey or products containing honey to infants under 12 months old as a potentially life threatening infection can occur. • Contact your health provider if your child has nasal congestion that interferes with breathing, lasts longer than 10-14 days, or has a cough lasting longer than 1 week. Seek urgent medical care if any sign of respiratory distress occurs (struggling to breathe, grunting, nostril flaring, breathing rapidly, or turning blue) A typical cold lasts 7-10 days and will generally clear up on its own. A little TLC will go a long way to easing cold symptoms this winter, and make sure you teach your child about the importance of washing their hands often to help reduce the spread of germs. As always, contact your pediatrician or nurse practitioner before giving any medication to a child under 2 years of age or if you are concerned about your child’s symptoms.

• Dress your child lightly and make sure your house is not too warm • Don’t let your child exert too much energy • Administer OTC fever reducers like Children’s Tylenol or Children’s Ibuprofen (once again, no ibuprofen for babies under 6 months and contact your healthcare provider for correct dosage) • Seek medical care if your child is unusually fussy, ill-looking, lethargic, or has a fever greater than 100.4o F in a child less than 3 months old, a fever lasting more than 24 hours in a child less than 2 years old, a fever lasting longer than 3 days in a child over the age of 2, or anytime a fever repeatedly rises above 104o F at any age

Nasal Congestion and Cough Nasal congestion and cough can be caused by excessive mucous production or inflamed blood vessels that cause swelling in the airways. In older children (over 4 years), taking OTC decongestants, antihistamines, or cough medications as directed by their healthcare provider can provide symptom relief. In children younger than 4 years, the following tips may help ease congestion and coughing: • Offer plenty of fluids (staying hydrated helps thin mucus) • Use saline drops for nasal irritation • Use a nasal bulb aspirator to suck out excess mucus. Gently squeeze the bulb, insert into a nostril, and release (especially important for young babies who are unable to feed effectively with a stuffy nose!). Don’t overuse an aspirator or you can make nasal stuffiness worse. • Use a cool-mist humidifier to moisten the air.

Adrienne Mee, MSN FNP-C, recently relocated to the Willamette Valley and is a mother to two young daughters. She is a licensed Family Nurse Practitioner with Armstrong Wellness Family Practice in Salem. With a strong clinical background in pediatric nursing, Adrienne has a passion for children’s health and enjoys working with children and families to achieve optimal health and wellness. To reach her, please contact Armstrong Wellness at 503-581-1198


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spotlight on salem keizer ata by Yvette Tripp

SPOTLIGHT ON SALEM PRESENTS Keizer Karate for Kids and ATA Tigers Program Our “Spotlight on Salem” feature ventures to our sister city, Keizer to find out more about their ATA Martial Arts and Karate for Kids program, run by Carson Clews who has been teaching kids, adults, and families for the last 17 years!

Kids learn how to focus, how to listen the first time they’re asked, and how to work hard and be disciplined; traits that will serve them well into their adult lives and benefit them in school and relationships. Through martial arts training, children achieve a LOT, and the more they achieve, the more they believe in themselves... And their confidence soars.

Proud members of the American Taekwondo Association (ATA), they teach many different martial arts, but specialize in Taekwondo. Known best for their Karate for Kids program, and their ATA Tigers program for preschool age children (4-6) it’s easy to see how Carson Clews has become a popular and effective contributor to the Salem/Keizer community. The ATA programs have been proven to be an affordable and effective means of building confidence, discipline, focus, respect, and self-defense in kids- giving them the modern-day advantage of achieving their goals.

That’s what it’s really all about.

Carson started teaching Tae Kwon Do 16 years ago, and hasn’t looked back since, because, as you’ll very quickly discover... he models the truth that martial arts is about so much more than “punching and kicking” for kids.

Helping children get fitter, stronger, and healthier within just a couple weeks and helping them maintain a healthy weight is another benefit of martial arts classes because kids are willing to work out when the fitness is disguised as FUN! All the kids know is that they’re having a blast, but we as parents, know they’re also getting the exercise they need.

It’s about helping them become better on the “inside” too. Keeping with the creed of martial arts, the ATA staff ensure that every class is packed with lessons on character development.

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With bullying becoming more prevalent in our kids’ day to day lives, Karate for Kids and the ATA Tigers program are se-


Q: Will

martial arts make my kid violent? A: Absolutely not! We don’t teach kids

rious about teaching kids how to handle bullies. While classes are tons of fun, they also cover the “serious” stuff too. Although teaching kids about handling strangers and bullies is important, the first thing they teach is diplomacy. By giving your child the tools they need to “talk it out” first, they teach kids that violence is ALWAYS a last resort! While Carson and the staff at ATA hope your child will never have to use their self-defense skills, they guarantee these other skills will come in handy EVERY day for the rest of their life.

how to kick and punch so they can go down the street and beat up the neighbor’s kid. Instead, we teach kids self-defense as a tool for personal growth and development. Kids learn to treat others as they want to be treated. They learn to respect all living things - from their parents to pets. Often, kids who were violent before they joined our class changed, and became non-violent. So no, martial arts won’t make your child violent!

Powerful Character Development Breeds Discipline, Focus, and Respect.

Q: Can my child do martial

arts, even if they are not the athletic type? A: Yes! In fact, martial arts is often a

For thousands of years, martial arts has been one of the best kept secrets for giving kids the skills they need for success in life. Through inspiring stories and talks, as well as the process of learning the techniques, kids develop amazing traits, like: • Respect • Discipline • Focus • Goal setting. While kids work hard and train hard in these programs, they also smile and laugh a LOT, too! Classes are a great place for kids to socialize, make friends, find support, and have a blast. Children recieve these powerful benefits from martial arts classes: • Action-packed fitness and exercise. • Action-packed games, activities, and • exercises that give kids a great workout from head to toe. • Mind blowing gains in fitness & boundless energy • An amazing workout, super fit body and lean muscles • Mental strength, clarity & a lot less stress and anxiety • Unbelievable focus, determination & confidence The staff at ATA Martial Arts is committed to teaching families in Salem and Keizer that training in Tae Kwon Do or Karate isn’t just about fighting, attacking and punching. It’s WAY more than that!

“home” for kids who don’t excel at team sports. Kids who have trouble in baseball, basketball, etc. often come to martial arts and do extremely well. And it’s okay if your child is not athletic right now. Through our classes, they’ll get in great shape and become very athletic.

Q: How old are kids in your martial arts, tae kwon do and karate class? A: We have classes for kids as young as 4,

and as old as teenagers. Martial arts is the kind of thing that grows with you. So as kids get older, they learn new techniques, perfect old ones, and advance. When they’re younger, it’s more about fun and games, with learning thrown in too. ATA Martial Arts and Karate for Kids is located at 3842 River Road N in Keizer. They offer AFFORDABLE classes for children, adults and even families!


$69 trial for just$17.25! REGISTER TODAY at or call (503) 393-4330


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By: Yvette Tripp and the phase of the moon, but there are small changes you can make to better the odds that you’ll connect. First, give them some space. Before launching into your series of good natured questions, which can seem like the 3rd degree to any teen, relax and tell them something short and interesting about your day. Bonus points if it’s humorous. If you’re fortunate, your antecdote will blend nicely into a leading question that will encourage them to relate. If you’ve shared a funny story, you can then ask them, “So, what made you laugh today? “ Avoiding one-answer questions is a stealthy trick that all parents of teens is wise to learn. If a question can be answered with “Nothing.”, chances are your teen is going to go there. One of the most difficult things to keep in mind is that usually your teens withdrawal has very little to do with you. If you can

As the parent of a teen, you’ve been there. We all have. Upon seeing your darling son or daughter, after a long day apart, you just can’t wait to connect. Whoa now. Careful there, Chatty Cathy- you know the rules... approach slowly, no eye contact, no sudden moves. Don’t seem too eager, but be careful they know you’re sincere. Suddenly, you can’t hold back. “Bubba! How was school?” Eager to hear all about the details, you are met with a mumbled “Fine.” “Fine?” you ask dejectedly, but still ready to work a little harder to connect. “How was English? Did you get your paper done?” And Bam. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a runner. Your teen has already left the conversation. Knowing that there is such a brief open window of opportunity can just add to the stress and panic that we already feel about wanting to know what is going on with our teens. Chill, Mama. You got this. It’s all in the approach, and the timing,

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avoid taking it personally, and continue to gently probe, and connect, your child knows that you are still someone that he can count on to truly be interested in him, even when he is not at his most articulate, witty, or charming. Let your child be in control of the conversation. When your child comes to you first with a story, question or anectdote, resist the urge to teach, and just listen. Teenagers are learning what is important to them and how to follow their inner compass, so approaching you may just be their way of looking for a sounding board

so that they can process their thoughts and feelings. By establishing yourself as a sounding board, and not a lecturer, you show them that you trust in their abilities to sort things out. Finding the balance between being a teaching parent and a listening friend is tricky. If you are concerned about something said, try relating a similar situation in your adult life. Teens may close up when they hear “When I was a kid” because of course, that was forever ago and how could it be remotely the same? Sharing an adult version of their problem may encourage them to speak freely, knowing you can relate. Do it their way. My son will text me, even from across the living room. I have found that he is more open to discussing girl problems, friend issues, self esteem slumps etc, via the comfort of texting. Whatever it takes, I’m in! If it’s any consolation, as it goes in all parts of childhood- this too shall pass. Hang in there and know that you can and will survive, and even sometimes enjoy this passing phase. Both of you.


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Profile for Willamette Kids and Family Magazine

Willamette Kids and Family January/February 2017  

An Oregon family magazine for readers in the Salem, Oregon area.

Willamette Kids and Family January/February 2017  

An Oregon family magazine for readers in the Salem, Oregon area.