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The Gift of Perspective

My Teacher Hates Me



A U G U S T 2 0 1 7 • O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M

A Dad’s Eye View by Rick Epstein

Romping Into High School M

ost mornings, I usually find time to look in on my 14-year-old daughter, Wendy, while she sleeps. Her face on the pillow is beautiful and serene. How wonderful to see a child doing exactly what she’s supposed to be doing. I can almost imagine that in an hour or so she’ll spring out of bed refreshed and ready for a day of productive effort. But I savor these moments because Wendy awake is a different creature. She clowns, she rants, she dances, she sings, she coaxes, she emotes. She is either noisily comical or desperately tragic. If you love her like I do, she works your heart the way a boxer works a speed-bag. She wants to go places and do things. She wants money and transportation. She presses for permission. She craves the company of teenagers. She wants fun. She’s a tiger in a cage. She’s a ravenous social animal, and it’s always feeding time. In a few weeks, Wendy will begin her freshman year of high school. Her eighth-grade graduating class contained six boys. The population at Good Times Regional High School will include about 500 boys – a thundering herd of shaggy brutes. Like a Lakota brave preparing for the hunt, Wendy says she’ll need two hours each morning to put on war paint and get her hair just right. She’s also looking forward to playing field hockey. She can’t resist a sport where you put on a short skirt, try to outmaneuver other girls, and slash at them with a big stick. The stick will be something new anyway. Academics? Wendy is bored by all adults, living and dead. That includes Thomas Jefferson, Socrates, Emily Dickinson, Isaac Newton

and every single one of her teachers. By that, of course, I mean her school teachers. She has plenty of other teachers – young ones who offer instruction in drinking, smoking, shoplifting, sex, false friendship and the use of anti-social media. This unofficial faculty includes fickle boyfriends, and girlfriends who become girl-fiends overnight. Wendy tells my wife, Betsy, all about it in the form of complaints during their end-of-the-day debriefing sessions. These scary bedtime stories keep Betsy awake. My wife seems to be the only person with whom Wendy has meaningful, daily contact who has normal intelligence and is not a shoplifter, sex-fiend, dope-smoker or backstabber. Occasionally Wendy confides in me, but she’d tell me more if I weren’t trying to run her life. I push her to dress modestly, do school work and find some babysitting jobs. I want her to stay out of boys’ bedrooms, tattoo parlors and whatever kind of place that does piercings. (They used to be called torture chambers.) I hate to be a pickle-puss, but if Wendy has her way, her four years of high school will be as festive as New Year’s Eve in Times Square, Mardi Gras in New Orleans and spring break in Cancun. And we’re her chaperones. My role model is Moses, a man who really knew how to break up a party. Like him, I believe in presenting a few unambiguous guidelines (although I don’t have God for backup – only Betsy). Here are a few policies we are considering: School nights – No conversation via phone or computer after 10 o’clock. No leaving the compound unless grades are really good. Weekends – Old people (parents) must be present at all parties and visits. At least half of all sleepovers will take place here. Curfew will be 11 o’clock. Boys – Unknown boys will be regarded with hostile suspicion; boys who come to dinner will be fed sumptuously and treated with special favor bordering on trust. But privacy will be limited. Older boys must find older prey. When we gave Wendy her own phone, it had more strings attached than Gulliver in tie-down mode. When Wendy breaks the rules, we impound the phone. It has happened. I think of the phone as an itty-bitty hostage. I’ll leave it turned on so its assorted bizarre ringtones will cry out to Wendy, “Comply with his demands! He means business! Save me!” I feel bad setting up a circle of iron around a child I love. Trading Wendy’s immediate pleasure for her long-term happiness is no fun. I’d much rather chair the Entertainment Committee, but Wendy already has that job. Rick can be reached at O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M • A U G U S T 2 0 1 7



A U G U S T 2 0 1 7 • O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M

From One Mom to Another:

The Gift of Perspective Is Everything by Katheryn Streeter

I LOOK UP and there is a bird across the street perched on the topmost branch of a nearby tree. Why does she just sit there? What does she see? I need to follow the way of this mama bird, to get up high above the ground so I know where I’ve been and where I’m going. Truth is, the longer I’ve been a mom, the clearer are my failures…

O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M • A U G U S T 2 0 1 7



he blessing of perspective allows painful truths to emerge. Too often, I picked at blades of grass instead of getting up high. I’ve regarded myself as a good mom, yet as I’ve gained distance from the early days of babies and toddlers, preschool and elementary school, I can finally see. Like that mama bird sitting up high in the tree, I stand now as a humble mom of 17 years, better able to discern where I’ve been and where I’m going.  My husband cautions me to take the long view as a mother of teens, but how I wish I had taken the long view from the beginning. When motherhood began long ago, the popular parenting manual among my friends having kids helped them bring order to their newborn’s schedule. Sleep. Eat. Play. But my baby refused to neatly follow the espoused principles. Instead of making adjustments, I persevered.  It wasn’t noble. It was stubborn. I refused to be defeated.  I wish now I had comforted my firstborn

toddlers may have resisted naptime because they couldn’t settle down, they were enough. Though my teens may head directly to their room after school and shut their door to me, they are enough. Just as they are.  Deep down I’ve always known that motherhood is mostly shooting in the dark. I also knew intellectually that there wasn’t an equation for raising perfect kids, but sometimes I was flush with confidence in my particular way of doing things.  One day I had an epiphany that I wasn’t just a teacher in this mom-child relationship. Motherhood had automatically enrolled me as her student, painful as it is beautiful. Certainly, this is one of life’s most unexpected gifts, the self-improvement that stems from raising children. Deeper in is where the substance lies, the less straightforward but relentless shaping and sharpening.  The teen years promise personal growth for me because this season has a way of shaking foundations. Nothing is guaranteed. The inability to change mothering tactics

more when she was crying. In retrospect, I missed the season of straightforward consoling because comforting a teenager is more complex. Today, I practice a more-grace-less-legalism approach. I am taking the long view. In no way do I want my kids to think that their behavior changes my love for them. Though my

to keep pace with their growth into young adults revealed I was not truly listening. It’s more than taking in the words, I learned. It’s getting up high like the mama-bird to hear pleas or complaints in their fullest context. Teens don’t act out in a vacuum. In fact, they long to be understood. I’ve gradually come to appreciate I held


A U G U S T 2 0 1 7 • O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M

myself as well as my kids to unrealistic standards. When my son was a toddler, he abruptly stopped eating his veggies. I needed his palate to change quickly. In today’s parenting climate, a child who refuses greens reflected poorly on me -- and I panicked. When he entered his tweens I finally consulted an older mom of three grown sons for advice. She questioned my plan to levy a $1 fine each time he refused greens, pointing to her husband in his mid-70s who still doesn’t eat his. She gently encouraged me to choose my battles carefully. Perhaps my relationship with my budding young man was far more important, she counseled. Looking back, it was critical that I listened. In fact, a weight fell off my shoulders that day. I gave myself permission to stop measuring my success as a mother by my son’s diet. I let go of an expectation that had long held me hostage and inhibited my pure enjoyment of him.  Very slowly, I’ve learned to not beat myself up when I’ve fallen short of various expectations, themselves evidence that I was making motherhood more about myself than the raw acceptance of my kids.  Stepping out of the way to allow the children space to organically select their areas of interest isn’t easy. Projecting my aspirations on them through directing their enrichment activities early on could have hurt more than helped. At the end of the day, I know they will work harder and be happier if they are chasing their own dreams, not mine.  One can’t stop the days from rolling rapidly by. Years ago, each day ended with bedtime stories. If motherhood is about any one thing, it’s about teaching the art of story-telling. When I’m doing  this well, I’m letting the kids tell their own stories. This is their life, after all.  Like that mama-bird, I humbly revel from my view up high. It’s a place I’ve finally found where I can fully see.  Come, join me.  Writer, mother, wife, Kathryn Streeter’s writing has appeared in publications including The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Scary Mommy and Brain, Child Magazine. Highly mobile, she’s moved 22 times in 25 years of marriage. Find her at www., on Facebook and Twitter @ streeterkathryn. This article was originally published by Mamalode.

Earthtalk from the Editors of “E” the Environmental Magazine

Dear EarthTalk: What can we do to solve the e-waste problem caused by so many of us tossing our cell phones out and getting new ones every two years? — Sandy Bartram, Beverly Hills, CA


us toss our old phones within two years when the battery inside starts to deteriorate and underperform. Choosing carefully when it comes to selecting your next smartphone and recycling your old one for free at BestBuy or through its manufacturer are important first steps in becoming part of the solution to the growing problem of e-waste. Becoming an advocate by encouraging others to do the same is another way to greatly expand your positive impact. The non-profit e-Stewards program is dedicated to teaching people how to deal with used electronics— and individuals can pledge to become one of the program’s Envoys to help spread the word about the importance of reducing e-waste.

and production processes, has made great strides in the last five years in recovering CONTACTS: Apple.; customers’ old products and Greenpeace,; reusing the constituent parts in Fairphone,; new products. e-Stewards, In 2015 alone, the company EarthTalk® is produced by Roddy collected some 90 million pounds Scheer & Doug Moss and is a of Apple-branded e- waste, registered trademark of the nonprofit recovering upwards of 61 million Earth Action Network. To donate, visit pounds of material, including Send questions to: steel, plastics, glass, aluminum, copper, cobalt, zinc, lead, nickel, silver, tin and gold, to reincorporate into ne w pro ducts . Environmental advocates who love their iPhones can sleep easier knowing that lead, mercur y, beryllium, arsenic, PVC , phthalates and brominated flame retardants (BFRs) a re n o l o n g e r Old cell phones can leak all kinds of hazardous elements into soils around landfills welcome in or will and potentially contaminate nearby groundwater supplies. O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M • A U G U S T 2 0 1 7



s more and more of the world develops—and smartphones become ubiquitous—electronic waste (AKA “e-waste”) is a bigger problem than ever. Around the world, people generate some 50 million tons of e-waste every year, much of which ends up improperly disposed of in landfills where toxins common in electronics like lead, mercury and cadmium can leach out and contaminate surrounding soils and groundwater. Much of the remaining e-waste gets shipped off to developing countries happy to profit from taking others’ trash despite the environmental consequences, or even worse, just dumped illegally into the ocean. But thanks to consumer p re s s u re t o d o t h e r i g h t thing, most major electronics manufacturers have started to pay attention to the problem and take action to reduce the flow of e-waste. Apple, for instance, long targeted by Greenpeace and others for lack of concern about the environmental and health impacts of its sourcing

soon be phased out of Apple’s supply chain. But most of us upgrade our smartphones every two years, so that means that even today’s greener iPhones still contribute to the e-waste problem. That’s where Europe’s Fairphone comes to the rescue. By incorporating long-lasting design and fairtraded materials, ensuring good working conditions and making products that are fully recyclable, e a s y - t o - f i x a n d re u s a b l e , Fairphone hopes to revolutionize the smartphone market with its eco-conscious products. As the electronics industry matures and moves toward more sustainable components, that combined with better design can also help reduce the steady stream of e-waste. For instance, researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have come up with a way to extend the life and boost the productivity of lithium ion batteries—the standard power source in today’s electronics—by treating their electrodes with hydrogen. Such a development could be huge for preventing e-waste, given that most of



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2 WEDNESDAY Sounds Like Summer: Los Cumbiamberos. Authentic cumbia from Colombia and Mexico, including salsa, timba, merengue, and cha cha. Guy Lee Park, 6:30pm, FREE! Outdoor Family Film: Nocturna. This film by Adria García and Victor Maldonado explores the mystery of the night in a sweeping nocturnal adventure full of Alice in Wonderlandlike characters and moody, dream-inspired landscapes. Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, 8:45pm, FREE! Ph 541.346.3027 Musical Petting Zoo. See the 1st Bethel Branch Library, 10:15am, FREE! Ph 541.682.8316

3 THURSDAY pARTy on the Plaza: Son de Cuba. Enjoy Salsa, Merengue, Latin Jazz and more with musicians from Cuba, Chile. Pre-concert dance lesion 5-5:30pm, Hult Center Plaza, 5:30pm, FREE! Musical Petting Zoo. See the 1st Sheldon Branch Library, 2pm, FREE! Ph 541.682.8316 Music at 5th St Market. Caroline Bauer (with Austin Farrell). Enjoy dinner and a beverage while relaxing to the beautiful sounds. 6-8pm, FREE! Darkness in Daytime. Viewing the Total Solar Eclipse. A fun and informative talk about how eclipses occur, what we should expect to see and how to view the eclipse safely. Museum of Natural History, 3-4pm, Free with admission, Ph 541.346.3024 Pelé. Birth of a Legend. Movie screening! Come watch soccer player Pele’s meteoric rise from the slums of Sao Paulo to leading Brazil to its first World Cup victory at the age of 17. Park Blocks, 9pm-11pm, FREE! Ph 541.682.5521

4 FRIDAY Free First Friday. Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art and Museum of Natural and Cultural History allow you to enjoy the museum’s new exhibits and old classics for FREE today! 11:00am-5pm Scandanavian Festival


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6 SUNDAY Blackberry bRamble. Known for its scenic routes, extraordinary food, reliable support and signature blackberry pie and ice cream - featuring four ride options: A challenging 100mile Wolf Creek Century, scenic 62-mile Poodle Creek Metric Century, 40-mile Orchard Point loop and a 10 or 20-mile community rides “geared” for more relaxed fun family adventures. All rides begin at the Hilyard Community Center. 6:30am4:30pm, $8-45, Ph 541.913.3102

8 TUESDAY Teens @ 2:00. Build a Better Milkshake. Springfield Public Library, FREE! Ph 541.726.3766 Wetland Wander. This month wander around the Wetlands at Wild Iris Ridge! A 228-acre property that boasts a wide range of plant communities, including upland prairie and oak savanna, excellent wildlife habitat, stunning vistas, and lichens. 9am-11am, FREE! Ph 541.338.7047

Blackberry bRamble Sunday, August 6th Shakespeare in the Park. The story of King Henry V of England, focusing on the Battle of Agincourt. Amazon Community Center, 6-9pm, FREE! Saturday Market. See On-Going Events. Donkey Basketball. Bring the family and enjoy the fun of Donkey Basketball while supporting the Shriners of Lane County. Lane Events Center, 2pm (doors open at 1pm), $8, Ph 503.371.7361

Library, Monday’s at 4:00pm, FREE! Ph 541.682.8316

15 TUESDAY EMS take on Spokane. Elvis Night. PK Park, 7:05pm Party in the Park. A true community experience! Play games, create with the Library’s maker tools, grab a bite from a local food truck, free skate lessons with Eugene Rec and Tactics, live music from groove ensemble “Sunday Bump”. Washington/Jefferson Park, 5:307:30pm, FREE!

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Read to a Greenhill Dog. Ages 7-12, Springfield Public Library, 2-4pm, FREE! Ph 541-726-3766 Dragons of the Air Nature Quest. Learn all about the amazing dragonflies that wing through the air in Alton Baker Park with local dragonfly expert Cary Kerst. Nearby Nature Yurt (Alton Baker Park), 10am-noon, $0-5, Ph 541.687.9699 EMS take on Spokane. Super Hero Night. PK Park, 7:05pm

13 SUNDAY 10 THURSDAY pARTy on the Plaza. Ratie & Friends. Uplifting world music featuring Zimbabwean vocalist/composer Ratie. Hult Center Plaza, 5:30-6:15pm, FREE! Music at 5th St Market. Heavy Chevy Band (Funk/ Rock/Blues). Enjoy dinner and a beverage while relaxing to the beautiful sounds. 6-8pm, FREE! Dive in Movie:. Warm Bodies. Swim and watch. After a highly unusual zombie saves a still-living girl from an attack, the two form a relationship that sets in motion events that might transform the entire lifeless world. (PG-13, 1h 38min) Echo Hollow Pool. 9pm, FREE! Scandinavian Festival. Three stages of entertainment, folk dancers, children’s dancing, demonstrations and presentations. Shop for Scandinavian handcrafts an enjoy amazing Scandinavian food. Each day celebrates a different Scandinavian country! Downtown Junction City, 10am-10pm, FREE! Ph 541.998.9372

11 FRIDAY Little Wonders: Stories and Activities for Pre-K. This month: Use Your Senses. Discover how your body senses the world around you; see, touch, hear, smell, and taste your way through crafts and activities about the five senses. Museum of Natural and Cultural History, ages 3-5, 10:30am – 11:30, $3-10, Ph 541-346-3024 Second Friday Art Walk. Starts at Springfield City Hall, 5:00pm, FREE! Tinker Tech for Tweens/kids. Learn, create, and explore with science, technology, engineering and math. Springfield Public Library. 2-3pm, FREE! Ph 541-726-3766 Sounds Like Summer. “Zootopia” Start the evening with K9 demonstrations with The Springfield Police Department. Rated PG/108 minutes. Island Park, 7:30pm, Movie begins at sunset. FREE! EMS take on Spokane. American Hero Night. PK Park, 7:05pm Scandinavian Festival. See the 10th “Back to the Future” movie in the Park.

A high school student is accidentally sent 30 years into the past in a time-traveling DeLorean invented by his close friend, the maverick scientist Doc Brown. PG, Trainsong Park, 9pm, FREE! Wolves and Wild Lands: Free movie viewing and exhibit viewing. Celebrate the new Wolves and Wild Lands exhibit, and enjoy a free screening of The Wolf OR-7 Exhibition, a film starring Oregon’s famous wandering wolf. Movie starts at sunset. Free popcorn, beer tastings, and other food and drinks available for purchase. Picnicking encouraged! Museum of Natural and Cultural History. 7pm, FREE! Ph 541.346.3024

12 SATURDAY Scandinavian Festival. See the 10th

Scandinavian Festival. 9am-9pm, See the 10th EUGfun. Sunday Jams. Come and watch local DJs spin beats and jams for the whole family! The all-vinyl selection is the perfect soundtrack for a picnic and game of hoops. Sladden Park, 3-6:30pm, FREE! EMS take on Spokane. Baseball Cap Giveaway. PK Park, 1:05pm Shakespeare in the Park. see the 12th

14 MONDAY EMS take on Spokane. Good Karma Monday. PK Park, 7:05pm “Minecraft Day.” Play together, share tips, and get creative with building challenges on the Library’s computers. Ages 6-12. Downtown



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17 THURSDAY pARTy on the Plaza. The Embodiment Project Street dance, documentary theater and choreopoetry address the school-to-prison pipeline, restorative justice, race, privilege, power, healing, and a call to act. Hult Center Plaza, 5:30pm, FREE! Music at 5th St Market. Sugar Beets (Americana/Soulgrass). Enjoy dinner and a beverage while relaxing to the beautiful sounds. 6-8pm, FREE! Family Fun Night. An evening of dinner, games, crafts, and live entertainment. Dinner served until 6:30pm. Petersen Barn, FREE! Movie at Park Blocks. Mary Poppins. A magical nanny helps bring the two children she’s in charge of closer to their father through songs and whimsical adventures. (G, 2h 19min) 9pm, FREE!

18 FRIDAY Dive in Movie. The Book of Life (In Spanish) A

young man embarks on an adventure that spans three fantastic worlds where he must face his greatest fears. (PG, 1h 35min) Swimming starts at 7 p.m., movie at sunset. Echo Hollow Pool. 7-10:30pm, FREE!

19 SATURDAY EMS take on Boise. Star Wars Night. PK Park, 7:05pm Saturday Market. See On-Going Events. Shakespeare in the Park: see the 12th

20 SUNDAY EMS take on Boise. Thank you for visiting Oregon Night. PK Park, 1:05pm Shakespeare in the Park. see the 12th

21 MONDAY “Minecraft Day.” Play together, share tips, and get creative with building challenges on

Solar Eclipse Watch Party – Skinner Butte. The rare solar eclipse will appear at about 98 percent of totality in Eugene. Let us shuttle you to the top of Skinner Butte. Shuttle buses leave Campbell Community Center (155 High Street) every 10 mins starting at 8:30am. Or walk or bike up, but no cars will be allowed. The maximum eclipse is at approximately 10:15am. A limited number of eclipse glasses will be available. Interpretive signs, activities and a coffee vendor will be on site. This will be the only total solar eclipse viewable from Oregon this century - don’t miss out! FREE! Ph 541.682.5010

Teens @ 2:00. Teen Flick – free popcorn and snacks. Springfield Public Library, FREE! Ph 541.726.3766 Party in the Park. Play games, create with the Library’s maker tools, grab a bite from a local food truck, free skate lessons with Eugene Rec and Tactics, live music from Brazilian percussion “Samba Ja”. Arrowhead Park, 5:30-7:30pm, FREE!

Monday, August 21st

Solar Eclipse Viewing Party – Science Factory. Watch the Solar Eclipse from the Science Factory front lawn in beautiful Alton Baker Park! Bring your family and friends and your camp chairs or blankets to sit back and enjoy this special celestial show in the sky. Don’t forget your eclipse glasses!! You will need them to safely view the entire eclipse. The partial phases

Shows s for kid 1 at 1 !


Solar Eclipse Solar Eclipse Watch Party – South Eugene High School. Safety-approved glasses available and volunteers on hand to explain the science behind eclipses and how to view them safely. All ages welcome. Music and refreshments provided. Please note, while Eugene is not in the path of totality, we’ll still experience a near-total eclipse with 98 – 99% of the sun covered by the moon. The eclipse starts around 10:15am, so arrive early to get your glasses to view the event safely. YMCA field at South Eugene High School, 9:30-11am, FREE!

Free, family friendly, fun! Every Saturday 10 AM–5 PM at 8th & Oak Rain or Shine

will begin in Eugene at 9:04am and end at 11:37am, with maximum eclipse happening at 10:17am. The Science Factory, 9am-11am, Ph 541.682.7888

95%+ Organic gluten Free nO Preservatives

EMS take on Boise. World Series Trophy Appearance. PK Park, 7:05pm

23 WEDNESDAY EMS take on Salem-Keizer. Pirates of PK Park. Kids Eat Free Wednesday. PK Park, 7:05pm

24 THURSDAY Eugene’s Got Talent: Youth Variety Show. Catch a rising star at this annual showcase for kids and teens. Auditions August 23 at 3:30pm. Downtown Library, 5-7pm, FREE! Ph 541.682.5010 Movie at Park Blocks. Remember the Titans. The true story of a newly appointed AfricanAmerican coach and his high school team on their first season as a racially integrated unit. (PG, 1h 53min), 9pm, FREE!

Summer Camp August 15-17 • LCC 10am - 1pm • Ages 6-14

Little Timbers Fall Skills Academy and League 5% of Profits DonateD to Humanitarian & environmental Projects


Products of the USA

A U G U S T 2 0 1 7 • O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M / C A L E N D A R

Eugene Timbers Fútbol Club 541-343-5100

Sept. 11 – Oct. 20 6 week program with practices Mon/Wed (LCC) or Tues/Th (Cesar Chavez) Games on Fridays at LCC

EMS take on Salem-Keizer. Old School Hip Hop Night. PK Park, 7:05pm Ice Cream Social. Free ice cream and live music from Timothy Patrick. Campbell Community Center, 5:30-7pm, FREE! Ph 541.682.5010

Dragons of the Air Saturday, August 12th Shakespeare in the Park: see the 12th

pARTy on the Plaza. Inspirational Sounds Gospel Choir. African American Gospel music with a message of faith, hope, and charity. Hult Center Plaza, 5:30-6:15pm, FREE! Music at 5th St. Market. Kareem Kandi Band (Jazz Fusion). Enjoy dinner and a beverage while relaxing to the beautiful sounds. 6-8pm, FREE!

Springfield Car Cruise and Show. Come out and see classic cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Cruise from 6 – 9pm. Downtown Springfield, 8am-4pm, FREE for spectators/$25 car. Ph 541.914.5003



Shakespeare in the Park: see the 12th

EMS take on Salem-Keizer. Fan Appreciation with Puzzle Giveaway. PK Park, 7:05pm

EUGfun. Sunday Jams. Come and watch local DJs spin beats and jams for the whole family! The all-vinyl selection is the perfect soundtrack for a picnic and game of hoops. Sladden Park, 3-6:30pm, FREE!

LEGO Club for kids. Springfield Public Library, in children’s area, 2-4pm, Ph 541.726.3766


3rd Annual Farmers Market Feast. Join your farmers and neighbors in downtown Eugene for a locally sourced dinner, drinks, live music, raffle prizes and more. Menu includes a roasted pig, seasonal side dishes, vegetarian and gluten free options, baked desserts, local beer, cider and wine. Park Blocks, 5-7pm, $10-35, Ph 541.431.4923

Saturday Market. See On-Going Events. Pinot for Paws. Bring your dog to celebrate National Dog Day! Enjoy a stroll up and down our vineyard and meet and shop with local dog vendors. Sweet Cheeks will also be releasing two special Winery Dog Series wines with 50% to benefit Greenhill Humane Society. Leashes required at all times. Sweet Cheeks Winery, 9:30am, FREE! Ph 541.349.9463

28 MONDAY “Minecraft Day.” Play together, share tips, and get creative with building challenges on the Library’s computers. Ages 6-12. Downtown Library, Monday’s at 4:00pm, FREE! Ph 541.682.8316

Movie at Park Blocks. Tangled. Rapunzel has spent her entire life in a tower, but now she is about to discover the world for the first time, and who she really is. (PG, 1h 40min), 9pm, FREE!


ZZ Top & the Doobie Brothers. Come to the Cuthbert Amphitheater for ZZ Top and The Doobie Brothers! 7pm, $55-225, Ph 541.762.8099


pARTy on the Plaza. Taki Chayay. Taki Chayay means “the arrival of song” in the Quechua language. Celebrate pan-Andean music with songs from Bolivia, Chile, and Ecuador. Hult Center Plaza, 5:30-6:15pm, FREE!

Music at 5th St Market. Opal Creek (Acoustic Folk/Country). Enjoy dinner and a beverage while relaxing to the beautiful sounds. 6-8pm, FREE!

Where Fitness is Fun and Confidence Grows! Making a positive difference in the lives of Lane County’s youth for 44 years

• Great Classes • Birthdays • Parents Night Out

sponsored by BiMart

June 20 - Aug 24 • Ages 5-18

Tue/Wed: 11am-1:30pm • Thurs: 12-2:30pm

Camps! Fun & Affordable!

National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics

Emerald Bowling Center 541-342-2611

1 2 0 5 o a k p atc h rd, e u g e n e, | 5 4 1 - 3 4 4 - 2 0 0 2 | w w w. n a a g - g y m n a s t i c s. o rg

Weekly Summer Gymnastics & Circus Camps!

Bounce Gymnastics Summer Camps


4 - 12

Emerald Lanes Kids Camp from BiMart


5 - 18

National Academy of Gymnastics


5 - 13

Oregon Tutor Summer Learning


5 - 18

• •

• •

• • •



Climbing/ Ropes





• • • •

Horseback Riding

Theater Arts

Field Trips



Arts & Crafts


Reading/ Writing


Math & Science

541-343-4222 329 W. 3rd Ave.


Fantastic Classes & Camps for All Ages!

• •

O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M / C A L E N D A R • A U G U S T 2 0 1 7



Summer Bowling Camp

My T e a ch e r My Teacher

Solving School Struggles


A U G U S T 2 0 1 7 • O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M

Hates Me!


hen a child dislikes a teacher—or feels disliked by one—school becomes a daily struggle. Just ask Constance Zimmer. Her stepson Harrison, now a happy fifth grader, got off on the wrong foot with his first-grade teacher. “He felt picked on and singled out,” she recalls. “He began to act out in class and refused to participate in projects and assignments.” Fortunately, teacher-student traumas are often highly fixable. Read on for ways to smooth the bumps for a better school year.

for classes to come together as a group.” Most schools welcome parents to observe a child’s classroom in action, particularly when a concern arises. But beware: a short classroom observation doesn’t present a true picture of an entire instructional day, and a parent’s presence can alter a child’s behavior. If complaints about a teacher persist, document your concerns, and set up a conference with the teacher. Brainstorm a plan for addressing the problem areas, along with a plan for daily or weekly communication to monitor the situation, advises Addis.

EARLY YEARS 3-5: Slow and Steady When a preschooler appears to dislike a teacher, longtime early childhood educator and co-author of Monday Morning Leadership Evelyn Addis warns parents against jumping the gun and hastily switching classes or schools. When a child first begins preschool, he may be responding negatively to the overwhelming experience of school rather than a specific teacher. “Allow a period of adjustment for your child in any new classroom setting,” says Addis. “It takes time

ELEMENTARY YEARS 6-12: Detective Duty When a grade-schooler complains about a super-strict teacher, don’t impulsively jump to calling the principal or filing a complaint, says child and adolescent psychologist Kristen Wynns, Ph.D., founder of Wynns Family Psychology in Cary, North Carolina. Instead, go into detective mode: gather information about the conflict with a log. After a few weeks of documenting the problem, request a meeting with the teacher to talk about solution before you consider alternative options like changing teachers. Sometimes, there’s more to the “mean teacher” situation that meets the eye. Constance Zimmer’s stepson Harrison felt targeted by his teacher, but it turned out that he had undiagnosed attention deficit disorder. “Once the problem was treated, he made progress in leaps and bounds, and realized that it wasn’t a matter of the teacher not liking him, but his own perceptions about his lack of progress in school,” Zimmer says.

Reading List Check out these books about teachers and students to help foster positive feelings about your child’s instructor. • My New Teacher and Me! by Al Yankovic and Wes Hargis • First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg and Judith Dufour Lov • The Best Teacher Ever by Mercer Mayer • Teacher Appreciation Day by Lynn Plourde and Thor Wickstrom • Because of Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea (chapter book)

TEEN YEARS 13-18: Obstacle Course Most teens will run into a teacher conflict at some point, says Wynns. “Any parent knows if you go to school long enough, it’s inevitable you’ll have that ‘really mean’ or demanding teacher.” While those experiences aren’t

by Malia Jacobson

always fun, they can teach teens valuable lessons about dealing with difficult people, she notes. After ensuring that the class in question isn’t too easy or too advanced for the teen’s academic abilities, Wynns advises parents to avoid automatically “rescuing” teens who find themselves in a tough spot with a teacher. When parents encourage teens to continue in the class instead of granting them the easy way out, (like dropping the course) it conveys a strong message about the parent’s confidence in the teen, says Wynns. Teenagers who see that a parent believes they can handle a tricky situation will often rise to the occasion. Malia Jacobson is a nationally published freelance writer and mom. Her most recent book is Sleep Tight, Every Night: Helping Toddlers & Preschoolers Sleep Well Without Tears, Tricks, or Tirades.

Parents of 3-7 year olds Do you struggle with your child’s Disobedience? Hitting? Fighting Tantrums? Help is at hand! Take part in the Success for Children & Families Project and learn how to:  Improve your child’s behavior  Increase your confidence in parenting Receive the Triple P Positive Parenting Program FREE of charge and up to $90 in gift cards/cash Call Today to see if you qualify for this exciting and important research project!

Success for Children and Families Project 541-434-1551 success

Oregon Research Institute

O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M • A U G U S T 2 0 1 7


Movie Time

Ned & Peter plan their attack.

by Bonnie L. Harris

Can’t Stay Out of Trouble Sony Pictures Rated: PG-13 Now in theatres


t’s certainly a pleasure when a film finally measures up to the pre-release hype that comes with the summer blockbuster blitz. And heaven knows this season sets a record for the numerous f lops that hit the theatres. But Spider-Man: Homecoming surpasses expectations with an incredible high-tech roller coaster of action, humor, homage, and just plain fun. Even better, there’s no need to be up

to date with Marvel’s Avenger franchise to thoroughly enjoy Peter Parker’s debut as the naïve, web-slinging underdog who must prove himself to his mentor Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, as well as the prettiest girl in his high school. Director Jon Watts immediately drops his audience into Peter’s tangled life as the newest “on probation” super hero, and the narrative quickly outlines Peter’s conflict between learning the ropes and remaining

undercover as a typical teenager. Even though he eagerly tries to thwart minor criminals and help little old ladies, Peter fouls up at every turn. And it’s no better at school where he’s a prime target for the class bully. But suddenly, Peter’s confronted by a situation he can’t avoid: A ruthless gang of arms dealers are blanketing the city with high powered, alien-charged weaponry. Peter launches into action to stop them, but ends up being rescued by Iron Man, who takes away his

FOR THE PARENTS Life in a Frame Maudie Parallel Films & Mongrel Media, Rated: PG-13 Now in theatres


t’s hard to imagine a life more difficult than Maude Lewis’s and yet the joy of putting her brush into paint transcended all else. Maudie, the wonderful Canadian feature film, tells the story of how a young arthritic woman in the 1930’s rejected the constraints of her family and her community to create a fulfilling life in rural Nova Scotia. But Maude’s path was never easy. After her older brother sells their family home then insists she live with a cranky maiden aunt, Maude answers an advertisement that leads


A U G U S T 2 0 1 7 • O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M

her to become a cleaning woman for the town fishmonger, Everett Lewis. Getting along with Everett is near impossible, to say the least, but Maude refuses to back down and eventually the two “mismatched socks,” as Maude calls them, settle into a comfortable understanding. As Maude continues to paint, first a shelf, then Everett’s entire house, her work is discovered by a visitor from New York who alerts the New York Times. Fame twists Maude’s life even more agonizingly than her arthritis, but despite the turmoil

Spidey costume to teach him a lesson. Down, but not out, Peter goes on the offensive with his best buddy, Ned, and together the friends take on the leader of the gang: the cold-blooded Vulture, played by Michael Keaton in a wonderfully snarky role. Spider-Man: Homecoming relies on the amusing, lopsided fatherson relationship between Peter and Tony mixed together with Peter’s teenage angst over how to be a geeky good guy. Toss in a couple of stunning twists and you’ve got one of the best movies of the summer.

and heartbreak, she stubbornly continues look at life through the eyes of an artist. Be sure to have a Kleenex handy, and stay through the credits to see the real Maude and Everett Lewis. Maudie takes refuge in her painting.

60% of students with learning problems have undetected vision problems.

Practical Goods For Natural Living

Back To School Savings!



any one item†

532 Olive St. 541-342-6820 Mon-Sat 10-6 Sun 10-5

“The words don’t bounce around anymore!”

Comprehensive Treatment for Learning-Related Vision Problems

YOUTH SPORTS CONDITIONING Strength and Agility Conditioning Endurance and Flexibility

Dr. David Hackett Dr. Carol Marusich Monthly Workshops on How Vision Impacts Performance

† EXCEPTIONS: Kitchen electrics, Kuhn Rikon & Fagor pressure cookers, All American Pressure Canners, Sodastream products, Wüsthof Knives, Broadforks, Urban Garden Carts, and gift cards. Not valid with any other offer. Cannot be redeemed for cash or applied to previous purchases. Other restrictions may apply. Limit one coupon per customer. Expires 9/30/17

Individual or Small Group Sessions Fun and Challenging Grades 5 – 12 Sport Specific or General Conditioning Available

Aligned Fitness Michael Graves, CPT, PES (541) 868-5757


SIGN UP ! Y A D O T Kids age 2-18 eat free this summer in Lane County. Los niños comen gratis este verano en el Candado de Lane. For the site nearest you, call FOOD for Lane County. Para el sitio más cercano a usted, llamar a FOOD for Lane County.

FFLC does not provide day care. Children ages 1 to 2 may eat if accompanied by a responsible adult. FFLC no provee cuidado de niños. Niños de 1 a 2 años pueden comer si están acompañados por un adulto responsable. USDA, the State of Oregon and FOOD for Lane County are equal opportunity employers and providers. USDA, el estado de Oregon y FOOD for Lane County son proveedores y empleadores de igualdad de oportunidad.

(541) 343.2822

LANE YOUTH SOCCER ASSOCIATION Save $10 Enter Promo Code: OregonFamily


541-484-1149 O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M • A U G U S T 2 0 1 7


2017-18 Education Resource Guide



Your Guide to Local Schools, Preschools & Educational Resources

Education Resource Guide

School Name




Application Deadline









Preschools Eugene Montessori School


Lane Child and Family Center






please call




7am-6pm Mon - Fri



please call


1:3 / 1:6 / 1:10


M - F 6:30am - 6:30pm



please call

1:7 / 1:8


9 - 12 and 9 -2


yes and no





8:00-5:30, part time available

open until filled


web or call




varies by age/grade



web or call




see website





Looking Glass Riverfront School








Oak Hill School



8:00 - 3:15



please call


Oregon Children’s Choir








O’Hara Catholic School



8:05-3:05 ext. care 2:40 - 6:00



see website


St. Paul Parish School





Roman Catholic



Wellsprings Friends School



9:00 - 3:00





Bridge Charter Academy



9:00-12:00 once per week





Ridgeline Montessori School




March 7




Twin Rivers Charter School (TRCS)


year round

M-F 8:30am-4pm





Eugene Veg Education Network (EVEN)



doesn’t apply




Eugene-Springfield Youth Orchestras



varies by ensemble





Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art



Wed 11 - 8; Th - Sun 11 - 5; tours by request





Lane Tutoring Service








Looking Glass Community Service



9am - 7pm

doesn’t apply




Museum of Natural and Cultural History



Tue-Sun, 11-5



Varies, scholarships avail


National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics



M-F 9-noon & 2:30-8pm/ Sat 9am-2pm



Varies, Call For Info


Nearby Nature



see website for specific programs





Northwest Youth Corps



M-F 8am-5pm





Oregon Ballet Academy



Mon-Fri 3pm-7pm, Sat 9am-1pm





Oregon Tutor



Mon - Thurs 10-8pm/Fri 10-6pm



Varies, scholarships avail




10 - 4pm; Daily, July-Aug / Tu-Sun, Sept-June



admission only


Newberry Child Care Rainbow Garden Preschool and Childcare TBI Preschool The Little French School Private Schools Eugene Waldorf School Lifegate Christian International School

Public / Charter Schools

Educational Resources

Science Factory


A U G U S T 2 0 1 7 • O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M

Eugene Montessori School 2255 Oakmont Way Eugene, OR 97401 541-345-7124

Eugene Montessori School offers a quality education for children age 2 1/2 - Kindergarten. The individual curriculum fosters the child’s natural curiosity and love of learning while building self-confidence and independence. In our multi-age classrooms, children work together as a community caring for each other and the environment. For more information or to schedule a tour, please call 541-345-7124

Lane Child and Family Center 4000 E 30th Ave Eugene, OR 97405 541-463-5517

LCFC offers high quality, Reggio inspired education for the entire community. Parent participation is welcome and financial aid is available! Our curriculum focuses on purposeful play, developing creativity, cognitive, emotional and motor skills. We provide opportunities for children to experiment with a variety of materials in a safe environment, along with natural, outdoor playscapes. Teachers

2017-18 Education Resource Guide

2017-18 Education Resource Guide


respect children’s unique needs and allow development at their own pace.

Newberry Child Care 999 Willamette St. Eugene, OR 97401 541-484-4011 newberry-child-care/ (Please see our ad on page 20)

Located in the heart of downtown Eugene, Newberry Child Care provides an active learning environment for children. In affiliation with the Downtown Athletic Club, Newberry has access to a reserved gymnasium, swimming pool, courts, and studios for indoor activities. Newberry Child Care has been awarded a 4-Star designation from Oregon’s Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS).

Rainbow Garden Preschool and Childcare 5310 Fox Hollow Rd. Eugene, OR 97405 541-302-1606

Serving ages 8 weeks to 12 years. Rainbow Garden School offers infant, toddler, preschool, and before and after school care to children in an intimate, enriching, loving, early education childcare facility located in the beautiful wooded natural environment of south Eugene, Oregon. We specialize in offering creative and expressive arts,

Reggio inspired, high quality preschool education for the entire community! Call us for a tour! 541-463-5517 LCC Main Campus Building #24

Where Children Grow! Nationally accredited with the highest rating by Oregon’s Quality Rating Improvement System

Quality, holistic, loving, educational child care facility serving families with children 8 weeks to 12 years. Infant and toddler preschool and after school programs available. Transportation to and from local schools and yummy meals included!

Call today to schedule a tour! 541-302-1606 • 5310 Fox Hollow Rd • Eugene, OR 97405

Eu g e n e M on tes s o r i S cho o l E d u c a t i n g fo r a b e t t e r w o r l d s i n c e 1 9 6 2 .

A quality Montessori education for children 2 1/2 through kindergarten. The individualized curriculum includes music, Spanish, P.E., snacks and a wholesome hot lunch.

Call for a tour! 541.345.7124 • 2255 Oakmont Way • O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M • A U G U S T 2 0 1 7


2017-18 Education Resource Guide

organic gardening, multicultural programs, music, physical education, and outdoor programs as well.   Our location near Spencer Butte, Raptor Center, Tamarack pool and the Ridgeline trail offers nature right out our front door and unique opportunities for a well balanced growing experience for the fundamental years of your child’s life.

Homeschool Families! Bridge Charter Academy in Lowell is a Personalized Learning School designed to serve homeschool and alternative students in Lane County.

 Tuition free:  Teachers & Curriculum  Music & Technology  Science Labs  Extra-curricular Activities  Opening September 2016  Enroll K-10 students today

TBI Preschool • Challenging curriculum • Self-directed learning • Multi-age classrooms • No tuition

For more information please contact John at 541-543-5339 or

• Grades K – 8 Application Deadline for 2018/2019 School Year: March 7, 2018

“Fueling the fire for learning!”


Sponsored by Lowell School District Believing in Options for Parents!

5-STAR QRIS PROGRAM IN DOWNTOWN EUGENE ages 2 1/2 - 6 Years Preschool & Pre-K Program on-site Swim Lessons Qualified & experienced Staff State certified Located in the downtown athLetic cLub 999 willamette St • 541.484.4011



• Small class sizes

• Affordable

• Caring, dedicated teachers

• Now Enrolling Grades K-12

• Individualized education focus • Journalism • Drama • Leadership • Outdoor School • Community Service • College credit option • Fully accredited

“The righteous are bold as a lion.” Proverbs 28:1b

21211 Coburg Rd, Harrisburg OR •


A U G U S T 2 0 1 7 • O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M

1175 E. 29th Ave Eugene, OR 97403 541-345-7314 preschool

We are a 5-star Sparks accredited program. We accept children from ages 2.5 – 5 years and we provide a well-rounded curriculum.  Our program is play-based and developed through thematic units.  We are a welcoming community that accepts all children.  We have a Judaic aspect of our program which revolves around holidays and is age appropriate and inclusive of all.

The Little French School 1717 City View, Suite 5 Eugene, OR 97402 541-345-3818

LFS is a private, non-profit program combining high-quality care and education with immersion in the French language. We offer small class sizes, personalized instruction, flexible

scheduling, and diverse, engaging curricula for toilet-trained children ages 3-6. The program also offers transportation to and from Charlemagne at Parker Elementary, and extended/after school care and homework help for elementary students. Enrollment for 2017-18 begins Feb 1. Call today to set up a tour and learn about starting your child on the path to language learning and global awareness in a caring and supportive environment! Some financial assistance available. Give your child the gift of language!

Public/Charter Schools Bridge Charter Academy 60 S. Pioneer Street Lowell, OR 97452 541-543-5339

Bridge Charter Academy is a tuition-free, Personalized Learning School serving Homeschool and alternative students in Lane County. The Bridge model is for parents, teachers, and students to collaborate and customize a Learning Plan for each student which focuses on the student’s learning style, interests, and academic goals. Bridge will facilitate this personalization with access to: music, science labs, curriculum, teachers, an accredited diploma, educational software, technology, and a learning cohort for interaction and encouragement. Opening Sept 2016, enroll today for students in K-10. Call for details.

outdoor activities, conservation projects, and tons of Field trips.

4500 W. Amazon Drive Eugene, OR 97405 541-681-9662

Private Schools

Ridgeline Montessori provides an academically rigorous public Montessori education. Students balance their freedom to explore and think for themselves with their responsibility to work and learn within a community.

Twin Rivers Charter School (TRCS) 2621 Augusta St Eugene, OR 97403 541-349-7511

Northwest Youth Corps’ (NYC) Twin Rivers Charter School (TRCS) is a public school chartered by the Eugene District 4J, catering to students, ages 14-19, who learn best in an experiential school environment. At TRCS, we link our classroom learning with

Eugene Waldorf School 1350 McLean Blvd. Eugene, OR 97405 541-683-6951

The Eugene Waldorf School is one of over 1,000 Waldorf schools worldwide and has been serving preschool through grade 8 since 1980. Our mission is to educate the whole child for the future, equally engaging body, mind, and spirit. Our teachers foster a love of learning by enlivening the imagination, strengthening the creative will, deepening understanding, and awakening a sense of community. Our academic program integrates the arts, humanities, and sciences.  We strive to help

all children develop their unique physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual capacities. This enables each individual to responsibly enter in freedom into an ever-changing local and global community.

Lifegate Christian International School 1052 Fairfield Ave Eugene, OR 97402 541-689-5847

Lifegate is a fully accredited, inter-denominational Christian school for grades 6-12. Since 1993, we’ve assisted families in pursuing excellence in Christ centered education, promoting citizenship and social responsibility, where courses incorporate a Christian world view, biblical apologetics, and emphasis on critical thinking. Lifegate teachers assist students through encouragement, inspiration, small

New 4J Charter School!

TWIN RIVERS CHARTER SCHOOL LEARN, GRADUATE, SUCCEED TRCS is a public charter school catering to students, ages 14-19, who learn best in an experiential format. TRCS is for students who love being outside and prefer to learn by doing. We link our classroom learning with outdoor activities, conservation projects, and tons of field trips.

2017-18 Education Resource Guide

Ridgeline Montessori School

(541) 349-5055

THE LITTLE FRENCH SCHOOL Serving preschool through grade 8 since 1980

The Little French School

French Immersion and Quality Care for Ages 3 - 6

French Immersion for

Give your child the gift of language!

3-6 year olds



Now Enrolling for Fall 2017

TBI Preschool Now Enrolling!

NOW ENROLLING A 5-star QRIS Program Welcoming to all Open to children ages 2.5-5 1175 E. 29th Ave. (541) 345-7314

• • • • • •

Experienced Staff Spacious Classrooms Covered Play Area Early Morning Drop-off: 8 am Full Day: 9am - 2pm Short Day: 9am - 12 pm

TBI Preschool Now Enrolling!

TBI Preschool Now Enrolling!

The Eugene Waldorf School offers a classical liberal arts education to nurture A the strengths, potential 5-star • Experienced Staff QRIS Program and uniqueness of each • child. Spacious Classrooms Welcoming to all

Covered Play Area Early Morning Drop-off: 8 am • 541-683-6951 Full Day: 9am - 2pm 1175 E. 29th Ave. (541) 345-7314 1350 McLean Blvd. Short Day: 9am - 12 pm Open to children ages 2.5-5

• • • •

O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M • A U G U S T 2 0 1 7


TBI Preschool Now Enrolling!

2017-18 Education Resource Guide

St. Paul PA R I S H S C H O O L

Providing a quality Catholic education for students in preschool through 8th Grade for over 50 years. 1201 Satre Street Eugene, OR 97401 541-344-1401

classes, and individual instruction when needed. Grounding their faith, we prepare this generation for the 21st century’s challenges.

tion toward a GED and offers job training services. Students must be released by their home district to attend.

45% of high schoolers are National Honor Society members. Multiple AP exams offered.

Oak Hill School

Looking Glass Riverfront School

86397 Eldon Schafer Dr Eugene, OR 97405 541-744-0954

PO Box 11007 Eugene, OR 97440 458-215-0070

1666 West 12th Ave. Eugene, OR 97402 541-302-2554

Riverfront School is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission/AdvancEd and registered with ODE. We serve at -risk students grades 6-12 who need an alternative placement to the traditional school environment. Academics are taught in a small group environment. In addition to core academics, Riverfront offers vocational training in Culinary Arts, natural resources, health occupations and entrepreneurship. The school also provides instruc-

K-12 independent school focused on educating the whole student-- creating caring and responsible critical thinkers. Rigorous college preparatory program complimented by the visual, literary, musical and performing arts. Foreign language programs include Mandarin, French, and Spanish. Collaborative learning environment that focuses on the individual student. Small class sizes, strong personal relationships and rapport between faculty, students, and parents. 100% of graduates admitted to four year colleges.

Oregon Children’s Choir

The Oregon Children’s Choir serves K-12th grades and provides advanced choral instructions in many styles of music, including Traditional, Contemporary, Broadway, World and A cappella. Choirs meet for rehearsals once a week at First United Methodist Church, 1376 Olive St. Eugene, and perform in 4 concerts throughout the year. Several of our choirs take end-of-the-year singing trips including competitions for our high school a cappella groups. Scholarships and sibling discounts are available.

Is your child getting the best education available? The Good News in Education! For 128 years, O’Hara Catholic School has provided an exceptional education for students in Pre-School through 8th grade, offering a faith-filled community that nurtures the whole child. From academics to values and community service, O’Hara prepares students for high school, life and beyond.

Is your child getting the best education available?


Academic excellence and lifelong learning.

Accepting applications for Accepting applications for kindergarten kindergarten through through12th 12th.grade.

Call now nowto toschedule scheduleyour your Call personal tour: 541-744-0954 personal tour: 541-744-0954 Academic excellence and lifelong learning. 715 W. 18th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97402 | Ph: (541) 485-5291 |


A U G U S T 2 0 1 7 • O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M

86397 Eldon Drive 86397 EldonSchafer Schafer Dr. Eugene, Oregon 97405 Eugene, Oregon 97405

715 W. 18th Ave. Eugene, OR 97402 541-485-5291

O’Hara Catholic School serves students from Preschool through 8th grade in a nurturing, enriching environment. With an exceptional academic program and a strong focus on faith and values, students develop confidence, compassion, and a love of learning. Specialists teach music, choir, piano, art, Spanish, reading, PE and library. Founded in 1889. Fully accredited.

St. Paul Parish School 1201 Satre St. Eugene, OR 97401 541-344-1401

St. Paul Parish School is a fully accredited Preschool through 8th grade elementary program in the best tradition of Catholic education. Our mission is to provide a Catholic education fostering spiritual growth and academic excellence in a safe, nurturing environment.  Currently Accepting Applications for the 2015-16 School Year. Please contact the school for more information.

Wellsprings Friends School 3590 W. 18th Ave. Eugene, OR 97402 541-686-1223

Wellsprings is an accredited, independent, non-profit highschool, founded in 1994. Offering small classes, a variety of learning/teaching styles, lots of personal attention, and a safe, nurturing environment, we provide an engaging high-school experience for teenagers whose needs are not met in other settings. Our teachers create supportive relationships that value each student’s individual emotional, social and academic needs.

Educational Resources Eugene Veg Education Network (EVEN) 1574 Coburg Rd. #120 Eugene, OR 97401 541-686-8686

The Eugene Veg Education Network (EVEN) is a 501c3 vegan education and outreach non-profit emphasizing compassion, non-violence, and sustainablity. Since 2005 EVEN has been serving as a vegan resource to individuals, families, students, organizations, and the community. EVEN’s mission is to inform, educate, and encourage those interested in a whole-foods, plant-based diet. EVEN focuses on the interconnectedness of all life and how a

Building a better future for children, adults and families since 1970. • Individual, Family, and Group counseling for all ages • Adolescent Alcohol and Drug Treatment • Education and Vocational Services For appts or more information call 541.484.4428 •

◊ Fully accredited ◊ Grades 9-12 ◊ Enrolling year-round ◊ Small classes ◊ 10:1 student-teacher ratio ◊ Diverse student body and faculty

◊ Student-centered curriculum ◊ All learning styles welcome

◊ Music and art classes

◊ Strong sense of community ◊ Personal and academic growth ◊ 501 (c)(3) independent non-profit

WELLSPRINGS FRIENDS SCHOOL “The Little School with the Big Heart”

Academic Achievement • Personal Growth • Transformation 3590 West 18th Eugene OR 97402 (541)686-1223 ◊ Fully accredited ◊ Grades 9-12 ◊ Enrolling year-round ◊ Small classes ◊ 10:1 student-teacher ratio ◊ Diverse student body and faculty

◊ Student-centered curriculum ◊ All learning styles welcome ◊ Music and art classes ◊ Strong sense of community ◊ Personal and academic growth ◊ 501 (c)(3) independent non-profit

2017-18 Education Resource Guide

O’Hara Catholic School

◊ Fully a ◊ Grade ◊ Enroll ◊ Small ◊ 10:1 s ◊ Divers and fa

◊ Fully a ◊ Grade ◊ Enroll ◊ Small ◊ 10:1 s ◊ Divers and fa

WELLSPRINGS FRIENDS SCHOOL “The Little School with the Big Heart”

Achievement • Personal Growth • Transformation DoAcademic You Love To Sing? We’d Love To Meet You!

Choirs available for ages K-12 3590 West 18th Eugene OR 97402 (541)686-1223

◊ Fully accredited ◊ Grades 9-12 ◊ Enrolling year-round ◊ Small classes ◊ 10:1 student-teacher ratio ◊ Diverse student body and faculty

◊ Student-centered curriculum ◊ All learning styles welcome ◊ Music and art classes ◊ Strong sense of community ◊ Personal and academic growth ◊ 501 (c)(3) independent non-profit

Eugene Veg Education Network (EVEN) WELLSPRINGS FRIENDS SCHOOL “The Little School with the Big Heart”

Academic Achievement • Personal Growth • Transformation 3590 West 18th Eugene OR 97402 (541)686-1223

A 501c3 vegan education and outreach nonprofit, serving as a vegan resource since 2005.

Emphasizing non-violence, compassion, sustainability and the inter-connectedness of all life.

w w w. e u g e n e v e g . o rg O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M • A U G U S T 2 0 1 7


◊ Fully a ◊ Grade ◊ Enroll ◊ Small ◊ 10:1 s ◊ Divers and fa

2017-18 Education Resource Guide

! ! ! ! ! !! !

Joshua Hirschstein, Director



Friendly, Certified Teachers One-on-One All Subjects, K-12 SAT/ACT Preparation and College Admissions Experts

!! 541-484-4133 ! ! Trusted in-home tutors since 1990.

vegan lifestyle positively benefits the earth, the animals, and all people.

Eugene-Springfield Youth Orchestras PO Box 5666 Eugene OR 97405 541-484-0473

ESYO has been a cornerstone of high-quality music education for 83 years! From String Academies in elementary schools, to first-rate performing orchestras, ESYO is home to our community’s youth symphonies. We offer orchestral training from 4th-12th grade, and need-based program and private lesson scholarships. Inspire. Grow. Lead. Play! Take a journey of discovery through music!

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art 1430 Johnson Lane Eugene, OR 97403

AFTER SCHOOL ART CLASSES To learn more, visit our website at or call 541-346-3027 for more information

EO/AA/ADA Institution committed to cultural diversity


A U G U S T 2 0 1 7 • O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M


Looking Glass Community Service

The JSMA offers an active program for youth and families. Programs include art classes for preschool, elementary, middle and high school students during the school year, art camps during school breaks and Family Days, which feature art projects inspired by museum exhibitions, music and theatrical performances, and family-friendly tours.

260 E 11th Ave Eugene, OR 97402 541-484-4428

Lane Tutoring Service 2141 Crest Drive Eugene, OR 97405 541-484-4133

Lane Tutoring Service is a oneon-one, in-home tutoring and college preparatory service serving student in grades K-12. Our professional teachers design programs that cater to each student’s unique strengths, needs and demeanor. We offer schoolyear support, focusing both on academic and study skills, as well as curriculum design for home-schoolers or summer skill-building. Our teachers are dynamic and engaging, and students enjoy working with us as they reach for greater success. All subjects, plus SAT/ACT and college admissions preparation. Serving Eugene/Springfield since 1990.

Looking Glass Community Services provides mental health and drug and alcohol services for youth, educational support, skills training, groups, and alternative education opportunities. Services can be community-based, often occurring within the youth’s school or home. All services are individualized based on the needs of youth and their families. OHP and most insurance accepted, and services are available regardless of ability to pay.

Museum of Natural and Cultural History 1680 E. 15th Ave. Eugene, OR 97403 541-346-3024

Inspire wonder! The museum’s K-12 programs emphasize fun, inquiry-based learning in science and social studies. At the museum or in your classroom, students can dig deep into Oregon’s geology, archaeology, and natural history. All programs align with Oregon and national standards. Visit our website to learn more about museum-based learning experiences, or how to bring one of our programs to your school.

1205 Oak Patch Rd. Eugene, OR 97402 541-344-2002

Nationally Renowned Program. Fun gymnastics and fitness programs for children 1-18 and Adults!  Increase physical ability and self-confidence in a fun and positive environment. Gymnastics, Movement, Trampoline/ tumbling, Cheerleading, Girls and Boy Teams, Open Gyms, Birthday Parties, No School Day Activities and Camps for Summer, Winter and Spring Break. Where Fitness is Fun and Confidence Grows.

Nearby Nature P.O. Box 3678 Eugene, OR 97403 541-687-9699

Enjoy nature, science, play, adventure, art, and gardening! Based outdoors in Alton Baker Park, Nearby Nature leads day camps, field trips, class visits, costumed Kinder Critter programs, Green Start Play Days, no-school-day events, and outdoor school presentations for kids in pre-school through middle school. On weekends, we host Nature Quest adventures and special events for families. Don’t miss the Haunted Hike on Oct 21st! We also serve

middle and high schoolers as a partner in the Network Charter School. Scholarships, discounts for members, service learning projects, and volunteer opportunities are available.

Haunted Hike October 21st! Northwest Youth Corps offers paid job-training and adventure programs for youth and young adults.


Northwest Youth Corps

Northwest Adventures 1 week-long adventure camp for ages 12-15

2621 Augusta Street Eugene, OR 97403 541-349-5055

Established in 1984, Northwest Youth Corps (NYC) introduces youth and young adults from diverse backgrounds to adventure, while providing opportunities to learn, grow, and experience success! Through a “day” or “camping” format, youth ages 15-19 years old earn money, build their resumes, and gain school credit while improving our region’s public and private lands. Additionally, NYC’s programs for young adults ages 19-24 provide viable work experience in the field of natural resource management, connect folks to conservation efforts in their communities, and outline a pathway for future employment.

Youth Corps Community 5 week-long job-training day program for ages 15-18, earn up to $1250 & high school credit

School Field Trips No School Days Nature Quests Kinder Critters Classroom Visits Green Start Play Days

Youth Corps Camping 5-6 week-long job-training camping program for ages 16-19, earn up to $1500 & high school credit

Scholarships Available!

Register 541-687-9699 (541) 349-5055

Building a better future for children, adults and families since 1970.

Oregon Ballet Academy 3400 West 11th Ave Eugene, OR 97405 541-338-7800 (Please see our ad on page 26)

OBA is directed by John Grensback, formerly with the New

Where Fitness is Fun and Confidence Grows! Making a positive difference in the lives of Lane County’s youth for 44 years OUR NATIONAL RENOWNED PROGRAMS INCLUDE: Preschool Gymnastics School Age Gymnastics Adult Gymnastics Ninja Classes Silks Classes Boys and Girls Teams Birthday Parties Parents Night Out Camps for No School Days

Try a FREE Class!

National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics 1 2 0 5 o a k p atc h rd, e u g e n e, | 5 4 1 - 3 4 4 - 2 0 0 2 | w w w. n a a g - g y m n a s t i c s. o rg

• Individual, Family, and Group counseling for all ages • Adolescent Alcohol and Drug Treatment • Education and Vocational Services For appointments or more information call 541.484.4428. O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M • A U G U S T 2 0 1 7


2017-18 Education Resource Guide

National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics

2017-18 Education Resource Guide

York City Ballet, Joffrey Ballet and principal dancer with the Houston Ballet. OBA offers pre-ballet, ballet, boy’s ballet, pointe, partnering, improvisation, Pilates, modern, tap, hip hop, jazz funk and ballroom. Our weekly tuition free all boys ballet class for ages 9-18 yrs serves as a model for dance organizations around the country and was written up in Time Magazine.  Sleeping Beauty Ballet will kick off our upcoming season this Fall.

Oregon Tutor 1144 Gateway Loop, Ste 100 Springfield, OR 97477 541-733-1749

At Oregon Tutor, we believe oneon-one tutoring greatly enriches the lives of our students. We offer private tutoring to students

ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade, as well as adults. Our philosophy is to help students of all ages achieve their academic goals by providing tutors of the highest quality while working at each student’s pace. We like to work in tandem with the school teacher and home, to ensure that we are working as a team towards common goals.

Register for fall to take part in the magic of...

The Children’s

Science Factory 2300 Leo Harris Parkway Eugene, OR 97401 541-682-7888

Participate in any of our NoSchool Day or Homeschool workshops, summer and holiday vacation camps, Girls’ Science Adventures, afterschool clubs, Tot Discovery Days and more. Each Science Factory program is a unique science learning opportunity designed to ignite your child’s curiosity.

Now Enrolling for Fall!

Pre-Ballet Ballet Technique Contemporary Tap and Ballroom Professional staff led by Director, JOHN GRENSBACK (School of American Ballet, New York City Ballet, Joffrey and Houston Ballet)



Lane County's only hands-on science center!



Experienced tutors here to help students of all ages with: SAT/ACT Prep•Homework Support Math Help•Beginning Reading AP/IB Prep•Academic Enrichment New clients, mention this ad and receive a $20 account credit when scheduling your first three appointments! Offer applies to new clients scheduling during the months of August and September, 2017. 26

A U G U S T 2 0 1 7 • O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M






engage - excite - inspire - empower 2300 Leo Harris Parkway, Eugene, OR 97401 541-682-7888

Yucky-feeling Youngster? We’re here for you. For ear infections, sprains, rashes, colds, and other non-life-threatening conditions, PeaceHealth Urgent Care is ready to help: n All insurance accepted

To start feeling better today, visit us at:

Gateway Marketplace Urgent Care 860 Beltline Road, Springfield


n No appointment necessary n On-site imaging n Experienced and caring staff

Valley River Urgent Care 1400 Valley River Drive, Eugene

541-222-7375 West 11th Urgent Care

Urgent Care


A U G U S T 2 0 1 7 • O R E G O N F A M I L Y. C O M

3321 W. 11th Avenue, Eugene



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